Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1939
Page 2
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CAGE TWO STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, Seijlonuior Hope @ Star Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927, Conaolldatea January 18, 1M» O'Jwtice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Kepvrt! side. Doctors recommend the application , of heat to the side of the f;ice that is involved and complete vest for the patient. In 20 or oO per cent of the oases, simple treatment of this type brim's about a cure. Within a few weeks nil of (lie tissues are b.ids to normal a^ain. ^ In oilier instances, when the cun- . I cliliun is .severe, it is reeommeiuleil ! Published every week-day afternoon liy Star PuBIlahlng Co., Inc. | th . u ,| u , wt ,;,k,.nc.Hl •muscles be suppm i- C. E. Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn, at The Star building, 212-214 South j ed ,, y , ho us .. o( . ldhosivv ,. lpl> ,,.„,. j iValnut street, Hope, Ark. ___________________ ' ^•'Ses to hold the muscles in place un- ; --.."• ! til the nerve function is i-i\;torecl. ' C. E, PALMER, President 1 After a few weeks, the expert can ! ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher ; test the inusclos with electricity to (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)— Means Newspaper Eneterprise Ass n. j tioninj;. Eicctnc stimulation can then j bt . llsc j ( , ; , j 1111): ,, Vt , (llt> ( . u . llity ot - Iht , and u, ha-u-n rest^.tion of tm.-. II IE D Tjj^MI Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week | ^. ™^ >» "-'-u-n restoration ol ,,,e ISc: per month S5c: one year S6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, j i'.ma.oninK ut ,he cusc.es. VliitVlnd LaFayrtte counties. 53.50 rer year; elsewhere $6.50. f r" m1 ' !tu ' u ' s UK> •*"*= V 1 < ; >^ >* "" * "77ts A/ore FOH. Te« /./)<; Quicker You Sell" • * You C«;i 2'a2A; Jt> On/?/ Owe Man ° JV'rmi Ads TaJA; to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One timK— ',': word, minimum 30c Three times—3Vi>c word, minimum 5(te Six times—tr word, minimum 9l)c One month—18c word, minimum Rates are for continuous insertions only. Bruce Catton Says: Kmbarg'o" Mail hmrs In it'asi.in, Tlu- tir-' this !•'! iday ni:'.iif ^ Member of The Associated Press: The Associates Press w exclusively en- [hj , su?p I'M -o the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not .(herwise credited in 'his paper and also the local news published herein. | volved. There m.iy be ;•>. I..,-;.-; of taste on ' • the front, two-thirds oC the toiiJiue on _ Services For Sale SERVICES OFFERF/D-See Hcmp- invoived. In the majority of stead Mattress Shop. 712 West Fouj'tii, iinost complete re- for new and re-built. Phone Paul i tiiui ol' tho functioning. I'Obb 05S-J. August 2l!-lin Charges on THhutcs. Etc.: Charge will be made tor an tributes, cards of\ lh ." o ' 1 -^ } ;J "" .-honks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial news-; ^ , ^'; , ,, . .... _,' ;„ Al. _ n Al,,»,.n~ *„ nwsntortt thai,. rOnHpr« fmm fli 1 • •- ' ll.l. Ull..'L,lII oapers I leluce tafe- SEIU'ICK.S DFI'KtiKD -- Kurniture rofmishe-l. icpaired and re-uijholstei-- ^'hold to"ftb po.icv in the news colutnns to protect their readers tarn .j — '; -«-. ;-»;»»;^;-'"'>. , " D r ' ^ \ ov'v „' ' oU ' f - uce of space-taking mcrncnals. The Star disclaims respons.bdity Or the- • - v; ., ulc and _ _ • ; Peering or return of any Unsil.cited manuscripts. , ^-^ ^-^ ^^ J^ 1 '^ P h,no :'!«;-.!. HUKV, Responsibilities, Unmasked and Unwanted, Are Ours lie nerve funetionini; t i tho paralysed parts as well as to I store the. symmetry of the face If inteivilfd in taking a coinse in '<•'- I Sh.'ilii.'iiKl. locally Phone 134 or .VI:: FOR SALE-10 head pure l»ie,l 11011- icjiistered lleret'ord Cows, i! to ti years old, with calve:; or to calve Local School Will Open! o i < • i \ • , Hy Itlil'Cl. Season I'ruiay Against j NKA Washington c - <>m:spiimifiii OklallomUnS i WASHINGTON--!! has been assimied i-i-ncially here that "the I'rcsicient ; 1,1,.; n,,, votes" to yet the changes he wants in the neutrality law. The Verier lli;,li Sclm.,1 football That may be true today, hut it is a ••> - . ' which variuiri pcaci. 1 societies spun.-orini;. Another lias been scheduled for New York. After I'ne bill it-ache- tit'- Senate floor, the dHia'c v.-ill really I'.el iroint;. Tlu-re will be not a filibuster, but there will be a In! of spcoch-'ni'.iUiiu;: and as a lesult of il all. i!n' isnlat'mnists believe, public sentiment v.-ill be rallied, to such an extent that .1 majority in one or both house.-; will vote against removing the arms embargo. •VJli Letters I'ttr One I'oiiKiessman Til'. 1 flontl of mail from hi.me i.s be- tiie :.eho, il winninr, four I t,, l> lu'.lfd for lllul'f Price SSfi.OO around. A. W. Biotseth. ; -•' < -' i , 1! H, I!. I-lox 114. Hopi'. Ark. •-.(roll;; this M'U.-, -..triii! 1 !." 1 -. woie n,,l. The -,-l 1"! \ Meinliers of the so-called isolationist tin- Tii ci••'. cnjoyeil i.nc i bice in the senate are het-'jnninR to be optimistic about the chances for retaining tht-' arms embargo. A few days ar;n they were anything but optimistic; no", they profess t" sense a definite state luruiiu; in the tide. j One thins which encourages them i.. the tremendous flood of mail that' has been pourinK hito congressional jii.l •senatorial offices from the folks back home. I V>'.r ,-enate postoffice attache says that only schedule follows ro'hi Ciiy '(.Vil Notice in duriiu' the Supreme Court As nearly as can be told at this moment, this looks like a probable result of i ^ fiow|i ( ,J,.^;' the European war. no matter what its result: I al . ,,n_,,,„,, •,,,.,,', World financial power will pass-nay, is already passmg-from London , „,,_,„„, , jy ,,, . ^ *- ?7w York. A financial world which has been accustomed to look lo Thread- j ^ UIU , S r.rodle Street is going to look to Wall Street and to Pennsylvania Avenue. . This tendency has been marked before the war broke. There no longer seems j -. ^==_~ anv doubt of the result. Whether we like it or no;, whether we wrr.t it. or not the United States is rapidly becoming the financial center of the we.Id. The relationship between the British pound and the American dollar is a weather-vane that shows how this wind blows. Britain did not even, try to maintain the pound sterling, but. dumped it. without support even before fight ins started. It dropped im'mediately from $-1.08 to as low as S3.73. During the four years of the World war it never fell below S4.51. The whole financial relationship i.s different today from that of 1914. Then a sudden and expected war knocked the props out from under the American stock market. In 1939. a long-expected and well-discounted war saw an immediate advance in U. S. stocks. In 1914. the United States held about $1,900,000.000 in gold, perhaps 20 per cent of ftie world's supply. Today it holds more than 516.700,000.000 in gold, above GO per cent of the world's supply. The trade of South America is literally being dumped into our lap. Already orders have begun to come here from Brazilian and Argentinean. Colombian and Venezulean firms supplied from Germany and Britain whose sources of supply have been cut off by the war. This is not a question of the United States launching a campaign of financial hnperialism or dollar domination. It is a fact, and it is happening today whether we like it or not, whether we want it or not. When the war is over, the United States is going to be in a position which will dominate the financial and economic rebuilding of a shattered world. The position will- be such that it will have to exercise this leadership, not from any •wish to dominate, but simply to protect its own interests. It will be the world's greatest creditor country, the world's great source of material and facilities for rebuilding. *| ,, We may well begin now to survey this prospect and figure out what we are going to do-about it. Perhaps a beginning may be made now by linking tile 21 American republics into a more interdependent economic system, with the 'money of all countries stabilized in relation to the dollar. Then there will be a nucleus of solidity about which a shattered world may rally after the war. Washington Gin Company Is ginning j kana. 1)1 and wrapping up to 525 pound bales'j Ui tuber S3.50 All bales over 525 pounds, ad- | lieu, ilitional Ic a pound. Also .store your j Mi vemln Seed. A. N. Stroud will haul bales into! 7v, V( .ieh. Hope Compress for 2!)i' each. A. N. j r-,,,1 ,•••,), ; Stroud. Wa.shincton. Ark. Sept. 5-lin i ,\, •.•,•)„ All win:, i'.uaraiuet'tl. Tubes tested.'. --• -—~ — " • •" j \,.,. ,.. U | H . Kepl.!ce-.r.-nt parts. Ka-iin Service, i For Rent i A i-.s-tf ; , ; ———-• I i, ii.lu-i il C'larkv.villc iT.-x.iM. lie I 'I'lol.rr |:;- X.lsh'.'lll". beiv. t'ltnli'r JO l ,Y,e.lmu',to!i Hi Tc.s.ir • i a'l !>ul unanimously anti-war. i 'Trace lllof" Will Itattle -h' It i-, strongly pi o-embaruo. and he •mUilionist bloc is capitalism,' that latter fact. It is spciikini: of |<innini! to have il.s effect. One Mew Kmrla'id I'onp.n 1 ' ..man not tb '.'• - Mai i.uia. iliei e li Mimlen il.a. ' h< 17 CalMli-n lle-ie :-! -fi'inia., iiei-,.. :;ti-O|-en. the "peace' bloc." for one j tcntum of the cinli:,r!;< for another, it seeks to rally the pe.ice sentiment behind il by insist- llii .'.i r ba.-i d on .1 desire to help England Do You Believe *) in WITCHCRAFT ! •C'nme to Saenger Wednesday (>,-,.• mo'V week in which to have a ; f't.lK KENT -One beautiful Sxl'loil tinted pnrtr.iil made | a|)ai-tmenl. iitilitic.-; f.,r !M.."iU. 'i'he Sliipli-v Studio. L'.'i-ilte i dri-n or pet.s. Mis. _ _. —. j KaM Avenue lj Wflnted i^^t-One :-: ,-,„„„ fu,,,,,iu.dj 0 ANSWER TO R'M ,!o;;,.s l ''t! CRANIUM CaACKER i-: not inaintami'd in -,'-. A number of i,-n. for instance, say [hat the majm ity i>i letter-writers in their di-:tricts ure.e them to vote for the I'rcMdi'iil'. program. Hut. in a nooil nu'iiib'-r nf ea-,es the keep-ihc-emh.'ir^n miitority i- tically a laMtl.'.hdi' room furni.Oied WANTKD- Milk Producer who can lurnish LTi to -10 gallon*: milk. Hope Apply Ml South Fine St. 1! unfurnished apartments. Crcanu-i v & Dairy Co. Rent [•'(.Hi [!KN'T -Room and board. T. K- 1 oday We present New hur-Tite Bags j nnd Scliaffer Bete ; to match LADIES ' Specialty Shop j Uirey. .'lla West Division Si. L'2-:!tc FOR KENT- lai-ncre farm, jjood j h'.iu;,e. well water, cotton allotment 2'1 acres, nood meadow. Sec or write C. V. Williamson, box li^, Washington chani;e. we have pir, in., '•: i!'in -I dollar. IS :. ent left. ("'•• . ix :-lanip.-. KCJ't KKNT: Five room hou.se. U'.ree room aparunont, unfurnisheil ii- | Mii.yiiulia .iddiiioii. Phone :!S-F-11 Mrs.! ,!. F. Schoolcv. 2:!-l'.U' Salesman Wanted Lost LOST -I'nl I'ain.t, :',' V/anted to Rent FOR SALK OK KKNT-li room house, j nf 800 families. Write today. Haw-, \VAN I'llLl TO KKN'T- •"' i o'/.i ! i,:vh y'M South F.hn, j lenjh's, De|il. AK1-11S-SA, Memphis. ; or -I n-.ia a;-ai iir.'.-n-. C'!,.s,- ,, Mir. Ni-v.-t IU::',!y. -!Ki or ii.ni. j MAX WANTKD for liawleinli Route in house, i of 800 families. Write today. Haw- i i;i the banils i>!' the • ;iniis committee. (mail is the pniportiun which comes 1 (In tbat eomniittf'e are such stout foes j from lnij-ine.s-, ami profesMunal men • i >•!' mollification as Borah. Johnson. ; groups IISM.I||> amoiii 1 . the uu-,-;iii|; in Vaiulcnbcri;. and LaFolletle. No bill j tin.-, sort of banai.e. 1 will come to the floor for consideration | -«»*«•»i before ample diwussion has been had j 1 in c.Anmittee. I "•' '"""^-r of pa.,xm,;cr cars in- All .-f wlm-b will take some time.,; 1 " 1 ™ 1 '" f: '. 1 -'. •^^'^ »»™ ^ • lumu. which period the isolaliunists I ' MN "^"'••^'<l -' I'"' .',.„(. wh.le UK- will i«- ox.ienicly active. They will ! ^""J;:;;,;'',, ^ '"** , ^"^' ,,.',!' ,. j^ 1 I.ike ilieir case In the country through! ' ' ' '' "' ' " '" : ' ;it ' public.- addresses, some of them by j ::i '-- i; " r.'cliii. Mime on the floor of the .senate. [ lYdcstram deatb.s ilurini' tbe week ,iiid MI me at \iublic mas:; meuliims, I amount to li'.l IH.T c'.-ut of the total A bn; iiieetint; ha;: been called for j persons killed in luffic accidents, •'.onse ' v,';.-.bullion on [be nisht of September i On Sundays and holiday.'- the toll Call v.n as a climax to the "march on Con-] drops to -7 per cent. I BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A New Thought By EDGAR MARTIN CQOVJD • THE FAMILY DOCTOR SHE, T. M. REG. O. *>AT. OFT By DB. MORRIS FISFIBEIN Editor, Journal o( the American Medical AssocUtioB, Hygeia, the Health Magazine 250 Page 50c DICTIONARY Only 25c Briant's Drug Store Apply Heat,, Adhesive Tape to Qure Simple Cases of, Facial Paralysis Long exposure of one side of the face , Tho approach of Bell's palsy may to cold, such as occurs when one has| be heraldcd by a pain on the Eide o£ boon driving next to an open wmdow,, Ule faco This pain js usually around i or an infection in the throat or ear: and abovo the eal . Inside the ea] ., Special on FLOORFURNACES 1 EASY FHA TERMS HARRY W. SHIVER i PHONE 2.19 may inflame the facial nerve. This nerve is one of those controlling movement in the face. When it becomes inflamed, its function is stopped and one side of the face may be temporarily paralyzed. This condition there may be blisters of. the same type as the fever sores found around the mouth. ALLE. 1OP Time to Go Home By V. T. HAMLIN i'.V.V.V.V.VAW.V.V.V.'.V,! HE V, DOC! WAKE UP.' TH' WAR'S OVER'. TH' GRHEKS SKIPPED -„ LAST NI6HT.' DlT r 'XL—-I THEY DID, EH r ^T SA>V ... DID THEY } LEAVE A BIG ') WOODEM HOCSE f i rscri 11\ iri TI t f x \ "Z. ' The condition may come on grad-|»J Dr. J. D. Johnson ally, the first step being inability to ', Ji Announces the opening of offices"! is called Bell's palsy, because it was close the eyelids. Weakness of the »J First National Bank' Buildin" first described and analyzed by a ; muscles around the mouth follows with Ji Practice Limited to British doctor named Bell. i the mouth being drawn up on one ' Ij Eye, Ear Nose and AMERICAN 1 HORIZONTAL 1,4 Pictured U. S. A. soldier. '. 1 To embrown. ;2 Oppcsc-d to closed. K More- cautious. JO Chinese staple food. \f. To iurfeit. Answer to Previous Puzzle irv n_c: A.'T" JE-NTfrnR S A*TEME R 2-i Sailor. 25 Dry. 17 R'jrrtankin coins. 23 Measure. 30 Ran- r,or:;r-.-;. 32 Doctor. 15 '.', North Africa. ' f urrn of "a." . ; Etc.: or n^ck. .. " L. iSU'lCt. Of. Columbia. ."c. Thus. -iOPohu- ;lti- for a lady. 42 \Vhirl\vind. ^ Button. •45 FasUdiou". •16 Suave. 50 To thrive. 53 South America. 54 Small children. 56Pruicis.il C4 He- \va:: in of the U. S. A. V.'orld War troop". VERTICAL 1 Prison. 2 One imv. 4 Irish fuel. 5 Drav.'ing along. fi South.vest. 7 Ov.-ni-. 8 Lily plant. 9 Pertaining to nidus. 10 Ac-hid. 11 He had enormous or popularity. 13 Postscript. j 15 He is now in or j inactive. i 17 Print measure : 19 English title. ! 2!i Deportment. ' 2fi Eighth ounce. ; 2'J To tear. : 30 Face disguise. | ,'il Spread over ( an arf-h. ' 3fi Tu reda.-t. :',!) Small fox. ! 41 Sagacity ; 4-1 Kinkit'i'M, : 47 Preposition. j 4b A Malabar ': people. 49 Nor.-...- SI T.J h..-...t.' 55 Sun. 57 Erin!;. liO Onv.'ard. ti2 E rial. VEH,3UTiV\Y SOSH , DOC, HOVV'P VOU KNOW THAT ? AX? ViXti'l T K.I&~t'T AF'!'£'; \'~i •••• EH? OH, NEVER i^f MOW THF. v.AK'5 OVER ' ^&z, i GUESS IT'S TIME WE TOOK i SO...TK 1 SHOW^ W-L BUT TH& 5TCP9 TO RETUR.M V °VEE J ACT... BUT WE'D TO THE- TWENTIETH./ ' ;!w\i • \ o% N WASH TUBES Deserted v BOONMMG EV- y^' 'LOSiOM W-TER g^^. % A MOTHER : PANIC! ROUND BL We are r.i.v.- in the market for Oak iind Gi.un \i,&. V/hite Oak, Ovorcnp, Po,,t Oak, jiod Oak. find Ash Heaclint' Bolts. Also Rmmd SWKKT (JL'M Blocks. For prices and specification:; Apply to: fope Heading Co. I; ADVICE?? ? "3VEM THE HOLS' MEN RUN FOR SAFETY. (SOME CHOKE AMD ^ FROM FUMES THt-\r V GET STARTEP NOW AND AVOID THE RUSH! By ROY CRANE HOW \ JUMPINS ^LU£ THERE 1 ,/ABOUT BLA7ESI TH£V'VE UPT US! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Nubbin Comes to Town By MERRILL BLOSSER ,,' ",/ WHO HIT ME OM THE HEAD? ,-x4*.-y 1 DOES SOMEBODY __ "THINK S-W'^if,^ HE'S FLJMMY 7 \Vli';n your tl'.ctur a.lvicc. fry to ffjjlfjv.' tioi..-; 1','jillifijlly ;m tiiou-ly. Hi.-; a'lvice i- scieitt i! H: iiii'i pt jicucal. .'ivc.'.s you i.-i SU^IJOS- con.icion- Hi; is of ai/1. SKK VOL'R DOCTOR icii im-M-riiilions are ni' CilU .... CJ-|^ : /'"RECKON , ... i'DID IT/ ( €^-0 ^.j: RED RYDER *.• <' -• GAVE IT, ~~\i DID "iDU YOU i£5PIi!M« WHO GAVE '\ --GAVE IT 'HAT tl/AlRCD'l" ''.' \.Vr)!i-r-.c. ) <O f-AYSEUF. 3U coi^iz FROM '•; AKL" / - F_-R_ONA IH' f-^f~-.' e J^-S "V"i c "-("l-4"C) 1 ^ rAf-^-fv'* 1 — /A^J Ol-" 1 i ^' l^- 1 ^•'^-' 1 -••-'.— f~~ _ * ^ ' • ' f~* =Y C ')> AM, LESS'N --?£,f\ THEY KICK ME "'$te*L our/ THERE SHE is / I IN A BUSTED- DOWNl TRAILER.' i GOT IT PARKED ONI AN EMPTY LOT/ •_F CR&EK--- 1 tAEARO A Y-JOUF Z A K.N1FS ^ VJA.S CLAVJETD/ Red Takes Over boN'Tj By FRED HARMAN LITTLE BEAVER AM'D 1 = WOLF

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