Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1939 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1939
Page 1
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If You Expect to Vote in the 1940 Elections Pay Your Poll Tax Now - the Deadline on Poll Taxes Is Saturday, September 30. World-Wide New* Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Press VOLUME .(() -NUMBER 2!)I) Hope «•»•» Star The Weather ARKANSAS—Fair and cooler Tuesday night; Wednesday fair. IIOI'IO, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, SEPTEMRRK 9.R inao CO PRICE 5c COPY Special Train ,A M A ls*\ >A.. ,.A_, M rfteredJFor Hope-EIDorado Grid Battle —""" ' Friday Afternoon Fierce Ijattlc f-'orucast l!ct\v(.-(.'ii 'I'wo Koothall Machines CONFERENCE GAME J^uLh Teams Loaded With (Joorl Hacks, Piiwerl'ul Neutrality Doesn't Mean Equal Benefits to All the Contending Nations 3 •* i Rights Claimed by U. S. A. in 191447 Arc Dubious Today The ll"|'.- HiKh School :,|lilel ie emu - f mitl.'c .'.iinouiH.ed Tinv-rlay I ho eli.u-l"i-- in.t; of a rperuil ^^l.s^(llll| P.n-ifie Irani for the Hope-MIUorado footlial! j^um 1 I 1 1 idny night ;ii Kl Umadn. Tho li.iin '.'.ill leave l[.>pe at -I oVlnck. .irrivim; in 101 Dorado at i o'clock. Hound-trip face will be SI.'. Children under lli yen: of ,1^,. will lake the half-fare rule i Tin.- Irani will lea\ e Kl Dorado for ...^ return trip to Hope about bad an hour foll.iv.'in.L; the k'a"me. The train will have five eoaehes. the buffer clinch being le.serwd for the Hope Band Auxiliary which will .sell cold drinls.s and xuKhviichc.s. Tin; I'<KI|- bidl team and luyh >;diool band v/ill ride the train. The athlelie committee urged Hope j fans who intend to wilne..*, th,.. game |o j 1.. i i.lc the .special train as IJU adnll fan 1 .-; [ have been guaranteed. In (be event J Tin- \\ hob- ualiim is lidding (he prus and c-iu.s of lieu (ralily. (ndicalice <if (lie inleresl in America's role in the special Irani i.s mil a .sueee.s.-,, .ilhi'i ! <he uar are llie.se letters on the stilijeel slai'ked iin.imM Semid,,- Arthur Capper of Kimsa.s in his Waslllllglon i.fliro football S|ie.:ial., may not hi. ' ' ; S^^ ! Local Guard Unit j Nashville Cotton j Paderewski to Be To Be Increased Gin Lost By Fire, 1 Polish President : lation and fans are nrj;Vii t<> bnv early to avoid layt-miniile. ru:.h' delay of the Irani. Both teams, loaded with hii;|i e.,|,l,,.| l-riple-tlne,,! backs ami big, beav.v , 11] Cl'CaSf Calls JoK 20 A(l- hnes. pro,,,,,e ,o blow „,. ,, mfl .,,,, ( .,, ^^ M e . n /J'),, f f j ( , '' Announces $l()_,p(M) CJin Uestro.ycd Stricken Nation Reor- ganising CJov(;rnment I at Pails, France Near Nashville ness DistrieL ' brigade will be the Wilileal'.-, I'.lai.-kwell fi ''' >' "i <'i/mpaiiy "A." Arkansas .1 M. i Mae i Duffie. Comni.mdinu O'l-j NA.SI IV1LK. Ail;. -A larjie lour .sland i — • • " v ' " v ' 1 1 it-, ut ( '\>;, i;-; i jij 11 i n «t ' > in 1 1 1 1, i i :ii. ii- 1 1 1 1 1 u n. ,i l 11 1 1 ] u l l Ml 1 1 (-».ich Bill Lira:. her who saw them in i;i ' >-" <'•>» i-ulh.ii-d men. carrymt; nut the iiction iiLjiiinsl llaynesville la.-'l u-eek. The llnhe.iis will have Ij,,\ •['.,., |,,i ."Hi Jim'm> Daniel, wbo v.,11 make ,. '''" h '"' '"" M '"»' '"-'I'' -•"•'"'"I I'arL f t| u . natnin,d Kovernnient l trenmhen it,, peace-time forces. A, kai,;,,, units are bem K merease ' - . H the (..lid' Arkansas pln,«|,, K el loose ,,,ou, ,d II,,. ends , Niitional C.uard stren K th to li.HDK men .r Ihionnh Ihe line. . Hope IS <'.\j,eete.| to have ;, u-,.,,;h| ,,,|. ""' fi ' M i"" 1 l-i.l-ehaiiiml;' U^M,,?,. f"i iv;ird.-. If ,VHU like ,\om loolb.,11 \-oll '.linllld I'.-'ve no ki,-k eo,,,,,,;; l, v wil'n.-.'c.i,^'the Jl..pe-l..;| |)o,a,lo I,,,,,,. T |,,. v ,„„ , ||;i| evenly malehed. said lhat Cnmpflny "A" ed,,esday lliRlll .„ ,,,e ihe local liu.-uie.^s ,(istMel was deMrnv- ed hy Cue Monday afternoon at a Io.-.s caught fire. Apparently tin; fire .Mart- r|inekly through the battery condense rt McKinnon Is Hold In Raid! BLIC:ilAHEti'J', Rumania - (,1; - Au- thuritative Toli-sh .sources .said Tuesday Ignacc Jan Padcrcwski, world faui- un;, pianist and former Polish premier, was the likely choice for president of Poland to succeed Ignacc Mosciki, 'I'hi.-i was learned as refugee Polish political leaders ncKotiatiny to reconstruct their government—wlio.se leaders are now held in Rumania—were reported near .successful completion uf Hoclcaw Quartet to Give Program, Union, Salurd«iy Tll<> 1'i.deiiw boy;, ,|,,a,l,.i ,, , •' P'-'-'Hi-imi at Union ebuiel, S,iiuida\ l''"iirlh \Vliisky f'aplnrcd NurlInves of Hope 'he ), Aiithoritiitive sources disclosed lhal their phins called for: I. lt<-sie,natiun of Moscieki. . Appiiinlmciit ufa now president by .Mi..scicki. iiclinn under power granted by llu; Polish constitution pcnnittiiiR the pi-esidenl to de-siRiiiilc hi;, .Miece.s- s..r pendniK <'. new e<'cliou. :;. Tlie new president's oi-f;ani.ailion nl ii eumplelely new goveni'ment with in. "absentee, capital" id Paris. •I. Co-operalion with the Allied J;MV- MUSCOW. iin:,,,., -,, lv Thl . ,„„.„ l.on.s i,| .Sosiet Hu.s.-.ia lov/ar.l Bc^.a ler (In- World Enforcing Them M ighl Mean War, Warns Famed Historian .Beard A PUZZLING ISSUE No Clear Understanding of Neutrals' Rights on High Seas «,v UK. CH/YKLES A. BEAKD Famous Ilistoridn (Written for NEA Sctvice) 'NEW YORK-Neutrality does not mean and never can mean "imparlia- • ity" in the .sense thai American policy and .-ids must confer the same or equal benefits upon both sides in the wa r. Any benefits that either .side gains depends upon: 1. Its geographical position. 2. lt.s strength or weakness of arms at sea or on land. •'! Its ability to KP t American KOII Is. •I.' Us ability to pay for those loocls in money, credit or good;; Hence acts done under American neutraliiy MUST benefit one belli- ficrcnt more than another and injure ''nc belligerent more than anotlic American neutrality has never meant oquality of benefits and injuries. It (loos not mean that now. Mm-)! Talk, But l.j«|,. rnfor- mation I'hcrc is a torrent of loose talk the.se clays about "neutrality." Members of Congress and high officials in Wa.sh- mKlcm indulge in it as well as street corner philosophers. Thi.s tall: would "com to indicate that neutrality is sninclhmg av definite as the multiplication lable or the Ten Comman- County-Wide PTA Meeting Will Be Held On Saturday Annual Session Will Begin at High School 9:oO o'CJock ALL-DAYJPROGRAM Mrs. Fred Gantt and Mrs. •T. M. Stinnett Are Speakers The Hope Cily Council of the Par- ciH-Teacher Association will hlod its annual School of Instruction at the high school building on Saturday. September ;>0 This meeting is county-wide and the various (owns of the county will .send representatives here that day for participation in the annual meeting. Luncheon will be served in the cafeteria, with the Hope council as hostess. Mrs. Fred Gantt, director oi' District No. 13, will be a guest and will address the group. T. M. Stinnett of the State Department of Education will be the afternoon speaker. A large crowd is expected. The following is Ihe. program: fl:30—Registration. 0:45—Opening exercises, group singing, announcements. lOiOO-Paivnt-Teachcr Organization On the Train Of the Australian Pine LAKE WORTH, Fin.-(/pi—The Australian pine, a graceful tropical evergreen that grows to towering heights, has been branded a public enemy after years of planting as ornamental. The cily attorney here has been instructed to draft an ordinance banning it. Other South Florida cities, includ- itig Miami and Miami Beach, arc restricting plantings. Imported from Australia years ago, the trees took readily to Ihc climate of this area. But in the course of time they began to disclo.se bad habits. Their root* lift nnd break sidewalks, they litter the ground with needle.-; and burrs, and roots, reeking water, clog sewer lines. (Continued on Page Three) Legion Convention Opens at Chicago rky Skies and Cold Rain Remindful of Flanders Field CHICAGO-^)—In murky weather and chilling rain of the typical Flanders tradition, the American Legion's peacc-limc army marched 90,000 strong More and Better Exhibits at Fair Than a Year Ago Official Opening of the Fair at 6 o'clock Tuesday Night A'LIVESTOCK DAY' Cattle and Horse Show to Be Features Here on Thursday The exhibits are all in place, the rides and shows are all set, the poultry and stock pens are buitl and everything ready for the opening of the 1939 Hempstead County Fair Tuesday night at 6 o'clock. The negro community booths are even better than last year when they attracted so much favorable comment. The following negro communities have booths this year: Mt. Zion, Union Chapel, Sheppard, Columbus, Macedonia, McCaskill, Washington, Oak Grove, Mt. Hebron, Haynes Chapel, Clow and McNab. There are more and better white community booths than last year. The • ... »,. , . «-uiiuuuuuy uuouis vnan last year. The Tuesday along majestic Michigan avc- I entire south side of the building is nuc< occupied with the following white booths: Mt. Nebo, Melrose, Belton, Hinton, Ozan-St. Paul, Allen, Sjiover American Indians used totem poles for tombstones as well as for idols. Ashes of cremated braves were placed in the poles. Among H,o .sayings of the.* .sages the following arc typical: "Neutrality e, that is, in such a manner that whatever we- dn, we must confer Ihc same- benefil.s- ,,n both sides;" "The embargo on munitions is utmcutral because it helps MjtU-r ;uu | injuries urea I. Britain and France." Kven President Hoo.se velt'.s Pro el;., nation of Neutrality on September -. III. ill. dcelares; "The United Slates is cm ir-nn.s of uiirin war, anil toward ' "'" " L asMiiiK-d hy i| : , own ;.i.iiiia on Ihc. (Julf of Kinland, amiu.ed •' w ' nls . ".'"' ""• l"'"pl'' subjecl li it.., ilcM.'-e .speeiilalini, in foi-i-ign .iiiurlrrsl ,','"' l ' M , l ! l ' li "" ; '- 1 ' 1 ''''"' 8»vei nnicnl i,f ''">"i''V M.S the Ii.e,| annv of ,,,,-u|.a- , lJ "" r '' St;it ^ wi " ^••^ «'"»• .,i, M Inland reaehul ihe'de,,, nv,l i. n ''" " " s " 110 ""-" 1 »Ki"n.-t the belli- 'l.v, .•.n,,n I .,-,| |,y (; c ,-,nanv ' ' i 1''''''" t: "' ripl " s ''laiinrd by iu-lf an,! • ' ! Hie American ]ier,| ( . '•he:-j Me,us. ii, u ,o;.ed iindi'i- Ihc An „( l!i:(7. ' ,.,,,,,- i , , way. j is llii-rrf,,|-f. p n i "unni-ut r;il" bn-jir-c "l""i<.l .1 i.„'..•// .-.|;inm;,li <,,-cui-rt't " ' ' -."•'•( '-m'.'d.i.v .MINI vi-. 1 .1 of Norway';-. j,'-> IT " ''Mrrmilv. l»,;innmq .,b'...iit. ..I I:1H p ' Bulcs Ginned in County; 5,885 Ycai lending powers." All Ihis is mere rhetoric-. In Hie light of law, pi-iirtu-r and hislory. nrulrality means in I — CM,., "nee ihinus: (1.1 For || u . tj,,,,.' | :( . in .. ""' United Stale.s i., .Maying ,,ui of MIC war ami will eoniinil nn act.s o| bos- j t'hly ayain.sl rilhcr .side; a ) 'J'li,. % uv eimnenl of the United Stairs will assure belligoncrl.s that rerlain dutio.s f neidrals will he Mass Power of Housewives to Control the Prices of Foods ffiller ili-iive.-, nun.; benefits {.,,-,„ ,, lIlHIl du (he iipp-,M,, s Hllir,. r l| u , Arl was J'a:..',e<J bnfmr 111C;, 1 we.'il ;,-, -u;,,. .m.l Ihi- right tu i-l|;icl Mirh a l.-, v .' 1: , .•n.,onq ilic right... nf indcuiMidciil pi-. - ei'nnients. -.<,:.> ntir \I:i,!(li>v. noted fnuil r.\|i"i I. > if n-l.iil -.(.j.-i.-.s -.in- ;;r1s iiisi-li.-ind i-hi'i-lt (ii) food mi,-. . i,, ,j ;•.,..<,MI ,,, -,f, ' 1 ai 1 ...r\nif.; p.n i in I ,. . which airplanes maneuver.; „,.'''" "" v ''''""»-»l ha> a imhi to ,-,.. veiheiid. Kir:,i ,.,.,„„., (|]d |lrl( : " •' '' Ihc t.lup.,, ,„,,. ( |,,| ,1,,.^ ( ,, !|_ ' ^^ (| •'"" M " 1 ' ' "'As"fo, ,!, Sloniiim; "Yvar *'"'"*'• " r ""'^ "'">' < U ' •"" '"--I" in- ' ( "' rl In ' in . v '•''' - -An ,n MIV i tin;- nt'lil in X.-.M is vnhi,- M i » ,, .... i , ; ] , ,., 'I ' ' ' • ' '' '- 1 M1IJ < i I 11} njv'i,-. |.| ""<"' '"'heated •luo.-il.-.y i| lcl , 1 n,.,, |,y Cone.i-e». •-• h.-id , l,-,nod i, l; ,|on,, in,., i Nor does neutrally mc..n ih,- lt |1 U . • lll( ' 1 all cl'foi l-.! UiiP-.fl Sliilc:, niiiM \ v i,,, •Ri-ni.- ,,l Mlivv ih.r., llu v.l I ;:l'fi-i I I'miil ),| in-;, in Ihis rnullM.i? \\ |.;i I p., i I i-.-ui ^l)l. 1 li i-;m h"i.-.i-i\i\rs |-.l;i> in l>,-ci-.in« Hi.-in iimin:.!'.' Mr.-.. (,:iyn. M - Madiinv. irilcil l'(f(.<l r\|ii-rl. inlci \ii-ui il iui|ii>il;iiil unvn-iiiiH-nl ifcp:u iniiici lii-;uls mi i'f any k:n.i ,,f !> Mlll -' |1 ' ( ' 1 A> ;1 ri ' M ' 11 "f HUM- I:,!!>-,. >.!„• lias uiillni si\ ini,,i i.,,.l i\ i- j Uu 1 M'.A Sri \ii-r nf uliicli Iliis is (In- lirsi. |>I arm.s to ; , belli- ''> M1:S - ('.AVNOK M'.A Service Stall' Writer V,'ASIi;;s:(.,Tl)\ -Uou.,.»n-.-.. n-),,, )>„,- [,„- : . ;,,.„- ,„„„„(,, ,,,, er -ivrr tin- i-ir I of thnsi- 'f .'o!K-.I:inrr .-' m die .sai Ii Ih.-v e.-m ,->;,-,-! "^' :it '\"' n ' '"" lh " '' '••••"»•„-,,. bemt V.-ilho\ll fi:,-l . .-.V, !-|f.,l li; it I, Springs and McCaskill. Practically every state and federal ngency lias 'm'ost attractive booths, also the Hope Public Library, Tjw, Farm I Security Administi-atW haa''-o- ! »v}j;te i and a colored booth, both of which are outstanding. Other agencies having booths are: Works Progress Administration, National Youth Administration, State Health Deparment, Agricultural Adjusment Adrmnisiration, Soil Conservation Service and the CCC Cam]). Every shelf in the exhibit hall is filled to capacity and the additional light furnished by the city makes the exhibits show to much better advantage, than last year. Everyone agrees that m arrangement, decoration, quality and calamity the exhibits and booth's are very much more attractive than las! year. The Show .... I''uzM!lI's United Shows arc furnishing the a'musements this year. While this is not a very large carnival, it Is new and clean and carries a full line of the usual rides and shows. Tuesday night will be Legion nir-ht when every member of the American Legion will be (he guest of the Fair. Wednesday Ls Dairy and Poultry DT, Nearly |),roe hundred dollars will h e awarded in premiums in the.su departments. Tho Pet Show will also be held m th,, mam exhibit ball Wednesday "ifiht at 7:30. All community booths general individual exhibits will »••".' br judged on Wednesday vith awirds amounting lo more than ?300 Jlmrsday will bu livestock D<n- hPH ;d| l,cef |y J)C . catt ] ei jjo,.^' n er., Fwiiu-u, jacks, slallions and "'•P will be judged. Premiums in drpia-lment alone will be moi- -v"Hi, and entries src far ahead of >'c«r. While exhibitors may i-their cattle after H 10 ju''l«in<' "f them have agreed to k-nv Horse Show Another fealure of Thursday'- nrn '-m be.IK-Ho.^ show ;,'',;• I,;'. -'-Smnm.paimp,!,. nt .,, x vd ai " lo " J '^'"«" atom tin. v,.!! appca, in tomorrowT p ; ,- ^^^ With Y'Mplk a^"' : '" n L "' ll , v i'^t of the COHM'; " ''' f our )..r st d avs i'.,',,' ,,n,| amily v.iib t!ie ;-,. p.nlies" Ne'nher tin. -,.ver '4 th'- United Slides noi .. ni i'f Ihe Aincnivii [-."-ple i.s lerni, v. ilh Ihe (l.-i n 14,,VIM (Continued on Pace llnec) A Thought

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