Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 25, 1936 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 25, 1936
Page 12
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National Banner. t>iat«. 6t Alufaer to Previous Futile ™- SHHu^Haara sop .n HHI2 aaBH 0Bl tit aaHEJHHH mum HUE 3 naaei HKiHHQsas asaaw 0rara@ aiowt? saaa a @@i3 uaat,-? QE ""~~ a QSBHI 4S',Tfr becomo twnkropt. 45 Right. 43 It is a nation of many small ——. 50 Musical note. 51 Dyeing at>- pafatus. 53 Slack. 54 Clothes. 66 Crystalline substance. 58 Dower property. 59 Senate house. 60 Capital city. 61 This country is a-—. V3ERT1C/IL 2 Ciphers. 3 Black. 4 Folding bed. 6 Pronoun. 6 Sore incrustation. 7 Mongolian priest. 8 Death notice. 9 Measure ot area. 10 Young goat. 11 Heathen god. 12 Valuable property. 18 Fuller's h«rb», 17 Behold. 18 Northeast. 30 Conceited person, 22 Ship's record, as Drone b«e. 26 Blue. 28NaUT*. 30 To strike. 32 Plaything. 36 Eirs Child. 37 Twice. •39 Impetuous. 41 Chum. 43 Walked. 43 Escutcheon band. 44 Form ot "be." 45 Semldlatnetera. 47 Queen of heaven. 49 Heath. 50 To roll. 51 Venomous snake. 52 Equipage. 64 To name. 55 Membranous bag. 67 Chaos. 69 Cubic. [A 13 SI-, 47 57 \7 IS White 4| 58 49 44 23 59 19 54 II 50 55 as »f?, t?*,,' Itj.the time should ever come when 'ns'of this country should repa- the acts of the supreme court, foundation of our social and id welfare would disappear. 5ov.' Alf. M. Landon. PrtJ If &'* P Kv t ^ fe j fyt,' fc ' I?, Sell It! Find If! Rent It! Buy It! v • • • - in the Hope Star PUCE Bemember, the more you tell, the ') '{ f quicker you sell. " ; !• time, lOc line, nun. ZOc i-_ * ' Fort consecutive insertions, minim- s - 5 mum of 3 lines in one ad - 13 times, 6c line, min. 50c ' s j 6 tim£s, 5c line, min. OOc 26 times, y&c Une, min. J2.70 ''J- (Average 5',4 words to the line) 'tit* '• /•'••• ' JfOIE-i-Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the "bill'is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. S ! Phone 768 Alcatraz Felons Refuse to Work 100 Are Locked in Cells After First Serious Disturbance FOR SALE .buy and sell Produce at Holly's Market. 1 FOR SALE—Bois d'Arc posts at tight jwnts per post. F. O. B. at the fann. Hay at 25 cents per bale, and IPpd-wrn. See A. N. Stroud 21-6tc FOR SALE—Good values in men's ocked hats. When you buy a hat your head. Stack's Hot Shop. ' 21-5tp SAN FBANCISCO.- (ff>) -The first; serious disturbance among incorrigible criminals on Alcatjaz island-^the government's bleak "escape proof prison in San Francisco bay—was reported Tuesday by Warden James A. Johnston. About 100 of the 259 convicts on the fortress-like rock we:-e in solitary confinement, or locked in regular cells, because of refusal to work, Warden Johnston said. He blamed "agitators." "Therp was no violence and no one was hurt," said the warden, who took the post when the island, a former i army disciplinary barracks, was made a prison in 1934 for the more desperate type of criminals. "They like more privileges, of course, rather than the way we run the prison." No Names Disclosed No word of a. disturbance escaped from the prison prior to the official announcement and Warden Johnston said the names of the convicts involved will not be disclosed. Justice Department officials, in Washington said the "strike" occurred Tuesday and that the convicts will remain in their cells until "the situation is liquidated." ''That moans when they are ready to go back to work," an official explained. Among the more notorious convicts on the island are Al Capone, former Chicago gang leader; John Paul Chase, companion of the late George (Baby Face) Nelson in the latter's bloody last stand against the law at Barrington. 111.; George (Machine Gun) Kelley, Harvey Bailey and Albert Bates, Oklahoma gunmen and kidnapers; Roy Gardner, train robber and prison breaker, and Harmon W Wiley, kidnaper of George Weyerhaeuser. FOR SALE—Young cow, ?25. Call at 517 West Fourth Street. 23-3t-c FOR SALE—1002 South Fulton St- \wo story house with V\ block of ground, 1750.00 cash. 2 lots with house on 13th St.—$500.00. I house and lot on 3rd St.—5650. 1 house newly repaired on Oak St.—51000.00. 1 house £Q9 8J, Main (brick) just repaired— J3500.00. 1 stucco house, 5 lots, negro Wpwnunity—J600.00. These prices are {of cash only. Floyd Porterfield. 23-6K-. JrfOST — Ladies purse, containing $}£00., Reward to finder. Mrs. J. W. IJavis, 'Emmet, Kt. 1. 21-31 p ; WANTED H( \ •• , - \ , „ ' t , J.S 1 v W ,.* V V * -f l ' !W3 ,-%A to&tfiJMWto Gets First Planetarium JENA, Germany. — (/f 5 ) — The first planetarium in the Far East is to be installed at Osaka, Japan, by the Carl Zeiss firm here, which also has an order fo rone at thu Paris world vx- position in 1937. They arc similar to the planetaria in New York. Philadelphia, Chicago and other American cities. . over 30 to service local vending machine route. Spare time work about 10 hours weekly. Not aeljin& No experience required, for interview write "Artec Co.", Upper Garden plants at Holly's Curb Mar- fcffc jgiHVjeES OFFERED clttin, block, shrink, stretch, bond »r bind hats, put in new sweat bands and cut brims. Stick's Hat ^ 21-5tp Poor old capitalism! Capitalism has not a leg to stand on. Being tried for life, she seems not to have a friend left in court.—John S. Thomas, president, Chirkson College. Legal Notice NOTICi; OF SCHOOL ELECTrON. |f«38)i Fruits at Holly's Curb Market. FOR RENT with private bath and g a J. A. SuUivan, Phono _147. „ .. _ -.— ™FOS BENT—Boom, private garage, DUVate entrance, convenient bath. C$o«s in. Phone 185. 23-3tp Notice is hereby given that thu i County Examiner of Hempstead Coun- ' ty. has culed an election to be held in I Clow School District No. 18-£, of I Hfis'.p.itead county, on the 8th day of: February, 1936, at which the qualified! electors in said School District shall; %'olc on the question of a loan from i the Revolving Loan Fund, and thi. 1 levying of a special tax of 7 mills an-' nually on the ai.sfs.sed valuation of! the taxablu property in 'he district so j lojiy >i>. i.. necessary to ix-pay said lo;iit: und tii 1 .; interest thereon. Su<:h election' shall be i,i.-Id at Clow School Euiklijigi Ion the S:h day of Febnj;.rj. 19.3fi. be-' I iwec-n tlie hours of 2:1)0 (/clock p. 111.1 i and 6:30 o'clock p. in., Mwl ',thei-v,-i.-.e in I i the same manner EI.S i.~ pr(A'ided by: i law for hol-lini; ;ir.m.M school elec- j V/XTNESS HI;. l..u,.l t:ii.-, liiih day of i January. 19^6. E. E. AUSTIN, County Exuuiiner, Hemp.4fiid County. I Jan. lfc-25. Feb. J. 5UR BOARDlMft HOUSE By AHERN WAY By WILL) OH -t-Hfr-vWJteTTV SOON t\JL THFOVY THE SWITCH P^iTb DE^Atu tVAVS WHOLE HOOPLE GANG /-^TOCnrtNCa ABOUT IFV -FAWLX TREE-*-^ WfeLL , I\L SCAMPER A ALL BACK UP INTO IT B*6 t)EA\-, H&Vfs TVA* A6HNCY 1 C H U MP —. CHOF-P -, tVE -BEEN OH TH % , CUFF FOR YEM3.S, BUT t'rVN TVA"f\C\<» MOW. 1 ' VOLCANO; THSV JUST POUWO OUf THAf (SUV OM A MILK S TURW60 MOWBY IW Hfc SPARE TH6V WEVSR WATCH tHB AUL*M|<3MT DAWCS THIS JOB. AN' THEY'RE WATCH I M' HIS THSV WITH CARDBUS owes WHO WIS WOKk B6FOKS OW— TMEy. SHOULD * A <3UY WORKS HARDER AT HOBBV TH"AW ME DOBS WAGES -SO A ROUTE WOW'f HURT HIM . •TME TlVO-TlMER BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES On the Job By MARTIIi 60 X I It VOO <bOte£ ??•»•• j- 1 CVRC\_Jc "WE "?Nv2Vi \'\A_ ^>t \Ni A. CA^> a VOO £S XWE. VEW voo covA'E. . I AVA MOT ALLEY OOP What Is This—An Epidemic? By HAMLINI IS A SHAME T'HAFTA GRAMO WIZER OUT THIS TIME Op NIGHT - HEY ; GRAND WIZER.! GIT UP.' KING GUZ WASH TUBES JJIECTIOM PAY -PA\VM$ BRI5HT AMP CLEAg I\MD CATTLEMErJ/OILMEW, MERCHANTS, \i ROUSTABOUTS, AMP 6AMBLERS FLOCK TO "THE POLL'S. . OOQH, GO- WAY * LEMME ALON)E. - CANJ'TCHOO MUGS LET A FELLA DIE IM PE*.CE ? OOooo°°H- WHAS5A MATTER ©1936 BY NEASEHviCEM By CRAN OF Anxious wAiTiMe PO.LOW, BEPO(?STHe PIRST RE7URMS ARE secoMc? FUH EASV. CHEERS: F LULU FUST PRECTINCT: z6\H'KAy PUH/A'6O/M' vores " IS FUH LULU BELLE. A CLOSE PACE/ BOVS. It Won't Be Long Now FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDo Ownership By BLOSSEI YOU'RE war GOIWQ ~]Q SPAWK ME FOR GETTIWQ UP IM THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT TO PIDE DVMAMrTE, APE ( WELL, YOU, POP? SHOULD, TAC3' PLEASE DOWT TELL AWf OF ) I WOW'T THE KIDS THAT f SWA WORD I CAW RIDE y 70 ANY OF DYNAMITE... tL THEM .' I WANT TO SURPRISE THEM '• IT'S PRETTY HARD ID PUWISH A KID WHO HAS AS MUCH PERSEVERANCE AS TAG ! I JUST COULDN'T GET MAD AT HIM .'/ CAW HE REALLY RIDE CYWAMITE •2 HE STUCK TO HIM LIKE HE WAS GLUED THERE.' AMD I BET YXJ WOULDNT F1WD MANY PEOPLE WHO COULD STRADDLE THAT COLT AND STAY THERE ' MY SOM IS PRETTY CAPABLE HE'S YtXJR SOW,WOW| BUT JUST LET HIM DC»| ONE LITTLE THING GET HIMSELF IN WRC AND I KNOW WHO'D GET ALL THE CREDIT > FOP HIM '.-' THE NFWF ANGLES (Mom'n Pop) He Bat.; Th^v-Three and a Third By COWAI f YE5---A CAN OP PEAS-- ONE CWs) OP PE/V=>, AND HURRY.' YOU BETTAW WRITES W HEAVENS.' YOU A NOTE T'DE GROCE.R, / CAtN T?EtA£rA6E.R •CAUSE AH FO'GETS 7 ONE THING". . MIGHTY EASY / /""^ V CERTAINLY FOR EVEBNORE! IP VOL) CANT ONE ARTICU^ HOW CAM YOU EXPECT TO YEOWSAH / IF YOU WANT TWO OR FREE OTHAH THlNeS.l KIN' REfABABER THREE? IP YO TELL WE, FREE TUINGS, Art SHO COUUP REfAEfABAH ONE OB T>EtA ! MICO!, COIW4.U •• us ft mfftmoTmo. T. M.

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