Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 6, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 6, 1942
Page 2
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ified Sit BUYING ttSED FURNl- tute from us! Chairs, Tables, Stoves, Beds, and many other Items all in S»pd condition with reasonable prices. Also highest prices paid for twed furniture. FRANKLIN FUR. NITURE CO., South Elm Street 9-lmc. MULES, CORN, 75c PER BUSHEL at crib. Plow tools, all kind* Plow gear. See A. N. Stroud, Washington 13-lmp 194S FORD RADIO AND HEATER In original cartons. Bargains. See Mr Dennis, Cain's Tourist Court. 5-3tp JOHNSON GRASS HAY. 25c PER bale and free delivery if bought by 125 bale load. W. H. Burke, Hope, Hqute 3. 6-3tp BIRD DOG. PERFECT RETRIEVER. Also used Typewriter Good condition. $19.95. Car Heater for $10 See Wade Warren. Phone 356. 6-3tp REGISTERED POINTER PUPPIES, best bloodlines. Cockers, Bostons Boarding. Stud Service. Padgitt's Kennels. 2 Miles So. 6-lmo-p Real Estate For Sal© 160 ACRE FARM, 1 MILE SOUTH of Fulton, 120 acres timber land withm 2 miles Patmos, 7 houses in Hope. Night, Phone 337, Hone- Day Phone SGO-F-3-1, Emmet. Ark J. R. Williams. 2-6tp Furniture For Sale IDEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS moved next door to Saenger Theater for better prices 'on furniture see us- . 21-30tc For Rent 6 ROOM HOUSE. FURNISHED OR unfurnished. Screened front porch Double Garage. 820 S. Elm Street Telephone 731. 5-3tp ONE SIX-ROOM HOUSE, WATER and Lights. Just out of city limits on road to Proving Ground. See William Stephenson. 6-3tp Refrigeration REFRIGERATION SERVICE — WE repair anythin; Electrical, Wiring, motors. Kelly Ilefrigeration Service. 112 Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c Trailers For Sale FOR SALE—NEW ROYAL,' HOT floors, permanent bed, air conditioned. Also new American Stage Coaches. Roy Craft used trailers. Buy on two years, as low as 10% down. Call or see, Thelma Stephens Darwins Camp, Highway 4, North. 24-'til Jan 6p NOW ON DISPLAY - FULL LINE Levers' Bros. Trailer Coaches. Call while we have several models 10 select from. Luck's Tourist Court. For Sole Miscl. PADGITTS PEDIGREED PUPPIES for Presents. Will hold for Christmas delivery if desired. Cockers, Bostons, Chows and Pointers. Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmp Notice WE VULCANIZE TIRES AND TUBES Ted's Esso Service Station. 3rd and Hapl. Phone ^4.. . 30-qtp WHO' WANTS A" PIANO? USED Upright. Fairly rqodern. Thoroughly re-eonditioned:'to give years of service. ?15 down, $7 monthlj-, or ?12o cash. Drop us a card. Beasley Music Co., Texarkana. 6-6tp O. K. RUBBER WELDING. ALL work guaranteed or money refunded South Hazel St Kennedy & Gar-' rlson - 2-6tp Mind Your Manners Test your fcnotoledge of correct social usage 6y ansu)erino the fol- loiotng questions, then checking against the aut/ioritaliue answera below: 1. When a man arranges to meet a woman should he arrive at the appointed place a little ahead of time? 2. Does the fact that her appointment is with a man make it all right for a woman to be late to it? 3. Is it all right to be late to an appointment with a doctor or dentist if one apologizes? 4. Is it all right for a club member o make a habit of being late to meet- ngs? 5. Is it especially important for one vho is asking a favor to be on time or an appointment? What would you do if—You carry pictures of your children n yaur handbag- fa) Show them to everyone you meet? b) Show them only to friends you think will be interested in seeing hem? Answers 1. Yes. 2. No. 3. No. 4. No. 5. Yes. . Better "What Would You Do " sol- ution—(b). Hope Star Published »v.ry wwtt&W aftw noon by Star Publishing Co. Ine. at the Sta? SulldlnSf S12-21 " So^h* Wo'Sit street, Hope, Ark. ... C. t. PALMER, President AtW. H. WASHBURN, Edit" and PuWlih.r Entered as second class matter at the /M C A, (A f.'~ Me ? ns Associated Press (NEA1—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n Subscription Rote (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; Hempsrcad, Nevada, Howard, Miller and 0 $6 SO 0 ""*' 05 ' $3;5 ° CCr year; else- Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for republlcatlon of all news dis- . .J-. 5 ? re i', ed to » ° r not otherwise credited in this paper and also tlw local news published herein. Notlonol Advertising fceprerentoflve— rfrl a R nS" e '- fe' ; Memphis, Tcnn.. W>hv? Bui | din a; Chicago, 400 North u 9< A n Avnue i New York City, S07 -n^ ai' e J ue Ai.i £ froif ' Micn - 2842 W. 3ldfl "' Oklahoma Cit V' 4 '4 Terminal Choroes on Tributes, Etc.: Chorae will be mint;™ °" tnbutes .' , cards of thanks -solutions, or memorials, concerning the ^Vi^T&^reite {? wPf £ 'akU^mS. T°nT f^fe&rar pons.bility for th. safe-keeping o return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Page One 1. Senator Tom Connally is chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee which handled war declarations. 2. : Joseph W. Martin, Jr., is House Republican leader, and John W. McCormack heads Democrats. Both are from Massachusetts. 3. Senator Bennett Champ Clark of Missouri, former isolat- Football Frenzy — in High C! AP Feature Service BALTIMORE -The Metropolitan Operas new American-trained soprano is a top-Night football fan There's nothing Helen Traubel likes better than to spend Saturday afternoons watching two elevens fight it out. But no' matter how sensational a run the star halfback makes, she can't yell. Why? Miss Traubel says that in the first place it wouldn't help one's voice for the difficult Wa^erian roles she will undertake this season. Secondly, it often proves rather embarrasing: "Sometimes, if {he game is too exciting, .1 forget and let out a whoop. Usually it scares everybody around me htflf to death, becausp when I let go I can really make noise." " From the coconut leaves and wood, its meat and oil are made shelter fuel, food, and drink by the Tahitians. ionist leader, has offered services to the Army. 4. Bills to raise money for the war, as must all tax meausres, originate in the house. a. Rep. John Dingell of Michigan was first congressman to demand investigation of Pearl Harbor bombing. DO WE HAVE COTTON INSURANCE? Wanted 4 OR 5 ROOM HOUSE "IN HOPE In good condition and priced right See or Call Pete Shields at B & B Grocer y- 6-3tp DELIVERY BOYS FOR PAPER routes. Call at Jack's News Stand. 5-3tc THE REDUCED RATE ON READER'S Digest will continue until January 15. If interested, telephone Mrs. Theo P. Witt at 114. 2-3tc Lost RED JERSEY COW, 8 YEARS OLD weight 800. Stub right horn. Strayed 5 miles west of Frescott--,. Homer Graham, Prescott, Ark. 2-6tp LIGHT TAN FEMALE FOXHOUND name Ludie. South of Washington! If .found please advise Bob Levins Washington, Ark. ' 3_3 tp ' _OUR_BOARDING HOUSE Say, that means we can have cotton income next year even if weevils, drought or something else rums our crop." * with , , . Major Hoople SIGNM-BO FOR As MOUTK- POU BV HOLDING THE SVRUP PITCHER rXS IF GETTING. RE/XDV TO POUR 60T HlMTS ROLL OFF JAKE L\KE OFF A SKIRT/ MARTHA 5 MAKING BRING ME THESE PANCAKES PLATTERS, EVERY GO AMD THAT MOVEMENT THE 00 BADTHEV LACK FOOTBALL TRAIN IMG « HOPt StAK, HO Pi, ARKANSAS WASH TUBBS Tuesday, January 6, 1942 Bv Roy Crane SCMETHIN6S WRONSl THE FELLA, IN THE NEXT ROOM SOUNDS AS IF HE'S STPAM6' f INSTEAD OF PLAYlUa SAFE, HEBE I <3O STICKING NOS6 IMto OTHER PEOPLED BUSINESS' Courtesy of Port Thimble Theater .' IT IS MERELY A COURTESY EXTENDED TO YOU, BECAUSE HOD ARE > THE MELD VADMIRAL. I -STILL SAY SOME OME'-S US! DONALD DUCK The Seat of the Trouble By Walt Disney OH-OH.' ' JUST GOT lr V [ HERE IN TIME ^ TO BEAT THE BUT v —-^y RA| N DOGGONE IT R.MNJING CAT? AND DOG?.' V THINK. I WANTA RIPE HOME ON A WET 5"EAT ? PttrntnitoJ by K.nR FfJUifC* SynJi t jl f . In. •«. BLONDIE By Chic Young BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Coin' Home By Edgar Martin AS XOO __ TO '.'. OVA, , \^ MOST OAT'S rX 6UU_ RED RYDER Sounds Too Plausible By Fred Harmon YOUR WESTE.RM ""STf IH.' -. ^ OUR COPPER-FACED OfAPANIOt^ H^S A SUSPICIOUS NATURE., . RYDER, WE'VE. GOT A HABIT OF LOOKING A GIFT HOSS IMTHE THOROUGHBREDS THEY'RETQUCsH t.f, ) ^. - f COPB. 1|Mg BV HCK SEBVICF. INC. T. ALLEY OOP Recognition ByV.T. Hamlin A CALAMITY OF THE YOUR HAIR. \FIGST MAGMITUDE, YOUR TURKJED WHITE\ HIGHMESS.' YOUR CRACK ' OVERKJI&HT, I BLACK GUARD WAS WIPEP OUT TO A MAM OKJLY 1 ESCAPED. AMD THAT R/ A MIRACLE ' VMOPPO AM' KlMG JOHN) TOGETHER.' BOY, VMHAT A BR.EAVC.' KNOW HIM MOT, YOUR HIGHNESS... ONLY THIS Ml&HT HE HAS PRO&A&LY SAVED THE HAVE ONLY BY IMMEDIATE ACTIOM AMP FORCE CAM TO VOU'RE TOO LATEj MY FIME- F&4CTHEREP I DOM'T THIKJ 1 LIKE TH' WAY HE , ,._ SAID ' HE THAT ... ORGAIsilZERAND OR. I WILL HAVE BEFORE TH' NIGHT'S OVER ' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS MoreTruth Than Poetry ism By Merrill Blosser BOY, ARE r WF GLAD SEE YOU / HOW DID YOU KNOW WE'D &E HERE , POP ? We JUST PUT TWO AND TWO TOSETHER / WOULDN'T- SO MAN/ BOOKS WRITTEN ON CHILD PSYCHOLOGY. IF EH SWITCHES GREW IN EVERY BACK YARD ' WELL .DADDY, ITS PRETTY LATE — ARE YOU GOIW& To SCOLD NOW Ofe WAIT UNTIL BREAKFAST? HAVE- ONLY ONE THIW& To SAY/ AND TOMORROW YOU CAM PUT TEN AND TeM AMD SETTLE YOUR BILL AT THE BLUE ROOM / ALL, FRECK— THEY KNOW ALL /

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