Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 25, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, Scplonihc-r 25, 1930 Sparks Begin to Fly Due to Shorts Circuit MAYF1ELD. Ky.—(,-F)—The question whetiver the wearing of shorts by men and women tennis players is ''indecent and devimeutal to the morals of the community" is one for the city council to decide. A complaint was lodged by two Baptist ministers, who said most of the players wore shorts while playing ;>t Harmond playground's courts. Fierce Artillery (Continued from Page One) OUT OUR WAY OU6HT TO BE WE HAVE AN UMCL.E VAHO OWNS. A F\RM--VVE GET ALL TH1=V FOR NOTHING. AND I'VE HAP TH' CANS FOR SEARS AMP- - OW-OOH-H-H.' LIVING IM TH' By J. R. WILLIAMS Q OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE & iCAUSe WE t- A.VG AN UNCLE ON A FARM.' YOU NOTICE. AFTER. HIS KIPS GOT MARRIED THEY MOVED TO ANOTHER •STATE — WHV? BECAUSE VOU DASSN'T SHIP MO FRUIT ACROSS THE STATE LINE.' in? of a British destroyer by a Gorman submarine was announced in an I official communique Monday us Gov- j man military leaders wort- reported j preparing for a prolonged w.ir in the Western font. The communique did not identify | the destoyer. gave no details of the j sinking, but declared martime war- j fare was "yielding good results." j The same announcement said eight | French warplanes had been shot down I during air fights in the West, where. | it added, there had boon "rccon-j noitering activity and artillery acti-; vity on both side" at various undis- j closed points. j Battle At Sea BERGEN'. Norway — v-Pi— Inhabitants of Algori island reported Monday afternoon that unidentified ships had been engaged in heavy cannonading off the coast of Norway since 6 a. m. leading them to express '.ho belief that a naval battle was underway. The battle—if such it was—was apparently moving closer to the coast. the said. The concussion of large- caliber guru- shook houses on the island. SVHV MOTHERS GET GR\V S N L)FFY TOLD Sv^-'/S THE OLD BOY \ x I TUNE. OMTH.XT MAS BntM IMA /'. /NOTC CLAvMC'i••• TRANCE LATELY, "-, \TV-l' fvVXJOR ll.Y_> DOPCD ouvA A tiQUAKG. (•-GO-ROUND / ( 6(\O6ei TO f OR SOAAUTMIN 1 OF \\AUTO FUMF.S 1>V _ ••- I BHEM } \LIKE PL-KRWt EYE OM M AN' IT 'HOI IMP' so Tv\t 6QuiUP,B.s)\OKAV TO P-AU/ WOM'T PUT HIM AWAV/[ THINK.' W. OUOI V FOR TUE WINTER.' ,.--, 1 WAV-'t- Hi,'A -,O jU r-' v-*^ WON'T WlbV, III <'>*•;/ PL-t'A'-M : DO ' 'AIO.OOO TO ^ONM-: V.'OR HIS T OOAY, WALOO/ • > s_. I Our nomination for 193!)'s forgotten I mm; Hi' 1 Japanese- and Chinese \var- | nor.- still battling in the Fur Knst. Nazi youth, we arc told, suffer from flat fi-et. This KLIO.SC stop must he more realistic Hum Wo thought. AKE /!- Ml'v\ VlVt" i'AQRu .-'Alt-JUTES / First Conference (Continued from Page One) scrimmage. I, made four tackles. Sonny Murphy—Yards gained from I .-xTimmaso. i!. lost from .scrimmage, i 2. attepted two kicks after touch- j down. received one forward pass for I two yards, made one extra point after of ' ! t> vai-ds ' touchdown and made four tackles. Yird's '^ined nmniM" back punts-! J'»'">y Simms-Vards gamed from i Hot.-,- 7 fn ,-li.i:; yards: S'm'ackover 3 i ^nmimige. 18. Carried ball once for' for 2S van'. 1 :. Yards trainee! from scrim-j e. Hone "il-l. Smackover Go'. Yards J Vai ' ds .S' 11 thlvo - Hece.ved one forward liltlL;'.. l lope .) i-i. Oi.laCrxOvel U.I. L ill OS , ' , lost from scrimmage. Hope 23. Smack- | ^ ""' 13 >';"' ds ' Total yarus gam- over S2. Forward "p-sses-Hope i out I C(1 :;9 - ^ l>rcci ! ""' J touchdowns and LAST TIME MONDAY ROBERT TAYLOR MARGARET SULLTVA.V FRAJfCHOT TONE ROBERT YOUNG —in"THREE COMRADES" EXTRA JOY — WALT DISNEY'S "THE UGLY DUCKLING" - NEWS OF THE WORLD — • CHURCH NEWS The Kei'ival iMci'Hiitr Near capacity crowds heard fc'vanye- list L. J. Cooper at both service., Sunday at the bit,' lent. Kim and Fifth Streets. In speaking mi "Al Hoank Closed." Ihe Evangelist said: "There is a city presi-ntcd to the J. D. Jones -- Received one forward ' l '>° " f failh '» thl ' Messed »ihl.' - - p ., s ,. fol . Uvo y . u . liSi , n;uk . 1)|U . extra I for u-hicli every Ciin:.;ian heari yearns. •'p p- „ ,,',,• -- ...,..,. point after touchdown and made one i <' <-'ity lo-v.-ards winch the saint:^ Peii,-.HM.-s-riope 11 tor ..)_ > ai Is. j at;klc j , ; f God in all ages have turned then- ;n:ackevcr i for 40 >anis. t umb c-s < • Wai . d _ Kecelvc , d ,, no (<J1 . u . l(| .,i • eyes. What a solemn thmq t<> miss the i..i;o\eie.i D\ .lope .. amrt(.K(i\(.i .. '• „: , , (way to that city! We dwell in this lot.U yard; .4:, mod -Hope b%. Smack- "^ iinlum c/jveu'lReceived one f,.r-i wol ' lci f( "' : '"" lc flft >- >•'*'>•• --"'ven!-.. ^''^'T...,,.. V,,. ,- „.,;„„,, fmlll ward nass for 21 vards. scored one j "" cvon ^H 1 " . Vl -"^- •""' lf - '"""v *"L,.£" i«T~ ',' fn--" scri touchdown and n,a<ie 11 tackles. i;ve have passed our liltlc life here we :"':;,-." VH. , --r'-ed '•'-- -,l'i I't'time^ T-'^les - Rov Tavior 15. Green j f ""' <"" >v ves « oln:; |' u f .""",;' li '" k . I,. i i^'j i. fie i ,o . ,t_'.i 111 r? f 1,111 i j 11 i lies - - I-tor 1111 v w Ivi t • i I r-i '< .,- \- I,, \,-, 1 ,• • , 'i R, 11 T ,,-i n. ,,.^t,- in M, i ,^K.. ^ - - " tl i a u a 0 ^o v 11 n- \*. 111 e.t 11 \ tor an u\'OL-a-^(- >*i si\ vard^ \}0t- trip '^ ^''^ torn nund> lu. (ojuimo> 6, , . ... -H :jf 12 for S.I yards. Smackover none i. Forwarri p.asses intercepted by Hoi-o 1 for no p.a made one tackle. Ihe hyuuis of a hundred years ago will In- ft'alui'i-'il. The nld fashioned 1.interns and I'antlles will be used al- }.rr. llulluw.iy. pianist for the party has certainly eiuieared himself lo Un- people of the city through his piano playing. Hear him each night as he n-ndeis .-everal selection:, before the Sony scrx'icf. 1 heyins. A ^.'ei'N" specinl .M-r\ ice is in prospect for Monday inylit. at \vhieh time he titled" Dr. .lerkyll & Mr. Hyde" MIND YOUR MANNERS '.' -Should the d.ili r i;!:i . ),,• f,| j. ed to the l)rim? •'• If 'he ilininn room ,,ii. :! |.;n . chen are separated by .1 s'.viii^in;; door, slioiild a guest be M'.ded ; .o thai he c,m look into the kitchen'.' 1. What IS ii CO| n-e| ! , .pe,,. ,. when .someone call on Hie irl.-| .;„„,,- aiui itsks for you',' .">. bhould a hosi,.,.., i,, ., .. ,,,, payiim fur ihe loni.-,-di.,i,iore ,-,!i of ii hoiisc-miest ' \Vhal \VIMI|(| vim (In if.,. ^'oll ;u e shoppnu;. ,,i|. j -,. ,i i ,-. u , i to make a phour v ; ,ll Would \iiii 'a' Ask to use ,i IMI-..I,!- • |ii- ,|,. 'hi CHI into ., I,,„,:!, ,,,„[ ,, ,. I'-y phone'.' A ns\\ ers STUDIO COUCHES r. u. «ea u, TVES. \\~ED. THVR. American Youth on parade! "THE DUKE OF WEST POINT" THE JONES FAMILY: — in"A TRIP TO PARIS- FAMILIES L ' p T0 3 35c FOR lu )-iHses. He Calncun 7. Breeding ."). Baker -t. Simp- j '•s fur an avorase of • ! "' n ''• Columan -1. Eason -1, .Murphy -I. j •eveix'd 1 of Sr.viek- ' Stuart - Ellen 2. Keit'n '_'. C'onway 2. | sco"ed two touch.- '' Car!cs')ti 2 Mav 2. L. Jones 1. J. D ',-, ,', .kles Jones 1. W. Ta>"lor 1. Simms 1. Ward 1. COM: Gene Autry —in— "WESTERN JA>reOREE. Judy Garland —in— '•E\"ER\T50DY SING" and SERIAL. Are There Spooks In Your Closet We'll Have 'Em Wednesday • SAENGER See TUESDAY'S Al) Bobbv Ellen—Yards named from Prescott to Get (Continued From Payo One) rn;.^::. 25. He carried the ball IS times ;'•.>;• .)" a\"'.'.\:i;e of tj 1-2 > ards per j trip. He cori"pi'-i'U.'':i 1 out of two pass- ' vs. iifid i:'..;!.;e<~i or.ce for !Jj yard-. Yards L^nincd E\'on\ returning punts. ! 9.1. recovered 1 of Sinackover's linnb- . ________________ les. kicked off twice for an average ' of 2.1 ynrds. Total Yards named. 221. ; funds fn.'m the additional one per cent Scored one (ouciido-.vn and made two '. !;i.\ to ii Xational Guard armory build- | t-icklcs. - ing fluid to pay the state's share of pro- j Joe Ei.oDiii—Si.v kickol';> So. ;,n aver- ; nosed WPA construction of tlio arm- . [:IL,'C of •»:> 1-2 yards, scored one touch- lories, sites for which must be pro- j down and made four tackles. At- i vided by interested cities. ! I tempted on kick after touchdown. ' The 19:19 racing' meet at Hot Spring j ! CharU^. R. By ke v -- Yards »amed i m . Ul ,a ,) lc fund SoQ.lW. I j fn.r,; sc.-inm;asi:. .".1. carried hall four ! Armo.-ji-; at Hot Snrmi>N. Tcxarkana. ! ; time.-, for average of I'J \-'> yards. , D.irdanclle. Helena and Batcsville and i Y:«rds ui.med tro.n returnm- punts. ; „,,, ,-. uh observation Squadron han^r '' Ray Walker has been leading tin-I loir and con.uresation in siimiim t!n- i ! old time hymns ver yel'fiTtm-h-. The! service hems ai-ranijcd. for T"mir.-da> I evenint; will be one very effcciieely. ' | The .service heinff ararnyed for Thur.-- 1 j day evening will he one in which Test your knowledge or correct social usage- by answering the, fol- Jinving questiof-s, then checking ai-'amst the authoritative answers below: 1 (sit ever co! i ect lo have nn- h^M'-d c.iiiiiles on a dinner table'. 1 Best "What Would Y..M I >< Iff I =coreo me | : les. David Coleman -- Yarr .,, Liule uchdnwn nii'i made four tack- -i\-p\ ,-,i- (1 '<'cts i , - \ Other Arkansas National Guard ai-- !s '*ami,-d from . , „ , T „. mones are at Conway, Marianna. Pine • Bluff. Searcy. Becbe, Harrison, Ru.s- .sollvillc. Monticello. Magnolia. Forrest ! City. Hax.cn. Clarksvillc. Fayctloville i and Mena. | Major Harris said the 8;!S increase in i enisled men personnel still would leave ( (lie guard 20;) men below its peace time I strength. Before the increase, it was | limited to 2.jO(> enlisted men. 211) officers and three warrant officers. The authorization for increasing the number of enlisted men stressed thai the additional personnel "is to be u.sed to increase strength of existing unil-- only." SAVE v iMl L Here's America's Shrewdest Cigarette Buy... The quality cigarette every smoker can afford Societ Dictator (Continued from Page One) career. P,oir,pt vcngcnci.- wliidi fol. lowed the murder of his friend. Kirov, i f smacked of C!/aiist rla>-.s. j -Vii Trippler. or Misc-r Hi-- eiiei-»\ is troiDeiKloii.-; and in- ' '•.-•:h,iiistil,l ( .. He personally attends in! : ;na.--..es of detail, reads repom and Ihe j official paper. Pravada. and during . his late,- year., lias been able to slnd ! iii.- speeches with references to tin-! cia.-:-ic. the reult of :,elf-cducatiq-,, i in the J(i!m Lewis manner Though formal educa!i/;n is lacking vi.-iloi.s luive all been impressed by thf: seo]jc of his current information. , Me uf Oi_-orgiiin wine, does no! at- irarl h,i ;M . When lie drinks, he holds '' wi'il. His pipe i., a constant com- ; ' oamoM He pla.-.-, ,-hc.'-.-, occas.ionallv. ' '•' kl ' Hith-r. | 1C appear., indifferent '•- money He has servant,, motor cars.. -. >-.,,ii,i,-y villa, books, anyihing he . "'•'iii-. Hut noi money. •' :ei,-a! ],ol.-i ; ,,te i.; not borne out b.- 'he u--.v o ( ca. ioi.s when fon.-igni-r.. Whatever price you pay per p;n:k, ir's important to remember this l.ut: />'y burning 25% slower than the t n-crti»c of the J5 other of the l«rr>c<it-!>clli>n; branch tested — slower than any of them — CAAII1LS give a smoking plus Ci «Mir,Di;R...Mi;f.L()WJ:H...SI.O\VEf{- MURNINCi! Naturally, c:.i.,,eh h.ivc more fra/;r;intc —iinil A/J/C /;c//cr ron. 'I'hcrc's no fast huming to irutr the marvelous pleasure of their finer, /note expensive tobaccos! Yet Camel's costlier tohaccos co.st less to .smoke. No ^vomlcr C'.uncls are f.imous ;i.s Atiicriea's shrewdest cigarette choice! . lo uni '.'.en idial. anfl mcli He IMII.- t have n- 'MI The fresh arorr.a '<!' C'^l-ir rnan ihoe, \vith ;;.o e.:';i n'.aii ''Cedar-Curtd pi'O f ; to rncilc/'. 1 ,- tir.c: >-.•«!;;,i,-:,-i. wear bc-Uer. ft'.-: ;r^ [,,-. slinO'-:- -drop in \ r .<\',;" ;., :' of Janribii "Ccdar-C ....a' rio,.-. v.eie around lh.it .- <!••.:!. foM.-;gn coi-re.-.i.ondenl .-, , : ''i -i i.'itr.. (.ailiiiy aileotion to T: '•• n-eelved ;. joki, u n . |; |, : l !,-. Stalin ;i;!;ii ; fj tlielil not lo f ' 'I.'' IUII10I... anri not to rii.-.- '...., ' ,11 ihe ( .d|;; i,f t|i,; i.thel Sixicen of the lar,i;csl-sclliu/,' ci/;,uci(c- I>/,IIK|S ucrc tc<.cnily < oiii}i.ircij in ini]),irtiiil .scicniilit tests by a leading research laboratory. The n.">u,';.s: f.'AMl.f.S ucrc found to ujtuaiii MOHIi TOIJACCO BY WJilGllT than the a\cr,i;;c- tor die I r > oilier of the largesc-selliu^; hriinds. CAMl-LS l5!'KM-:i) S/.Oir/iK THAN ANY OT11HK BRAND Tl-.STHU-^T'/ SLOWJ-U THAN Till- AVhKAGl- T1M1-: ()1- Till; J5 OTIILK 01 Till-; LAKGI-.ST-ShLLIN'G BRANDS! By burning >:>' , slower, on the average, Camels yjve smokers the cquivaleiu of 5 liXTKA S;MOKi:.S l'i:i< I'AC.'K! 3 In the same test-,, CAAIhl^ IJj.LU THJ:1J( AS1J I-AK LONCI'.K than the average lime for all ihe other brands. MORE PLEASURE PER PUFF- IVJORE PUFFS PER PACK! Penny for penny yany best cigarvltc buy. "The Friendly Store." I ' i.aov A-Mor Ho-.v long an- i killing people IMG C0SILIEI

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