Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 25, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1939
Page 3
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-join( HOPE fTMITtOI^AftKANSAS' IVrrs. Sid Henry Telephone 821 '"" ••' lls The W. M. U. r'ir.sl ll.-iptist church j , " I ill ohservin,': a Week of Pi-avers fur ! .Say. have you seen the new fall hats .Missions will present a.<; Tuesday's * A'"'-;: tbe main pauule.? ; program the second program on "I.ove L.kc odds and ends o, cento, ies | Threefold Minihv Teachint:. wilh Mrs. ; 0»r ancient fathers made? | A . c R ,,,.,, u>1( u .. u|in i. I all Cus-sack-; ucodels and Buccaneers i From long l'or|;ollen races. i And ciueer designs that pii:inies wore i; To match their i;roteM|ue faces. ;. The circus will not ccmte this fall. Their clowns are .sad you know They can't meet competition .since •; The ladies stole the show! .. . . -Selected "Our Love For God." -Teaching The ttihle Anil Training for Chinch Mom- l,t -rs-hip" will he Ihe Mibjecl nf .Mi.-,. A. Pi. Sprar.j;ins discussion ofllowed | by special mine by Mrs. Si-ova (Tihson. "Mi'. S. 1!. I'hilbiick will discuss , "T,-:i( liiiig Missions" The pioi;ram will jrloM- with a Play lev entitled. ••Teach- Fort Worth Takes Nashville, 10 to 2, Ray Stair"," Vol Castoffj Hets Revenge in Dixie j Oj)ener FOliT WORTH, TPX. -</!'i- Rase- hall's old drama. Ihe castoff's rev, n;,e |-,ot another sliowini; Sunday! ..vli.-n Kay Starr. Fctrt Worth's old I iiiaii. lamed the Nashville Vols. his "Id male.';. 10 to ?. in Ihi. ope.nin;,' P/iMc- Seijes ''a ill". The crowd was V.7!i:.. ! Tli" e|oiii,'al<-d veli'rau. sold to Fort \V-a-lh l.y Nashville early in the season whfn it appear,',I iilness would do pen his mound f'nr.i. had a 10-to-O shutout Moretl a\v.,y \vilh two out in Ihe ninth inuiiii.'. hut utility man Karl Kotl. play- • SERIAL STORY WORKING WIVES BY LOUISE HOLMES COPYRIGHT, 1836, NtTA .SERVICE, INC.' New Dance S ' Miss Josie Anderson of 1 ,t.le Hock ! in , ; Tlu , Y o,,th" with Mrs. A. C. Cobb was he week entl ,;ueM of Mr. and ; M)> , sillm , v w ,,. (| . M ,., A ,, ,,.„.,„, Mrs. Roy Antic, son and other , datives. ' imll Ml , ; . Kl , nl ,,-,, nnhv ,.,,,-„„, ,,.„.',. Little Mi.-.., Jo Ann Shields, eelo- i ,,!".' a^'noo,*'"' "'"'" '" '~™ '''""'"" hrated h"i- sixth birlhihiy miniver- O— sai.\ at (lie .I'.mi* ol her parents. Mr.. " «-<-->i-i "m o IHI l<-lh hnlhda\ || ; ||(,,|... || 1IS y ( ,-n- i\]os| o f the Nash- and Mrs. 1'elc Shields on North Elm ' anniversary Miss Hose Mary Coon en- I ville hits came in the lale innings after , .Street. Attractive lav,us were I'.iven | lei tained a grni.ip of her ,'i [, mis al an j •"• I;|1 r had been slaked lo a handsome and Ih'.re was a beautiful hii-Ihday j evening parly on ,Satur,l..y evening at I •••' : "l- Yo.«HcTtlny i M n r I :i n T»lnnios DIIII'A In i' I, of iiiiiliiiliin for tlu> fnlllirc nf their innrrl:i»,'. When *lu* arftttrN ivllli Dolly :ll>ouf m:,r- rii-d ^Afniifn ^t orli tin; 1 , O n M y pttnt*K*K tit? Ktllijrr* «o T{»rliij'K pnrlj. Doll.r Is anxiciili to liiivr Itninly like hor, A little voice whispered. "He's v.'{;.vs failed yuu. What did you ; expect?" j With ti/.;lHly coinprcfserl lips, she ; v.'cnt, to her deslc, lifted the paper : knife, and bcasin (mail. The nidrninj; leadrn (w(. of duly. passed Marian the on Jell CHAPTER XIX speak'nt; lo Dan, .,..,., Marian wc.Mll back lo her own ! vl !'.' *»"'>** r '-Y'^ upon her, spocu- . ll|lf] laliy.- 1 , somehow regroltul. When he paid, "Sally Blal;.> can get out the letters from no\v on, Marian. Iho i ^ v> ''" Ki v( ' you n ""' f ' lnri(J ( o work ii))at'lmoiit ;md jjrejxirc'd lor bod. It WHS a I'ite and she never neglected one detail. She lit'ard a cribbagc game going im in p. 1 I'-f I'iel'l, mi.s.iudj'ed pinch battei Hill Dodda's screamer lo left and let in a run. i Sl;:iv ^ i |-nck out nine balt"rs. three j lime- fannini; Bert Haas, whose .11051 cake with belli,-d e.mtlles. which was'llio home nf her parent., Mr and Mr-; out anil served with Nnerape t.^lloy.l Coop on South P.Iain street .. Walter C a/en. a stout Polish boy, | ied iwiee and hammered across I five inn while Kotl drove across three I twenty two yonnj! friends —Q" 'cost e. and pri/.es fur the best cos- more wiib a double and single. Every I , n't ,,'''' '"'"''"" Sli| '" •""' Ml '- Mume.s- went In Mi.-:.-i.N Uettv Htilli Cole- r'orl WV.rfh hatter but Rabbit MeLow- and Mrs. Ilu;.,h Cell,-, and family ;,„;,„ and Owe,, Evan.-,, l-'ollowin,. an Ml. .-n,,,d baseman. j'«t a hit off Hive relui-neii to lli,.'ir homes i,, High-, I,,,.,,. „( p| r a-:ant i;am,-s on Ihe la\vn. i lhn-e Na.-hville pitchers liimt. III. aftei a visit with Mr. and ; S-mdwiclies will, fruit punch was M.-I-V- ' Kour runs in the second and three Mrs. I,. L. Meeker. ,.,| (l , ||n,-|y. Mrs. Coop w;'s a.-si,ted ] more in til.- third, the result of .some ., . ., ~ , , ! '" S1 'i'vini! l>y Mrs. Tom U'aiillnw and li-.iM', : in; ckin;- by Ca/en and Kotl and I Mr and Mrs. Fiank Heame had as Mrs. J. U. Scott. If,,- inalahty t.f lef, fielder Dm;as of ^unilay r.uest.s. M,. and Mrs. 1C. ('.' _Q_ ; Na.-l.vUI, to ,;et around fast on an in- llearne antl Mrs Olive Km,; ol Tex-j M,-.<,-. ]',..„, U n ,wii. Mrs. Paul ,K.ne, i .Im-M lei;, rave Knrl Worth a ball al « : ""' Mrs. Herl. M;.iililin and Mrs. Nell | '••>»'.< -. liacnii. have relmiied home al'ierj ... _ .. ^ wei'k slay on Lake Mamihoii in- - 11 - -"~'""•»" n " 1 "*" 11 ••" m*mm*m*mmm»i& ] lint Springs. on Iho charts," she turned away, ye:,- blinciccl with weak tears. By finding a new job for herself, .'•bo bad afin'm fl<?fo;itfcl her purpose. With Kally conslanlly tit Mr. Fellows' elbow, it. mi\-inl that Mnr- ian lost, intimate touch with ofl'ice ufl'iiirs. It meant Hint, more itiit! moiv, Sally \voultl ba consulted, ... . ,. .. , , , , ,, , lhal - wll ° W'lild kninv the answers. Man ; ,n lelt unable to iace the day Makins the ch .,,. ls W . 1S ., rouUnc without a better iinde.-.slancliim - 1ll!; , c: ;my , )llc . of - ll)( , gil ., s _ will , a Wlt " ]J;in - I litUr hi.-Ip, eoulcl have done it. "We haven't much except each Why said. brusquely, t loitL' lime Shu did not know when Dan came. in. The next morning .she awoke tn cold reality. The i'orlifying wall had crumbled din-ins the night :md wifh clilliculty sho crocled it again. She and Dan bri..akfa:!l(-t\ politely, (hey might have boon mere; acquaintances. Driving to the odico, "We ago." Joe Martin Schcol of Dancing Open:, for Kail -t-^y Kept. 2(.5tli All Types of Danciiu; 'l'iiu|;li( i.blteibur. Hallioom a Specially I Class and Private instruction Special classes for BcKinncrs and Tiny-Tots I.aiosi in Dance Creation Studio Located at Mrs. R. H. Barr rJcMdi.-iic<.. Phone (188 ur Visit Studio :tl'Z North Hervey EXTRA - EXTRA LOUIS-PASTOR It was only a j-lad "Good Morning." j As she passed aloii;.; Iho way. ] Iful it j.-prcad the mnrm'ne,'s c.lory ! Over the livelone, day!—Seli.-cted. | Porkers to Battle l Mississippi State: National League Blow ))y Blow Hound by Round All i:i Rounds THURSDAY - FRIDAY Matinee Thursday 8 Days From Ringside Arkansui-; Gi'iddc'rs None' Too Impressive in Win Over Teachers ; KAYATTRVILLK. Arl:. --i,'p, - N,,,,c ! tii.i iinprev-nv,.' in their victory over i Central Oklahoma Teachers ,S:ilUi I day, the University of Arkansas Ha/.oi - ' hacks step against tnui'e.vi- com).eti'..- I ion next Saturday when they cir.>;<,",e •the Mississippi State Uulldo|.*s of th.- Soulheasleni Cdiiference in Meuiphi.-. Club-The Porkers of the Souihwe 1 1 T'oo- (.'in>mnaii ! lerence made more mislake 1 , ihani St. Lotus expected in their !!!^ lo Ii .- : 'i over \ lirooklvn j the llronchos. hut inosi of them .••'..mild j Chici'i'.o he corrected by practice' sessions. i ?viev,' York \ "Our running attack fell short of ) l-ill-:l>ui tth j expectations." C'tiach t^retl C. Thorn- [ b'oslon "en of the Arkansas team said, "bin | I'hiladelphia in si ructions before the gallic vs'ere not to offer a hi^' variety of plays for 1 Mi.-sippi S'ate and Texas Christian scouts to check." i The coach of the red and white ' --quad added that he "wouldn't he Mirpriser! if Arkansas diihi'l ha\v . In open up with all i;un.s ai;ain-t Mississippi State." Will) the possible exception nf Knil ! Howard "Ked" Iliekey. jnni'ir Mai ' \\'ho suffered a slii;h! l-.m-o iniui>', the Porkers came nut . ; ' ',!:-• Central Cnnli-st in CXCrM- Ii'. pM\-r;:j 'condition. Sopbomoi-.. O'Neil Adams, i who subbed fur Mick,-, ,-m,-:-..c.l one i"-f the starts of llf :-'.:•'))". .-corill! 1 I I wo loiichdir.vns. Adam- :-:a'nb'-. I a Ion;; )-,ass and cnun!'-(! a:;s-i," "n th-., ground i.n an eiid-aroun-l !li,.t Thoni- sc-n didn't want ivi'mi. C-lnarlfrback llalph -Xiw. >aw nnl.\ a few immili-.- of action, [pioliabl.v will SI;M! .aiamsi ihe linl!- :-. Waller 1 l.,mh, i.... other, Dan," He answered lost each other "How?" fearfully. He scowled. "1 v.-oukln'l know. We haven't huiiK together. We Itavr-i•', had the same interests.'' "Is ii too late lor us to go back and try again?" • "I'm afraid so. The thread ivhich held us tonelhor has stretched and stretched and finally snapped. J tlvink it .snapped last .Sunday m'Klil." Frantically, she asked, "Couldn't U'e find (ho ends and tie theiu to- MC'tlier a^ain? If might not be just Die same, but. belter than this, Dun. I need you—" Hi;; huitf)] jarred on her over- wrotiRht sensibilities. "Thinl: it ;iver, Marian, ami you'll i'uul Hud. vou don't need me at all, not in any way." had .she let herself in for pueli a tragic miscarriage of plans? ..•• % % gHORTLY be-fore noon Cat ma called. Marian was in no mood for Carma. 'How about luiH.'h today?" she "I'm so sorry." Marian lied. "I have an engagement today." There- v.'a.s a little disappointed silence, then. "I wanted to ask a favor of you." 'Til do anything, Carma." "I thought you might sec Randy Means—7 have a feeling that he's interested in Dolly. Am I right or wrong?" trying to be flippant. "More or less i ighf." Sunday's Ucsults Drln.it '.!-'.>. Cleveland 1-1. Cbi,a;..,i 11-1, St. Louis !)-:', l.'o;.;ou !i. P! ; ila((e!|ihia -1. !'.';•'.'' Yorl-: ii. \Vashinyton '/.. (lames Monday Si. I.onis at Chicat'o. Only f/ame .scheduleil. American League W. L. <>:; :>.| Kit f>7 7S .(id SI) 71 7L' ~i2 «7 81 (id 8:i •14 101 Pet. .i;:);! .SKI .500 .45:1 .420 "I thought .so. Wouldn't you kno'.v it, Marian? Men are such i lords-, a pretty baby stare—the 'little woman' complex—'' There •••- •-'•- ••!•• was :\ v,-eai-y, bewildered bitter- jYf ARIAN sot fi-oir. the car at , "--"=- s in '^-'i' voice. • tlie building entrance. Wilh- j "Listen, Carma—I'm supposed to 'Hit a word, she hurried thimij'h < be working—" Hie revolving door.-;. She was luri- I "Oh, yes—sorry. This is what nil.-:. She bad humbled herself to ; I wanted to say. I just learned Uan Harknes.-; for the lasl time. , that the «irl Pete married—Julie" She bad been a jyjod v.'il'e to him. faithful and true. She had loved him in spite of his shortcoming::. Ami now he bad the tinmili;;a(ed nerve to aflfoiH her advances with j 1-pij.u-ams—a broken deed. All vij'hl—if he wanted it that way— Muuntiny, an.^vr carried her to the closet, where she tslammed her hat into the box. ' Tuvnine; to the mirror, she looked into terrified eyes and the singer rolled away, ienvin}' her shiiken and filled v.-ith dreiid. Sunday's Kesults Mew York a-; 1 ,. Boston -I-."). Urooklyii :!-(',. Hhikuli'lphia 1-1. (.'iiicinnaii 11. C'hicaf 1 " I. St. l.onis !l. Chicago I. What if the doctor had been ri;,' Why had Dan slopped loving iianie on her lips had a twi.-led sound—"v.'iis Randy's secretary." "Yes. I know." "Find out about her, will you, thread—in-i Marian'.' IIov.' old i.s she? Where did she come from? Are they happy or—or has Pete sold himself down the river to punish me?" She was crying, the questions eanie jerkily. "I'm going- to see Julio tonight, Carma." Instantly Marian wished she bar! not, told Carma that. "No i use hc-'jpmg thing alive. The her j sooner she found a life of her own, row—oh, why? She needed him, I a life in which Pete and his wife never had she needed him so ties- did not exist, the happier she curately. I would be. Carma pounced. ''Where are you going to see her?" "I don't know just where we are going," Marian hedged. "Randy is having a little dinner—" "Oh, Randy—he lives at ll\» Medlnah. Club, he always entertains there—he said (lie food was the finest in Chicago—lirn-ni." Although they were miles apart, Marian could read her thoughts'. "Is it a party, Marion?" "Randy is taking Dolly, Dan, and me. He included Pete and— and Julie." "I see. Tomorrow, then." Carma sounded hurried. * i * TVTARrAN fretted over the situation. She considered asking Randy to change the location oi: his dinner. Finally, assuring herself that Carma had (oo much poise and dignity to do anything melodramatic, she .forgot her. Marian left the office early. At the beauty parlor, her own special operator combed her hair and changed the polish on her nails. Dan picked her up and they drove home in a nerve-destroying silence. L/alcr, dressed in the new Eisenberg, Marian might have slopped from the cover of a fashion magazine. Even her face might have belonged to the pictured girl, lifeless, carefully expressionless. She and Dan went to Dolly's apartment lo await Randy's coming. Dolly's attire, aided and abetted by Marian, .was above reproach. There was a beautiful sheen to her amber-colored hair, the little pancake hat sat cunningly over one eye. The black suit fitted her round, pretty figure snugly, her white gloves were new, not a sign of a handkerchief was visible. Inner radiance softened her eyes and sweetly curved her lips. Dan looked from her to Marian and back again. Ptandy came and Marian was amazed at Dolly's easy, charming manner. They drove to the club in Randy's car, lor* and low, streamlined as a torpedo. Marian and Dan sat in the wide back seat, fur apart, an eternity apart in spirit. Weariness dragged at Marian. The evening had become a test of endurance. At the club, going with Dolly to the ladies' lounge, Marian's heart skipped a beat. Had she seen Carma at the top of the steps which led to the bar? It couldn't have been Carma. She had been mistaken. In spite ol herself, she had a chilled sense of foreboding. That woman going down to th» bar—she had only seen her back —dark purple gown—rich furs—• had Carma mentioned a purple ensemble? (lo Be Continued) i Will Open Tuesday i . . i_ Joe Martin To Conduct Clashes at North Hervey Studio Uami's Moinhi.v Ho-inn at New York. Brooklyn at Philadelphia. I inly names scheduled. — —•» « *a~- X» War Vet—In Hollywood LOriSVIU.K. Ky -1,-Vi -The motion picture (iiihlie need not expecl a flood of U:M movies while the fighting is j;"i»', on in Kurupe. Jesse ],. ].,asky "A lev. war pictures are inevitable." the veteran producer says, "hut there '.'-'ill ni.i lie •inany--iiot until the war :•• nver. Then the puhlie can expect a eycle of -,v,ir films." KIDortlao-IIaynesville Chime HAYNESVILLE,' La. — A hard driving ground game that pierced the heavier Golden Tornado line v.aveJ lor ihe second touchdown EIDnrado Wildcats a 14 lo (i veitury ' converted, here Friday night in a bruising hat- ] In the last cniarler the Tornado tried tie that saw few stihst"itutions. j desperalely to score with a succession yard stripe. White failed to go over on the I'iist try. and then Recce again cracked through the center nd again :; K'iS COM the miiturisls of the Siati-.s .'jii. : il),(Mil).(«|(| in \ V a(.'e -'hall-hack |i"M. Half)::,. I: K;,v K.-.lu, '.-ill run more v.itli tin. !,.ill when th 1 ui.-.urance. pus another ,S7.">0.- Greatest MARCH of TIME AH About Our Air Force and Trouble in Europe MONDAY - TUESDAY Matinee Tuesday SHE LIVI'D ON THE BACXSTRl-I-TOlvLOVEI ?£& /mwxfii/t. 'T.-ijv.' i i."<'.i\ • O;ji)c I*,- Stevens v'taXVc^map - fii;/ E'cld WEDNESDAY Alysifry-iVlurder-Chills ROBERT YOUNG FLORENCE RICE 'Miracles for Sale' The Wildcats up with a passin;/ ; ttack in the early minutes of the bailie and threatening Ihe Tornado Kual hut it was the thrust over tackle and received payoff territory. Early in Ihe Ihird quarter with the ball on the fid-yard marker. While drove Ihroiu'.h for six and followed il up with a Ill-yard spring over his left tackle. Two tries at the line car; ried to Ihe four yard line from where ; lu.-ece drove throin'h. He then cuii- I Verted. Shortly after the second half npeii- , •'} Haynesville .scored its. lone tally. The Cat line had held the Tornado on tin; KlDor.ulo -ID-yard line and Peaee j punted. A five-yard m'l'siile penally ! against the Cats gave the Tornado . a first down and Peace passed in 1 Blythe for a touchdown on tlie first j play. Forsytlu- hi,.eked the alleni|>teJ conversion and the score was 7 lo (i. • Nothing dallied the Cats as they I drove in ahimsl certain victory with | their seconil touchdown. Taking a i punt at midfield ihe Wildcai had:.-; j drove down to the ]il with Illack- ! j well. White and Lance Gray altemal- i ...,., in carrying the ball. BlackweP lent over his right tackle and shook' oft I wo men and went to the two' of Ion;.; passes hut with the exception ef on,.- that was good for 11 yards i'eace to Blylhe they were all going away. Hardly a seal was vacant when the game started. The superiority of tin* Tornado line in weight some \'2 pounds per man seemed but of liule niuiiieni to the Cats. They slopped most of the drives sent at their tackle .spots and only through the center were Peace and Clauch able to pick Up any yardage. The latter gained more ground than all the other Tornado backs and did .".11 the passing. Outside of the touchdown scored from far out the only roal threat to the EIDorado goal line came in the fourth quarter when the Cats were playing for time. An intricate play in which three men handled the hall went haywire ! and the Tornado recovered on the Wildcat -12. Four straight passes failed to pick up a first down and a punt went over the goal line. A return punt wa.s short and again the Tornado was trying for a touchdown from within El Dorado territory. One pass connected for a first down on the 55 but there the drive saged and El Dorado took over on downs. The Ji.i«* Martin danc'iu;'. .school will begin Tuesday. September 20. His studio is located in the home of Mrs. R. II. Ban-. North Hervey street. Mr. Martin has sponf t'.vo summers sludyinu al the Fanchon Marcs school of ihe Ibcatie and dance and has revues. Mr. Martin is said to lie an authority on Ihe ballroom dancine and studied exhibition ballroom under .lean and Ycavnn in Hollywood. Commenting on the dancing school. Mr. Martin said: "The primary purpose of the Martin training is to impro've the .student menially and physically, eliminate self consciousness and cultivate dignity, poise, grace, and personality, nee- e.s.-'ary for a .successful, social, business or professional career. "To obtain the best results, cooperation must be had, both will) the student and parent. Students receiving their training in the Martin studio and attending classes and rhearsals regularly will receive preference on ;\1! talent calls. In order the preferred list, they must take their lessons regularly while working or make up on lessons missed. All types of dancing will be taugrt. Jitterbug dancing a speciality. All in- sirucAion will be directly under Mr. Martin .supervision. "Students will be requested to enroll early for preferred classes." Lance Gray made a 12 yard dash around right end just as the game ended. El Dorado attempted eight passes completed four for a tola! gain of 38 yards, three were incomplete and one wa.s intercepted. Haynesville completed four for a total of 68 yards, had one intercepted and threw 12 that were incomplete. Most of these coming in the final quarter when il was necessary lo score two touchdowns to win the game. The Wild- eats were panaliv.ed no fewer than five times for 45 yards while Haynesville didn't draw a single penalty. EIDorado Haynesville Smith LE . ..Blylhe Parncll .. ... LT Jones Rayborn LG ... . Rigdon Martin . .. C Bond Hudson . . .. RG Marsh Cunningham RT Heard Brown . .. RE Hall Forsylhe QB ....' Smith Elackwell RH Peaee Reece LH Crump White FE Clauch El Dorado 0707 — H Haynesville 0 0 G 0— 0 Substitution: El Dorado Barker Ogle. Daugherty. Gray. Scritchfield. Haynesville: Tinsley. Wroten, .Polk. Scoring Touchdowns Reeco 2, Blythe. Points after touchdown Reece 2. Points after touchdown Reece 2. Finns'El Dorado S for average 28 yards;' Haynesville 7 for average of 31 yards. First downs El Dorado 12, Haynesville 7. Officials —White (Ouchita.i R-eferw Mason L SU) Umpire Warley Oklahoma.— Holmes-. Arkansas. Timekeeper. Oliver. j Miami Gets War-Bulletins i Direct From Adolf Hitler ; MIAMI. Fla.—Wi—Patrons of a res- i Iraiiant in the sbiidov/ of Iho .Daily • News building assumed the proprietor | had access to all the latest dope on ; the war situation. I Wearier! of answering questions ] about doings al the front, he typed a communication to himself and ."bowed it to all interrogator:-: U read: "Everything coming along all right. as expected. Adolf [filler." During V.GS. there wa.s a traffic accident death at the rale of 89 a-day 01 (.'lie evc-jy 1C minute:;. Non-fatal motor accidents occurrtd at the rate of :}m> every day, 130 every hour one every Ti seconds. or ion? COUGHS due to colds.. .checked without "dosing". i JUST DON'T TO DO, HELEN. SOMETIMES ; FORGETS ME. THERE IS A REASON. MEN,DONY LIKE WOMEN WHOHAVEH PEP AND M£RGY. Helen is right. Men don't, like women who are dull and listless, who look us tivccl and v;orn. oufc as they say they are. Sometimes the lack of sparkling pep and energy, which is so.attrac- tive to other;;, is clue to simjlle anemia, a condition brought on by a deficiency of iron in the blood. Men cine! women who are -overworked, spend long- hours indocrs find lack sufficient sunshine and exercise, often find that it is Uiis condition which is sappinfr their pep and energy. Sargon. the'inmoufi tonic with iron, is helpi'ui iu overconiiiif iron deficiency in the blood, (ondinj; to aid nature in b'.uldi'iy- red blood cells, and hen'oi'lobin-. This accomplished, you feel lil.e a n.tw person, with new pep and vitality and a better .appetite. 3et a. bottle of Sar;;on today at o-ur risk. If you are not entirely satisfied, after taking according to directions, th-e full purchase price will be returned without ov.estion. Ward &.Son Druggist Do You Believe In MAGIC Saenger Wednesday A \\ \/ i 8 I 1 *• Ail-Vegetable Laxative Has Important Points Most people want a laxative to do three things: ill act punctually. i2i net thoroughly. (3i act gently. Here's one that usually fills all three requirements when the easy directions are followed. It's an all-vegetable product who.se principal ingredient has medical recognition as an "intestinal tonic-laxative." This ingredient enables BLACK- DKAUGHT to impart tone to lazy bowel muscles. And it is the main reason for the punctual, thorough relief from constipation that most often follows next 'morning after you talce BLACK-DRAUGHT. The millions of packages used prove its merit. 25 to •U) doses: 2ac. STARTS TUESDAY DOUBLE FEATURE Is it Murder to Kill a Brute Who Hates Defenseless Animals! "KONGA the. Wild Stallion" Fred Stone Rochelle Hudson ----- and -"It's a Wonderful James Stewart Claudelte Colbert - I •LI'S-NEWS Matinees - - 10c FINE FIGURES OF WOMEN Back come soft, roumlod curves! It's the new Jerninine. figure...coaxed into reality by MUNSINCWKAR Foitndette all-in-onea -with 3-Way Control. They'll give you never-before comfort with figure-appeal. Their Roundabout Stretch does the curbing, Vertical Stretch gives freedom, Posture Control helps correct figure faults. In styles for nil figures... of fabric knit or woven with "Laslex" yarn. $2.98 to $4.98 Geo. V/. Robison 6" Co. NASHVll-I-K

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