Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 5, 1942 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1942
Page 4
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-T. " *xm ar Comes to j Motorist fcsKIN 'Horse and 'Buggy Days' Are Com m ing Back ,_y JACK STINNETT ^"WASHINGTON — The "horse and days" are coming back. ^ For the first time since the second * WCrld War began, Mr. Average Amer- jtart is going to get a jolt where it Smarts—in the neck that bends over the steering wheel. If "the duration" lasts as long as "vows experts (including Mr. Winston f Churchill, who says we'll be ready SKIN 41 ;BREAKIN|J 7 7 ?", * ~^^r •^^ i •• • n. —due to external irritation? Try the 1'* cwaring-up help in antiseptic action of k'fe&ous Black and \Vhite Ointment. $ tf For removing grimy facial dirt, en's joymildBlackandSVhiteSkinSoapdaily. ORIANA AMENT BOYETT Teacher of Music-Voice, Piano. Art-Drawing, Painting. Studio 60S South Mail? Street Phone 318 W to take the initiative in 1943) predict, motor traffic will dwindle to n trickle and that story about the man who hadn't seen a horse in 21 years will be as out-dated as a bin cage bustle, red flannel underwear and a two-rat hair-do. There is an overage of one automobile to every family in the United States. According to the American Automobile Association, three-fourth3 of all the driving done in these 30- odd million vehicles is necessary lo maintenance of the home, office 01 factory. If driving is drastically curtailed—and it's going to be unless present orders are rescinded—thai means that the United States is in for one of the greatest domestic upheavals it has known. Modern living is geared to the rapid transportation of the automobile and delivery truck. Suburbanites, fanners, factory workers who live miles from their places of business, and scores fo other groups will have to rearrange their lives completely if they are to meet the emergency that will be caused by a vast lack in private transport. The first blow to be felt and pretty quickly will be the result of the ban on tire sales and subsequently the rationing on such a restricted basis that only cars, trucks and buses deemed vitally necessary to the health and safety of the nation will be able to get rubber on which to roll. Tire stocks consist of between seven and eight million new tires. On a basis of annual production of 48,000,000 in this country, that's about two months' supply. The stock of retreads and rebuilt tires is an unknown quantity, but government guessers think it can not possibly be greater than the new tire stock pile. It is thought certain <&*• War calls have the right of way n these troubled, wartime days the first duty of the telephone company is clear. Our Army needs communication ...fast, dependable communication, to every part of this nation. Our Navy needs it... The industries which supply ships and guns and shells need it... To provide that communication, the 28,000 men and women of the Southwestern Bell... the entire physical resources of this company ...stand pledged. The nation's job is our Number One job. The messages of war must go through as quickly and as surely as it is possible for human beings to handle them. In blackouts, or during local emergencies born of war condition, please use your telephone only for vital calif. Your help will keep the wires clear so tha t responsi ble officials may deal promptly with the situation. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE co. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS HOUSE with ., .Major Hoople , „.. ._ _ _, «v>y ,-• — _- --. . _. ,_.._^_ . , _ . . * . „ * NOT MY BABY BROTHER,I WOULD THUMP SOU SOUNDLY' -'•"'TELLING JULIET X HID MY HUMIDOR OP CHOICE TOBACCOS BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE .WWHY, WHEN WE WERE BOYSjOlDNiT X Ri<=>K MY L\FE TO RESCUE VOU 4 W14.EW YOU CRASHED THRO06H A PATCH Of UNCLE JAKE/ IT WAS UNDER ONE OP UNCLE AMOS 1 HATS WHOLE STORY, RICBARO TrAE LlON- WHEM YOU WALLOWED KEPT BLUBBERING, "OH,POOR WOPE HE DOESN»T OROVMNl WEARING /VW NEW •5K/XTES/ in ^ LJiJNDHR HIS \ MUW * Monday, January 5, 1942 City Court Meets Monday Judge W.K. Lemley Presides Oxer Session Many cases were henrd at the regular session of municipal court Monday with Judge W. K. Lemley presiding: The docket follows: Carl McClure, drunkenness, of guilty, fined $10. Plea ierc that when rationing really gets under way, the retreads and the use of rubber for retreading also will come under the government bans. This doesn't mean that under ra- Lioning, anone can get tires in the next few months. This possible four months' supply may have to do for a year or more. John Q. Public may earn what it means to do without lis full quota of transportation even Before he feels the pinch of that staggering new income tax. And that s hardly more than weeks away. Hearing Set (Continued From Page One) lubmittcd to the members of the Oil and Gas Commission, pending formal hearing and pending discussions vith the engineers of the Petroleum Coordinator's Office, for the Midway Area of Lafayette and Hempstead bounties, Arkansas, recently brought nto production by the Barnsdall Oil Company's Edgar Bond No. 1 well, ocated in the NW% SWV-iC Sec. 11, Twp. 15 South, Range 24 West. 1. That the one well brought into aroduction effective 7 a. m., January :, 1942, be given a daily allowable of 400 -barrels per day; that the unit 'or this well be forty acres, the well being drilled in the center of the forty acres. 2. That as soon as possible the engineers of the Oil and Gas Commission, together with the engineers of the Barnsdall Oil Company and the engineers of any interested operators, take the bottom hole pressure of the discovery well and the gas- oil ratio of the discovery well. 3. That prior to a formal hearing on the area at least two sets of bottom hole pressure and gas-oil ratio tests be made for comparative purposes; also that the well be closed to production 12 hours prior to the bottom hole pressure tests, but that the gas-oil ratio tests be made while the well is producing at the rate of 400 barrels per day. 4. That the spacing pattern for the Midway Area be one well to each 40 surface acres, said wells to be drilled in diagonal corners of the forties; i. e., 330 feet from lease lines and not nearer than 1320 feet from any other well. Said spacing rule is not to apply to the discovery well, which is drilled in the center of forty acres. The object of this spacing pattern is that possibly two separate and distinct productive horizons exist in this Midway Area, as shown by the electrical log of the discovery well. If, then, it is not feasible to complete the wells as dual productive zone. 5. That in the event a hearing on this area is delayed until other wells are drilled, then the allowable for all of the wells sha be as foows: (a) The fjlowable for the discovery well shall be 400 barrels per day until a .second well is driled. (b) With the advent of two producing wells, the allowable shall be 600 barrels per day, or 300 barrels for each well. fc) With the advent of three wells, the allowable shall be 800 barrels per day, or 200 barrels per well. NOTE: all of the foregoing is subject to the findings of the engineers and in the event said allowables cannot be produced without waste, they will be immediately lowered. Osaviakhim is What Hit the Nazis in Russia AP Feature Service Hitler can lay it to the Russian winter if he likes, but Lucien Zachar- off has another word for it—Osaviak- him. That, he says in a new book, "We Made a Mistake—Hitler," is one of the most important factors that bogged Germany down on the Russian steppes and turned its blitzkrieg into another retreat from Moscow. Zacharoff, an American citizen who was born in the Ukraine, explains that Osaviakhim means The Society of Aid in Defense and Aviation-Chemical Upbuilding of the U. S. S. R. Despite the society's unpronounceable name, he says, it has been instrumental in making 15,000,000 Russians air-minded, capable of defend- ing themselves with rifle, anti-bomb measures, first aid skills and tough- minded attitude towards any invader. It was because of this society that a million civilians took parachute jumps in 1940, that a young fellow lived in a gas musk three months to show it could be done, that trench digging, skiing and clearing up bomb debris were second nature to hundreds of thousands when the crisis came. Zachnroff, who is associate editor of Aircraft Publications, quotes at length from official German documents supposedly captured by the Russians and from other sources with out telling how he happened lo lay hands on such material. The Germans, he assert.s were cmo- pletely hood-winked about the size and fighting power of the Russian aii-force; about the number and quality of Russian tanks and mechanized units. They failed to reckon will Russian ability and willingness to fight W. H. Compton, drunkenness. Plea of guilty, fined $10. Gco. Boggs, drunkenness. Pica of guilty, fined $10. Bill Cockrcll, drunkenness. Pica of guilty, fined $10. H. B, McPhearson, drunkenness. Plea of guilty, fined 510. W. E. Patterson, drunkenness. Forfeited $15 cash bond. The following forfeited a 510 cash bond on n charge of drunkenness: James Adams, Henry Compton, A W Scawis Herman Wilkes, N. Pitlman! acidic Hughey, Jos Mnrtin, Burel Bin- lock, Milton Davis, John Andrews, John David Frith, Aaron Stewart Martin Guthrie. Frank Blackwood, drunkenness. Dismissed. Jos Martin, disturbing (he pcacc Forfeited $15 cash bond. Bob Moore, gaming. Fined $1M Notice of appeal. O. L. Daniel, gaming. Tried, fined $10. Notice of appeal. Frank Smith, gaming. Dismissed. Mijton McKinney, gaming. Dismissed. J. A. Robinson, carrying a razor as a weapon. Dismissed. M. H. Webb, nssnult and battery Dismissed. Casto Bobo, assault and battery. Dismissed. Bryant Clark, operating n car with no brakes. Dismissed. Z. W. Swafford, double parking Forfeited $1 cash bond. L. W. Wright, double parking. Forfeited $1 cosh bond. J. B. Wise, double parking. Forfeited $1 cash bond T. A. Stctzcl, deckless driving. Forfeited $25 cash bond. Bryant Clark, reckless driving, found not guilty. Allen Stevens, operating a car with no tail light. Forfeited §1 cash bond. B. G. Tillman, speeding. Forfeited guerrilla warfare and (hoy completely over-looked the possibilities of cavalry in modern fighting. ?5 cash bond. Earnest Day, speeding, Forfeited $5 cash bond. •I. C. Morgan, speeding. Forfeited $5 cnsh bond. J. Koltleson, speeding. Forfeited $5 cnsh bond. Dr. Crow Receives Scholarship Award Dr. F. C. Crow of Hope, Secretary of the Arkansas SUite Bonrd of Chiropractic Examiners has received notice that he has been awarded a post graduate scholarship in the Columbia Institute of Chiropractic of New York City. The post graduate course will be given during the month of August this yciir. The course will include Chiropractic techniques, Physical Dingnosis, Laboratory Diagnosis, Interpretation of X-ray films, and the study of physiology by sound-motion pictures. «B«^». Refrigerating riant The second largest refrigerating plant in the word was at the port of Gdynia, pre-war Poland. It accomo- datcd an entire train of cars at ;i time. COLITIS Often Accompanies I'ilcs The McCleary Clinic, HE118 Elms Blvd., Excelsior Springs, Mo., is putting out an up-lo-lhc-minuto, illustrated 122-|),-tge book on Piles, Fistula, Stonificli and Colon disorders, mid n.s- socinted ailments as shown in the chart lx>low. You may now have a copy of this book by asking for it with a postcard or letter sent to the above address. No obligation so write today. Bring us your Sick WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed. Repair service very reasonable. PERKISON'S JEWELRY STORE 218 Soutli Walnut The moon has a temperature of nbout 212 degress Fahrenheit during its long day, nnd about 200 dc- grecs bolow zero during its long night. Man be You Ye but you cnn ktep t*°p' e guewing n long time If yon wntch your health. A few lovely pound j can mnfce eucli a difference in your looks) VINOL lina Vitamin BI and Iron to help promote appetite. Qet pleasant-tailing • m m ^. -» • VINOL from your Jruggi.t. V I N Q L John P. Cox Drug Co. ALLIED BATTERIES As low As _....$3.'19 Ex. (Batteries Recharged 50c) Oklahoma Tire & Supply Co. Associate Store Bob Elmorc, Owner — Hope IRON WORKERS LOCAL UNION 591 of Shrcvcport, L»^ holds its official meeting lit 7:30 o'clock every Thursday night in banquet room of Hotel Barlow, Hope, Ark. H. H. PHILLIPS, B.A. & F.S.T. WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP 75 Cents per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas WANT A PIANO? This Model $365 cash or forms: $36.50 Down $19.38 Monthly. Drop us a card for Catalogs and full information. Quality makes by STEINWAY, HADDORFF, CABLE, WURLITZER. Used Pianos, ?75 up. Terms 200 E. Broad Texnrkann, Ark. Donationc to (Continued From Page One) gan, Jimmie Huckabee, Clinton Crawford, Mary Brunei', H. A. Spraggins, Kathleen Broach, A. Albritton, Paul Yates, J. F. May, N. J. Burns, C. F. Erwin, Herbert Yatcs, Douglas Odell, Recce Cannon, Curtis Citty, Vernon Osburn, E. D. Holeman, Lester Bush, Luther Volentine, Cecil Duffie, Robt. M. Rogers, Richard Brandon, L. C. Carr, Arthur Harris, Theo. Walston, David Andrew Sinyard, Curtis Yates, Ruff Yarberry, Clarence Laudermilk, J. D. Duke, Carlon Volentine, Olin C. Yarberry, Roy Ward, Wilson Ragland, C. H. Johnson, E. A. Allen. Willie McFaddin, Henry McB'addin, Theo McFaddin, Purtle Willis, Clifford Mcsser, Clyde Clark, Cybron Virgil Flowers, Orvillc Stecidman, Geo. Laudermilk, s. A. McElfresh, Dewy Lacefield, Monza Volentine, J. F. Gorin, L. V. Rollins, Louie Teague, W. M. Adams, Fred Rogers, Joe Wallace Sutton, Coy Rubicon. GIVE ME CAMELS EVERY THEY'RE FIRST CAMELS THE MARINES CAMELS FAVORITE FLAVOR SEND THEM THE CIGARETTE THEY ASK FOR- SEND A CARTON OF CAMELS TODAY! • And to save you time and trouble, your dealer now has Camel cartons specially wrapped and ready for mailing to men in the service. Whether he's stationed on land or sea —whether he's in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, when you send your carton of Camels you'll be sending the cigarette men in the service prefer {see right). Stop in at your dealer's today and send a carton of Camels to that chap who's waiting to hear from you. THE S MO KE OF SLOWER-BURNING CAMELS CONTAINS 28% LESS NICOTINE than the average of the 4 other largest-selling brands tested- less than any of them-according to independent scientific tests of the smoke itself! The smoke's the thing! . J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Wlnstoa-Sslonj.N.C. BY BURNING 25% SLOWER than the average of the 4 other largest- selling brands tested —slower than any of them — Camels also give you a smoking plus equal, on the average, to 5 EXTRA SMOKES PII? PACK!

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