Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1939
Page 4
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PAGEFOUK HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Satur'cTay, September 23,1939 Nashville Vols Win Southern Playoff Will Meet Ft. Worth Sunday in Fii-st Game of Dixie Series NASHVILLE, Tenn.. — <3V- Nash- villc won a wild 10-inning battle over Atlanta Friday 7 to 6, before 6,500 screaming fans to take the deciding game in the Southern Association playoff finals. The victory over the Crackers in the seventh game sent the Vols into the Dixie Scries with Forth Worth, winner of. the Texas League play-offs. The first game is scheduled for Fort Worth Sunday. Atlanta stood the crowd on its hcan in the ninth by scoring two runs after two men were out to wipe out Nashville's 6 to 4's lead. Sam Nahcm. twice victor over the Atlantians in the playoff, went to the mound and stopped the Crackers. STANDINGS National League Clubs \V. L. New York 102 43 Boston S3 60 Cleveland 82 63 Chicago _. 79 65 Detroit _ 74 70 Washington 63 S3 Philadelphia 53 93 St. Louis 41 102 Pet. .703 .586 .566 .549 .5U .432 .363 .287 Friday's Results Bostqn 7, Philadelphia 5. Cleveland 5, Detroit 4. Only games played. Games Saturday Philadelphia at Boston. Detroit at Cleveland. Ne wYork at Washington. St. Louis at Chicago. American League Clubs Cincinnati St. Louis Brooklyn .. New York Pittsburgh Boston Philadelphia W. 90 : 87 74 70 67 59 44 L. 54 57 66 71 78 81 97 Pet. .625 .604 .529 .496 .462 .421 .312 Friday's Results Cincinnati 6-10, Pittsburgh 0-9. St. Louis 3, Chicago 2. Only games played. Games Saturday Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, 2 games. Boston at New York. Brooklyn at Philadelphia, 2 games. Chicago at St. Louis. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE POMT TELL ME, LET ME OJESS VOU'«E CrOlM' TO A PARTY AW VOU FIGURE OK' RLLIM' UP BECAUSE YOU'RE AFRAID >OU WON'T GET ENOUGH TO EAT/ YOU RE WRONG, WISE GUY- I'M FILLIM' UP BEFORE DIMMER BECAUSE VOL) ALWAYS GRA& EVER.Y- THIWGr BEFORE I KIM THE HOME STRETCH EiSAD, MEN, TO GRASP THE f OPPORTUNITIES OF MY NEW IMVEMHOM, V SUPPOSE We THREE ARE JAOEO OFFICE' WORKERS/ ATTKl WE HAVE TOILED ALL. DAY IU A STUFFY ROOM,OM OUR WAY HOAAE THE SAVORY SMELL OP STEAMING , SPARERtBS AMD KRAUT 15 WATTED TO OUR MOSTRILS FROM. THE EtfHAUST PIPES OF A SCORE OP AUTOMOBILES, GOADING OUR APPETITES TO FURY/ BY JOVE THfe MOOPL1E-IZER WILL MAKE THE WORLD -ROBUST A&AlM AMD I~ ABOLISH S A MY COUSIN IKE WA.S Bif BY NVEI 8UG WAS WORKIN', OM A --CTION ?_.... TO PULL THE ' FIRST OLIVE OUTA TH> TSOTTLC, WHEW THEY CAfAE \M' SOT HIM.' •* THEY SAY \ EDISON ONLY 1 SNOOZtO A COUPLK Ol= i HOURS A MlOHl — I DOM'T -;•]> GET MUCH LEEP EITHER, ( BUT \ NEVER 5EEM T01-;E i ABLE ~ro m JEYS GET RID OF- ^~' S"BY ALL /v\V:M.!••£,.' • HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Mini's diameter The drama of life and death is played every day in tht laboratory ;iM science opens a new frontiers, makes such discoveries as the iron, hint;, the brain hath, miraculous vaccine for pellagra. J. D, Rat- chff tells the whole fascinating story in a book eminently readable, "Modern Mircle Men" (Dodd, Mead. ?;!>. Kxcorptod briefly here the story of what science has discovered in your breath. Basal metabolism (one of the foundation stones of modern medicine) means, simply the base rate at which the body hums food into energy. It rloes not include thi> unusual energy needed for netting and or worrying, for chopping wootl or play- in; 1 , tennis. It deals exclusively with luiii,' action, glandular activity, production of body heat, production and destruction of cells— all activities that must continue even during sleep. The doctor screws an ugly rubber i lamp over the nose of the patient. j Then he slips a .small rubber mask ! .snugly against the patients Hums. HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD Screen Writing Pair Upsets Tradition Normal, Being Happily Wed By Acting HOLLYWOOD - All the rules for screen writers, together with the traditions of literary lassitude and psychopathic behavior, are broken by Colin Clements and Flocnce Ryerson. For one thing, they have been happily married—and without professional jealousy—for about 12 years. Thanks to somewhat different interests tho prefers writing plays) they have pretty well maintained their identities, but not so stubbornly that he minds being introduced as Mr. Ryerson, or she as Mrs. Clements. For another thing, they are to all appearances normal. They don't make a hobby of insulting producers who can't read, i or do they run ri-otinrl their place mute, or livo in tree houses or compose and circulate Rabelaisian verse, or have ih-msMves photographed in the creation of ;> story while -ita-iilin;; on their 1:< .ms. Perhaps the moat remarkable thing | about th? : e vvnters is that they write i —and like it. They're both 45 >(.'.>rs old j have been wntMng all their • ch'It liv-! es, ajid tht;/ still think it's r.m. Their j productiv.U'y .s 3|:pMling to Ell the; ir.compc'.e.i s an 1 i alcoir.cnt, ir. their craft. Miss Ryerson and Clements have more screen credits than could be engraved on the head of a barrel. Individually and in collaboration, they also have done at least 100 plays and more than 50 novels. They haven't gathered up any Pulitzer or Nobel prizes but it's an impressive fact— according to the agent who collects the royalties—that not a weekday passes without at least one of Colin Clements' one-net plays being performed somewhere. Miss Ryerson Adapted Oz Story When guests drop in, the pair never seem to be busy, though they may work all night after the people have gone. When I dropped in the other day. though, and asked questions. I got an idea of their current program; They had finished a mystery play called "Through the Night" and were assisting daily with rehearsals for a local tryout. They were polishing a play, "June Mad," which has been sold for Broadway production this fall. Miss Ryerson. whose recent chores Flight From the Unseen Foe The "alertc"—air raid alarm—has been sounded, and these Parisian men and women lo.se scurrying to the nearest shelter. for M-G-M have included "The Wizard of Oz," the Garbo comedy (whatever that'll be called), and "Henry Goes to Arizona" starring Frank Morgan), nnw was working on a picture for Wallace Beery "The Reign of Soapy Smith." She and Clements were collaborating on a one-act play to he presented at some sort of drama festival at Stanford. Clements, alone, was laboring over a book of one- act plays and a series of monologs. I sunlm scripting, has been with Metro the last H years. She works at the studio three days a week, an pro- j <(ucers and other writers come to her house l\vn days a week. i 1'lements won't tie himself up with I any one studio, nor will he work at any studio. At the conclusion of his list regular contract, ho thanked the producer and .said he had cn- jnyed the association. 'We paid you to wmk. not to enjoy oursclf," rudely replied the executive, who evidently thought Clements was being sarcastic. Cifincni.s say.s he got tired of try- in" to guess whether movie makers wen- .serious. Once in a conference about a heavy dramatic scene involving a bearded Russian, the producer suggested having the actor part hi.s whiskers and reveal a bird's nest full of egg.s. That was when Clements ';ave up the scenario bu.snie.ss. Today he 11 write and sell an orignal story but hr wants no part in its adaptation. ('1 course, he and hi.s wife have quite a lot of money by now. as well a.-, .in assured income front royalties. But they expect to keep right on writing. That and antirjuc furni- tun and tin; house they've been reini'demii: and adding to for years are about their only interests. Their valley estate includes the grove of the largest and oldest eu- cali'tus tree;; in .southern California Authentic records indicate that some- wh..ie under the trees is hurled $35,- Oiii) worth of gold bullion, loot from FOOTBALL SCORES' College State Teachers 2G, Northeast Oklahoma Junior College 0. Oklahoma Baptist N. 7, Gxiatlutu (i. High School Little.Hock 28, Bcnton ti. North Little Rock 13, Malvem (i. Hot Springs 13, Little Rock Catholic High 0. Bauxite 42, Stale School for Deaf 0. Conway 51, Hebor Springs I). Joncsboro III, Ueebe 0. Corning 32, Harrisburg 20. Monticcllo .10, DermoU 0. Carlisle 0. Parkin 0. IJerryville 0, Siloam Springs (I, Rison 19. Hamburg 0. Miin.-ificld 58, Hartman 0. Kotchum (Okla.) 7, Gentry 0. Brinkley 13, Miiriiuma 12. Marked Tree C>, Piggott 0. Bentonville 14, Springdiile 8. Memphis South Side '17, Batesville 0, Fort Slnilli 38, Heavener (Oklii.) U. Alma 18, Fayetevillc 12. Kl Dorado 14, Haynasville. La. ti. DcWitt 7, Sheridan 7 diet. Camden yj, Nashville (i. Russellville 39, Gurdon 7. Tulsa (Oklii.) Central Ki, Van Burcn 0. Broken Bow (Okla.I 20, Foreman 0. Rogers 34, Huntsvillo I',. De Queen 111. Mena 0. Clnrksville Ml, Mornlton (i. Blythevillc 51, Fleming (Ky.i 0. Jtopp 50, SmacUover 0. Mintlcn (La.; 27, Magnolia (i. Slireveport (La.i 8, Texarkana (Tex.I 0. Forrest City 27. West Helena II. Clark.sville 20, Morrilton (i. Se.-irey 13, Stuttgart 7. Texarkana 25, 1'rec.sott II. Atkin.s 13, Harrison 0. Walnut Ridge 12, Paragould n. Pine Bluff 51, McGchce 0. Stars ni Tnips, TINI Tlicy've got a new novel a'borninj.;. too but so far it's only break-fast-tablo I an t . ; ,,. |y it . lf , o ri , bbci .. Th ,. c ., sn , e hl|n . talk; ; j ii'rs witli all .sorts of divining occa- Miss Ryerson. a newspaper editor's | sionally. Miss Ryerson and Clement:; daughter who early gut into movie '• mm't mind, as long as nobody digs pressagentry, maga/.ine fiction and , up any of the rose bushes. I'HII.LADKLPHIA - Barney Hei- hngcr. former decathlon champion from Pennsylvania, has taken up trap shooting. He broke 4S (ml <,[ ;,U tni- t'el.s. For a few minutes the patient breather through Die ina.sk. Chemical analysis of the exhaled air often gives more information about a person than his nearest and dearest relative could supply. It may tell why a mai^'is shmT- tcmpered with the ehildren. or why he rushes out of the house in a morning rage, leaving a half finished breakfast. It may explain why his weight, is increasing at a but Ion-snapping rale, or why his heart pounds so alarmingly; why his eyes bulge in such a .startling manner, or why he has difficulty concentrating. B2H3ZES ANNOUNCEMENT Louisiana Nevada Transit Company takes pleasure in announcing to the citizenship of Hope^and Southwest Arkansas, the establishment of its offices in the City of Hope. The office of the Company is located in the Barlow Hotel Building on West Division Street. In coming into Southwest Arkansas, it will be the purp ose of the Company to assume in ei>ery respect its duties of citizenship and it un.ll be its constant endeavor to bring about the further industrial development of Southwest Arkansas and th.e City of HoJ3e. Its policies will be to render public service in an efficient manner, without any character of discrimination and at the lowest cost possible. The operating personnel of the Company will be made up of efficient, energetic and capable men who will have constantly before them the knowledge that the welfare of the communities served by this utility is the welfare of this company. Lo uisiana N evaaa d t Co.

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