Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1939
Page 3
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ivtrs. Sid Henry TY Exiled Because of (Continued from P«?e One) Telephone 321 Wi- Should Nd( Orcinii We should not drejun; richly wroutjht Wilh leivr-ly lhini'.s--with health and peace and choe'r, With sunshine* floode'd wln*re? v.'e ciui»hl Tbo lilliiiR tune of lives that know no fear. No fancied wish, no flaming site 'Greene, a new briele. with a '.ret of silverware. !>uneh and ••m' i were r.orvcd In fi inemliers. lovely e'Jikes childhood. In celebration c ,f U 1( , seeond birthday little Miss Danita Howe* entertiiin- i-el a j*re*ii|.-. nf Jier lil||e friends at (he borne of lier parent;;, Mr. anel Mrs. C. .1. Howe, on Washington highway. The hemoree received many lovely ,»if(s. tilayeel tlirnuKhuut the which (he- birlhelav red de- Cla'me's were ' veninj;. Afl ~_ »,• '»in-i WMU.-II me Ul youth was ever Iliwarterl or eli'nied; | eake topped wilh two canell And fvt-rylliini; In which we did aspire Be-tame our eiwn lill aspiration died. We should nol elream; and yet we must have mine. 'Tis nol cnotn:h to want anel have il Hi von. 'Till sen-reiw finds us weeping at her etoor We'll neve'r know the sweetness thai is heaven. Nor shall we; ever taste of Paradise Till we> have dreamed anel lost--anel paiel the price. -Selected. Mrs. C. K. Bell ,,f Texaikana is the- wee'k-enel iniest of her sister, Mrs. ». O. Briele-well and Mr. Bridewell. —O— Mrs. C. f. Lewis of Prese-olt was! the Friday i;nesl i,f frit-mls in the citv -O- Richard Pel due of I.oiiann is Ihe.* Weok-onel gilcst of his emit, Mis. C'h.v Brianl and sister, Mrs. Steve Atkins and Mr, Atkins. Miss Meillie Hatch is .spendinj; a few 'kiys visitini,' with Mr. and Mi's. Beii Ctnodli-tt at their eo'.inlry homo near O/an. and .-crved with ice cream lo the. following Junx-s Charles and l.'.illie- iinml Utissell. Huland Key Vesta Beatrice Key, James ICtlwii'nl Key. Mattie Ann Howe, Paid Rowe, Rieli- ard Franklin Howe. Gladys MeHoy. l.iivenie and Joseph llawi; Jiniinic Prcscotl. Ki; ; |,t mnther.s were present. She had a.s her .special guesl. Miss Jonnie Bell Cox and Miss Manila Barnum of Hope. Mrs, Howe was assisted in tlie courtesies; by Mr... Corn Johnson. | Kachel Pre.scott and Mrs. Minnie Cole l ST. MAItK'S KPISCOUAI. j Office. He helper! nrgani/o the Red I Army, aided by Voroshilov ami Bud- '.veni. Hcr<- boRan tho fend with Trotsky. Field Marshall of the Civil W«r. which has continued to this day. In 1!)21. Malin put (he finishing toucli- f" : on the suppression of bloody vip- risini.' at Krnnstadl in protest against Innd .•••horl.'iges and bureaucratic rvilc Ironi Moscow. Tliis led to his elevation in Cjpjipml Secretary of the parly, Ins first real npportunity In become known to the mas:; of members of the Communist party and to guin control 'if it:, workings. For disci]))inary rca- Mins lie was able to make transfers and ci.nlacts. The following year Lenin bad a sfmke. and it became clear dial MIMH lt successor would be needed. The mannner of Stalin's succession to Lenin's mantle is again a matter if acrid dispute between Communist factions. Trotskityites insist that Stalin conspired again Trotsky, who should have been written to prove one or On. 1 olher right. In any event, after Lenin's death in I!*! Stalin become Bolshevik No, 1. From (hat moment Trotsky was doomed. He was e.xilerl in 1927. From that moment. Stalin was the unchallenged master nf Russia. Tuo Children Growing Up In 1!I2«. Stalin married ' Nade'/.hda Alleluieva. daughter of a Tiflis lock- maker, an early Bolshevik in whose home Stalin had often hidden out the Stalin anel Aleluiva Mr. and Mrs. Clay U,,yl,, ,,r Texar- kiina were Friday (..uests e>f Mr. and Mr.-,-, i,'. O. Bridewell en route to Piesce.l, for (be f.-.eitb.-.ll .-„„,, between li'.xarkana .mil PrOM-oll. -O— 'J'he W. Ai. I.J., Ki,- ; .l Baptist ,-hui-ch will HUM Mondav. Tue.day and Wed- i Gospel according lo John, nesilay afternoon... al 2 : :i(l for a Season, Synod wirlf conference on Evnngo- <n Fiayer Slate* Misi,.ns. The sub-: lism Tuesday al 2 p. m. in Little Tie.ek •H . V'T "' JS '' rVI "" : " Wl " '»• "Love's ! Mid-week service Wedneselay. iie-0-i.'i..l ..I.nixti-y" openim; with Com'inunion of the Lord's Supper "Preaching" on .Monday afternoon as : Sunday week, lollows: llvinn. "I Lov..- lo Tell ihe'H-'Uy Day will be observed the ' • ••- ; " M n.'., .^ id i n I had Iv/o children, :i boy Vassilly. now Morning prayer, services eonelue-led I ''' ;""' " Kirl Svolhma. nenv 12. Though •••• devoted Bolshevik from childhood, Alleleiiva was retiring and took little pan in e>ffieial affairs. She elied siicl- jeli-nly in H);j2, probably of peritonitis, an'l was given a funeral like thai of » fiiieen. Humors |)revalent at the lime' that she bad shot herself in Iho Kremlin were never substantiated. Stalin's aged mother, who conlinu- by Hit 1 Lay Keaeler at 11 o'clock. I-'HIST I'KKSKYTKRIAN Tims. Urewstfr. .Minister with classes for Sunday school IMf all ago KI-OUI.IS. Morning worship 10:55 o'cleick. 'Senior Young Peeiple nu'etini; G-.'M p. m. Evening worship 7:!ill p. m. Frenn Monday to Frieiay next wc<*k oeir Woman's Auxiliary v.'ill obse-rve 1 a .'easein eif Bible Study based on the . Lovo lo Tell the •^ory. Dove.iie.nal. "Ge-.d's Lovo Fe.r U:. Mrs. W. R. Hamilton: a talk, "The I leacher KM!,.,:: Our State." Mrs W L. Audio: a -all;. -O,-;'an,xin« For ,1,J' ^i'jvavl ,,1 lhe i;,,, T .,.)." Mrs. John! l.ibs,m: ..,„,.;..] ,„„.,;., - o . L , JV( , Th;it : \\nlNo,U., M, O,.." Mrs. C. D. Back.; us, Loves Ai-lneveinent in Proclaim-I '•How - '--. o1 '" Ml>: - •'•••'"ik-.v C'allicut: Rally Day will be S'unday in October. -el lo live quietly in Tiflis, and who never learned lo speak Russian, eiied 'if pneumemia at, 78. N'KXT: What Kii'sia's Ross? of a man is nf a w Ih, 1 Geispel i.s Spread Tor!<v •'' "Q"'"H'pl'--t-s ben- Karl Herrinytein ''" ' j''leuules and one _Lo_l [lather! Julie." W nKUN .N. C. -i.l'i- Wlien leli'Kiam from Durham hit the beilli the senelini; and re.'e-eiving Surviveirs of th operaleirs grabbed a telephone fur ele- j 'an .'en! eiut 111 tails: I well." There's i "Quinluplets beirn this morning. Fenir ] mi:-m, bruncto. What a Hitlei- is going off lo bi.s mountain | retreat again. That. is. unless he de- I cides to ceimmand that tho mountain j come lo him, The Flem-nce, Italy observatory re- IKJI-IS an earthquake. H was either (but en- a beimb dropping in Southern Poland. e torpedoed Pukkas- message "Sunk—alls end to British opti- -• Ma,y V,.|i Caite,- O f ,| 10 L(m .j Publie Seh,«,| f rK . u |, y j, :;ll ,,, Klil , K ! wecic-eiirl with her |)ai ents. Mr ' Mrs. Waller Carter. Miss Jane 1 , in Ifenelersem i 'lle-g.'. Aikadclphia I iht for a u-eck-enel i Women's Memorial in a joint aim Die anel Carter who i.', a ',(u ( |,, n( Slate 'IVae'liers C arrive-el Friday nj. The- ree'ipient liiliv. a black Durham frienel. bad five puppies anel tin "blemd." It shouldn't be long before the hiT'duast food ceimpanics begin spon- cxplained that .'-('riiif; the European war, for it owned by a '• would se-em only natural lo hear that Linen birth (ojlbt- CJe-rmnn army te)ok Warsaw afrc-r fallier wa.-- a • a heart.-, hrealif.isl of Krispic Krunch- T!ie 'Jewel Song' OMAHA; Neb.-r/l 1 )—The machine ago moves on—lenving behind J. J. (Ec'mapheirei Dudley, tho man who made traffic dircctiiiK a fine art. There wns a day when six-fool, 1 angular Dudley, standing al Sixteenth] and f'nrna mstreets. maelc himself a j rnan of nole. from coast, tei const. | Willi his long arms flailing the air' Dudley kepi a conslant stream of traffic moving no-ass the* intersection. while Hie? sidewalks were lineel with! spectators who watched bis unties. [ Ho began in 1308 and kepi il up until i 11)23, gaining such a reputation that! Omahans visiting in other cities were! many times askoel. "Is thai traffic cop' .sliil there?" I Dudley retired in 1SI2H, but roliiniorl j in liloli. Meanwhile the machine age j had eliminated the need for him to direct traffic. Automatic signal lights hael been installeel. "Semaphore" .stood it for six years. Then ho broke down with the cry, "There's no place left fe»j- me—and f can't, stand still and blow a whistle when the lights change," With that he explained he was "pulling myself out lo pasture" on a $70 per month pension. County Home Clubs (Continued from Page One) 21 Years of 'Peace' Rod Russians War Against Whites Irish Revolution _ Turk isli-Armenian War Rival War - Lords Envelop China in Civil Wary l9-l8.\ polish . Ukrainian war Polish-Russian War Spanish Iliff War Greek-Turkish War >-Jhn Sand's Arabian Corif[uesLs r (•!"i,n Chiico \S';u' i-.oiiviii - Paraguay i\ i I I 10(1,(100 in /intimlary Dispute promptly at 10:00 o'clock. Mrs. Wilbur D. Jones, president of the county | council, will preside. Group .singing will be led by Mrs., Wilbur D. Jones and Mrs. C. It. White.! Roll call by the secretary will be answered by each cl'ub president handing in her yearly report on pro- j jecl work that has been accomplished ' by the home demonstration club during the year. Minutes of the council will be read by the council secretary, Mrs. C. P. Zimmerly. Reports of the state Homo demonstration council meeting held al Conway September 6-7, will be given by Mrs. C. P. Zimmerly. Miss Alma B. Hnnna ami Mrs. Earlie MeWilliams Old business and new business conducted by the president Mrs. Wilbur, D. Jones. Planes and leadership meet- i ings by Miss Claude Fletcher, home' _IJtusc Revolt in Syria .Chinese Political Wars !)!:iriese Invasion <)!' Shanghai =7fCI-920> zz 1922 1923 1924 1925}1926^ 1927 1928 1 929} MexicanRevolution 1930 1931 1932 1933)— Jl 1934 •^ L—Italian-Ethiopian 1935; 1937 > -Sino-JapanescWar -New World War Break-Loose With (Continued From Page One) I Japanese Conquest, of Manchuria Japanese Conquest of Jehol minutes later the Bobrnts had the ball on lhe Smackover lg'wti-»ro Ellen handed the ball to Sim'rns on n criss-cross. Eimms raceel mmind end for score. Tin* Fourth Quarter The final period brought out the Bobcat passing ;dt;ick. With Hope in possession on the S'mackovor 19, Taylor fired one fiiinms who ran « sbeirt dislanee to the goal line;. With Hope in .jKjsse.'-sion on Die Smackover 23. Taylor shot, an aerial to Enson who took it high in the air for a touchdown. A.s the long game- was elrawmij lo a close. Taylor threw fi third touchdown pass, e.viught by Neinnan Green. Substitutions feir Hope: May, Murphy Simms, Jones, Sn.vk.cr. Conway. Carleson. Stuart. Keith, L. Jones^ Ham- mon.N C. Bundy W. Taylor. Braclshaw and Halliburton. The Bobcats gn to El Dorado next j Friday night for a conference bat- lie. MIND YOUR MANNERS r. M. KEO. o. i. JAY. rvi^c ^^A. Vw ruce Catton Says: '"K" »* "ii.ia i^iuuuo r letcner, Home , demonstration agent. Announcements! Fleming; Would B.e Tousrh Efficient Wage-Hour Head by George Ware, assistant director in I Melrose House charge Fruit and Truch perimenl station. The following program \ dereel during the day: Dance by Betty Willis 5.'tunt by Mrs. Pole Lnsetei Club. One Act Play "The Light Keeper". Allen club, The* following women will lake part in this play: Mrs. Lee Garland, Mrs. J. E. Rogers, Mrs. Lester Schooley. Miss Isabellc Schooley, Miss Margaret McCorkle, Mrs. F. B. Fenwick. There will be a picnic lunch al nne>n In the afternoon everyone is tei attend the Hempstead County Fair. Rich •)-}•! club boy ,ind girl will have Branch Ex- | By BRUCE CATTON I NEA Washington Correspondent will be i-en- I WASHINGTON—The Wage «nd Hour Administration will get a tough. I efficient, and thoroughly "liberal" boss when and if Col. Philip-Fleming of Nortbcutt. the army engineer corps replaces Elmer F. Andrews as its administrator. I News of the administration's plani'i) IJttlc- Bit Wild Cincinnati — Bucky Wallers leads the National League in pitching victories this year, but is second in number of wid pitches. Thomas Trainman NEW YORK - Harry Thomas, former heavyweight fighter, works underground seven hours a day as a locomotive engineer on the New York viaduct. Only One « ( f its Kind NORTHEAST, Md., - Sandy Cove Yatch Club claims to be the only one of its kind in the country. All its members are women. No. 108 FREDERICKSBURG. Va. — <7P) — Tesl your knowledge of •correct', social usage by answering the.' following questioRs, then checking against IJie authoritative answers below: 1. Is it a good idea for parents- l<> go with a student who is'enter- ing his freshman year in 'college —to help him gel sellled. enrolled; etc 1 .' 2. If a boy who is away at col* lego i.s named Frank Smith, jr. should his family address their letters to him lhal way? 3. When speaking lo a member. of lhe faculty, should a student say "Goe>cl morning" or "Hello"? 4. If a facully member comes over to talk to a student who is seated in a comfortable chair in, tho Student Union, should he rise? a. Do college sludenls call other students who have just been introduced by their first or last names? What would you do if— A son or daughter of a friend of yours is going away to college and you would like to do something about it. Wuld you— (a) Ask him and, some of i his- friends to lunch, or to any kind- of entertainment you think; they would enjoy? (b,> Buy him or her a gift suitable to take back to school? Answers 1. No. 2. Not unless you want him to be known on the campus as "Junior 3. "Good morning" or Good-after-noon." 4. Yes. 5.-By their first names. Best "What Would You Do" solution—either (a) or (b). The Power of the Press BOWLING GREEN, Ky., —(>P)— A newspaper clipping paved the wayfor fuKkM. —O— The Feek'lias class Aeiult class of the' CI; church 'met Tbur.-elay hi'sincss mcetiu,; at ,,„, ||(||ne ()( . ^ A. f.CIieenlee. the leacher. The house n::» ™!'^. °ncvo," y '"^" k ""' M - re*ael bv Mr* .I/,,,..,-., , SERIAL STORY WORKING WIVES BY LOUISE HOLMES COPYRIGHT. 1939. NEA SERVICE, INC. TfHd-rilnyi Marine to llnip.li nlV IHT mils Dan I.HI he is in com' Mieh flu- itrrxlilviit iif MH liliny. l.iili-r .sli<- noes !<i III teir. S| IB i.s K-iiIiiK lei II rrvivi-n. Irir.s U e-'leelioii of class 'he 1 olocliein of: P Wlen He.swell: v i '•'•" 1 '••"••ver fiame.s were arran«eel for eeveinn, after wlnc-h the l ; t,ies I'"". Greenloe. Tlie ffiei'i-s resulted in t'side-iil. Miss Ruth 'i' prosidonl. Miss • re-cnlee. T|- CHAPTER XVJI worked furious] ~'' L ning through le-ei;-,i i- iKises, sorfinK linjincitil cl:il;i. C.'raHuaily she regained M;iy w;is so It must swinjf back, but, for the. 1 moinont, il was enough to bo re- !casc(i from torment.. :;: ;;i ;;: CUE sol Jnlo Dan's par, saying u in a little rush, "I'm glad to soo you, mister," He; said. "Thanks," not looking a! her. lie; was still a little firim, .1 ian noticed the tight muscle Jar away, so much part of: the distant i'ulure, lhal rl >' in jin his jaw. mutch LADJES Specialty Shop it could be i^non-d. tlo was to X(ii';.','.-t \\ had said, to li\e t- •••*• May answer its ov/i Working on a eh tally laid the- t':r::l b behind which .-he \v se'cre-l, behind v,-hi would iie'x-ei 1 look, to be made iij) of The tliim; lo Kit Dr. Moss l day anel lei riildles. r I. -lie mon- i--k in a wall .'.del kevp lie,i! oven s!ie The wall was Mich capable endeavor that. Mr. K.-llows would Jook upon her a,s an absolute n«'- ce.ssity to ;bo dlTice. She would v.'orl: for a new unilei-slandinj; 250 I'ag,- 50(1 DICTIONARY Only 25c Briant's Drug Store Special on FLOORFURNACES UASV FHA TERMS HARRY W. SHIVER PLUMBING PHONE 259 LOGS BOLTS and .11. Wo are now in the market for O-'k and Gum lo., s , \ V l lilc O ak Overcup, P, )St O a| ; . j; c d Oak, anel A.shi JI W ,dii, K Bolts, AI.s,, Hound SU'KKT GUiW Blocks For prices and specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, Arkansas Phone 245 •with Dan, taki outside things, parlic 1 .--, lee'ture.- IJicture; shows—she'el sU.rt tomorrow ni.:;hl by ijoini; tei eliinuT \\illi Dolly and Handy. Tlieve was U) !.;>• no more ii'rila- bilily. A cheerful, happy manner woulel make her feel e'nee-iiu! and happy. Some day she; would go lei Dr. lUoss, she woulel laugh and .say, "You wore mistaken.' 1 The more she thought, about it, the more certain she became?. She re'laxeel in the belief lhal lite' kind /atos would ele'ni- (he* nuifielle if she but let. them do il. At 4 o'clock Uan e'alle'-J. "Want something, Marian?" "No-o—I feel badly about last night-—" "I t'.uo-ss we've been luaelini; toward last ni»ht (eir a Ion.", time. See you at ;i." A eli.-line-l elicl: said lliat l-.o had IHIHK up the* re*- cciver. The click bollu-ie.ei her for a moment, then ,'_he tttnieLi back lu her \vorU. Mr. Felleiws came to look her shoulder. "Swell," he- cnlhtlsia.slieal'y. ''Tho.^e e-hart be invaluable as linn- i.'.oe You're iea\-in;.; stjact* Jor ih.e: 10 years. Yep—that's swell.' 1 ,So everythin;:;- was all n'uhl. Dan woulel be' wailing ai 5. Mr. Fe-llows was pleased, t!ii* \\-all \',a.s alre-ady iima/.ingly seeur". Sl:e-'d heat Hie game. H was mi.nibs bo- lore? Hio ne-eel Ihi'ik of lhe docteir's \-erdie-t, agaisi. Anytlii' lumpen be-fore she nrorl lhal. Above e'\-ei-ythin<; el«\ not know what Ih.o ('. taicl. 1C ;:he tolel Dan il real. Dan's iiiiior.inee. flenied (he .!;«.•(.-. in a from Kfruiii, she-* gi- t - heartcd. JI was the- pendulum on it "I'm a good girl now," she said. "Can you forget about last night?" "No," he answered, "but let's not go into it again." She was determined to be pleasant. "All right," .she said lightly. "Anyway, I'm sorry." He- nodde'd brielly. Then, "Did you sec Dolly this morning? How iliel she anel Ranely Means make out. 1 ' 1 He wauled to hurdle the Into unpleasantness and she -foil in with him. "Oh, they had a won-derful j time'," imitating De>!ly. "At least |lrom Dolly's standpoint it was —you know how people She lefl ready to •-i em. ne.xl in | mar-vclous. Dan's jaw relaxed n bit, "From Kanriy's, texi, 1 guess." "Did you fu-e him today?" "Yeah—hael lunch wilh him— he';; e'emipU'lely sole!—sort of inarticulate' gri." ''You don't mean—" the 1 surmise unfinished, laugh. "1 think it' s the real ihing." "Not really?" "Sure 1 —and I'm glad for both of llie-m. They're two swell people anel I'm glad to see' them get together." ''Oh, I think you're crossing •your bridges before you get to them." "Time? will tell. He asked us to have. 1 dinner with them tomorrow night at Iho Medimih Club." "Ye*s, Dolly tolel me. I wish I could tix her up a little, Dan. Slug's sei naive in appearance." ''Say. you leave that girl alone. Her porseiiutlity wasn't made out of plastic wood, il hasn't gone dry and hard—" Marian glanced at him. Yestcr- elay she would have taken exception tei thai remark-, today she let ; ! go. "I'm not talking about her per.:on:'dity, it's her clothes." "Jii..! lake my advice and Icnve Dolly alone." n a n was saying. He die) not add. "You might spoil her," bin the inference was plainly ian mused, "It'd be a joke? ; if Dolly married Kandy . Tin MYairt she wouldn't 'anitir; our apartment any U was really something tijoudil. Who would take liiem if Dolly—? •'JPHRY slopped at lhe market. •*- Tenderloin L;leak.s, a glass ol preserved figs. Dan loved preserved figs and cream cheese. Marian was deliberately playing up to Dan that night. There were cold potatoes in lhe refrigerator. She'd fry them crisp for Dan. Hoaching the apartment, she ran up the stairs ahead of Dan. The blow had fallen an.ct it had not. crushed her. She was the same, exactly the same. Dr. Moss 1 news had already taken on Ihe 1 form of a bad dream from which she had awakened. She took great pains with the, dinner, rushing into the bedroom al lhe last minute to change lo a new, and very fetching, house coat. It was pink and orchid tafl'eta, the colors blending together. II had a lovely metal belt and tiny flower buttons. It swished delightfully. It had cost too much •much loo much. Kven on a hall- price sale, it had. been definitely beyond Marian's clothes allowance. She fell a trifle annoyeef when Dan did not notice the house, coal. He always cleared lhe table- rinsing the dishes and slacking them in neat piles for Dolly to wash in the morning. While'; he worked, Marian hung around the kitchen. Usually he whistled through his teeth. That -evening he was frowningly silent. "What were you doing in Mr. Turner's office Ibis morning?" Marian asked. He said nothing for a moment, then, "He called me in to ask if I thought he was managing lha business with lhe greatest possible ell'iciency." He had his back to her, she could nol see his face. "You'j'e spoofing." "That could happen, couldn't it?" "Not to you." She hadn't meant to say thai. Pointed rejoinders had been coming loo readily to her lips. Dan washed his hands and turned. Marian stood in the kitchen door. "I wish you'd kiss me, Dan," she said wistfully. Putting a finger under her chin, lei hanel the job to Col. Fleming started two contradictory interprela- liems going around the capital. Seinie people figured that lhe White House was taking cognizance of the current rumors of poor enforcement of i the wage-hour law and was putting a lough guy in to make things hum; ,'ome thought that Andrews bad stepped on Ihe toes of the influential southern "cotton bloc," and others, and was being replaced as ,'i species of business-appeasement strategy. Whatever may be (he case about the first interpretation, it seems tolerably certain that the second one is all wet. Feiiiner Rosses Liked Him Ceil. Fleming worked under Rcx- , ford Tugwell in the old Resettlement j Administration, and Tugwcll thought | he was aces. He was Secretary Ickes' right-hand man in PWA, anel Ickes swears by him. Men who have worked with him in both organisations insist he i.s the last man in the world to put into a job if a litlle calculated punch- pulling i.s what is wanted. Aelministrator Andrews has had his trembles in the wage-hour post, and il fs only fair lo say that most of them were not of his own making. He hael (o spend his first months gelling bi.s emlfit organised and put- ling on an educational campaign. Complaints about violations of the act piled up unlil, early this summer, there were sx'me 22,000 on file. Only a fine chance to "show off" their project work by entering exhibits in the Hompstead counly fair on Sept- unbor -Gth through September 30th. Exhibits must be in place by Tuesday night. Home elomemstration club wo'- nien are ui'guel lei take part in all lair exhibits. in the last two months has he been able to hire enough investigators and legal assistants to handle these complaints, and even then he had to start from scratch and train his men as he went along. The worst of it is over, now. Half of lhe 22.000 complaints have been weeeled out as invalid; the remainder are being disposed of faster than new ones are coming in, and the prospects are that the administration will have | caught up with ilself by winter. Nevertheless, there has been some substance to the reports that the wage- hour division was nol functioning properly. There has been some in-f lernal dissension, and there have been) instances of lack of co-operation. Itecorel Is Filleel With Success C'n his record, Col Fleming is a good man to handle a situation like that, too. As its executive officer, he helped or- ganixe PWA; a year later he became its deputy administrator. In the spring of 1935, he was detached and sent lo lake charge of the famous Passumaquoddy (iele-harness- ing project; as an engineer and an organizer he did a superb job there, whatever may be the verdict as to the value of the 'Quoddy project itself. A litdo later he was loaned lo Tugwell, whose Rcsetllement Administration was having trouble in its con-j slruction division. Materials weren't I being delibered promptly, building jobs weren't going smoothly, plans weren't turning out right. Fleming! straightened out the mess and co-or- ! elinaled all the RSA's architectural anel engineering projects. The general verdict is that the wage- hour Jaw will get enforced right up to the hilt when lhe colonel gets his hands em it. When officers came into pssession of a half-dozen books used by "numbers" writers, they found the number most frer-uently played was 108 —the telephone number of police headquarters. Fine salt .should be used to clean pearl-handler articles, which then should be polished with a chamois Mo.,- .after a seperation of 28 years. The younger Shields, now 39, is Shield's son by a former marriage. The father saw a newspaper article recently telling about his son and began corresponding with him. TODAY'S This Chic Day Frock Makes You Look Slim As-a-Wniul The son reunion. later came here for the Major Mite, famous English dwarf, wore one of lhe smallest shoes ever made; it measured 2',i inches in length. raised her face. Long he ga/.eel into her eyes. "Isn't it too Marian?" ho said slowly. "Isn't what loo bad?" '.she asked. He was so strange. He might bo looking at her face for lhe lirst time — or the last. "That we mutl'cd it — Hint we had such a God-given chance ancir muffed il." "Do you liylc me, Dani" He nodded gravely. "1 hate you- because you have? made me hut--myself," he said gently. "I used 1o have pride in inyi'c-ii — belief- it's all gone." He turned away. n e had not kissed her. (To Bo CouUuued)' If you should die tonight will yom family be adequately protected. • TALBOT FEUJ), Sr. District Manager Reliance Life Insurance Co. Life, Health and Accident Box 44, Hope, Arkansas. V.VAV.V! inson I; f Dr. J. D. Johnson I* Announces the opening of offi. J. First National Bank Building t * Practice Limited- to Eye, Ear Nose and Throat. r «v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.w, ADVICE? ? ? By CAUOL DAY This dress not only makes you look slim as a wand, but gives you that soft fulln ess over lhe. bosom, which completes the effect of an hourglass or an upsidedown champagne glass fr a smart Fall appearance. A side belt, fastened in lhe back, draws in the fitted waistline to just the right snugness, and with perfect smoothness. This design, Patter 85G1, also has a lavish use e>f braid that i.s a smart note for Fall—act the V-ncckline, lhe sleeve edges, and at lhe front of the bodice with curved lines thai suggest a bolero. Make this up for home wear, of gingham, linen and pore-ale, ane'l trim it with ricrac; for runaboul, make it eif cballis <jr llat crepe, ;<nel trim | il with neivelty braid. Pattern S5G1 i.s defined for sizes 12. 14. IB. 18. an .d20. Size 14 requires j 1 ;~>-8 yards of Mil-inch material! with short .-Jeeves: t; yards of braid, i wilh long sleeves, •! 1-8 yards. j i The new Fall and Winter Pattern; j Book, 22 paj;es of attrae-iive designs! ; lor every ue-e-asion, is now ready. Pho-1 • lograpbs show dresses made from these ! , patterns being worn: a feature youj will enjoy. Let lhe charming designs' in ihi. 1 - new hook Kelp yuu in your i mowing. One p;,ttcrn and the new Fall : and Winter P.-iiteni Book-ii cents, j Pattern c>r book olone-13 cents. , For a Pattern of this attractive nio- ; del send 15c in COIN, you Name, i Address, Style. Number and Size to Ho|io Star Today's Pattern Bureau, | Kill Seventh Avenue, New Yeirk. N.V. When your doctor gives you advice, try to follow his suggestions faithfully and conscien- tuously. His advice is sound, scientific and practical. He is your only reliable source of aid. SEE YOUR DOCTOR When prescriptions are needed cull .... The Leading Druggist "We've Got It" PHONE G2 Moforcyole Delivery d John Deere Wagons Complete Stock Our Prices and Terms Will Interest You Hope Hardware Company

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