The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1940
Page 6
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r-AGE SIX BLYTHEVrLLE (ARK) COURIT5R NEWS BESTS 7 lEflfiS, TIEBLES •itisli Troops Aboard Transport Mosl Cities Fight Budget' But Moses "Comes Through" ' By TOM WOLF NEW YORK. 'April 30.—Any bird who migrated south for the winter of 1933-34, and, because 01 eco- I noinlc conditions, had not started north again until this spring, would probably Jly right past New York without recognizing ii. From a bird's-eye view the city must now present,an unbelievably changed nnd pleasing mosaic of parks and playgrounds—trebled in size and number during the very years that planners in other major American cities were struggling with acute otlacks of depression midgetltis. New York's recreation spots present a literal mosaic for, as nearly us any huge .plnmiine; project can be, they are the work ol one man — Robert Moses. Mr. Mose.s' only paying job, of the seven important governmental posts he holds, Is commissioner of New York City's Department of Parks. When young Hob Moses, son of a New Haven department store impresario, graduated from Yule In 1909^ a "Y" for swimming across Ills broad chest and a Phi Beta Kappa key on his watch chain, he had little thought of entering government service. He was, however, interested enough to sail for Oxford to study British civil law; and in this field he took his Ph. D. al Columbia ID 1914. WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 19-10 Where 198 Negroes Died In Blaze Chief Of C-Men Warns ; Of 'Enemy Within Our Shores' This rnillophuto shows the deck of u British transport crowded with 'Oldiers in life Jackets us ncrtreil the coast ol Norway, according u> Knylish tensiirs who i r-!<-:iwd the jihoto. " T Benefits In Year Cite r Food Stamp Plan It Is typical of his and Ills ability that Moses, n loyal I Republican parly man, got his' stor't In public life when Al Smith, an 'equally loyal Democratic parly man, became governor In 1018. He has .held governmental posts ever since becoming commissioner of city parks in 1934. A mere recltnl of the doings o[ the' autocratic young nmn with n quick temper, a biting tongue, mid above nil a Passion for Getting Things Done Is itself impressive. But It doesn't tell the story of Moses' six-year dictatorship. Ills many fights—with politicos, with giiiiters, with nice old Indies .sentimentally attached to the status quo—have been jiilcy page one reading. Bui they have been syniboltc of ths obstacles thrown In his path from every nngle. Often he lias lind to compromise small things to Get Big Things Done. He has added COM acres (one- third Increase) to the city's parks; tripled the number of playgrounds; increased parkways 30- fold; nnd the old swimming star has increased 30 times the ton thing facilities. More than 1800 ncrcs htivo been reclaimed from swamps or dumps for New Yorkers' recreation, including 1200 acres in Flushing Meadows which Moses will turn into a huge playground as soon as the New York World's Pair gets through with them this fall, jiy FKi.'M i,i-:sTi:n Rochester Hcjjresei:t3liv0. Food Stain)) OflLcc U. S. UeimlmeiU o^ Agriculture {Written lor Die United l'r«-is( ROCHESTER, N. Y.—The Food Stamp Plnn fillers upon the second year of its operations in Ho:?hcsu?r Thursday, May 10, What was classed as an experiment by the Secretary of Agriculture upon its inauguration here nearly 12 mouths a[;o. lodny is In operation in more ','" '*": 'than 50 clllrs with the probability " n ° V " >0 Silliat the plan will be in effect In plan 100 communities l>y Ihe end of the present fiscal year. June :to. Confronted with u surplus of Capstone of the New York recreation Mosaic Is the new Bell Parkway, to open this summer. Thirty-three miles of parkways around Brooklyn and Queens boroughs, linked to similar circumferential parkways he has already wound around Manhattan nnd Ihe Bronx, It will give city-tied Yorkers easy ncccss to huge new recreation areas. One day not long ago fi feet, 185 pounds of balding, 51-ycar-oU Robert Moses, high priest of the Cult of Getting Things Done, wrote an epistle to n city department complaining of the placing of garbage cans too near Ills dearly beloved parks. The reply he received tells its own story and thnt of Bob Moses himself. We're sorry about the condition, the letter began: "But just when our men think they've complied Stock Prices WASHINGTON (UP) J. Edgar Jlim'.'iT fears that agents of "gan?- .stcj- novi'inmcjils" will find n fertile told lor recruits in the underworld ol thi! United Slates. ••<)m MUloiiul apathy toward Die Mibjecl of crime rc'iirescnls a ; condition which in fact i.s an incubator for tile things which are anti-American," Hoover said. Ifc pointed out that today imc. out »l every 2B persons in ihc United Suites has been sincsied for an offense more serious than a tralfic violation. Every 21 seconds, lie uiklm), witnesses ihe coramls- I sinh of a murder, aygravatt'd as- JKiUlt. burglary, auto thell, robbery i or larceny. ! "If we do not accomplish more . 172 5-8! louaid wiping out this dime A T A: T Am Tobacco 49 :i-4 ] from." Amrcondn Copper 29 1-8! within our shores will steadily HMD Slcvl H2 I make wider use of its possibilitira he warned, "the enemy food commodities that were proving burdensome to the fanner, the Secretary ot Agriculture Initiated the Food Stamp Plan which allows persons who receive public assistance to buy $1 in orai'ge stamps each week for each member of the i family. These orange stumps can be used for the of any ood product through regular re- nil food stores Hint Is to he eaten it honu 1 , with the exception that ,he purchase of wines, liquor and obaccos i.s prohibited. With every SI in orange- stamps nirchasttl Ihe relief eligible Is give" io cents in blue slumps which can be used only for the purchase of surplus commodities. These surplus commodities are designated from :hne to time by the Secretary of Agriculture, and are purchased by the food merchants through the same channels ns arc other commodities. Merchants redeem the food slumps, both ornngc and blue, through the local oflicc which maintains both audit untl disbursing units for prompt payment of These claims. Fifth List Issue a The tilth Surplus Commodity List now in effect consists of butter, eggs, pork, pork lard, oranges, grapefruit, nil flour, cor,: meal, rile, raisins, hominy, gvlls, fresh apples. . fresh pears, dried beans Mid dried prunes. and other interested partiss Uenpfit by the inu'eusi'il Imslness in the community. There have been minor difficulties mil on the whole the plan has met with general approval. Bankers thought lasl full Hint they were obliged to do too much work lor the food retailers grails, as about 37 pur cer.l of the food .stump cards were brought into the banks for redemption through the local audit office and'they sought to put itrto effect n service charge of 1 per ccnl for handling these food stump cards. But this was ironed out and today all is harmonious. The food merchants' committee, Chamber of Commerce, wholesalers and other Interested parties got busy with tire result thai today only about 7 per cent of the food stamp cards arc passing through the banks, the rest going directly to this office either from the retailers- themselves or wholesalers acting us agents. Health Seen Improved Among; the benefits of the Food Stamp plan are: Aid to agriculture and thereby to the whole country; healthier and better citizens through more balanced diet among relief clients by this iti- ci-eased food allowance; increased prosperity among fond merclwnt.s as surplus commodities arc handled through regular/ business channels nstead of being handed out nl gov-. rnmcnt depots. This means a more >rospcro»s community, as move han $1,000,000 in extra business ins been given to Rochester mer- hants through use of the blue food lumps during the first year of the ilnn's operations. The total business rnnsnctcd during the VP:M' in bnlh blue nnd orarse MntniM amounts o approximated $3.150.000. Chrysler Cities .Service Coca Cola General Electric General Motors Inl Harvester Montgomery Ward .. N Y Central North Am Aviation Packard Phillips Kadio Republic Steel Socony Vacuum .... Sliindnrd Oil N J .. '.udebaker Texas Corp U S Steel (or the destruction of American institutions." I Inroads Made Abroad Interior of Hutches-., Mississippi, dance hall where IDs nogrors met deitli in a hla/e which' ran through the nioss-fcbloonca building trapping the dancers. The windows of the mctiil building had been b-arrtd to prevent "gatecra.shcr.s" crnei-ing umi Un: panicked dancers stampeded in :ni efloit to gul out through the one door in the building. New York Cotton May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open 107!) IOM 1D1» 100-1 01)8 090 high 1081 1051 1018 1005 !J!)9 990 84 3-4 5 1-4 127 ;i(j 5-8 I He pointed out in the constantly 53 1-2 changing story of Europe the vast o7 1-8 inroads which have been made in 48 ' neutral nations by the employment 15 1-2 ol spies, traitors and saboteurs. 22 1-4 'Our army of criminals numbers 3 ,'1-8 Into Hie million. 1 ;," Hoover suid, 39 1-8 asserting that statistics show that 6 1-2 each year one out of every / 17 20 1-4 i homes Ls a victim of crime—either !1 some member will be charged with 42 1-8, n» offense or will linvc .siiffiTod a 10 1-4 I loss, ranging from petty larceny to 40 3-1! lite itself. 59 1-81 -nie representative of gangster governments finds a fertile fir-Id for Ills recruit.'! in the underworld," he asserted. "He sings his hymn ol hate in our prisons and penitentiaries, he skulks in the dives of desperate men, there to paint his picture of the glories to come." Hoover felt that some Americans labor under the mistaken Impression that the radical "who dreams of overthrowing our government" classes as Iris future victims only there are even native-born pseudo- American citizens as well us aliens who have sold their birthright for less than the proverbial 'mess of pottage,'" he said. "They detest law and order. Their plan calls for its overthrow. "Ijjxw and order in every section of the land is the bast inoculation 1 know to protect ourselves from he scourge which they spread." Luxoran Is Accused ^ s «£ t '» ftl^Se"-, In Hierhway Accident I clOK ' s at 7:4S °' elocl: to cause a fire J alarm but firemen found onlv that prev. low close close 1070 1081 1080 1051 1053 105 4 I01U 1017 1018 1003 1004 1003 998 093 909 980 980 fiM New Orleans Cotton with orders keep those cans away from parks, np pops another park i.ext to a can," Definitely the plan hn.s become » nation-wide success. In liochcstcr this is attested In that purchases on May 1C. 1039. In the sum of $12,368 were mail? tiy only 1.585 persons, whereas on April 10. li)!0. approximately 5.000 persons purchased $53,483 lu orange stumps. Skepticism, or at least a sltow- me-attltude. on tin- part of relief clients has given way to unquuli- ticd approval by those people today. Merchants Arc !'.ittliusi:is(ii' Likewise, the food mer-'hn now benefiting by additional business through the use ol Ihe bine stamps in amount of $100.000 a month in thi.1 city alo.-r nre enthusiastic, supporters ol the Foui Stump plan. Public rc-liel agencies endorse the plan which allows re lief cllenl.s to expend approximate W. H. Elliott, 69, Dies On Tuesday W. H. Elliott, father of 11 sons and daughters, died yesterday at ills home here followint! :i brief llncss. Ifc was G9. Funeral rites were held this af-| tcriioan nl Cobb Funeral Home with the Rev. Alfred Carpenter. July . Oct. . Dec. . Jan. . Mar;- . : open 1USO IOU2 1021 100I> IDOl B92 high 1003 lOo'.t 1021 1008 100G 1)94 low 1089 1081 101(1 IQOli 1001 992 prev. close close 10U3 IflflO lOli'2 103') 1020 1021 lOOo 1007 1003 1007 993- 993 ptr.sons of enormous wealth. how meager your Julv Cliicaao Wheat open hisjh low close 107 1-4 108 1043-4 105 IOG 10(13-4 104 1-8 104 l-fi Chicago Corn May July open «•! 3-8 047-8 high 05 65 1-2 low close G3 7-8 04 041-4 C43-E pastor of First lki church, of- (tcintinu. liurlat was made in Maple Grove cemetery. Born In Dccaturville, Tcnii.. Mr. Elliott hud lived in Mississippi county for nuout -10 years, first residing nl Tliillmiin where he farmed for many years before moving to Ulylhcviile. He Is survived by his wife. Mrs. Ida Elliott; six diiiinhters. Mrs.! Fannie Wiseman ot Los Angeles.) Calif.. Mrs. Mae Williamson. Mrs. > Mamie Taylor, Mrs. HalMo Kins!.' Miss Florence Elliolt and Tholnia Jean Elliott, nil of Dlylheville; live sons. Willie Elliott ot Dccaturville. Alton Eliotl of Marion, Clifford. I!nbe and Elco Klltott of Blythe- Jail Accommodates Hiker But Sleep Ends Fatally NEW PHILADELPHIA. O. tUPl —Charles W. Baker of nearby Dover. O,, nske<i for accommodations at. Ihe New Philadelphia jail one ijight "so he wouldn't have make the walk home." lie was penuiued to sleep in cell, Duvtng the night lie rolled oil i Ihe top of the coll block, fell .seven feet to the lloor. ami died of a fractured skull. Former Resident Of Bassett Dies •Regardless possessions — them," he cautioned. "If you lose them." he cautioned. "If you lose them It makes little difference whether they arc taken by an or diimry murderer or rm liitenm- tionai pirate masquerading as self-appointed savior of n country whose language he can barely speak!" Criminals Sel at 5 Million Hoover estimated the crime arms in the United Status to number nearly 5.000.000 persons. "It cannot be denied," he said, "thai a certain lack of patriotism exists in the craven makeup ol anyone who deliberately and maliciously violates our laws. Spydoin. you can be sure, will find the 'ranks of lawlessness a fertile ground for recruiting traitors and Benedict Arnolds." . He also felt that the added stress and strain upon law enforcement agencies caused by the multiplicity of attacks from foreign agents would be "an open invitation to the underworld to further the interest of its own invisible empire— plunder and destruction." "You know and 1 know thnt n ASSET!'. Ark., May i.—Funeral services were held at Bassett Cemetery Monday at 11 o'clock for Penn Latham, who died in Memphis Saturday following an illness ot more than l\vo years. The Rev. Dykes, of Wilson Methodist church, conducted the .services. Mr. Latham, a native of Blount County, Ala., had made his home in (his community until a few years ago. He is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Clyde McCall ot Jackson Miss., Mrs. Emmie Hngen and Miss Margaret and Miss Peggy, of Memphis; and three sons, Virgil. Howard and J. B , all of Memphis. A Highway 01 accident last night it Bindelte, eight miles south of FUyilirjville, resulted in J. W. Smith, of Luxora being jailed on charge of driving while under the influence of liquor after he iad received minor injuries in the iccident- which damaged n truck and tin Her. The truck driven by Smith, and n which two horses rode, i.s said to have struck the tractor, owned by II. E. Long of Ointlette and driven by his son. at a curve in the highway, causing damages of about $70 to the trailer. Damage to the truck not, been estimated this morning. State police investigated the accident, which occurred about 7:3C o'clock during the blinding rain. Mr, Smiih's injuries are to hi-* head and slomach. He is staled for trial SaUmlaj in municipal court. the high winds were pushing the smoke from the furnace into the juilditig through the windows. While the building was filled with smoke, the "hello" girls kept to their posts answering many calls without ever mentioning location of the fire, despite a reporter's request for the information. Those on duly could hardly say 'Number Please" as the smoke fumes got into their throats but they answered calls as they stayed ;;i their places without knowing whether flames were endangering: Read Cnurier News want nds Smoke Fails To Rout Telephone Operators The Blylheville office of the Southwestern Bell Telephone company, Ash and Second streets, hnd plenty of smoke last night which cents per meal formerly. Taxpay B-Su».ZZ—CoprrlsM, WO, Mtjnolln Petiolmm Co. lilythcvillc Gasoline At STATE 5.INK I'KICKS 0 Gals, for SI.00 JOYNKR Oil, CO. ,U Iteil Top Gin V. S. Highway Gt, N'ortb NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service Performance... Your Car Needs these Services Wow! CRANKCASE—Drained and refilled with Summer MOBH.OIL. RADIATOR—Drained and flushed wilh MOBIL RADIATOR FLUSH. WHEEL BEARINGS —Removed, cleaned and repacked with MOBIL- GREASE. TRANSMISSION-Draincd; flushed. Filled wilh fresh MOIHI, GEAR OIL. GAS TANK—Filled with MOBILGAS which constant improvement has given even greater performance qualities for 1940. CBATTERY-Testcd and " checked. Terminals cleaned and tightened. C CHASSIS—Complete lubti- »J 0,1 lion of vital points with MOBILGKEASE. 7 01FF ER ENTIAL — ' Drained; (lushed. Filled with Summer MOBIL GEAR OH,. Summeiizc nml enjoy flashing rkk-np, quick ftet- BHHJ-, peppy performance that responds instantly. MAGNOLIA DEALER AT TKK SICN 0 F_T H E f LYING RED HOA1C The six-bottle carton of Coca-Cola is the ideal way to have refreshment at home. The carton is easy to buy and easy to carry. Pure, wholesome, delicious, —Coca-Cola belongs in your refrigerator. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA CO. BY [Phone 366 COCA-COLA BOTTLESG COMPANY .rfythevllle, Ark.

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