Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HOPE STAR, ROPE, ARKANSAS Hope © Star Star of Hope, 1899} Press, 1927. Conaolidnwa January 18, im 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! Published every week-day afternoon toy Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn, at The Star building, 212-214 Sontta .Valnvrt street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, PresWenl ALEX. H. WASHBURN. Editor and PvMMMr Sat.uu.1ay, September 2H, 10'P.O By Olive Roberts Barton (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Eneterwrfse Assfn. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 15« per month SSc; one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Wilier and LaFayrtte counties. $3.50 ver year; elsewhere 16.50. Member of The Associated Press; The Associated rress is exclusively ea- itted to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to It or not ithenvise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge -wul be made tor an tributes, cards ot thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial news* papers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a leluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the tafe-keering or return of any unselicited manuscripts. Healthy Political Body Best Infection Safeguard In the debate about the American attitude toward the war now sweeping Europe, there are varying points of view. There are certain points, however. that are common to almost all. First an overwhelming majority of Americans don't wnnt to get mixed up in the war. Second, a perhaps even greater majority are determined to defend our free government and free way of life at any point where it is shown to be definitely threatened. On these points practically all are agreed. Where differences begin are on questions of means. What is the best \vny to stay out of the war? And how best preserve for ourselves the freedom \vc know and love? The Senate is about to embark on a great debate of the first point. But basic, and underlying both, is the second consideration—the question of at I am beginning to wonder where all this "Shirt;-Tnii-O(.t" business will Innd us. So ninny children aoday .e^- pecially the boys, »o to .school in the most abandoned yrnb lhe\ can think up. No nne objects, I am sure, and cer- j tniiily not I. to common sense eloth- 1 es. The easy cardiswns nnd lumber jacks, the overalls and moccasins are fine. Open colhrs permit the blood to get up into the brain. Suspenders art- sensible, ton. l>vmise (hoy hold the ensemble together nnd stop the nervous hitchiny of trousers. One could write an o.le to the slack, loo.sc outfits of boys and girls today. For girls are us fond of tiioir free-and-easy garment;: as boys. Hut now there uppoai-i to be a tendency to outsmart the times and fio in for the ridiculous-. One of ihe latest is svearing the shirt outride the trousers. Another is to let shoes get as dirty as possible before the owner loves them. Someday, maybe, bare feet will be in fashion. Not that it would not be /;<iod for the feet, because it would. And at that perhaps a few callouses might look better than soiled sock. dragging in the mud and shoes with, as many layers of ;;rime as a newly plowed potato. "Head End Kind*" .May Set Styles 'today, after thinking it over. ! have decided to L>O on ,-; <irc.-s crusade.' While I like to see the kills unhampered ' and uninhibited, still I see a distant picture with my telescope that i.s ! not too pleasant. Maybe it is over-1 to say that the Dead I "Tks More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • *• You Can Talk to Only One Man « Want Ads Talk to Thousands SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One tim*—?.: word, minimum 30c Three times—3%c word, minimum Me Six times—«c word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum J2.1l) Rates are for continuous insertions only. He's Gently Tossed ' B y Passenger Train' Nazis Guide U. S. Ship Through Mines i Services Offered i SERVICES OFFEHEI>-See Hemp- i stead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, j for new and re-built. Phone Paul I Cohb C--8-.T. August 26-lm i SERVICES OFFEnED-Kxpert R.i- ' dio Repair Service and replacement : parts. All work guaranteed. Radio • Service. Phone 800. Rny Allen. i " 28-tf ! .SERVICES C/FFERED-A beautiful picture in oil colors S by 10 for 31.50, ; this week only. Shipley Studio. KAUUNOTON. Ky (/['(-William i Baxter. IlL'-year-old Nei'ro. owes his i life to the altertness of Krifimoor! H. L. Smith. ing aioiind a curve when ihe engineer saw Baxter lying asleep aeross the (nicks a short distance ahead. Smith j I tiuiekly applii-<| air brake* on the Inrn- ; motive and the train w.is slowed [tilmfrst to a -top when it struck I.lav-j ! lor. i j Unxlev. leased gr-ntly aside, .stiff-| J ored only a hip injury. j I - -«ttf O c*~- - i i Always Lock Under Bed ! , V.'OHT-ANn, \Vyo., -(.p.. M,-. alu | \ Mrs. I.ee Phillips searehed all throuj-h ———. — , __ ! (lie lion^e seeking their Iwo-year- '' FOH RENT—4 room unfurnished | old daughter when they failed to i apartment. Water and light meters, find her ,n bed where she had ' Fwr Rent installed. Close in. Phone 392. ":: !to :' ) ;;:;' if r p u"iT ''";"'!•',""•; r""" ' lu *i p* c -^ m ^ <^w ™, P h«v^^ w r n-o,,, ^ Am,™-.™ m,,,- liMt'iiii. nan an nonr later, after 1 c- 1 -.- -...i- .. i • t . . — .-• FOR HKNT-Kront Uedroom. dose in. Adjoining bath. Call GOT. o[.; !lp j dr.ld s;'My asleep under a heel, she ! had taken a tumble from bed u> >r,n UPMT i- i • , i ''"""' •'""' l! " ;i> ''"'led over l,, finish 1'OR Rt.NT—0 rooc house in A-l j ),,.,• ,,,,,, condition. Apply Middlebrooks Groc- j ery. 21-,'itc i FOR RENT—Room and board. 1~K. \' Urrey. .'{15 West Division St. An offioM 1 frnni the thcirply iwiruins coursi? llnmigh a mine-infesirti area iMwr-en Sweden and Dotnnatk. ' ^ \ FOR RENT—I! room furnished apart- ! • ve< " SKRVK'KS OFFERED - Furniture i finisluH. ,e;,,m'ed and re-upholster- b ""'' :> CUvll ' ic 3 "' St ' '•Id furniture new. FOR RENT: Five three room apartment, unfurnished i if inleresUv! in lakinu a course in I'l ShiM-tb.aiul. locally Phone 13-1 or M!. ! l!)-litp i Magnolia addition. Phone ILS-F-11 Mrs. — — j J. {'.. Schooley. just what point American freedom and the American way of life are threatened. ,' drawing it a bit Nobody can question the fact that the European war is in some ways closely End Kids may become allied to the imperialistic wars of the past—another of the great struggles for of dress, but the control of foreign colonies. Genghis Khan fought for this, and Sobieski. and Charles Martel, and Gustavus, and Napoleon, and Wellington, and Bismarck, and Wilhelm II. This war is like those wars. But it also has a new phase. It is shaping up also into a conflict between ; two ways of life—the ideal which western Europe inherited from the Greeks, j W£uer - a brush and of a state as a mere administrative machine set up by free and individualistic. citizens to serve the ends they decided on: and the totalitarian ideal of the state as Moloch, served by anti-subjects, whom it conditions and controls. As between these two philosophies, the United States chose 150 years ago, and it stands today for freedom and a free civilization as it did in 1776. How best protect that heritage? Wanted For Sale it may come 10 that unless we are careful. Neatness is not a matter of money. It is a theme of habit. It docs not cost dollars. It costs elbow «ri>ase and I VVAN'TED--Mill-. Producer who can j uirni.sh LTt to 40 gallons milk. Hope •C'riMincry & Dairy Co. 22-jtc. i Found Mothers for uses worried, about but- i tons and broken shoe .strings. Now they ihrug r.nd say. "Jimmy doesn't want it that way. ttVll— it saves mo time and trouble, but [ wish he would be a little prouder of his looks-." There are some who maintain that Europe during the past 20 years bred Thc .''° '- s surnethiny about, starch a pestilence of totalitarianism which -must infect our own lives unless we i ' S colchln fe'- something about a stamp it out— that as long as this pest-house exists unsterilized across the sea ' '' ;nUg ' ilpponl ' ;!lw that '» f.xhilarant- we must become infected— that patches of infection are already seen in our own political Body. But there are others who believe that '.he best defense against infection of any body, political or physical, is in its own rugged and glowing health, which will provide its own best immunities. Unless this condition of health is present, any monkeying around pest-houses would be fatal, and dangerous enough in any event. This is certain: no step must be omitted to insure the health of our own political body against any contingency— and that means to preserve rigorously FOUND-Klecti-ie Ra/or. O'wner ma\ iiave by describing and paying t<'f t!i:s ad. l-'htjne 7Ctf. ^O-.'ittUi For Rent . L vo 'Uniishetl rooms. S14.00 per acre. Easy Terms. C. B. TYLER PI ! Washington Gin Company Is ginning | i nnd wrapping up to 525 pound bales I $.'!..")() All bales over .")2. r > pounds, ad- | ditiona! Ic a pound. Also store your S(MH | A. N. Stroud will haul balos'into FOR SALE— 114 acres Sandy land. . . Watered by well and spring. A mile H opo Compress for 2Jc each. A. N. of Oily Limits. 2 houses, one barn. Stroud. V.'a:-hin;'ton. Ark. Sopt 5-lm f ,. , .~~->-v-~«.. WJV y. VM1 _ia».»vT« t ^ut>^K»t'««'«-viroOTtM4aMUM6B»<^ .mytu^itj.-a x;» r ^fftqquftpffi : To din- cust'imers who iiavc clcithi--j '.'"' wcflclin" trip of Cnpt. Hani; Hrui5on. of thn Amoriran liner Phone -JSJ-) 118 So Main St. j ,,, ulll . ., u ,,, 11 , 0: ,,iea ; e j;iv«- us iwo day.. : pe.-inyork.^ind Mrs. Manscti. postponed ten year:;, proved ;:n oxcil- !9 - ;i| !' (notice i.efn," von wa'.ii these clothes' lllj: °""-. ""'-V ;in * piclurcd .'iftor rrUtrninf: to Now York from a — . __ i , (iv( ,, v /' ...,;. (1 , k vuu H .,i, Br(1 ,. : vny;ifto into thn Baltic \vnr wno. where llio Scanyorl; picked up 20-1 FOR SALE-One suit of antimie ! rii-u'<v- "md n'lUe.-' ' "'l-'Uc v ;' ;u " ! ' rfll «"0s- and v/ns stopped l.iy Gorman warship:;. A Na/.i do- furniture and one piano. Mrs W W | _..!-" ".!-.' '- -.-'-'- '-— f'"-'"' ^-yit"' (ho U S. ship lhroti{,'h mino fields o(T Denmark, Duckett. 522 South El,,, Street, vo-l.c! NOTICK-St,-;,yed f,'.-,n my Guerns- Unu "* ll to stMin Uill-spw-tl alon K a narrow, twislmt; channel. ing; something about clean slice that kindles l|-.e spirit and says .-idjoiniiiK bath. ,-inj. L . i,,. Apply SK) I Machine Co. Pho-ie 197 K;wt L'nd St. Clearance sale on used sewing ma- j and split in rinht car. de.-n i-r,,,> .ill nl ]{,,„,. ], ; , s caiiceleil it.-, coivr-ntion chines; price:; cut. one-half. $5 and up. liM't ear. black tail. • rr.ail P. and bar ,,| U,e CenK) ess for Protection of bab- Sept. 20th to Oct. 1st. Singer Sewing \ on li^lit si-ii'. our freedoms, our right to free choice of policies, while fighting with unabated vigor the focal points of infection, unemployment, insecurity, the waning of faith in our domestic future. • THE FAMILY DOCTORi To be brushed, slicked up. with thing in place for school ;U gets into oharacter. Carelessness doe : ; not ciiaru;c nighl. fou luiov/. It sticks and devastating effc-ct on fiiturt- a To jjot up. .slide into any old any old v.-ay fur school, isn't in of ecency or good trainin T. M. REG. U. 3. PAT. Off By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Hygela, the Health Mafazine Swimmers Should Maintain Body Heat By Exercise to Keep Up Resistance 13 years of age were recorded before and after they had been swimmhm Cor 45 minutes in an outdoor pool with the water at 7,'i degrees, F. Only ;>,(> of tlii; children maintained a normal temperature. All of the remiiinint; 22 children had a reduced temperature; in some instances as low as 95 decrees F. '" " An increase in both the rod white in the water. Animals that live in in both the rod and i blood ceils was noted in group swimmers who stayed in 08.;") degrees i F. w?ter for -15 minutes. All of these | swimmers appeared purplish in color i body; and there was an average reduction i Fahrenheit in the i Last of two articles on ho\v to to man's 98.6 degrees F. The keep healthy while swimming. heat is retained in these animals; of four deuces _ Ot importance to the swimmer is by large liver, a thick layer of fat, i temperature we length of time that he may remain and a heavy fur coat. I Chilling of the body Human beings do not have any com- I es construction of the water are especially adapted to cold and exposure, but men are not. The seal, whether swimming or rest- pensating mechanism for maintaining I of the skin ing on a cake of ice, has a normal temperature of 101 degrees F. Some, Arctic animals have a normal tem-' at five times the normal rate. perature of 104 degrees F.. in contrast Temperatures of 250 children under surtace caus- bloorl vessels ... , .. „ . _ and of the mucus mern- their normal temperature. When albranes. Tliis tends to intorfre with person is submerged in water forlthe blood supply and to lower the' 20 minutes at a temperature of 70 j resistance to infection. ! degrees F., he may lose body heat Every person HEROINE IN FICTION HORIZONTAL 1 Heroine o£ Longfellow's poem of the iame name. 10 The scene of the is Nova Scotia. 13 Camel's hair cloih. 14 Assessment amount. 15 Dc-ity of v/ar. 1C Unferrnented grape juice. 17 Short cloak. 18 Whip stroke. 20 Corr.nound ethers. 22 Quickly. 24 Babylonian god. 25 To relax. "9 AiLstero. ^ Professed set (it opinions. .'M : J i:-rt<'.inin2 to ti'Jr-s. ,';5 Persona! enemy. 30 To withdraw. 37 Preposition of place. Answer to Previous Puzzle 38 VA-ath. 30 Split pulse. 42 Married persons. '47 Right of precedence. 49 Card game. 51 Opposite of wins. 52 Salt. 53 Her people were exiled from or Nova Scotia. 55 Kind of tax. 58 Bemoans. 59 She was separated from her fiance VERTICAL 2 Tanning vessels. 3 To adjoin. 4 Cognomen. 5 Units of woik. 50 Poem. 12 Orient. 1C For years she i'or him, 19 Grooms, -* Answers. 23 Tesriirs. 26 Epoch. 27 Encountered, 28 Notion. 30 Cereal grass. 31 Fish. 32 Vulgar fellow. 36 Midday sleep. 40 Genus of birds. 41 Earth mixture. 43 Chart. 44 Yellow bird. 45 To employ. 46 Southeast. 47 Sanskrit dialect. 48 Gonus of auks. who swims in an in- | door pool, where the h o dy i.s not ' exposed to the warm rays of the sun. i should bo constantly active instead • of .silting around on a cold tile floor' in a wet hathinfi suit. The bather, who sits around on a windy beach in j ;i wet suit i.s likely to have a similar > rapid loss of body heat by evaporation. • © ANSWER TO CRAN5UM CRACKER Prolilem mi J'ayi. o., r Your maternal yranchnothei- is l ho same person a-: your mother's you receive Sl!^") plus in all. This pair! lebt leaves, a balance lUfi So. Main ' Ri-ii--e:iab!e « ward. ".. M. IV/iant. bahie ; to be unprutccted. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN . . ALLE> 1OP Ooola Really Is in Deep Now V. T. HAML1N , GODDESS, HE SAILED AVVA.V WJTH • PLEET _, j, N0 ^QW THE -' SAY, \A. ; H£RE'5'\ : iwi,\r 77.7.; /> i ABOUT... OUT~':\ // • "OO [)::\~ '•-<.- our .-vOiv. ATTACK DEPRND / UPON THE FEW "1 f X THE WOODEN THE HORSE /'WHAT WOULD THAT WILL /'HAVE DOME WiTH- GAIM US (OUT S'OOR WISP --'W^ EWTRANCE V COUNaEL. 1 ^--, TO TROV, ' •, ,.._ . -< llu , X / ' ' . ' '• \ ) fif.''-^-Afff\' ' .^4 '• . • •, i" '.'.^. ' : 5, . i,' . L &*».* ^^ WASH TUBBS Of !.O':n c? HOLV MEM, WE HAVE CAPTURED r.?;L!". MISERABLE -Si'iSS \iiEWHG THE 5ACRED ( bEAUTV K-iTE^ OF WPPA-HUUA mother. S S5C-.50. or SI 75.00 on the SSO of S1'J5.50. Europe is .-.iiuttlins her Gained glass windows into basements for safety. American householders might do fikc-wisc in October to forestall unnecessary ^. T« '^ <m^&i /^ft .(J Gibbon. 7 Newspaper paragraph. 8 To scold. 9 Runs away. 10 Heap. 11 Coins. 52 Courtesy 53 Dye. 54 Into. f>6 Heart in Egyptian mythology. 57 £11. title. Want It Printed LET EACH BE AWOMTED uom OIL AUD BECOME A FLAAMWG SACR1 TOTHE60PDESS Things Look Pretty Hot £ By ROY CRANE We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. Whatever your needs, we caji serve them. Star Piiblishhij COMPANY "Printing That Makes an lnipcC!::iicn" L:/« '^ysff^isl^ffSt m'&*miM!& FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ^ r -.-? LOOKS LIKE. THE BEAUTV 5ECEET VJONt DO MUCH60OD, PODUEH. THCV'RE TO BURVJ US AT THE \ STAKE! In Dutch Ajjain / Bur i DID TRY .^ / TO CALL YOU TO APOLOSIZE- Y "V •\, fOR_Bclt-vS_ SUCH A SAP ) 1 HEARD AND 1 GOT THE 1 . VVROS^S NUMBER/ W" ALU ABOUT IT.' THAT A -ri-;i» 1 DOrsl'T C ./[-.•.I § K'WC.V VV.'--O S'r-\'± 1 WELL,WHE,\J SHE PASSES, CALL MC UP SOME 3Nc KINGSTON By MERRILL BLOSSER RED RYDER Red Volunteers By FRED HARMAN A rV<SfeRtOUS"1VH(vJ3" -i HA& SEEN VJOL.F CRE.EK. 0 i'n SORRY, RAQUEL. ,' UTTl-E QEAV&RAM 1 .MUST RE.TUR.M TO ~' ' ,- -t •••• / v " < -' or " 'j" at '. Y ! i . l -*'"' i ' v "- r ' ''' c - >•"• "- cc u -- G - r ' Af Ofl '^

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