Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1939
Page 6
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o PAGE SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, September 22, 1 < Preview Sat. 11 P. M. Sun.-Mon. "New" Franchot Tone. Robert Young, Robert Taylor in "Three Comrades" Not since "A Farwell to Arms" has so memorable a love story laid against a background of the aftermath L-t the World War comes to the screen as "Three Comrades," filmization of the Erich Maria Remarque novel, which opens Preview Saturday It p. m. Sunday and Monday at the New Theatre for a two day showing. Rarely has so completely satisfac-' Plymouth for 1940 Offers Luxury Ride Brilliant Chassis Engineering Croates New Hide Formula Completely new from bumper to bumper—much larger and more luxurious in every respect—new 19-JO Plymouth "Roadking" and Deluxe models will be formally presented to Hope motorists by local Plymouth dealer B. R. Hamm Motor Co.. here OILS' week. Greater "eye appeal," as well a.s larger size, is evident at once in the sample display o: new Plymouth body styles ready for unveiling here by liio local dealers. In appearance, added richness is gained by the fresh chrome treatment ot iirille and cat-walk louvres. Luxury keynotes the style of new. massive fenders and the larger body—which, by actual measurement, contains 12 cubic feet more space inside. More "automobile" for the 19-10 motor dollar is apparent in every line. The new Plymouth is built on a bigger. 117-ineli wheelbase—but considerably more important as an index of increased size, the new car's total ex- 1 ,,superb as the girl who brings fresh hope to his life, and Tone and Young , . , in simple, expressive portaruls finish tcnor surface is 17 sit. ft. greater than off " quartet of brilliant acting jobs. The Remarque- story describes the experiences of the three comrades as they return from the front to face an uncertain future together in a country gripped by post-war disturbances. Taylor, the youngest, falls Sulla van, and the 'comrades Taylor and Miss Sullavan are married and she suffers a serious ihiess 011 their honeymoon. Later, tovy a combination of story, players i in love with Miss and,director been given a film drama ! love affair gives all three as in this story of four people, dazed ' a new interest in life. by their experiences in a war-torn generation and attempting to find rehabilitation in a new world full of mocking illusions. With Robert Taylor. Margaret Sulavan. Franchot Tone, and Robert] ion in a distant sanitarium Tone sells Young filling tile stellar assignments, j his proudest possession, a racing car, and with a supporting cast comprising j to raise the fund but Miss Sullavan """'' "" "~ -' '"-•-- Kibbee, jdies. leaving Taylor and Tone to face the future alone. while Voung is slain in a political riot. When Miss Sullavan faces an operat- such fine performers as Guy Lionel Atwill, Henry Hull" Charley Grapewin and Monty Woolley, the picture's characters come vividly to frank Borzage, director of such ; me morable love storiefas •Humorcs- his recent in Lady Of The Tropics" offers the! most distmuiihed and heartwarming performance of his career as the young World War veteran faced with the necessity of beginning his life anew in an alien world. Margaret Sullavan is his direction of "Three Comrades." It ii a picture not to be missed by old and yi.ung alike. Added short include. RKO Pathe New? and Donald Duck in "The ugly Duckling." 250 Page 50c DICTIONARY Only 25c Briant's Drug Store If you should die tonight will youj family be adequately protected. TAJLBOT FEILD, Sr. District Manager Reliance Life Insurance Co, Life, Health and Accident Box 41, Hope, Arkansas. THE THEATER New Recounting in a vivid manner the enemy of crime, .Simon ETAOIN further adventures of that archenemy of crime. Simon Templar. "The Saint of London" open an engagement at the New Theatre Friday and Satur- flay. *amiliar to the detective fiction tans of two continents through the widely read novels of Leslie Charteris and to moricgoers through twi recently successful films, "The Saint" Legal Notice JAV.VA%V.W.VV.V.V.V.v\ Dr. J. D. Johnson I; PAnnounces the opening of offices'! * First National Bank Building } before. New "Unit" Design Body lines flow in continuous curves to include the new fenders, hood and radiator shell—all now esfbntia.Jj- part of the new "unit" design—and end at the back in a beautiful new streamlined rear deck that slopes back at 45 degrees. The new streamlined rear end completely conceals this year's larger trunk, that is lighted at night by inside "windows" at the back of the two tail lamps. For 19-10. the whole front end is completely new although it bears Plymouth's unmistakable identity. This year's grille is more nearly a solid section in body color, broken only by a bright metal center strip and three decorative louvres at either side, high and close to the chromium belt. The lower grille, however, is much bigger, with larger ventilating sections ancf fresh chrome treatment on the cat-walk louvres between the fenders. These now provide 270 square inches of added ventilating surface for ah- intake to the radiator core. Larger, more massive fenders, front and rear, match the bigger proper-! lions .of the new automobile. Both ] front and rear fenders are higher at the crown, and lengthen out over all four wheels to add horizontal emphasis to the car. This style theme is repeated in two parallel speed lines on each fender, directly ober the wheel. New "Luxury Ride" The same engineers who pioneered "balanced weight" for s'rnoother riding, and started current practice in the location of seats with respect to the wheels, now introduce a new ride formula to obtain better weight distribution than was ever before possible in a low price car. Plymouth's new 117-inch wheelbase i.s onl.-i part of the story. On that longer riding base, the engine is moved forward 4 inches in relation to the wheels, while the rearaxle is pushed more than 7 inches farther back. As a result, the rear seat now is completely ahead of the axle, much closer to the center of car weight, where motion caused by road irregularities has least New Plymouth for 1940 Features "Luxury Ride" carry this redistributed weight on a new massive frame, with heavier front cross member for greater rigidity. The new fra'me brings clown the 'car's floor-level, producing a lower center of gravity for greater stability. Big front coil springs of Amola steel arc standard on all models, each sprign formed from an 11-foot rod of this special alloy. Because Amola steel is much stronger and tougher than ordinary spring steel, rear springs also have thinner, longer leaves for greater flexibility and softer spring action. At all four wheels, upward motion as well as rebound of the Nil Financial Worries ' NEW YORK — Lou Gchrig is said to have $-10,000 worth of offers for next season, one of which is a daily. 15-minute radio program. PREVIEW SAT. 11 P.M. SUN.&MON. Krii'h Maria Remarque author of "All Quiet On the Western Front" (follows it with his Creates! masterpiece... long a best novel ... it readies its greatest power DJI the .screen. SHORTS: LATEST NEWS WALT DISNEY'S DONALD DUCK. i:i — "The Ugly Duckling" SUN. - MOM. II) & •!(>(.• Next to the electrical spring formed from an 11-foot rod if I automotive industry type, double acting shocK absorbers. ot copper and its industry, the the liiryi-.st• | .illoys. FRI. SAT. "The Saint in London" TIIItlLl, - KIOT SIIOC'K-MYSTKKY CHARLES STARRETT—in--"NORTH OF THE YUKON" No. I! "DAREDEVILS OF THE KKI) CHU'LE" Both Deluxe and "Roadking" models f } 1 Practice Limited to Eye, Ear Nose and Throat, .' J Legal Notice IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT L. M. THOMAS, AND MARY H. THOMAS PLAINTIFFS VS. NO. 5321 Southwest Quarter of Section 20; West Half of Southeast Quarter of Section 20; and Part of the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 10. all in Township 13 South, Range 2'J Weu. in Hempstead County. Arkansas, hereinafter more particularly described . ... DEFENDANT NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That there has been filed in my office as Clerk of the Chancery " Court of Hempstead County. Arkansas, a petition by the above named plaintiffs. for the quieting of the- title in thr-:n and the confirmation of the title of the pJaintiffj' to (lie follov/ui^ described lands situated in Hcmp.-.tead County, Arkansas, to-wit: Southwest Quarter 'SW'i> of Section Twenty <2G', We-1 Half <W' a i of Southeast Quarter <SE'i) of Section! Twenty (20'. and Pan of the South-i ea.st Quarter i.SE';i <»f the Northeast, Quarter f.VE'ii of Section Nineteen! (19), described hi foil •r;;-,: Begin at a j point 3.1U chains South of the North- ) fast coiner of the -.-,i/J 10 acre-?, run I thence South 16'JO chair:., to the South- ! ea.st corner of .said )ij acre trad, run ' thence West 1.24 e-haii-._~. -.o the corner I of the Shovor S:;;-ir:H.-,-Kulcon io;,-r • run thence North'.vc-.terly air:.; the'' center of said road 18.70 chain,, run. thence due Ea-M 8.76 chain., back to the • point of beginning. bc-:n« ai: ti. ' pa:-, i of said 40 acrc-.s lying Ka.-;i of --.yA ,<,a'l except 4 acre- otf of (Iv; .Yo.-!h de^.-to- fore conveyed lo J. M. ftivc". All of ' the above dcv-.cnhed land.-, be.i.g iu Township Thirteen ( l:j.> South, Range- Twenty-three <2'.',< YVe:-.i. in Heir.r - : stead County. Arkaiua.-,. and containing in the irrigate- i!8'a acre-, :;iore , or le.-,s. All pc-i-.On.-, '.-li'i/rmriif .-.aio 1 lm,il-. ,,: any interest ih'.-rcin are hereby warned to appeal n: _>aid court and shov. cau.if: why .sai'J tiile- to --.aid land., should not be- coi.fi:i:,ed in the .-.aid WITNESS: .My hand a.-; cleark of the Chanec-iv C'j-iil and the seal tfieieof. ay of Julv. 1339. RALPH BAILEY if. of the Chancery Cou;t of •ir.ps'^art Countv. Arkansas. jj 22 '£> fjnd Oct. G. WARNING ORDER IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT JOHN M. STAGER PLAINTIFF Vs. VICTORIA WITHERSPCON CLEVELAND ct al DEFENDANTS j effect on the ride. The defendants. Victoria Wither-' spoon Cleveland. Carnell Witherspoon and Mrs. Carnell Witherspoon, his i , , ..__ Fv f ,Tin° r w^ Ce Withc r?P° on P ?" er ' i returns to the screen again in the niV wm Wltherspoon , Hopson. John- pcrson o{ Gcorgc Sandcr * . save Bri . me Witherspoon and Mrs. Johnnie j tj , h llctol , wi , h % ttractivc Sally G ray .Vitherspoon his wife, Elrnorc Wither- : BS his ronlantic . foil . Fihncd , n l nglla ^ spoon and Mrs Elmore Wuher.spoon, , inst , hc allthentic back g rou n d of h,s wife, the Unknown He.rs of D. , Grcat Brhain ' s Ua , ^ ^ W. W.thcrsLoon deceased the Un- Ls , ak , to be , hc most cxcitj , of h known Heirs of Mack Witherspoon,! RKO R-^-'i "Saint" •- >rics '•' Deceased, the Unknown Heirs of OHie, Fresh A his audacious exploits in Witherspoon. deceased. G. T. Blaj£ Amcrica^lhc Saint" visits-.London the suggestion of the British FASHION DETAILS THAT MAKE PLYMOUTH THE 1940 BEAUTY Huge Ne wTrunk is no w illuminated. Spare wheel, mounted in righ t side, is more accessible. Luxurious New Interiors. Wiiler, deep- cushioned .seals. Increased vision through larger windows, windshield. Scaled Beam Headlamps ftive 50-65% brighter road lighting without added glare. New Rear Doors...full width sit the bottom for easy cniraiu'c. Running boards aru optional. kenship and Mrs. G. T. Blankcn-shipT hi;; wife, FaiMer.s Royalty Holding Company, a corporation. Farmers Mutual Royalty Syndicate, Inc., a corporation, the Unknosvn Heirs of N. E. Cleveland, Deceased, and the Unknown Claimants of any interest in and to the Fractional Northeast Quarter <NE V 4) and the Fractional Northwest Quarter iNW'ii of Section «. Township 11 South, Range 26 West, in Hempstead County, Arkansas, and uach of them arc hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff herein. Witness my hand and seal a.s clerk of ia.'d court on this 1st clay of September, 1039. RALPH BAILEY, Clerk, tseal> Sept. 1. '4, 15 and 22, 1930. at the suggestion of the British Se- ] cret Service, to become embriicd with I a criminal gang intent upon defrauding [ a foreign government. ' By stealing a document from the gang chief, essential for the completion of the fraud, "The Saint" finds liim- telf involved in a scries of ha/aclou.s adventures. how he- finally exposes the perpetrator of the plot, and pins the inurdc-i ' charge on the real culpritics, is imr- , rated with a wealth of tense and dramatic incident. ; The second feature on this two flay ' program stars Charles Starrct in "North of the Yukon which also includes the Pioneer Wranglers a musical group j ot radio and screen fame. Chapter number three of the new serial Dare- j devils of the Red Circle completes this three unit program. ' PLYMOUTH ORE ROOM. BE SURE TO TAKE THE GREAT LUXURY RIDE Seats moved farther ahead of rear axle... wheel base now 117". It's a ride incredibly smooth, soft, relaxed. STEERING POST GEAR SHIFT .STANDARD, ALL MODELS Saturday, September 3O, to Be Deadline for Paying Poll Tax Thi.- rol!o\vinj.r statement on payment of poll tuxes released jointly by Attorney General Jack Holt and Auditor J. Oscar Humphrey is, .so far as the law i.s concerned, an official opinion by the attorney general's office. The tii,-\v law fixes the deadline for payment of poll taxes October 1, but since this falls on Sunday this year the actual deadline will be Saturday nijfht, September ''0. Th'- official statement follows. Act K2 of the Act-; of Arkansas, 1939. change^ the old law and provide., ti-.dt a j,crKo.n inrjv now pay his poll lax up to midnight of the fir.-,', day of October of this year H939J. Pli.-a.-.c bear in mind that it i.s ab.-.olutoly necessary for everyone who •.-.-.'.-,//.•; ir, '.'utc in the primary ntxt year <19-IO.i to have a poll tax issued iJi'ior to nii'lnifjhi of the first day of October, 1939. Aii i-ei'Kori., who failed to assess last year and who wL»h to pay their pop 'ax between now and midnight October 1, 'may assess delinquent '•'. ith tho a:..>c:-.sor and pay their poll tax without a penalty, under the provi ;.-..,:.. n! Section •! ui the Act- of Arkansas. 1939. which reads a.s follow.,: "J.'ia' id'- f.-ollectoj i of th'.- various counties of the ilatfj are hereby .•-ui.hon/.crl and directed not to collect, the penaHiCi provided by law for if i i.'i'if.T.t j.ijll tax u.-oo.-.' in'.-ril.; for the year 1938, upon which assessment laxi.-.-. aie to be paid in I'-j'JJ." Lo not forget \ou mu.-.t iiave a poll lax i.-,.-;ued and dated prior to innlni/i,t October 1. J93'J, in older to vote in the primary of 1940. On oi.couiit of tl^ nnijoilance of this change in the law, which might b-ji thousands, of good citizens fi'oni voting in the primary next year because they have not been made aware of the change, will you, who rear! this -.riii-U-. plf-ase inform as many people as possible in your county of the change in the law. Shifting is a luxury, too—with steering post gear shift at no extra cost... new design transmission and clutch. THE REAR SEAT RIDES LIKE THE FRONT ssis enfiiiiecrinfi, new body design, new appointments, all are part of (he formula for tJjo Luxury Hide. This New Plymouth is the Biggest in History... the Low-Priced Beauty with the Luxury Ride! E JK at the new grace, luxury and distinction of riym- • otith! Never lias a lou-priced car o/ferccl such value! >x - ... '' You'll be aina/cd at I'lyniotith'.s- n;-\v .spacion.siif.vs. ..at the luxurious fuel (A tin: big Floutinjj; Power engine— Superjinuhed in vital parts for long-life smoothness. livery new feature, every new engineering development, plays its part in bringing you a Luxury Riils at luw price! Drive tins new, MAJUR I1U\\ I-.:-:' AMA'lt.lK JJOUR.C )ig-value Plymouth today! II. S. NtTVVOKf.', 'I'llL'K.S., 'J-ID )'. M. ,K. K.T. Easy to rl Convenient Terms Yoi;r prt'.scut car will pr:)li;tli!y ivprosi-iil a luriii- |iri>|M>rliuii <(f I'iyrnoiuli's lu\y ik- Ihcri'd prii'i-.. .1 ho !>:}]:>nt-f id surprisingly low monthly instalments. I'lytii- outli Division of l-'liryjtlur Corpora. Uulruit. AlicJi. 1940 PLYMOUTH THE LOW-PRICED WITH THE '

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