Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1939
Page 5
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or 22, 10:";!') "Cash and Carry" Favored by Bailey G o v o r M i.) r Tele graphs President, Approval of His Proposal UTTUC HOCK -— Governor Bailey Friday described President Hoose- vell's "cash and carry" plan for trade in war male-rials as Ihe "eour.sc most likely to avoid an armed conflict for this nation." I He telegiaphed ihe president that Arkansas ''enthusiastically supported" Ihe Roosevelt position. Sailorlholhut (Continued from Pnge One) ing. We knew they were dead." A check of those in the forward torpedo and control rooms showed SI! survivors, Maness recounted. w He said no one was seen later outside the door he closed. lie said all the victims probably were engulfed im- 'medialely by the deluge, which investigation has shown probably resulted frcim :< faulty hutch. "We divided up. about the same number in each room, so thai our air supply wouldn't become exhausted." he raid. "We used gas masks in passing through lhe forward battery into the torped room, as tin- chlorine gas there- Was very bad." Mancss said none of the survivors fell any apprehension for his safety., although il was late Wednesday before Ihe group was lioi/'Ird to safely in a navy iliving bell. He was among the nine membeis l/iken in the second ol three loads. All survivors immediately were- interned at the hospital at Portsmouth and confined, until Friday noon. Maness worked nine- weeks aboard the Falcon, salvage- vessel J'rom which 4| (he rescue of the Sqnalus was directed, and was Iran fei-red back to the Squa!us when (he .Mil) finally was towed into port .it PuriMiionth. Although damaged e-un.'.itk i ahly by its lengthy stay under water, the craft will be reconditioned iiiiim-dialely and will be re; lore-d te. service in several months. Mane-:,; is not an.Nious to spend the reniaininij two year.s of iiis second three-year c-nli.-tinenl aboard the "Naturally the me-n who sank with *> her wouldn't relish going back to her," he said, i!.n ii Uiey are asrigifed there-, they won't say a word, of HOPE STAfc, HOfrS, ARKANSAS PAGE Buick Rbadinaster Performance Leader Bruce Catton Says: Japanese Push Bid for 'Understanding' With America IJ.v BRUCE CATTON NKA Wjisliingloi) (.'ofrcsixiiidcii/ WASHINGTON—The Japanese govermncnl is trying lo get back into' America's friendship again. Both'formal and infonnn) overtures are MOW being made, and the goal is an "nnderslandhiR" wliich would permanent ly remove the danger of war between the. two countries. So far, the Japanese! idea is for anv>- "umlerstanding" on Japan's own terms, including acceptance by the United States of Japan's ceinquesl oj China and Manchukuo. Since this country's official position lias been that it does not 1 recotxni/c territorial . changes made by force and in violation of Irealics, Ibal hope is perhaps somewhat re-mole. Nevertheless, the campaign for a .•settlement of Japanese-American dif- ficullies is being pushed. | Knvoy Talks With Hull Publicly. [( recently look the foi in and will be ;i job far beyond Japan's- unaided resources. Japan feels t'nnl il ought to be possible to cornu lo agreement on spheres of influence in (he Pacific satisfactory to both countries. Beyond thai, Mr. Go ropirsents the signing of the Hussian-Japane.se agreement as a development favorable to Japanese-American harmony. The Japanese attitude on thai goes like this: the .sooner the. war in China is wound up. ''by a Japanese victory, of course.' the .sooner can Japanese- Submarines Seen Off U.S.A. Coast President Roosevelt Reports Them Off Alaska and Boston. Mass. WASHINGTON — i/Pi — President Roosevelt disclosed Friday that submarines-, which lie said were not identified, had been sighted off southern Alaska and off Boston. Mass. The submarines were not American. Roosevelt said. - —>.--c2«»-O ^w Germans Anxious (Continued trom Page One; Sefd " nltVl? f m ° t0rHcara fotl 1940 ' Buick c ° v "-s more completely the market above the h.lri t h J I,ted above ,« the new Series 70 Roadmaster, an addition to the line for next year and held to be the outstanding performance automobile in the industry. The car has a 141 h n motor and Is built on a 126-inch wheelbase chassis. Completely new stream.J styling futures the 1940 New Buick Fifty "Super" Coupe of renewed convolutions between • American friendship be restored. The Secretary of Stale Hull and Kensuke agreement with Russia will help Japan Horinouebi, Japanese ambassador: The win the war. and hence will briny a ambassador presented no proposals. I final understanding with America that j hand. and observe how England pulversies in a sensless. aimless war her riches and. in short, the very foundations of her government and economy, in order at the right moment to take the leacl- n ship from Great Britain's exhausted "We have been married a year and never quarrel. If a difference 1 ol opinion arises, and 1 am right, my husband gives in." "But. what if ho is right?" "That has not yet occurred." Kiss Vceron— They say a kiss shortens one's life three minutes. Frisby— How about killing off a few days? "Frequent water drinking," says- a specialist, "prevents one from getting stiff in the joints." "Yes. but some joints don't serve water. "They say Claire is a wonderful'ac- companist." "Yes, I've heard that she doesn't care where she goes." but simply discussed various aspects of the two countries' relations. Il is understood further talks will be held later. Unofficially. Japan's point of has been presented here by the much closer. of Tothi Go. Japanese to the World's Fair in private citizen. Mr. Go to have been acting sound out .sentiment and present his' government's point of view. During a j week's visit he conferred with a num- | br of government officials, representa- j lives, and senators. ' Navy May Hi; Behind Hove -So far Mr. Go has had a prcll.v noncommittal reception here. Although ' the outbreak of the war in Europe has created a good deal of sentiment in New York. A ! f»vor of doing whatever can be done is understood i to 1-iSMsn the danger of a clash in the informally to I Pacific, the proposition lo date is pret- view visit commissicMer ly largely a simple proposal America okay what Japan has in China. The general understanding here is that two factors led to this effort to re- The general tenor of Mr. Go's nics- | store friendship. The more immediate arnin striven on - — • (Continued from Page One) admitted companies. The newspapers have lehiM'd (,, wvi .^ advertisements In-ii: them, (ecling. no doubt, that ;:ucl> advortisc'iients would not be fo.- the best in. (.rests of our citizens. Mr. HainM>ii urges every citiv.on to make sure tbe company be is deal- in;; with is an admitted company bo- foi'e hi- pays any premium:, to 'them by mail or otlu-rwi.se. Special ( ,n FLOOR FURNACES KASY MfA TERMS m HARRY W. SHIVER IPIAJMKINC; I-JIONE 259 ON A 121-INCH WHEEUBASE chassis, powered by a 107 h. p. valve-In-head-stralght eight engine, this deluxe Coupe in the new Series 50 Super line is one of Bulck's offerings for 1940. The car !s completely equipped and Is featured by a full width rear seat within the coupe body. It represents the latest word In style, design and mechanical advancement. John Deere Wagons Complete Stock Our Friers and 'Perms Will Interest You Hempstead Motor Co, Announces 1940 Buick Showing at Hope Friday spect lor lhe pioneers of this busines— the former dress manufacturers and the ex-furriers and pants-prossers. Far worse, it seems to me, are some of the smug young know-il-alla who may have been exposed lo a college edu- FLINT Mich.—Six new series of automobiles for HI-JO, on wheelbases ranging cation or a few weeks' experience in from 121 to 140 inches and affording extended market coverage from just j some little theatre." above the lowest price field, are announced today by the Buick Division of General Motors corporation. Kudyard Kipling once visited Hollywood and wrote a UUle. commentary sage can be summarized briefly-, thus: | Japan does not want to take ov\r! the Philippines when AVnerica gives' them up. Japan is willing to see Amor- ! ican trade rights in China continued— for .selfish reasons, if for no other. I since the full "development" of a pae-j ified China will take many generations er ever is arrested, conducted by the Week-ends at Palm rowiicad Lake are Tbe courts arc- Marx Brothers. Springs and Ar- periods of unspeakable debauchery, but fun. fias ai-o made of jade. Everyone makes more than S5000 a- week Communist." Cof- who one was the signing of the Russian- German treaty, which left the Japanese feeling very much isolated. That, it is believed, has been pretty- largely counteracted by the more recent agreement between Japan and Russia. .Aside from that, however, it re- pcrled here that Ihe Japane.se navy had ;• hand in the move for a new understanding. Japanese navy heads are understood to have decided that their fleet would be pretty likely to come off second best in a fight with tbe United States navy, and to have served notice that Tokio would be well advised to .see to it that such a fight did not occur. "After financial leadership, trade and huincss teadcrhip fail in the lap j and the same troubled Engleshmen | ;-ee (lie- time not far distant when, at I certain places in tbe British empire, (lie English flag will be taken down and that of the North American world j empire will be raised." j The Hamburg newspaper Fremden- j blatt gave in detail the present United States neutrality law and asserted revision of it to provide for a cash and cany plan "touched the very fundamentals of neutrality which the American people on the basis of their experience in the last war had defined." The great majority of Americans, the newspaper said, believed the United Slates' linns to the Allies in the World war brought them into the conflict, "The results of which knocked all their ideals in tbe head." The newspaper .said "it is well known what the motives for raising the ai'iiY.-: embargo are.. They are outspokenly materialistic in character and for the most part would benefit solely big capital." Again Today We present New Shur-TiteBags and Schaf f er Belts to match LADIES Specialty Shop The long-taught 'fact" that all newborn children have blue eyos has been disproved. Careful examinations under modern illumination revealed almost 200 different hues in their eyes. LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS We are now in the market for Oak and Gum Jogs, White Oak, Overcup, Post Oak, Red Oak, arid Ash Heading Bolts, Also Round SWEET GUM Blocks. For prices and specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, Arkansas Phone 245 FOR '40? With production going forward at | IU , VV |,J R |, S ,,f style, quality and per- "" i( '<>> "Naaman's S an accelerated pace and stocks of cars already in Ihe hands of dealers, public, introduction of Ihe new models is taking place on a nationwide basis throw special displays in the showrooms eif more lhan 12,800 dealers and distributors. Featuring the Buick rormance. Bold and artistic treatment ,„ front ,,, K | styling has provided a di.v- ftuick hood representing pro- : "And here come hired youths and 'maids that feign lo love or sin. in (ones like rusty ra/or blades, lo tunes like smitten tin." nonnc-ed change and iinpi-ovt-inenl over I TllL ' veteran Jesse Lasky. speaking puvious years. Underneath Ihe al- I '"-'tore 'be local Masqueres' club, the most advanced. The- M.'rio are two completely new series of cars of ultra modern styling and new standards of quality and performance in the lower and medium price fields. They are the series fill super and the series 70 roadmaster, constructed on entirely now chassis of 121 and l'2(i-mch ' with :i3l,L> cu. tractive exteriors are chassis held to pointed with pride to the great acl- be Ihe sturdiest ever produced by this j vanc.es of the movies and said: "We no longer rely upon the stage (for • talent and material). We of lhe for lll-IO • manufacturer, and, al the same lime. ed by valve-in-lieail straight eight engines of IMS i'u. in. displaci'mont de- cinema world have outgrown the ;.tagc." Groucho Marx, in the audience, whcelbase, respectively. Throughout Ihe model the HMO Buicks have- brim stepped up to ' and 'JO cars. in. displacement and j j developing Ml horsepower at IlliflO R. j P. M.. aiv u; Hope Hardware Company ADVICE??? When your doctor gives you advice, try to follow his suggestions faithfully and conseien- luously. His advice is sound, .scientific and practical. He is your only reliable source of aid. SEK YOUR DOCTOR When iircscriplhms are needed call .... Tin 1 Leading Druggist "We've Got It" I'HONll 62 Motorcycle Delivery velnpinr 107 horsepower at IMOO R. P. I nudged a companion and remarked M. Engines e,f identical design, but I Klumly: "Now you know what's wrong with motion pictures." Stanley Walker: "A dream to which the- series Co. 7(1. 811 i WL> clin K - so fondly. - - . The skies are dotted with airplanes carrying elop- , -__ __ ing couples lo Yuma. Cocktail parties — ..^ — ..»MMeee» ! ! "' t ' so m S they must be held in lhe Hollywood Bowl, Every hour, on tile hour. Samuel Goldwyn coins a new and startling •malapropism. All the drivers of automobiles insist on going 111 miles an houi-. and they are invariably dead drunk, clothes six lime a day. Every home "Adolphe Mc-njou changes his HOLLYW'OOD-ln print and in per- motion picture, good or bad. than to j h;ls ., sw j, ul ning |)Olll , wnit , h js fi , led .son, writers and players lake their the'manufacture of [link chc-mi.ses." , daily with champagne, a dash of George Sayre- (scenarist): "he trag- j . sc lt' xe r and a norang'e peel. Murders i-,ly ol the motion picture business is ; .„.,, ,,„„„„;,, 0( | (m „,),(,„_ usua || y wilh Writers Crack at Motion Pictures; Says Screen Acting Is Rarely Good cracU.s at the movies: Katharine Hepburn: of money, but in Hollywood yon net !),OOl).fl(K) times what you're worth. I was never a greal draw; I was overpaid. "The films are too amiable, and that does not make for excitement. Censorship becomes a terrible crss. Here we- have all manned of thrills in our daily life, but it is never used for .story material. If you eliminate sex and eliminate polities, what have you got left?" Hugh Walpole: "II is a deplorable position in which Hollywood writers find themselves . . . having their work cut tu ribbons and Iheir ideas stifled by Hollywood's 'iiHiil<lk--inind- edness. "The men with, ideas, whether they are actors or writers, arc- finding U extremely difficult lo develop the cinema as an art form. You begin to ieali/.e .the existing stale of affairs if you slop lo look at a lew Hollywood pictures.' 1 George M. Cohan: "Any woman with a dimple can be an actress in Hollywood." George Jean Nathan: "Motion picture acting bears the same relation lo dramatic acting that a hainbui'g .slea'k bears to a cow*. ... It derives from dramatic acting, but it is made up of to many chopped bits that iis iiiolhc-r hardly recognizes it. "A screen performance bear.s ihe same relation to a stage performance lhat a hiccup bears to Camille'.i tuber- culbsis. . . . For all the dumbfounding magnificence of its press agents' rhetoric, the motion picture in this bloomy day of its history still exhibits nothing that visibly lifts its above the artistic and aesthetic level of Chinese cooking or u German ballet. "Education, cultural experience and breeding are intrinsically no more essential to the manufacture of the- the- persistency of the uninspired.' | O ), SI;U1 . O O ri enlal poison, and no slay- Oi'sun Welles: "1 have a lot of re-: FLAPPER FANNY, By Syfvia - COHH. 11)<> Bf HCA SSIW1CC. INC. T. M. REC. U. r,. !>*T OFT The lfl illititrat,\t is ihe Bunk SCI-EK moJelSlfour-Joor louring u-Jiin $J1C9 .t,-ii-i;rf,i i<t Mint, ;!/;>//.* "X/ r OU see pictured here the mag- .L mlieent automobile that value- wise is next year's No. 1 car. That's -absolute net. We who dreamed it, built it, tested it, tell you cold-turkey it is Buick at its unbeatable best. General Motors proving "round, a ripple of wonder run like quicksilver through the men who watched its going. You'll feel il —you'll inurvel, too — when you feel this incredibly active, staunch, exciting mech- Iivery one of its 12,000 pans is a better part tluin we've been able to make before. livery one of its 44 different types of sleel is the finest for its job that money can buy •— live of its special alloys were not even in existence 10 years ago. When tins u n catch able smoothie wen; lo\foolin.i> through its paces on the 207 East Third St. anism come alive under your hands — this car that brings to (lower the best that Buick knows. From the velvet velocity of its straight-eight Dynallash engine to the superb way it handles and answers controls, it's as full of new-day features as an egg is full of meat. * "MICROPOISED" DYNAFCASH VALVE-IN-HEAD STRAIGHT-EIGHT ENGINE * OIL-SAVING PISTON RINGS IN ANOtlTE PISTONS * " CAT WALK- COOLING " PLUS ULTRA-RAPID CIRCULATION UNDER PRESSURE -k BUICO1L SPRINGING FOR THE "FULL FLOAT" RIDE * FULL-LENGTH TORQUE-TUBE DRIVE * TIPTOE HYDRAULIC BRAKES * AUTOMATIC CHOKE * SELF-BANKING KNEE-ACTION, RECOIL WHEEL MOUNTING * FORE-N-AFT FLASH-WAY DIRECTION SIGNAL * STRONGER NEW "DOUBLE WALL" TURRET TOP BODY BY FISHES —WITH SAFETY PIATE GLASS ALL ACOUND * EASY ACTION HANDISHIFT TRANSMISSION * SAFETY-UNIT SEALED BEAM HEADLIGHTS Go see this beauty, drive this dream-come-true! All fire and sparkling spirit, it's a glory ot" gallantry-and-obedience on wheels. It's yours for very little more per pound than you pay for a good cookstove. f§ It's a honey, it's a bearcat, !$ it's a lamb! otor Co. MAX COX. OM'MCK Hope "But mon don't like girls to be too intellectual, Clarice. Couldn't you miss in spelling sometime?"

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