Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 13, 1952 · Page 24
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 24

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1952
Page 24
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Hen .. .. ;&* OntBttilty ti Ahtdd, Out ROCK ~ rotator Oftv, Boh Bnllcy of flUMell w*» dpfcnlH y*»terdny In til* mropi w NHmfitr nubile nfrief, JJul hi* mm, fltat« Son, Hob nnllty J>,, nJito of RiiMeltviltp WAIT lend- 1r»f to » rtcn of hi* own. Th* older Bnllpy WAH Nrnton by ffflrge 0, Pfttidmnn of CI»rk»vJI1i« Mr (Ho nomjfirttlbn a* Oth dlttriet r*lMrr»» from the final r on M» b»»l* of noarly fp primary, Bob Bnll^y Jr., Mricinf nomi- fl*Mon to nrtotrmr |*rru in Mw Voters of Hope le'mpsreod County *och of you for the iplandld mt Tuesday, and for your Claud H. Sutton Pol, Adv, Pflld for by Claud H. Sutton . fo, the people that chose ,to return Mhe State Senate. You govo roe o ' I , victory, This victory was ex- Hen we consider the fact that I id out a card or piece of Iftera* IJt WO* o victory for the Overage voter as no paid lobylst to manipulate for 1 her jn the Slate Capital, Now that n-*«f,j.r -*y* chosen me to be your Senator |t- fl£' n ltCQ » b * truly sold thot I occepr the r 'IfliWp^ilblllty wflh humility and, God being ,,, tyy helper, | promise to work for oil of you • "'ty all the power and energy I may have. Dr. F, C. Crow Democratic State Senatorial Nominee Nevada, Hempstead and Pike Counties, ' » £-**, n. ( &*' 't 'fa £<&""•!?.» < J»ol, Adv, PttltHfot by Or, F,,0. Crow pay! sachs hr^m^ v <W£ i% if sw ;.i&sm?3 , H3M, A4KANSAI August t J, 0 MR . CONOITIONEO Oovtrnor'i Roca Chlcol Clark Clay Cjflburnn w pn c 21 23 379(1 20 24 3QQ9 MM 1302 4f 30 4172 il 21 27 27 17 M 20 20 III III 40 M Iff M 27 2770 100 800 JfJM 209 1270 29 20 1783 Columbia Conway IB 18 Cf«wforrt .11 1403 2239 24 21«0 .14 24 Cro»» Dnllan Brow Pulton Onrlflnrl Ocant Oreonc Ifefnpntofld 7284 1320 M 27 3491 23 13 1100 23 2.1 B4S 21 21 24.1.5 ,11 II 1004 :i .10 4145 M M MO 21 21 41 21 .14 27 320 3940 002 3ft 298.1 21 2204 34 34 Irnrd 33 39 20 36 39 Johnuon Lufnydlto tnwronen Lincoln LUtlo niver Lonokit 35 24 00 SO 33 ,11 24 24 21 12 .13 20 22 20 10 IN 20 20 37 38 32 3818 1742 332fl •ao 21 Mlt|«r Monroe Mont'rtiry Nevntto Newton Ouoehlto Pike Polnnntt Polk Popo T'rolrlo 24 14 43 4.1 00 S7 23 21 24 27 ni 20 an 20 20 to 744 3122 73,10 2218 SRO 2U47 1100 13«B DM 2402 2474 100 303 4300 noo HftD 24 100(1 an mat 2ft 204 20 4542 1100 .1064 082 20 10 Randolph Scott; Snnrcy .Snbofltlnn Sharp St. Kroncl« Union Vt»n Buren Wanhlri|ton 17 39 33 3717 27 27 2302 37 '37 q3307 10 11 780 4 41 3053 30 28 1830 4i 4t mm 30 20 1135 0 577 7872 1(11)4 770 3007 1003 7483 1137 10 40 44 20 20 25 10 24 24 20 '20 35 30 22 17 40 35 Womlruff Yell 2200 47 30 2231 10 10 10113 31 30 2143 13*2 IOW van Ml 1000 1440 ) ft 2.1 IM2 S47 870 733 2700 220,1 27R2 774 023 010 1170 2030 117 1772 735 IIOO 1013 7,'iO 1051 2008 IIWO 780 1813 000 2700 SM loan 644 1320 002 1131 0110 2210 148fl 1002 272 2505 3052 800 7«l me 2oni •tr.4 22)1.1 702 2310 015 1000 210 2137 2157 130(1 20(1 2010 77IJ 02,1 IflHO 11.10 2.100 035 104 17015 1440 M Nurse Held for Poisoning Young Niece By REX THOMAft WETUMPKA, Ala. -A g f«e«i juir*« who admitted oolton- lnt( h«r 2*y<mr-old niece and cairn ly watching «n autopny on the body wai called to trio) here today on the fimt of two murder ,1931 N » M 1 1 A l * * * life.- that could mefln h«*r own Mr». Eorle Denn!ton In (wcimed of teerftng «r*«ilc \n Shirley Dlann Wiltton, who died May I. nrwl oho to her tiny *tat«nr P<?lly Ann-. Shirley was only n frw d»y» old wrwn Polly Ann d(l»d 2*- year.* t(((> flfter a .mddcn, violent (lines* Only th«> di-nth of Shit-Icy Dinnn was on the court docket for today. The widowed, 54-y*or-oid nurs* who worked nt th<« hospital whore th«s child dli-d wn» nrrcntod a week I«t«r after the parent*. Mr, and Mr*, O. O. Wcldon of the nearby Claud community, gwore out a muffler wfffrant. Sheriff fc«t*r Holley KM Mr* Dennlson admitted, without a ihow of emotion, that *hc gave Shirley Din fin arsenic In n xoft drink and took her to the hospital when she went Into convulsions. The child died five hours Inter. Stole Toicologist C. J. Rehllng said the mitopsy. performed with Mrs. Donnison present, showed arsenic. History Usually Repeats Itself minated — and later elected governor In 1932. - LITTLE RO€K W — In a sense jft J the nnminntion yesterday of Judge Francis Cherry for governor was n case of history repenting itself — 20 years afterward. Cherry is chancellor of the 12th district. J. M. Futrell of Paragould — not far from Cherry's home city of Jonesboro — was chancellor of the 12th district when he was no-! SOCIETY f»nom 74481 ••twtan I A. M. and 4 P. M. Totnls 2,280 2,070 201,320 117,100 Child of Nine Is Kidnapped NQRTH WTTLE ROCK. Ark. W — Chief of Police Juck Pyle nay* n 0-youv-olcl child wus r«- imrtud kidnnppod nvur her North Little Rock homo yesterday. He sold a neighbor r«purt«d she now a man ubduct the child, Mary Nell Norrli, daughtor of Mro. M«ry Norrli ol North Llttlo Ruck. She told police thut the child was walking down the alley behind her home whon an unidentified man drove his cur tflongsldo hi>r, flrnbbctl tli« child, threw her in tht> ear and drove nwny. Pylc snld nh« duncrlbtHl the man at tttll, slender, abovit 40 und wour- Init khaki clothes. The chief laid i$q child's mother v«c«ntly waii alvorced from her lutsbtnd, Burns Norrls of Detroit, The song, "America" was writ. ten In a half hour and, an a scrap Of ptipvr by Dr. Samuel Francis Smith, u BuptUt minister, and sunjf on July 4, 1832, by school children In th* Pork Street Church, of Boston. was ahead of K. F. Acree of Perry U» the 10th senatorlul district, A brother "ttjain was itominuted yest«rday ^ %if v^houv oppusi- tlon, Nathan OorUwk of Morri ton received the nomination fur another t*rm »« He«l«h»nt Governor. Ed Cordon, ulso of Morrilton. was nomlnat«d, fur prosecutor of th« 6th district Jiul SEED Seed Oats $1.50 bu. — Aht SALE STARTS THURSDAY, AUGUST 14th HALF-PRICE DRESS SALE! ALL SPRING AND SUMMER DRESSES OVER 400 GARMENTS GO ON SALE AT JUST HALF-PRICE STARTING THURSDAY EVERY SPRING and SUMMER DRESS IN THE STORE and ALL BRAND NEW 1952 STYLES and FABRICS 'Calendar ! .Thursday, August 14 * The B&PW Club will have their [regular monthly business meeting \ Thursday night, August 14, at 7 ! O'clock at Hotel Barlow. This is ; ah important meeting as the budget will be presented and approV' Od. All members are urged to be cscnt. The Executive board of the Woman's Society of the First Methodist Church will meet Thursday morning, at 9:30 in the home oE Mrs. Edwin Ward. All members are urged to be present. Mrs. Kenneth Hamilton, Mrs. Owen Nix, Mrs. Rob Jones, and Mrs. Buster Rogers arc compli menting Miss Linda Foster, bride elect of Lawrence Albritton, with a gift tea shower Thursday after noon from 3 to 5 in the home o! Mrs. Hamilton. Wesleyan Service Guild Has Meeting Monday Mrs. J. W. Patterson, Hope Dis Practically All ! Continued from Page On* candidate for governor in the first primary. A former Little Rock city attorney, the youthful Gentry was an unsuccessful candidate for prosecuting attorney in the Pulaski- Perry County district two years ago. Later he was recalled to active 3259. 1»K DISTRICT: 8ft of tt to*«s: W. J. Mebert M60; H. A. 4003. StAtE SENATORS THIRD DISTRICT: «fl of 91 bw**s: duty with the army he is a trict secretary, and Mrs. Charles! ballot Taylor, local Guild president, will attend the Hope District Meeting lieutenant colonel — and was still in uniform when he made an tin expected entry into the attorney general's race shortly before the ticket closed last April 30. The national comvnlttceman's post is strictly a party job. For that reason Chambers actually wa» elected yesterday. His name will not appear on tlie general election W. W. 6e»ft 4898; J. S. Smith 2860. FOURTH DISTRICT: 44 ot 80 boxes: J. E. Oarncr 5028; Roy Qean 4869. ot 120 Chlsm November. Other successfully candidates technically at least were only nominated and Misses Sizes 10 to 20 Junior Sizes 7 to 15 Half Sizes . . . 12} to 241 Regular Sizes ... 38 to 44 ALL AT PRICE Be Here When the Doors Open at 8:30 A. M. Thursday For Best Selection • PLEASE No Phone Calls No Exchanges No Refunds All Sales Final Hope's Finest Department Store" PLEASE No Phone Calls No Exchanges No Refunds All Sales Final : ; r Today & Thursday BETWEEN THE SEA AND THE SIERRAS... The Sin-Strewn Gateway to Gold! FRANCISCO STORY SHORTS: Novelty "Cruise Ship" Sports, Glamour in Tennis World-Wide News. of Wesleyan Service Guild pres- | nlay f acc Republican or indepcnd i| idents at DeQuecn tonight at 7j C nt opposition at the general elec- FIFTH DISTRICT: 89 boxes: Sam Ford 5302; Reed 4450. SEVENTH DISTINCT: 59 ot 80 boxes: Dr. F. C. Crow 438Z; T. J. Silvcy 3387 TENTH DISTRICT: 52 of 91 boxes: F. F. Acree 3037; Bob Bailey. Jr. 33U. 11TH DISTRICT POSITION NO. V 136 of 155 boxes: W E. Armstrong 7157; Q. B. Hurst 9675. 12H DSTR1CT: 80 of 87 boxes: Floyd Bryan 4165; Dr. E.J.Byrd 6501 13TH DISTRICT: 30 of 35 boxes: Wayne Jewell 2335; Marshall Shacklcford. Jr. 7100. 14TH DISTRICT: 104 of It boxes; O. M. Jones 6877; J. I. Turtle 4M13 17H DISTRCT: 81 of 109 boxes: J W. Best 3572; Tom Logan 4800. 1BH DISTRICT: 80 of 12J boxes: J O. Cheney 4547; Y. M. Mack 5261. 19TM DISTRICT: 02 of 120 boxes: W. K. Fletcher 3775; J T. Gunter 3593. 24TH DISTRICT: 27 of !M boxes: Doug Bradley 3307; Marvin Melton 4230. 251! DISTRICT: 3S1 rtf 74 boxes: C. E. Bell 4107; I... L. Rodger* 3131. 26TH DISTRICT: 8!l of 05 boxes: J P. Baker, Jr 7730; G C Carnes 4C67 ticket. ••Naturally. 1 arn disappointed but t can't aay that I am unhappy. I'm looking forward to Rotting acquainted with my family." On the basis of Incomplete returns McMath was ahead In only five ot the state's 75 counties: Carroll, his native county ol Columbia. Conway, Madison and Scott, p.m. This announcement was i t,j o . 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R. 5^,% ,frp* made at a meting of the WSG in the home of Mrs. E. P. O'Neal on August 11 at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Taylor, who presided over the meeting, presented a report on the Ljittle Rock confercncp WSG meeting which she and Mrs Koy Stephenson attended nt Aid- ersgate, a Methodist camp, in Little Rocfc on.July 26-27. Requirements for study courses to be .conducted by the Guild were discussed. "A Preface to the Bible" and "These Rights We Build" are the titles of the suggested courses. Mrs. Ben Edmiaston gave tilt- devotional. The hostess served a plate to nine members. Chambers' Arkansas colleague on tho national committee will be Mrs. Jack Carnes of Camden, who was unopposed for re-election as contm it tee woman. Smith, a onetime newspaperman who turned to law, first was nom inated chief justice against former Chief Justice C. E. Johnson. Smith entered that race after having been state comptroller. He was nominal ed for a second term without op position. CIRCUIT JUDGE: THIRD DIS TRICT, 142 of 148 boxes: Andrew Ponder 10966; W. M. Thompson Vote Seen Continued from Page On* sas for electing mo to two terms a? their governor," and added: •\1 pledge support to Francis Cherry and to liis administration. Talkathon Continued from Pago On« — the "truth forum." Cherry Introduced the Talkalhoi to Arkansas politics on July 2 when he started a 24 \i-hour pro gram of questions and answer in Little Rock. The program wa conducted In a vacant grocery store building and was brnadcas by five Little Rock radio stations The Idea caught on In a hlfi wn> nnd Cherry began taking the Tnll ........... iill IVmocratici nthon to all sections of the stntt nominees on tin- state and national! Sometimes only the radio station f th« section in which Cnerty 1 ,'«» c«m|>«iBnln« at the time arrted the program* Other Tnlk- ithon* wetc broadcast statewide — in about 40 stations — nnd on one lsslsMppI station. Cherry said ho \yantfd to prove a man could be elected governor of Arkansas "without selling his soul." On on* of his early Talkathons, Cherry commented that he was trlfift, in opponents h«,d. hat h« had fom each $90,000 from «n« Listeners TIR6P FROM BATTERS P--TRY WONDER MIXING HUMKO ITS ALL VEOETABL6 , rathtf of loo,tl find nto a "Dollar* paijtn which -p * 1} Cherry's radio ^HOPE 8. Main A Ce it M * ; i> >i L*"** ' j 'AmdJeep dessert Circles of Presbyterian Church Have Picnic 'The four circles oC the First Presbyterian Church held a joint potluck picnic at Fair Park Monday night. Mrs. Dorsey McRae and Mrs. 5405. FIRST CHANCELLORS: DIVISION: FIRST DIS TRICT: 141 of 185 boxes: Rodney Parham 22,806; Murray Rccd 19415. FIRST DIVISION, SIXTH DISTRICT: 22li oC 273 boxes; Wesley Howard 15391; A. P. Steel 10842 EIGHTH DISTRICT: 192 of 288 boxes: P. S. Cunningham 11030 Gcan P. Houston 7793. R E jTck7on "gave"the" lifc""o£i NINTH DISTRICT: 115 o f 118 "Japanese Kagawa" following the j boxes: Bob^Bailey 7906; George O. picnic. Mrs. Jack Lowe presented " the Biblu study. Approximately forty-five were present for the occasion. Patterson 10754. PROSECUTING ATTORNEY NINTH DISTRCT: 65 of 129 boxes: Winfred Lake 3161; R. C. Thomas Coming and Going homo in Portland, Oregon, after a visit with friends and relatives. His niece, Miss Imogene Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Allen and. accO mpanied him home and will •children, Judy and Gary, and Mr. cntol . scnoo t there this fall. and Mrs. Edd Dickerson oi: Em- _ met will leave Thursday for a vis-j \Vcekend guests of Mr. and Mrs it with relatives in Amarillo, Tex-| Hiram Hatfield of Spring Hill were as They will be accompanied ! ' lncu . daughters, Sue of Arkadcl- home by Mr. and Mrs. Allen's pniai anc j Margaret ot Little Rock. daughter, Miss Patsy Allen, who , , has been employed there during I Among those attending the fun the summer with her aunt, Mrs. Boh Parker and Mr. Parker. Mrs. Claude Tillery and son, Welclon, returned home Sunday night' after a four weeks visit with their relatives and friends in Dallas, Texas. Obc; Cox has returned to his RIALTO * 2 Days Only TODAY and THURSDAY ADULTS ONLY! FEATURE TIMES: 2:20-3:50-5:20-6:50-8:20-9:50 Pass List Suspended For This Attraction oral service of J. V. Moore, Sr. on Monday were Mrs. Ira Davis, Mrs. Mattie Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Davis, Bob Yarbour, Jesse 9row, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bromer, and Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Gordon of Prescott, O. B. Camp. Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Reed, and Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Huddlestoa of Arkadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Wilson of Hot Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hawkins of Camdcn, Mr. and Mrs Brooks Montgomery and Mr. anc Mrs. Charlie Collins of Garlanc City, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hawkins of Los Angeles, Calif., Mrs. J. L Bradberry and Evelyn Griffith o Waldo, Mrs. Harold Tullos anc Mrs. Johnny Crank of Garland City, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Hudgen of Stamps, Mrs. Hollis Cook, Mrs George • Davis, Mrs. Jeff JPride Mrs. Leon Shaddox and Mia OThelma Shull of Horatio, Mrs James Lee Myers, Miss Pegg Smith and Mrs.. Wm. Ramsey « Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Jen kins and son of Fort Smith, Mrs W. H. Brannon of Memphis Frank M. Fory of Little Rocl and Forest M. Campbell of Tex arkana. WEED WITH Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Sultun are leaving today for the University of Arkansas, Fayettcville. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Brown and Dr. and Mrs. Emmett Thompson are attending the funeral of B. C. Murray of Arkadelphia in Warren mis afternoon. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN / Dr. and Mrs. Emmett Thompson returned Saturday from a visit with friends and relatives in San Diego and Los Angeles, Calif They were accompanied homo by their daughter, Toni, who has been visiting there. On their return trip they toured Grand Canyon and other points of interest. Personal Mention L. L. Sandord, brother of Mrs. Claude Tillery, is improving at his home in Dallas following his recent illness and operation in a Dallas hospital but will have to remain in bed seven more .weeks. 50c EXTRA! EXTRA! ' Hospital Notes Julia Cheeter Admitte* Charles Ray Prescott. Hope, J. C. May. Hope, Mrs. Joe Turnage, Hope. Discharged: Graydon Anthony Hope, Mrs. Doss Bledsoe, Mai vern, Mrs. H. H. Tippitt. Rt. 4 Hope. They're Here! (and only here!)those fashion-magazine suits by You've seen them on the pages of your favorite fashion magazines — now corne see for yourself. 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