Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 24, 1936 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, January_24, Old Dawes Bank Is Sued bythe RFC Chicago Stockholders Defendants in 14-MilHon* Dollar Action CHlCAGO-{#)—The $30,000,000 Reconstruction Finance Corporation loan t.> the Central Republic Bank & Trust Co. was described as a move to avert "a catastrophe of national importance" Thursday as trial of the governmen agency's suit to recover 114,000,000 l.om approximately 4,000 stockholders opened in federal court. Edward R. Johnston, chief of the 200 lawyers who have been hired ir the case revolving about the ol<? "Dawes bank," said in his opening statement: "We arc prepared to show that ir «une, 1932, there was an acute banking condition throughout the country More than 100 suburban banks in thi. region, many of them depositors o' the Central Republic, had failed. Hac the bank closed with its 122,000 depos- Hers and chain of small banks i; wc-uld have been a catastrophe of national importance." O. J. Rogge, chief lawyer for the A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulslon. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomui- sldn, which goes right to the seat of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm Is loosened and expelled. Even If other .remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee (preomulsion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulslon right now. (Adv.)' RFC, declared the bank's directors had requested the loan nnd stockholders had ratified th« action. He said that $30,000,000 was earmarked for Central Republic and $80,000,000 was actually advanced—$30,000,000 in June 9. 1932, ftml $50,000,000 on October 6, 1932. He said he would show Die bank WiW foiling at the time. The second ftlkimont wss received by the new Dawes bank, the City National Bank & Trust Co., which took over the deposit liabilities of Central Republic nt the same time after Central Republic had ceased to function as a depository. Roggc said the transfer of the funds from the c'd to the new institution had bsen approved by the stcckhold. ers. Defense lawyers denied this. Italians Beards to "Frighten Enemy" Young Fascist Soldiers i Hope to Give Appearance of Veterans Servant's House Is Damaged by Blaze Fire nt 9:30 B. m. Friday dnmnflod j the servant house of Conch Foy Haiti- j mom,', South Mnin stroot. The blnzo Is believed to have started from an Li&ble to Fflll ill WfltCF Timber Riders in Very Tough Spot iver-heatod wood stove. The walls nnd ceiling burned. Mnmago was es .(mated nt $30. Historic Old Eton School Rebuilding England Discards Dormitories Erected in 15th Century •-hoolboys of old Eton, for many centuries the "foundry" of England's "reatest statesmen, will peg their hats in bright new dormitories a few years hence. The school, with buildings datin? back to early in the 15lh century—so out-moded that aristocratic pupils have to study in dungeon-like cellars and have only one bath for 20 boys— is to be modernized. The scheme will cost about $1.000.100 and take more than 25 years to complete. As a partial means of financing it, the yearly fees have been raised from $1,115 to $1,225. Historic old "fives" courts in Wick Road have already been pulled down tc make way for the first ct the new buildings, which will cost S150.0CO and accommodate 50 students. A carriage containing lunch held ready in case the royal appetite required appeasing accompanied Louis XIV, King cf France, wherever he went. BSGtiSH WALNUTS No. 1 Pound PINING GAR COFFEE SORGHUM TURMIPS FRESH YARD EGGS Pound Gallon Pound Dozen GRAPE NUT FLAKES Beetleware Tumbler FREE 2 Pk«s PAY YOUR GROCERY FIRST MIDDLEBRO SERVICE GROCERY Phone 607 Prompt Delivery FREE DELIVERY I PHONE 266 L E T T U C E—Extra Large 6c C E L E R Y—Jumbo 15c POTATOES, U. S. No. 1 Reds—10 Ibs 21c TOMATOES, Red Ripe—Lb I5c SOAP 5 bars Large Crystal White and 1 Box Super Suds 25c AUNT JEMIMA MEAL 5 Lb bag 21c 10 Lb Bag... 33c PILLSBURY'S PANCAKE FLOUR 2 Pkgs. 18c IVORY SOAP 4 Laundry Size BAKS K C. BEEF ROAST Pound 15c PORK ROAST Pound BRAINS CHEESE PORK Fancy Full Cream Pound FISH RED SNAPPER CAT FISH BUFFALO OYSTERS BEEF ROAST OR STEAK 121c Decker's Tall Horn SLICEDBACON Pound Hoaut Owned Gro. Market Home O iterated By ANDRUE BEROINCi Associated Press Correspondent MAKALE, Ethiopia— (/p) —The un- derbritsh of the Ethiopian wilds is being mirrored on the chins of Italian officers and soldiers. Beards are the fashion and tens of thousands of them have converted pink-cheeked boys into men. A visit to the Italian front is a hirsute revelation. You talk to what appears a bearded veteran and he ad- mi's shyly he is 21. A young, shaven captain, wishing to help me transmit ,T dispatch, called in the brigade stenographer. The steno must have known the touch system because his beard covered the whole keyboard. Pros and Cons of Whiskers Officers and soldiers have summed up the advtnages and disadvantages of beards in wartime. Advantages are: I—Shaving with dull razor-blades is obviated. 2—They make innocent-looking soldiers seem so iferce that Ethiopians quail before them. 3—They nid clear thinking, because stroking the beard seems to pull thoughts from one's brain like sparks from the back of a stroked cat. Disadvantages: 1—They catch in the belts of machine guns. 2—They are likely to be nibbled by Ethiopian goats as one sleeps. 3—They str.nd n good chance of be- inp singed as one hovers over a camp fire on a cold ni?ht. News Men Cnfch Contagion The Italian high command docs not bother its head over the question of r formal regulation on beards. Wisely : t shrugs l*s shoulders and refuses tc become seriously concerned. There apparently is something contagious in beards. Many correspondents who went to the front beardless returned be-whiskered. A New Yor) newsoaper man, a London one, several Germans and Frenchmen, otherwise reasonably civil'zed. startled th' good folk of Asmara with goat-like appendages. States May Ask High Court Seats S e ctional Representation Sadly Lacking, Some Leaders Assert i Have to Buy the Beer i When They Do i TACOMA, Wash.— (#>) -Unless you I foil in tho wntcr, tho boss thinks I you're not working—and if you do fall in you buy beer for the whole crowd. This is the dilemma faced daily by some 1,500 "boom men" riding spin. . ning logs in the cold waters of Puget North Frisian Islands sound. PVmcjpn as. ^itp« nf NPW i Thc logs comc lo pugL>t Souncl on i/ituaeii cts oitco vi new | flnt cars pjlccl fls tney wcre cul m Breeding B arms i the forests of Western Washington. , ._ . - ' They nre clumped intd tho water at ISLAND OF SYLT— (/P)-Germany Tacoma, Olympia, Bclllngham and half •. making herself independent of for- n «° zcn olllcr P° rls ' Oysters Newest Crop of Germany n parade of them from the hall to the Cenotaph, the burial-place of Britain's Unknown Soldier In Whitehall. The was psked to take port, end It was Expected that he would rld« In n tar. But svhen the parade got under wny/the prince was found In line, hii civilian coot btarlnfl his medal* like those of all the rest, trudging through the streets to the Genotnph. At n time when the world is again arming furiously, a king conies to th? British Empire who has looked on war nt very close range. NEXT; As sportsman, game hiMtler, rider, goiter, and unconventional dresser, the new king has left marks not only on his empire, but on the world... ' 2ign oysters. Then the boom men, armed with Tho North Frisian islands of Sylt, P ikc P olcs -_,»°P out^on the bobbing Foehr and Amrum have been select- id as breeding parks for bivalves in- roduced from Holland. Seed oysters frcm Canada did not stand the ocean crossing. First attempts to lay down artificial .yster beds on tho Schleswis-Holstein " ug joost failed through the silting-up of .. . ,. . . . he banks. Then a local branch of the ' l ls ° (f ' en . n " f ct , ot frc f ssness- -.I,;,: ',* A n^t^^.ni in,»ih,»n tnnfc hcnco . the hoer-buymg tradition rul- and shov». roll and curse the timber into rafts for tugs to tow to move a 40-foot log with a diameter of six feet or so. If the man watches his footing too closely in guarding against a cold bath, he can't push hard en•e the foreman citicb.cs when he does take a plunge the matter in hand, with better re. suits. o recoil the flavor of their Dutch ancestry. Hoover, Roosevelt Trade Positions Now Hoover's the Wise- Cracker, While P. D. Is the Harassed One By BYRON PRICE Chief of Bureau, Thc Associated Press, Washington. The "new Hoover," so much crews. The average boom worker is about morc pcf $l m clerk's, but although accident 1 ) are frequent a boom man seldom la killed on the job. King Is Affected (Continued from page one) Prank H. Simonds, Jouni^list ? 58,Dies Darned War Historian and Newspaperman, Succumbs WASHINGTON - (/p) - Frank II Simonds, 58, noted journalist, nuthoi nd student of foreign affairs, die. icre Thursday. He was born at Concord, Mass After graduating from Harvard 1' 900, he started a newspaper career vith the New York Tribune. Late it> was n Writer and editor on the Nev York Evening Post, New York Sun nd the Review of Reviews. For years he contributed to a syndl ate of half a hundred American an< oreign newspapers. He held man oreign orders. Among his works i history of the World war in fivi •olumcfl. alwnvs felt he had earned the reward on his own. Wanted Naval Service; Sent to the Guards As soon as the war broke, he wanted to PO into the navy, the branch for which he had orieinally trained. But it was fell that his oresence on' any shH would Fubiect the other officers of recently.furnished friend and foe ™ ™ VTu^lTsuTe^ cessive danger of attack that this plan wns unwise. ; So he joined the Guards as a junior cfficer, mid his slender, boyish 115- piund figure was soon slogging the dusty roads, a strange sight amon* the lull, muscular Grenadiei-s. There v.,-..., riw rrMvimr-nts of "A little child with still greater surprises in his farm address at Lincoln. Nebraska. He departed so widely from the moods and mannerisms of the "old Hoover" that few could have guessed it was the former president speaking unless they knew beforehand. If he had shown evidence of change before, he accomplished on this occasion the . 'moression of a complete transforma- shall lead them! But the grenadiers ,. ( s-jcn noticed that the boyish Ueuten- Philosophic and umvorricd in gen- Ml wasn't drnopln* out on any »ral demeanor, he packed wice cracks marches, and the other officers noted Into simple, pungent sentences. There 'hat. he insisted on carrying on every were no wearisome statistics. Absent rr"tme duty exactly as one of them, entirely were those oncc-famaliar pas- He grew impatient of tho ratine saees which rumbled on and on for- and demanded to be sent to Trance, ever in a vein so sober that it often His senior officers shrugged. The king amounted almost to sorrow. refused a direct appeal putting it up He discussed the farm problem with- to the war office. So Ldward Albert out emotional outbursts about the wont direct to Kitchener, -lays when he himself wns a poor farm That grizzled old warrior listened hoy. He spoke only incidentally and gravely while the slender young man lightly in defense of what ho did insisted: "I have brothers and a sis- •vhen president. Ho referred to Presi- ter who cculrl come to the throne, dent Roosevelt directly by' name. Let Mary do it. She's got brains! When he suggested a farm subsidy Kitchener pointed out that there was ''e called it that without circumlocu- a graver possibility than death in action tion. The prince might be captured It is hard for those who knew the and held by the Germans_as n postage, weary, deadly-serious Hoover of the Bv HERBERT PLUMMER Associated Press Correspondent , WASHINGTON.—Representation b-- states on the supreme court, now th?' the judicial bench of the governmen' has come in for such close scrutiny may figure orominently in discussion' regarding the future of the tribunal. There have been repeated request' for more sectional representation or the supreme court for years. Even p certain amount of jealousy has been displayed by those states who have never had a, native son to sit there. Only 26 states have had natives to sit on the nation's hiphest court. New York has had the largest number with 10. Massachusetts and Ohio with seven each, come next. Sever? of the states have contributed as many as five members to the court—Ffnn- sylvania, Virginia, Maryland and Tennessee. New Jersey, Kentucky, Georgia anr' South Carolina have had three each. Connecticut has had two, as have Alabama, Illinois, California a n r 1 Louisiana. Minnesota, Wyoming, Michigan, Kansas, Mississippi, Iowa, Mainf New Hampshire and Utah have hac' i outlook. His public appearances cer- front. serious blow to the British cause. White House to reconcile their mem- Gruffly, then, he ordered the prince ories with what now is presented to hack to ramp. their sight and hearing. \ Scoffs at Dangers II* Fnccs Writes Own Speeches. on French Front None can doubt any longer that! But in November, 1914, the prince nome'hing important has happened to got his wish. He was sent to France Mr. Hoover. I as aide.de-camp to General French. . . Not, perhaps, to his underlying con- commander of the B. E. F., and attach- -eotions of government, for his politi- cd to army corps, divisional, and bri- -al opponents still advance the point gade headquarters. *hat his farm proposals are nebulous. The prince was » constant worry 'to 'acking in originality, and quite in- these charged with his safety. ,As a effective. I dispatch rider and liaison officer, he jj u t t 0 (he man himself, to his atH- usually had. a car or motorcycle, iinc" uc | e toward life and his whole mental was often slipping away toward the one member each. Those slates svhich have never bee' represented on the court are: Arizona Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Flor ida, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas Vermont, Washington, West Virginir I and Wisconsin. It's true, of course, that some of thr states that have had no representatior on the court a.s yet, were admitted t the Union a relatively short whil' ago. Whether President Roosevelt wil" have opportunity during his adminis tration to change the line-up of 1h' court is a matter of speculation. Thr advanced age of one of the justice? illness of another and tho reported inclination of a third to retire ma; give him the chance. President Hoover sent the names of four men to the sena'e for places or the supreme bench. One was rejecte'' flatly—Judge Parker of North Carolina. Another, Chief Justice Hughes was confirmed hy that body after r tremendous uproar. The third HIT' fourth—Justices Roberts and Cardozr —were confirmed hy the senate will- lit'le difficulty. If President Roosevelt is called or I to fill H .supreme court vacancy dur- : in;j hi:s administration, the best be* nrobably is that he will name Senator ! Joe Robinson of Arkansas, Democratic I leader of the senate and his party's i vice-presidential nominee in 192>i. tainly are today almost everything j Onto during the battle of Loos he they were four years ago. i did this. Other officers hurried up th Acquaintances who knew him best rO ad after him. They found his cpr, in Washington take little stock in the smashed to bits by a direct shell-hit. -tory that all this is the work of a Then the prince came sauntering -;lever press agent, who also is a good back along the road to the car, He speech-writer, (had left it to go forward shortly be- Undoubtedly Mr. Hoover has had fore it was hit. advice, but the one thing on which he C. H. Dudley-Ward, always has prided himself is that he i writes his own sneeches. In the White House he wrote and I "ewrote, laboriously recasting para-1 "raphs, returning the proofs to the | one of the r i nc e's brother officers, tells of »r incident at Houlth/jurst Forest in 191' w hen the British position was being yholk'd by mistflke by a French gun Suddenly, from behind came three irinter a half dozen times for rcvis-| men up the hill toward the position ion. The best available information |. lnr | Drlc C) f them was seen to bo the 's that he still does not only that but ' more. For the first time in his life he is in a position to devote virtually all of his time to the preparation and delivery of speeches, and he loves it. That he is having a good time at it is obvious from the product. In the process some of the "o'cl Hoover" which the public little knew is coming oul to grace the ivblic utterances of the "new Hoover." For in private conviMSvition Mr. Hoover always was a delightful companion. It wns only before an audience or a large group in private tlvt he put on the mask of ponderous re- ~f;rve Now tile rn;.sk has been put away. For the first time in his aciive contact with public affairs, too. he is on Duffie, Harrison (Continued from page one) . vork among the boys of the city, t lelp the Boys Band, nnd to pnrticu nrly help the'Boy Scouts. Hope ough o have at least four troops, instead c he present two, the speaker said. : President Roy Anderson, in his in 'njductory remarks, urged upon th flotarians the necessity for specif :oUrtesy and hospitality on the part c «ach Hope -citizen—for a vast army o ;ourists will'pass this way in the Cen ennial year fcf both Texas and Ar tansas, and • the treatment they re ceive here will bo the picture of Ar sas they will carry away will them. : Three .Texarkana Rotarians were club visitors:'David Nelson, John Hoi man and Paul Clay, Mr. Hoiman ant' Mr, Clny being former citizens of this county. Lady Took Cardui During Middle Life Women who are entering middle lifi will be interested in the expevienci of Mrs, L. C. McDonald, of Paragoukl Ark., who writes: "I cannot sny anything but gooc about Cardui. I think it is a gram 1 medicine. I took Cardui during changi of life. I was so weak, so nervous, could hardly go. I just draggec around. 1 had fainting spells and would just give down. My back aiv head hurt. I knew 1 had lo tak spnif.'lhing to give me strength. I rea< of Cardui. I took about seven bottles It gave me relief and -strength. I an now 60 years past, and can do a prettj good day's work in the house am' garden." Thousands of women testify Cardu benefited them, If it does not benefi YOU, consult u physician. —adv . QUALITY SEEDS "PLANTS Everything for Field und Garden Including supples, Insecticides, materials, 'etc. For Heavy Yields U&u SEMESAN Monts' Seed Store ItO E. 2nd Minnesota Votes Pension]!p to $30 U. S. Pays One-Half, State One-Third, and County One-Sixth ST. PAUL. Minn.—</P}—The Mln. ncsota legislature, in special session, linioxccl nearly two months of con- roversy hy approving Thursday nn Id nge pension plan designed to pro- iclc up la $.10 a month for needy pcr- ons over 65. The measure was drawn to bring the tate into line with the Federal Socla' Security Act. The signature of Gov. Floyd B, Ol- on.is necessary to make the act ojicr- vtive March 1. The bill carries a stnU .ppropriation of $2,750.000 to cover th< tale's share of the cost for this year ^lie federal government is to provid- nn-hnlf the necessary funds, the stnU Mie-third and the county one-sixth. 'Bugged Dror-AYIth 1 Jon's Help LAREDO, Texas.- (/P) -Dr. F. B. Oreen got his doer, even though he lidn't shoot it. In n small clearing ic and his party came upon n moun- ain lion that hncl just brought down i buck. The lion fled. The hunters inlshed the kill. A fruit native to British Hondura' nd Jornada Is known as "ukli," al- lough it is really sweet. The frui' eseinbk's n cross between u grape- nit nncl rin orange. CAR GLASS CUT ANO GROUND TO Ftt AN* CAR BRYAN'S U«ed Part* 411 South Laurel Street -Z2J WANTED-HEAD1NG BOLTS While Oali—Whisky hurt Oil grflile, Ovcrcup, Post Oak nnd Red Oak. Round Sweet Gum Blocks. For prices anil spi'dilratlons, See IIOPK HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Ark. CHAPPED SKIN To quickly r«lleve (/chapping and rougtine»ft,y npply soothing, cooling Mentholntum. MENTHOLATUM Give* COMFORT Dully Hare you fried the HBW MEHTNOUTUM LIQUID tor head colds f tl)i« Menlhot«ium ointment H tiring M>othtn|} comfort Dillinger's Father I May Visit Resort ? | Wants Suitcases Son Dei .sorted in Fight at Lit- : tie Bohemia Lodge in tho administrations of Wi'son. Harding. CorOirlge and his own. he was enwrapped with the dignity of office, which always wei"hed he-n/icr on him than on moil men. Now he is on the outside, Looking in. Tha' means n airat de-il to a i^-tn ike Hoover. Whether he is running for President or not, he manifestly * -( i'ar greater indeix-ndcnce about 'i. There was .something vastly ini- ire'.sive in his ytatement at Lincoln: "My no>ition is .such that approval by politicians is iiiiin.'itc-n-'il." J» \:-. :-itr;iii"e, imlecrl. whjt ,1 difference the bui-'kn of the pi-c>-iclen-. - y makes; .strange, to see the stolid and Lake ; bitler Hoover of four .years ago now i Dil- ' siniliiif unit buovanl. and the <ln.sh- liimei. | in« and all-friendly Roosevelt of four Jclvi W. UilliiiKer. Sr.. a law-abid- ', years' ago now castigating his enemies iny eiti/en untl father of the nation's '. w '''h Ki.-ihinK epithet, liite public enemy No. 1, is thinking I _^.«^- .. liriheiiiia ., m:.- ludg Inrj.-i'/l',— Thf at Spider in "harbor" lit- : of vi.siditg the place hi.-; son ahri four henchmen and their women friends i made famous . j Einil Waiiritkn. owner of Uu.. i•-.M it. ! vij-'ited ti^e elder DiiJin^ei- at liis home '• here the other day and uryed iiim to i make the trip prince. Shells were bursting near them ILi'ddcn.ly one burst so close that al three were hidden by the explosion it k.okecl like a direct bit, but the prince had scuttled into an abandoned German pillbox ami was safe. Life Is Periled When Uerman's Shell House Another time, with General Wurd- rop at Lavantie, the prince was watching artillery fire from an observation post in a house. German gunners got the range and shelled the house. Biother officers threw the prince to the, floor in time and all escaped. Al nc time was the prince permitted l'i serve with troops in the front I lines, but h« was decorated by the French at Neuve Chapelle when he I .-.'.Tvcd as liaison officer and carried the dispatch concerning that buttle to Li;iuljn. He also visited the Allied tronls in Egl'l't and Italy. There is an • engaging story of an Amuiic;.u nurse meeting the prince, unrecognized, at a Briti.---h seaside hospital in the late clays of the war. She noted his; an ay of decorations, and said, 'My. you must be a very brave man with all those medal;,!" "I'm i:fraid I haven't earned them," iiu'rrnured the prince. Four years of the strain and horror of war nevertheless left a deep im- r.'e^iin m Kdward VIII. He felt a close kinship with the men he had f.<' " bu''rowin« in the mud and blood of Flanders and Lorraine. v ,,..iu,.-,.1,.-, >ne vuu.se of | Wiir Veterans | After the war he made their cause, i his own. He took a prominent part ! in oi-gaiii/'iiig the British Legion, and j tide continual efforts lo stir , British opinion to its re-spousiobilily ; lachine appeared in)'- "<' m< -'» i '' h " fi'U«hl the war. j and consisted of a Ola> ""'-' '-"--caMon during u yrent For All Kinds ot INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company A REAL stack .f various style hut blwks enable us to Renovate Your Hat Properly. A Iriul A Frenchman. M. de Fivue, i:; :-aid to have ori'.'iliaterl (lie idea for a Li- cycle. Hi.-- first n : Paris during IffilU : wocdeii frame ami two wheels. Loco' motion was achieved by pushing on , thr Uround with the feel. Armistice- Day meeting in Albert Hal), attended by th-jusand.s of cx-suldicrs, it w:\-i annoiinced that there would b.; LET US- R e p a i r— R e f i n i s h— Remodel YOUR OLD FURNITURE Opening .Special New, Combination aiodeniistic BED for only $8.110 aJid up KsliuuiU's HtKK WALTER'S CABINET SHOP HKi S. Walnut SI. \\v .Specialize hi Culiiuvl Work rKlGES FOR SATURDAY, JANUARY 25 SUGAR PURE CANE 10 u» 49C COUNTRY CLUB Large 14 oz. Bottle TISSUE SEMINOLE 1000 Sheets 4 Ron. 25c MUSTARD FULL QUART JAR OLD-FASHIONED DUTCH COOKIES Pound PORK ' BEANS AND DC II HO COUNTRY CLUE Full 16 oz. Can WESTINGHOUSE 30 Watt or 60 Watt 01LL PICKLES Half Gallon Jar 25c RED BIRD 3 Boxes IOC 1 JEWEL COFFEE Hot Dated Lb 170 3Lb '50c AVONDALE HOUR Every Sack Guaranteed MVY BEANS V,,;: 4 Lb. 13c fOMATO JUICE COUNTRY CLUB 24 oz. Can CAULIFLOWER Head BANANAS 15c 5c Large Green Heads ft Lbs POTATOES ifi 9Hfi lu Lbs &wi COCOANUTS Each lOc FRESH RIVER Lb 6 1C 2 DRESSED BUFFALO Lb 122*8 CHOPS Pound Leg o' Lamb, lb Loin or T-Bone Chops, lb 22c 22c Decker's Sliced Rindless Pound 27c SAUSAGE Fresh Ground Seasoned Rite Pound R THICK RIB Lb 1 Fancy BABY BEEF • 171 A Loin, Club, T-Bone—Lb. II 2« Seasoning "f li Pound I 2 MINCEMEAT Brandy Added Pound C. STEAK Fancy Fat T-BONE Lb 25c : A8 T MEAT BEST GRADE HLI SVICfll Streak-o-Lean, Lb

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