Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 3, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 3, 1942
Page 2
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Classified 41THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" You can talk to only one man Want Ads talk to Thousands SILL, RENT, BUY OR SWAP |',f, All Want Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone pn« tlm*—2e word, minimum JOe Throe tlm«—3Vie word, minimum SOc SbttlmM—Sc word, minimum 75c One month—18c word, minimum 52.70 HOP! STAR, HOP!, ARKANSAS Saturday, January 3, 1942 Rotas are for continuous inser*i<v« only For Sale SAVE BY BUYING USED FURN1- lure from us! Chairs, Tables, Stoves, Beds, and many other items all in good condition with reasonable .prices. Also highest prices paid for tised furniture. FRANKLIN FURNITURE CO, South Elm Street. 9-lmc. MULES, CORN, 75c PER BUSHEL at crib. Plow tools, all kinds. Plow gear. See A. N. Stroud. Washington, ' Ark. 13-lmp 37 CHEVROLET. GOOD CONDITION. See it at 709 W. 7th, after 6 p. m. 24-6tp Real Estate For Sale 160 ACRE FARM, 1 MILE SOUTH of Fulton, 120 acres timber land within 2 miles Patmos, 7 houses in Hope. Night, Phone 337, Hope; Day Phone 860-F-3-1, Emmet, Ark. J. R. Williams. 2-6tp For SaJe Miscl. PADGITTS PEDIGREED PUPPIES for Presents. Will hold for Christmas delivery if desired. Cockers, Bostons, Chows and Pointers. Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmp Furniture For Sale IDEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS moved next door to Saenger Theater for better prices on furniture see •us. 21-3Ctc Trailers For Sale FOR SALE—NEW ROYAL, HOT floors, permanent bed, air conditioned. Also new American Stage Coaches. Roy Craft used trailers. Buy on two years, as low as 10% down. Call or see, Thelma 'Stephens Darwins Camp, Highway 4, North. 24-'til Jan 6p HOW ON DISPLAY — FULL LINE Levers' Bros. Trailer Coaches. Call •while we have several models to select from. Luck's Tourist Court. 21-tfc For Rent Lost LIVER SPOT POINTER, 1% YEARS old, Jip. Between Hope and Emmet. 510 Reward. Clifford Russell, Route 2, Hope. 27-6tp RED JERSEY COW, 8 YEARS OLD, weight 800. Stub right horn. Strayed 5 miles west of Prescott Homer Graham, Prescott, Ark. 2-6tp LIGHT TAN FEMALE FOXHOUND, name Ludie. South of Washington. If found please advise Bob Levins, Washington, Ark. 3-3tp Wonted to Buy LARGE CLEAN COTTON RAGS. DO not bring work clothes or overalls. Hope Star. 13-tfc Refrigeration REFRIGERATION SERVICE — WE repair anything Electrical, Wiring, motors. Kelly Refrigeration Service. 112 Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Page One 1. False. Red Skelton, not Skelton, became a well-known comedian in 1941. 2. True. Gable co-starred with ot Hope Star » jg&is I'lii: Coni0 "- Published every weekday ofttf noon by Star Publishing Co. Inc. (C E. Palmer and Alex H. Washbum) ot the Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALfX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publhhet Entered as second class matter at the Postoffico at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press (NEA)—Means Newspaper i^rterprlse Ass'n Subscription Rote (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; Hempsread, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Presj: Th£ Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the uso for rcpublication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Notional Advertising Representative- Arkansas Dallic*. Inc.; Memphis, Tenn. Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avnuo; New York City, 507 Fifth Avenue; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal Blda. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space- taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for th* safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. J£ V Aniericnn Planes Write Hcaclines American-built wnrplanes in service with Britain and her allies have been creating headline material which would definitely be in the fantasy class if there weren't ^incontestable evidence of its veracity. For instance, airplanes aren't supposed to go around capturing submarines. They can anr frequently do sink or drive off the undersea raid- Rosalind Russell in "They Met in lers with their bombs and machine Bombay," with Lana Turner in | guns, but capture is another matter. "Honky Tonk." XT -* n "'••• ""—'— 3. False. D. C. French became well-known because his statue of a minuteman was put on defense stamps. 4. True. Paderewski was buried in Arlington Cemetery; Tschai- kowsky's piano concerto in B-flat made the hit parade in a swing arrangement by Freddy Martin. 5. False. Ernest Hemingway's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" was being prepared for production as a movie. FIVE. ROOM HOUSE. HEATER furnished, in Blevins, Ark., near Proving Ground. $15.00 per month, advance. Write Nolens Gro., Route 2, Box 442-C, Texarkana, Texas. 29-5tp 2 ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT". Mrs. S. A. Taylor, 1501 South Elm St. 3-tfc Notice WE VULCANIZE TIRES AND TUBES Ted's Esso Service Station. 3rd and Hazel. Phone 324. 30-6tp O. K. RUBBER WELDING. ALL work guaranteed or money refunded. South Hazel St. Kennedy & Garrison. 2-6tp IF THE OWNER OF PURSE FOUND in Hope Tuesday with Bank book of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Liggett and other items will see Mrs. Lee Quillin at Patmos, Arkansas, and identify purse and contents and pay for this ad they may have it. 31-3tp ATTENTION CREAM PRODUCERS— Do you need more money for Cream? We pay 35c, accurate test and weight. For 10 years the Best Place to sell cream. Thompson's Cream Market. Barton's Store. 2-ltp THE REDUCED RATE ON READER'S Digest will continue until January 15. If interested, telephone Mrs Theo P. Witt at 114. 2-3tc Newsmen Impressed by Reptiles at Large CHARLOTTE, N. C. — UP)— Snakes, of late, have wriggled into the Southern public prints. There's the home-loving, reptile over Kinston way. Dr. Ira M. Hardy says that a farmer had this particular pet in a box. Well, one of his children accidentally opened the box and, as might be expected, out slithered Mr. Snake. The farmer, fearful that the snake might get a bit too friendly with the children kept them indoors two days while he searched in vain. Then, passing the box, he chanced to glance down and there, as peaceful as you please, was the snake. And Jody J. Hinds of Kingstree, S. C., didn't "buy a pig in a poke" but he got a rattler in a sack. Hinds bought a sack of coconuts—and a week later, when his two-year-old son moved toward it, out peeked a rattler. Sensitive Head So sensitive was Napoleon's head that his hats had to be well padded before he could wear them, and his valet had to break new ones in for him by wearing them for several days. -WUUL Fiji PIT/ Not Once But Twice Nevertheless aircraft produced in the United States factories have achieved that feat twice in recent months. The scene is the North Atlantic. A Lockheed Hudson of the British Coastal Command is on patrol. Suddenly the crew spots a dark shadow beneath the surface of the water. The Hudson goes into a steep dive, the bombardier's hand touches a butaon and a stick of bombs whams into the sea. A moment later, amid a flurry of foam, a Nazi sub pops to the surface The hatches fly open and men scur- rcy out on deck. One of them waves a .white shirt. Another holds aloft a sheet of white cardboard, nautical i equivalents of the cry of "Kamerad." Missing No Chances The Hudson is a land plans and can't very well go alongsied and put a prize crew aboard the sub. But the fliers have no intention of letting the prize get away. And so, while the puane's radio chackles, the pilot puts the Hudson into a series of tight banks, circling the bobbing raider while the renr suner trains his weapons on the conning tower. Hours pass. The Hudson's fuel supply is running low. Tehn a Consolidated Catalina roars into sigth and takes up the vigil, while the Hudson scoots for home. Next, another Catalina takes over. Forty-eight hours later a warship appears, removes the German sailors and takes the submarine in tow. What, Again! A few weeks later this triumph of aircraft over undersea craft was repeated. This time the star of the drama was an N-3PB, one of those remarkable seaplane patrol bombers produced by the Northrop company for the Norwegian air force serving with the British. Having brought its sub to the surface with a few well-placed bombs, the seaplane sat down on the sea, taxied in close to the sub, pointed its machine guns at the crew and mounted guard until the radio brought a destroyer ao the scene!! Lie's Go! U. S. A.—Keep 'em Flying! WASH TUBBS By Roy Crone NEVER BEEN W CENTRAL AFRICA BEFORE, BUD? WELL, YOU SURE SEE SOME THIS RUM/ HAVE A WE UkE TO FLY LOW AMD HOHUWl HERE WE ARE STAMPEDE HERt5S OF EL6PHAMT5, AMD MACHINE (SUM CROCODILES.' CANT TH\STIME,THO-THERES A SENERAL ALOM& ^BWf*** " mi ••-[•"""""'-•"• The Flavor of Hamburger Thimble Theater ; CVA BLASTED SPIESpx < — BLOUU ME OOUJKJ. y': ,( vou RASCAL/ UJIMPW, WA LUEMT >'•'.- ;if DON'T "^OU DARE AM' DOME IT— ) \ EVER BITE- MB MOLU VOU'RE A < __N f MEMBER OP ME )/ L-J I 71 •- i"^i * t~"\i ik 11 >r— *-» __Jr I 'f^r ~x~"Xi— * - •SPV-DUNKER S "7 7/~ DONALD DUCK Good Morning, Judge!" By Walt Disney SOUND? LIKE A COMIN; UNCA DONALD!) ^ WEul PARK AND SEE IT BLONDIE Nobody's Baby! By Chic Young DA6WOOD, WILL YOU PLEASE TAKE CARE OF COOKIE FOR A MINUTE, WHILE I LOOK AT MV CAKE WILL. VOU HOLD COOKIE A MOMEMT, WHILE I FILL ^ MY PIPE ? r-^S ('O • TMERES THE TELEPHONE WILL YOU WATCH COOKIE A MISJUTE,WH!LE [ANSWER IT? TV (V '/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES They're Busy By Edgar Martin Production of asbestos in Arizona has been spurred by demands of defense industries. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with . . . Major Hoople LA.S I WA.S HHRE. (WY ROOM WAS BLACKED OUT MOST OF THE TINVE, SO I FETC^O VOU USEFUL LlTTLt *»**• A BOX OF ASSORTED UGJ4TT >T^i BULBS / ^ '^ MMPK/ I SEE ^ OWE. OP TrAEN\ ARE RED/^^WELL^ ^KEj X'LL OUST PUT A RED ONE-IN THE DINilNG ROO/W HANJDEHER AS A DANGER SIGNAL TO REMIND VOU NOT TO SPRAIN VOUR BACK RESCUING FOR THE GP.AVV/ ^y €- EGAD/ MV WMIMS- ICAL BROTHER - STILUS UPlbKlsl OLD ROBBV OF ^ COLLECTING HOTEL KNICK -KNACKS/ ~^ X'LL WAGER TH06E RED BULBS CAME FROAA HOTEL FIRE ESCAPES/ m °^/ ] Y ></ \.</. ^. ^ COP5/1942 BY UE< S£« Sd M Sit /N J JA LbAST JAKE BROUGHT HER 140TEL ICE. IMC.^T- <*• REG. U. S. F U. S. PAT. OFF. RED RYDER How Obviously By Fred Harmon AND rtOVJ,TJUCHE55,r\Y DEAH • Y A. ^WILL LEAVE 1OU To DISCUSSJfriOUSAND riS flMAMQAL ASPECTS r-T BUCKS F OUR PROPOSE-D r-—' ( 15 A LOT ARTrtERSHlP WITH ) __XOF rOUR BUT VJELL GlT IT BACK. AMD A LOT fAORE IF WE HELP GlT COLONEL JULEPS THOROUGHBREDS SHIPPED OUT HERE., RED.' ^.fP^/BVlOUSLY -4» 'V? I Tr-*.»<! r- kA I T>O VJE COLONEL- OULEP'S (SOT ANV BLOODETJ HO5SES A KENTUCKY ALLEY OOP ByV.T. Hamlin CouldBe BELIEVE ME, MV PRIENP, VOU'LL. BE WELL. REWARDED POR THE SERVICE VOU'RE POIMCs. ENSLANP THIS NJIGHT BV THE WA.Y, I PRESUME VOU CAN PASS ME BV THATSEKTTRVHE WON'T WELL.WHAT DIDJUH WHV \WANJT ME TO P O VOU HIT HIM OK . F ^B% B §g£J!?oCl? E r l ^ N icS- 0 r' vi% R -^ «^^l5S-A^ I XSo^ r ™ ^• g ° J ^T^ST sa&sf^ c ^ CHILLS MV SPINE./ UETTIMC:) ME OUT PF THA.T CELL. SO'S \ CAM GET TO KlNJC-J KINO JOHW'S QUARTERS -2 ENGLAND'LU FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS In Person I'VE TRIED TO SET YOU OM THE PHONE AT LEAST TEN TIMES, BUT THE LINE WAS ALWAYS Busy / I THOUGHT THE- KIDS WERE GOING TO THE COMMUNITY DANCE ' DID JUNE SAY ANYTHINe ABOUT THE RIVIERA >" NOT BLUE ROOM / / TO ME/ I'VE TRIED To GET You TOO, AND SG WAS YOURS/ By Merrill Blosser 1 COT A CALL FROM THERE" SAVINS FRECKLES COULDN'T PAY THE 7 CHECK, BUT i ASSUMED IT WASN'T FRECKLES, BUT THAT BOY WHO'S BEEN! POSING AS HIM ' fe^ 7° J HIN < OF IT. IF TH/E? CHECK WAS FOR fO AND THE KID COULDN'T PAY tr, IT M1SHT JASILY BET FRECKLES--- JUST BEING HIMSELF.' j

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