Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 24, 1936 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1936
Page 5
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• Friday, January 24, IflftO HOPE 9f Aft, PMf. Many of Woods Creatures Extinct Passenger Pigeon Gone— i|$nly (5 Woodland Cari" ))ou Left in U. S. H.v i.Amtv nAiwn A's<!cl»(f(| 1'rr.s Wilier Wf stO'ld bpfon' a gluSS case tllC othtr dny ami looked upon :i passoiiMer pigeon for the fit si (imc. Kvi-n mount - od sprcimoiri of this once plentiful bird (ire hard In find. Tlio simic il;i.v \vr> received word from Cy I'latli's that a survey I).v University of MiiincKiln .••c'irntists showed that only six woodland caribou remained in the Uuitrtl Sink's. nVlit ntinn '" an nira mpasuiinu about flvf l>y ..vovoii iniN'f., this rrm- iinrit <>l Rro.'il ln'rds finds ;t l»s( refuse nnd fficfs iho end in inn.'-ld'i; .'iwmnp- lands of the Hi'd Lake name preserve. An enumeration in 13.10 disclosed "(1 or '10 jmimids. Mini's jjrii'd and indifference had much t;> do with liiinr.in« about this wooful spoc-taelc'iof ;i wild creat\ire on the brink of extinction. These cnri- boii, also known us woodland elk. ffrow p.inicky when approached by HKMI'STEAI) COUNTV OWNERSHIP MAPS Corrrct as of Jmnmry I'npor SKI MUCH $lf> Byers Abstract Co. Washington. Ark (he hunter. Brtmll herd* Imvo been slmighteferl by n single markfmutn, 'Fired' From Ne.i(s Now let as return to the wild pigeon. Thw Write were shot nnd netted for wile, fires were built under their nesting plnces to dislodge squabs large enough for rmirket. Younger birds and van?, Imving no enmmerclnl value, were rlesrr.j ed by the flnmos. All ihe money evtr received for «:um; cnnnol bring buck ;i .<;in«le bird 01 anhnnl of till- eKtlrtct species, Only a few stufftd Labrador ducks remain l< remind us (hut the snmf fsile muv overlrtke some of their kin—not so numerous no*. 7here nro s[joKsmen tind conservn- tionists who contend that unless tm- .'crupitlniu; hunters nfc curbed some of our genet'ntion mny renoh an age when ci rtain species of wildfowl and upland u«m« birds will bo but n memory. Not a pleasant thought — R;i7inn tlu-nirgh glass at a wood duck, (ho lustre rtf Its ptumiiftn dulled, or ;it u ruffed grouse In o Similar plight. A Western Yum Douglas Smith, former police chief ol Yiikhnn, Wash,, now residing in Seattle, tells this one. During the bird season he was returning lo the count through the mountains from « hunting trip in renlrnl Washington. He was stopped by a long procession of wailinjf cnrs, Walking up to the head of the line IIP found a road grndor had broken down mid was blocking'the way. Just to have » Httje fun, he told everybody down the'line that the cars had been .-stopped by the state game comniisyion lo cheek on violations. A flurry of dead pheasants poured out of the cars all along the line. Lois of good'deer stories are com- in).' out of Jhe.«ov>thwcsli this winter and we think this one is interesting. After scoring on a 200-pound buck. W. A. Cray was forced lo buttle the wounded animal while hunting near L-yford, Texas. 'flu.' deer WHS hit in • the neck, shoulder and front leg and fell, appar- (ntly dead. . When Gray approached hi; "kill" the fight began, and for a while it WOK a'question of Whether the hunter or the hunted would survive. "BHIVHIHHBMHM^^BBHHHBHHIMHI^BmHHHBHBHHMB^IHMlHi ystem Store LOW PRICES AND HIGH QUALITY EGGS FRESH YARD Dozen 20c LETT8JSE Potatoes RED TRIUMPH 10 Pounds 19c SUG lOLbs Paper 10 Lbs Cloth CRACKERS, Excell Salted 2 Pound Box ................ POTTED MEAT 3 Cans .... ... ...... CATSUP, Scott County Large Bottle . •.... lOc SOUP, Capbell* Tomato—3 Cans 25c Red & Gold Pound 18c COFFE Del Monte Pound 25c m-i MU.IU- peaches, IM>KV Cl "' 18c MONTE Raisins, 3 pgs 25c LARD Mrs. Tucker 4 Ib Carton S2c 8 Ib Carton 99c SlbPail $1.10 CPMPLEXIO BRUSH -AND 3 BANDS FROM PALMOLIVE P & G SOAP 25c Bars MATCHES |A A 6 Boxes. 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Italy— (A 3 )— Italy warned the j sanclionist nations of the world Fri- , day that Grent Britain's action in ar- i ranging a Mediterranean security p&st ' consUluieel "a danger for Eur<jp*Stt peace," The memorandum, prepared for distribution ot Geneva, protested that Great Britain acted outside the League covenant in initiating the Mediterranean discussions. 666 Liquid-tablet* Sntve-Nose Drops fhffhn COLDS nnd FEVER first day Headaches in 30 minutes A flute baby was King Edward Vlfl. ot England—and a eertoiu one, Judging by this picture, ttkon when the new sovereign WHS only 4. Always a dutiful son. King Edward VIU grew uu under lua watchful eye oM.ls mother. the Dowager yueen Mary, to whom he Is pictured clinging as a growing boy. .He wears a .danclfno S/M-I. *..oran, the Influence of m? stin:>. •• • •-•••.•• - . » ou ( n K1ng Edward VIII was maae iw * nre ot the Impressive place be He;id Hf«, when he' v&s orawned , Prince ot in ; n , 8r oher of medieval regal splendor. 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Fore Quarter Pound Bring Your Bucket Siar0ried BEEF, pkg. -;... 12io Imitation Chicken I CAC Delicious C A LEW Each DC Home Baked HAM, Ib .:.,,. 68c Our Meatis Are Better—-Try Us. ALL ME ATS GUARANTEED. We Are Now Handling-the Best in Kansas City ; BE|F, PORK and TAMB COLGATE aLMQLIVEPEET CO. Makeris of Fine Soiaps For 130 Years mofteubctck- PER SUDS 2 Stabilization Fund Is Deep Mystery Administration Maintains Secrecy on Foreign Exchange Moves U.v HERBERT I>I,UMMKK Assuciuted Press Coi-rusponileiU WASHINGTON.-On Tlini'.sJuy, January 30, the great my.Kli.Ty uni.'iii.'y of the Ruostvelt udminislrutiou obhiTVos its secuncl aniiivfreary with n.s liltlo known about it publicly as the iluy it was created. It is the ^.000,000.000 st.-ibilixalion fund t-ct up by Ibc tjold rfserve ycl of 1934 and at the lima of iti ci't-ution one o£ the most famous heudliner.s in Wasliington. For weeks it occupied the most prominent place on the Iront pages of the country's; newspapers. Fur jimre weeks it coilttiuied a.s a lojiio nf di>cil^>ion in llu? prej-'.s. 'Ihen—suddenly • it van- i.vhed. _____ Nothing was heard abuut it in the general run uf capital conversation and gossip, ll was outlawed at both While Hou.se and treasury press conference's. Those bold enough to in- cjuire eilher were greeted with cold blares or ignored. Kecorcl.s show that only two official utterances on its use ever have been made. On February 11. 1935. Secretary Moi'tienthau advised business tluiV the fund was being and would continue to be used in the protection of the dollar at home and abroad. Later in the same year French banking authorities made a public announcement that Secretary Morfen- thau had come to the aid of the franc by supplying §10t),OOO.UOO which was necessary to bolster their declining currency. In explaining their silence, treasury officials have relied on a precedent for the reticence with which the British government handles all "stabilisa- tion" operations. The only clue available to those interested in how the fund operates is to he found in the daily treasury .statements. This source reveals thai $1,800,000,000 of the original fund remains intact. That amount still is in the treasury. Originally $200,000.000 was placed in I hi; federal reserve bank of New York. \\liich acts us the fiscal agent of the i fund. One's guess is as good as 011- i other's as lo whether this account lias ! MifliTed a loss oj prift. sion for one year of the fund's operations recently, but not for long. Perhaps it there is a serious revival of inflation talk in congress or if the zeal of the silver bloc becomes more evident the fund will be heard of to a greater extent. Interest The President and Mr. Morgenthau. i who clamped the lid down .vj tightly ! oil the fund's operations, must have been a bit surprised at the casual rel- j egation of the subject by press and j public. It was and is— apparently— a i powerful administration loo!. 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