Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1939
Page 3
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Friday, September 22, 1939 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE SOCIETY ftfra. Sid Henry Telephone 321 A haze on the far horizon The infinite tender sky, The rich, ripe tints of flic cornfield The wild gcc.sc circling high, Arid far over upland and lowland The charm of the goldcnrod; Somo of us call it Autumn And others call it—God — —Selected In fallow fields the Roldcnrocl And purple nstcr.s beck and nod; The milkweed minchcs fairy boats boats In tangled silver the cobweb flats. Pervasive odors of ripening vine, Kill the nir like a luscious wine. The gentian booms on the brow- ing waste: With corn! chains is the alder laced. The black birds gather and wheel and fly, The swallows twitter a low *'good- by" . . —Selected SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Foretells Hlrth of Messianic King m. Text: Isaiah 7:11; 9:17: 11:1-5 * Ky WLL1AM E. GILKOY, D. I). Editor of Admire 'Hie lessons for the last quartet of this year bring us back to the story of Jesus and the Kindfidom of Heaven that He came to establish Jt is fitting that this final lesson of our studies in the prophets should : MH before us a great conception of the Mcsiah and the servant of His ]>cop)c in the prophecy of Isaiah. A generation ago critics were deep- Ay in controversy over whether these prophecies referred specifically to Je- Bus of Na/.acth and were the fore- jjclling of His coming and of events final were to take place centuries Winter, or whether they were Isaiah's .preachings concerning things more definitely related to his own time. The rnost extreme critics took this lat- trc view, but the genera! t f ,, K jeney among thoughtful scholars todays is to regard the Messianic prophecies of havin both these aspects. A As we read these prophecies in Die light of the story of Jesus of Nazarelh and see how essentially his coming and all that he said ancVdid fits in wit!) what the prophets foretold, it seems inevitable that we .should regard these prophecies as relate dto Him. St seems dougtful that the prophets hundreds of years before should have discerned this with exactness. It seems rather that what they .saw was the vision of the Messiah that Je- iJ5|its fulfilllcd, and it is a marvelous ^conception of a kingdom of righteousness, justice and truth coming among men through a Mcsiah who was to be their Savior and their leader. The prophecies have all the deeper •ind renter meaning for us when, in addition to seeing them as related to Jesus, we go back in the agt of the prophet himself and catch .something for hi min relation to the environ- A surprise birthday party was tcnd- :rccl Leo Hartsfied, Thursday cvcn- ng at the home of Mrs. Ben Edmison on East third Street. The hono- •ce was showed with a number ol jeimtiful gifts, and interesting games were enjoyed throughout the evening. A huge birthday cake bearing thirty one blue candles was cut am served with sandwiches and an ice course to the following friends, Henry Myers 4 , Clarance Logan, Mr. and Mrs Ben Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. Ennis, Finley mid son, Mrs. Ellis and dniigh ter Mrs. Pat Conner, Wylie Brown ing, Elslon Samuels, Mrs. Ed Spring John llartsficld and Ben Ed mis ton The hostess was assisted in the courtes ie of the evening by Mr. Hartsficld Mrs. Spring and Mrs. Conner. We note from Friday issue of th Arkansas Gazette, among the tei highest ranking freshmen at Homier son State Teachers College, Arkadel phia, the name of Miss Margaro Louise Si'mms, daughter of Mr. anc Mrs. Paul Simms of this city. Thcs ten and twenty others made grades s high that they will be exempt from lower course in English and will be ad vanccd immediately. This ranking wa made on the basis of the required Engish test. Little Jo Ann Shields observed her '(itli birthday with a garden party at her hoVne, 217 North Klin .street. The follownig attended: Dorothy Faye Mullins, Sidney MeMath, Martha Wray. William Billings, James Prcs- cott, Hnby Gene I'rescolt, Tewana Green. Barney Boyctt, Mickey Boyctt. Creighton Middlebrooks, Mary Virginia Abram, Leota Abram, Herbert Ray Dodson, Jimmie Jones. Billy Houston, Ann Houston. Jimmie Miller, Francis Thomson, Charles Bruce, Bobby Bruce, Linda Foster, Doyle Foster. SERIAL STORY WORKING WIVES BY LOUISE HOLMES, •OPYfMOHT. 1039, NCA SERVICE, IN® Na/areth The Jew Mill looks for Uic coining of |ho Mi\s.siali. Perhaps both Jew and Christian are Iciirning with greater realism that it is this vision and hope that kccp.s life and liberty alive, f it were not for this, the world would of ivJial the matchless vision meant merit in which he lived. This Messianic vision is the gro.-ile.st contribution of (he Jows (u history. The Christian believes that it lias its great fulfillment in ,I>;sus of lapse even more deeply into barbarism and evil. We believe that Je.sus has come as the Messiah, establishing his kingdom, anil we apply to Him all these great names that Isaiah applied to; the " Messias—Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. It is necessary to remember also that if the Messiah has come, His kingdom is not fully established. He Himself told us to pray to the Father, "Thy kindom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven." It is only as we live in the spirit of that prayer and seek to fulfill it in our daily lives that we live in the reality of his great Messianic vision. Only thus do we share the fellowship of the prophets and the saints whose glory was that they lived and Dan li •llent utter Ihc <|iinrrrl. Snlly'n vlmcllr lit the oilier l» (ormrnCInc mid Mnrlfln lnnr* her temper. Frlloivn o»er- Innkn the Hnrc-np. Mnrlnn find* her drink mviiylnc, henr* Fellow* Ktioiitt "Sully—nnrinn ha* fainted." CHAPTER XVI TV/TAHIAN opened her eyes and looked dazedly about. She was lying on the red leather couch in Mr. Fellows' conference room. How had she come there? Miss Ilerrod was leaning over her, sympathy in her pale eyes. She was holding a bit of cold wet gauze to Marian's temple. Sally was looking down at her. Was thc*e a hopeful gleam behind the concern in her eyes? Mr. Fellows was also there, helpless consternation written large upon his face. Marian tried to sit up and weakly dropped back, "Well, for goodness sake," she said, half laughing. "What ever is the matter with me?" "Shall I call the doctor, Mr. Fellows?" Sally asked breathlessly. "She's terribly white, she looks sick." Marian had the feeling that Sally was making the most of the incident. He hesitated and Marian caught at Sally's hand. "Don't send for the doctor," she said firmly. "I'm all right." Struggling, she sat up. "What's a faint among friends?' "I don't like it," Mr. Fellows growled. "I don't like it at all You've never fainted, Marian." She laughed, smoothing her hair "And I never ce'cbrated a 12th wedding anniversary before. I lasted all night—you know how those tilings arc—" He sent Miss I'fcrrod and Sally from 'he room and sat down beside Marian. "Was it something I said this morning? 'Fraid I was pretty tough on you." "Absolutely not, G. F. I was pretty saucy myself." "Maybe you need a rest." "If you'll keep it a secret, I'l tell you what ails me," she laughed. "I didn't eat my break fast." "So that's it." His tone showcc his relief. "Shall I have somethin( sent in? I'll be glad to." "No, thank you. I feel perfectly all right." She drank a glass o ice water and tackled the mail. She had fainted. Certain tha , it was one more step toward ulti mate ruin, she slit envelopes will an unsteady hand. At 11 o'clocl she called Dan, longing for th sound of his voice. The switchboard girl said, "He' 'round, here, Mrs. Harkncss—hoi the wire." Marian waited until th girl spoke again. "I can't distur him, Mrs. Harkness. He's in Mi urner's office." Marian left a message for him to call her. Dan in Mr. Turner's office— fhat did that mean? Mr. Turner •as president of the firm, the alesmen almost never contacted im. Had Dan been roused to ction at last? *. * * T noon he had not called and L she said to Mr. Fellows, "I ave a lew errands—may not be ack for an hour or two." "Okay—okay—don't come back t all unless you feel like it. Sally an carry on." Marian put on her hat. She was rembling, there were disagreeable uttering Wings in the pit of her tomach, the palms of her hands verc damp with terror, voices <ept up a chant in her brain. You fainted—women always faint when— Dan didn't call—he will lever call you again. G. F. said •ou needn't come back at all—he i LAST CALL! EXTRA SAVINGS! Saturday is Last Day TRIPLE EAGLE STAMPS With Every Purchase SOMETHING has happened to HOSIERY! treated for on£wear New "Double Vila-Bloom Process offers amazing wear results " -N, . Ourtlovely J'hoeuix Hosiery is a better "buy" than ever! Every silken strand is processed to make it TOUGH. The result is longer wear, resistance to snags, a pleasant reduction in your hosiery budget. • We're featuring the new American Persoualily.Shades. You'll step forth proudly in your new Phoenix blockings. J'JIOJiiSlA 110SJKRY pet pair otkcnup to fl.K Geo. W. Robison £K Co. HOPE NASHVILLE aid Sally could carry on- II vos like the buzzing of angry bees. Going down in the elevator, she closed her eyes. The fluttering vings in her stomach beat hor- ibly. She ordered a glass of warm nilk in the corner drug store. The luttering wings resented the milk. She took a cab to the doctor's office. "Is Dr. Moss in?" she asked, loping that he was not, afraid to slay, afraid to go. "Yes. Your name, please?" Marian gave her name. "May I sit down?" The room was circling slowly. The girl helped her to a chair, the went through a door and Vlnrian waited. She looked at a 3ilc of magazines. The pages had seen crumpled by nervous, waiting fingers. Would the girl never open the door? The girl came out. Dr. Moss would see her. Somehow, she got across the reception room and into the whiteness of his office. "How do you do, Mrs. Hark- ncss?" he said genially. Were doctors always genial? Did they have to be genial or go mad? She sank into a chair, opening her lips. No words came. The doctor laughed "It can't be as bad as that, my dear." Pouring something into a glass, he handed it to her. "Drink this—it'll make you feel better." She said, "I fainted—silly oJ me." lad brought her back, instinct made her chin go up, squared her shoulders. Sally Blake was sitting at Marian's desk. She got up hurriedly. ''Mr. Fellows Aid you might not come back this afternoon," she explained. "He said I could do your work. I sat down at your icsk—just because I wanted to sec how it would feel to be important." Her laugh was a conscious little tinkle. Marian asked thickly, "Has Mr. Harkncss "phoned?" "No, I've been right here." Marian put her hat in the transparent box, she looked in the mirror, startled that her face was the same. Doctors made mistakes, she kept telling herself, they didn't always know; It wasn't true. Dan didn't want a child, she didn't want a child, there was no place for a child in the well-arranged pattern of their lite She'd go on believing that it wasn't true, and it wouldn't be. Sally had vacated her cirri: c.r.il | she sat down. Ridden by protesting nerves, numb with shock, she threw herself into work. Mr. Fel- ows had suggested a set of slatis- ical charts, tiresome and requir- ng considerable research. She'd ;et at it that afternoon. It would ill all her spare moments for weeks to come. * * M R. FELLOWS came in to find i Irene Dunne First 'Showboat' Stage Star Dec::.use she didn't po to see Floreny. Zicgfield, Irene Dunne claims to liavc been given the lead in the biggest and must .successful show in her and was going to see 'my agent about A N hour later Marian left the doctor's office. She could nevei remember leaving. There wouk always be a blank space in hoi memory between the times whei Dr. Moss said, "You're going to have a baby, Mrs. Harkness—ii May, I think—early in May," anc when she found herself enterin her own familiar office. Instinc her almost hidden behind, edgers find filing cards. "What goes en?" bo asked. "I old you (o tyke a rest." She glanced up brightly. "I wont to see Dr. Moss this noon," she told him. "I can't, be clutlcr- ng up the office with my prostrate body." She was making a joke of it and he grinned. "What did he'say?" "He gave me a nasty ncrva tonic," wrinkling her KtraiRhl little nose. "He said I was ju.it about the 'wellcst' person it bad ever been his privilege to meet." The doctor had said something like that. He had said. "You are in excellent condition, Mrs. Hark- ncss. There's no reason why the young man's coming shou'd disturb you much." Without thinking, she had said, "But it must be a girl.' 1 • The doctor had roared. She loathed him for being so horribly cheerful. ''Well, hope and pray," he had said. "I guess you'll take whatever conies." career. "1 had just finished a another engagement." says Miss Dunne, who stars with Charles Boyer in Universal'. 1 -- "When Tomorrow Comes," at the Saenger Theatre. As I rode up in the elevator, the great Ziegfeld was a passenger—I guess he thought I was getting off at his floor. But I kept on going. "Five minutes later his secretary, (•)— imc upstairs looking for me. 'I want he girl in the blue hat,' she told •eception clerks in all the offices jntil she found me. .ruinous Hole 'If 1 had gone in to see Ziegfeld. ho would never have talked to me Two Speakers at Tabernacle Friday Rev. Brown, Mrs. Agnes Stokes to Speak at Special Service The Rev. Murry Brown of Charleston, prospective missionary to West French Africa, and Mrs. Agnes Stokes, Arkansas stale Sunday School and Christ's Ambassadors superintendent, will peak in a special service at the Hope Gospel Tabernacle Friday night, the Rev. James E. Haniill, Pastor announced. The Rev. Mr. Brown is to sail in October for West French Africa to serve .seven year apponilmcnt to that field of endeavor. Before receiving missionary appointment Mr. Brown was an outstanding young evangelist. rle is a graduate of Southwestern Bibc Institute, Enid, Okla. Mr. Hamili urges all who possibly can to hear Rev. Brown Friday night. Mrs. Stokes has served for about seven years as Sunday School and Young People's leader in Arkansas, ind is no wtouring the state in this capacity. She will appear on the program Friday night. All who are interested in Sunday Schoo and young tereslod in Sunday School and young Mrs. Stokes. Rev. Hamili says. sisUmcc," they say. Kentucky Belle Irene was born in Louisville, Ky. on a December 20. After finishing her sehoolirig, -she attended the Chicago So the young wouldn't disturb man's coming her much—so she'd take what the gods sent— Marian bit her lip until pain broka across her thoughts. It would disturb her—and she wouldn't taka it—life couldn't do that to her. (To Be Continued) CHURCH NEWS FIKST BAPTIST \V. U. Hamilton, 1'astor Sunday will be promotion day in Sunday school and Training Union. Sunday school meets as usual at 9:45. The Adult department will have the usual lesson study closing at 10:20: Oilier departments will observe the pro'm'otioa of pupils from class to class and department to department. ! Everybody assembles in the auditor' ium at 10:20 for special promotion day program by the pupils with an evan- | gelcstic appeal by the pastor. Even the ! younger pupils are expected to re! main for the whole program which | closes at 11:45. 1 Training Union assembles at I o'clock for program and reception o! ! new members in each individua | union. Preaching service_jit 8 o'clock I \vitr sei'mon by the pastor on: "The I Baptism of John the Baptist," followec | by the administering of the ordinance of Baptism. Visitors will be welcome at all services. IIOI'i: GOSI'KL TABERNACLE Kev. James E. llammill, Pastor akc the church. ing at 6:45. FIRST CHRISTIAN Hcv. Gene Fairweather of Pino Bluff who preached for us four Sundays ago las been asked to preach for us again Sunday. Rev. Fairwcather is a very brccful speaker , was liked by many. As several of our members did not icar him before, we have asked him to return for Sunday services, so that as many as possible of our congregation will be able to hear him. vited to visit us and hear Bro. Fair- The general public is cordially in- weather speak to us. Sunday is the last Sunday in the fis cal year at Ihe Tabernacle, and it i; expected that large crowds shall attend both the morning and evening .services. Sunday is promotion day in (lie Sunday scholo. All students are urged to attend. Sunday school begins at 0:45 a. m. "Stephen, Chairman of the Board," is the subject of the sermon to be delivered at 11 a.''m. by the pastor. Sunday night at 7:45 the pastor will speak on, "The Victorious Christ." Special 'music and singing by Mrs. Hamili and a local quartet will feature the Sunday night meeting. The Adult Bible class, Christ's Ambassadors, Junior Christ's Ambassadors, am l Children's church will meet at 6:45 p. m. in their various chapels. You are invited to worship with the Tabernacle congregation on the Lord's day. FAIR VIEW METHODIST Kev. C. V. IMasliburn, Pastor 11, j. m. Sermon. 7 p. m. Prayer services. 7:45 p. in. Sermon. Come and worship with us, Christ has never forsaken you. Do not for- UNITY BAPTIST 511 Elm Street C. D. Sallce Jr., Pastor "Has tbe appeal of. Christ been to your strength or to your weakness?" This will be the pastor's theme for the 11 o'clock worship hour. Surely Christ did not intend to appeal to ones weakness, or to bring out the softness in man, yet many Christians are unconsciously interpreting Faith in Clu-ist as a soft pillow to res upon. Sunday school 10 a. m. We arc making a special appeal to every member of our Sunday school to be presen and on ti'me. Special measures are U be taken toward the upbuilding of ou Sunday school. New classes will be organized and a new goal is expecte to be reached next quarter. B. T. C. 7 p. m. "The Soul of Man," will be tin- pastor's subject for the Sunday evening worship hour beginning at 8 o'clock. Come bo a blessing and receive a blessing. You will always find u hardy welcome. suffered fc r it. In these days when so much racial and religious conflict is rife in the world Jew and Christian, however they may diffcre concerning the fulfillment of the prophecy, must find common ground in living for the glory of it and in seeking to establish the Messianic kingddem, which is the kingdom of love and righteousness and truth. The pastor will do the in-caching during the meeting and Rev. Charles 3. Wyatt, pastor of the First Methodist church of Stamps, will lead the singing and conduct the children's and young peoples' services. The pastor, Rev. Kenneth L. Spore. will preach at the morning and evening services, Sunday. The young people and intermediate evening meetings will be at 6:45 p. m. Prayer mooting will be hold on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week. .. because I appeared none too anxious to talk to him, he .sought me out—and engaged me to play starring role in 'Showboat.' Incidentally, that interview probably .saved Miss Dunne from obsccurily. She had. some lime previously, made application for a school teacher's berth in Chicago. When she got home from her talk with Ziegfield. sre found a letter from the Chicago Board of Education, stating they had found a position for her, teaching in Public School 141. To Hollywood It Was during Ihe run of "Showboat" that Miss Dunne was spotted by a studio scout. She signed tbe pro- 1'ered contract and came to Hollywood where she later starred in such productions as "Cimarron." "Back Street." "Roberta," Magnificent Ob- '•'cssion." "Theodora Goes Wild." "The Awful Truth." "Showboat." "Love Affair" ami Invitation to Happiness." "I was lucky, that's all." is the way Miss Dunne explains her stage and screen success. But those who know her best disclaim that luck had anything to do with it. "It was her own ability and per- urman banana bom, reported sunk. Mo mines or British cruisers for it; it merely ran around on ocks in the old-fashioned way. Arizona Indians regard Hie recent blessed event of a white mule as a sign of the crack of doom. If they lislcn closely, they may be able to hear doo mcracking over in Europe. Pacific Coast fishermen report a .sudden halt in the sardine run at Question: Who was the most interesting Kflfsridinnc'r speaker you have ever beard? John Stanley: The fellow who said, "Waiter, give me the check!" Colege of Music, with an eye to a possible Metropolitan Opera career. But the stage opportunity came first when she was engaged for the lead role n the musical comedy "Irene." One how led to another as she became the singing star of "Cling Vine," 'Sweetheart Time," and many others. " I never did get around to opera," Miss Dunne admits. BABY'S COLD. Easy to relieve • misery direct— without "dosing". Eub throat, chest, and back with . . . OF SMOTHERS VAPORUB BARBS Here's literary bah; the Polish State Railways are offering as first prize in an essay contest a round trip to Poland. We'd be satisfied with reasonably accurate facsimile thereof. A New Jersey health officer suggests n curfew to keep dogs off ih street at night. There'll probably be some difficulty training Ihe dogs H report home when it blows. Somewhat behind Ihe times is tin mid-seasin. Belated sardines are probably tide up dodging submarines. Hoopers in Hurry NEW YORK — City College of New York basketbal team, coached by Nat Holman, expects ID be first varsity in country to begin drills, with first week in October set as opening. Limited Field PH1LADKLPHIA •- Walter Miller, local oarsman, is the ony pi ofessiona scuer in the country and one of nine in Ihe word. MALARIA Cases reported in the II. S. in IDDS! DON'T DELAY! Start Today with (itili Checks Malaria in seven days. IRENE CHARLES DUNNE10VER A N'CII" UNIVERSAL PICTURE' Produced and Directed by JOHN M.STAHL Barbara O'Ncil • Onslow Stevens NydiaWcstman • Fritz Feld CHURCH OK CHRIST _ Minister, J. A. Copeland We arc grateful for tbe increase in our member in Bible classes .and insist that all be present promptly at 10 o'clock each Sunday. Preaching follows at 11 a. m. G'm- young people's Bible class is also gaining in attendance and interest, and we ask all of our young people to make aji effort to bring some one with you. Evening preaching at 7:-f5. FIRST METHODIST Kenneth L. Spore, Pastor The members of the Methodist church. Second and Pine, are inviting the general public of Hope and vicinity to enjoy, with them, the blessing of the coming revival meeting. The meeting will open with a Holy Communion service on Sunday morning, October 1 and will close Sunday night, October 15. There will be service:, twice each day. except Saturdays, (when there will be only night services), during the period. There will be a special Cliildren's meeting each school day "right after school." And the young people will 'meet each even- PLUS. . . MARCH OF TIME'S "Soldier's With Wings" All about our Air Force Sunday - Monday - Tuesday SATURDAY Double Feature CHAN LEARNS ABOUT . MURDER FROM GHOSTS! at TREASURE ISLAN0 — and — CHARLES STARRETT — in — BUCK ROO lOc •

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