Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1939
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, Soptombev 22 J03U Star Hope, 18»;FftM, 1927. Conjolldmed JtatMiry 18, 1MB , Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! •«' ^V tf ^b^ished every week-day afternoon tty Star Publishing Co., Inc. ^ >V' Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn, at The Star building, Z12-234 South ^..v street. Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President: ALEX. H. WASHBtBN, Editor aiid Publbhet <AP) —Means Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Eneterprtte Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week I5c; per month SSc: one year $6,50. By mail, In Herapstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaPavptte counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere |6.50. Aged Man Found in the Mountains Aged 85, He Is Rescued! After Being Missing- | Four Days \ i BERRYV1LLK, Ark. -l/Vl— CCC searchers Friday reported finding John W. Brumlcy 85, missing four days on Tension mountain, six miles from his home at Shady Grove which is west of Berry vi lie. He is in a serious condition from exposure and luinger. ^*W IMB^F^ IED "Ths More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • ** You Can Talk to Only One Man o Want Ads Talk to Thousands SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One tirns—I'j word, minimum 30c Three times—3Hc word, minimum SOc Six times—tic word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum 12.70 Rates fire for continuous insertions only. Today's New Idea ;^ AMAR1LLO. Tox. —(/TV- Publisher gene Howe of Amarillo says what this nation needs i.s a "return-your-bor- rowcd-books-week." | Jlo proclaimed one in Amurillo utter ' he discovered pfght borr<iwed but for- j Kottcu books in his library. The idea ; was: a success. i "Most hooks loaned to me are forced • upon me," he says. "The host or host- i ess nl a parly, mildly bo.-isiiiifr, asks j J-T Mc-cllcv. whether I have read such and such a i , - ,... .-,, irOKl/ONTAI, l.H Pirtlll-ed former hull pl.iycr. y Vniiii;; rlrci. 1 Ar.ili. ,'! Kn.iil of army, STAR ATHLETE Answer to Previous (CRi^ElNjlTjAli _lA!Djftio i 'T| (—••I . i . l;-j , f .MI Jfemher of The Associated Press: The Associated rress is exclusively en- filled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not jfi^nviep credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. '•••• •< on Tributes. Etc.: Charge will be made tor an tributes, cards of >xa. resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial news- Hiners hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a trluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the or return of any Unselicited manuscripts. What War Means STANDINGS National League j Services Offered j SERVICES OFFERED—See Hernp- 1 stead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, j for new nml re-built. Phone Paul jCohb U58-.I. August 2C-lrn For Rent Clubs New York . Boston Clevennd . Chicago . . Detroit Washington Fhiacielphia St. Louis \V. 102 »4 81 711 74 t,. •i:i CO fili BJ G'J S.'i Pet. ,7u;s .58:! .re: .549 .517 .432 SERVICES OFFERED—Expert Radio Repair Service and replacement part:;. All work guaranteed. Radio Service. Phone SOii. K.iy Allen. 28-tf It is rather appalling to see the thoughtlessness with which many people say. "Oh, yes, I suppose we'll be in it sooner or later." Scarcely one of these persons has given so much as a thought to what war would really mean to every man, woman, and child in America, even to those not called to military service. Already the British know, though few British soldiers have seen action, and London remains unbombed as yet. Passage of the universal national service registration has brought it home to them. If any did nof know what war was going to mean, they know now. Every 'm'an, woman, and child in Britain is to be registered and given a •card. That card will be an important and necessary document. For military service, for food allotments, for claims to benefits under any of the war enactments, insurance and the like, the card will bo necessary. For reuniting •EamaHes torn apart by war's terrors, it may be useful. It is the final degrada- 'ion of human beings into serial numbers. It is to the civilian what the "dog tag 1 ' was to the World war soldier. The Ministry of Labor has'been given full power to control employment. Employers cannot hire or rehire e'mployes without the ministry's consent. Not a -single British labor leader would have voted for any such measure in peace time. It gives the government a control over the life of the ordinary man which must be the envy of Hitler and Stalin. David Kirkwood, Laborite leader, protested that "the worker has suspicion that under the cloak of patriotism employers can take advantage of a lower standard for labor . . . the worker holds so much more than death the right to say whether he should work for this or another individual." So he does, but no matter now. This L? war. If'men are to be ordered into machine gun fire, who shall say they shall not be ordered into the machine shop or the harvest field? If men are to give their lives, who shall say they shall not give their money? In Germany, income taxes have already been upped 50 per cent, and it is death to listen to a radio program from abroad. In all the war-afflicted countries the cost of living is already restively beginning to scramble upward. But there are no wage increases in sight to compensate. Pricefixing is endeavoring, vainly as always, to close the gap. What does it all mean? It means simply that millions of people in Europe have allowed themselves to be maneuvered into a position in which they have no alternative but to bectfme for an indefinite period just numbers on a card. • • Human bings ought not to be mere chessmen, pushed helplessly about the checkerboard, "I suppose we shall," but rather say, fiercely, "Who says we must?" and "Why?" Thursdays Kesults New York g, Chicago 2. Boston G, St. Louis 2 . Detroit 7. Philadelphia Ii. Cleveland 6. Washington :•!. Games Friday Philadelphia at Boston. Detroit at Cleveland. Ony games .schedued. American League : SERVICES GFFERED--A beautiful picture in oil colors 8 by 10 for $1.50. i this ui'i I; nnly. Shiplev Studio. ', IS-.'Hc FOK R10NT—Two furnished rooms !• • it i • . i ,,,-,! Illllt'l.** UllVII adjoining bath, close m. Apply 810 , book . w( , t . k co East 2nd SI. 21-3tp I hook. i "They say everyone is roadhif; it; I that it's the hit of the country and ! that only the ignorant and the dumb j '3M l'Yrinlit(.-fl. j and the imbocilie are passing it up. j "0 Declares'. : And then they insist that 1 take the 1 £'.'. Sprite, .hook, home and I hif! it home and' ;;;i Mrastu <•. i throw it on the table and the folks I put it upon a shelf and there it remains until reUnn-your-horrowcd- mos along." Hi Si .1:01 17 Skin. •lii Dress protector. ::•! To (ililiterale. !i:t Alley. I." Abbey lie;,(Is. ..'>!> To merit, I'.:.' Hcndi-r.; -;A! i ;i >$lo RiESiCJO-0'P ! "Sfc'KVICF.S OI'TKHKD — Furniture; .FOR UENT-—I room unfurnished iipartment. Water and light meters installed. Close in. Phone :«I2. IM-Illc FOR KENT-Front Bedroom. Close in. Adjoining bath. Call fi()7. 21-Illp FOR RENT—(i root house in A-l condition. Apply Middlebrooks Grocery. 21-lite re .'n.ished. u-paircd and re-upholsler-' FOR KKNT-Room and board. T. E. ie<l. Duu'i M'.ro'.v away your old fnr ; niti: t '-j - we make it!d furniture new. Plume l!lli-.I. 19-IHp j i Urrey. 31 fi West. Division St. L'2-^te Notice' If taking a course Phone 1.1-I or .vl in i * THE FAMILY DOCTOR; T. K. wee. o. ». *AT. off By DR. MORRIS FISHBEDJ. Editor, Jounl of the American Medical Hygela, the Health Magazine Swimming Endangers Ears, Sinuses.Is'Man Lacks Valves of Water AniriiaT' Jt Fiist -of two articles advancing new theories on how to keep healthy while swimming. Research done by Dr. H. M. Taylor or Jacksonville, Fla., on the effect of swimming on ears and sinuses has win him the Casselberry Prize of the American Laryngological Association. Dr. Taylor has found that infections | of the nose ajid throat are coused by swinning because man has invaded an environment to which he is no longer adapted. Man is essentially a land animal and not a water animai. When man breathes, the air taken info tjy; nose is warmed before it "' .1 into the lungs. The area ov:v.- which the air passes is kept moist V.-y glands which secrete mucus. Tiny hairs keep material in motion so that germs deposited in the breathing area are enmeshed in the mucus and carried away fro disposition. Animal.-; that live in the water have different kind of nose and throat Clubs Cincinnati .. St. Louis .. Chicago Brookvn New- York . Pittsburgh . Boston Philadelphia \V. S8 8(1 80 74 70 67 S» 44 L,. .14 57 GS til! 7] 7ti 81 Pet. .1120 .ROl .341 .421 .312 j W anted WANTED-Milk Producer who can ! furnish 2"> to 40 gallons milk. Hope I Creamery & Dairy Co. 22-,'!fe Thursdays Results Chicago i). New York 5. Cincinnati 8, Philadelphia Pittsburgh G-7, Boston 4-1). St. Louis 6, Brooklyn 5, Games, Friday Pilsburgh at Cincinnati. Chicago at St. Louis. Only games scheduled. Found FOUND- -Kleclric Ra/or. ONvner may have by describing ant! paying ;><!. Phone 708. i.'0-.'Hdh Washington Gin Company Is ginning and wrapping up to 525 pound bales SH.50 All bnle.s over 525 pounds, ad- ditional'lc a pound. Also store your Seed. A. N. Stroud will limil bales into Hope Compress for 25c each. A. N. Stroud, Washington. Ark. Sept 5-1 m T<i our customers /who have clollies in our storage; please give us two days notice before you want these clothes delivered. Thank you. Hall Bros. Cleaners and Hatters. 20-,'Jlc S'rrs l-'irst as I'layer FlTTSlHJRC.il - Hob Klliott. Pirate i en-nit outfielder, had never seen major league game until he appeared ai:ainst the Cardinals reccnly. Ilole-in-one Iteconl BUU.I. Australia. Samlon Point gull course here claims world record. Three men and a v.-<iman i-ach mad* .1 hole-in-one the same ilay on an S.'i-vartl hole. stlllX'. VMKTK AI, ntUnlel. ..; I', G)-andparent:i! 'Hi All. ;!,S,.h,:n-. distrilnilively. , ,.. . 42 Kntliii: i,i -in. •\ C.i aid d. . •!.! Sri.ipsl.01. , r > t.'i'\vl.iny. . C, Ktilihor tror: 'i <'rav.:t. For Sale SAL.lv- -1 1-1 acres Sandy land. U'atcred hy well and springs. A mile if City Limits. 2 houses, one barn. JM.IMI per arrc. Easv Terms. C. 13. TYLER Hume 2S,l."i 118 So Main St. SALE'-Ono suit of anticpie 'iniiituic anil one piano. Mrs. \V. \V. D\iekelt, :"i2L' South Elm Street. 20 -Uc Clearance sale (in used sewinu ma•hines: prici'S cm onc-luilf. S;"> and up. topi. L'Ulh tu Oct. 1st. Singer Sewing Machme C.'i>. Phr.»\e 1ST. KM! Sn. Main. Rent KOR RENT — :! i-D'.iin furnished npnrt- NOTICE—Slrayixl from my Gtmrns- j , . .'._' _. . ey farm one dark Jersey steer, crop' FOR SALK—10 head pure bred non- ami split in right ear. deep crop off of i registered Hereford Cows. :>' to (i left ear, black tail, Miijill B and bar'years old. with calves or to ralvo on right .side, coming three years old. ' soon. Calvi-s by registered hull. By EDGAR MARTIN 0 ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER close the nose to keep the water out if they wish to do so. This is true of alligators, pelicans, diving petrels, hippopotami and por^xisises. The only way in which man can protect himself, while swimming is to! develop a propher method of breathing By exhauling through the nose when the head is under water and inhaling through the mouth when it is above, to swimmer can maintain a positive air pressure in the nasal cavities and protect his sinuses and his Eustachian tubes fr&m water. All new method of swimming, .such as the Australian crawl provide ford this kind of breathing. Doctor Taylor points out that the swimmer should take a deep inhalation through the mouth just before diving and then exhale slowly through the nose while under water. The rush of air into nasal cavities incident to diving feel first first ctns- es frequent infections of the sinuses, the middle ear and the mitsto'id in swimmers of all ages. Problem an Page One There are several solutions to this problem. He could build two diagnol roads from the corners across the tract, and then two circular roads across them spaced at proper distances from the center. He could also build one- road from north to south in the middle of the tract, and two roads equally spaced from east to west across it, and finally one oblong road across all these. i By using circular roads, you can work out othur solutions. • HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Priest Straddles Political Fence The Institute for Propaganda Analysis, an organization for discovering and expounding propaganda techniques, has applied its microscope to Father C'ou.gh- lin in "The Fine Art of Propaganda" 'HarcourU Brace: Sl.5'1). Typical speeches are examined. Hero is one arraignment of Ihe technique of the radio priest: than have human beings. They can Investigations made by Doctor Taylor Just as Hitler obtained socialist backing in Germany through tn* socialistic terminology and culling his! party National Socialist, so Father! Coughlin is attempting U> align lovers I of de-numeracy with his objectives through advocating a "democratic Corporate .State, free from the domina- j tinn of capitalism and partyi.sm; free ! from bigotry and racial hatreds." ' He insists his proposals are "not ii,i-j ported from communistic Russia, from socialistic Germany, or iVorn faseistic j Italy, and are not to he identified with the so-called totalitarian state in which all citizens exist for the state." However, lie crie.s down "bigotry" ;md then advocates a single national religion, recognized by the state: he lectures against "racial hatreds" j, then dc-vot, ; hour; of radio ti.ne to! the cultivation of anti-JeJwish i prejudices; he calls for "class co-op-i eration in.-.tead of class hatred" and • then df/nomis- direct Federal dictator- j ship ^of employer-employe relations i ai.'d Coiitfn.-ssjonnl representation ,-,|onu'' tiuUe-iissocialioii and trade-union Imes. v.-ith mi undemocratic weighting of power on the side of trade associa- tion.s and olhi.-i property mtfrc-als. p .-how that all aquatic animals have ( i the ability to close the enr in order | t'j pri.-vi.-nt water from corning in eou- tai t '.vi'.h the eardrum. The human boh ig h;,.-, i..) such (ippartalus. If a |j(.r-on has a pcrinantni opening in the flsiidnmi because of an infection he iijo^rv 4 either avoid swimming an ni-jn.^ i.r arrange some methods ofj •keeping water out of ihe ear. ; Swiinmeis frequently suffer from 1 jmteelions like hoi I.s in the ear, prov-j i ing i"i,-,t the external ruidilory canal j is not intended to stand long action I of w.-jtej'. As subs.litutea for the valves ^ •• i'>:.- es.-ed i>y animal living in wuier.' [ lin^VTv^ mav u.-.e rubljer :-itO[j|j('r.-, or ' |jlti^' of'oiled wioi or cotton. I>)c;or Taylor ].oints out that you rn,-';.y hold ;,our hand in water for '•'M iij^nute.s and tiie aclin of the water will', oe sufficient to v, 1 :'inkit and lower J/ic reiistarice of ihe skin. Soften- \sijffil~ ''f >h-'- -kin by water breaks ' it anc( opens up opportunity for infection. NEXT Budv incm with electric refri»erati)r. Pi'ivale hmli. 514 Ka.-.l lii-cl St. 21-3tu M. P.riant. !ft-. P !tp BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES What the Heck ! ! UWE. O T l< a'EI J sV Nice Progress G05H, PETE-ULYSSES THAT MINERVA / DAME SURE MUST SHROUDS RECENT ACTIVITY IN THE CAM_R... AXES IN THE f-OREST AMD SENTRIES ARE J '. -• The Jig's Up By ROY CRANE "1 WASH TUBES OEATH TO THE . IMTRUOERSl UDQgNLV SOWS .SS—A DOOE BURSTS OPEW. By MERRILL BLOSSER What's This? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ^ • ? THAT MAKES : TWO OF UST'MEN, \ DOESN'T IT/ : HAVE A TRAW3FER PROSA UP MORTH .' LOOKS LIKE A SENSATION Bur HE ooesM'T LIKE- TO PLAY, AMD WANT "TO ENCOURAGE ^ LIME LJP WITH "I'HEr SECCMD 'VrRMG , FRECKLES — HOW COME-i COACM , ANA J. IN THE DOG HOUSE? By FRED HARMAN IN) OLO A Call for Help RED RYDER i'v/E tIAO r-.i-iOUGH OF YOU 5AVJ---WWAT' Oi-- \\IOLr-- C A NYC-i-O f v.'.".E.-f A. Daput-f TV I AT •.•J.LI. GET -fo tng

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