Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1939 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1939
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If You Expect to Vote in the 1940 Elections Pay Your Poll Tax Now - the Deadline on Poll Taxes Is Saturday, September 30 World-Wide New* Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Press Hope Star \ \ \ ARKA1V and Saturl north and\ VOLUME 40—NUMBER 295 1 E, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1939 v, ^-l- _ ___ J-iura, AKKAJNSAS, FKIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1939 ' ^ ' v/y* ^^ _ " • " —- " "- -.' JrKi jy/ it, u * t *•. * *_*.*..*••***"•*"* * * * * * H °P. e • Smackover_ Football Contest Will Begin at 8 o'clock RnllfQic Will Dn/iL- Barn Owned bv Neirro r<LMJ ¥T^ 1 1 n _ . 1' ~ " ~" • m Bobcats Will Pack Weight Advantage; Buckaroos Tough Hammons Expects Improved Offensive Against Bucks SPECIAL TRAIN 6:45 Hope Fans Urged to Give Visitors Big Welcome to Hope Tlie Hope High School football team, packing a weight advantage of 22 pounds to the man, is a pre-gamo favorite to whip the Smackover High School team in the fiflh annual meel- ing of the two .squads, at Hammons .'•tadium at 8 p. in. Friday. Thc Buckaroo;:. however, have pointed for Ihe annual clash and as usual are expccled lo put up a hard battle to Ihe end. Thc Buckaroos boast of a powerful running back in Estes, ISO-pound lripie-th'eater, who will wear n number 21 jetrcy. Estes ga«.e the Bobcats penty of trouble last season and i.s expected to be a constant threat in the game here Friday night. Reports from Smackover say Hie Buckaroos will be in top shape. Hope Team Uoady Coach Foy Hamon.s said Friday morning that his squad was rcac<y with the exception of Jimmy Daniels quarter back, who is still hampered by an ankle injury. Hamon.s, in naming his starting lineup, picked Roy Taylor to start at the quarterback position. Taylor direcl- cd the team against Hayncsville and did a creditable job. f In thc .starting backfield with Taylor will be Bobby Ellen, Charles Raj- Baker and David (.Sonny) Coleman. Coach Hammons originally intended lo send Daniels with Assistant Coach Brasher to Hayncsville lo .scout the El Dorado game, but the Hope quarter- liack has been begging for an opportunity (o play, despite (he ankle injury. Mammons reported Ihe ankle lo be improved, but whether he will give Barn Owned by Negro Burns on Hope Rt. 4 A barn on the farm home of J. S. Briggs was destroyed by fire early Wednesday morning of last week. The hiirn contained 250 bales of hay, 30 bushels of cotton seed, several bushels of corn and 300 pounds of seed cut- ton. Origin of the blaze is unknown. There wa.s no insurance. Loss estimated at ?500. Six Are Arrested on "Cancer Cure" Mail Fraud Charged to Hospital Group at Eureka Springs LITTLE ROCK —(/!>)- Norman Baker, 56, proprietor of Ihe Baker hospital ^at Eureka Springs, .surrendered lo a U. S. marshal here Friday on a federal indictment charging use of the mails to defraud. Four present members and one former member of thc hospital staff surrendered with him. Ail made bond, Baker $10.000 Ihe others ?1.000 each. District Attorney Sam Rorcx said the indictment charged seven counts of mail fraud in connection with a plan to obtain money for an alleged cancer cure. Others who surrendered were R. A. Bellows, Dr. 0. L. Beatty, Dr. W. S. Hntto, Dr. J. L. Statler, H. L. Fisher. Also indicted were: Dr. John H. Conv/ay, of Eureka Springs; and Irmn Baltw, • Muscatinc owa, sister of Norman Baker. Former Hope Man Heads Butler Bros. Thomas B. Freeman Elected New.President of Large Concern Thomas B. Freeman, formerly of Hope, has been elected president of Daniels a chance lo break inlo the lineup remains to be seen. Hammnns said he expected his Bob- eats to show an improved offense a- giiinxl Smackover, bringing into play more deception and forward passes instead of a straight power attack as was n.sed against Haynesvillc last week. The (eft guard position i.s still tm.-:ettled with six candidates figlit- Children Under 13 Will Be Admitted Free at the Fair New Roof Being Placed Over the Main Exhibit Building MANY ATTRACTIONS Fusszell's United Shows to Furnish 7 Rides. 10 Shows Stalin, Dictator of Russia, Takes Place as Most Powerful Man in World Today Butler Bros., lake office as head of the company November 20 of this year. Mr. Freeman came lo Hope in lill'J, opened a store whore Brian't store i.s now located. He later position. Breeding has ing for Ihc been named to start, but five other guards may see action before the game ends. Jimmy .Simms, a star in last week's tussle, and Sonny Murphy, are ex- l.eclcd to net im opportunity to show their .stuff j,, || R , backficld' provided Inc.- score is favorable at the half. J'.D. Jones, 200-pound six feet .seven inch end, and Loy Ward, 170 pounder, have been promised .some action in the Smackovor game The Officials Kerns Howard, former Ouchita al- lole will referee. Tom Murphy of University of Arkansas fame and present coach ul Henderson, will umpire. Me- Komi.-i of ElDorado will be head- linesman and Earl O'Neal will act as field judge. The game S |url.s at H o'clock. The stadium sates will not open until 7 o'clock— and all funs having an empty seat in their automobile are requested by school officials to meet the special (rain bringing Smackover fans here and provide transportation to the football field. The special train is due at the Missouri Pacific depot at G:4fi o'clock. The r>5-picce Smuckover band and about 500 fan:; will be on the train. Smackover citizens gave Hope a royal welcome on arrival there last season. School authorities have urged Hope citizens to return the favor. A Thought Man i.s unjust but God i.s ju.st; and finally justice triumph. - Longfellow. CRANIUM CRACKERS Real Estute Division Mr. Muddle owns a tract of land bounded by streets on all .sides. He wishes to divide it by .streets into lots to be different from others so tney would attract attention, he divided hi.s tract inlo i2 lots by having only four roads built. How dirl he do it. Solution on Page Two drug - —. — moved lo the building where the Bun- store is located and then sprang a chain of variety stores. These stores were located at Marian- nil, Forre'sl Cily, Hugo, Okla., Malvem, North Little Rock, JUissollvillo and Fayetteville. Hope was maintained as headquarters. In ira Mr. Freeman sold his chain of stores to Butler Bros, and Ihen became general manager of the company. He wa.s elected to thc board of directors in 1930 and a member of the executive committee in 1937. Mr. Freeman is 52, an Arkansan by birth, and a graduate of the University of Arkansas. He is married, has two daughters, and lives in Win- nelka, III., Thc Scott-Burr Stores corporlalion is Ihe relail .subsidiary of Butler Bros., headed by Mr. Frct'm'an. It's Dangerous, Too, If You're a Robber CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo.-(/l>There are .some straight-shooting folks around Cape Girardcau. Hubert Me- Cullough was replacing the glass bull's eye that had been knocked from the center of a driving range target when— bingo! some one hit it again and knocked it right out of McCullough's hand. Attendance at the Hompstead county lair this year i.s expected to be very much largcd than ast year, since all children under I'J years of age will he admitted free of charge, and on Friday, September 2!l. regardless of age. all .school children and their teachers will be admitted free. Ju.st as it was last -year, all who have articles or animals on exhibit- 1 ) will receive a pass to the fair at the j time they enter their exhibits. Also, | all who participate in any of the) special events wil be admitted free. Work i.s progressing satisfactorily on the buildings and grounds. A new roof is being put on the main exhibit building by the city and the N. Y. A, has completed the shelving for display of exhibits. They arc now fixing up the livestock buildings and building pens for the large number of ivestock expected. The city has also agreed to improve the lighting of thb fair buildings and grounds (his year. A representative of FuzzclPs United Shows arrived Friday and promises the be.st of carnival attractions, with seven rides and ten shows. In addition to the carnival attraction, there will be Ire Pel Show, Horse Show, and Cycle Circus lo afford amusement to the fair visitor. A pubic address .system will be installed in the main exhibit building and ice water will be provided (his year for fair visitors. Several have spoken for commercial boolli.s but there are yet places for more. The commercial booths sell for ?10.000 each and arc 10 by 12 feet and right down the center of Communist Party Secretary, Really Russian Dictator Communist Groups Pay Homage to Him All Over the World CONQUESrls BEGUN Polish Campaign Brings Communism to Border of Hungary First of three stories on the man on whom the eyes of the world are fastened today Joseph Sliilin of Russia. space thc exhibit hall. Free exhibit lias been offered (o all local industrial plants. Germans Anxious Over U.S.A. Stand They Think U. S. Will Succeed Britain as "World Empire" BERLIN. Germany Thursday night was watching the special session of „ . , ., ., ,,, , , . confess which the pres, called "the S?' **."?] ' " fter . U ' c World Wai mosl i',,,'M,,H.-mi ,.V,M,I si,,, ,lh,-,,k-,,f ','„'" !1 . J " cf C <""'»ums:t regime under By WILLIS THORTON NKA Service Staff Correspondent Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili is probably at the moment the most, powerful man in the world. He is not head of a state, but simply the secretary of a party. But Djugashvili is bettor known as Stalin; the state is Russia, and tnc party i.s the Cimmunist party of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. As general secretary of that party, he is in practice its leader, and since it i.s the ony legal party in Russia, he is the political leader of 175,000,000 people in 11 federated regions including one-seventh of the lant area of the world, stretching Pacific to the Gulf of Finland •om the Artie to thc Blanck Sea. In addition, he cxcrcicses great con- North Pa iinn fro , ove r the "independent" soviet republic of Inner Mongolia and has just "placed under his protection" an unknown number of pcopie who formerly were in Poland. To show the vast power of this man as leader of vast hordes of people and controller of moutais of resources, it is ow plain that Hitler dared not move to thc conquest of Poland until assured of Russia's "neutrality," and that he dared not pro- te.st Russia's seizure of a share of thc spoils. In the Far East, his controlling power in affairs will .soon be apparent if Japan moves toward quick completion of the conquest of China, hi.s neutrality there having been won, possibly for a price. Conquest Brings Fertile Field The new Polish conquest brings Russia's border lo the edge of Hungary, which after the World War most i'lii'portanl event since outbreak of the European conflict." Included in newspaper articles on Ihe United Slates was one by Karl Meyerle, foreign affairs expert of the Boersen Zeitung who said the United Slalr.s- had fallen heir to Anglo-Saxon world leadership. "With her attack on Germany.' wrote Megerle. who i.s close to the Foreign Office. "England put the ax lo Ihe rools of her own woi Id position. Thc American dollar falls heir. "Whal fur-seeing English .slaicsinen saw and feared logins to show. How- | ever (his war may end, England will be so weak thai Ihc leadership of thc Anglo-Saxon world and all that went with il will pass lo llu- United States. "The United States need only wait Bela Kvm. This country, backward and (Continued on Page Five) The Probable Starting Linei no IMS Green 190 iCalhoun 235 Breeding 1(5:5 Bundy 175. Quimby 160 Simpson r>55 Eason 190 Taylor 167 • Elk-ii 162 Baker 160 Coleman 150 ... Team Average Line Average Backfield Average Left End . Left Tackle Left Guard Center . Right Guard .. . Right Tackle Right. End Quarter Back .. Left Half . Right Half . Full Back 182 160 195 163 160 155 KMACKOVKlt . .lingers ... AVray .. Wallai-e Smith .. .Moo iv .Bourn Rouso SI pollens (.'. Thomas Scott . E.stes Team Aver. Line. Avert Backfield Aver, 1GJ Kit) i:5o 1.80 feudal, is expected to provide <i fertile field for internal Communist propaganda, suggesting that Slalin may have; become at last convinced that "you can't eprol revolution," at long range, and that the way lo bring it abonl and thus add more and more territory lo thc Soviet, sway in thc Hitler fashion of propagandizing neighbor stales and then absorbing them when the propaganda has become effective. Its Communist Party of Russia dominates in turn Ihc Third International, federative organization of the Cr.mmunisl parties of all countries, whose headquarters are in Moscow. These parties have always been subject II" decisions of the International, which, since the successful Bolshevik revolution of 1!)17 has naturally followed Ihe lead of tho party in flic ine country in which il is dominant. Thus though he has always denied giving direct orders to, or having spread influence in, the International, Stalin has exercised tremendous influence on thc Communist Parties of all eoulrics, and tirouh them on people- influenced by them. Scarcely a Communist headquarters throughout the yorld has been without ils picture of Slalin. The International is said now lo be viewing present Russian action somewhat doubtfully as being nalioalistic if nut. imperialistic. But (here is no evidence to support rumors that il might cut loose from the domination of the Russian party, or even dissolve into independent parlies in the various countries in which it is or- gani/ed. Since !!)£>, when Stalin received (he mantle of Lenin as leader of the rc- voution. he has been one of thc word's most powerful men. But today, with Russia exercising decisive influence peace, and politics, in the Far (Continued on Page Four) Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili, better known to the world as Stalin, points a finger millions of people all over the world watch eagerly to gauge the direction in which it points. and Sailor Who Shut Door on Pal in Squalus Tell Tragic Story •'Close the- Door or Let 28 More Men Die" Was His Choice, and North Little Rock Boy Perished BETHEL, Ark.—More than 500 friends, his New Hampshire fiancee and the comrade who was to have served him as best man al his impending wedding, attended the funeral for Sherman Luther Shirley, 33, at Ihc large community church here Thursday, 123 days after Ihe submarine Squalus carried the North Litlle Rock lorpedoman lo hi.s death off llic New Hampshire eoasl. •. For Floyd Mancss, South Carolina- I born electrician's mate, it was performance of a duty when he acccpled the folded flag from hi.s cu'mrade's Dr. Young Leaves for North Carolina , j . Accepts Position W i t h! ' lis ! luly 1 "" r ' y ,"! c »>;"•'»»« « ,, * .. ... T . I lo close the batch between tl Warning Given on Insurance Firms Pilkinton and Weisenberger Support State Insurance Dept. The following joint statement was issued Friday by State Senator James H. PilkingUm and Representative Ilo.vce Weisenbevger: M. J. Harrison. Slate Insurance Commissioner, in correspondence to a number of the public officials of the slate State Public Health Department Dr. Robert Young, native of Hope and for the past, four months associated with Dr. L. M. Lile, ha.'accepted a position with Ihc North Carolina Stale Public Health Department. Dr. Young is a graduate of Hope High School. He attended Emory University where he graduated with honors and then served his interne- ship at Einorv University hospital, Atlanta, Ga. > M , L1|11 Later he attended thc University ot . North Carolina where he received ! "\\c-didntfellit his degree in public, health administration. He returned lo Georgia to accept a position with the Georgia Public casket and delivered it lo Mr. Shirley's father. V. A. Shirley, who lives near Ibis .sprawling settlement, !•}• miles north of Litlle Rock. Il also had been •|y Hie morning of May 23 - --- ,-ie engine control room and Ihe after-battery of the submarine, scaling the doom of 26 , ()U] ln- . companions trapped in the submarine's j conccrn stern. i „, ,', | Mr. Harrison says They Became Friends With the Sijn.-dtis since January 2. Mr. Maiics.s became a close friend of Mr. Shirley when thc latter wa.s assigned in Ihc .submarine in mid-February. The vessel was undergoing additional (living lest ;>.l 8:40 that. Tuesday 'morning, Maness said Thursday, when the ship suddenly starting sink- attention lo the Insurance Departments drive attempting to crush Ihc activities in Arkansas non-admitted insurance companies. Warnings, which have been generally published in the newspapers of thc Stale, have been issued informing Arkansas cit- ixcns of Ire dangers instant to taking out insurance with a non-admitted it Ihe pcopie of Arkan.-aa should leali/o that if these Mon-admitteci cnncevns are worthy of cor..Mcl'.'iatn.'n. can be ad- | ing astern, reversing the angle of de- thc stern i hit bol- j lorn, but we weie watching the depth j gauges and know we were touching bottom," Mane.ss said. Health Department, being stationed at Cartersvillc, Ga., several months before coming to Hope lo be associated with Dr. Lile, who first encouraged him in thc medical profession. In accepting the new position. Dr. Young is lu receive a salary of SBUO MELBOURNE—1,1'i—Teddy Reynolds. 7, on a ti-ifj to England had $18.70 (o buy his mother a present. Thc money dwindled on the way and his gift on landing was some postage stamps. "I find they always come in handy," he said wisely. \ WaU-r was pouring into the after battery and all hands then; quickly dashed for the hatch leading inlo the cuntrul room, he said, lie wa.s the last lu k , avo , he baUL , ry uluUl fcu hjs ^ , 0 ,,„„ ]he , ^, c] t]o( ,,. ^ pvoiect t.h,«. in iht, c-nlrol r,,,,m , )j(| „, , ' "j. w;,, vu.,0,1,,, dw ;, (J , Jiav( ,,, moi e men die," he said grimly. "We watched through eye-ports and saw the wliocl battery fill up with a few seconds. Our telephone into ihat compartment was drowned out. \Ve knocked on the walls but heard Jioth- j (Continued on Page Five) milled and subjccl lhcm>elvt\; to thc .iurj.'.fliclion di' i.mc enuris. If (hey do nol C;,IP to do this, diner Uieir fimmchl stuiclure will not bear inspection or they do nol wish to subject themselves lo the legal requirements which other legitimate insurance companies subject themselves. The admitted companies bcarw their narl of the expense of government by paying almost thiee-quartcrs of a million dollars inlo the insurance Department, Moreover, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to collect any disputed chum from a non-admitted concern for il. i.s nol subjected readily to the jurisdiction of our courts, as are admitted companies. Continuing, Mr. Harrison points out that practically all of thi:, busi- nc.« wiih nun-admitted companies is mail order biii-ine.-*. Occasionally an agent oi one uf ihc.se concerns i? ilelceled soliciting business in Arkansas, arrested and fined. The department icports thai Federal, Slate and local officers are tuopmviling in this attempt to prevent personal soji- cilion of insurance business for nun- Big Guns Roar in Europe; U.S. Senate Frowns at F. D. R. 24 Senators to Fight Lifting of Arms Embargo "to Bitter End" FOR DEAD PREMIER Outlawed "Iron Guard" Pays Terrible Price for Assassination By thc Associated Press Big guns were reported, thundering on the Western front Friday while, an' ocean away from hostilities, lines were< being drawn for a battle in Washington on the issue of neutrality revision. Sharp on'the heels of President' Roosevelt's appeal to scrap the arms embargo, 24 senators organized an op-, position bloc which Senator LaFollette, Wisconsin Progressive, said would fight repeal "from hell to breakfast." Roosevelt supporters arranged' strategy conferences. • On the Eastern front in Europe, the • German army high contcttand reported 178 members 'of the diplomatic corps' and 1,200 other foreigners had left: Warsaw safely by arrangement with the Germans, Warsaw stiE resisted the' Nazi forces, but a battle near Tomas- W>w, 1«L Bules^ southeast pf Warsaw;, had bwif''Victoriously •concluded" the invaders reported. The high command laid German' and Russian troops were "proceeding on schedule" toward an agreed de- •rrtarcation line. The French ministry noted an artillery action on both sides along the entire Western front, as well as activity by French advance guards. Basel (Switzerland) advices "said the French so far had taken more' than 80 German towns and villages in the Saar-Mosella triangle. Owners of the British steamer Arkle- side reported she had been "lost at sea." Her crew was rescued. Vengeance in Rumania BUCHAREST, Rumania—{^—Thousands were reported executed Friday at Rumania's virtual military dictatorship exacted a heavy blood-price from thc pro-Nazi Iron Guard for the assassination of Premier Armand Calinescu. Reliable sources said thousands of members of the outlawed Iron Guard were taken frctar concentration camps throughout the country and shot to death to avenge the killing of the premier, who was an impacable foe of the guard. The blood-spattered bodies of nine persons said to be the actual assassins sprawled awkwardly in a Bucharest street, grisly evidence of the government's vengeance. Around the roped- pff, oblong arena, hawkers were selling cakes, beer and soft drinks to the crowd. New Italian Wea ROME, Italy-VP)_lialy redoubled her insistence Friday that the "use- ess war" be haulted before it sweeps beyond control. Mussolini's newspaper n Popolo d Italia said if France and Britain did not make war against Soviet Russia for invading Poland they had no right to war against Germany. Aii editorial said France and Britain would have to face Russia if they broke he Siegfried line anri advanced through Germany. The editorial declared the present war would leave only a desire for vengeance by the defeated side, thus bribing on another Wfll, Reds Cut Germany, Rumania MOSCOW, Russia ~</Pj- fL]o. ma tie quarters Thursday pointed out that Russia s drive into Poland ar- parently he intercepted any possible direct German march into Roumania from that quarter and said this fact might prove a vital factor in the European war. Soviet forces, these reports said, had cut Germany off from access to Roumania except through Hungary. Observers said this may prove important m the light of Germany's desire for Roumania't; oil. Sweep of the Red army's drive w:*s indicated by communiques whicil announced advances ranging up to 135 (Continued on Page Five) (Continued on Page Four) Cotfc :on NEW YORK -H.-P,- October cot- Ion opened Friday at 8.93 and closed at 9.03. Spot cotton closed at 3.13, up wits.

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