The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1940
Page 3
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MAY 1, iam EIENI ME] Plans Completed For Wil- School's May Day 'L COURIER NFAVS Frencli Have Bio Guns, Too son Program I'liujs for Die ItaiHh-SaMs'-Pliy- sleal Education program of HIP Wilson school, 10 UP celebrated Fr> day will! a May Day observant" have been completed, ne.twrtl'.v? ID Call 1,. flird.- MiuerimeiKliiu of iho school and oliniminn of arninxe- nii'rU.s, A hivh li'4lH of the all itay program whlcli will extinwl Into 11 ni'-lil mcs'tii-i! will IK tlic crowning of the May Queen. .Vtks ,/olinnic Weii- lii'cok. Her nHoml'im.s will be MM Helen Lancaster, Miss Cllcn Miller, Miss Dorolliv Hvtoni. Miss Lucille 1'Utmnn, Ml*s Juno Onriiericr and Miss .Jimc Williams: There will be no school Friday Mia the Lee Wilson Cwji.ra'iv's places ol business will be •:!<)> r •! during the nficrnoo:-. so dial nil may visit ih<; school and see the exhibits ami attend the various . Exhibits in various rooms will depict work of Die students i- the Healih-.Safcty-plij'sk'Bl Education program of the year. A Parade of Children, v.ith the school bnixl. will ouen the celebration at 9:3(1 o'clock. A track meet' for students of tbe fOHrih. fifth antl sixth Brinks wilt begin at 10:30 o'clock, to be followed by Bicycle Races. Lunch will be: served al noon wiih students of the home economics clasps in charge. A baseball game, at 2 o'clock will lie played before the May Queen crowning and May Pole fiances at 5 o'clock. The night program will lie a com- mui'ity assembly at which educational and safety talks will lie Riven by C. S. Blackburn of Little Ro:k, of the .state department of education-. II. D. Booth of Little Rock. .superintendent of the Traffic Safety Division of the state, and I,i-<l- sey Hatched of Little Rock. Safety Patrolman. Skits by various school ^ronu':. a motion picture. n cotton ilr<v;s stvle - show and fin art exhibit of famous pniiitings will also make uu the night program, to ue held at (lie school auditorium. Arrange Five Tours For 'Heller Homes" inspection Steele-Cooter ' Society—Personal As (hough to counter German bonsi.s n | lom their hlg gu n s . Oils picture of a Blunt railroad rifle, '•somewhere i,, the war -/.one." was issued by the I.YPIICII with n caption inserting that "France lianrllcs tirsl-clnss malorial.'-'NHA Telrplioto). I'arly Honors Filth Hiilhday Little Miss Daisy Belli Cassitly was guest of honor at a party last week in honor of her fifth birthday anniversary at the home of her parents. Mr. urrl Mr.s. James L. Ca.ssuiy. Various "atnes were enjovc;! throughout the afternoon after which the guest of honor presented a large assortment of «iris from her little friends and later refreshments of fruit jelio. cake and orni'Keiide ivero sen-erf. 1 * ^ Hostess to Kriilgc Luni'lieon Miss Dorris Barnelt was hostess lo her Thursday Briclae club and two guests. Mrs. .lack Rushing and Mrs. Gtiss Cooper, al a .seven o'clock luncheon Thursday nK-hi. The high score, pillow rases, went, to Mrs. Cooper; SCCOIH! high award, pictures, went lo Mrs. Lewis Lester. Bricigo award, dish towels, went lo Mr.s. Mnrvjn Willis, and guest prize, a necklace, to Mrs. Rushing. Mrs. llopner Entertains A " automobile or IfltO vintaee Mrs. Tom Hopper enlerlained' llat! tirps """'Pert' up lo 100 her bridge club and two guests.' " ollulls Prpssiirp. while today big. Mr.s. Tom Lewis a;:d Mrs. Arthur I lou Taylor, at her home in Cooler :il . a bridge luncheon which consisted of pineapple and cheese salad, prnckers. pie and ieed drink-,. The high score award, a print dress, went to Mrs. Floyd Waiter: second high, ten glasses, lo Mrs. Guss Cooper, and briclgo award, a shoe bng. went to Mrs. Tavlor. her home over the weekend anil is now improving. Her litlle baby will hui'R to remain in the hospital I several days loi>»cr. Mr. and Mrs. Hen Iluev of Mlnlcv, Tenn.. Mr. and Mr.s. George Henry of Dycrsburg. Tenn., ami Mrs. S. Davis and daughter. Janice, of St. Louis, were in Cooler Sunday where they were unc.its of Mrs. Minnie McClure mid family. The Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Cun-in?ham are cxueeted home this week from n visit with friends in Over and Ornnd Junction. TCIUI. Mr.s. J. N. Rnrnc.s nrd dani'hlers, Fayc and Myrtle, o[ PortiUfeville. spent Thursday here with another dauelilor. Mrs. .!. 11. Workmiin, and famtlv. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jordan spent •Sunday in M"»i»lih n-liere Hiev visiled their little taorddaugnter Danncttc .Portis. of Lcpauto. Ark., who was a patient in n hospital (here. Mr. and Mrs. .John C. Good spent Monday in Memphis. Clay Lewis, who has been o" n business- Irin to Roswell. N. M.. has returned home and he and his family are iihmiim; OH movm<r there the latter mil of this vac 1 :. Mr.s. L. L. Can was returned to her home in Sleele the latter part of the w'jok from w-l's ' T —it >1 in Blythevllle wlier-; she had uu- df-ione an operation. Mr. and Mrs. Basil McClmr and sons. Jimmie ant) jerrv < ; i^v G mulii'- 1'! Memnhis with Mr and MvK. w. A. Howies. .ind Mrs ]Jr>ii;-jc" Jon'",- n{ itni|h s - Poillt. Teivi. «•"„» ].,,| <r.;:,~ here with Mr. and Mir,. ,]j.,, \I P _ Clnre. Mr. ami MVS. nulHi Aslier aril daughter. Jackie, soeul A'umlnv near Center u-iih Mr. aid j(.-<- V. W. Coleman. Automotive engineers have fount! Hint bv jjlaciiiB a car engine far(her forward in (lie frame and moving the seat ahead, car weight is more evenly distributed and rid- ins Is made easier. irk.. May I.—Osooolti mid Soutli Mississippi County wlH endeavor lo kecji hn 1 ulnrr us winner of llonornblo Mention and Merit Awards in (he liKfli am! I'JM Uiituir Homes Movement by hold- lni; lire .scpiinKi' coinuiunity tours this week climaxed \vjil; an 'nil-day Bolter Homes Tour un Priiluy. May 3rd, ncrovdiiiK lo Miss Inci Kin- cnid. county liome detnonslriilion nKont for (he south end of Ihe i'Oiimy. As nn nclive paitk'ipam for several years in ihe IB-year-old Nn- llomil lielier Homes Movement orftiliinloct at 1'unlue University. Mississippi County has bt't'ij an imporlunt fiidar In helpmi; Arknn- .siis to win almost one-third of ihe muiomil awards in 19!I8 and or -II mil of m in KM!!, Tlif campaign In o.speoia untl ncnrby leri-ilory Is dlnvied liy Miss Ine/ Kiticniil, a.ssislul by Mrs. I). H. Werlx. president of ih\. os- ceoln P«)|;resslve Club; Mrs. Car! Ilird, president of the Wilson Co- fl|ii-ra(li'(? Club; and Mrs. K. [J, Chiles of I'ccnn 1'olm, president of ihe Sunset Gulden Club a|. lln.s- sell. In eonpi'iallou with the presi- <ients of the home demonslrulltm clubs. Commimlty (ours ure behiu held (his week at Whitton, i)yo ss colony, Mtlllgiin lllitsp, Rloirali, mid Double Uridgi's. Atuonj; the ncllvl- tles planned or completed lire clean-up eampaians. unrden pll- xrlmnges. nower shows, tens, ex- )iibils nnd prourams siressliig better family relationships, biuler literature, music and recreation. Tlie following homes and special features will be viewed In Friday's tour: (he remodeled home or Mr. and Mrs. Allen Seenivo.s north O f Lnxora; Ihe new home of Mr. nnd Mrs. D. n. Werb. of Osceola now under construction; the well-planned poultry farm of Mr. and Mrs. rrnggard Crews of [.ittle River which was featured recenlly In tin: roloKiavurc section of (lie Com- I incrcinl Appeal; improved tenant j homes on tlic A. C. Spellings plun- ! lation In (he Hatcher community; Hie mnili'in hrlek home n( Mr. nnd Mr:;. C. s. Npnl at filillnniir coiiu- li'.v IKHIIC of II. 'I', ijomis ui .Slill- luiin ih,. morli'rnl/t'd kllchcn in 11,1' home DI MI. nm i di,. s _ 1/lov|) f-jj^j. Ion In the llaleher sevllun; Ihe new IHIIII,. ,,l Mr. and Mrs. Kd Untie nt uassett, coneliiditiK wllli ii vlsli 10 n». '(-(in] Mi'Oleiulon home M Whllinn lo cxnniluc (lie wi'll-plnmeii kiteheji. cabiiiels. and honH'.m;u!,> iivliip, room suit, made by Mr, McClendou. Di'iwwn 75 nnd loo iieisons are rxpeni-d lo be In |( H . carnvnn oi cms thin will end ihe du.v n.-, yui-sls ui (he whim,,, Hninc 'uem- imslrallon cniib for tea at the Ulillluii Communlly House. All «ho wish to'imiko the Inur me lnvit,.[| n, un,,,. ,]„,,,. ]lmdl |M|([ ini'i't ul the County l<:<uoi>s!»n al- life in Owcoln eourlhmisi' nt H''.W oi'lock Frldny iiiurnlni;, Hetlei lioiiics cluuimeii In (he various miimmnliii's are Mis. Cioldu 1>. nims, Dvrss; Mr.s () H l''nrd. (jM't'Dla; Mrs. M. M. HlniMy', »Vi'ss: Miss Ethel llenneli, .Inlm-r; Mrs. Iv H. Chiles. I'ecaii 1'nlnC Mrs. Dei, Johnson, Airs. C I, Ivisl Mr.s. O 1!. Jolni.son M,- s Mlilt' Pi'iivson. Mis. .luck Kirklan.l. Mrs, Q. A. Dullard, and Mrs Tom Cy- pr-n Uyew; M,s. ,),,i m R lllllks , Marilln; M,-S. Charte.s lluwnrd. I.IIXDUI; Mrs. j. n \Vhllnker. 'I'y- fOU'/u; Mrs. A. M. Marlln. Onceolir Mrs. Clllbnt l.yneh, O.-teoluj Mr.s. 11. J. Meadows. Elowah. .Al'J'I.ICAllON run I'ICKIIIT I'iiHl Dyium, HlytlH'Ville. Ark., has miHlr applirntlon f«, tienult to build wnrehousp in which lo store Tractors and l-'anu M»ichlnpry on I.. 2, OilKlual Town Kurvev (illy of Hlyllievllle, Ark., al I'ID N. I'rniikllii St. Also inside appllfalion for ])ermlt to' build s!,,i u . i y ,i ( . ,,f bulidiny for snmc pm-||, Kl , „'„ m ^ side I'ruuklln Slroel 1UI) feel noilh of Walniil sireet. IVrmlls for these buildings will Lssue tiller 31) days » no Is riled. JOK CARNEY, filly PAGE TERER • HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyd» Lewis In- enamel u,;e,| on milomoljll tain's now Is made from a i.oy bean buse that re M Ml.e.s only i lls(l ,,., ,„„! (j.w.s- lmr«l >• af h • Winter Babies ••> Polar bcnr cubs are born In'win- ter in a snug den among the hum* mocks on sea fee and to follow their mother about when spring comes. For Best Results In Baking — Use Shibley's Best FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER Kirby Drug Stores Main ;i( Smuid—firoadwiiy—Division . tire s carry only 2G Friends here will bo In learn that Mrs. Woodrow Slielton. ] formerly of .'ilccb bill now of Chi- I cago. who has been seriously ill al a hospital in that city for several \vecta, was able !a n» returned lo WAKE UP YOUR' LIVER BILE- Wlhoc! CaWl-And You'll Jump Oul of Btd in Ike Morning Kir'm' lo Co II *?? | B -i' r t ', h0 "' d ^ w ml '"» P' nl » »' liquid bile Into your bowels dully. If ihis blip I, not flo-liM freely, four toot m»" not diuesL It may Just <! cnl> . !„ the bo»elj CM Ijlrati up ,-our .tom.icli. You c ct consti: l>»l«l. ^ou fetl sour, sunk and lh« world looks pimk. It Uikcs those Rood, old Cnrlcr's Uula \ I.f«r Pill, lo ccl lh«o two BinU of bile ! •lowing Jrccly lo nralsc you ted "up nnd ! FOR SALE 20 TON'S I>i>i,-llA G SKK1) $50 per ton ROSELAND GIN CO. Rosctaml, Ark. Ornnlrln r,.ma mi'lr Chassis T.i'bHrnlioli. Ttemnvf. rlr^>n nnfl rcn^rk nil Wl.r-'I 11c.irin^ vv i () , ,s, )cr j nl 1 ubrionnl M-M-I. KnnlrnWi Slrrrin- Orar \vitli prmifr wsrni wcallirr luhri- Brhx aiirl T.nliri>a«c Snrfnes willi M-JG28 I,u| ir i- ralil. Clean anil Sm-iee Carlmrclor Air Cleaner. Refill and Adjust ni lof v ,Vb- sorliers. Clean 1-ucl rnnip Screen. .Service Knffcri am) n,|j us | Generator el.arcinr r.ilr. T>rain. Husli niirl Refill Dif- frrenlbl ami Traiismissior. (cost ot I.ubrirnnl INCLUDED.) Motor oil rhanecil (n summer wriplil IK tlESIIlKI) iCosI nt Motor Oil not in rlmlcil), '"' $4.65 er Cars Only PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th * Walnut Phone 8!0 CORNING ALARM CLOCK Smart handsome Your choice of color*. 25c ORLIS MOUTH WASH with purchase of ORft SAN TOOTH BRUSH 75c VALUE BOTH FOR vfo&^xf %i*£°sg2aarniE|p§ Sun Visors 25c Tennis Balls 25 & 50c CDCCI 10° Size rntt! TEEL LIQUID DENTIFRICE PO-DO GOLF BALLS For Onlj 3for72c 5-GRAIN-100 ASPIRIN Asriicin 4 n TABLETS I?* Treat of the Week BANANA SPLIT Old Fashioned Kind! S\m-rip*n«d banana, rich ice cream, lasly fruit *»utei 1.00 'RONIZED YEAST WHISK BROOM America's Busies? Corner Chicuijo's Mudisoii arid Slate Slrcots, where Officers HARRY KIEPSTEEN uiuf THOMAS McGINTY keep tlic trnffic moving. And nl every comer CHESTERFIELD is America's busiest cigarette smokers have found lliem Definitely Milder, Cooler-Smoking and Better-Tasting. AMERICA'S BUSIEST CIGARETTE ... at every corner it's Chesterfield .,. foe/ay's definitely milder... cooler- smoking ... better-tasting cigarette VV hen you buy a pack of cigarettes, give it Ihe smoker's perfect quiz ... Is it mild? Is it cool? Does it taste better? If you do thai, you'll turn by choice to Chesterfield because Chesterfield has all the answers. Their bknd of the best tobaccos grown, their size, sliafre and the ivay they burn, all hclf) to make Chesterfield America's Busiest Cigarette. Make your next pack Chesterfield You can't buy a better Cigarette . -E i r * MVIM TOBACCO Co.

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