Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 21, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1939
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, September 21- 1009 6 top' t. xafe; ^Bpri i mmhar on Fried- -,- an ordi- peoplc he sells. *opera star, he sings the are like diamonds; I have good to- .•autiful good tomatoes .earn like giant rubies: •een peppers, largest in the city. ,han 25 years ago Mr. Fried- from Warsaw. Poland. a horse and waeon and began His happiness was so great he 1940 DODGE COUPE FOR FOUR New Fabrics at Talbof s Luxury SILKS Sew your way to elegance in these beautiful new weaves and new colors. Faillies, crepes, satins, taffetas, novelties. In blacks, in solids and prints . . . all 39 inches wide. 49c and 69c Beautiful Spun RAYONS The most outstanding selection of rayons we have ever shown. In colors and patterns you want. Brilliant new woolens in an array of textures, color and patterns. "Pass and Touch" Games for Hope Boys Offered Kaymond Urban announced Thursday thnt he would meet nil youths desiring football training and recreation nt Fair Park, beginning next Monday afternoon. Urban said teams would be or- gani/.ed and "pass and touch" games would be played. Training in passing, running and kicking will be offered. Urban said no "rough stuff would be permitted at any time, but offered bis services in teaching youngsters kicking, passing and running. youths interested are urged to report ,to him at the baseball field, Fair Park, after scltool hours. Colonies Expected (Continued from Page One) Grid Fans Urged to (Continued from Page One) The ingenious manner in which Dodge engineers provide extra passenger space m their 1940 Luxury Liner Coupe for Four is seen here, Two commodious folding seats are located back couldn't contain himself. "Why. there behind me in my wagon were vegetables—all like jewels." ex- ' | plained the little Mr. Friedman. "Cu- i | cu'mbcrs like emeralds. Onions like ! • I diamonds. All firm, all beautiful, villa ' Nothing but the finest. My eyes are i ' good. I know to buy only the best. ; Nothing dingy, nothing old. And so \ ' I sang—of my jewels." : Nazi 'Iron Guard' preciale your courtesy in asking a Smackovcr fan to ride with you. The train arrives at 6:45 p. 'm. The rent, is left up to you. Now. about the football game. The Bobcats appear to he favorites. The locals will pack a heavy weight advantage, plus a veteran team. However, Smackover has always j "pointed" for (he Hope battle and usually put up their hardest fight against the Bobcats. The records will show that Hope has never beaten the Buekaroos by more than three touchdowns To L'se Six Guards Coach Foy Mammons said Thursday ' that he planned to use six guards in j the game in aji effort to find a running mate for Charles Qiiimby. regular this year and last. -- - • • —- j Provided the score is favorable at entice the French into batik- and starf!" 1 ?. »"lf. Hammon.s said he would position.* r.,M-m:,,-,! t ' il11 on hl - s reserve backfield for ac- of the regular seats, with seats folded, the rear space becomes available for luggage carrying. Another large luggage space is situated under the graceful sweep of the rear deck. per cent, nickel, 100 per cent; chromium, 100 per cent: m.-inagnese, 30 per cent. B'igures have not been given, but the French colonies nl.so produce much cotton which France would use for the manufacture of high explosives, and a great deal of wool [or elolli- in(J. And Figlitliii: Men Are I'lontlful The colony of Algeria especially supplies wheat, barley and sheep. Tunis .supplies wheat, dales, barley, olives, phosphates and sheep. The protectorate of Morocco supplies wheat, barley, phosphates and sheep. It also gives France much-needed cobalt and molybdenum, which are used in the manufacture of high-grade steel f( guns and munitions. The other African possession, ir eluding the vast island of Madagascai |: upply vegetable oils, rubber, cotton I cacao and coffee. Iiulo-C'hina supplies I rubber, tin, y.inc, and rice. i Not less important is the support i I he colonies can give in (he way of soldiers and workers!) The Algerians, Tunisians, Moroccans and black Senegalese were among 1)10 fine.st shock j troops the French had in the last j world war. In that conflict the French '. colonies furnished a total of 5S7..|50i soldiers and 200.001) laborers, who dug' trenches, laid railway tracks and per-! work. It is estimated that in the pre-i formed a Kit of other necessary war \ sent war these same colonies will : be able to furnsh 2.1100.(II) .soldiers: and "iD'J.OtlU workers. 3 More Killed in Petit Jean Crash Little Rock Women Fail to Negotiate Curve on Mountain MOHRIl.TON, Ark. — Three Little Hock women were killed an a fourth woman injured seriously when their automobile plunged over (he embankment of n "hairpin" curve near the l.otlom of Petit Jean mountain Wednesday afternoon. 'Die dead: '! Mis. J. Gilbert Leigh, who.w husband, an insurance executive, died last March. Mis. Hubert \V. Newell, GO, whose husband, also an insurance executive, died last January. Mr*. Thomas E. Wood, 58, wife of the chief rate clerk for the Arkansas Corportation Commission. The fourth ocupant of the car, Mrs. Will P. Harris of Marianna, 5,">. was injured so gravely thai attendants at St. Aanthony's hospital nt Morrillon feared she would not survive. She .suffered internal injuries, a fractured leg and shock She is a sister of Mrs. Wood. Mrs. Leigh and Mrs.. Wood wen. killed instantly. Mrs. Newell diet en route to a hospital. The women I were returning home after attending' a conference of women of the Episcopal; chinch, Arkansas diocese, which end-1 cd yesterday afternoon. The acci- 1 dent occured shortly before U p. m. i Sheriff Elmer Thomas and other officials who investigated the accident were of the opinion the car was trav- jeling too fast to negoliate the curve. I'ltrliiers M1NA, Nov.—(A 1 )— An unusual partnership exists in operation of n -small mine in the Camp Douglas district. The miners nro Al Uicey, 80 years old, and Harry Springor, fiRcd 13. The partners recently got off n shp'r'inent of Rold ore to the smelter. Cleverly cxticating himself from u liilse charge of murder, and risking his life to protect his feminine par- tier who has become the target for the gang's vengeful activities, "The JKninl" slowly amm.'isses the evidence to indict his enemies. (Continued h-om-Page Onej le 100 mile north of Lwow. (The Germans reported the Poles were still resisting in and around I\vow..i Seek Air Supremacy Bear Flag to Fly 49c Rich New WOOLENS Tweeds, pl&ids. fleeces and monotones for suits and coats . . . sheer woolens, wool crepes and novelties for dresses, 54 inches wide. 98c „ S1.95 TALBOTS "We Outfit the Family" SACRAMENTO. Calif. —(/TV- The Bear flag, reminiscent of the brief period that California was a republic has been ordered displayed in courtrooms and flown over certain public buildings, along with the Stars and Stripes. PARIS. France — <>)— French and German aviation clashed Wednesday in a series of battles for mastery of the air over the Siegfried and Maginot lines. One German ship, a Messerchmidt fighter, was reported shot down : within French lines by French pursuit planes'. While German land forces were trying to advance behind a screen of ar' tillcry fire. Nazi plines roared out to sued French advance aircraft were reported to the lead in an attack on the northern flank of the ""Western front as a re* td* of a new German air base established at Aachen, far north of the fighting front. Aachen is about 270 mile.- airline distance from London, one of the nearest points in German territory to the British capital. Friday general staff comunique described the day's action as "activity of the enemy artillery at various points of (he front. French and German p.irsuit planes fought several battles. An enemy plane was shot down with- 1 in our lines." | The French government declared that the war will be earreid on until Na/^i German i.s crushed by a "definite victory". The statement was is- fter the tirsl French cabinet have taken! ' ion ' Tllc coac " als " hopes to give Loy ' Ward and J. D. Jones some experience "tinder fire" at the end positions. The officials will be Kerns Howard, Ouachita, referee; Tom Murphy, U. of A., ti'iirpire; McKenna. El Dorado headlinesman: Earl O'Neal, Hendrix. field judge. The Smackover squad, positions and weights: Rogers, end \Vray. tackle Wallace, guard •Vmith. center Moore, guard Bourn, tackle Kou.se, end Stephens, quarterback C. Thomas, halfback . Estes, fullback Scott, halfback Schulcr, end Best, ond Pierce, end . Thompson, tackle . L. Hodges, tackle Berry, guard Lewis, guard Johnson, guard Arnold, center Mund, center G. West, halfback Hoy. halfback F. Thomas, quarterback Revolution Denied by Nazi Official 1 ! No-Action -- - - i Scoffs at British Report of! (cvmti,,uedl7on7pagc OHO 1G4 IGli 135 165 16-1 190 160 138 16S 180 13,i 14!! 155 12S 180 170 ISO 17(1 1:17 150 167 i:io , MO MO President Gives a (Continued from Page One) Trouble in Bohemia, Moravia j LONDON. F.ng. -->/IV- The Bvi- ', tisb ministry of information said Wed- | nes.day that ;i revolutionary movement; was repored authoritatively to haw started last Sunday in Bohemia and Moravia, which became a German protectorate in the break-up of Cxech- Slovalcia last March. The movement was said to have followed labor demonstrations in Prague which developed into "serious" clashes. The minis'. 1 .;, said it w:is reported that in spte of "ruthlc.-s' repressive measures by Germans the tight against superior forces was continueing. At Berlin, a pokesman for Baron Konstantin von Ncuralh. Reich protector for Dobcmia and Moravia, described the reports as "nonsense." He invited Berlin correspondents to visit Prague and convince themselves. (.ally's application to cot,struct a gas line from the Cotton Valley, La. field to Hope and Okay, Ark. Mr. McFaddin appeared before the council an gave an oral report on proceedings of the hcaviny in which the Arkansas Utilities Commission granted the Louisiana-Nevada concern tin- application to construct the ga.s line. Under a contract between the City of Hope and the new gas company, the municipal water and light plant woult j be furnished fuel for 10 cents pel thousand cubic feet—which would , mean a saving about $7,500 per year First air-cooled bus service across Arkansas and to the Southwest. Big easy reclining chairs. Makes highway travel » cool, clean and delightful experience. No extra cost. Extra low money-saving fares to all point.s. For instance— Hope to Chicago $11.55 Round Trip $211.80. Big savings to other point.s. Plume for complete information, His unusual activities arouse th suspicions of Scotland Yard, and hit- struggles arc further complicated whei a young and beautiful girl decides! to align herself with him in his' lil'e-aiid-death fight to assert justice. | • STATION Diamond Cafe Phone 363 /940DODGE If you .shoulrl die tonight will you) family be adequately protected. TALBOT FE1LD, Sr. District .Manager Reliance Life Insurance Co. Life, Health and Accident Box II, Hope, Arkansas. With Sensational FULL-FLOATING RIDEf A Bigger, More Beautiful Dodge •Witt. Greatest Engineenng Mvance in 25 Years! Mr. Koosevclt advised the roup th:r. a statement should be issued on be. half of all. He wrote out. this statement and then passed it around for suggestions. Some minor changes were made, and the statement was given tr. reporters by Stephen Early, Wliiti House secretary The statement said: "The conference, with unanomins thought, discussed the primary objective of keeping the United Elates nou- ' tral and at peace. There was complete accord that in congressional and executive action, the whole subject and its many ramifications be dealt with in a wholly non-partisan spirit. "It was made clear that the most ' important .subject is the repeal of (he j | embargo and a return to the process- j es of international law. "Finally, the conference discussed the methods of dealing with the! six points relating to Americans Ira- 1 veling on beligerent ships, cash and carry etc. "It was (he consensus that the Senate: Committee on Foreign Relations taks up the legislation as soon after con. grcss convenes as possible." W E'RE .ow today the Wbecn the dream ot en ^ the past 25 V e * Sn ; n ew model -an Dodge ^.ore thar ^a n redesi g ne d entirely new aufo '"° ive vou the sen- ,-rom roof to chass« tc ) g v , .ation.»newF«fto- UnBS ,« your uxu ry of ap Dr. J. D. Johnson :• •' "• .•Announces the opening of officesS •J First National Bank Building * J« Practice Limited to jl NEVER BEFORE a ride like this in a car priced so low—\hc new Full-Flouting Ridu in ihu 1940 Dodge! It's a 25-year engir.ee;riii£ tlreain cijrrje irucf Wheelbase is longer, wheels are moved backward, suais forward, and car v.'eigbt is sciuntificaiiy '.iistriboied so loat all passengers ride in the "Comfort Ztme" between the axlesl meeting since war was declared. It j was considered an answer to Adolf | Hitler's Danzig .speech of yesterday, in tt-rpreted here as a hid to France and Britain lo give up Poland as lost and make peace. Eye, Ear Nose and Throat. - Here is something ,o - SQ plall lo to expenence for >our & see v 'our Dodge dealer to W ,, ew Again Today We present New Shur-TiteBags and Schaff er Belts to match LADIES Specialty Shop FOR USED CAR BUYERS! Because so many motorists here have been turning in fine, lalc-modcl vised cars in trade for new Dodge carv your Dodfic dealer now has one of the OLD WAY. Say ^noil-bye NEW WAY. With new liriCbt selections of used cars, of all makes and models in his lo the olJ-stylc "don-leg" Dodge *iraii>ht reai door, hibtoiy' T!jct,e cart arc bting offered a' prices you v.onlcl real door that iiu-ilc :;n- you walk lighl in at>d out never believe possible lor ^udi ;;rca' vah-te.1! See youi ling in a:n! out of tii« —another of the many Dodyt dealer today for 'a rJf-fjcn<J;tb/tj used car at 'a rear t ompariiiKjiit cuoi; c-r- innovations in tin; new money saving low pike! some-, difl'i.-uh. !?•!') V'fim:', B. R. HAMM MOTOR CO. Third and Walnut Street Hope, Germans Turn tci West j BERLIN —(n'>— The German army t turned its attention Wednesday to J liquidation of its virtually completed campaign in Poland. A delegation of German officers left for Moscow, } presumably lo <ettlu further Soviet | i Russian-German collaboration in East-• tern Kurope while the- Foreign offices j .; i f the two countries discussed plans j ; l'«r division of their interests in Po- • j 'flu: Na/.i high command disclosed an ; I agreement had been reached on the j 1 Partition of Poland, at least as far as i I iheir armies of occupation are con-' ': ci'i-icd. German forces, it s;iid. would ; 'i v'.'ilhdraw from their present positions j after "destruction of the Uist remnants ! ol the Polish army there" to the "do- ; ' ( marc.'ition line definitely fixed be- j twi.en the Geiman and Russian gnv- I eminent." I 1 Mopping up of remnants of the Pui lisb a i my continued and possibly will j go on for a week but these were term- led local tasks of, minor importance, now thai the biggest assembly of Polish troop;, 'was said to have been de- ] I'ealed in the bend of the Vistula > river north of Lod/. The high i:oin- Ibc biggest di-.Mructtvc battles of all oiaod described thi:> battle ;,s "uiir of. lime."it said \\\<: fighting covered %'.!' -qiiiir miles and was waged from September 10 to September 19. j The Germans were reported to have- taken 12U.000 Polish prisoners up to lo- [ | day. More than 1UO.WU of these were I said caught north of Lod/ in the vici- 1 nities of Kutnn, I.ec/yca, O/,orkow. :, buclicczew aad NOW SHOWING SHIRTS BY WILSON UROTIIEKS Distinctively styled in confined patterns these shirts are undoubtedly the finest we have shown. Have the satisfaction of wearing a .shirt that is different. KHAKI SUITS Extra good quality khaki pants tailored like dress pants and a shirt that matches perfectly. SKIIM'Kli SPORTWEAR Styled by experts these sweat- v* K! i lir'i *•**}> fi'' L ' r - s ;m< ' ' CI1 '' co <'t- s in .slip over, ' %§»$' t<&?' jr$ button and zipper models an; 'fD '"JiHf /an »ie most attractive line of sportswear ever made by Wilson Brothers. 98c to $3.95 Boy's Wool Pants All wool, but of course they are not the newest style at this price. 59c STETSON Tin: <;UKATI;ST NA.MK IN MKNS HATS ' It's easy to find the hat you wtint when you have a large selection from which to nialu yum- choice. We feel that we fan .show you just the style you have in 'mind in just the proper .shade iiiul at a reasonable price. $5.00 to $7.50 HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW TruVal $1.35 Shirts Commander S When you ,vJcl Clotlicraft tailoring to d fine worsted that already i.ornbinc'j fjood fashion and dui.jbiluy, (lie hdpp/ i..:cult is ,1 •;u,: llirjt's distinctly lop fljjht. A nc J there, gentlemen, i-j Commander ... ,3 Wilbe you should iny.'itig.iU-. Lined with f.-ir[.Glo . ~trouse,i viih TALON Fastener HAYNES BROS -There Is No Profitable Substitute Fur Duality" -^^

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