Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 2, 1942 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 2, 1942
Page 3
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I ft' 1942 HOPE STAR, HOM. ARKA 1 ( \ / f^sy Dorothy Heard, Editor —— Sociaf Calendar ETY OUT OUR WAY NSAS Telephone 768 S " S " n A " n Woodfor. ams. ; The Ho<o '. , nt the home of Mrs F"P" f io"/,' 1( "'' k - Ml ' s> H "« h '•'<>'»' fV bo the nssnfialo l, ( ,st ( .. s .s. , Miss N ; ,ncv Robins will enter- I*' I l "I'll. 8 Saturday. Jamiii l ; """'' ''"••< to a lunrl honor,,,,. n popular Miss L-nora Ho b, i,,,,,.,, , oulon . .,-,„. >l1 ' Will be :it 1 o'clock a( I,,,- I,,,,',"''-" There will be an executive nee mg ,,f the Women's Snn,tv foi Christian Service at (he horn',. of Mrs. II. O. Kyl,r. ;,(« So I, Hamilton, 3 o'clock nion urch will I'ccivaliunal liiuincss mi'c-l- • Mondny, .liuniiii-v 511 Tho Women's Mi.vsio'narv U «f the- First Baptist ch ' "K-'ot :,( the rhurc-h hall Jit ;!;.'il) f,,, illfj. Cirdo No. .| 1)f "", llu W()111( . n . s Socu-ty for Chrislinn Sorvico will moot at (I,,. | 1(JlMl> ,, f ,, |( , |(i; . (U . Mrs. Stith D;,ven pl ,rl. 21(1 South' •) Hurvey, :i eVlod;. A-isnci,,!,.- |,,,. s t- •>nnd Miss Minnie- Brian!. Very Yoiimj- Sorliill/os A fiend New Yonr's Parly Miss Susan Ann Wuodford of Liltl, ' Rock wa.s complimonte,! by hor rou^ir ^Ulo Miss Nannott... Willimns. Thur,my noon with a New Years lunch con, followed by .-, nuitinoo pnrtv a the Saongor Thoator. The lunchoon table- was attrm-tivob arranged with j. contorpioe-o of bell and lighted tapers, symbolic of tin' •Tason. Miniature "Snow-men" f.-ivoi- marked pl;,cos for the fc.llowing: Cynthia Still of Arkndolphia; Charlotte- Tiirph-y. Charlotte- Anne Hubbs Caroline Hawthorne, Both Bridge' Personal Mention |.-im,U Ul f Mra -,?-, A - Dovnlos '"•" P." Is of (1 i, m ,, daughter, Marie A'ficlrm-. horn December no at (ho » "ha Choster hospital. Lt. and Mrs'. 0I11C wilh By J.R. Williams X THOUGHT \ THE BULL. OF* N TH' WOOD© HA.D BEEKJ IKS THAT OLD DUNJGEOhO LOMG EWOUGH TO SMELL, EACH MACHISJE, BUT MAYBE HE'S COT A /- Miss Carolyn Bnrr lofurnod to Bol- ;'ivi.|i c(.lle(!o, Brookhavon, Miss !'"'"-'la.v night following n holiday' 'M with her pnronts, Mr. and Mrs I. B. Barr. Dr. nnd Mrs. J. G. Mnrlindalo and '". -Mid. and Mi ss Opholiu Hmnillon <•' homo fr om Di ,]| ns w , 1( .,. ( , 1h |W tho Cotton Bowl game Thursday hc.v made the- trip by train. Mr. ;,nd Mrs. Surrey Gillinm and uldrcn. Marjory Ann and Bobby, ••ft tu.s week for their homo in El iJiic.-iilo nfter a visit with Mrs Oil- I'aiM's parents, Mr. ;,nrl LaCiroiii., -Sr. M rs . Mr. ; ,nd Mrs. Harvey A. Nelson, "'•<• Lula C.in-lnnd, who were tho guosts 'f M ''' ••""' Mrs. T. L. Gi.rlancl for 'He VululMlo SOMSOII, have departed for their homo i,, Lynchburg, Va ^nroiito they visil,.,! Mr. and Mrs. W lj. Nelson in Little- Rock. 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Your Best Enlertainmunt! _ Miss Nancy Kayo Williams this week-end for Denlon where slip is n freshman at C. W. For the season, she Kuest of I,,.,, parents, Mr. •Tr. Ii. Williams. -O— T - iffl N '"' m< '' Gr " co Ht ""i1(nn 1-i THE LIGHT 1M NJEW ADDITIOKJ MUST HAVE BLIMDED HIM, AMD WHEW HE WESJT BACK. INJTO THE OLD SHOP HE FELL OVERS A MACHINJE AKJ' OUT OF TMP ^~ * t^C. T-M.RCc:u.s. pAT.orr, NEA SERVICE. INC. Underdogs Win in Bowl Games Oregon, Fordham, Alabama, Surprise Nation through the mud and murk Thursday to wm the orphaned Rose Bowl game A /0-yard aerial bolt in the third tliiorter p I1( , no crusher on Duke's "B i-and-mighly Blue Devils for a 20 '•f> 16 triumph for the 3 to 1 underdogs, after 58.000 gridiron bugs, sardin- trl m this b lg sunken concrete coffc cup, watched the Dukes come from bohind twice to tie the score But that was only the payoff pitch. Before that, during it and afterward, he busy Beavers from the Northwest push Duke's hitherto unbeaten powerhouse nil over the lot, except for a comparatively few minutes when the it-Blue Devils reverses were rcvprsino Highest Spending Month Is December WASHrNGTON-(/P)_ The treasur reported. Friday that it had spent i December, the first month of the war more than in any other months in U o. history. and receivers' were reversing .... • •—«*, i \. vtiaiug o their passes weren't sliding off x-ivers' fincertins. T. S. was tho and Mrs. of T -|n ,, „, 1-itllc Rock i.s the Buesl of Miss Robbie •Joyce tormby this week i is week. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Olson are in "alias this week and wore on hand for the Cotton Bowl Now Years day. After a two week holiday visit •'it I mine. Miss Marie- Antoinette Williams will spend (he week-one? in 1'HIK- Knc-k before returning lo Mnn- A. and M. college to resume hc-r .studies. -O- Mr. and Mrs. R. M. LnGrone, .Ir fro among (he Hope people attending tho Alaboma-Texas A and M -lame in Dallas Thursday. Private Leo Prince left this week r his -osl. Fort Sill, Ok),-,., after holiday visit with relatives and ii very good description of him in tin leaves fir; i P.^im, which tells of the man Texas who is blessed because he "walki.-tl. not in the counsel of the ungodly." "In His law doth he mediate day and night." The devout man i'.s thoughtful. Ik- aspires always to a better knowledge- of God and a greater strength to do Coil's will. Simeon wa.s devout. A righteous and devout priest, well versed in the Jewish Scriptures, would have found it impossible not to have his life filled with vision, and hope, and expectation. Thc.se Scriptures (old of .-, Messiah who was to conic, a groat Savior and Deliverer, tho glory of whoso coming and reign was described in rich and boautfiul lei ms. All his life Simeon had lived in the.- devoutnoss of this hope, "looking for the consolation of Israel." A strong spiritual conviction had ; deve-vloped in Simeon, some mystic | words of God. that ho should not see j | death until ho had seen "the Lord's Christ," this Messiah of his faith, his longing, and his expectation. When Joseph and Mary brought the child Church News FIKST BAPTIST CHURCH William K. Hamilton, Pastor Many people will find that attending church next Sunday will help them to bcyin the New Year right The Lord's Supper will be administered at the Sunday morning service of First Baptist Church. All members are urged to be present for this most impressive God-given ordinance. ounday School opens with departmental assemblies al 9:30 followed by a study of God's Word. In the Young People and Adult Departments the lessons begin Sunday on the life Gospels. Tl rf /"- th ° Jlie Pastors subject at service Sunday morning will be: "Take " the 10-50 orning will be: " Heed to Thyself." The Training Union meets at 6-15 for department assemblies. A new ser- fingertips. Bowl NEW ORLEANS, La. -f/p)_ Mill- t.uy logic was reversed in the Sugar Bowl Thursday as a great Fordham football team made defense its best b ° Ut Missouri 2-0 before start Sunday ine evening worship service, opcn- 5 «l . 7:30 will afford opportunitv les of programs evening. Tl ing ... ,.,» win aiiorct opportunity H., ™"*! '" the sub J e ct: "How To Be Visitors arc cordially welcomed at all services _ of First Baptist church, newcomers in town are especially invited to attend. r fans. Fordham won and Missouri lost on the fifteenth play of a muddy game when towering Alex Santilli, 195- pound Fordham tackle, smashed through the Tiger line on the 10 to block Don Greenwood's punt. The ball bounded into the air fell bac kin the end zone and rolled beyond for an automatic safety just ns Stan Ritinski fell on it. Had the new ser- | Fordham end grabbed it a yard sooner «2 wn« ex f e " difu '- es $2 557.103.354 including over almost tw billions for direct defense activities. GeneTal'sWife Has a New Job Mrs. Emmons Won't Change While Husband Is in Hawaii WASHINGTON - The army'< youngest and most air-minded Lieutenant General, Delos C. Emmons has been entrusted with the hair- trigger job of Military Governor of the Hawaiian Islands. But Elena Emmons, the general's lively. her Washington as possible. • f "' St life it would have been the Rams. a touchdown for Sunday School Lesson .SinuMMi. Devout and Ri«h!eous, Saw I'iilfillmt-.il of His Hope for Messiah I.uke 2:25-:i5 :i» ,|0 had looked for had come. Glory filled hi.s soul. Life had nothing great- j or to offer, and he poured out hi.s soul to God in blessing and in that beautiful prayer which we call the Nunc Dimittis. Could there bo anywhere, in a few simple- words, ;i more adequate expression of tho moaning of Ibis hope of the Messiah and its fulfillment? _Thi; greatest wii" righteous 10 looked for what consolation of l.s- ».v WILLIAM E. GILHOY, D D i Kdifor df Advance I This 1; , a beautiful ] c ,,. son . l,. s cm - ()f I chanictor is not the inf.Mit Jesus, but th,.. samt in Israel, Simoon, to whom the iinronls brought lh,- c |,ii ( ] •Jesus to fulfill tho ritual rociuin-monts of the Jowi.sh law. V/h.-it a nobh, J-J BU ,. O ; m ,, L;ll . s in Ho very brief doscription of Simi-on! Wo ore- told that h and devout, Hint Luke called "th niol," and that the Hoiy Spin! wa.s upon him. Could anything greater ho wild of any m.-in? " i We- know what it means lo be riyht- <'<ais. A righteous man is true and honest in all his ways; there is no place- in his character or in his di.-1-d.s for anything moan or shabby. He-re- is the- foundation of everything that is truly worthwhile. No mutter ' how beautiful ; Iran's life may appear ' or what fine- finalities he- may possess, Ins hfo is liko a building on a flimsy and iisscmnd foundation unlo.ss hi is fundamentally righteous. Simoor wa.s righteous. What does it moan to bo devout' 1( menus that one's life has n cortair finality imd direction. H i.s cievotet o .something. A man may bo righl- •iius, hut his righteousne-.s.s m.-iy move n a very niirrow sphere. No great love ir loyalty niiiy dominate hi.s thoughts mil words and deeds, hut tho devout man is not .so. Perhaps wo have experiences of joy •re touched with sorrow, nnd Simeon Mifgestcd something of the suffering as well as the glory and s.ilis- fact.on of Mary through the ing mission of her Son. These of Simeon were among the com- words things that Mary "kept and pondered n her heart" as she and Joseph returned to Galilee, prepared to do their part m the care and training of the child who grew and waxed strong and who was filled with the wisdom' and grace of God. Surely the hearts of many parents ni.'iy respond to this beautiful scene! And the hope of many who still look for tho consolation of humanity despite the sad and violent times, may be quickened anew. We know thJt the Lord Jesus, the Prince of Peace- has come, though the world has not recognized Him. FIRST. CHRISTIAN CHURCH Bible School at 9:45 a. m. Next Lord's Day. Major W Strccker of SPG will gives us a '" '" talk at the Bible School. C. , the assembly Closing hour . our calling special attraction to the special emergency Red Cross Drivve for Hope- and Hompstead County. Reguar Communion Services lowing Bible School hour. fol- But the Fordhams didn't need it For 55 minutes they repelled the thrusts of Missouri's hard-running hard-hitting backs. Again and again during the battle Harry Ice and Bob bteuber fought their way into the Hams front yard, but each time Fordham turned them back. Georgia Takes T. C. TJ MIAMI, Fla. (IP)- Georgia's Southeastern Conference Bulldogs out-dazzled Texas Christian of the Southwest Thursday in the most gaudy :,°°_ tbal ! exhibiti °n the Orange Bowl's " ' has produced. Frankie Sinkwich, pageantry ever All-America _ greater than ever, showed tho"way"lo HIS CHRISTMAS CAROL By ADELAIDE HAZELTINE FIRST METHODIST CHURCH I'me at Second Kennel), L. Spore, Pastor Sunday, January ,| Organ Meditation (Chimes) at 9-30 •i. m. Church School at 10:00 a m Morning Worship at 10:50 a.' m Special music by the choir. Sermon by the pastor: a sensational 40 to 26 spoiled the brightest Copyright, 1941. NEA Service Inc. lew Sunday — Monday * Madeleine CARROLL — Tuesday * Stirling HAYDEN AMA AGE" In Technicolor with Leo G. Carroll Cecil Keliaway Flora Robson Mary Anderson PLUS Latest News and Baggage Buster ,l,.'. l 'v l " ! |, S ' l '' >ltV! ''''"• 1 " r »"' <lic-\\ l>r:irl, m -i.'s will spci-irviiiii' iliiil Ills Kt-i-ri-lary Ciir,,|, llm r || VI! ollii-r i-iii|ili>.v,-s, shall ju,ltt-i- wlu-(li,.r „,. „„, his „].,,.,,. 7 ' A n,ly i.s ruin,,-,,,.. ii,,. |, 1 , si ,, 1 . SN „,.. ri,r<liii K - lo his fll ,| lrr . K ,,,,11,^. '„, "s<Tvi<-«- I., (I,,, i,,.,,,,),.,*' mil enrol, jvfio has Invi-il Andy N i, lt .,. B |,.|_ ll.MMl, i,, :, ,||m.-|ll< K ||,.,. ,„..„., HiiiUN tvlifii Anily, currently iii- Volvt-,1 will, N i,.,. k j.j,,,,,, .,„„,„ liirus imin:it;i-im-ii( over to U u- M-riiimlmiH .l|r. IU>rri<-k, Avlio.se rl«-k lilatiK-N t-nipioyi- mil '](,•!>,•,. lor Hit- loylanil Huviilor llfl-iilciit lliiM iiijin-i-x iu->vNlioy M.-Uy. HIT. rlrlc alxo lakes ereillt f nilJiiKlmcnfs niaili- lo I>y C-iirol trillion) his I; mi\vlr.lu,. In nil eirorl I,, sari- (],<• store's n-iMilalloa. Al llu, an,,,,al store JHlMy A ml y Kisses f;.-,r aclieall-M lie In Ilirou^U ivilli l.iiula. fit'\t Jliiy Carol ll,,,ls tl.e ,vlll's envelop In the viuill, l,i,i (j, ( . lvi || is ,,„„<:. llerriek then llres lier for writing a reliremenl elieek for an en M .loy,, lie has dismissed, allhoiiKh ajiain Kin- v.as only follnrvIiiK , h( . »,. ar . liorn iinlicy. lli-iuriiiiiK to tlic Klore for a (lie she lias forifnl ten. Nlie overhears Andy ti-||i lui - n,, r _ J'i<-lc /n, Knovi-s Hie truth the elevalor aeeiili-al an aujnslinenf s for .-ash .•ihoill d the . llerriek Ihei, says lie knows (lie AVliereahouls of Ihe will, iries lo Iil.-K'kniail A inly into It-dim- him fun Ihe slore and 1'orKelliiiK its lei-ins. Anily asks for lime; Carol Tears he intends lo HjjTei; to the proposition. * * * SEAUCH AT NIGHT CHAPTER XVI 'J'l-IE fact that Mr. Horrick had told Andy the will was still in existence gave Carol new hope. Maybe she could find it, Provided Andy didn't let Mr. Herrick destroy it first! She would have until Saturday morning. She was reasonably sure of that. But where would she look? Where, in a store like Dearborn's, would a man hide a will? In closing bell rang she was crouched behind a little used case on the sixth floor. She had taken pain? to choose one where there wore no windows to be closed and no lights to be turned off. After endless minutes she heard the last salesperson down the stairs and dared straighten up. The night watchman was her only worry now. He made his rounds on the hour. She knew his schedule. It would be fairly simple to avoid him if she kept tab on her wrist watch. Her plan was well in mind. When Mr. Herrick found the will in the vault he would have carried it to his office on the second floor. There he would have read t, realized its possibilities and hid- len it somewhere neutral and safe. Not in his own office. That vould probably be the last place he would look. the end she decided she would have to search the store at night. It was her only chance. time was limited. And her Once Andy gave an affirmative QAROL had remembered to bring a flashlight and used it now. She would search all the general office files first. Then the small safes where various records were kept. She would pry into the desk of Mr. Herrick's associates on the theory he might have planted it on one of them so he would be blameless if the will were discovered. Carol went about her task methodically. answer and signed the contract, the will would be burned. Both Mr. Herrick and Andy would sec to that. She must find it before it was destroyed. She must find it tonight! No one would think it odd that she should come to the store to make a late purchase nor would they bother to notice thai she didn't go out with the last shoppers. She could hide on an upper HOOT, make her scare)] and then let herself out a side door. It was that easy. When the She was in the general offices thumbing through the files when she heard the watchman's steps. She had been too engrossed in her work to remember the time. Panicky, she slipped behind the tall metal case and flattened herself against it, then heard the man enter the room, saw the beam of his flash as he surveyed the empty desks. She held her breath. If she were caught, she'd be in real trouble. Even the finding of the will could not explain this! The footsteps approached her hiding place, hesitated. She was too frightened to think. She could only feel fear inching down her .'•pine, freezing her. Then, miraculously, turned back! Thank heavens! He hadn't seen her. She was safe again! She waited until he was gone to the next floor before she risked moving-, deciding not to be careless another time. Tho files contained no clew. Where now? Mr. Herrick's office was about the only chance left. It was improbable that he would hide the will there but it wasn't impossible. She'd leave no place un- searched. NINE-THIRTY. Halt hom- before the watchman started his next round. Cautiously, she made ier way to the second floor to Mr. Herrick's office. She would start vith his desk. The drawers were filled with resorts, expense records and the sual miscellany of any office man. 'xtra pencils, a box of cigars, ome paper clips, a note pad. She fingered them all, watching for the folded while paper that would be the will. his mates triumph that t _ January 1 bowlVecorcl irTthe"iamt Until Thursday, the Horned Frog- had not tasted defeat in a howl game They had won three straight. But th Bulldogs, striking lightning-like fo throe periods, buried the TCU trca sure in the Orange Bowl turf. An amazing last-gasp surge by the Texans pulled them within slrikin" ., . - — ...«j. giacirjus wife is trying desperately to keep as unchanged ™ call from tho War Department, telling me to pack U.P all Delos' white and khaki uniforms to send after him-he was out on the West Coast on what we thought was just an 'inspection tri t .'— wus the worst shock," Mrs. Emmens recalls. "Then they told me confidentially of the Hawaii appointment, and my legs turned to rubber- just for a moment, she adds with a quick, spirited smile. War Wife Now Adjusted Now she's all adjusted— going about her Red Cross work and running her lovely brick house at the Army War College as smoothly as ever She will have friends in for dinner though there will be no tall, white- han-ed General to dash in late after Light So Shine." This is the first of a new series o sermons on the Holy Communion o the Lord's Supper. Board of Stewards at 2:00 p. m. Vesper Services at 5:30 p. m. Special music: Duet by Betty Mont and Virginia O'Neal. Sermon by the pastor: "What Is Right With the Church?" Youth Fellowship Groups at G-30 n in. Monday, Jiuiuury 5 W. S. C. S. Circles at 3:00 p. m Wesleyan Guild at 7:30 p. m Thursday, .Tuiuiury 8 Choir practice at 7:30 p. m. The first in a series of programs .o be known as "The Methodist Hour" vill be heard over KTHS Sunday lanuary 4. Dr. C. M. Reves of Little Rock will deliver the address on this irst program, which will be heard t 4:00 p. m. The chimes are being played daily ver our new amplifier at 5:00 p. m f you would like to have your fav- rite hymns played, phone 'Mrs. Edmi Stewart at S3-J or the church of- ce at 47; or leave your request with an usher at church. Then she checked, his personal the feet files. Having read stories where valuable papers were concealed in the back of pictures on the wall, she began to remove those, looking for evidence of tampering. She had the largest one in her hands when she heard the noise. It was only a rustle, a stir of air. But it was foreign to the silence of the quiet store. Carol stiffened, not daring to nove to hang the picture back in Is place, finally managed to lean over and push the button on her lashlight to extinguish its beam. Waiting she could hear the seconds ticking on her wrist watch, feel the rasp of breath as it tore up and down her throat. Her lungs seemed to swell and burst. The movement came again, nearer this time. It was no long,' er a swish. It was the sound of leather treading on wood. It was stealthy feet. A hand slid along the wall, feel- PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Tlios. Brewslcr, Minister Sunday School at 9:45 a. m . Morning Worship at 10:55, with Communion of the Lord's Supper and message by the Pastor. Vesper Service at 5 p. m. Young Peoples Meeting at 6'15 Mooting of the Executive Board of the Woman's Auxiliary Monday at 3 i>. in. Wednesday at 7:30, all Elders and , Deacons elect are asked to meet the Philathea room in the Education- til that Bldg. mat we may prepare for the installation of Deacons the 2nd Sunday in January. You are cordially invited to Worship with us. FIRST PENTECOSTAiTcilUUCH AVosl 4th and Ferguson. W. I'. Graves, Pastor Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Lacio Rowe, Superintendent. Morning Worship at Sermon by Pastor. Evening Evangelistic Service at 7:15 P. in. Sermon by Pastor. Prayer Meeting, Wednesday even- a hard day at the War Department. Even that won't be so awfully different, though," Elena Emmons reminds you, "for so often during the past year he hasn't been able to get home till midnight." Keeping Mrs. Emmons busy, too, is her black-haired, attractive daughter. Deloise, fresh out of Smith College, and busy with a secretarial course every morning. It was General Emmons who urged his daughter to learn typing and shorthand. Long noted as the first arrival at the War Department every day. he's a stickler for maintaining a disciplined routine, and thought his popular young daughter should have more than parties and meetings to engross her. Needless to say Deloise who was all set for college at 15, is quite capable of combining school with parties, and has a job all lined up for hersef as soon as she finishes' the course. Deloise likes to compose popular lyrics, too, on a strictly amateur basis. But it is Mrs. Emmons who is the artist of the family. For many years she has studied oil painting, and attends a portrait class at the Corcoran gallery several times a week. "It's the only thing I've ever really stuck at," sighs the Isender Mrs Emmons ruefully. She studied violin seriously before she was married and for some time afterward. Now however, her "very lovely fiddle" is stowed in the attic, untouched for years. Paint brush and palette replaced it, plus ,u little strumming on the piano. Living a Dugout Existence Mrs. Emmons' ability to adjust herself to the strain of having her hus- Jand at a war post, where, as she ;>uts it, "he's living a dug-out exis- .ence, and the first slip may mean Disaster for his country and the ax or him," is typical of army wives. They must learn to accept change nd anxiety without nerves and ears. They must relieve their husbands of unnecessary domestic wor- les. Elena Emmons has learned these lessons well. Married at twenty after a whirlwind courtship, she left her Sacramento home and has been on the move ever since. Both she and the General have learned to sandwich fun and relaxation between hard work. THM* =ss±s Mind Your Manners • Test your knowledge of correct social usage by ansvieririg the fallowing questions, then checking against the authoritative answert below: 1. If you are watching a person play solitaire and see a play he has missed, should you call his attention to it? 2. In a bridge game, should the dummy keep pointing out to his partner that the lead is either in his hand or on the board? 3. Should a bridge player stop and review the bidding so his partner will be sure to catch the significance of his bid? 4. After a hand has been played is it good manners to review it verbally in order to show your partner how he could have made his bid? 5. When playing bridge is it all right to ask if you may take a card back on the grounds that you didn't mean to play it? What would you do if— You get restles sat a bridge party and want to quit before the party is over.— (a) Suggest quitting to the other players at your table? (b) Play until the party is over, since you accepted the invitation? Answers 1. You shouldn't, but you prob- ibly won't be able to restrain the impulse. 2. No. The dummy should sit quietly and watch the game—but do no coaching. 3. No. 4. No. 5. No. Better "What Would You Do" solution—(b). Duck Hunters Didn't Miss This Angle! Bill Lacy, duck hunters, shot a . ouple so far out in tho middle of n icy lake they couldn't reach them y wading. So they got a casting rod they hap- ened fo have along; cast out and ooked the teal with a couple of dry flys. IALTO Midnight Show Saturday Night "BAHAMA PASSAGE" - Sunday- Monday "GLAMOUR A new act controls rents in Washington, D. C., at the level of Jan uary 1, 1941, and will remain in operation until Doc. 31, 1945. Friday - Saturday Double Feature 11:00 ing at 7:30. Bible Study 7:30. Everyone is Friday evening cordially invited. at HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE (Assembly of God) N. Main and Avenue D J. E. Iliunill, Pastor Sunday School begins at 9:45 distance late in the show after thej had trailed 40 to 7 earlier in the third period. The sell-out crowd of 35,505 still was gasping at the end Tide Outscores Aggies DALLAS, Texas. —(#)— Alabama ouUcored the Texas Aggies 29 to 21 in a wild and woolly, what's-going-to- happen-next Cotton Bowl game Thursday and the difference was Jimmy Nelson, 180 pounds of football fury. They call him "Old Tater Head" down in Alabama and he boni his noggin tins chill, sunny afternoon and thrilled 38,000 wilh ramming, twisting touchdown runs of 72, ?.i and eight yards. The Texans were told they would have to stop Nelson and the rest of the Crimson Tide's array of tlippevy speedy backs. The Southwest champ'-' ions did hold the J-CM, l.ut they could not stop Nelson. Gene Autry -in nig for tho switch. Then blinding light flooded the iflico. She wa.s caught! (To Be Concluded) Morning worship service 11:00 a jii. Christ's Ambassadors Union G-30 n m. ' Evangelistic service 7:30- p. m. The pastor will speak in both the morning and evening service Sunday. You will find a large friendlv congregation at the Tabernacle anxious to have you worship with them. At the Tabernacle you are a straii"- IT only once! Ouuehitu to Tough LITTLE ROCK ->.&)- The Ouachita Tigers proved iheir right to the 1941 Arkansas college chumpionsivp Thursday by nosing out a brilliant all-star aggregation G-2 in (h c fi r =t annual Rock Bowl same. Approximately 4000 fans braved a bristling wind to see the evert. The first half was a punting' duel between Carl Allen, Tig'j;- ace, ; nd the University of Arkansas' Aubrey Ncal and Magnolias Sh.-trkey Shef- lon. Down Mexico Way" ALSO 'Smiling Ghost' • with — Brenda MARSHALL Wayne MORRIS IRON WORKERS LOCAL UNION 591 sf Shreveport, La., holds its official meeting at 7:30 o'clock every Thursday night in banquet room of Hotel Barlow, Hope, Ark. H. H. PHILLIPS, B.A. & F.S.T. EL PASO, Texas •-( A long. lanky,. 182-pound halfback ir-mied' Glenn Dobbs led the Golden Huriicane of Tulsa University to a whirlwind finish m the Sun Bov-1 Thursday and a b to 0 victory over the Red Raiders uf Texas Tech. WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP 75 Cents per Hundred Pounds Paid ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY CO. Hope, Arkansas

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