Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 21, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1939
Page 4
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PACK FOUPv HOW DO YOU DOIT BUL? YOU'VE MADE MORE IK ONE MONTH THA* HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Bruce Catton Says: Dies Group Convinced Browder's Party Is LI. S. Agent! of Russia By BRVCK CATTON NF.A Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON — Whatever else General Secretary Earl Brnwder of the V ic;:r, Couunanist Party did in his appearance before the Dies com- :'.it'o.'. he Jer't th:U gruHti pretty «'e!l convinced tiutl the party is actually iii aaoni of the Russian government, and hence ought to register with the Department as .1 foreign propaganda outfit. 'iiu"- the committee will ho able • - near truit You can't expect to "bit :s tl-.au- sand" at thr oi\in- every t',:iy it you haven't your normal yh.ire of pep and energy. If you are overworked, spent', long hours indoors. i:et instiilii-ie-iu sunshine and exorcise. uiui li." ve •.->. poor appetite, nmybe you" Uu'E: of pop and energy is due to simple anemia, a condition resultiiv from an iron deficiency in the blood. Sargon. the famous tonic with iron, is helpful in overcominc: iron deficiency in the blood, tending to aid nature in building red blood cells and hemoglobin. This accomplished, you feel like n nf.v person. with new pep and vitality and a better-appetite. Get a. bottle of Ssreon today nt . our -risk. If you are r.oi entirely satisfied, after taking nccordin- to directions, the full purchase pnce will be returned without cn;-snou. '.o. make that conviction :.• anoriior question. The Justice Department • .1 act if t can have proof—hut it ',y.:Hts roai proof, not just a general v unyict inn that Conuv.de Browder was -A'tn^: hi.< be.--t to handle an as.sign- :n..-p.t haiuk'd him again r ..t his wishes. Treaty Talk Brings Discomfort The toulness ot the trick played; tn;ll Hitler plelely indcpetidt'nt takes no orders] .... a from abroad, and shapes its own I ^ course as its own home-grown mem-j bers see fit. Bu{ on the second, day the committee got around to the Russian-German I treaty, and gave Browder some highly uncomfoi table moments. So the CPA was totally independent eh'.' It had always derided the notion and Stalin would Want & Son OP Comrade Browdur by Comrade! ,j gll ;1 tl . o;lt y. hadn't it? It was pledg- Mwlm in signing the pact with Hitler | cc [ t o an undying war against Hitler, \v;>.^ well illustrated by Browder's I wasn't it'.' it'Nimiony. Head of the American I ,,, ,, , ... ., tYminunisw. Browder was a remark-i- W f U . t ' lon '. (lC1 hat . was the =;«*• »°w «blv <!mnvd nnd a^ile witness. ! f" f , WilSn ' . thl ; change ordered by He *,t bv with little trouble on the! bil ^-fhp and hall this treaETAO li:>t u^:'u,ld about the partv or I ™»'«> '« I^r «»nii such a speccly back- =a,,,u,on ,u the U. S... fenced din-!!!. 1 .?..™ 1 . h:nl thls lrcnty ! ' a " movo micai'.y with committee members. spi-.-'iii; his story about the "Repiibl- icai- plot" of I'.IHU, told how and v. i'.ere the party gets its money, and v-,r,t to some lengths to emphasize] -'•— — '" <="<--• "'•"'" •:.at the American paitv ia ' com j ««P>a»» «»• ""d P™copdcd to do so ' voluminously. But performing the rit- : -_. - -. I es of explanation before an unsympathetic and openly skeptical com- ivitteo couldn't have been anv fun. world peace and against Nazism'. 1 Wasn't the change oredered by Moscow and swallowed here brudging- 1.V'.' Browder said in effect that he could ALWAYS REMEMBER Blue Ribbon Bread At Your Grocer and ry Will War Help Merchant Marine? I Gutting war-marooned Americans i out of Europe has temporarily play- j ed hob with American Atlantic ship' ping business. A lot of the American vessels trading to Europe were ordered to drop everything and pick up refugees. The Maritime Commission expects a normal basis to be restored soon, however; and then it figures the American merchant marine should ben fit by the war. In recent years only 30 per cent of America's foreign trade has been carried in American ships. Because, of the war. a good-sized slice of that other 70 per cent is henceforth going to be available—if sufficient American ships can be provided to handle it. There are now about 350 vessels in the American merchant marine, and more are coming. The business of war ?.one.s and blockades is likely to be complicating factor, the effect of which can't be clearly figured just now. The neutrality law does not prohibit American ships from passing through war zones, provided they do not carry contra- T t T T V f f T t f T v. DECLARED COST Of LIVING HURRAH! HURRAH! Another Car of That Good Old BIG «t FLOUR 48 Ib. Sack- -$1.45 24 Ib. Sack - - .75 Use MEAL 24 Ib. Sack K. C. Baking Powder 25 02 _ POTTED MEAT 2 for CRAX WAFFERETTE 2 Ib. Box PET MILK 3 small cans MATCHES 47c 17c 5c 15c 10c 5c 10c JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER CAR! Does not yellow streak like cheap grade Shortening ? T T f T f T 'f T T T 'f 'V t f T Best Grade Nc. 1 Side Meat Guaranteed Ib. These Are a Small Number of Our Bargains """ RiiBS Shorts . $1.65 S C Chops 1.65 Best Grade [ ,»^S**^9&MBE«i^ErttfBSMi3B^iE9MiiMMHb"» 99 EUPSf *>put en -*"'*.-on-Fast a. rn o u n poss'ibie. what H FOLKS! FEED Purina Family Flock or Lay Chow with your home grains AJLJt Qi*een Aids Red Cross Work MilHoSTobs in Arms Factories Thursday, Sepiemben 21- 1039 held at the Fruit & Thick Branch Experiment Station on Friday afternoon, September ?fl al 2 p, in. states 0. W. Ware, assisdnil director, in chiirfte of Ihe station. i Dean Walter I!. Horlaeher, formerly Economist Foresees Room! 1 "-"') " f , ""' »i>»i-tmp»i " f Animal T,> rri , p Husbandry aml»no\v dean and direelor. II I All OpetlllS I^tiy Iwill he iiro'ieni to participate in Ihe Miltei'illls Hoi'O jmeetlns. Professor Martin Nelson. ] head of Ihe Department of Agronomy, WASHINGTON —t/l'i— A federal i <-'nllep' of Af:riciillnr<!.- Paul C.'iirnilii, economist, who declined to be quol- j Kxtension Uniry S|ieeialist; M. W. Milled by mime, estimated Thursday a i drnw. Kxtension Livestock Spceialisl. million lo » million-and-a-half nn- ( and .1. I 1 '. Hains, District A«enl will alto he present to assist with de'm'onstra- titin.-i in (orraeinK, sodding;, seeding. tnnoculatiiiK. mowhiK. harrowing, bit- lerweed eonlrol. and general manage- nu-nt of pastures. This is a most valuable meeting for persons inteiested in pastxire development, and a law number of interested farmers are expeeted to be present. WKYMOUTH. KiiRlnnd -i,l'|..- -The Woman shall not wear that which per- Coryton, from Deuteronomy, eon- taineth unto a man." quoted Kev. F. K. demning prevleiu); of 'f.na.vculine" shorts and slacks among girls. employed persons would net jobs by ' January 1 if the war brings larue foreign oi'ders to this country. t would stimulate more intensive investment of private capital, and il is possible us many more person^ would be re-employed by spring, he there are Imw nino person;; in this coun- FOR CHILLS AND FEVER And Offer Malaria Misery! He e.<i|imnte(l million jobless try. Britain's leading lady lends her aid to (he grounded of war. Queen Elizabeth, right, visits Dame Beryl Oliver ni Red Cross headquarters in London. RAISING A FAMILY What's An Ole War Between Friends? The Boy's Club of Ccntcrbui-K is having its first meeting of the season. It is Saturady .The place 'is the Smith's two-car garage, half of which never is occupied, and now contains boxes on which !ho members sit. Jack Smith is pivi.ident: Jack Smith: Well. kids, here we are What are we going to do about it'.' Tony: About what? Smith: Why this doggone, old war. of course. Look at us. We're all different. Aie we going to bu.sl up or stay friends'.' Tony: We're plans, ain't we? The war's all baloney :mywa\. It's not our war. it it? What are ya talking about? Smith: Hold on there. You're talking through your hat. I happen to know that Hermy and Bill had H fifiht. on Thursday night about something in the papers. Look at Hermy's nose. And Bill's ogt his hand bandaged. And look at Buck and Ivan this minute glaring at each other. This can't be a club any longer. My Dad says so. lie said people hate each other just because it'; in the air. Walter. All right, we do. But. about band. Nor does it prevent them from entering the ports of belligerents, if again, they (Jo not c-irry contraband. But contraband lists published by the different nations are apt to be pretty incusive. Furthermore, no bel- Hfierent so far has officially esti- blashed a war /.one, asd the picture won't be clear until that is done. the dogs we promised to rescue, and bur"o.s we promised to report when we sri wthein starved. They gotta suffer, loo? Fred: I saw a man kick a mother hound when she had si:; puppies. Broke her ribs, he did. Smith: Where is she? And so the Dogs Joined the Club Ford: I went over last night and swiped the lot of them. They're in my cellar, but. my mother won't U-'t me keep them. Smith, sternly; Why you darn fool, you know very well this club will lake care uf them. My mother said we could use this garage for anything we wanted. Let's put it to vote. All in favor of getting those dogs and bringing them here to be looked after by all of us say "yes." Chorus: Any Kicks? Silence. Smith: Then we'll all o and bring them here. now. Guslai 1 : But 1 though the club was not to— • .Smith: Oh. shut up. The Previous Tenants Wouldn't Stay— DICKENS. Tex.—If!')—John Koonsman. Dickens county sheriff, thinks it would be good business to place a "for rent" sign on his jail. "It's been empty an awful long time." says he. "There is less crime in this county now than for years." Veteran Arkansas Guards f TT ' * * you are ORE EGGS (BINA CHOWS iJ&t^L", _ ' and her world's record family of 99 pups were fed on Dog Chow. It's good for your clog, too. Try it. SEE THE PUPS in our Window fed on Dog Chow. Worm your Pups regularly Cost... 2c *rtr-i3» .-*cfc?^.r^ AT THE FAIR NEXT TUESDAY SEPT. 26th Ui any trouble with your Poultry or Live Stock, be ' WA are always glad to see and help you with your problems. FREE INFORMATION W us BABY CHICKS FOR SALE Feeders Supply Go. THE STORE WITH THE CHECKER BOARD SIGN The Hope Star Is Across the Street A'WMAVlAAArVWUWWWUWUVVtfi I —! Just Give V • Y a ring A T i 25 rAVKT'lKVII.!.!-: - \Vnh four lelli-r men available for guard duty, the Arkansas Ka/uibarUs aren't ni.Ti.vinj; much about the centero of the line. Wilfred Tlxirpe of Little Kui-k and Mi I ton. Simingtoii of Dierks weie the leKid;-' K"ards last sea.sun and lioih are of all-conference calibre. A. J. Vales i:i fjrntonville and Sam I'arker of Little Kock filled in acceptably lor Thorpe and Simington last season and should see plenty »i actii-ii Ibis year. Thorpe and Simington weight over Ihe 200-opnd mark', while Vales and I'arkei are just under thai figure. Liner Bremen Is Captured, Report Persistent Report That British Have 20-Million- DoDai- Ship LONDON. Eng. —((T)— The Bri- | ti.sli Press Association .said that ac- ] . ording to reports prevalent Wedues- ' lay and not denied. Germany's crack liner Bremen had reached a British port under escort of naval vessels. The press association aid "for some day various stories have circulated that the Bremen had been captured and was on her way o England. Though no official confirmation was forthcom- ng in London Ibis morning the story of the liner's capture was not denied." Mystery has surrounded the Breman since she left New York August "0 two days before Germany invaded Poland. S.he has not been definitely reported inee. Last Saturady the German ambassador to Russia, Cout Frederich von der Schulenberg, intimated the 520,000,000 ship had been captured by Britain. He said questions concerning the .ship should b<> referred in Winston Churchill, first lord of the British Ajdmirality. "American authorities." he said, "were so kind as to hold up the lire- men for 22 hours and so far as I know the British have rather fast destroyers. The Breman sailed from New York without passengers after being held up for lifeboat and other inspections. Pasture Meet at Station_Sept. 29 Dean Walter R. Horlaeher of .University to Re ' Among the Guests The annual pasture meeting will be Don't go through the usual Mnlarla suffering! Don T t go on shivering with chills one moment and burn- ins with fever flie next. Malaria is relieved by Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Yes, this rncdicino really works. Made especially for Mnlarla. Contains tasteless quinidine and Iron. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic at* tually combats the Mnlarln infeo- Uon in tile blood. Relieves the wracking chills and fever. Helps ; Mi feel better fast. i r.^n° P S i I ? ds , tak1 , c V G , ro V c ' s Tasteless I Chill rcffllc for Malaria and swear j by it. Pleasant to take, too. Even I children take it without a whimper. i Act fast at first sign of Malaria. i Take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. : M all druRstores. Buy the large ilze «8 it gives you much more for four money. hat car ftir next year has Headlights with bujb, lens and reflector built in one ' >y unit that pro- better light over a longer time? ?•.*":•• KROGER .• ... GET -THIS DURING OUR BIG HQUSECLEANINB EVENT... OROCEllY 1MUCES GOOD Fill. SAT. & MON. SEI'T. 22-23-23 MEAT AND PRODUCE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH GROCERY CLOCK BREAD 24 oi. IQc Aluminum Cookware SPOTLIGHT COFFEE iffiflfiliHte Ib. pkg. 27c 3 Ib. 39c No. 10 TWINE MOPS 22c 42 oz. Avalon POWDER NAVY BEANS 3lbs. Frazier CATSUP 3 for 25c SUPER SUDS lg. I5c SUPER SUDS Sm. 7'/ 2 c Palmolive SOAP 5c BEEF UOAST , II). Round Steak Jh. i! Ground Pure llj, IH SLICED BACON BUTTER Country Clul) Hi. 221 c 29c LAMB LEGS Ib. 25c SHOULDEIt Ib. l!)f CHOPS ib. :r.ic SALT -I A- Streaked MEAT lOc Ib. Side 12c rion whiting lldllBuffalolb. CREAM MEAL COMPOUND 48 Ib. CANE SUGAK 10 Ib. Cloth Bap 53c $5.25 57c Giant Crystal 3 White Soap for Red Bird MATCHES 6 for FRENCH COFFEE Ib. Pork & Beans Country Club 28o i RYE BREAD 10c Rays-N-Dayt Bread lOc Country C'lul) i\l ILK tall cans 17C BABO CLEANER 13c tiVAUTINE Large- Sml 35c c; o L u D U S T for 10c MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE Hi. 25c CAKNATION & I'ET .MILK C O I'' T K E F O L G E K S Large lie Small :((• 1 lu. 25c- 2 Ib. aOc COUNTRY CLUB C O F F E E 1 Ib. vac. 21c No. 2 Can II O M I N V 2 for 1 3C IS Ib. Country Clul) F L O U U $1.49 WESCO FEEDS 16% DAIRY . . $1.79 EGG MASH . . $2.49 SCRATCH . . . $2.15 Avalon FLAKES and Tumbler 17c Avalon GRANULES 17c Country Club Salad Dressing qt. 29c TWINKLE 3 for lOc CHERRY BREAD lOc OXYDOL lg. 19c MAZADA LAMPS 15c Johnson Glocoat 59c Colorado Pascal OELERY 10c Tokay GRAPES 5c BELL PEITEKS Fresh TOMATOES CAULIKLOWKK Giant LETTUCE MI. u>. Mead Head 5c 71c 10c lOc 8 Ib lUchtox C'OMPOUNI) S lit. I'UUE LAHI) •IS Avonclnle FLOUK 89c 92c $1.19 Cecil W. Dennis, Gro. Mgr. K. J. Caplinger, Market AMAZING GUARANTEE BUY my Kiogcr Item. LIKE H .,:. well [•onion m on,; t mil lom.iinei ,my oilier br.ind wu sell ot the

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