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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, January 24, 1936
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»>i • ' ":$ s A TtibUGtft Mtvn'i InhnmAtiky tit man make* countless IhotivtndS mou Mis-bums. Hope Star Friday snow, v&rmtt In «wt MW f»uth i portions. WRATHtt -Cloudy, warm** HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 1936 ConsolliliiU-cl *nr of Hop .l.inunrj- IS, 1*09; l'r««S. . 1S21: 1 "__' r - n- --in -.I mi'" i" PtllCE 5c COPY PRESIDENT VETOES BONUS AND HOUSE OVERRIDES Here and There -Editorial By ALEX. H. WASHBUKN- King Is Affected j War Dangers \ Just as Privates Burly British Regulars Found He Scorned to Ask Special Odds JUST1C1E~FOR VETS I Perhaps It's Because He Remembers Own Close Escape at Front One of the world's most color)id a-nd popular ////- u.res as the rr'mcc of Wales, Kn aland's neie l:iti-a, Edward VIII, has tired- an event fid life and four of the most cxcitinfl I/cars of ..his career were those he spent with the. KfiffUfJ*-— W'mjl .'. ,.':ijt^w'<|tcs., ]\ f orid tear._ In the third of si.\- intimate close.up '' articles, Milton. Bronncr, far 1 f> i/fars an: American correspondent, here lulls of the. hazards faced by the royal soldier and their effect upon him. By MII/TON BRONNEB NEA Service Staff Correspondent LONDON—Kight days after war «)c: i-viKie-d on Kuropi: In 19H. iit 6:30 of ;m August mornlnK. a slender lud v.-ln did not look more than 16 pre- tvntod himw.-lf at Warley Barracks for ,-erviec with the Gu.-irris Division. He wiis Edward Albert, Prince of Wales, then a youth of 21 and a .student nt Oxf ird. Tho four yciir.s which began that morning deeply affecU-d his life, as llv.-y elid the lives of millions of other young men. Horn fin June 23, 181)4, in the house in Richmond known as White Lodge, Kdwai-d, in ltll-1, hnd already passed thrc.ugh the- naval tniinliiK schools ;tt Osborne anel Dartmouth. Al Osb.irne. lii.s nwti-.-r knew him simply as "th'. 1 .sardine," mid al both .schools every i (furl Wiis made to see that he got th<- same> iri'iilment as nil other boys. After Dartmouth he was gazetted fur midshipman .service em the Hindustan. Kor several months he went thi-Migh intensive trainiiu; in mivi- l-alinn, gunnery, .seamanship, and administration. He lln-n left the navy ami. after brief residence ill r'ranre, L. v.-.-fs se-nt at IN I ' Oxford. *' Tin year 19l.'i found him tin-re at ' Mngdal'en college, a rank-and-filu member of tin- officers' training corps. He w«>n a lance-corporidship. "f which lie v.-.is proneler thiiii he was later of immeasurably yreat'-r honor.----for lie (Continued on pnge> six) i-i.Arn-R FANNY SAYS: MEG. U. b. PAT. Off. T HE West Point (Mit<H.) Times Lender, owned by my good friend Edgar G. Harris, former Hlytheville publisher, haa discovered .some startlinK fibres on where the cost of goy- i.r«nimit i-viMiliuillv rests UnoVr thc " tlc " Thc Rich Ar? urnmont. ^«J«»«I»^> ' tslH ; _^. Ric h Enough," Mr. Harris writes: "If last year's budget had been balanced, it is obvious that some three billion dollars more in yixes would have had to be roceivo'd by bv War Dangers i 'trsrsJS'SSZ. J " I rich? "Hero is tho answer: If the federal government hnd taken qne- half of tho income of persons •earning $5.000 a ycnr or more, the resulting increase in revenue, would have amounted lo bar<.-ly' $2^00,000,W»0-h!iU a billion short of the goal. ;• "If all the income of persons with net incomes of $10.000 a <yvnr or mori-, hnd boon taken, thc increase in federal revenue would have boon $3.014.000,000— $200,()00,000 short of the goal. -.>!••. "And so it goes. Close (o jlO^per cent of Ihc net income of the American people is received by persons will) annual earnings of less than £5.000, They must pny. directly or indirectly, . trie great bulk of the cost of government— they must, now or eventually, make up deficits am) finance thc national debt. Thc "wealthy" individual, already .stringently tax- cd, Just hasn't enough money lo make a dent in today's cost of government." -t- ..4- 4- • \ _,-.-. '"Arid"! borrow this jaug"h from the philosophic ponderings of J. A. Livingston's .I^usscllvillc Courier-Democrat: "Reformers arc nil right when they arc sincere and (heir causes just. Little Improvement 'of existing conditions could be made without them. But the professional reformer, who goes about finding t'aull wilh everything as it is, with only impractical and illogical sug- J Coldest Weather of Winter Here; 'Low' 17% Friday Southwestern Arkansas on Tail-End of Fierce Northern Blizzard Photos in News of the Day gestions for their he>t(erment, often making n living by appeal to the prejudices of tho pixiple, has caused a minister to declare that 'Hdl is full of professional re-- lormers.' This leads thc Washington Post tn comment, 'We regret In It-urn this. We had hoped there was room for more'." 3 Courses Open to Pay Soldier Bonus May Increase Debt, Inflate Currency, or Levy New Taxes WASiriNGTON-(/V)—With a SV 491.000.000 soldiers' bonus bill on President Roosevelt's desk, the administration Thursday night had to choose among a big b-x>st in the national debt, new taxes, or inflation. Congressional leaders insisted that a veto would be overridden. .Sc.ine within the: administration predicted that if tlie bonus measure, become.* law, Mr. Rnoievell will demand emietment of new tuxes to foot the bill. He mentioned llii-. even when vetoing the inflationary I'litiiian bonus I bill last M'ssi'in. ! Many congressional leaders nmtend- I ed, how ver. that financing the bonus through regular Treasury rlianne's. with a resultant increase in the pub- I lie debt, might cause less polUicul e-m- I harassment in an election year then new taxes. Talk of raising the fund by inflation was heard at the capitol. Tlie ad- .iiiiii.-.trj.-li.in Mill has power lo issue U|> lo SIl.OHO.OOO.OUO of new currency, and inflationists -want bonus, pay- | uieiit in new money. | -«•>•«»•- • j Sarah Stroud New j Home EC Teacher; Succeeds llutli Taylor,, Who Takes Demonstration i Postal .Henderson, Ky. [ Th, ix-MgriHlimi uf Mis.s Ruth Taylor. i faculty plumbers of Hope HiMh Se-huol ! Wiis anneunu-ed Friday. j Miss Taylor, home economies in; tlructeij- fur throe and a half je-in-.s, le'll Friday for Heiielei-son. Ky.. whole she has ae'e-i,-pted the iiositi'in as li-une to Hone- from 110 DIE IN NATION Warmer, Unsettled Weather Likely Here Over the Week-End A cold wave that struck Hope Thursday night dropped the mercury to llVi 'degrees, thc Fruit & Truck Branch Experiment station reported Friday. Tlie recording Thursday night was even lower (him the wont her man's prediction of 18 to 20. A bright sunshine brought rising temperatures Friday. Thc forecast ii warm, rnin or show Saturday. 11 fl Dead m Nation CHICAGO — (/(>)— A new blast o arctic weather slashed down the east- e;rn slope of thc Rocky Mountains Friday with more sub-zero weather for a shivering nation. At le'ast 110 dead were reported ir 117 states. The snow swept sotithwar 1 from Montana. ] i Tlie Midwest was promised relief. |The cold eased up in the East. Thft coldest spot in the nation Friday was in Minnesota,,with ii low of 40 degrees below zero at Park Rapid* 2 Below at Plggalt LITTLE ROCK—(/P)—Rising temperatures were forecast Friday after the cold wave had sent the mercury to two degrees below zero at Pit-gcrtt Thursday night. . 77 Persons Dead CHICAGO-tVn-Cold continued to paraly/* the Midwest Thursday night i and extended eastward to thc Atlantic I oceien. I As the mercury climbed from lows that set m-w all-time marks in many sections of the Plains and Northern border .vt.-ile.s, It grow colder in the East with New York experiencing the coldest January 23 in its history and Boston preparing for 10 l>clow *ero during thc night- Fourteen .states counted one or more Sharply opiiosetl to B coiistitu- tlonal iimeiidinent to validate, -the • AAA, L. J. Tnlwr, master of' the . Notional Orange, is active in tlve battle for a new farm progranu Taber offers a plaji Involvlrijflarg-" er uUli?ntlo« of cooperative marketing, Increnf.ed use of faring prpr ducts lii industry, and development of new crops. He urges the deben,- . ture l ''p1«ri'to open foreign.markets and a permanent land program. •A "'Cupid's counsellor," who • proudly states' her'. mbrtimoninl bureau has led 6110 couples to the rtltftr. Mrs: Nellie Brooke Stull, of Elj;r(a, Qhlo, above,, was held .in " "Toronto, Out. jail In de-fault of $£<HW bail 'on 'a charge of consplr- • mcy 1 to defraud. With her was held ) J;,Rutherford Allen, "wealthy oil • -roan from Te?tas,V who, police-said, '. had $2 In hl».-pocke»s when arc- LaFayette Hotel at Stamps Burns for $35,000 Loss Three- Story, 35 - R o o m Structure Is Razed by Fire on Friday B O DCAW PROPER T Y Defective Flue Destroys Big Building Owned by Lumber Company STAMPS, Ark. — (/P)— The three itory SS-ASom LaFayette hotel front ng on the Stamps depot burned Fri lay with a loss unofficially estimated it $35,000. The building, owned by the Bod caw Lumber company, was occupiec ay City Marshal J. K. Jones am 'amily, who succeeded in saving the furnishings and personal effects. A defective flue was suggested as the cause of the blaze, which for a time endangered the entire south section of town before being controlled by the Stamps fire department. New County Agent Arrives on Friday W. E. Mountcastle, U. of A. Graduate, Formerly of Stone County ' Bulletins UTTI.E ROCK-W-Hillard K. ItnrdlnR, 80, associated with the public school system for 30 years, died here FHday. PARIS, France — (ff) — Senator Albert Sarraut was successful Friday in his attempt to form a new cabinet for France, the 101st ROV- ernment of the Third Republic. Tills cabinet Is a transition body to keep the government running until the April or May parliamentary elections. MOSCOW, Russla-(VP)—The Russian commissariat organ the Red Star accused Japan Friday of preparing for military operations against the Soviet Union through encirclement of outer Mongolia. GENEVA, Switzerland.-^—The council Friday adopted a resolution Jo settle the dispute arising between Russia and Uruguay from Uruguay's charges that the Soviet legation at Montevideo had directed subversive activities in South America. .. . "My Convictions (Have Not Changed* He TelteCongres House Immediately rides Veto by Vote ,/ of 324 to 61 i , - ;, •' . -_ -. j; ' ' SENATE ON MONDAY Senate Committee Agrees* on. Substitute for AAAiv- Program * Baptists Launch Drive Upon Liquor State Conyentiqn Makes Thrust Also -a^Horse and Dog Racing r ?) -V President; vetoed the WASHINGTON. Roosevelt Friday payment bill,- • . The house immediately overrode his •action by a vote of 324; to 61. -^ ^ The bill now goes .to the senate where a vote is.'impossible befflijj Monday. . ...... V • '- &. Leaders forecast thc.-Hill would it made a law over-Rdosevelt's 6rjpo;^ .tion. H was-the, secpnd time within year that the house tossed aside presidential bonus veto. The president's terse Hand-written precedent-breaking note to congress referred tq last year's veto message, saying: '•,-•;• "My convictions are as impelling today as they were then. Therefore I can not change them." 4 Negro 'Shiners | Hope Girl Hurt in Seized at Red Lake] Local Auto Crash 60-Gallon "stilT Destroyed Doris BoyetTpamfuliy In- **£ ^f^^^JSSt Waiter E. Montcastle, new Hempstead county agent who succeeds Frank Stanley, has arrived here and was being introduced around Hope Friday. Mr. Mountcastle comes here from Stone county, where he was county fatalities from exposure e>r causes directly attributable to the most rigorous cold wave in years. Total for the country increased to 77. Temperatures ranged from 56 below on the bridge over the Rainy river between International Falls, Minn, nnei Fort. Frances, Out,, for the second successive day coldest spot on the weather map and one, degree more frigid than Wednesday—lo New York's two below. In thc 25-to-52-degrec-below range were Minnesota, Wisconsin and parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania and We<sl Virginia. Parts of New York state, Indiana. Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, east- i ern Kansas, Nebraska and the DakoUis had readings of 10 to 20 under zero. The cold wave also penetrated the South, thn-iite-ning damage to Florida's citrus fruits with a low of 27 fon-cast during the night. Snow flurries fell over Tennessee*. Nashville's zero minimum marked its chilliest day in more than five years. A baby was in a snowlwund auto at i Prookport. N. Y. Frown trolley brakes inrced commuters to hitchhike in hit- ler cold nl Marietta. Gn. Schcxil rhil- dren of Chicago and most of its .suburb; i-njoy<*l a holiday though the mercury rose- to OIK.- be-low during the afUTiioon after reaching minus 17 for a seasejn'.s low mark. 86 Big Cities Cut Motor Fatalities |» u i-'irl praised <•" lho c'oau'u mother'* little aiigol. Mis.s Taylor i Martin, Tenn. ; She will be .-uecee-ili.il her,' I;;, Miss . S.tMilv Sli-ond if Jeine,-b iro. IMi.s Kirriiil i-' :i ni-iidii:ite oJ' lln- [.'nivcr.sity i nl Ark.-in.--as. fclie is exi.-eeteel tn take ! it|) he;- eluljca liuru Monday. Traffic Deaths Reduced Somewhat at Beginning of This Year WAhllJNCVlON -i/l'i— F.inhb -s,ix principal cities were shown bv Commerce Departim-nt figures Thursday ' li- have reduced automobile! aecicluul ! fatalitio- din-in 1 -' ill', 1 first threo w«.-cks ! ul ihi.- year. The threi-wceik total for ISlSti was . 50(1 .u.'ain.-t Tilil in the first tlireie week- 1 'e>t l!i:i,V Last we-uk l:Vj were killeil against 15li tlu.- |ire\'ioii.s week, and a^aii^l 107 Ihr «^in,' week (^f HK!5. Last, wi.'e-k. I* lilies i-e-]i irleel no deaths. (layiuir Aluuist Gave l'i> U()LLYWC)Or>--i7i'i - -Janet C.I.MIOI- i iiiiee nave up pictures, durini; her e'ar- ly stnigKliiif; duy.s, to attend a school with the intention of becoiiiinj,' a sle- uoijriiphcv. by Sheriff Bearden and Raiders Four negroes of the Red Lake' area near Kulton were held by 7 officeri Friday on charges of mnnlr/aCtUrihg moonshine' liquor following -a"raid ; in •hat. vicinity by Sheriff Jim 'Bearden and deputies. '" . v The negro prisoners are:'Moten Hill, Freddie Maxwell, Sporty Hill and W; C. CarrigHJi. • ' ...... A 60-gallon capacity still, -located .in the swamps, was destroyed by .officers. Only a small amount of liquor was found.' Ten barrels of mash were confiscated. . Raiding officers were Sheriff .Jim Bpurdcn, Deputies R.. O.. R-Jbins, Regr inald Boanlen and J. H. Scwell,.state ranger Biggest Louisiana Vote Given Leche Latest Count Gives Long's Heir 218,137, and Dear 94,686 NEW ORLEANS— iVPi—Selected a.s the next D..-mocratic govemm- of L-.mi.siami by a landslide majority. Judge Hichiird W. Loche of N*w Orleans iinnouneefi Thursday that he would resign his position em the state Court of Appeal and take a brief vacation. He said he inleiuled to draw up the; bills for his administrative leguslation nruKi-iim, which will be MibmiUed B! j the ri'»uliir session in May. , "The-K 1 ." Iu: said, "will include law: fronting .1 Soeial Servict 1 De'pnrt. nt for the slate, a Bureau of Industry and Commerce, laws to re- muve tin- schools from any possibility of piiliticaliwilion, laws to inMire ten- for public employee and '.if offi I the like." Juilile.' I.i-clu-. randidato of llie Huey T. Luiii! machino, was nominated in i Tuesday's Democratic primary by the j JiiTiviest majority over given a guber- I nal ii i.-il e-andidalf in Louisiana, on the . face; of the returns. I Unofficial returns in thr .--low count I liom'WM pi'eiinels nut of the Lfiiii ill i Ihi state showejd that lie held a majoi 1 i ily of U':;.4ol votes over Cle-veland •/jured—Pig Causes 1 • Second Accident Miss Doris Boyett of Hope was in Jilla'Chester hospital" Friday'suffering 'ronv !i fractured pelvis boni; and he"ad rrjtiries'as-the result of an'automobile a-osV .M'.-Sixth and Fulfon ' streets rhursday night. ' • •••• -Miss'Bnye'lr was riding'iri a car di-iv>n by. Wilitlun Stephenson wheii it 'col- lidejl at the st-ret-t inlerscctioti with an automobile driven by a Little'' Rock vouth.and -occupied by -five 1 -other Hope boys MJB3 • Boyett fell to'thd pavement .hen. a door of the car flew open. Her. injurie's. are not believed to be •erious. She is Uie daughter of Mr. uid. Mrs. -J. A. Boyi-tt. North-Main ".troet., Tlie nccide.-nl.. occurrod about 10 p. rii. /V 1 automobile owned by an army wnj-ker at the RossUm CCC camp was badly damaged Wednesday niglit when it crashwl into n.bridge on the Hopc- Ro'sston road. InfbrniBtion ree-f-ivefi Jiere .said that a pig darted across the road, and in attempting to drxlge it the driver struck the bridge. -~~m»m~- Duffie, Harrison Rotary Speakers ''Thanks, From Philippines," Community Service, Luncheon Topics ,7. I . Duffie apd .the, Rev. Fred K. Ifarrifon np|)Ciired on Friday's lunch. t:on program of Hope Rotary club at Hote-i Barlow. Mr. Du'ffie dolivere-il .1 c'inelensc'1 accnunt' of a Rutarian nviiiii/ine article by a Filipino editor which paid tribute 1 lei the enlightened colonial iiolie'it-'s of the Americnu government. The article was a Filipino's thank.- for ;he IJuiieii States koeping its promise to S'-t'the islands frt-<:. Tlie Rev. Mr. Harrison, chairman of (lie club's community service [-imiiiit- ti-t;., itemized various community tasks ; that Ihe eoDiinittee hail sol befinv tile View. He is a native of Washington county (Fayctteville), was graduated from the University of Arkansas In 1927, and sa wservicc with the Federal Land bank up to thc time he went to Stone comity as farm agent. Slayer of Husband Placedjm Trial Fate of Mrs.,Root May Hinge on Husband's Philanderings MEMPHIS, Tenn,—(fl 1 )—Daisy Alexander Root's purported coivfession that she killed her husband, Brenton Root, following.a nightclub quarrel over a cigarette-girl, was offered as evidence in her murder trial Friday. She Goes to Trlnl MEMPHIS, Tenn.—(/Pi—Daisy Alex- aneier Root was described by state witnesses Thursday as "very c°° l headed" and "not excited at. all," on the early November morning when she shot her handsome young husband to death in tho home he had planned and built for them. On trial for the "jealousy-murder" of Brenton Re>ot, 32, son of a Chicago clergyman. Mrs. Root reniaine'ti calm throughout most of the testimony, except when her mother-in-law, Mrs. L>nja)i)in Franklin Root, wife of the Chii-..s" clergyman, broke down on the stand. Tlie 60-year-old Mrs. Root, frail and ' ncrvcu;-.-. 'told between sobs of the death of her only son. She said that i she had visited with him until 12 days I i before the shooting. i ! That the defense will contend that , ' young Root often boat his wife, and ! I that he was unfaithful, was revealed | ).y questioning of prospective jurors : : by A. B. Galloway, defense lawyer. • . 'Speaking of the estrangement be-, , ivee'ii young Root and his wife, Galloway told venire-men "there miglil l«: .-eiiiie evielenco concerning .sexual de- . Ij - ---r ies." and added: ' "If it was brought about that this ,-epiirHtion of Mr. and Mrs. Root was fauli e.f hers-if il was brought ing .that "the pendufum is swinging back to a dry nation," the Arkansas \ Baptist convention launched a move Friday designed to repeal the Thorn liquor and thc horse and dog racing acts. The convention voted to appoint committees to draw up bills for presentation to the next legislature. It was said a vigorous effort would be made to repeal these laws. The repeal move was made in the adoption by the temperance committee of a report also urging repeal of the 90- day divorce law. ,„. fau l. of hers--,! u wa, ,»m^ ; G.-^viDc. Ten,,, wrote, about that the clcceus.,:.! had beaten , :llb ,, lnop: , Tillll , s sookin ,, u wi (e club werthv of every D ear. Ki^hlli Dislriet con»re.<siiuiu and iiuliilate i.-f the, 1 "home rule" or auti- .'inu t'aitioJi. These returns .--howoil that Dear ]-o- eiveil 94.ti(*(i votes ;uiil Li-ehe 21 S.I 37 '• : The • of t)u : ti 'iii.l: apjilie- evei.v ! bull i iiuully. •r..- now are about 2,'iO bull rinu;- Kiin in which uppr'iximately 150(1 and 6500 horses are: killed an- . -peake-r look hi^ text I'roni one principle.*- of Rtvtary Interna- "To i-iii.-ouraf-x- OIK! fuMer ihc lioii of (lie iii«al of servio- by Rulaj-iaji t'.) his |ier.->oiial ami .. life." Tlio Hrv. Mr. Han i.-ou mx. il tin. 1 iinjiviiiual club iiieinliers t i back vi|' .-,nch ni"\ -eiiU'iits us an- netvisiry to yxr.eiiid: \\TA projecN bore. In tiely i.i| tt'c city befoi-i 1 tin- aelvenl of Centi j inii-'l t'ji:i i.-l.>. to I'lieejiii-aye nn-ial her and forced her to leave him-and j on one occasion beat her se> 1 welly I 10 e-.-iii.-ie: I have Ilv. j.«hi.- was 1 the null-- a nii.-carriayo. y iu would riuht lo e:einsiiler whe'lher ppieheiisive f'>i' her lite at 'f the t-h Farin Outlook Uncertain .^ LITTLE ROCK.—(/P)—Approximate ly 1,000 Arkansas farmere meeUtij here Friday heard leaders Sourld pessimistic note on the quest fob _ constitutional substitute for the <3e fund AAA. * ' The feeling of-helplessness in Wash ington was told .by Harold Young li asking for views and sxiggestlons. WASHINGTON— (/P)—The goal making agriculture, "as productive a t was 100 years ago" was set-by th president Friday as administrative am c6ngressional leaders sought to fram new program. Roosevelt ;sajd.he hoped that legis .atioii to replace the AAA %Vould b possible without a constitution! amenelrr.ent. . , He left to congress the task of work ing out the means of obtaining th( goal. Denies Silver Revaluation WASHINGTON-^—The presldei smiled.off New York rumors of a si Ver revaluation move Friday with tl demark that he never heard of th purported move by the government. AAA Substitute Puzzler WASHINGTON-Thc senate Agi e;ul.*ijre committee Thursday thre tlie administration substitute for AAA out the window and Chairmi Ellison D. Smith, Democrat, Sou Carolina, appointed a subcommitt "to write something thai is constitl tional." It was thc prevailing sentiment the committee, Chairman Smith a other members said, that the admin trillion's plan lo make grants to fart ers conditioned upon a "gentlemai agreement." to curtail their prodi^ tion begs the e-onstitutional questie socking to ae-compli.sh indirectly wl tho .supreme court said congress col not. do. , Tlie subcommittee named by Sc j ator Smith, with himself as chairnu I conferred with Secretary of Agritf (Uu-e Wallace mid AAA Administra Chester Davis, agreeing s-ubstantia | upon a state co-operation plan of fa , i relief ns a permanent policy. Congn T-> T f T 1 T> tf\, TlnKlin 'would declaiv a gonc-ral policy a Kehef Job, Raffle, Public ;ihc s , ivei . cign slaK>s ( . oul ,i !icceilt Dinner, His Elabor- 'reject it. If Ihuy voted lo co-operate wiOi federal tjovornmtnl. abiding by s\ rcgulutiems as it laid elown, grunts aid would be di-n ibuted along line* now followed with ruspectj land m-ant colleges, veicational edu lion and haihway ceuislruction. tai!.s of sucli le-yislation would notj worked oiit at this ses.-iein of congi; | but the foundation would be laid jj 'declaration of policy lo bo attache*; the iii-eipeis-uel temporary leyislalioit Arkadelphia Is to Play Here Friday Balance of Basketball Schedule Announced by Coach Foy Hammons The Hope High School basketball team, with three victories and no defeats, will play Arkadelphia High School here Friday night. The game starts at 7:30 o'clock. Arkadelphia holds recent victories over Malvern and Sparkman High Schools. Saturday the Bobcuts journey to Warren for afternoon and night games. Coach Foy Hammons announced the balance of the schedule as: January 2»—Texarkana, Texas, here. January 31—Waldo, there. February 1—Rosston, here. February fi—Arkadelphia, (hew. February 8—Warren, here. February 10-Bearden, lure. February 11—Camden, there. February 13—McNeill, here. February 14—Texarkana, here. February 18-Rosstem. there. February 21—DcQueen, here, February 25—DeQuren, there. February 28—Ashdown, here. Needs a Wife to Carry Out Scheme CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -uPi— Offering to pay 'or the advertisement' with a loud of nine wood and souu- -fine huckleberries" nc-xi summer Al- . ly conU-s.-e.l she death a.- the al- ub i)Uai-Jel over LiieiU- ^iu;er- (ContinuoO ^i\' Mrs. Hoot iMiriioi-tii ,-)..-l her hu.-baui.l to iijiiiuith ,..f a nijihl e Hoot's ;,tt. ntions t , w-iuii. l'J->ear-eilii arelte yiil." Di-'trict Atloinev McClain told the.- jury it woulel not affect " her tiuili ur linnoceniv" if he "trotted around \\uli 5(1 di/li-i-eiit uonirn." bill eiily the "de- ui-cc; '.'f nunisjnricnt " ihc Chattanooga Times seeking Thuvselay. Geiins. who augments- hi.- e;arninji- a.-: a wuodcbopper by Iviry picking, is 32 and lives wilh two si.Mi-r.-and their : . five children in a r.imbliiW frame- Beiunlu-s Are BUMS l,ou,c- at GrayM-ill.-. .K-:.r boiv. Ti.,.- tonnx-niry le S ,>la ,,-n xx -I W; .nt to net on rolu-f. lhe> cuuMst .f ;nnondm> n..- to the 19o 3 won't lake me on this .uovcrument oon.-e rvalievn act which would pe work unli,s I'm maiTied." ho «iid. UK- secretly O f -'Kncuhure^ to r.Yni.- has a novel idea fe.r ,-etting : Iv-unlic.-. A ma.| (l rli> of the mem him.-eH up in housekeeping A nciyh- of tho ^rk-uUiirc co.mmtto^ j b.,r i.- wiling to sell hi.- Wi.-e f,,i ever, took thc po.-,t.on that .-uch S * S-,00. So. if and Mhen Goin.- fiuels ;. could not b.-c >nd,iK,,H-u vpon p^ -• i.-- be- pl-ir- to have a public lion re-fe-ulaii ui. .-nice Uu- sup wedding dmi, W -."w.ll ticket--, and raf- ; court rule,! in ibe AAA d.-cK-loa t'.i off » few pvi/os. jem-jrcs:, c;-.nnvt u:.,uiai i

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