Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 21, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1939
Page 3
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Thursday, September 21-1939 ALIVE with COLOR Mary Lane Betty Rose America's Two Leading C'oct lines Id beautiful COATS 16.75 '34.75 In the most talked of fabrics of the season, greys, grape-wines, teal blues, black. Furred, tailored, sport, princess models ... all with guaranteed satin linings. LADIES PURSES In all the newest designs and materials: Alive with color to match your fall wardrobe. 98c $1.95 FAMOUS FOR STYLE Jo-Dee Sandra Lynn June Mason Dresses $5.95 $9.95 Lovely new frocks for |cvcry occasion; Ilayon Crepes, Fail- les, Woolens, Silks, Novel- itics fliat arc alive with color. HOPE StAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS EXCITING HATS lo top every cost it in c .smartly and flatter every face. 98c lo '" S1.9S USE TALBOT'S BUDGET PLAN 10 Weeks to Pay Talbot's "We Outfit tlic Family" PAGE THREE SOCIETY Sid Henry Telephone 321 The four seasons in four forms appear, Resembling human life in every shape they wear. Spring first, like infancy, shoots out her head, With milky juice requiring to be fc; Proceeding unwnrcl, whence the year . began, The summer grows adult and ripens into man. Autumn succcds, a sober tepid age, Not frox.cii wilh fear, nor boiling into rage; Last, Winter creeps along with trarly pace, Sour on his front, and furowcd in his face. . . —Selected. _hc Brookwood P. T. A. hold its September meeting Wednesday afternoon at the Brookwood School. Rev. Kenneth L. Spore, pastor oC the First Methodist church opened the meeting with n most helpful and inspiring devotional. Mrs. Ernest O'Neill president conducted the business period, and introduced the teachers, Home Room mothers and all officers. Plans wore perfected for The School of Instruction which will IK held at the high school, September 30th. Mrs. B. C. Hyatt made a report on the recent organization of a Hemps lead County T. B. Association. Miss Lulie Allen read the president's message. Miss Allen's room gave the largest number of mothers present. With Mrs. McDuffie presiding the September meeting of the Paisley P. T. A. was held on Wednesday afternoon at the Paisley School with forty mothers present. During the business period, Mrs. Bernard O'Dwycr wiw elected president in (he place of Mrs. James II. Henry, resigned. Mrs. Fred Cook program chairman rend the president's message and discussion on "What I Hope to Accomplish as a Membe of the P. T. A.". Mrs. Pilkinton's room reported the greatest number of mothers present. Mrs. M. II. Barlow, Mrs. C. C. Sprag- B"ns, Mrs. Clyde Hill and Miss Maggie Bell have relumed fro ma motor trip to Petit Jean Mountain where they attended the Annual Women's Dioccasan Conference of the Epis- Missionary Baptists Organize New Church A Missionary Baptist church has been organized at the old Primitive Baptist church arbor, throe miles north of Patmos on the Hope-Patmos road, and there will be another moet- infi Sunday, September 24, at the arbor to discuss plans for a church building. R. L. Byer.s, Mr. Johnson and others who helped organize the congregation at the first 'meeting arc urged to attend the conference on church construction also. Constipated? ADLERIKA John S. Gibson Drug Co. Friday - Saturday GENE AUTRY "Blue Montana Skies" — and — Don Amache Ritz Bros. "3 Musketeers" — Plus — CHAPTER 2 "Overland With Kit Carson" copal Church. Hope chapter 328, O. E. S. will hold its regular meeting Thursday evening at eight o'tock, in the Masonic Hall. A full attendance is requested as plans will be discussed for the School of Instruction which will be hed in this city, Wednesday, oct 4th. Film Shows Action of Army Air Corps "March of Time" Picture Appears) at Saenger Next Sunday In its latest issue entitled "Soldiers Wilh Wings," The March of Time bring to Die screen of the Sacngcr Theatre starting Supnday the first complete and authentic motion picture story of the U. S. Army Air Corps—the liltlc-undcrstood but highly important wing of national defense, which is today being built up at a cost of more than 200 million dollars. Filmed with the ful cooperation of Air Corps officers and men, this latest March of Time shows how aircraft manufacturers throughout the U. S. are today pushing aside private orders to complete for the War Department more than 3,000 new high- speed army planes. In dramatic scenes of Ihe U. S. Air Corps in action, The March of Time .shows how each type of "fighting plane performs its highly-specialized job in the new scheme of national defense, how scientists at the Air Corps' 10 million dollar rcseach laboratory are diligently seeking new ways to make military planes fly higher and faster, and how the air- minded young man of the nation arc today being .selectively recruited and trained as full-fledged "Soldiers With Wings." Although the U. S. Air Corps already has 2.300 of the best-trained military pilots in the world today, The March of Time points out, it is now driving for 25,000 new men lo be trained as mechanics and technicians, because Air Corps experience lias shown that every plane and pilot in the air requires a crew of eight spcia- list.s on the ground. Althougcther, the Aair Corps needs and must have a force of nearly 50,000 soldiers who arc expert in handling and caing for military planes. In "Solidci-s With Wings," The March of Tinii? shows how young colege graduates and West Pointers measuring up to rigidmilitiiry standards are undergoing intensive primary training at nine privately-owned nvial- ion .schools that have been taken over by the Air Corps. The film also shows how those who have survived the rigors of their twel-wcck primary training period are being drilled in the intricate tactics of mass formation and aerial warfare strategy to be commissioned offices in the Air Corps— full-fledged "Soldiers With Wings." Showing how tho people of every large European community today live in terror as military air fleets arc speedily being built up abroad, The March of Time point.s out that Uic United States is in fact the only power "in all the world" whose people do not live in daily fear of air raids and destruction. In view of the War Department's recently inaugurated campaign to double this country's strength in the air, March of Time's "Soldiers With Wings' is an especially timey and significant fim that wi- command the interest of every man and woman in America today. Friday - Saturday HOTEL FOR WOMEN A tesmopotilon A 20th Century-Fo* Pictut* SERIAL STORY WORKING WIVES BY LOUISE HOLMES COPYRIGHT, 1939, NCA SERVICE, INC.' LAST TIME THURSDAY ROBERT YOUNG FLORENCE RICE —in— "PARADE FOR THREE" & KEN MAYNARD —in— "GUN JUSTICE" FRIDAY & SATURDAY (A liOU First Run RKO Picture; SANDERS SALLY GRAY David Bunt • fiord)! , McLMf . Mhni / Siyln • Hi«r> Otcw 2nd BIG FEATURE -NORTH of the YUKON' CHAPTER No. 3 CHARLES QU1GLEY -in"DAREDEVILS of the RED CIRCLE" STARTS - SUNDAY ROBERT TAYLOR MARGARET SULLIVAN —in— M G Ms "Three Comrades" }>«<*ri!«7i Dan rrturnn, hnppy •f(rr ii pieman* rtay with <h<- »••*•• famllr. Mnrlnn, Infuriated •lean** nhr h*« hei-n lcf< «n(, >nnit« him Info n cinnrrrl, taunt* •!•», call* him "a ftpfnHr** worm w»» nci«r (nrnM." "I'vr vrnntril *» turn. Now you have made It •••r." Wan retillen, leaven the •pnrtment. ' CHAPTER XV JJ^JARIAN waited for Dan lo come back. He'd walk over lo the lake, around several blocks, and back. He'd realize that ^nc was tired, nervous, upset. Or' would he? After all, Dan did not know •bout Sally Blake. , . With his departure, her anger had turned to miserable ashes." She remembered her insane statements with horror. Thinking it over, she could find no excuse for her behavior. Dan returned at the end of an hour. Quietly, he hung his hat in the closet. Marian was still sitting In the chair where she had fallen when he released her. Getting to her feet, she went to the hall. "I'm sorry, Dan," she said. "It's all right." He passed her and went to the bedroom. She sat down again, her knees like ribbons. Dan had said it was all right, but it wasn't all right. She had a feeling that it would never be all right with her and Dan again. She longed to talk to him, to tell him about Sally Blake who was slowly, but surely, making headway with her subtle ouster methods. If she told him, if she penitently admitted that he had been right and she was wrong, might he not say, "Forget it, Glad. ict Sally have the job. Let's take • little apartment and begin again. I'll get the sales managership next time." Did she want that? Did she honestly want to start again where they had left off 10 years ago? Could she be happy without the excitement of a downtown office, without money of her own which she could spend as it suited her? Wearily, she laid her head against the back of the chair. No, that wasn't the answer. It might have been 10 years ago, but not mw. She and Dan loved each other, she had never wanted any other man. Surely they could find a middle ground which would hold the old happy companionship. What had Dan said? She had told him he was a spineless worm Who never turned. How could she have been BO rude and cruel? He'd •aid that he had wanted to turn for a long time and now she had made it easy for him. But he hadn't meant it. They would lauglv •t the quarrel and forget it. JJREAKFAST was a tense meal, Dan speaking politely when necessary, offering nothing. Marinn did not touch her breakfast. She drank three cups of black coffee and lot it go at that. Passing Dolly's door on the way out, she stopped. "Hello, Dolly." '"Oh, hello, I didn't sec Dan go down." So Dan was that low in spirit, too low for a greeting to Dolly. "1 guess he was in a hurry. Have a good time last night?" "Simply won-derful," Dolly sighed. "We went to iho Gold Coast Room and had the Inve-liest dinner. We danced and danced the music was simply mar-vclous." Marian smiled indulgently. Dolly was like a 16-year-old girl after her first dale. "Are ynu fioing to see him again?" 'she asked. "Um-hmm." Dolly nodded her pale gold head. "Tomorrow night. He's going to ask you and Dan. He says he owes you ;i ciebt of gratitude." Dolly blushed .;md laughed. "That'll bo fun," Marian returned lightly. "It would do us good to step out once in a while." She thought, Will Dan go? Will he ever be my Dan again? He said he'd turn. Where? Away from his wife? Oh, no! Dolly was looking at her anxiously. "You're tired, Marian. Didn't you get rested yesterday?" "Of course, I'm fine." She went slowly down the stairs and out into the murky morning. A raw wind blew in from the lake and she pulled her fur cape around her throat. The day was like herself, bleak and chill. Dan wailed and she got into the car. Not a word was said on the drive downtown. Dan's mouth was tight, Marian sensed his grimness through a numb haze. made herself ask. "No—guess not—Monday morning blues—ever hear of them?" He peered at her curiously. "I like Monday morning—rested —all set for a g^od week." ft was a worthy attempt but missed fire. Mr. Fellows changed the subject, frowning. "I've just had a session with the Avcry girl—Florence Avery. She bawled all over me—why I hire married women—" Marian removed her hat. "I'll send for her at once." "You don't need to. I gave her a raise," disgustedly. "It seems she had lo have a raise or lose her husband." "I told Florence she couldn't have a raise," Marian said quietly. It was the wrong thing to say. Mr. Fellows was looking for a chance to explode and he exploded. "Is this my office or yours?" he bellowed. EVERYTHING went wrong at the office that morning. Sally Blake was too radiant, too young and joyous. Seeing her, Marian felt old and jaded. Sally chirped, "Did you have a nice week-end, Mrs. Harkness?" Marian slopped at her desk. "Wonderful," she said. "My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. We had a dinner party and a grand time." Sally needn't think she was the only one who had good times. "Your wedding anniversary— nice—how many years?" "Twelve." "Gracious." Mr. Fellows nodded without his usual smile and Marian's mind fled back over Saturday's work. Had she forgotten something? For once, it did not seem to matter. "Anything wrong, G. F.V" she jyjARIAN took instant offense at his tone. "I have charge of the girls. You went over my head when you engaged Sally Blake, now you've done it again." Her ragged nerves were playing tricks again. "And who has a better right?" Marian leaned toward him, her eyes spitting fire. Never before had she lost her temper in Grant Fellows' office. "I want you to make my position clear right here and now," she flared. "Am I your private secretary or am I not?" She was making a fool of herself and she knew it. Mr. Fellows bounced from his chair. He stood lacing her, a tense wiry little figure. "Be careful, Marian," he said. "You arc proving a point that I believe and hate to admit—the inadvisability of keeping any girl in the office until she thinks she owns it." She stared at him with stricken eyes and he softened. "We're both edgy this morning. Let's drop the mailer for the present. I shouldn't have given Florence Avery a raise, that's what makes me sore—but she bawled." Marian knew that she must make her peace, and hastily. She put a hand on Mr. Fellows' arm "You're an old softy at heart, G. F., and I like you for it. Forgive me for being cross—I'm sorry." He said gruffly, "Get to work." Shaken by the battle of words, she turned to her desk. It was behaving qucerly, one moment it was there, the next moment gone. She took a faltering step, swaying. She heard Mr. Fellows shout, "Miss Herrod—Sally—come hert —Marian has fainted," (To Be Continued) EVERYBODY'S HEADIN FOR OUR SALE/ -FREE GIFTS- FREE RANGE The person trading-in the • oldest range during this »ale will be given the new range FREE. 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Chicago Detroit Washington Philadelphia St. Louis .... W. JOl . .. 8S 80 79 73 63 53 .... 41 VA CO ea 64 69 K2 ill 301 Pet. .701 .580 .559 .552 .514 .434 .368 .289 Wednesday's Results New York 8, Chicago 4. St. Louis 31, Boston 8, 10 innings. Philadelphia 5, Detroit 4. Clcvehjnd 7, Washington 2 Gitmes Thursday St. Louis at Boston. Chicago at New York. Detroit at Philadelphia. Cleveland at Washington. American League Clubs Cincinnati ... St. Louis . Chicago Brooklyn New York ... Pittsburgh ... Boston Philadelphia W. 87 85 79 74 70 65 59 L. 54 57 G8 65 70 76 79 96 Pet. .017 ,59'J 537 .532 .500 .•161 .428 .314 A Nice, Big Fire In Their Living Room CUMBERLAIN, Md.—(/!')—Members of tho Guy F. Long family hiked into the woods TOJ- a bonfire and wiener roast, but they needn't have gone so far for their fire. They arrived homo in find living room furniture ablaze. , New Undcr-arm * Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration Wednesday's Results New York 4, Chicago 2. 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I Store A k MINERAL OIL Heavy Grade pt HINKLE PILLS Bottle 100 ALLIMIN TABLETS For High Blood Pressure ALKADENE TABLETS ,25 Alkalizing Tablets NERVINE Saybrooks 16 oz ALLERGIN For Hay Fever 29c 17c 50c 49c 98c 39c NAIL POLISH Flare — New Shades TOOTH PASTE Colgate, Large Size JERGENS Lotion ............ ...................... TOOTH BRUSH - POWDER Prophylatic — 90c Value IIAIUTONE Valentine G m. 1 O ' 1 bC Shampoo ............... ATOL (A 15 O G) CAPS Olafsen, Bottle 25 SODA Alf.VT Tablets. Bottle 100 MOTH SPRAY Larvex — Pini 15"xI8" CHAMOIS and Sponge TOOTH POWDER Orlis PEROXIDE Full Pint WITCH HAZEL Full pint.. .. 59c 19c 79c 59c 29c 24c AIKMAIU HOSE New Fall Shades. IV. . . FOOTBALL Varsity Regular . in; cjiEA.'vi fox's Butler Ppcun Qi. FILMS DEVELOPED And IViniod --- Any .Si/*. 1 RAZOR BLADF.S 50 Sinylo Kdyr LATHER URl'SH Kvercailv .. $1 98c 30c 25c 49c As!< for There is only one Kleenex. Keep a box 200 sheets in every room of the house. IBlMIli'llT 1 " .H»'P» •.•«, .-••••., M B I. j--—_.l II J_^~ Your Choice of 3 Types I TO SUIT DIFFERENT WOMEN- AMD FOR DIFFERENT DAYS RFP.III 6R " r orj " JluwULrUi :r. nc \\ o HSNIflR ''"' :•'•'"• w JumUtl i^i:! iiJii PACKAGE OF 12

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