Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 21, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HOPE STAR, HOPE; ARKANSAS ln.v, RopU-mhoi 21 Hope |§ Star Star of Hope, 1S99; Press, 1937. Consolidated January 18, 1M 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn, at The Star building, 212-214 South rfalnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBURX, Editor and Published ANSWIR TO CRANIUM CRACKER Problem on Pagt- One Your ago and the year in whioli you wore born acldc-d logothi'r ir.uki' 19M) (Hie (lulu of the i-um.'nt yi\ir> :mcl the year in which you \vrio married plus the number of yc.-irs 193!). The totnl will be twice'1OT or 15878. (AP) —Means Associated Press. CNKA)—Mea.ns Newspaper Eneterorise Ass'n. Tk9 More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" You Can Tdlh'to Only One Man to Thousand* Q Want Ads M Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week • . i«r month iSc; one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, VlvUcr and LaFayette counties. $3.50 r«r year; elsewhere 16.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively en- citkd to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not jtherwise credited In this paper and also the local news published herein. rharires on Tributes, Etc.: Charge win be made lor an tributes, cards of ihartks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial news- oap»-rs hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a feline of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility OT tie to Jo-keeping or return of any unselicited manuscripts. A Ghost Walks How unreal it seems, when the guns of a new European war arc plundering. for an a' ray court-martial to be sitting down solemnly to try Grover Cleveland Bergdolt! Bercdoll was the spoiled son of a German-blooded family of rich brewers. He was a playboy and sportsman. He was drafted into the army, and he walked out on it while less-favored contemporaries were fighting and dying. He escaped to Germany, married, reared a family of children, and at last returned to the United States just in t?me to escape once more a devastating war. For Bergdoll's conduct, no one. not even Bergdoll. offers much excuse. He fays he is ready to face any penalty meted out to him. What such a penalty should be we wouldn't know. 20 years after the event and in the midst of the clangor of a war sprung from the roots of that other one. But an aging Bergdoll standing before a triql board is somehow a ^ridiculous and pathetic figure in September. 1939. a ghost-like and unreal skeleton from the closets of 1918. •• THE FAMILY DOCTORi T. M, RES. U. 9, ^AT. Off By DR. MORRIS F1SHBEIN Editor, Jocmal of the American Medical AssedaHoo, tmi it Hygela, the Health Magazine Coaches Should Watch for Concussion, Tape Ankles- Knees of Grid Players Last of a scries of articles on fcctbcll training and injuries. In football, the knees, ankles and shoulders are most frequently injured. The thighs are most likely to be bruised. "Weak ankles should always be strapped with elastic or with adhesive tape before practice, and certainly before any game in which the player may be subject to injury. In bandaging and ankle to support it the , tape is wrapped like a figure eight ever the ankle and around the bot- Jcm of the foot. An elastic or guaze bandage may be reinforced with adhesive plaster. Football players suffer with slipping of the cartilages in the knee. The - b£st type of bandage for the knee "_ is one with an X strapping above ..- and below the kneecap. This, also, should be reinforced with adhesive plaster. Football trainers ble deciding the and padding that should be allowed to a player. The modern game is very fast and is not a contest between men of bulk exclusively. Too much strapping and too heavy pacMing interferes with speed . Sporting goods establishments provide all sorts of special pads and braces for the injuries that are asociat- eci with football. Any athlete subject to frequent injuries should have the full protection of these devices. Most serious of all injuries in football are those affecting the brain and the skull. A concussion of the brain means- that the tissue of this vital organ has actually been bruised. The first sign of such an injury is a loss of memory for recent events. A person who has had a concussion may not remember what has happened during the previous hour or two. The least important symptom is a a slight, dizziness, but coaches and trainers should not be . , , . , when a player comes out ui „ a of bandaging impace with another player and seems NOTICE AM persons who handle or sell food to the public are required to pass a physical examination which must be made or approved bv the city health physician, Dr. Don Smith. Call mv ofnce for dates. _ All persons with ice boxes not connected with storm sewers must connect them at once Your duty in this matter was clearly defined by the recent ordinance passed bv the city council. Read the ordinance carefully as you will be expected to comply with all its requirements immediately; Dr. Don Smith City Physician All Want Ads cash in adva One time—3a word,' « .. . - - 'I 1 ' ' ' * - !jix tim Watch His Smoke CUMBERLAND. Mrl.-i.^'K-john U.'l Twigg bellows with Kipling: "A j woman is only a woman, but a «<. ' cigar is n smoke." Memorial Hospital attache* found ' the 75-yoar-old patient's bod empty ! He )u<d walked out on a liovy of prettv i SERVICES OFFERED-Seei^S nurses. They caught up with hi'm '-i i stead Mattrcss Shop, 713'Westfj Not taken over Ike Phone V4c word, minimum 50c •I8o word, minimum J2.7U Airplane engineers rt'iiort i.hnt the placing of I'nginp.s in tin- wings ro- duco tin; (Irn ;is much us oiif-fifth. For Rent KOU UKNT ••'.' I'-Hini fiintHlir'd apai't- itiont with i-livti-ii- ri'fi-iKi'i-atur. Private b;iiii. .">U ]•'.:< i :>i,l Si. ' ;;i..-;ii- KOK Ji'F'lNT Two ftinii.-hcrl rooms, .uijoinmj; halh. ..-U.se in. Apply 810 I'.ast L'iKl St. ;!l-;itp ISLAND COUNTRY block away. He was in pajamas and , contentedly puffing a pel 1't'cto. TffiJi-'Five-room house in Mugnoluv addition. Mrs. J. V.. Schooli-j brione; 38-F-ll. " 14- 6tp. ! fOF? KKNT---I room unfurnisheil i apartment. \Vaier antl lr_:hl nii-ters - in-.talli'il. Clo-,ein.' Phono ',W2. 2\ -lite KOK HKNT- Knmt IV,Iroom. Close in. AtljoniMii! K'llh. Call CillT. 21-Iltp for new nncl re-built. Cobb to bo == ; SERVICES OFFERED-ExperT-lte* or Ja/.eil. The player' 1 -" 0 R °Pair Service and replacement siiouM immediately be put ;-.t rest and I P ;irts - All work guaranteed. ' Hadlo the extent of the injury h" detonnin-1 Service. Phono SOU. Kay Alien. ed - ' j. 28-tf Whenever a player has had a heed I ~ injury, he should be put flat n-i hu": FOR RKNT- t; rooo liouso in A-l condilion. Apply Middlobi-onk.s Ciroe- HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous Puwlc 1 Danish colony jvyl pictured here. ~j'f 9 ft is.a huge or island. Found 13 Skillful. 14 Lodger. 1C Roman road. '17 Ethical. IP Progenitor of the human rnce. 21 Food container. 1 22 Pine tree. 24 Indian, 25 Measure of length. ,y FOR RENT-Two room unfurnisluHl i apartment Newly decorated. Privat- ' " uiy •enlrnnco to outside South Pine street. FOl!Nl)--Klivlrie Ha;o 42 Ending for a noun. 43-Housed Lords 26 Division into 44 Epoch. two parts. 28 Half an cm. 13 Furnace basket. 15 Liquid part 01" Kit. Iti This island covered or 18 Potato masher 20 Its trade is ;i state • of Denmark 22 Round. 23 Baking pans. 2(i Seethes. "7 More fastidious. Owner ( 29 Rail (bird). id. Phone VliS. and paying L'il-:;irlh FOR RENT — 2 room unfurnished apailment l.'!18 South Main. Mi-.'ltp For Sale Ndtice back He sho ... , REAUTY CULTURK-The Koson|__ h,-,rl,.| , , /' Uis "" nc < ! •>* to j offers this special price for limited; •i i,,',, i , ,t dl "" >LVS alul «'ven; timo. A new location with new equip-J -Wnshinslon Gin Company Is ginning • > mpit test tor his memory ,,f re-< ment. Complete course with privnte* nlld wrapping up to 52.1 pound bales m e.oius. u „«. ( . anni)l romcmln-i-j l w sons S^.UO c-ash. Positions secured.'' SS -"'° All-bales over 523 pounds, ad- tl e off™'V l * " PPOn0nt ^ wh " is "», FYro literature. Terms. Kosan School. tors if !r',,", SI ;.'"' C1 .'"' ^mlar mat- i „( C'wmelolo.Jy. filfl Main, Pine Bluff.' or iiiia tii f)i,iy i agam Permuted Aug. 29-Scpt. 5-12 or HMI tin H ,^i i • anv VJCT-.C rf i , , , "•'•'•• this •m> signs 1,1 loss O l balance Such: •'.vmptoms are serious aivl the pl-iy- ! _ ^onf the' eon'tesTr t ," SERVICES O-KFERED-A beautiful .clui-f in nil colors 8 by 10 for SI.50. \\vek unly. Shipley Studio. 18-Stc tor an examination l , Many players unile,- ,)„. excitement ' ot the same toss awnv the he-id"--, • ' This may be a nK.grn.ficant .lo'nVro ' i OFFKK.D - Furniture rtfiirii.^hod. repaired and re-uphotstor- ^ D ""' 1 U "T' "^'^ >' ollr ° U1 ful> "''"~ wc mike l<ld fl "' Iliu ""° "<-' w - F '""'° - 1!) - Btj) '" » course in ditional Ic a pound. Also store your Seed. A. N. Stroutl will liaul bales inlo Hope Compres^ for 25c each. A. N. Stroutl, Washington. Ark. Sopt 3-lm To our customers who have clothes in our storage; please nive us two days notice pqtore you want these t-lothi", delivered. Thank you. Hall Bios. Cleaners and Hatters. °Jl-;ite NOTICE—Strayed from my Guernsey farm one dark Jersey Mcei FOR KAI..K- l!l;:7 'model F.lec. refrigerator. ju-.-l like now. Payments as low as S.'i.i'H mo. Automotive Supply Co. 15.;itc l-XM! SAl.K 111 acres Sandy l.nvl. \V.ilvrrtt l\\ \\'i-l! .mil spi-iru',-.. A milr '!" ('il.v i .m.'tv '.1 IKUISP,--. M!^» l-;ini '! I Mil per acie. Kasy Term.- 1 . I (.' i: TVI.L-:H ' rin.i'i. :-,<!.-, ||X So Mam Sfe «, MO Annolicl. 31! Meat ji-llv. «3 Fury. :!5 Large ladle. 3(1 Astringents. 38 Star-shaped ttower. 39 Parent, •il Crafty. VERTICAL 2 Assessment rate. 4G While 3 Eve's garden 29 Health resort, 47 Plaything. home ' • 3i Bumblebee. 48 Tq delight. 4 To sin - 33 Subsists. 00 Sciualid neigh- 5 Negative. 34 Each (nbbr.V boi'hood. C Wading bird 37 Fabulous. 52 it borders 7 To k 40 To ascend, the Polar ., m ,,,,,u. 43 Pigeon. 45 To anirm. amends. Sinclc things. 8 Currcnl ol air 47 Melody. - - - fa 9 Sec! > Containing iron. 10 Wine vessel. i Cubic meter. 11 To do again. 49 Spike of corn 51 Building site. 54 Compass pom c ot concussion of the brain nn'cl uv-ni fracture of the skull to take a ch.-mee i without adequate head - J 0-6t-p. I'Xilt SAl.iv'-One uit o!' af.mnie j 'uiiiiliii-c and r.ne piano. .Mrs. \V. \\'. i Duekcu. ."iJU Smith Kim Street. 2l)-lti. - I ' ~~~ ^ i FOK SALlv- For use iin irw.'at t-ount- ; >r or rolri ;,toi'ai.'.e l-Kri^iclaire oom- j nereial rei'i-iuei-alion unit 'i horse. ' Automotive Supply C'o. Ifi-^ite | and .split in right ear, deep crop off of I ~ i left ear. black tail, small B and bar ' Special prices on all kinds of new ' on riidit side, coming three years old. ""' nv.'d Km-niliirt 1 . I.ar^e sloek Heasonable reward. I!. M. P.riant. ' !i'\'e.:. chair., beds See u-, liel'ure !!).:;tl, ; '.ou buy. l-"ranl:lin Fui!iiii:i-e Stun-. ' Wanted For Sale _____ ! WANTEI>—Truck, to haul pulp tim-' ~ lic-r, have several caj-.s to put out.' FOR SALE Will contract cutting and loading. ; ment M/O Sfo Floyd Porlerfield. ]8-atc ! Supply Co. \ C I'^a'anc'- . h ^i!e an u-,ed M-\<,'i!m ma- clnnL-.-: in-ici-.-, col one-half. S'i and up. A Bargain In an aiiart- f-Vpt. L'uth to Oi-i. 1st. Singer Sewin:! refrigeratoi-. Automotive Maeliine C... I'hc-vi- I'll'. lUii So. Main. LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS We are now in the market for Oak and Gum logs. White Oak Overcup, Post Oak, Red Oa,k. and Bolts< ALs For prices- and specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, Arkansas Phone 245 B.OOTS AND HER BUDDIES Special on FLOOR FURNACES EASY FHA TERJIS HARRY W. SHIVER P PLUMBING PHONE 2331 Faithful Little Pug By EDGAR MARTIN MW<ES VOU THAT \s THE GREEK; "~\ STRATEGY? HOMER SAID NOTHING^JWHY ABOUT ANV ATTEMPT.! WOULD TO BURM OUT /BE C^OPPi^4' ROV...SO WHWl GREAT PILES WOOD? BUT OOr^ TKF.5B \ MO, BUT Tr'.gY COJLP, 1 STONE WA.LUS fvUKE 'EV, SO I-',OT ^ ' WON'T BUr-iM.'X WE CCUL': i M : V )' !:,' ) >/ " Mysterious Business f By V. T. HAMLIN WASH TUBES He Didn't Learn Enough ' ULYSSES, I THINK WE'VE ENOUGH TIMBERS CUT TO A: OKAS', HERE ARE VOUR. BLUEPRINTS By ROY CRANE ft. ftl jf'J 5 li B i m 5 NOTICE The City Garbage Truck' will remove garbage from Wards One and Four on the first and fourth Tuesday of each month and from Wards Two and Three on the first and fourth Wednesday of each month. You are expected to collect all garbage on your premises and put .same in sacks or other containers and leave such containers at a place easily accessible to the City Truck on dates above mentioned. If the said truck should miss your premises, call the Street Commissioner, T. H. iJutler, telephone 921. W.S, Atkins Mayor John Deere Wagons """ i Complete Stock , Our Prices and Terms i Will Interest You ; Hope Hardware \ Company i DOH'T LET V\E SCARE VOU, OLD MAU, BUT 1 TOR / -SOME TlfAE VOU \ / -SHOULD SET WNA I TQ TEACVI YOU HOW .,\ TO DOCK A LEFT HOOK'. / AMD A RIGHT CROSS . \r—^ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS c^M* \ j . COPH. 19^.3 FIY NEA^^RVICE. IfJC:. T. M. REG. U . off. ADVICE??? LARD, i CAr-rr GET OVER. THAT SWELL voice OJ THE PMOJ5 .' BOV, IS THAT GAL SMOOTH / V/J'.tn tuou.-.ly. your doctor gives you try to follow his Kij^gi-'S- faithfully ;.ind consciun- ills ;irlvice is .sou/id. iic ;j;,d practical. Ho i:-; nly i<_-Ji.-i!.ilo source of ;jici SKJ; yoi'it OGCTOK VVIicn prescriptions :iri- ncodcd caU . . . . The Leading l>ru«?isl "We've Got It" PHONt <uL Motorcyulc Uclivery . SOME GUY H WHAT v . REPORTED ARE YOU FOR PRACTISE- DRIVING LAST" r-JfGHT AT ? / AMD LEFT ^ EVHRY800V . GOSSLE-EYED ' A PERFECT PASSER, / ,-- FORGET DAW«ES FOR A WHILE / YOU'RE GONMA HAVE A LITTLE COMPETITION ON THE FOOTBALL. FIELD THIS FALL/ Proof Enough By MERRILL BLOSSER ^/ DUNNIO HIS --' A... NAME BUT WHO \HE CAM KNOCK. 15 YOUK HAT OFF HP ? ,/AT SIXTY YARDS ••.. , r > WITHOUT '(/'' ( f'AUSSlMQ YOUR. / ( HAIR i J. DIDN'T \ r 5PE HOW DO YOU KMOW HE'S THA HC KN'OCKPD HA.T Of-,-"/ ^•jSwgrft -pft&es-j '>*i' V c o i J T< 7j_"' t 'y^Z' N -L* i j E h RED RYDER A Dearnon on the Loose '^...^ ,,-A.^ ^i\i^ Se ~^ •.•ICC. INC. r M Kir, u J^J.JJlX.i 'jXK ' •: ; , - 'J By FRED'H ARM AN . v..v- WAS *cr; HUM A rf

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