Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 23, 1936 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 23, 1936
Page 2
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beeh plheed In rty hand*. up. ther* aits, *s a matteTf of pretty girls. By this I wean the ovirly- headed, plump-cheeked woman who was j«st that— pretty , Deliver fhy Hehptd From False e*ery week-day aftefnooA, by Star Publishing Co., Int. A Alex, If. Washburrt), a,l The Star building, 212-314 South : Street, Hpe, Arkansas. \ • • ' C. fi. PALMER, P*eslt ALEX. & WASHBUBX, Edit I r and Publisher _v- Brittred as se«o«d-etess matter at the poi^office at Hope, Arkansas "' " the Act of March 1 3, 1897. _ . -•'• 'l..t.il.' lil'lli 'I*. _» "H tJeflnitlott: "The newspaper is an institution's developed by modern civil- Iftkttcif&fo prtseiit the 1 neves of the day, ttf foslV* commerce and industry, Widely circulated advertisements, an* ti furnish that check upon which no constitution has ever been to provide."— Col. R. r Rate CAlwayS Payable in Advanc**: By city carrier, per SStSjJ»ftr month 65c: otie yeftr $6.56. By mail. \« Hempstead. Nevada, Miller and LaFayette counties, $3.50 per yearr'.elsewhere 16.30. ','fttbltottt of The As«6daeed Press.' The Associated .Press Is exclsulvely fd tR* use fe* ^publication of all news dispatcl\es credited to it or By Alicia Hart •A woman is truly beautiful when ...o is radiant with health, vivid with enthusiasm, keen in her intellect and nothing In her place we have the ex* qulsilely groomed simply dressed girl with haircut, that shows the shape of her fine head, a just-right figure— not fat, but not flat like the post- I war cttrveless bodies—nnd feminine appeal that spells beauty rather than mere prettiness. . There always have been women like this, of cours€>, but they used to he generously interspersed with pretty ones because prettinoss was the vogvie. warm in her human understanding i jf you doubt that, ti isn't today, Jribk and sympathy," says Eleanor Royce, i,, t s cn , en am ] stage stars whoso looks lovely young English dancer. ; nm j personal appearances either sot. n "As long as the features of a girl s j , rt , ml 6r reflect if (t never can figure face aren't actually out of proportion | w hj c h wsy j{ works out). -not really homely—they mattet a good deal less than many people seem to think." the slim little dancer eon* tinued. A new hangar is planned for 1Kb • Illinois National Guard squadron al "Perfect features may be essential i Chicago's municipal airport. for mere prettiness, but for real beauty they aren't necessary at nil. If n woman has clear, soft skin; \t her eyes Legal Notice otherwise credited In this paper and also the local newV published herein. | are lovely; if her smile light, 1 ? her face, nnd she is vibrant with health, 1 defy National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailie^. Inc., Memphis. tettek Bldg.; New York City. 369 Lexington; Chicago, ,tll.. 75 E. Wack* ; Detroit, Mich.. 338 Woodward Ave.; St. Louis, Mo.. .Star Bldg. '*. Charge* on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, cards SPECIAL ASSESSMENT Street Improvement District No. 6 the most ciatienl connoisseur to say Th o tnx i, ooks for collection of the she isn't beautiful." Miss Royce ended her analysis. Then the j#rl who with her brother hns created a considerable furore , .., '?„ ° * ovhihitirm dinrin* Ibout " tfc&hfei resolution, or memorials, concerning the deported. * Commercial newspapers hold to this policy tn the news columns to protect their readers! front a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility j w ^. for thft safe-Keeping or return ot any unsolicited manuscripts. , tiful u Vings , nrgoly from .,„ ovw , " - '" "". | flowing vitality, which is. in turn, i information to the history of a- breed j>born of perfect health." ! which even the parent specialty, club i To attain the health that makes for of that breed did hot know previously. I magActisni. Miss Royce recordmencls By DR. MORRIS FTSHBEIN flt, Jfotu-tial of the American Med- idal Association, and ot Hjgela, the Health Magazine hard times, there is a ten- "Along with the history nnd standard of each breed—the standard?; arc those adopted by the specialty <tlub which govern the separate breeds-'-yo pictures representing each type Qf j dog. Most of llie pictures are of oul- I standing champions and as nearly as dancing, swimming, tennis'and long, brisk walks. "Another important help is relaxation. And when I say 'relaxation,' I don't mean half-way measures. It must be complete to eradicate strain and the effects of driving modern life <in the nerves. If I were to select U'-ic one thing essential to the achievement of magnetism and maintenance of\beauty of face and body. I would say*- relaxation. Everyone should learn to 'iV-'t go' with such absoulte abandon that '.not a nerve, not a muscle is taut durirflg the rest period." Real fceauty has come to mean something crV' tc difcrcnt from what it did in the ii<iys when to be considered pretty w,"Js every girl's ambition. In. . 7 . r"- -^wv iv. .»..- «^..w*.w ~- £,~~^.v. ....^ deed, the 1 very word "pretty" has , > amount of heat m our bodies as i j^y feel ^- ls io ^ too ^^i an . out . | boen Ul ^ ed by such ternls ns smarti jiregaJfted by physical means, and is ]ay of ital< tho work .. may bc | oood , ook . jng- charmin g. beautiful, ^sSfiJBroHcd more by the amount of heat I bou ght in separate volumes, as fol- possible represent perfection in the breed. "At the back of the book is a glossary of technical terms, with graphic illustrations of such things as 'roach are so essential to health. Do not assume, however, that you -,m«St overeat to he healthy. Partictt- ^larfy you do not have to overeat in ~ iter to provide your body with ex- h*at. pictures, a stu- •> get a relative idea of, let us say, 'stifle well bent.' or 'tuck up,' or, indeed, almost any part of the anatomy of a dog. " 'Pure-Bred Dogs' is actually six volumes made into one and selling for S5. But for the benefit of people who than by the quantity of food tak- clothirtg 'have to develop more heat than oth- *ers, because they lose more heat from "enrte. '* Fefcple who live without lows: Vol. 1, Snorting Dogs: Vol. 2, Sporting Dogs (Hounds); Vol. 3, Working Dofs; Vol. 4, Terriers; Vol. 1 5. Toy Dogs; Vol. 6, Non-sporting." A f-i Today's Health Question .— What causes gl-owlng or murmuring in the stomach? Is there a A.»"Growling or murmuring in i£JS$to»ach may occur in organic ctsfaie, particularly hi pyloric obstruction. Usualy it is a function* ~al affair and has no- serious signif - Ica'nce. - Frequently it is- due to the presence of ari excess of gas, which may come from an abnormal fer- mehlation of foods. However, the gas. jn ay be due to atmospheric air, •tfhieh has been swallowed during the taking of food or liquid, or dur- ' ' emotional strain, due to any cause, and by strong soups. condiments, and coffee. Absence of -pain would suggest that it was a 'functional trouble. laboratory and X-ray examinations should be undergone to rule out 'Organic disease. If the rtou- blfc is due to swallowed air, this •may be remedied by correcting any habit by which abnormal quantities *of air may be swallowed. A reduction of starches and su- ;gars is also of value, and avoidance of condiments, tea, coffee, and alcohol is advisable. By Olive Roberts Barton exotic. ind?viclual-looking. chic, trim and neat. Modern woman wants to be all of these, of comrse. If she can't she'll j take any one <rf them in preference to "pretty." As a result otf all the talk about the importance of sleek cofures, diets, tailored clothes and individual make- special assessment upon real properly in Street Improvement District No. ,6 of the City of Hope, Arkansas, for the purpose of paving those parts 'of all streets within the boundaries, of said district and the streets lochted therein, reference is herein mndje to the ordinance creating said district, have been placed in rny hands. AH owners of real property lying in snid district are required to pay their assessment to me within 30 days from this date. If such payment / is not made, action will be commenced nt the end of that time for tbe collection of said assessment and' for legal penalties and costs. This tax may be paid without penalty on or before February 15. 1936; and for the convenience of property owners the undersigned collitctor will be All owners of real property lying In sslrt district are required to pay their 1 assessment to me within 30 days from this date. If such payments is not itiftde, trction will be commenced at the end of that time for the collection of said assessment nnd for legal penalties aiul costs. This tax mny bo paid without pehnl- ty on or bofovo February 15, 1936. nnd for the convenience of properly own- era the undersigned collector will be nt the Citizens National Bank, in the said city, from the first day of February until the- 15th day of February. 1938, both tlnys inclusive, for tho purpose of receiving nnd collecting snid tnx assessment. Given under my hand this 22nd day of January, 1936. W'. P. AOEE, Collector. Jrm. 23-30. SPECIAL ASSESSMENT Street Improvement District No. 3 The lax books for the collection of tho special assessment, upon real property in Street Improvement District No. 3 in the City of Hope, Arkansas, for the purpose of paving those parts of all streeti within the boundaries of said district, and the streets located therein, reference is herein mnde to the ordinance creating said district, have been placed in my hands. All owners of real ptoperty lyinri in said district are required to pay their assessment to me within 30 days from this date. If such payment is not made, action will bo commenced at the end of that time for collection of said assessment and for lepal penalties and costs. This tax mny be paid without penalty on or before February 15, 1936, and for the convenience of property owners the undersigned collector will be at tho Citizens National Bank in said city from the first day of February until the 15th day of February, 1936, both days inclusive, for the purpose at the Citizens National Bank, in the j of receiving and collecting said tax said city, from tho first day of Fob- assessments, ruary until the 15th day of February, 1936. both days inclusive, for the purpose Of receiving and collecting said tax assessment. Jan. 23-30. Given under my hand this 22nd clay of January, 1936, Jan 23-30. W. P. AGEE. Collector. SPECIAL ASSESSMENT Street Improvement District No. 1 The tax books for collection of the special assessment upon real property in Street Improvement District No. 1 of the City of Hope, Arkansas for the purpose of paving those parts of all streets within the boundaries of said district and the streets located therein, reference is herein made to the ordinance creating said district, have Given under my hand this 22nd day of January, 1936. W. P. AGEE, Collector. CURB AND GUTTER DISTRICT No. 5 SPECIAL ASSESSMENT Uon, of skid as86fesm«nt and the-legal pemltles and eo*W. > . ' f hiA ta* may be paid without p*nal- ty on or before February 15,1936. Ana for ffte convenience 6f thq property owners, the vihtterslgnrd collector will be nt the Gtlifctnd' Nntionnl Bank In the snid city from the 1st day of F*b- runry until the iSth of February, 193S.. both days Inclusive for the purpose of receiving nnd collecting said tax assessments. Given under my' hand this 22nd day of'January, 1936, Jan. 23-30. P. AGEE, Collector. SPECIAL ASSESSMENT Curb dud Odder District No. 2 Tlie tax books for collection of the Special assessment upon real property in Cu'rb and Gutter District No. 2 of the City of Hope. Arkansas, for tlie purpose of putting in curb nnd flutter on those parts of all streets Within the boundaries of said district and for the 1 exnct boundaries of said district nncl streets located therein, reference is liercin made to the ordinance creating said district, hftve been placed in my hands. All owners of real properly lying in snid district are required to pay their assessments to me within 30 dnys from this date. If such payment is not made, action will be commenced at the end of that time for the collection of said assessment nnd for legal penalties and costs. This tnx mny be paid without penalty on or before February 15, 1936, and for the convenience of property owners the undersigned collector will bp at the Citixcns National Bank, in snid city, from the first day of February until the Ipth day of February. 1936, both days inclusive, for the purpose of receiving and collecting assessments. Given under my hand this 22nd day of January, 1936. W. P. AGEE, Collector. Tliis is not water nnd sewer district, but curb nnd gutter district. Jan. 23-30. STREET IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT No. 9 SPECIAL ASSESSMENT The tax books for the collection of the specinl assessment on the real property in Curb and Gutter District No. 5 for the purpose of curbing, grading, draining*nnd guttering have been plnced in rny hands. All owners of real property lying within the district are required to pay their assessment to me within 30 days of this date. If such payment is not made, action will be commenced nt the end of that time for the collec- the surfaces of their bodies. Cramming the stomach to produce an increased amount of heat is, therefore, a serious error. Eskimos consume great quantities of "I shouldn't have taken cream in my coffee," sighed Aunt Molly, "but I can't resist it. I know perfectly well that I'll fee sick." "t do wish Annie wouldn't put caraway on her cookies," said mother, "the very smell of it makes me ill." • Daddy said the dessert wouldn't go welt with the fish, and passed it up. William coughed and his mother won- .dered if . b«' "had caught- ^something. The entire* fconversation at the table was one of apprehension. Small Ruth ate her allotment of digestible foods but she had not had any exercise that day, so loft her sec- j ond piece of bread untouched. "Ruthie, eat your other niece." beg- ped mother. "And there is still some milk in your glass." "1 don't want it," said the child simply. That was all there was to it as far as she was concerned. But th" ! ever-vigilant mother stared hard at j her daughter and a little frown gath- j ered. i Planting Seeds of "nines';" "Do you feel all right dear? 1 think her eyes look heavy, don't you John? Grandma, feel her head and see if .she's hot." "She does feel a bit warm," admitted grandma. "I'll go up. and get the thermometer." by NarJ Jones CopjrrgM NEA W6 BEGIN UBRB TODAT JULIA CRAIG, pretty young urcrctan to GEORGE! WOOD* FORD of the lav» firm of wood- ford nnd Brooks. I* nmnUlntm to brcohie n ulclit dob n\ncfr. Jalla «hnr«N an apartment vrltli AMY SANTJKHS. fat. but they have a different problem The thermometer showed exactly from that which concerns people who normal, but Ruthie knew it to be as- Hve in temperatures that seldom go sociated with illness. After supper below zero. she did not play but lay on the sofa And don't undereat! Starvation is i and was very quiet. bad for the human body. When food is withheld, the whole chemistry of our tody changes. Ihe fat is drawn on to supply energy, heat is lost, temperature regulation is difficult, and after a sufficiently long time, mental changes occur. Pood faddists say that fasting clears the blood, but scientific studies show that there is a rise in the nonprotein nitrogen of the blood, a decrease in Chlorides, and an increase in biear- bonates during fasting. It is obvious, therefore, that neither overeating nor near-starvation is advisable, and that the eating of just the right quantity of food is most valuable for health. You know, too, that you can control your weight by controlling the quantity of body-building materials that you take in. In doing this, however, it is necessary also to make cer- j normal, and that she will be doing a tairt-that essential food substances are | favor to those over-anxious one;; by included in the diet. justifying their worries once "I don't like the way she is acting at all," commented mother. "William, have you been in anybody's house where there is sickness? Are any of the children around here ill?" William didn't know. Boylike. he didn't pay any attention to all this sickness talk, besides, he was used to it. Ruthie. more sensitive to impressions, decided she was sick and said So. She was hurried off to bed with more fuss and temperature-taking, and finally dropped off to sleep. In the morning everybody in the house bad j by Wooilforrt nnd nro6k«. In In Invr vrlth JnHir. bar «*ir ill** rnnrnec- liln nftcnllmi*. H«> crlve* .Tiiltn n lc(t<-r of Introdnotlon «o nF.jvm T.AWH. bund i^nacr. but. In till* letter, n-k- Tinmb noi to Klve h«>r a fob. .Inlln ill«pov*p» Ililn nnd toTlx IVtcr c-verytlilnB In OVOT bpfive^n tltrm. Woodfnrd tolln Jnllft b^ l« Ktv- Injr n pnTty on hl» ynffbt nnil n"K» her to com<» nToncr to «ln«r for bn rne«ts. She njrrrm. Otlier* on tb<> yncbt Ixoliid,. riVTRA T.KK. rtnn^cr: MHS. .IOSF1PW. wlflotvi Tf«O NASIt. nnd HOYATj NBS* IHTT. .. ,(<il!n ovirlifnTK n ronTcrnntlon tnilfciifine tlmt the ynPlit trim In to 1« mne1> lonucr thnn n vrecfc- *nd. (fOTP GO f»V WITH THE STORT CHAPTER VIII Clntro Lee had finished her cigarette and returned to the cabin. Julia stayed outside starlnj: at the black water runhlnp by tho graceful hull of the Wood Nymph. Presently she noticed the red spot of a cigar Blowing tn the darkness, and recognised the familiar fleure of George Woodford. "You've msdo quite a hit with the boys and girls," he tmtd, "I'm glad I brought yon along." Julia turned to him on a sudden Impulse. " — I wish I could be glad I came." Woodford's voles held an embarrassed surprise. "Why do you say that. Julia?" He hesitated, then added another question. "What did Cintra say to you?" "Nothing," said Jnlla. "We get along nicely." "Well . . ." Woodford seemed much relieved. "I was sure you Woodford to a quiet, level voice which was only a brittle surface over the anger beneath her wofds. "Mr. Woodford. I want one thine understood. I came along as an entertainer—to. King for your At least, that was tny on- of the Invention. Perhaps I'm belnc a fool but I've cot to nsfc t.Ms quest Jon. Ts understanding, too?" Woodford Inuehed easily. "Of course it is. .TiiHa! I'm simply ox- tending yonr engagement. No eenuhie entertainer ever objected to tliat!" tloned Amy Sanders. Amused that be was asking now, out of Olntra't bearing, Julia told him that Amy was in excellent health and her usual bright spirits. "She's a grand girl," said Ne* bltt "Tho best there Is." Nesbitt cleared bis throat nervously, turned to Woodford and The tax books for the collection of ie special assessment on the renl roperty in Street Improvement Dis- rict No, 9 for the purpose of pavinf nve been placed in my hands. All wners of real property lying withirt aid district are required to pay their sscssment to me within 30 days from iis date. If such payment is nol made, action will be commenced al be end of that time for collection oi aid assessment and the legal penal- ies and costs. This lax may be paid without pen- Hy on or before the 15th day ol 'ebruary. 1936. And for the conveni- nce of the property owners the un- ersigned collector will be at tho Cit- zens National Bank in said city from he 1st day of February until the ISlh day of- February, 1936, both days in lusive for the purpose of receiving .nd collecting said tax assessments. Given under my hand this 22nd day if January, 1936. W. P. AGEE, Collector. Note: The said Street Improvemen District No. 9 is the district on the lorth side of Hope, Arkansas, an. 23-30. forgotten about it, including Ruthie j would. But what makes you wish herself. Mental Attitude Affects Health No visible harm was done, but the atmosphere of a house that rotates about symptoms and health is not the best. Perhaps in time this little girl will absorb the idea that sickness is Don't eat to overcome fatigue. When in a while. Her mental attempts will be you are tired, your body needs a j toward illness rather than away from chance to recuperate. It is not advisable to gulp great quantities of food at such time; neither is it wise to over- stimulate the body with drinks or drugs to overcome fatigue. There is just one proper treatment for fotfgue—rest. it. ] Most doctors today concerle the fact j that certain mental attitudes affect j physical function. If the thought of i a lemon can produce extra saliva or you hadn't come?" "I don't know," said Julia slowly. "Somehow I feel—well, out of place." Woodford laughed. "Nonsense. Jnlia! You belong here as much as any of us. A pretty young woman like yon deserves every break In the world. And I've a surprise for you, too." "Yes?" Her question was freighted with trepidation. "You don't have to be back at the office Monday. I've wired them it's all right" "But I—I don't understand." A Book a Day By Bructt Catton . If,you can trace your ancestry back to the Revolution, you needn't get all "het up about it. Your pet dog can jmust admit that distrbed emotion will do that, and 10 times more. His fam- j i ntime act adversely to good health. i\y tree runs 'way back to the time of , Let us all bo careful v/hiit we sny be- the Pharaohs, and he thinks nothing j for? or to our impressionable children. Of It. Tius information is containted in "Pure-Bred-Dogs," a fat book edited by the American Kennel Club and published by G. Howard Watt. Max Riddle, an authority on caniae matters, reviews the book as follows: "l^tuch as the word is used and misused, 'monumental' is about the only word that describes the task of tracing the families of dogs from 4000 B. C. to date. 'Pure-Bred Dogs' does so, and in so doing occasionally adds u i\.-t ni jn v.(4ii iJi VJV4UV.C tJvtian.iiivai.MJ «. an imaginative dose of castor oil tiaht- "You're going to enjoy yourself on a real cruise, Julia. Not just » week-end." He stopped before Julia's frigid silence. "I would have told you earlier," be went on. "But tbe fact is, we really did plan only a week-end cruise at first. Then the night we came aboard Nasb insisted be wanted to get in some bunting. So we decided on the spur of the moment to put in at Evergreen Island. I've a very decent cabin there. You'll love tbe place." "But suppose I don't care to go?" "I'm afraid that couldn't change our plans now," Woodford told her. 'Surely you wouldn't spoil tbe fun Julia nodded, wnvdloss. Rut she was thinking that never attain wonM shi? be nble fo net n." Decree Woodford's secretary. Tt lust wouldn't work out. She had lost her lob nt Woodford nnd Tirnnkp nt surety (is if she had been discharged. "But," sho heard Woodford KOK on tn his easy, persuasive voice, "just because you're nn entertainer ts no reason why yon shouldn't enfay yourself on this rip. The party's too small for any silly distinctions. As a matter of fact, Julia, the rest of them thlnl< hat you came along as—well, they Jiink you came nlons with me." "T was afraid of that." Woodford laughed. "U e n 11 y. :here*s no reason to bo so dis- :urbed about It, Julin. Nanh and Royal—nnd tlio two girls—are ^road-minded people. They've been around." TTurlouaty Julia turned upon him. "Yes," she said quickly, unable to hold her anger any longer. "They —they've been around. This sort of thing Is their racket. But It's not mine. I've always worked for a living, and I always expect to work for a living, I—I'm not looking for any breaks!" "Julia . . ." Woodford came closer, put his hand on her arm, "Julia, I'm afraid you've got me wrong. I was only trying to avoid embarrassment for you. I'll tell you the truth. If Mrs. Joseph knew you were aboard simply to sins for your supper she'd treat you shamefully." "I'd prefer she knew," said Julia. "What Mrs. Joseph thinks of me Isn't important." • • • TV700DFOIID was about to an- It y°u T | nsked him an irrelevant question about the Wood Nymph. Julia slipped into the darkness and made her way toward her stateroom on the other sldo of the yacht. As she pnssed the pilot house she caught a glimpse of Bakely at the en throat muscles, is it not able to suppose that other .sorts of j suggestion will affect involuntary control of nerves? Fear produces indigestion. Excitement speeds up, or paralzes, according to kind. Talk is bound to react either favorably or unfavorably. The hardest-headed doubter in the world Prospector Sues Cafeteria SAN FRANCISCO.— (IP) -Ordered i out of a cafeteria when he appeared I in his prospecting outfit. "Lucky" i Q. , . r . I OU1CJJI JTUU WVU1UU I O£IU1I LUO 1UU f,!f±"^\^^.' ; ' U l by: ., su ,! ng -! he i for the rest ot tbe party by asking me to turn tbe Wood Nymph back to tbe city now?" * * • 1'ULIA (lid not reply at once. Sbe owners for $50.000. He said he once had been given the; key to the city, One-tenth of the population o£ Choisea, suburb of London, is corn- posed of people 60 years of age or more. •t looked out over tbe rail for a lone uoaieac — tben answered W ewer, but at that moment tbe door of the main cabin opened and Royal Nesbitt joined them. "I owe this young lady an apology," he told Woodford. "How's that, Koyal?" asked the host. "I promised to put her in touch with someone who'd give ber a chance In one of the night clubs." Julia laughed. "You really shouldn't fee) badly about it, Mr Nesbitt. I've bad tbat happen to me before." She gave Woodford a sidelong glance, was maliciously pleased to note bla discomfort. "I meant it, though," Nesbitt assured her. "The fact Is, I've been pretty busy. Then this Invitation ol George's came along, and I couldn't refuse. But tbe moment we get back in town I'll set tbe wheels turning." He looked at her. "How's Amy?" It was the flrat time fee bad men- wheel, his facftjdllumlnated eerily In the soft green light from the binnacle. Acting on an Impulse, she opened the door. "May I come in?" Bnkely turned hla head from the wheel. Touching his cnp, he anid, "Certainly, Miss Craig." • • • J UMA loaned against tho chart table, watching Captain Bakely. She saw herself reflected in the forward windows of the pilot house. "I understand we're headed for a place called Evergreen Island?" Bnkely nodded. "Yes. That's the course we're on." "Is it far?" "About 14 hours from here, Bakely told her. "Evergreen is one of a string of Islands, and Mr. Woodford 1ms i\ bunting lodge there." "Is there anything else on the Island?" "No . . ." Bakely shook hlB head. "We'll ba pretty well secluded up tliore." Julia laughed easily. "Suppose something happened and we want Jed to get in touch with the city?" j "That's not likely. But the ves 'sel Is equipped with radio-tele- | phone." "I see . . ." Julia moved from the chart table and nearer to the wheel where Bakely stood. "I'd like to see the radio-telephone some time." Bakely looked at her. "That room's always locked, Miss Craig Mr. Woodford doesn't allow any messages to go through without bis permission." "Well, I suppose I'll have to get his permission." She sighed. "I think I'll drift along to bed now, Oood night, Captain Bakely. 1 * "Good night. Miss Craig . . ." In the privacy of her stateroom Julia wondered whether she bad made any impression on Bakely She doubted if sue could count on him against Woodford. Obviously tbe yacht was under the rigid rog (mentation of tbe owner. Slowlj she began to realize that Woodford could not have more successfully imprisoned her nad be arranged foi her incarceration in some isolated castle. There was nothing for her to do but make tbe best of it. Auger was useless. But sue resolved thai once site bad returned to the clt; sbe would leave Woodford ant Brooks. And when that waa done, sho would face without compromise tbe problem ot doing something with her talent. (To Be Continued) $ WaWhci flfteintR' ft&ut,the owner'* < WINTER BEAUTY AIDS for Proper Skin Care Keeping your skin soft nnd smrioth din-Inn ihe winter months will be easy If you Will u«» n 8M« ilrte of t<rtmetl«s rwtlnrly and will (five yontself « hemrty treatment every night. Choose your cosmetics from nmotfjf lh<w« llst«« bftlow-(R*y ftt* Oic choice of «h* majority of women In Hope. , Satbara Gould, Ma* Factor, Carittfn^ Eliz«b«th Arden, Harriett Hubbard Ayers i John P. Cox Drug Co, Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps 1/2 Price Sale on All Gift Gdtfd* r -I S .V "Do It RIGHT" We maintain a complete staff of expertly trained mechanics for repair work on all makes of cars. Our standing order to them is "Do It RIGHT.'* And they do—for they are not only well paid, skillful workmen, but theif work is carefully ^checked by a fac* tory trained superintendent. Bring your car into us . . . we can place it in tip top shape . . . and thi| cost will be surprisingly low. HOPE AUTO CO. Wrecker Service it N0W in effect SPfCIAL MINpAY RATES for Long Distance telephone calls REDUCE IX mi after every evening Long distance telephone rates are now reduced as follows: 1. Person-to-person rates are now reduced after 7 every night. (Heretofore, only station-to-station rates were lower at night.) 2. The low "night" rates are in • effect all day Sunday on both station-to-station and person-to- person calls. The reductions apply on all calls to points more than 100 miles distant from your telephone, and to many shorter calls. The Long Distance operator will be glad to give you the rate now in effect to any point. TYPICAL THREE-MINUTE RATES NUMBIK OF MIUS 100 150 200 300 400 | 50 ° 1000 STATION-TO-STATION Boy Rot* .60 .80 1.0S 1.40 1,75 2.05 3,75 Night & Sunday Rat* .35 .50 .60 .80 1.00 1.15 2.00 Reduction .25 M .45 .60 .75 .90 1.75 PERSON-TO-PERSON Day Rat* .90 1,15 1.40 1.80 2-20 2.55 4,75 Night & Sunday Rattf .65 .85 ,95 1.20 1.45 1.65 3.00 Reduction .25 .30 .45 .60 .75 .90 1.75 SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY,

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