Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 20, 1939 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1939
Page 7
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PAGE EIGHT HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS o Nevada Free Fair to Open October Hi Planned for Three- Day Event PRESCOTT, Ark — The Nevada County Fair Association has announced the dates ot October U. 12, and 13. for the annual'free fair for this county. Special attraction for the first day is the selection and crowning of the queen. rftifcrt The children of the county are looking forward to the big parade which is to them "the event" of the fair. The parade is to be held during the morning of the first day of •the fair. It Is to be under th supervision of Tom Compton and will start promptly at 10 a. m. It will b mad up of bands, floats, live stock and clowns and is expected to be one of the best ever seen in Prcscott. Prizes will be awarded to the best float, band, clown and negro I which have been impossible to over- I cofne i Onco a submerged submarine is ightetl by a surface craft or airplane, it can almost be stricken from the books, for the large depth charges of today would crush in its hull | in less time than it takes to tell it. A submarine could be built with enough potential speed to remain in the field of battle, but it would destroy itself by making its presence known long before it could reach its destination. It's long, feathery, tcll- tal mark, stirred up at high, speed, would be noted by every airplane and Mirface craft within miles of it. Operators of the listerning devices on destroyers would have it centered on their phones before it could even get close to the shooting range ol the fighting ships. This still leaves the submarine out ot big sea battles unless some crippled warship wanders by it while it is running submerged at a low speed. So it all boils down to this. The modern submarine skippers can get successful attacks in on zigzagging, screened convoys, provided they are able to evade the watchful eyes of the airplanes and destroyers and can We'dnoday, 1030 Hold Everything! division. Submarine Can Be i (Continued from Page One) still keep their hearts in die game with huge depth charges jarring their eye teeth loose.' The submarine remains a weapon of opportunity. It presents a deadly menace to the unwary. Without adc~- qtiate convoy it will take a great toll ! of enemy merchant men, and is, of - '. all naval vessels, the most difficult are available against inevitblc loss- J to locate and to destroy. es. i Must Remain Hidden i The modern submarine is a more; seaworthy boat, has a longer cruis- i ing radius, possess better periscopes. | engines, storage batterie and listen- j ing gear than those of the last war. | But every submarine has weaknesses Legal Notice SPECIAL SCHOOL ELECTION SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 30. 1930 Notice is hereby given that there will be a special school election by the electors of Bradley School District, number 82, of Hempstead County Arkansas at Bradley School on Saturday. September 30, 1939. This Election will be held from 2 p. m. to 6:30 p. m. The purpose is to determine the will Britain Says "No" (Continued from r age One ) "Hoy, Joe! Who the heck sold you your lasl bulcli of CH«S?" , said: "The answer is that the Polish government had before their eyes the shameful betrayal of thesolemn assurances given by the German government at Munich. "They knew that these demands were ony the preliminary to future exactions, "It' Herr Hitler had wished to inspire confidence in his word he should have been less reckless with his earlier promises. 'Germany has no further territorial ambitions in Europe' of the electors of the said Bradley *'"' an understanding which had been broken to flagrantly and too often. Hoped Britain Back Down Reterring to Hitler's charge that School District Number 82 as to con- rtructing new school building and authorizing the Board of Directors to, Britain Jh h i(s blocka | e spend for the construction of this building three hundred dollars of the. waging war on women and children that statment said: balance to the credit of the said dis- j "There is no question of Great Brit- tnct in the General School Fund. j- a j n waging war, as Herr Hitler de- E. E. Austin ; clarcs. on German women and children County Examiner , The German government has al- Sept 13, 20, 27 : ready declared that there are ample Science Finds Cure 1 For Malaria Treatment Costs Uttle You no longer need to feel tough all sumVner nor do you need to take chances on serious illnes caused by malaria, biliousness and constipation. After extensive research and much experimentation science has now perfected a very inexpensive and positive cure for malaria. This method is also sure relief for temporary constipation and biliousness. If you are weak, run down, can't sleep, wake up tired, are dizzy, have nagging aches, can't seem to do your work, then get a bottle of Nash's C. & L. Tonic today. Like nine out of ten Southerners you may have malaria, biliousness or constipation. It will cost only a few cents and offers sure relief. GREAT FOR YOU. FULLY GUARANTEED Na.sh's C. & L. Tonic is sold to you under this guarantee. • If you -do not feel better the first week after taking Nash's. take the bottle back to your druggist and he will return the full price you paid. &tart today, don't wait. Every day you neglect yourself you will have just that much more discomfort and trouble. Go to your druggist and get that proven bottle of Nash's Great C. & L. Tonic. Nash's co.'ts only fifty cents. For sale in Hope by John S. Gibson Drug Co. And all other good drug stores. JOHNS. GIBSON DRUG COMPANY Phone 63 — Free Delivery Hope, Arkansas South Kim Street Silque HAIR TONIC 6 oz. 49c STAG HAIR OIL With Comb Both for 39c OD LIVER Ol TABLETS Klenzo Lather BRUSHES 25c up Medford Double Edge BLADES 25c Hcbart's ASPR1N TABLETS Bottle 200 35c PAPER TOWELS Extra Large — Size ll-l.'l l.'.O to Roll 15c 25c REXALL BABY LAXATIVE AGAREX COMPOUND A safe Laxative S1.00 G E 7 Carborates Compoud ALKALIZER 63c oz. DENTUREX Self Acting Dental Plate Cleaner. Kills Germs. Deodorizes 4 oz. bottle 50c TRUSSES Perfect Rupture Relief Al! styles and sizes We can fit you correctly in our privfitc' truss department. Fitting and Advice FREE Pi/ring CofOk 7 ..,..%». TARY sort MttftlCNT stocks of food in Germany but the restriction of the import of raw materials is not a measore of which the German government can legitametly complain. "Finally, Herr Hitler's account of (he circumstances attending the outbreak of war is a travesty of the facts. Ht was determined on war and hoped to the last that Great Britain would not fulfill her treaty obligations to Poland. "It was ony two days after the invasion of Poland when no reply had been received to the British rnmmuni- cation that an ultimatum was addressed to the German government." New Reserves Are (Continued from Page One) Saturday, ordering it to evacuate the i capital under threat of bombardment. ' The ultimatum expired Sunday allcr- ' noon. ( Hungarians today formed a eoinmit- j tee to aid Polish refugees. j One commitce, of which Madame j Nicholas Horthy. wife of Hungary's I regent, was reported to be patroness, j arranged for Hungarians lo take Polish j women and children into their homes I for the duration ,of the war. Frontier reports said two Polish infantry batalliims crossed from Siaki and Uzok and were received with honors by Hungarian border guards. devastation resulting from the 12-day- old seige. "Warsaw presents a very pitiful ight," he said. "Buildings, monument"?, imiseuVns and art galleries are in ruins. We will fight to the lasfdrop and never surrender." The German army delivered an ultimatum to the Warsaw population, dropping leaflets from airplanes, last IN NEW YORK Queen of the Hat Check Girls Tails in Love—With Man Who Never Wears a Hat! By GEORGE ROSS NEW YCHK—My favorite student of human nature i.s no psychologist weighed down with college degrees, but red-haired Eenec Carroll, tho. town's most famous hat check girl. Renee tells me that the smallest tippers are tho gentlemen who wear high bnl.s-. The men who >w>nr old, battered felts are the most generous. She insists that men who keep the lining in their hats are not philanthropists; Ihe 'iiven who tear them out have hearts (and purses) of Rold. She doesn't know why, but it's so. Renee divulged a few odds and ends about the pates of her best known customers: Billy Rose, who likes to produce the world's biggest shows, she says, wears the smallest hut she has ever checked. Maurice Evans, the great English actor, never wears a hat, but checks his canine pot, n bulldog who will only lespoml if you ;i<ldres.s him with a British ncccnt! The stingiest tipper among the luminaries in the glamor world was Maurice Chevalier who lipped five cents. Ronrc doesn't cnrg who knows it. John Golden, the producer, is the most lavish. Hence who has checked 800.000 hats in her decade (me) ;i half as a hat check uirl. also waxed confidential. She is in love with a man, she whispers, who hasn't worn a hat in his life. War Scare Has Cafe Society AS»« The European crisis is not so far nway that it leaves New Yorkers indifferent and unruffled. People talk about it. exclusive of all else, in the cafes, and the other night a couple of patrons insisted upon foregoing the floor show to remain close- to the radio and the short-wave broadcasts from Europe There arc a few harried followers of the events over there who have their own unique way of keeping up with the latest developments. Twice a day they journey over to the New :York piers and count the foreign ships in port. When there are a few. they arc optimistic; when there are "one in port, they assume that these bouts have been hastily recalled and that the worst is on the way. Transatlantic Travel Is All One Way Incidentally, tho 'most forlorn shops m town in these crucial days are tho travel agencies. They arc not empty. But the crowds who thronged them during tl-,e tense days of war or peace were friends and relatives of Americans in Europe, eager for news of facilities for their immediate homecoming. Harassed clerks knew only as much as their employers told them; and (heir employers knew only a:s much as the governments announced. But slight was the business done with Europe-bound steamship tickets during the past fortnight. Tho Department of Justice, for the first lime since the government has been regulating aviation, has been asked to prosecute eight pilots with violations of civil air regulations. The British Empire produces 70 per cent of the 1,000,000,000,000 pounds of ton consumed throughout the world annually. SERIAL STORY- WORKING WIVES BY LOUISE HOLMES COPYRIGHT. 1939. NCA B6RVICE, Marian awoken* to !) famtUf. She J* 111. Dan bi» cone la pUr coll with Bill ••ad*, leaving; Martin alone on Smm4»T (or the flrit ((me nfnor (heir marriage. Dolly *aBRe»t» that I)an'« rnntmcln with other •ten max Improve hi* biulaeH* CHAPTER XIV 'T'HE a/ternoon passed slowly. Marian shortened a slip, brushed and aired her clothes, carefully packed away her summer office dresses. Packing them into a tissue-lined box, she •wondered why she was doing it. She never kept things from one season to the next; the styles changed and there was always something wrong with them. Her theory was to buy good things, just a lew, wear them hard and discard them. There was a rumor that Marian was the best-dressed w,,{nan in the Loop and sh« wanted u> make the rumor a fact. Nevertheless, she packed the dresses in a Manning box. Perhaps she would U'car them next year, perhaps she'd economize a bit. Wifj cared if She were the best-dressed woman in the Loop? Certainly not Dan. She was a little bwt skottt Dan. At 5 o'clock he had not returned and she went to help Doily dress for her date with Randy Means. Dolly was calmly pressing the pink dress. "What time is he coming?" Marian asked. "Six-thirty." ''But you haven't started to get re e .«v." Marian would have al- loweu hours for preparation. "I'll b;ive plenty of time." She giggled youthfully. "This is lun, Ms.rian. It takes me back—away back.' 1 "1 should think you'd be thrilled to death." Marian tried not to be unvious. "An attractive man, dinner, dancing, a drive through tne mysterious dark." "You make it sound terribly dramatic. I'm really too surprised to Vie thrilled. Why .should he want to .see me again?" Marian wondered why. She said, "You're a pretty nio>. person to know, Dolly." "Mitybf. 1 . But I'm at rny best living Ihjngo for people. If R;mdy " -"J a few socks to bo darned, or di'Ca.i tin lo bo tied—" Stic sighed at her own lucka. "I don't scintillate very well." "IIo's probably a little tired of thai sort of thin?." OoJly put her tii-e t -.; on a banker. "I o. •-.'*. jfecl Quito right about Cyrrna. -v v/as supposed to Ji!:c her. She need; him and I cion'l." ''Let Carma loo*: after herself." Itirbij ...uughi, 'T| i.ut's where Doliy Irj-i ii'in. lie Ibli. her intiii'- Tci'tnc- and th,'.'< v.'h:ji attracted him. When she falls he'll move on to someone else." ••> <i * A/TARIAN waited while Dolly A bathed and dressed. The apartment was so small, that they were able to keep up a constant flow of conversation. The door stood half open and, at every sound, Marian listened for Dan. Her hurt was beginning to turn to anger. Dan had no right lo treat her like that. The least he could do was to give her a little of his companionship on Sunday. She helped Dolly with the last touches, delicate pink fingernail polish, a triple string of. Marian's pearls around her white throat. Dolly wore a pink felt hat. It was wide, the sweep of. the brim most becoming. Her sandals were soft gray kid, her coat gray, broad- shouldered and short. Marian, who always affected dark blue or black, ga/.cd at her in wonder. Dolly might not be as smart or tailored, but there was certainly a lu.sdou.ines.s about her, and an appealing sweetness. Marian, still in (he robe and slippers, wandered back to her own apartment when il was lime for Randy to arrive. She heard him come, heard them laugh companionably as (hey went clown tlin stairs, and a depressing loneliness closed in on her. * * * JT^AN arrived at 8 o'clock, his I ,s!;in ruddy from Iho v.'ind and I sun. Marian dirl not look up from ' her magazine when ho came in. "Hello," he Haiti, thumping his golf bag into the hail closet.. "GVt 1 , I've had a swell day." lie .sremed 1 lo bring part of the crisp outdoors with him. ''That's nice. I've been bored to death." ''Too bad." lie bent ovor and she turned u cool check for his J;i.ss. "Thought you'd be glad to be rid ot your pest." i Curiosity made her ask, "Where have you been all day'. 1 ' 1 "Played golf from 0 until 1. Had dinner at the club with Amy 'Ellen and the kids. There'.-; a swell I bunch of kids, I'm telling you—" I Marian's biows arched. "Amy ; Ellen came out for dinner 1 .'" I "Oh, no—.she played with us. | That liUlost kid—" Dan broke into | an amused laugh. "But Amy Ellen i.-a:; up moot I'jf U"-. night." "She j-id Kill p!uy golf every .Sunckiv movi'i'-,.' 1 "Oh." "The oldest b,,y catldied for us, He's a fjrand yiivng.-'lr.'r—grand, A rnaid brought the other three out in time for dinner." Marian didn't ir.:-an to •-;:.•.;•, "It vvouid have been nice ii llu-y h:-.'.l &;kcd ine for dinner. lint .he heard herself saying it. "Amy Ellen did speak ol it." "Well?" "Great guns, Marian"—his good- natured grin vanished in a frown —"you haven't wanted to go anywhere on Sunday for years." "Maybe I've never been asked to go to the right places." Her voice dropped rapidly to the freezing point. "I'm sorry, but look—you always sleep until noon—it takes you two hours to dress—the club is 15 miles out." "I see—too much trouble." * * * "C.JE flung away from her. Hands ^ in his pockets, he stared from the window. "After dinner what did you do?" Marian's tone was a smoothly sarcastic tone. ''Take the l?ids home and sit beside thorn while they napped?" Marian did not want tc quarrel, she wanted to put her arms around Dan and beg him never to leave her again. The anger seemed to be only on the surface of her mind. Underneath lay chilly fear. Dan swung about, glaring at her. "It's none of your"—Tiis jaw tightened as he bit down on the words. "Wi; fooled around the club, then I took the two older kids to a movie—-a Western." ''Big hero stuff — riding- and shooting." Her anger might bo only on the surface of her mind, but il was while hot. "That's about your speed, Dan." She was half stunner! by her own insolence, powerless to stop. The scathing words said themselves. Dan scowled and answered nothing. His self-control further enraged Marian. She would make him quarrel. She would lash and prick and scorn until he could no longer remain silent. A battle meant release for her pent-up emotions. Her quivering nerve rnds demanded action, any kind of action. Had Dan forcibly taken her in his arms, she would have cried it out and been soothed. Both hands remained in his pockets. Frantically shu goaded him. "You're .so smug, Dan," .she said witherin;;ly, ".so sure of yourself —it's wiit«jn all over your face—- IJrm Harkness can do no wrong j —he's a spineless worm who never , lurr...—-" : Catching her by the elbow.-, Dan •'stood her on her feet. He held ! her, facing him. IIi.s eyes blazed ' into hers. I "I've war.lid <o turn for a lonjg I lime," be .said, his lips scarcely moving. "Now you have made it very easy for inc." ' He let her go, caught up his h*, and left the apaiUnenl. i (To lift Continued) WPA to Assist in National Defense Relief Agency Maps Plans for Fall Assistance Program WASHINGTON" -m- Tho WPA Wednesday begrm n program to bloster national defense, cushion the effects of the European Wiiv on industry, nnd meet (lie fall demand for work relief. State administrators were instructed to give special emphasis on projects of porticular defense value. MIND YOUR MANNERS ». M. MU. U. • PAT. Off. $2,540 Contract on Court Benches HcmpvStcacl Court house Job Announced by Fort Worth WPA' FORT WORTH, Texas —(/»')— The Fint Worth office of the Pubic Works Administration (PWA) announced Wednesday Unit the Arkansas School Service company of Little Rock had boon inviirded a $2,540 cuntrnct to furnish courtroom benches for the new Hempstoad county (Arkmisns) courthoiLso nt Hope, Cash Awards Will (Continued trom Page On«) Test your knowledge or correct social usage by answering tho following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Is "Glad lo know you" a correct .ickni'ulixlgomcnt of mi introduction'.' 2. Is i> I'M! ! eel U: say "M.-. Birwn this is Mis.s Smith. We wer.t to college toRlher?" 3. Should you introduce two strangers and then without lell- nig them a word ahovit oach other or slarling a conversation yourself walk off and k-avc them to carry on from there'.' •1. When two women of about the same iiijo are introduced and one is sitting, is it necessary for her to rise? 5. If a .stranger holds :,pcn a heavy clour for a woman, should she thank him? What would you do if— You arc' shopping, and though the clerk brows you everything in stock, you do not find what you want. Would you— la) Thank her fur her trouble 1 .' 'bi Complain because she doesn't have what you want'.' lei Tell her she hasn't what you want and leave'.' Answers 1. No. 2. No. "Mess Smith, this i.s Mr. Brown. Betty and I went to college together." 3. No. •i. No. Nol unless Ihe woman sitting is the hostess—or i.s in her own office. 5. Yes. Best "What Would You Do" .iol- tion—(a). and third, 50 cents. Kvent Four—For senior boys over 16 years of jige—440-yard racr, 880-ynrd '. :icc and onc-mio race. First prize will be 51.50, second prize 51.00 nnd third prize 50 cents. Event Five—For hoys and girls of all agrs—Best trick rider, newspaper throwing contest. First pri/c will be 51.50. second prize $1.00 and third prize 50 cents. All those who wish to enter should fill out an entrance blank. They may be obtained at the chamber of ocmnu'rce iff ice; in the city hull build- in K. Red Army Chorus to Invade U. S. To maintain flying sr>ccd throughout the lake-off. a telephone hook-up between a glider and launching car was recently tried in England. Wires threaded through the towing cable keep* Ihe pilot in communication with (lie ground crew until the plunc is j loosed. ; Cleaning the windshield before the ( wiper i.s turned on will remove hard < i particles which might otherwise scratch J i the glass. NEW YO-RK-l/P)— A company of the Red Army of the U. S. S. R., led by A. Alcxdroff, is going lo inviidc the Null- ed States. The detachment of Stidin's men, 220 U strong, will drive west from New York City to Minneapolis, down tho Mississippi Valley lo St. Louis and back through the southeastern stales. But their weapons will be song jmd dance, not bullets and bombs. The company i.s (he 220-man song-mid- dance chorus of the Red Army, which starling with a 10-pcrformiincc program at Carnegie Hall here, will invade 10 other American cities in a six- wceU tour. „ The cities which will be visited by wind Joseph M. Click, general 'manager, describes us it tour "to strengthen further the friendly relations bc- UMDoii the U. S. A. and the U, S. S. H.. «re Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis. Das Muines, St. Louis, Louisville, Cindinnult, Clevclimkl, Pittsburgh mid Baltimore. The tour opens September 18. closes October 31. Deaths decreased 4,105 in Texas in t IMS, compared with 1<J37, the 1938 total ** being (>l,420. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Cilomel—And You'll ;;<np Oul of Bed in Ihe Morning Rarin'to Go ii T l!f i'h' n ' " llould Iu "' r " ut two nottndu of "fluid bile into yoiirbow..|»,iHily. If thla bile i» not {lowing 1 rt-cly. your food ,lo.-»n't <ll«ojt" It junt decays in the bowels. Cms bloats up your stomnch. ^uii B et connllpnlrd. Y ou ? whole system la poi.ioneil nnd you feel aour sunk nnd thn world looks iiunk. A mi-re how.'! movement doesn't get nt the cause. It Ukra those- uood, old Carter',, Uttle Liver Pill, to Kl . t th( . s ,, lwo J)I)llnda f bile flowing freely .mil nmke you feel "up nnd up. Inrmlras, ( ;er,tle. yet nmn/.tmc in rnnklnK bile W freely. Ask for Cnrter". Uttle Uverl'ilU hy nnnif. HofuHf nnythlnB else. At nil dniij rtorun. lOf unj i!Df. BARBS The western Front is dotted with pillboxes, but in them were finding the cause, not the cure of Europe's big headache. Lowlandcr.s report .sighting H Gorman submarine off the- Scottish coast Either that, or it's tho Loch Ness monster again. 'J. S. treasury officials fear the new war will make it harder to collect World War debts from European nations. We (.bought everybody had "Oi.eluded by now those debts would never I.c paid. A western town r.;\s iiv.sl ailed a signpnsi wilh the four ronn-..; lW : points for tourist aid. Report;- :nv lha! incbrit- ed natives al.so fhH |] )c directions What with food prices soaring he- cause of the war, it's getting so we! can't afford lo buy any more over • here than Hitler rations to his sub- i jects. Nations can figures out what has hap- • pence! to the Bremen. Of course ihey have only been looking fur it on top of the ocean. Can You Spare a Moment For a Lonesome Pup? Congratulations! It shows that you find enjoyment in simple things.., happiness in being friendly. It reflects a mind relaxed to enjoy the pleasant things of life. Neighbors and even strangers are quick to recognize and applaud your attitude . . . friends are sure to cherish it. You're not only living life, you're smoothing the way of life for others. Can Budweiser contribute to your way of living? Indeed! It has been the symbol of better living for nearly a century. BUDWEISER offers you companionship when you're alone . . . fellowship when you're among friends ... a flourish to the hospitality that graces your home. i ANHIU SIR-BUSCH Makers of Ike World's Most Famous Beer Budweiser MAKE THIS TEST DRINK Budweiser FOR FIVE DAYS. ON THE SIXTH DAY TRY TO DRINK A SWEET BEER. YOU WILL WANT FLAVOR THEREAFTER. corn H)9 *MHCust«-ouscH.lHC SI LOUIS MO.

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