The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1940
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COI10N f co.'ii llllMMIl-ttl.||l| I fiui/ a lie a Sponsor VOIAJMH XXXVII-NO. :iS. BOTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS lllylhevllle Dally News Illythrville Courier Mississippi Valley louder lllyllicville Ilernld AND SOUTHEAST AllBSOUW Re a Spomor'. ifj a Mutton Bm'HlCVILU.;, AHKANSAS, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ^•i J 4^ M^ m • M ^^. '—" ~~ oi«ui,i!i .UUI'IES FIVE CENTS TORNADOES LASH MKSISSIPPfVALIB tit*' : . . __ ~ ' ~~ • ____ ™ ^* ^* •• • Berlin Says Germans Are Smashing Toward Allied Landing Port j j [i i > i i if -,. - niiju.iiN, .\iny i. (U! )—Atilhon/.od (lornum iniai'lcr said today Unit (!erm;in troops DOW are miivinw ihroiHili Ami I'.''*.' 0 ' "" atlad > °" tll(! Hri(is)l 1'i'xliiiK poi'l <>l The .statement, indicated that Ull important :tcli, m .,„ which perhaps Hie fate of t), c Allied Imifliii,, t ),,inl .south ol Iromlhcim will depend i.s impend iiitf. he Allies hnvn employed Andalstifs and Aloldc as tlicir duel debarkation points, to^thei- with smaller ports .in nearby fjords. BRRLW, May 1. (UP) — l) command «ikl in a communique today The special that a British anti-aircraft cruiser had been sunk off Nam.sos yesterday by aerial bombs. (Anti-aircrafl cruisers are new adjuncts to the British fleet, Thcj carry only anti-aircraft guns am are nol designed for regular nava lighting. Tlie Brillsh converted si,\ old cruisers (1918-1919 (vpe) all of less than 5,000 ions into this unique category in the past few years.)" The high command said that another British cruiser was hit or Ihc stern and seriously damaged and that eight British planes had been shot down during u British raid on Stavangcr, southwest Nor- weglon port. These claims eiiHvcncd Germany's May Day celebrallon, as the public eagerly awaited word of further action against British troops supposed to be trapped the mountains between Sloeren nnd Bombaas, in Norway. Tlie newspaper Hamburger Frem- denblatl said thai the arrival of Gmnan troops at Bombaas ana the junction of the German Oslo and Trondheim forces had "sealed the fate of. thosn English and Nor- TVeglaiiforas which nre undoubtedly, still in Hie .area between'".rynsot" Saereh' and Ojidal.- Their retreat Dither lo Namsos, by way of Trond- lieim, or to Andalsnes (British disembarkation port northwest, ol Bombaas) through Bomb.iiis, is cut otf." The official news agency said that Bombaas hud been captured. The high command said only that ii had been "reached." If the Germans controlled it, the British who had landed at Andnlsnes, pushed southwest to Bombjias nnd then turned north toward Trondlieim would have been cut otT from their landing base. They could reach it • theoretically only by a tortuous retreat southwest over mountains aim lakes, and their line of supplies and reinforcements would have been cut. However, the military expert or the Boersen Zeltung warned that LONDON, May 1. Royal Air Force planes rained bombs on German held Scandinavian air bases today in what appeared to be one of the bit' attacks of the war but British authorities admitted the Allied position south of Trontlheim i.s "dangerous and very obscure." Bombers went info action against air bases at Slavangcr; Fornebu, outside Oslo, and Aalborg on Hie northern 'lip of Denmark. Tlie raids started last night and continued today In an obvious et- fort. by the British to break the crushing air supremacy of the Germans in Norway, regarded here as the major factor in the German Men Against Machines In Norway only will, rifles and standing behind mi overturned (ruck, these .soldiers' are ,„<• Nll " s supported by armored lanks and ears.—(HIM .Tclepholo). by excellent-equipped success to date. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain advised the House of Commons Hint tomorrow he would make a statement on the situation in Norway, Extensive scale of the bombings was indicated by the air ministry's admission lha seven British planes were lost. (Berlin claimed eight British planes were shot, down at Stavan- ;ei.) ^ . ThCjntr minislry .said henvv casualties: .were inflicted on the German ; air force,i claiming al least. [SIfilE LILE FOR DEBT Supreme Court Rules In Iinjjoi'tant Driver Estate Litigation 1.—In a Arkaiisas lows . OSCEOLA, Ark.. May five lo two decision, the Supreme Court held yesterday that S12.C09.90 debt (o the Federal' Land Bank of St. Louis should bu paid from the eslale of the laic Mrs., — „ ..„ .,.„.„.. M. E.-Driver of Osceola before tlie three German fighters wore shot! Properly in divided, down and that the air bases were I Ml ' s - Oliver, widow of the late damaged heavily and planes al the j Abncr Driver, Sr., owned Tields dispersed. ' ' nrm •"••—• - T ....i....i.*- -.. Obscrvan(.'.(; of Nalional Music Week !s 'Urg<M'l Mayor w. Marion Williams Jollied today in urging observance of National Music Week, beylnnlnx ' the May, u national first Sunday event. Mrs. if. J. Klelndienst Is chairman of the local Nallonnl Music Week committee. Tlie »inyor'.s jn-oclRtntitlon fol- i 1.9M acres of valuable fnrm land The 'three air bases, the chief | al l!pr death. She hud borrowed ones used by the Germans in the j thc Sl'2,000 by ulvlnf a mortgage on 320 acres of the properly. This .120 acres, known as the Driver „ - ^'home place" two miles south of Jaign but this attack appeared on i Osceola, was bequeathed to three larger scale. of hor cliildreir. Cooper Driver. The air activity came as author- . Ml ' s - I(l!l Mli 5' Qulrin and Mrs, Ruth' Scandinavian operations—have been Ulacked repeatedly by Ihe Ii. A. P. since the opening of the cam- Whercas NiUionnl Music Week is being observed over Ihe enlire nation durinsj tlie week beslnnlng SlflJE POLITICS BILL SHELVED House Committee Tabled Bill; Effort To Action Seen Force ties IK-JO atlinittrd that rhe whole slratcyic concejitioji of the cainimlgn In Norway mny Driver Florida. Oilier lands . Allied ' lc ' L lo remilning lielr.s. . Driver, executor of the , been endangered by the German csla l c . held that, recipients of the success—not yel officially admitted lerc—in effecting n juncture ol orccs between the Trondheim gar- -ison and the troops driving north. STOCKHOLM, German troops 1. (UP)— evacuate:! , --- C j.."^.uo. .•nmuit.-ttti. oi Trondheim nght tor possession of Norway is and Norwegian forces re-ojcuni-i •-• —' ' " " the city today. tclephorc ad Thc German troops retreated southward with Norwcjian patrols "we at home must realize thai ttie ! Roc10 ^ southeast of fight for possession of Norway is not yet terminated." He added that in view of developments, "we can ' """ """ with absolute face the outcome confidence." . VielkLscher Beotachter, assuming that Bomuaas had been captured, 320 acres look ttie land with the ; debt. ;md refused to pay the note i from the- estate as u whole. To protect Dieir Interest, the three heirs paid an S8D5.5^ semi-annual Installment of interest and filed a claim a»ainst the estate for Him amount, which was disallowed. «,,, .uices re-ojcupi'.-i Reversing the decree of thc Mis- ay, according to direcl slss! I ) P' County probate crmri. rcn- viccs from Hoi'ros '• tle ' c " J> - v Chancellor J. P. Gautncy, •- " • 1 lllc siweiiic court held tire estate May have in pursuit Roero,; , Previous advices of Mrs. Driver should reported bv tele- ' morl 8 a se indebtedness, ihose heirs to whom thc pay Die and nor. 320 acres ~..,*Liut:tj, i *-• ••t'lvn.i imvices (lescnbc:)' said that "with tlie fall of Bom- how Norwegian patrols filtered into! wns t!cvlscd - bnas. thc enemy's march into ccn- tllc town under cover of d'irknew' Cos!on ilntl Coston represenlert tral Norway sufTercd a decisive ma surprised the small German ilrs ' Q """ v Mrs - Florida ami Wow .... The defeated enemy garrison in a daybreak aitack taoi>?r Driver, while K. S. Driver now is forced back into narrow —- ' of lili -' i dt - v fllltl V. S. Polk of Roms valley" (the 55-mile stretch between Bombaas and Andalsnes, beyond which the British would be driven into the sea.) Newspapers had not yet commented on Britain's order lo her merchant fleet to shun the Mediterranean because of Italy's hostile attitude but. unofficial" circles here expressed satisfaction with that turn of events which, they saiu, was a result of the firmness Salvation Army Corps Here Planned _ . ~ ' aim mis. w. IV Jon organization of a Salvation Armv who are daughters Corp.s in Blylheville will be Inker. Harry Driver up at a meeting - ' '1th the first Sunday In May. and i Whereas sucli n movement wi:» bp of beiieflC In this c6mnnmily ns well ns every oilier community In the land in emphasizing the im- of music in our life, and Whereas Hlylheville Is anxious to participate in such n worthy movement; Therefore, I, w. Marion Williams, as Mayor of tlie City of Blytheville, proclaim National Music Week a week of observance In tills city. Signed: W. Marlon Williams. Mayor of Blytheville. WASHINGTON. Mny 1 <op)_ The house judiciary committee today shelved the Hatch "pure stnic politics" bill lor the remainder ol tills session of congress. MCE SlLHtt 10 Atlkins Reported Nearly 'Ready', Bailey Certain, McCKJInn Likcl ey Hy I'/vr IVAI.NII Unlt.iL )•„„ HUI, c<nj M |u>iul«iii l.lTn.|.: HOCK. Ark,, Mi,j, ).Veil Informed sources llita week fiwrled Internal Kovrnuo Col;i'(or limner Aitklns as bi'lnu in I'Hshliiglcm, n. (;„ making (imil irniifomem.? for mmoundnK his cam Idiicy for the Democratic noin- hmllon of governor. Adklns Is reported to hnvi> lefl the clly Saturday afternoon and is scheduled to confer with fk-u- nlors Mlllw and Caraway eurly this week, While In the imltonul capital Adklns. II ivns rumored, would resign his fedcnil Job, but would make no announcement mill] to Arkansas. Meanwhile reports from Caimlcn Indicate llml n similar announcement can be expected Ironi former Uiiujrcvisiiian John t,. McClcllnn. Hit former congressman, while visiting In Little Hock some llmu i, told friends thni he would not >e counted out of the gubernatorial race until the deadline lor .he ft Ing by candidates hi.<l passed. Well Informed sources look this to itdlciite that McClcllnn would an- louiico his aindldncy a few hniirs before |j, 0 c )o.tiii s time of the llckcl. Governor Carl E. Uallcy, whom nil conccile will seek a third term ias been busy makln B prc-cnm- mlgn speeches In all Rccllons of the stnlc. Etirly Inst week he spoke In Srosscll, ami Inter niiide siiceches n Fnycllcvlllc nnd Port Smith. Lute this week he Is scheduled to Twisters Cause Deaths In Arkansas, Missouri And Texas «y tfniifii I'tfsx Tuisliin; winds lashiiij. (hroiigli M, O Vnllfv , r , ' '.'""B" "'lie mmissipp K vor ,±* ,l.'\ I ^, ( ! ..! k< » lr " cu< >» «»d 'I«'lh U.HI cxlcmlcll today I'roni tiu> TKXIIS lf> jimiMis woi'c killed. Ark,, six whito tn Contra) Illinois. killed and hail' (ho hiil.l U r'ii .. ) » wwc ed and half IP. hnililiiiKs ,,l Ih (! smiill villnjfc were d^troycd Several iiirw - c (Hub Head After niceti said:'"the Hatch bill is i«bled7 ('and make -his -'third term an- Ue refused to elaborate but said noimcemimt during the second week two-hour cflinmllice. lUc-ml thc ruimml mcctlnu of Dm ^Uoiilsmnuers l/Utc Imr association'In Hot Sprlnes " - a further announcement might bu forthcoming tomorrow. Oilier committee members said thu iicllwi 10 bill hnd hci of May. Lieutenant Governor Hob fitiliey another rumored eiiueriiiilorla! cnu- Edfiar I', lioriim. above, wns Installed us thc new president of Die Hlythevllle Lions .Club luncheon meeting ycclcrday ' <11(l ' >lc ' »">«"> pernicious Arkansas And White Rivers Rise Sharply i '--... | <Hein., N. M.) „ „,.„.._ „, LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. May 1 > " lc l)ln - sal 'l he would start n pc- nighl's heavy rains '' tlon nt <>»" to force the measure Thc bill, which passed thc senate over opposition of many Democrats, would have withheld federal Brunts from stale agencies whose employes cngagi political activity. After l|s passage senate foes ol the measure predicted It, would be sklel racked in the house. e house Judiciary committee - hid the measure under consideration for OUR month. Im J. Dempsev house sponsor reached cloudburst ° ut ° r committee. This requires! ' sionnl district Indicate thai Holt': (UP) _ Last proportions at many points stinted sl E»alures by 213 house members Arkansas' rivers rising toward °' lc nlorc " m| i n majority. bureau "There will absolutely be iv pell- ' tlon started today." Dempscy said, "because I wns assured thai the bill would be reported out fnvor- mimy consider ll ' I'vo-Cftinpalgi, speech lust week ' hi Chnrleston. At ' llml time tin . |ircsldln B officer of thc senate of- feted bond refunding piognui somewhat similar to the one cmict- ed by Hie General Assembly in u special session In July, lino. Tim future political jilnns of Attorney General Jiick Holt remained a mystery as the time for filing foi state offices npproached the deadline. Ifolt hn.s been making speeches In different sections for the fom- weeks, but gives no Indication of wbclhcr or not he will seek re-election or the governor's post Reports from the third congres- flood singes the weather announced today. Weather bin-can officials said the Arkansas nnd upper White rivers of the Berlin-Rome axis U1L . SI One of the chief May Day events j the 'two meolinss" which va s the speech of p. capoferri.! open to the public member of the Italian Fascist! ——!_ Brand council, to workers at thc ~ Lcvcrkusen chemical plant at' Cologne. He said that "if Mussolini gives us the order we shall march with you in order thai jus- lice and liberty may triumph. "My visit to Germany is of particular Importance." he continued,! "it is an expression of solidarity j of the National Socialist and Fas- clu revolutions of the German and Italian workers." Robert Ley, Nazi labor front leader, stressed the "solidarity of Home and Berlin" in his Ley issued a May Day tiou to "laborers and soldiers, workers In the city and Memphis were attorneys for the remaining heirs: Abner and Walter Driver. Mrs, Virginia Potter ol Parngould, and Mrs. M, E. Pope and Mrs. W. FJ. Johnson of Osceola, of the lale. Harry unvcr. j , . . - - lhc cit >' aiidi-! Thc cane lias attracted consider torunn tomorrow night, following able inlerest. in ' this srcUon be F u Fort'' 1 !/- V 0 ""*' I C! " 1S ' <" «" c Imminenceo' e' E. it. Foul, long interested In'families involved as well as tip fcnhvihon Army work. w »s noli- loc a,ion au<l value of the pro ,e • 'llrril.twc nf T'i._ i"\.-«,— ni , _ l ' s would rise several feet during the next few days the Onachila river will reach 18 feet one foot above Hood level at Arkodelphla late today and will go to M feet at Cnm- rtcn where flood stage is 20 feel bv Frklav. ficcl that several Snow In May Al Chicago Within 17 Years Ry United Tress Winter cracked Its ainwhronous i whip over the north central states' today in thr, wake of destructive winds thai left at, least is dead' to! veloped In the south end of Ihe I county. facing the Mississippi River, the large home surrounded with native trees, flowers and shrub? was typical of the Old Soulh and one of the show places on thc river. The foundations of the large estate built up by the late James Driver, grandfather of the present heirs, was made by the sale of wood from the virgin tract to the steamboats that plied Ihe river in that :eti:d corn the belt Concession io War Nerves I'n-rsnunOH < UP) _ Fireworks nerves" don't "Vlivt-i;, J|l Lily tu y anf | CODIltrV Ifm It r-. , v-ulll UL-IV I'1 1 1 v^ji UKI extolling National Socialism nnd! "°",,J i Dako . las lo Michigan. 1 tiisplays and „.,,.., uml , «ytng that the war Ls "a flghl for " 0 ga "%'"•"" mcl1 j » northern ;n ,| X . Safely Director £w£. FA a nation of work, of a social con- ,„ ,h I^ ,,™thf e , rf<:mM as f« ! Kairley has decided. E " P !" ° f .. Mf , C T n !«"?« ta »"= »t e a," ,,Z 1MSlem K " raas a ' W S "'. rc«PO«« to "huud,e<ls of re- 'to be or not to be' Tor the Gcr-1 man people. Factory sales of and trucks during the first quarter of 1940 totaled 1.310,234 units Bain of 23 per cenl over the same period of 1939. f - - ---"•« i \.\10 VJL 1C' t . i Qiip^ls from juieiv ciii?f>nc Tvit«- Chicago had its Prst measurable ley has announced £„ 0,^^ May snowfall in J7 ycare. Half an fireworks displays ^^ ln ", U d" mctii had f(ll i en n))d , t s(|n was cx ,, ]oslons by aer|a , h automobiles i snowing. - ' fe ruling nuempnic tim ni Abnormai -i d ;..^»-".v ^i^v .op.Azri.r^ sub-freezing FSA Offers Aid In Storm Stricken Area LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. May 1. (UPi—The Farm Security Administration today offered its services in rcliabllltalKn of (he section devastated by last night's tornado. Red Cross officials said resources of their agency also would be available. ably." The committee vote to table'the measure was reported an 14 to in. Wyoming's Old Timers Exercise Fishing Rights CHEYENNE, Wyo. (UP)-Wyoming Is n .state of pioneer residents who believe In laklns advantage of Its fishing facilities, thc game and fish department has decided. Ofiicials said they received an average of 50 applications dully for Pioneer hunting and fishing licenses Issued free lo persons pasi 65 who have lived continuously In the slate for 20 years. friends there arc attempting k ,, "jog" him Inlo Ihc position lo oppose the rc-nomlna(ion of Congressman Clyde Ellis. Reports were feBlnlng strength In the stalehouse thai Congressman Hullo Cravens, Fort Smith, would have opposition. Hlnke Harper, former Sebastian county sheriff. 11 wns rumored, i.s considering opposing Craven's re-mmilnntlon for a second term. 1.08 Inches Rainfall In 30 Minutes Here One of the hardest rains of tl'm numerous spring downpours fell last night, n rained 1.08 indies In 30 minutes. Beginning about 7:15 o'clock, along with dashc* of lightning which galloped across the cloud- filled skies, thc rain filled lalythc- vllle's curb-lined streets to overflowing in most sections beforf II suddenly stopped. Installed At Weekly Luncheon Held Ah Noble Ycs- Icrday Noon Ktlgnr p. rcoriim wns installed as president of Die Uo,, s c iui, ,,t he weekly luiiclicon mTOlliii- at the Hotel Noble ycstcidny. He .succeeds W. J. Pollard i n u,i., omcc . Mr. nonim, who Is owner of Woram's Drug store, is » charier number of the club which was organized In 1020. Tboro are but six cluirler members now In ih c group. Dr. Fred Child conducted (he In- . stallation service which lowed with a talk by the Rev Glr- ard fxnvc, D. I)., of Mfcm'phls, wlio Is concltieiliiB services al the local First PiMbyterlnn church this week. Besides Ihu Jiev. Dr. Lofrc, other guests were the Rev. Jnmes A Overholser and W. T. Pnrrlsli Jr., of Memphis. . •• r, CltlCfl of IJoiltoil' fllid was (wlinuileil nl ?;i,000. ~' A wlll ''i firmer and an utildentl- llotl negro ivrro killed north of Slkeston, MO., and a small boy mid i™ negroes were killed al Ber- Uiind, Mo., near Sikoslon. Thc IT. s. wcnlher bureau re- IJorled clotidbitrsts and colder wea^ ther followliiy In the wnke of thc violent storms ns warm tropical nir from Ihe Clulf of Mexico met cold winds- from Ihe north and seiit up thc destructive spirals. The winds moved further eastward Into Indiana but their Intensity was rednc: Ml to about 28 miles per hour. : Qrenlest destruction was reported In Texas where damage was cs- llmuled ul $1,000,000. Three oil and t'as wells were reported running wild ticur GrogBtan In eastern Texiis after the storm toppled derricks. City ofllclals cnltol for as- slstanco of county officials tor pii- irols nnd lo keep motorists out-of the lowland areas where Ihc gas had settled. They feared thc gus might be lijiillcd causing wide-' sprend nrcs In 4lic oil eounlry. ;-••' The gyrating storm struck Prnnk- slon, a Henderson county town of ECO, shortly before dark, Mary Lee Cook, one-year-old, was drowned when n -cloudburst that accom- : lianlcd the slorrii swept a wall of walcr through n concrete highway culvert where, thc child'. 1 ; molher, .Mrs. Ted,Cook, hart sought refuge.' Thc rushing walcrs carried mother niui Imby^bui'.'oC Ihe culvert and pulled (he .diitd from; Mrs. Cook's arms. TwolViy house;). in ^Fi'aiikstoii were damaged-'l>y .the' wind. '1\\a persons wcrc'klllcd nt Richland, Tex,, when Ihe twister demolished (he .lames MoNeece home, n barn nnd several garages. The deud were McNccce, 05, and Ilkson, Cecil, 45, jvfrs. Alice McNeece, CO, was Injured critically. Half thc buildings al chaflee, Mo., n town of 3,000, were demolished nnd McMullln, Mo., a Scplt county hiimlel, was reported ccin- plclcly destroyed. Members of the Cape Cllrardean, Mo., service com- lany nallnnal guard were sen I to thc wrecked areas for patrol duty md to assist Ihe hand unit of Ihe MOth Infantry, u. S. Army, sta'- .loncd al Chnffee. ' i The wlniJs (irogressed wildly ' northeastward across Scott county, Missouri, splintering rural homes/ demolishing farm buildings and 'Piling tip communications lines Hie storm lifted sujdciil; <u ; a ie- apptnrcd with reneivtcl fury at Cache and Cairo, III., In the reck/, hilly and sandy "Little Egypt" re- Blmi. Cairo was cut off from all communications lines for several hours and there were no reports Immediately of deaths but the wind ' u( was fol- Cancels His Bar Meeting Address LITTLE ROCK, Ark., May 1. (UP)—Assistant U. s. Attorney Ocncral o. John Ro^e has been farcort to cancel his scheduled address to the Arkansas Bar Association Friday nt Its annual convention In Hoi Springs because of .he trial at Gainesville, Ga.. In which he is directing prosecution. was reported so violent that It' lifted aiilomoblles nnd losscti tnem Into llu! air nt Galcouda, 111. Kentucky and Tennessee cities reported high winds that damaged communications and power lines nnd caused some property losses. Thunderstorms accompanied the wind and at Nashville, Teiin., i.ll Inches of rain fell in five hours. , Violent winds had causEd the death of one man In central 1111- note Monday night. Plea For Listing Cotton Carnival Royalty Attend Planting Event 1 nlcipiil license. King Claude Crawford and Queen Lida Willcy of the Memphis Cutton Carnival today paid homage to the National Collon Picking Con- tost to be held in Blylhevllle by planllrg thc first seed on the 100- acrc tract where the contest is to cc staged next Fall. Although most of Ihe sowing will await more favorable weather conditions, the first of the Coker Pedigreed seed was planted by a modern type cotton planter, driven by King Crawford, after pretty Queen Willcy had poured the seed into (lie machine. The ceremony took place at noon on the farm rented by Ross D. Hughes, a mile northwest of Blylhe- villc on the Gosnell road, where _ an inclined spot m.ide an ideal inVr mu- j place for the gathering of 40 rep- i resent at Ivc citizens and several beauty queens from towns of this section. Albert Mallory, prominent Memphis cotton man and vice president of Ihc Cotlon Carnival lo be staged In Memphis, May 14-18; B. II. Sanders, of the Sanders Cotton Company In Memphis; Prince Howard Wllley, brolhcr of the queen, ai;d William Day. Commercial Appeal photographer, made up the party which accompanied (lie Kin? and Queen lo Blytheville nnd who were guests of honor for a luncheon later at Hotel Noble, which was attended by a number of persons interested in the Nalional Collon Picking contest. Tho pretty queen, wearing most attractive cotton which ore expected to be scon in Blytheville soon, and King Crawford, who rode n horse over thc contest slle, were assisted In thc ceremony by Miss Anlla Pay neck c' Ulythe- vlllc, Miss Jane Williams of Driver, iUiss Matlclon Rogers of Camthcrs-' vlllc, and Miss Josephine Frazicr The visit of the Kiug mid Qitcca of the Memphis Cotlon Carnival lo Ulythcvlllc Is an event ot much Interc-st in that they receive so many Invitations that they seldom appear togclher before Ihe actual Carnival at which they preside. "We arc nil very Interested tn your contest and believe It. will be one of Ihe biggest events of (his kind ever staged," King Crawlord said. "Your problem will be how lo lake care of the 50,000 or more visitors who will come—not to get them here," ho said. Doth the king and queen said they plan to return to Blytheville next Sept. 23-24, when the contest will be staged. "That $2000 lo be given in prizes makes me wish I had hud some experience In cotton picking eo I could enter." King Crawford laughingly told his new Dlylhcvlllc friends a's he said goodbye until next September. Those who attended the ceremony were charmed with the King and Queen and Hie Interest they manifested In the Cotton Picking Contest. Despite the high wind which made standing in the' open very disagreeable, they posed again and again for photographs which | will be distributed all over the United States In promoting the contest. Numerous questions were asked about the kind of seed, machinery and equipment being used and of other matters concerning the context and the. allied entertainment being planned (or the Iwo day event. In Census Is Made Because Blythevllle's census shows a number of residents have been overlooked, thc time lias been ex- icncicd to Saturday for final enumeration, it was announced today by the Chamber of Commerce which is sponsoring the drive to enumerate every person. Some of the sections have been thoroughly worked by the census takers without a single person overlooked while others have missed scores of citizens whose names will not be In the official 1940 census If they are not enumerated by Saturday, it Is claimed. While many negroes have been overlooked, numerous white persons have also not been enumerated, It is snld. If you have not been listed, please call phone No. 308 or No. 291 and your name will be given lo the census taker in your district. WEATHER Arkansas — Pair tonfghl and Thursday, slightly warmer In west and central portions Thursday. : Memphis and vicinity—Fair and slightly cooler tonight, lowest temperature about 46. Thursday (air, Friday fair with rising temperature.

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