Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 20, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1939
Page 6
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Wudneda.y, SopUlubi/c 2u, .1081) HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS P .' r!7~ .TiU L Pastor, Louis to Fight Wednesday Rout I« -Scheduled for 20 Hounds—Louis Heavy Favorite OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOA"RT5TNG~HOUSE . , .with , . . MAJOR HOOFCT W.TRO1T. —I/I').- Joy Louis makes tho eight defense of his wovkl's heavy weight championship Wednesday night agniiisl Holi Pastor in Brings Stadium and very fc-w of Ihc folks around Tuesday night though Hie brown bomber would run into nny more trouble Iliiin il takes to billion hi.s vest. In fuel, although Rob Pnstor made Joe lunk woefully biid iiiH 1 evening in )!Kn. Kninit Ihc route in 'ho famous "biitth 1 of lhi< bicycle 1 " in Ihc hi;; miij- inity in Iliis fight-hnt motor city figured the cliampioii would explode hi:-- dusky dynamite tlii.s time l.ffnrc lh«.' 2(1 rouiKl-liniil. and every one home carls-. Financially. the fight already is as- suri'd success. A tea parly which would have been a good Madison Square Garden .show in doors in New send ADVICE??? SMART PEOPLE, HM-T? TH 1 SILENT! RAT^BERRV, HAH? WELU/FHAvT DON'T PA,-Z,E ME A BIT .'..HEY , » THANKS-- BUT Mt\ MORE BUTTER MUST •£•/£«&=>•=. A, MEASURE OF GRATITUDE TO YOU AND YOUR SMOWWG A.UTO MOBILE. T=CT-i NEW APPLIANCE TO COMVERT SCEWS AROMA.S/ HAK;-KA.T=P/. ? I HAVE 5UNAAAOWED TO "PRESENT TWt lt>EA TO OU« LHAOIWG BANKER) AMD if YOU IWOQTW OF STOCK Itsl TWF ARRAMGE IT WOVW YOU KK1OVJ , MT5S, VtoOP>LT£ AWD LEAVING TVMS SO TUKVS WHAT'S BEEM SMOKING UNDER. VOUR - ,- , Vou EMER INDENT A TO TAWE THE UOT AlR OUT OF Llf I'LL BE INTERESTED/ BY TWE t>lD VOU MOVE TO . THAT Y.OU PERFECTED THE CA*V<e. OF WA7ERPROOP UNJCHING wo SALE" STANDINGS National League Clubs Cincinnati f,l. Lolis .. Chicago Brooklyn New York Pittsburgh . . E-jslon r-hilaclel|jhia W. 86 84 79 74 59 44 L,. 54 f>7 07 (14 70 7(1 7!) 95 Pet. .011 .i»flG .541 .530 .490 .401 AW .317 TuLsday's Results Philadelphia 13. Cincinnati 1. £.1. Louis 0. Brooklyn 1. Pittsburgh 5, Boston ?>. Games Wednesday New York at Chicago. Philadelphia at Cincinnati. Brooklyn at St. Louis, Boston at Pittsburgh. American League When your doctor gives you advice, try lo follow his suggestions faithfully and ccmsulen- tuously. His advice is sound, scientific and practical. He is your only reliable source of aid. SKK YOUR DOCTOR When presoriplioiis arc neeileil .-Jill .... The Leading Druggist "We've (iol II" PHONE, li',1 INlotorcycilc Delivery Clubs New York Boston Chicago Cleveland .. Detroit Washington Philadelphia St. Louis. ... W. .100 83 79 . 79 73 03 . 52 . 40 L. 43 59 03 03 fiR 81 Bl 101 Pel. .090 .585 .550 .550 .518 .438 .:«M ,284 Lucky .the Hlvcr Was Neat There ir a certain suburban home whose owner's principal delighl is keeping it spick and span. After dinner he and a guest were tWoking oh the lawn. The guest, after lighting his cigar, threw the burned match on the ground. "Oh. I wouldn't do that. George." .said the host. "Why not?" "It spoils tre appearance of everything," wos the answer. "It's just those little things that make a place look j bad." ! The guest smoked his cigar in sit- i ence for a few minutes; then, without i a word, he got up. walked down the 'load, and disappeared. He returned in a short time. Hi* host asked. "Where have you been. George?" "Oh. I just went down to the river to spit." replied George.—The furrow. sent from Galesburg and the 33 candidates were able to dress in uniforms. War's New Underground Do i.ilrg round Bruce Catton Says: V\\l A gents Track Down Every Lead, Sometimes Find Sprees. Instead of Spies By BIMJCE CATTON NKA .Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON—A Washington resident called the Federal -Bureau of Investigation the other i!ay and implored the G-Mee. to have a gander at queer goings-on in the flat next door to his. in n rather tony downtown apartment building. "There are lights on in that flat ft)- Tuesday's Itcsulls New York (i, Chicago 2. Boston (i. Si. Louis 2. Detroit 8. Philadelphia 4. Washington 10, Cleveland Games Wednesday St. Louis at Bosln . o Cliicus at New York. Hell-oil at Philadelphia. Cleveland at Washington. Illinnis Griddcr CHAMPAIGN — Paul Milosevic!!, llinnis sophmore end, has a real claim to versatility. Miloscvich pitched a no-hit, no-run game in an independent league . . . and then just to make it a full day. went behind the plate and caught the second game of a double-header. until :! o'clock and after, iihnnsl (.-very nifjit." he announced. "Whnever's in Ihero UilUs German nil the time. Must e a bunch of spies. You people ought drinking was hatched llu-re. This is just a sample of the sort of thing the FBI is getting these days. m*-r ^*sj*. v of,. \~> . . mborts Uut IKI Uniforms As the nation's first of defense ugainsl foreign espionage, it is getting The FBI sighed and svent forth to j a , )ei .f ec i Hood. As a matter of duty, it al least had a new one. LEWISTOWN. 111.. — George .Dertinger may not have had as many worries at the start of this football season as some other coaches, but he John Deere Wagons Complete Stock Our l j i'it'es and Terms Will Interest You Subterranean pn<*ui<cs li^.- (hat abovr form now baltU-munc] on the wrstcrn front. Both German - and French ongimuT-s rtynamit,, mul s,,,! Sa:n- roal minr «alU,rie.s, each f^rmg other lorce w)l use them in surprise atlafks. Soldiers, black ^ minors, M"arrt passages. At, one point, German had marc-heel for miles Ihrout-h pa.^aKi-s sprang from mine mouths under cover ic-mporarily halted French, pholo shosvs workers m a Saar coal mme. lorfcmenls which o£ check up. In the end, il .found—as il had anticipated—no cause for alarm. The flat, it developed, was occupied by a gentleman of German birth who. was Very fund of card games— penny nine, pinochle, and what-not. He had a number of like-minded cronies, also of German ancestry. Four or five nights a sveek they would come in and play cards, eat liverwurst sandwiches,, and maybe drink a litlle beer, Sh-h-h, Beer Plot is'Exposed They talked in German because thai was the language they gresv up with; but the most careful investigation failed lo show that any of them were anything but good Americans or -a little friendly card playing and beer : a litle friendly card playing and beer \. Hope Hardware Company Porkers, With Line Averaging 211 Pounds, May Stick to Ground Attack! Zelon Holly of Hope Apparently Has Cained Inside Track for Center Positions-Thomson Has Manv Veterans lo Call On • THE PAYOFF , .Spt'clnl .on FLOOR FURNACES EASY FHA TF.KMS HARRY W. SHIVER PLUlVTBINd I'JIONK 259 id Siminglun arc seniors, arc ', This starling line, with the addition ol Holly, n I'.HiS reserve, at ci-n- tei. will aveiage 211 pounds. A se- i ."iiii-slnni; linr of equal weigh! include four letlermen FAYATKV1LLE, Ark -- A powerful i tackles, and Thorpi. line averaging 211 pounds from end I at guard. Mays and Thorpi lo end is the reason why the Univer- ! The others arc juniors, .sity of Arkansas ISa/.oi hacks are ready U> resign the litle of "The passingivst team in the nation," in t'avnr i I a more con*erwiti ve ground attack. During the pan ihree :va:i.:ms ihe Ua/.orbacks threw (he record total of S:V> passes, an as'i-ragc of -H 5 passes for each .'<(! games. Th-- passers opperated behind a comparatively huh I line. Passers and receivers were plentiful and above Ihe average. Bui, cullies I'.IItil and Coach Thuinscii finds thai he has a flock of big and fast linemen, vhaiw^r;. aiiil UUicker:. s-.'ho can A would reserves The line Miami, aii'l at eml. Sin! lei Ics Su (u Ih LOGS BOLTS and BLOCKS We arc now in (hi- market for Uak and (.ium luj.|s. While Oak, Overcup. I'o.sl Oak. Hod Oak. and A.';li Heading Bolt?;, Aisu H»lincf SWIOliT (.;UlM Blocks. l-'ur prices and jip Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, Arkansas Phone 245 Ihi.- hack : tyU- ul plas ciinM-lph-ntl.V hi v.' 10 Ihe lailliliar -I.Illl plllll tin- j.ini'.le wint'hack bur. sili^'ti' exceptlun ul holes fur adapt:, his In lal antl I.uck:. will ,;:,kini; llu- tiuiliou fur unbalanced Wilb Ihr sllifle exceptlun ul ci'll- Iri. Ibc Martini 1 , Arkansas lim- will consist of leiiei men. This Marling line will have llickey anil KI H')IIT;.;I-I al thr ends, Mays and I'arlrr al the replacements arc Suuth- Uritt, liolh letter men, .>i-, ;i U-tler num. ami Mil- l-.i.'-t year's re.--i rve. al the Yales. ;i veteran, aud I le.-.ei v' 1 . al the guards, and ;\ --itj hiiuuii e al cenlei. Twi-nly-nne ul the 22 leternieii iiiimi'il have bail experience for eilli- !-i one 1.1 two SIM;.on-.. 11 the liavoi- Ij.-ick.--: decide In IIM- .-I'lin.- "f iheir IttHaililmt. :'."p illlice speeii r mil duly a:i 1111 • 11. Ailal' liii: hey or an Dr. J. D. Johnson •Announces the opening of ' first National Bank Building • I'luclice Limited to • ; Eye, Ear Nose and • Throat. York, it II;LS caught on here eS-en beyond the IIHJ.SI pleasant dream;- of l j vumou i r Michael strauss .lacubs. "Uncle Mike" had "JIIOU.UUO advance salt iu ihe "till" a couple of days draw between $4(10.0(10 anil JfiOU.OIlO .sume -10,00(1 to fill.OOO of the faithful on deck. Tin- festivities .start at S:!!U p. m. (ceil Ira I .standard lime*, with clear warm weather promi.se-d, ami it is conceded by most every one. even la.-lor, • ilia I this first 20-nninil title tight in a quarter won't go more than 10 on Ihe outside. Louis figures lie's going lo put Pastor lo sleep "jus' as toon as 1 kept him. 1 hope he don't go i>n thai bicycle again." Pastor puoh-]joi;hs .such talk ami eonntt-i'.s svilh a prediction that he"l "mosl likely flallen Joe in heals." '1 hoinsen ha.s anil Stilton, all well over ihe 20tl-pi>iind mark. Al nf svhich makv, it appear that Ihe six veteran Arkausa-' backs will lie upend UM'. Iwhie.il a puweil'ul forward wall iiu matter whether Thinn: en n.-.es hi.s first sluing, his second slriiij',. or his siiphmoies. Or mix- e.s them mi. l!y IIAKKV GKAYSON NBA Service Sports Kditor C1NT1NNATI. O. — When Eugene ! Thompson, Jr.. came through with ! that two-hit shutout of the Brooklyn i Dodgers the other afternoon, he bei came the first Red pitcher other than I Paul Derringer and Willia'm Henry I Walters. Jr.. to register a victory j since August 21. I This gives you an idea where the j i Cincinnati club would he without • Derringer and Bucky Walters. Junior Thompson's masterpiece came ; as the Jihinelander.s launclied llie inost crucial period of their September drive. And when the veteran sovUhpaw, lack- . Milburn Shoflm-r. followed il up with irkcr., seven iimiiigs of excellent relief pitch- ^alo. j j nf , ;,, i| u , night-cap of a douhle-head- er \vith the Giants the following afternoon, things were much more cheerful in the Khinelaiul dnugoul. Yuimg Tlioni|)son and old Shoffner came in the rescvte of Derringer und \Vallei;; a.s llu; men ut William Hoyd iVU'ivi'cluiie faced seven bargain bills iiit;l li\'e .single panics in the space ol n days with only unv ape.u dale on the lisi. That's just about as gruelling a lest as could be des'iseil for au uutt'il Mriving 10 protect a slender lead. Count Oil (irissiini to IUIM- SillKllillll !!' Ihc Heels (.'merge from it with Iheir margin intact or increased they will be worthy champions. All of McKechnie's nine flingers will luive to turn to. It's a chance some of them have been wailing fur. They believe they can help. Hill McKeeliuie tried desperately to establish some semblance of order and rotation among his hurlers. But un- tin Thompson and Shoffner lent a helping hand, Deacon Bill appeared to have only Derringer and Walters and .1 lot of blokes named Joe. •• McKechnie rather bonked on Lee Grit-soul, (he great disappointment, lo b'usc the situation. Long Lefty's brother died a few c. lupsaasbkdeayoucealdS aalsr(fl')—H days back und he was all upset about it, but hi.s mental attitude is belter now und he'll be gelling more work. Shoffner and John Niggeling, another old-l.'mer. have demonstrated that they i can win, but require considerable rest : between starts. not Iliiilon The llintun Home Demunslrrslion Club met Tuesday BciJlemher llth uilli Mrs. H. 1C. Adams ;:u silling. Mi.-,.-; Mary Midilleiirooks read pm- lii.u ol '.llth Psalm t'i>r devotional and we n.'pealed Lonl.-; I'rayi-r in unison. Gv»u r . singiuy led hy Mrs. Lvnn Junes. Kleveii member: win-- L'i'i'il roll call hy tehm; what we \voul seven t-ikc (n the Ian. MIPIIM'-- v.'i'i'e re; and ai'pniv.'il. Berger Returns to Left r":e:r. McKechnie has gone back lo Waily Burger in lefl biekl. Berger wasn't hitting and pulled a muscle in liis back tht'ee weeks ago,' but McKechnie still considers him hi.s- Lest bet in left field. Oulside of Linus Frey, Ihe condition of the club is pretty good now, but the second baseman is Ihe lad the Kcils nii.is most. While playing tin- ! turned ovei del- the handicap of a bruised right heel, Frey was again put out when a foul lip .struck llie instep of llie same foot in batting practice, Uut Junior Frey will be back shortly and McKechnie 1'eel.s su good about ! '•». of inns each one down; as a mailer of policy, il doesn't go around telling everyone what it leurns. But a huge percentage of the c-<Aii|>laint.s pretty svoor.y. FBI i.s in good thape to fight any genuine iu(iv has creaked by 150. In addition, it has what practically amounts to u "G-Man Reserve Corps," ( consisting of slightly less than 500 i men who have been graduated from j the three-month training courses ' svhich the bureau conducts. i Practically all of these graduates are members of the police forces in different American cities. The FBI keeps in touch with them, keeps them ' informed about what is going on—and ; knows lhal in case of need it has. in all of these different cities, regular police officers, trained in FBI methods and thoroughly sold on co-operation with llie FBI. who can go into action if needed. , i £py'Houte.l'or Personal Grudges j The bureau checks all complaints ' thoroughly, even if it i.s 'morally certain in-' ads'ance that everything is' okay. It is a trifle disturbed at the number of people svho seem to be willing to ' work off personal grudges by trying . to turn in innocent people as .spy su- j .spec-is, bul it lakes no chances. i Righl now il i.s keeping a watchful | eye on all persons known to have overseas connections, and i.s bending ! every effort to prevent any recurrence of the sabotage cases of Ihe hisl war. ' Incidentally, its cases don't often' land in court—or haven't so far. any- ' how. Six times, in the last three years, hae its cases resulted in actual convictions in court for violation of the espionage statutes. Mi,re often, it ha.-: been found liial ciairl trials were not necessary. Instead, the evidence i.s simply Department, Parker Exceeds IJaujfli / NEW YORK — Acording to statislcs, Die best passer- in the National Professional Football League is neither Sammy Baugh of the Redskins nor Ed Danowski of the Giants, as is the popular conception. The Dodgers' Ace parker, former Duke slur, led both in effectiveness last season. Danowki aerials gained 848 yards, taugh'h- 843. while Parker's totaled 8G5. Baugh had 11 passes intercepted, Dam.wski eight, while Parner lost only .seven. According to a cook book published in l)i!iU. a .toothache could he cured by ".splitting an onion, roasting.it, and binding it when hot into the wrist, over the pulse, on the opposite side from (lie aoliing tooth." Two hundred dollars worth (if ness uniforms tlisappeai-ed. The equipment, shipped C. O. D. i are ' from a Galesburg sporting good.s house I arrived al the station here and SV;LS 1 to have been given to an express spies thai may appear. It ' company employe who had received a force of 800. foon lo be in- . i > 20(i . fro »\ - sdl ""l officials to pay lor it. When they went to get the package it was gone. Meanwhile a duplicate order was Gas @as A!! . .la;*. KJII*T ^.uy^ UK .^tt li.tU 1 i:<)lilil '.0.^ <,n my , i'L r.Jl or fc,^F|i 1 f-at -L E R I*<K A John S. Gibson Drug Co. lo the Stat which quietly gels in touch with the representatives of Ihe foreign nation involved. Tin- man who has bei-n doing the spying is calli-il home, ami that i-nils ii. Now with an actual wai In ie at last admits: the i-hanrc lu ttrab the tilings that h legs have a lalou. The Beds are currently playing u £1- game home stand. Only their hist three ; games are away and they are sche'd- i uled in I'-itisburgh with a Pirate array thai can't get itself arrested. McKechnie is dead right when he !:a>s thai if the Heds can'l win ih't- pennant under these circumstances and from the current National I^eugue field they don't deserve lo win it al all. hub'.- lia.-l: 1 siiijpose you dance She: Oil. yes! 1 love to. tasl: Fine! That's more I dancing, any time. Diulst-rs Draw Well NEW York — Attendance at Uronklyn Dodger games has passed the 900,000 mark for the season. At this time the president urged] al members to send in full reports' li. In- hcin in lo next Cmmly Cunm-il. i .Since last mceling our club house j Moor has been slaiiml nict'ly fcrl cost of sixty cenlii. Tin- club gave ashower of srliool ch)tbe> fur lhix-e inulhc-rless children ip cummuiiily. Alany nict- gainients \vt. r.- \.i'cei\ p cHl and appreciated very mucli. The Micial half hour was .•.pent in making plans for the fair, the linal ai i angt'nicnts In be made Tues- II you should die tonight will yom family In- adequately protected. T.\LHOT VKIU). Sr. District iMaiiager Kcliaiice Life luminance Co. l.llc, Health and Accident ISoj. 44, Hope, Arkansas. NOTICE _AJ1 persons who handle or sell food to the public are required to pass a physical examination which must be made or approved by the city health physician, Dr. Don Smith. Call my office for dates. All persons with ice boxes not connected with storm sewers must connect them at once. Your duty in this matter was clearly defined by the recent ordinance passed by the city council. Read the ordinance- carefully as you will be expected to comply with all its requirements immediately. Dr. Don Smith City Physician NOTICE The City Garbage Truck will remove garbage from Wards One and Four on the first and fourth Tuesday of each month, and from Wards Two and Three on the first and fourth Wednesday of each month. You are expected to collect all garbage on your premises and put same in sacks or other containers and leave such containers at a place easily accessible to tin- City Truck on dates above mentioned. If the said truck should miss your premises, call the Street Commissioner, T. H. Jhitler, telephone 021. W S Atkins Mayor

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