Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 1, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1942
Page 2
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m O. K. K. T.? •«****«« Social Calendar . .mmni-y , s , Choi,- practice f(ll . „,„ Methnd.st church ,.,„,,,. cnurch, 7::if) o'clock. '""' The w - M. S. of (ho Fi,. sl church will mpcl ,„. ,,,, miikling, 3 o'clock. ""' wives, ™«l fri,nd s of lm - S TTOO|W • Stuli( "' l> ' 1 » ore invited )„ „ ,;„<,,,:.., sorvic, Tl,,,,, dn . n PI noon at 3 o'clock in th,, ^m ,f M« .Edwin Dos,,,,,, 1ZU W( ,M (i Ye..r . Jitm.ary 2ml The H OIC Gm-d,.n'i.|i,b W i|| mer , at OR- homo tlf M , s . K ,, O - N 3 o clock. M,- s . „•,„!, J UI1W! wil be the ussodnto hostess. Snlurdny, Juininrv :ird Mrs. Qrlc Rood has Issued invitations to „ Inncj,,.,.,..,^.,,, honoring a pl) p u | n , bride-ck-cl Mi*. Lcnorn Koulon. The.- purty' w " b « "MAMo nt her horn,.. fij V( .,, „ v <-«>„' i- , » Sorlui, «i his h 0 m c ., G22 Nlirtl Uervey, honoring Mr. mid Mis T J t-ambern, who were celebrating thoii fifteenth wedding anniversary Hobday deeon.tions intorspc'rced Wl h "fifteens" were noted throughout the house. Dinner wtis .served to twelve guests. Another affair O f the gain season took place nt thc Mnc { M Mrs. Boy.Io K. Guy, .KM, Th,r t .. rr,i,t!c' toe and holly predominated in the seasonal docorn. Mr. ;„„! Mrs. Gnyman rocpivcc MrT r'T f '. lf 'T U '" y Wi(h Ml - "'« m y>- I. J. Crinibcrn. .-oon iifte,. midnight a (MiTliibl MiupiM- wns served, buffet slylc I, » number of guests. ' Fifty pcopl,. ,i nncc ,i ril tllc A «'" Legion hall to the music of -, H*"l™l«,n W,,ln ( -.sd.,y , vm{ ,^ '{.„•' "J"" 1 ";" 'he club rooms were arl- %;f <'"""•'""" i'' the holiday Ont-of-iown Biiests for the ,]„„.,„ were Ciiplom am | M .., ,' , t ~ r « of Fort Donning. °' ^ Sever,,! Jo Welcome The New Among the |niillv ... the city on RIALTO - Now Double Feature ' -••" '* iiufiurcc Mi,- s''. * KC W<>(lllM <l».v Kvcning • •> t»*if »t Ann Ffoilnnd of W'isli ^?5&"S£ sarSSSSss t,,l?l!" IU ' 1wh T l r St -"' Wtl ! ' 1 «wo small ,,','.' w h werc> c «-'"toral with , W.IIK I;,,,,,,.,; sun-ouiulf.,1 with »,„.. I' <(s " f Kr.--t.|iory. At poinl.s of van•'«<'. nm,, w . mwi , s of « llc |, ,„•„< V ' " <!'' ' woro noted by , hc '„,," Wl fcnjoymK Iho occasion with thr |B3;E'S-£ Mis. presented with J *-*• "..ii| j^ || Scorer at Tuesday Chil. Mooting a i (he home of Mrs. Allison, members of ,,,e Tuesday club enjoyed (heir weekly on Tuesday afternoon. Ad- JtOPi STAR, HOM. A»*AH« A « v i w This revealing picture gives away no military information, and so this newspaper presents Miss K. T. Stevens of the Broadway show "The Land Is Bright" Just for the fun of it. Personal Mention Dick Walkins and H. O. Kylcr ore i NTnu, n,.in ,_ : *"•• ""- a Girl Mode! Most Forgotten Models Have Stage Ambitions By ft AY 1'EACOCK Now Orleans Bovvl game. see the Sugar -o- Tommy Kinser arrives Friday to spend ,, few days with rolntives be? lore returning to the University of Arkansas. During (he holidays he has been touring the-'-' - NEW YORK - If you haven't heard from Mary Roe lately, the girl is in Now York, fifiure. modeling. I saw her just the other day, and the day bt-ore, and the day before that- lor there, are nuiny Mary Roes who are figure models . __Shc said she was well and liked , - -•••• TU» wen un(1 jiKecl r,,^" 1 ' could quote her what she wns doing, or had a I K)V friend or husband in the offing Something liko that, anyway. She is a pretty girl, this tompasife Mary Roe- about five feot four, with honest blue eyes, « beautifully clear complexion, dark wavy hair (hat brushes her shoulders. She is n figure model by choice, because, shr- -ml *'mpl.v. "I like to feel I'm' being a purl of tradition." "I began posing for illustrators when 1 got out of high .school," she told me. 'After a lime I wauled more money, so I started posing in cos-' lume As I got to know and undnr- stnnd the artists better, my ollitud,- toward figure modeling changed and n wns Iho next logical step. "I wouldn't be a Conover or Powers girl if i cou]d _ F(J| . Qne th . ng i d need a much more elaborate ward '•obe. For another, figure modelinfe £ more abstract than the other kinds In costume you are just a manne- |um. In figure you can express many nore beautiful things." That word "abstract" i s n favorite with Mary Roe. To her it is the dif- c-'rence between imjwrsonnl and per- onal regard, nudity and nakedness, rt and obscenity. Once Mary was posing unconcern- cily before n class of art students, her und on how she would do over her »1I coat. She became awaro that a •vorkman repairing an adjacent roof vas staring at her. She became hys- crical and had to be taken home. Under the same code and philoso- by which jusliifes her job, Mary con- tiers it unethical to disrobe before the- artist or cluss. She uses nn ud- poming ,. 0 om or screen. When sh ! omt-rgc's und takes her pose she i « f'«ure ;.nd not Mary Roe. Arms -shoulders, torso and limbs are bu lines. I did a certain amount of pryin into Mary Roe's private live. An art jsl of long experience and no de lusions said this: "Most of the girl s are prefix straight. I don't suppose there ar uny more extra-curricular relation ships between artists and model ban between bo.ss and stenograph^ iinde c <rcumstnnces they worl "I don't mean this as whitewash be cause that would be silly. But to bi practical, girls with loose morals caus, -so much trouble nobody wants them around. They're no good as model, anyway. They twitch too much " I asked Mary herself about the wolves in artists' clothing, but she shrugged it off. "I've been posing for eight years,' •she said, "and I've had only two or three such experiences. We're careful about making appointments w th persons we don't know. And when we find that a man just brought us there to look at, we go in a hurry. Besides, I'm a good screamer." All of which, thanks to Mary, should answer a few questions. OUT OUR WAY ByJ.R.Willioms -• Clubs Hopcwcll Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carter and chili-en Betty and Tommy, have returned to their home following a visit with Mrs. Carter's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Pnlchard. Mi.ss Happy Pn| ch; ,;. r , who has a so been visiting her mother for the hohd;.y..:, departs Saturday for her home in Washington D. C. Now Double Feature JANE WITHERS —in — "Small Town Deb" — and — "Go West Young Lady' — with — Perry Glen SINGLETON FORD ADMISSION lie - 25c - 30c ALL DAY CAKI> or THANKS on he P ' K r " r a "' luh; , aon lub met at the home of Mrs Homer West on December 18, for their WHUT MAD OUS' TH1MK THE ASH CAM 1_ILV T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. j.QPR.lM2BYMEASr n «ir. , N0 . Edson in Washington Production of Coming Year tp* us to comprehend the sweeping «ai character of the mobilization ntW ' under way-economic as well as nrtli* tary. In this total mobilization, ever* " ry adult American can and slib'trfcT play n part. j 1 Important beginnings to econonflf mobilization were made in 1041. fcfur million five hundred thousand persons are already engaged On thtf economic front. This meant an increase of 3,000.000 (defense 'ivorjo ere) in the past year. Another step token in 1941 toward producing the war machines we shall use to smash our enemies was to make the largest addition on record to the country's productive plant and equipment. During the year. S8 . 500000000 in np\ J vat * v°» WOJOOfcOOO worth ofne^^anTlrS added. . By the beginning of 1942, the arms industry, broadly considered, will be no less than third in size of all American industries; by the end of the corning year it should certainly rank iirst. Clearly the prime objective of our economic mobilization is to provide such a crushing superiority of armaments that the enemy's greatest ellorte will be overpowered. None of us, as producers, shall with- npld his hand from this sweeping mobilization of our productive strength. As it proceeds, the country's aggregate output in the coming year w; 1 move ahead. Since most of it will flow into war materials, we shall, as consumers have to adjust our selves to the rationing of scarce articles. Let us, however, take comfort in the certainly that with our unparal- led to victory, this great nation will decisively win the struggle so brutally thrust upon it. n -VLI of the United oiates ing above' VeTeH-moduTaled^fteh of I "ft""* , l ° "f 0 " 31 defe " Se: u nn.-r,.,.(i,, ,„.; , ,, ... ,, plu r 01 1 There have been - . ««.«t4i.*;ia jyjtun OI I nPl'n rnwo UnM* i perfectly poised finishing coh« i ... nave " ccn expressions of sus- :ophomore, his tempo, always utw SlT '" , ° "*"**>*** lately that ;rt,s s™',,,"£/ - "•".'"« ™& ™tt£: at-Iaw who in Corcoran, barrister- I certain high circles I - ••<-"-II'UIJCIA laiew mat all this activity of Mr. Barrister Cor- corans was not exactly on a dollnr-a- year or sweet charity basis, and be- milCn r\f il-i^r.,, cast upon . "," """ "' ".-riain nigh circles _ used to be known familiarly as Tommy th e Cork", has given a bunch of mere Slfl.OOO-a-year U. ST. senators J lull day s lesson in how to be a ?10C.OOO-a-year attorney and out of the largeness of his big Irish heart ie never charged the statesmen a cent lor the instruction. It may seem trivial to talk about >uch things while the world is bc- ng blown to pieces, but all this has Tn indirect bearing on defense, for Wr. Corcoran earned his ?100,000 serv- ng his country, or at least in the living of advice to certain parties vno had business with the govern- ew year, gifts were exchanger from a eautiful Christmas tree, with Mrs •Vest p aymg Santa Clause Some use- ul gifts were presented Mrs G W ^ovvell a recent bride ^then adjourned to meet ... G w Wiggins the third Wednesday m January, 1942 We wish to fnke this means of expressing our thanks for the many kindnesses extended to us durim; our recent bereavement. The many floral olfenn.xs were sincerely appreciated Mrs. Jim Roberts Mrs. Henry Taylor It costs about 510,000,000 n year to put that good smell into beaulv uro- ducts. THEATERS •SAENGER at the Wed.-"Down Argentina Way" Thur.s.-"Go West Young Lady" and "Small Town Deb." Fri.-Sat.-"Smilin(r Ghost" and Down Mexico Way." Sun.-Mon.-Tues-"Baluima Passage" RIALTO Matinee Daily Tucs.-Wed.-Thurs.-"Flying Blind" nntl "Million Dollar Baby" Fri.-Sat.-"01d Colorado" and SOILS of the Navy" Sun.-Mon.-"Glamour Boy" 8 Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment! Copyright, 1941, NEA Service Inc. 1" f " Ct . y .° u : rc Setting ready to ten-year contract to manage this store as I see fit " ?SiK SHH^'rl;;? S;^£-i;^H^ S? d .r.' B '.Vi^ '-*• t f & ffi»r»"^™&™& £, ;-ui-!;-; (( ^,-- J|'"< injure* ni-u-slioy Xlrkv a l. <lluu;«-ll Xh-ky «»«,.,„.,.„ mil* lllll i:f^r--"j-!;;-r';y^ ^;:^^-- () r-'^,,r^ {•> t-nrol iviti,,,ut 1,1s k,i.nvU.dK^ H"vi : r;r"-" v •.-.I.V'JSK ji.irly Andy klNNi-N Cnrol, iiuli<.|,| L . N !'<• i« ikruuKh will, I.l,,,l«. N, t* day <:,,r ( ,| ,, nlls ,„„ W ill'« r,,^. ,?,t in Hi,.- rniin, |, ll( ,, le „.„, , J H.-rru-k in,.,, |i,.,. s ll( . r fl>r w fl n ^ u ri.l,,.,.,,^.,,, ( ., l( . ( . k f„,.„„„„,, '^ ll« IKIK diNllllNNfll. IlKllOHKll «Kn*i Hlie IV.-IM ,,,,ly f 0 lio,vi,, w u,,' jirj '" :'""' ,m,| t .y. Ur«urnl*B i» il^ A '; ,::';,..« "'«•..•*» »Yerfce«rJ (lie li-vutur n * * * MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and CITY BAKER / HAS THE WILL? CHAPTER XV "JT'S not true, I tell you!" Mr. Herrick glared at Andy. "Bill didn't report that elevator " „ 'T™A g ° ing to be the J ud S e ° f that," Andy snapped. Carol's heart leaped. Andy was awake at last. "" ' it '7 e f' I , didnlt intend to push I bUt you>ve called my You see there's the small The will? What does Mr. Her- carol .. —„. the will? ht frantically. win hai ! p ? n .^ know what that will contains," Mr. Herrick was saying "I happsn to know that it disinherits you, leaves everything to charity!" __. . - ~..-.*v-w» « ^«aJJ. U lyi]; Hemck had read the will he was distorting the facts "It—what?" That was genuine surprise in Andy's voice nnn J W EU ? geStS that ^ ^n't capable of running the store, Andy. It orders the stock sold and he doors closed for good. prosecute j-ou lor this " A,!',H h '. T-?- 11 '! take that Attitude, »Tf M S tone was conciliatory. If the will should be found, you don't think I'd bo fool enough to let myself become involved. Your prosecution wouldn't touch me! On ,he other hand you don't like the store. You never have. You can turn It over to me and forget it. Take the income and enjoy yourself That's not asking much of you. That's doing you a favor." "What's your proposition?" Was Andy s voice less angry? "You give me a ten-year con- uact, Mr. Herrick hurried to tell nim. Of course, I'd want a slight srssrss, £ sft& appear. Nobody would blame. It'd be just one of those things. A case where a man understood to have made a but evidently didn't." '. Would u ' . ™ r - Demote have his way after ound"""" has been 1C Stand he had taken such a Found! Carol's thoughts echoed, lien ,t. wasn . t Andy at gll J^ "''--will from the ledger. S » bepn ivr,. TI«, °i_i. leart _ ... .„„,.. inuiin. BUUaiiesS hnrl *ol-«« *i -r, ." * "" «"" for Nicky and his innocent repeti- T f ™ f V Wl11 from the ledger. lion of their conversation at the " ave been Mr - Herrick (..r,,, , I" hospital Christmas morning! f someone Mr. Herrick knew I I U let you know "You're forgetting that the store [ n Andy's determination to run weakening,, -..-., Saturday." Saturday! Delay meant he waiting for Mr. Herrick SH* Wf. . anyon . e is with- repairs is your idea of makimr I " l aon ' t ™^'1^1 .^nt any ot it. 11 S^J^I only^^a «^ I Mr ' HeVrick »* &££$£ be, shall we | . 5_ick with the knowledge that for insulting him ' draw up a contract ' r ....».„„ ,„ Jlljr BIUI - C . ."»-. ™ me would be, shall we ^ick with the khowledse thaf —-J something else." Andy's ! d ^ a satisfactory reward for my Andy had failed BKainTnmi fl ^ ^™rj±'e ; t,:^.»-l'-^^sr^ self. She had oinr!«ri ;« i.:™ «T - — — *- "M»J j.\_j\^unt-oo. j.jJOSG 1 C — f funds to Mrs. Milligan and Mrs "That's ; Grovcr. You must have thought cused Jlini you were pretty smart to take ''Blackmail's an ugly word " credit lor them. Well, Carol got """'" J ' . , o mad last night-mad enough to give me a hint about those checks. Id never have thought to look them up if she hadn't." n. o now Andy had taken her hint about about the will?" e " the cliecks! e checks! "I thought you'd wonder M°. 'T lat? 'V- There Was menace the party who toundTeUk Mr. Hern' ----.... -*.*j\_At- \\ m Mr. Herrick's words. "So you're through. Herrick. From now on, I run I will was found in" this store- myself. The way my record for 1940." lather would want H run." ;;Jn the inventory record?" ugy word » JasLhe Ld fhS? h ^ bun - At No uglier than the condition, to ma -- hi f ?, g ' he Was goin e ^' ou *uggcstJ» conditions to make his father proud of him. " r wouldn't call therm that » the !<?„• h - S f, r ? d ° Ut of " ^ "You've lied abou othei^hin« whiHh ™? f lght lose lhe tacome How do I know you aren't 7 £ ant an easy life! abou " ' Jying - SJl could Z° to him and tell contents of the will. % Ve h > m cou '' a ge to vHemck - But she ° U make a man e the precaution to leave i s In el cauon o leave i s n U nnw ' v - se through, velope behind, right where ?he ( tro, f ' ° U ^ make a man , I run will was found in the jnvmtorv ?r ? g V removin e temptation. " ^ventoy If he were sae aon. he were saved, he would have himselt ' fonowed this e Carol longed to will where vou would be lind "• °" ly ^»con e else to look there first Fe - l ' * 01 next words were like * ; do said after a herself, show up the miserable scheme and revel part she would have to take i disinheriting Andy. It was a resolution that brought her little comfort on New Year's Day. *v«* P (To Be _. ^- u » v..jj (,j i( j, ujiifijy ..— the right to be heard and - deny that he was a contract brok- A1I Sweetness and Light For his soapbox, Corcoran chose senator Truman's committee investigating national defense, with such worthies as Connally of Texas, Mead of New York, Hatch of New Mexico and such Republicans as Ball of Minnesota, Brewster of Maine and Bridges of New Hampshire. Before this august panel, Lawyer Corcoran read his 19-page prepared statement (not printed at government exprese) and answered the questions that the worthy senators put to him. All was milk and honey and sweetness and light, and Mr. Corcoran got a lot of dandy free advertising f or his law Tommy, you'll recall, hasn't been on the government payroll, directly, since September, 1940. But he doesn't look any the worse for it. He resigned , from his job as a titular RFC coun- i sel to help elect Roosevelt for the third term, After the first of the year Corcoran went to work for himself and tritely, how. "I don't think I have'ever worked on anything f 0r less than 55000 " Corcoran modestly confessed to the senators, thus striking them complete'%,. ga :f a ; He was purposely very difficult to see. From September to January he had been in poHtica , life, seeing 50 people a day, living m one of those goldfish bowls, but he tired of that. Played Hard to Get For a time his office was in h apartment, then for three months h shared a corner with a couple o awyer pals till he could find a plac to hang out his own shingle He ha us own ofices now, lovely offices ie assured the committee, and h invited the senators to come up an, see him some time. The address, in case you'd like t< hrow a little of your legal busines im the way of a struggling young awyer. , ? 1016 Investment Building, Washington, D. C. But modesty has always been one of the Corcoran virtues He has never had his name on a door, he says, and he always worked on the Emerson mouse trap theory. If people wanted to see him they d come.to his door. It seemed to work ail right, else Lawyer Corcoran would not have earned those fees of S5000 from Savannah Shipyards, $5000 from China Defense Supplies, $25,000 from the British Purchasing Commission, and $65 000 plus possibly a block of stock of undetermined size, from the syndicate which will operate a new S21 mi hon mganesium plant at San Jose, Calif. Not all his business was with the government. There Experience Counts Senator Hatch, who is sincerely concerned about this business of ex- government employes representin private interests before the govern ment, asked directly why Cocorai was paid and what he did. Tomnn assured him blandly it was "to heli put the whole picture together" dur mg difficult negotiations, the kind of banker's lawyer business be had done for many years. Senator Brewster, characteizing Corcoran as a sot of lawyer's lawyer made the obsevation that pehaps" he wouldn't have been hired if he had not occupied a position so close to the throne. "May I enter a denial that I was ever close to any throne," pleaded Corcoran, who then went on to explain that "it may have occurred to my employers "they were hiring me for my experience"—for the unusual educational opportunities he had had as junior to Mr. Justice Holmes, to Eugene Meyer, to Harvey Couch, to Jesse Jones. The name of Hoosevelt wasn't mentioned. "I'm paying tribute to the wisdom" of retaining you," Brewster admitted and then Corcoran showed the stuff lhat has given him the repuattion of never missing a trick: "1 hope," said Tommy prettily, Must See 'All Out 1 Economic Mobilization Determined that victory will result, whatever sacrifices may be necessary, Americans face a war year. What does that year hold? What will Americans be asked to do—and to do without—in 1942? The article below, by Secretary of Commerce Jesse Jones, (lives us an idea. By. JESSE JONES Secretary o£ Commerce Written for NEA Sen-ice WASHINGTON - We are now engaged m the greatest sU-uggle in all history in defense of everything we cherish. We are resolved to destroy once and for all the ruthless. aggressors who are warring against us with the avowed intention of enslaving us and of sweeping away our institutions and customs founded on freedom. We will accomplish the enemy's de struction by the weight of our armaments, wielded by our own fighting forces and by those of our Allies. Before that can happen on a decisive scale in this world struggle however, the flood of all the war machines needed for the job must be provided by the nation's economic forces. Consequently it is of [.hi* vnnct 171 + nl i,-n«->,*.,,i-*_ ' f . .. 11 'f. Hold Your Hats (And Your Teeth) ,^SSEN NATIONAL PARIf, Calif. —(/FV— There's need for one more rule m the mountain-climbers' guide at Lassen Volcanic National Park in California. It is "Keep your mouth shut. This came up as a result of an experience by a man who recently climbed Lassen Peak. As he turned to exclaim to his wife over the beauties, a sudden gust of wind blow his false teeth from his mouth. They were recovered from a rock pile but it was decided those with false teeth had best view the grandeurs in silence. The forthcoming garlic crop of Mexico is expected to be 25 per cent greater than last year, the Department or Commerce reports. IRON WORKERS LOCAL UNION 591 of Shreveport, La., holds its official meeting at 7:30 o'clock every Thursday night in banquet room of Hotel Barlow, Hope, Ark. H. H. PHILLIPS, B.A. & F.S.T. , oy preiy hope a great many people heard that." North Dakota*haTT"to^rT named -now and Arkansas has a town named Snowball. WANTED CAST IRON SCRAP • ——"«v-*£M^-i*u,y Ji Ji» oi the most vital importance for all of '/&/* BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise 40*SI MADE BV THE WESSON OIL PEOPLE fast Wishes fi _ /f / ^* A

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