Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 22, 1936 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1936
Page 4
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"' * Wet feminine Musician Arwwr 10 t*wrJ0ua Futile ,1 & [o IU rf [i* g 1 LI L s W i wano . |ltr6td elotb. mot "be." profit. sle's claw. C ,£*i3to>r)r. "SIA prank. - 39 Musical note. vessel. •SI Scatters. , ,/gftTO abolish. \m Koran ran •sara BOSS ra PIBW raasa a liUHH Haaa 3H EPSC! HHH ipn nrawra BSSIIB nmam iiass HHB 1A INITIA,|R.1CIT| 55 Ingredient of powder. 66 Virginia willow. 57 Fortification. — r.8 Oriental nurse. 5 Tardy 59 She la a —- 5 Before. of symphony orchestras. 60 She was a child prodigy at the . VERTICAL 1 Black. wjth 2 Touched toes, 3 Skirt edge. 4 Opposite of vria. •1 Cogwheel. S Unoccupied. 9 Perched. 10 Burr in wood. 11 Pertaining to air. 12 Her was produced. 16 Thl* — directed her oWn opera, 20 Sun. 32 Butter lump. 24 Pertaining to hllum. 26 Cheek bone. 28 Mover's truck. 29 Beer. 31 Part of mouth. 32 Poem. 35 Pertaining to bodies at rest. 36 Parrot. 37 Bashful. 3S Ranch. 42 Interdiction. 43 Paradise. -45 Grape refuse. 46 To instigate. 47 Heavenly bodj 48 Writing tool. 49 Hindu god. 50 Enthusiasm. 52 Sorrowful. 54 Bustle. 55 Fish. *•£- W 13 17 B •45 57 >47 48 54 37 •40 9 IS 58 IO II 50 15 .-3? Sett IU Find It! Rent It! Buy It! • in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Ecmember, the more you tell, the ; quicker you sell. '., 1 time. IDc line, min. 30c j t ?o3f'cttnsecutive insertions, minim, , mum of 3 lines in one ad 3 times, 6c line, min- 50c ' —6' times, 5c line, min. 90c ^26 .times, 3^c line, roin. 52.70 (Average 5% words to the line) ant ads will be accepted with, the understanding that the biU'is payable on presentation of st4ieraent, before the first publication. Phone 768 NOTICE NOTICE, is ^hereby given-that the books showing the assessments oi Street Improvement District No. One (1) Hope, Arkansas,-as fixed by th'e assessors of said District, are now in my hands, subject to.. inspection by .any person owning property within said District. This 21st day ot January, 1936.' T. R. BILLINGSLEY, Jan. 22-23: City Clerk. CARGLASS CUT AW GROUND TO FTt ANY CAB BRYAN'S Used Parts 411 South Laurel Street OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN out OUR WAY By WILLIA1 NOTICE '.•'AUCTION SALE-January 25, at 'Gurdon, Ark. Big sale of mules, ,iorses, cows hogs, and hay. Sale starts at 1 o'clock sharp. H. L. Coon, Mgr. Tern Carrel, Auctioneer. 22-3tp FOR SALE We biiy and sell Produce at Holly's Curb Market. ]£OB SALE—Good, well-cured Johnson's grass hay. Cheap. See E. S. Greening. 14-lOt-c. ROE'S HATCHERY Baby, chicks for sale. Custom hatching a. specialty. Call or write Mrs. Fred L. Gordon, Prescott, Ark. ll-12tc FOR SALE— Bois d'Arc posts at eight cents per post. F. O. B. at the farm. Hay at 25 cents per bale, and pood com. See A. N. Stroud 21-6tc QUAUTY ' SEEDS -- PLANTS Everything for Field and Garden including supples, insecticides, spray materials, etc. For Heavy Yields Use SEMESAN Monts' Seed Store 110 E. 2nd St WANTED—HEADING BOLTS White Oak—Whisky and Oil grade, Overcup, Post Oak and Red Oak. Round Sweet Gum Blocks. For prices and specifications, See HOPE HEADING COIWPANY Phone 245 Hope, Ark. FOR SALE — Good values in pica's yeblocked hats. When you buy a hat use your head. Stack's Hot Shop. 21-5tp FOR SALE— Ten mules and mare. Just arrived. Tom Carrel. 22-3tp LOST For AH Kinds o! INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company CLEANING REBLQCKINC LOST—Liver and white spotted dog wearing a green collar and answers to the name of "Rex." Reward. Phone 9. 22-3tc WANTED WANTED—Man over 30 to Btrvice l&zal vending machine route. Spare * work about 10 hours weekly. Not No experience required, for fijt$mew write ''Artee Co.", Upper Parby, Pa. ' Resident Manager, Permanent con- riectjon, income $6500 yearly, $1500 cash required, secured, returnable. Arl- OX 96 Hope Staj-. 22-3t= Garden plants at Holly's Curb Mar- WANTED to BUY TO BUY—Ten Thouaund pounds of pecans. Southern Ice Co. Inc. • »-3te SERVICES OFFERED Wp clean, block, shrink, stretch fc*fl4 or bind hats, put in nev swe» b.-nds and cut brims. Slack'. 1 ; Ha FOR RENT 1 Fresh Fruitii at Holly V Curb Market SENT—Four room furnished t with private teto.and ga J- A, Sullivan, Phope 147. - 21-6tc A REAL stock .f various style hat blocks enable us to Renovate Your Hat Properly. A trial proves. LET US- Repair — Jl e f i n i 8 h — Remodel YOUR OLD FURNITURE Bpeciul New, Combination Modernistic BtU for only ^8.00 ajid up EstiinaU-s WALTER'S CABINET SHOP IOC S. Walnut St. We Socialize iu Cabinet Work >-x>^ , . — f . W WITH HAM Wt %T Tfcu. ivsfc TH\S '••'//. (*b$ ANNOUNCE: 'WHOARE €»OB1=R,' MY WIG TO HOOPLt if HAS UNtitW CWN H\S •PCWEK.' —^» i iM»—\» C*C1 i — —• — , **££%? THBU THE TSREA^eH jpg WH\(VNS OP NArTLVWiLt J^f TH/\T VOL) A^E Ax •REL-AH YOU WILL THE: "P.ISK OT= VOU"R OWN ANNOUNCEMENT/ vV? H HOOPLE; THE ."BENT TWIG OF . THE. T : A^A\LY TREE « i S S .••HRUUCx'^UtlM IU.HW O 1936 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M ft EC. U. S. PAT Off. ^3 SS*W OP N1V IT? WOMBST, 1 DIDW'T MAkC WO THIS WOULD 8 <iSOOD PISH 7, PILLOW SUP, Oft A TA»L6 RUUMEf?, Ofe OM6 O£ y£?U MEW ^HfftTS. AMD/ OP ALL. Sf AW OLD RA6 . DID ^>S^V ^:-.*^' P <••-• '// THE LJMEXPECTEP 'BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES "Please Do Not Disturb" (T. I»I» tff UtA \tftVKE. INC. By MARTIN OM' 1 C. f\\-\_ — ,, — \l C TO GO O.W l . C- &&., XOO\2^ "•.AS XOO'O OKiW VAiONb'T XOO YOO? . 11 P«BK \ C£5" : ' / ,/' ^/5V" :l . 1 OOKi'\ WPsKST TO xoo, y" '"' © 19J6 BY NE» SERVICE. INC. T. M^ REG. U. S. PAT. Of f^ ALLEY OOP Cardy Gives a Lift By HAMLIN LOOKrr-iHGRAKlDWZEC- \ ( OH, WELL-I CAM T BE \ /OOO-ICAMT ^ HESeEMS 1M BAD. s~~~^ ^ X WORRYIN4' ABOUT HIM - ) ( GlT UP-WHAT f/ SHAPE-'BUT/GOSH,/WE ALL DID, \ I GOT MYSELF TO >/ V AM I COMMA tr^ NO WONJDER- ; ( BUT I GUESSJ WORCY ABOUT - , HE-STUFFED LIKE (HE CAMT/^OH, WHY DID I EAT ( WUG? -AKJT'-^^^^SHAK6 IT.'V\THAT LAST ^~^ k APE/- ^^ry^KS-, ^-««t\ BITE? ) -••-'-iVM^'rf ::id SAV, CAGDV, on Boy- YOU.SEE THAT TH' GP2AKJD WI^ER GETS HOME ALL RIGHT, WILLVUH? OOOPMFJ i(V> 1936 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. r" u- WASH TUBBS Might Be a Boomerang By CRANE H00RAV POR LULU BELLE,THE C'/OU/W/NX:. i - 'ja; . -«y v ^4- •'(** I f, » *s^ ^-i-\—^—" \ ^ r JJVr 7 ^—*~"\ Hf(1 ^ // (A AlOW,GIUE THREE \VVDW.'THIS BEATS) SHE'S CHEERS FOR EASV, \ A CiKCUS YE WOBBLE-KWeE W6ASEL, OR I'LL CHEW VGR EARS ' OPF. ^ RlOT/ .-T O ,^r, SEMP HER 7 ^ ^^4',9/ . JU IDIOT/ VOU VW\MT TO LOSE 1 /EASV-THE ELECTION? STOP SHO^ ' ESE DAW6 FOOLS A GOOD TIMS, OR THEy'LL^UHGET HE'S EVEM IM •—i THE RACE; FRECKLES AND HIS TWAKIK HEAVEN THE BOYS FIWALLY KWOW j/ WHAT ID FEED DYNAMITE ! 1 HAD ABSOLLTTELY NO PEACE UNTIL THEY FOUND OUT •'/ I MIGHT HAVE KWCWN I'M GLAD THEY HAVE MILK WAS (-^ COLT?... THE -WING I THEY'LL BE HE SHOULD ) OUT OF HAVE YOUR NOW? EVER SINCE DYNAMITE CAME,THINGS HAVE BEEN MISSING FROM THE KITCHEN'. TAG TRIED OUT EVERYTHING IN THE ICE-BOX ON THAT COLT, BEFORE 1HEY DECIDED ON MILK .' /^ !T® \\ G o^fe: 1 BUT I STILL CANT FIND THINGS/ HOW MY RUBBER GUVE is MISSING!! PIN-HOLE IN ONE OF THE FINGERS, AND WE'LL BE ALL SET .'.' •"•/// -' THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Designed by a Moth By COW/AN 1 BOUGHT A FLOCK OF 8EACU P^JA^M9. AND LI&UT DDESSES AND GET A LOAD OF THIS.'/ wu/vr is IT, LILLlE,A DRESS PER ONE OF TUE (VviDGETS ? y MY NEW BATHING SUIT- I'D CON oor OK WOBDS, IF I'D TRY TO DESCRIBE WOW IT LOOKS ON t'AE .' WELL, \T \ LOOK'S A5 U- THEY RAN OOT WOOL.' PER EVEPMOBE.' NCV HEAVENS, WUiCvT A CW/^NGE f WHEN I WA'S A GIRL,WE LOOKED LAKE NVOTHER WHEN WE WENT IN TO SW\M.' £L£\ • TSM ! TSM / NOW THEY V LOOK ^AORE LIKE MER CUPBO^RD c- i»ac BY NgA SERVICE! i^c T. ,. f »T. OFF. ,

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