Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 13, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1952
Page 16
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- -• *fo* * ,fct 8 >.V # > M «MrtUt A n.t A § Number of Wordi Up to IS 16 to 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 81 to 35 36 to 40 41 to 45 46 to 60 , lXk TOHEtPTM'aUOINIH' STRETCH WITH SOM6 PfNCH-WTTlNef • OUT OUR WAY •v J. R. Wllllomt If Mlcheel (matter and Ralph Ian* e»N<& MM y TQWAXP JACK AT THE cou*r*y cut» A SAP ANt? Egry rerugNis PTOM . COWIKia TWSRXXSW) Wfc*S (SON! MM* A** LUMM.a TO j^TWBV MkSMT CVE* us/ i^/T PNP THAT pooy TOO SOON. PWY CHECK, tPEBU» SORRY PORTH6 y/«». ^^" ^| *'. » itei 8«a* fiO a«rman ktni ' ' WASH TUBBS 01 Letlle Turner . r " Ind , 1 *,'! w«l|hd GIS, WHAT ARE WE GOINS f 0 A t CAN'T FIGURl PO ? -HOW (>ID WE GET OFF OM J HIM OUT, JAM'. ' THE WRONG FOOT WITH HIM^/SHOULD IWfXK)TTO BOVS TABLE ; PLENTY OF TIME,...POM'r NNERS APPMU TUB . SHOVEL IW VOUR FOOD .._-, PONT KNOW 'HO OUR iOARDINO «OUSB Wim Ma)or Hoopto THAT l 1 DeBO0 e,eAD/DELt<SMTFULLy,4'A FIUUV AS ' /AS ^f 5AAART AS VOG •< ^( THIS SAB/ * "CO R3OL DIS FIU.Y IWTO ARRNE AT tHORMV \ MAV MOT FOOL. 60 OUR PLASJ TO * C A' NOTICE BATTLE ~AX j ) /5H6 LEArJS APT6R-7 OMTHE CJOOM IS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin 8ARCFOOT// ^ VTO^tCVVV I -W' GHOSX OAVJ^V •f Okh TVIMI T. M. Rtg. U.S. PM. 0». Conr. 195; b> NCA Suvic/ Ine «UGS BUNNY WHVN'T YA GET UP OFF F"AK< SBNCH t BET YAP MOVE FAST ENOUGH IF I OFFERED YA A PIME A SAUCER O'/VMUK/ TRY AN' TEMPT ME, I HAVE AN * * AMAZING LACK OF WILL POWER/ AN' t»O OOMETHIN/ VS ALLEY BOPY MAY BE INERT, BUT NSY BRfelN ALWAY& FUNNY lUSINISS •y Hcrahbarf er iTplflJ'i ,{ ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlln YOU WILL HAVE ACQUIRED BROTHER WHOM\ WHAT? THE DEADENING FATIGUE HAPPENS IF \UNITED WITH VOUR MADE TO lOFSHEBA I HAVE ENSLAVED SHALL REGAIN FREEDOM,,. AND KINGDOM. 1 KNOWN TO THOSE WHO SPEND TOO MANY DAY5 ON THE BACK OF A CAMEL/ ACHIEVE HISTORICAL IMMORTALITY ^,l RECOVER VOUR "8omt Womtn't guild or pther insisted on tatmini on:' « fwdbag!" CHRIS WELKIN, Planereer FRICKLIS AND HIS FRIENDS ' By Michael O'Malley and Ralph L«n« 6IRL TRIED TO THE TRAPITIONAl. NOT THE PK/Mir/VE EAN4 OP TeAN^PD TAflON r EXPECTEP THESE EAimw TPHAve.BVANV AN INP/AN...PKOBAW.VCWE OF THE COJ.LE6E •5WEN7SJ rryr 3^.,^^ A^sJ^Sj^ U| <S?^nilr 1 /T l^i I'LL TAKE CLASSIFIED Adi Mhut B« Ifl OfftcB &•; titae *abUc*tl«i WANT AD RATES AH Wart Adi Art Payable In Advone* But Ad« Will B« Accepted Ovef Th« Telephone And Aeeomo- dpffon Aecountj Allowed With Th« Understanding The 'Account Is Pay obl« Wh«n Statement It Rendered. One Day .45 .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 l.fiO Three Days .00 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 Six Days 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 6.00 One Month 4.50 6.00 7.50 0.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY One Time 75o per Inch 3 Times 606 per inch 6 Times 50c per Inch Rates quoted above are for eon- Mcutiva Insertions. Irregular or skip- date ads will take the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted until 5 p.m. for publication the following day. The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisements of. ferfng for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. Initials of one or more letter*, groups or figures such as house* ' or telephone numbers count as one Word. The Hope Star will pot be retpon. •Ible for errors In Wont Ads unles* errors are called to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. Phone 7-3431 HOPE STAR Star of Hop* 1899; P»M 1*27 Consolidated January IS, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, PrciMmt AUx H. Waihburn, Secy-TrM. At The Star Building 212.214 South Walnut StraM, Hop*, Arkaniai Alax H Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Georga W. Hoimcr, M«ch. Supf. Jen M. Oavii, Advertising Manager . ucicd as second class matter at thi V'o" Otficc at Hope, Arkansas, •nder the Act of March 1, 1897. Member of tha Audit Bureau of Circulation! Subscription Rates (payable In advance) By carrier In Hopa and neighbor- Ing towns — Per Week 25 Per Year 13.00 By mail in Hempstoatl, Nevada, Lafayette, Howard, and Miller counties — On« Month 85 Three Months 1.60 Six Months 2.60 One Year 4.50 All other mall — One Month 1.10 Three Months 3.25 iix Months 6.50 Cne Year ; .. 13.00 Nat'l Advertising ' Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; 1602 Sterick Bldg., Memphis 2, Tenn., 505 Texa» Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Henobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mlc'h.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member of the Associated Press: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republicatlon of all the local news printed in thl» newspaper, as well as all AP newi "SUUtChBS. Services Offered FOHr> all kinds of high quality mimeograph work contact Clar ice Cannon. Phone 7-2614 or 7-3C50. J-29-lm For Hint THREE room apartment. Nicely furnished. Electric box. Bill* paid. 204 Bonner. Mrs. A. R. Babb. A-ltf 4 ROOM furnished apartment. Close-in. Reasonable rent. Call 7-3743. ll-3t 3 ROOM unfurnished apartment. Hardwood floors. Built-in fixtures. Large closets. 312 South Spruce. Mrs. J. fi. Schooley. Dinl 7-3M7. 13-31 FURNISHED 3 room house.~Ut7lT- ties paid. Near Schooley's Store. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Phone 73577. i3-3 Furnished apartment. 3 large rooms and bath. Front and back entrances. Call 7-289(3. 13-21 Notce HAUL and spread sand $1.25 yard Gravel available. Foy Hammont Phone 7-2050. ' J9-1M Woodland- Watermelon Garden: IN THE COOL, cool, cool of the evening, let's drive out and eat a slice of real cold watermelon. 2Vi miles east on 07. Dick Erwin. 9-Ct Tomics Meet Legionnaires Here Tonight The Tomics of Red River Arsenal, Texarkann, come to Hope tonight for n league game with the Legionnaires who will have Donz Stevens on the mound. ToniRht's contest will bo the final appearance of the Tomics on the local field this season. Sharkey Now Fighting for Hisiife By RUS3 NEWUAND SAN FRANCISCO t/rV-Snilor Tom Rhnrkey, once n gloved" terror of the ring, now is fighting a serious •**^*«i*MMMMfcnAMg^fij WILL pay up to $20,000 cash for excellent stock farm or ranch. Write full information to Box 1, in care of Hope Star. 13-Gt _JHe[p Wanted ONE lady for dining room service. Apply in person. Hotel Barlow. ll-3t Female Help Wanted HOUSEWIVES — Need extra money these cloys? We have a part time income plan to help you Reliable, neat appearing Mother of school age children can qualify. Write: La Verne Gilbert, P. O. Box 3HO, Hot Springs, Arkansas. ____^ 13-31 Wonted By The Associated Press AMERJCAJM LEAGUE W L Pet. GB New York 65 40 .580 Cleveland 02 48 .564 2!i Boston 57 49 ' .S38 5> 2 Washington ....58 52 .527 O 1 ^ Philadelphia ....55 fil .519 7!Sj Chicago 58 55 .513 H St. Louis 48 05 .425 1(1 Detroit 37 74 .335 28 WEDNESDAY'S SCHEDULE Washington at New York (2) Portorficld (8-11) and Moreno (8- Gi vs Raschi (13-2) and Kuzava G-7). Chicago at Detroit (night). Dob =on (10-9) vs Wight (0-5) St. Louie at Cleveland (2-twi night) Fa'nnln (01) and Pillelte Philadelphia at Boston Byrd (100> vs Parnell (8-6). Tuesday's Results St. Louis 3 Chicago 2 (11 innings) Philadelphia 4 Boston 3 (nifiht- i3 innings) Washington at New York (night) lustponed, rain. Detroit at Cleveland, postponed ain. ONE more experienced waitress. We have five ot the finest girls in the state, but need one more. We pay the best salaries in the south and furnish meals too. Apply Mrs.. Carroll, Diamond Cafe. 23-tf TWO good steady dishwashers and one cook's helper. Apply Mrs. Carroll, Diamond Cafe. 23lf COUPLE to live in small house. Rent free. Until April ], 1953. Water, gas, electricity. 400 S. For Sole BEAUTIFUL quality Holsteln Heifers, $75 up. Mutation Mink, $35 up. Voight Farms. Lomira, Wis —Atlanta, Texas. . g-ist GENERAL Electric 0 can milk copier. Good condition. $105. Doyle Silvey, Dierks, Arkansas. 11-3t Wonted to Buy UPRIGHT piano in the smallest size or a studio,piano. Dial 7-3316 - ' 1 l-3t LOTS, acreage or farm near town. Write Box X in care of Hope Star. U ' 3t The metal known as "tungsten 1 in the United States is called "wolfram" jn many other nations. NOTICE • Auto repairs, body and fender work and auto painting. 33 years experience All work Guaranteed. FRANK YARBROUGH Phone 7-3557 707 Margaret St. FQR SALE ICE COLD WATERMELON The Coolest Spot In ToWn with the most attractive setting under " THE OAKS 'Hlway 07 West at City Limits. fOK SALE Tip toll — Fill Cluy — Road Qravfl — Wash Qrival •UUUOOZER WORK RALPH SAUNPERS PNnt Pay 7<46M Night 7-1174 Kim ANNOUNCIMENT Pr. Emmett Thompson and Pr. Harold If. Brents the »isoci»tip» Dr. Dqvid Hoyd Guerin In the continue4 pr,actic» BIG Champion melons from 80 to 120 pounds. 4 miles South on Highway 29 (near dirt pit). O. D. Middlebrooks. 12-31 SPECIAL, offering my 6 room home, 2 acres land, 3 screened porches, young orchard. Terms. Call T. N. Belew 7-2642, 10. k BED complete with mattress and boxsprings. Phone 7-3584. 12-3 5 ROOM house on corner lot 75x J50 ft. 1 block from grade schoo Call 7-2709. 13.31 Fish Bait SHINERS at Skelly Service Sta tion. East Third, Highway 07 and No. 4 Junction. Phone 7-9005. 12-0 Brooklyn NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. GB 71 33 .083 York .. St. Louis .... Philadelphia ,.02 42 .590 9 .04 41! .571 11 57 51 .528 10 .55 54 .505 18",.. .40 00 .434 20 .47 04 .423 21\2 .32 82 .281 44 Boston Cincinnati Pittsburgh Wednesday's Schedule New York at Brooklyn (2-day -night l Corwin (2-0) and Hearn (12-4) vs Er.ikino (114) and Wade (11-7) Boston at Philadelphia (2 twi nimtlmBickfOrd (731 Dina8dinS.il 12 ,Q ) vs Drews <&Wl'M AND Simmons (10-5). hi* fLn«l~b(ittle. HU opponents ,sr« oM at e. t«ebfe> la confined to a bed ht Safi Ft8h6l*t*o Shspltfli. He prttercd the Institution penniless. Friends have come to hl« old. Pnrker Mnddus, bankfrr. and tJsuls Lurle. financier, are members Of ft committee which has undertaken to collect a fund for the old-time [pugilist's needs. Contributions have ibeen small. Less tlinn $1.000 1st on SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Pet Atlanta Chattanooga Now *** i ' lrt "»' 70 06 54 .505 55. .545 "tfij' 5R^ ^)3'* 1 03 00 .512 62 63 .496 50 05 08 .403 .450 .432 Mobile Memphis Nashville Little Rock 57 Birmingham 54 71 Last night's results: Little Rock 9 Birmingham 8 (10 innings) Atlanta 7 Memphis 6 (11 innings). New Orleans 12 Nashville 5 Mobile 10 Chattanooga 3 Tonight's games: Memphis' at Atlanta Mobile at Chattanooga Birmingham at Little Rock (2) New Orleans at Nashville (2) lost GOLD rim glasses. Bound leothei case. James H. Jones at High School. j3 Bearden Is Current Best Hitter By BEN NOLAN NEW YORK Wh-Gene, Bearden of the St, Louis Browns, a .203 lifetime batter up to this season, has blossomed out as the major leagues' best hitting pitcher. Bearden, a lefthanded batter, has collected 17 hits in 43 times at bat for a remarkable .39."> average. The 31 year old hurler, used frequently by St. Louis as a pinch- ratter this year, had made only 41 safeties in 202 tries through •ICSl.-Gene is in his fifth major league season and first with the Browns. Johnny Sain, New York Yankees' veteran moundsman, is the only other pitcher close to the .300 mark. Batting from toe right s^e ot the plate, Sain shows a .2ft? average with 15 base hits in 53 trips to the pfcte. Among his hits ere four doubles, one triple and cne bi»»ef. Bob Bu*fa <rf the Chicago Cub* .... COTTON STATES LEAGUE W L Pet Meridian 73 39 .652 Natchez 67 46 .593 Greenwood 60 52 .536 El Dorado 57 55 .509 Monroe 56 55 .505 Pine Bluff 54 57 .480 Hot Springs 40 70 .364 Greenville 40 73 .354 Last night's results: Pine Bluff 5 Monroe 1 El Dorado 11 Hot Springs 4 Greenville 8 Natchez 3 Meridian 2 Greenwood 0 Tonight's games: Greenwood at Natchez Greenville at Meridian Pine Bluff at El Dorado Hot Springs at Monroe I Liquidate Any «md All Type _ Businesses •BS^riJimfc Top Radio Programs NEW YORK UP) — Listening to, night: NBC — 6 Lombardo Summer Serenade; 7 What's My Line; 7:80 The Great Gildersleeve; 8 Groucho Marx. CBS — 7 Hearthstone Drama; 8 Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; 8:30 Steve Allen Show. ABC — 7 Postmark, ySA; 7:30 Valentino; 8 Mr. President. MBS — 7 Music for Halt Hour; 7:30 The Great Day Show; 8:05 Out of The Thunder. Thursday: NBC 9 a. m. Welcome Travelers; 10 a. m. Strike it Rich...CBS 10:30 a. m. Grand Slam..ABC 8 a m.., The Breakfast Club: 11 a. m. Jack Bereh Sljow..MBS 9:30 a m TalfS A Number; 10:30 Queen for g Pay ...Baseball MBS Game of Pay Network; }?:J!5 p.m. New York Giants at Brooklyn Dodgers. is the top National League hitting pitcher at .273. The South Bend (In4.) fastballer. also a rlgh^and- «4 swinger, has 18 bingles in 89 times et bat. Figures include Tue»- 4ay's games. Benind Bearden and Sain to the Americaii League, come* Washing- tan'* jTrt** Shea with a m ow*. The rotund e*-yankee ba» # hits to <« at bau, Hwman Webmeier oj Uw Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh's Murry Dickson are giving Bu*fe « b»t- tfcfor tJetiop,! U» 41 m tot m«dle«l *nd , N«V*i- « champion hlmseW, > b«sed th« u»t \n hts d«y. He tt the «nly m«n nilve todny wWo cxchnnfftrt ptmehes with the flfst fnvir henvywetght champions under the. Marquis ftf Queensbury rules. They arc John L. Sullivan. James J. Gorbett, Bob Fitzslm- nions and James J. Jeffries, Sharkt-y wns born In Dundalk, Ireland, Nov. 86. 1873. Ho Is ap- proachlnR his 70th blrthdny, & tn %« ring, ht novs* ntfcwt fclf nor ittVe qunrtef. tie was a baft-el, chestett, strongman, stnndta* 3 fe«t ftlfches. His righlln« Weight ffom 180 to 185 potthds. He Ctiofr way York City k A che! of a rfcn, vr Iri 1898, Shnrkey boxed n tduf- round'di-nw with Cdrbett In SOh FrdnCWco n three-round no dqci« nWrV'etfntMt with SulHvnn In New fork City and won on a eighth foirhd_ foul from Fitzslmmons In Sntt' Francisco. > | entnl tastes. H ,^ China ftl Iowa levied & o| 1921 ~ the flrat <* country -. prohibiting stole. .. fe 'c?i WE'VE GONE THROUGH EVERY DEPARTMENT AND REGROUPED ANb REPRICED! ONE BIG GROUP WOMENS' COTTON GOWNS Perfect Quality! White or Pastels! Sizes 34 to 44! 1.00 REMAINING STOCK SUMMER YARD G S Piques! Sheers! Dimity! Voiles! Hurry For These! 28( YD. ONE BIG GROUP CHENILLE BEDSPREADS • Full Bcdsize! • Most All White!*~ • Wavy-Line Chonilte! 3.99 ONE BIG GROUP 36" WIDTH CRETONNES • Chevron Weaves! • Pebble Weaves! Prints & Solids! 77c tt^&JL ±.m*m^r _•& \j*KMjm* YOUR DOL1ARC FARTHIR At BARGAINS GALORE! . FINAL CLEAN-UP SUMMER DRESSES GROUP NO. 1 ST. GROUP NO. 2 • Chambrays! • Voiles! • Rayons! • Misses Sizes! • Half Sizes! • Hurry! ONE BIG GROUP GIRLS DRESSES • Odds and Ends! • All Good Styles! 1.00 ^ «for'&: ,y. •^ '£ v iw iHl •' < flf-**fe(wt •-,, 1 A'/ fINAL CLEAN-UP 100 PAIRS MEN'S TROUSERS '• /Rayon-Nylon Weaves! ' » Tropical Weaves! - • Lots of Colors! , ;::• RicjicyloMs Price! • Hurry For Choice! 330 5V $v •V ONE CROUP BOYS DRESS » W^^pF^r iPHlWkWr It.ffl ii S f • . '• *t „ 5 , ••$£+ \.iM EXTRA! EXTRA! ENTIRE STOGK^;S ^ SHORT " ^""^ SPORT SHI ' " 1 • Crinkle Crepes! • Skip Denrif • Rayent Crepe*! • White or Colorif Boys' Short Boys' Polo j , **• III • I. ft Toddlers Sun ' * > 1 „ » ' •*'?%, *% M '// V <• ^ > r* • S.lP %*t j » "iSi

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