Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 22, 1936 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 22, 1936
Page 2
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Stat* , Detiver 2% Herald From False tt&poftl ewciry week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. & Ale*. H. Washbtmi), nt The Star bulldtiVg, 212-214 South street, Hope, Arkansas. i »i, • %>-f^ V";> t>- -Ji. JlfrljWlU. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX, B. VVASHBURN. Editor and Publishe* V 1 ' as second-class matter at the postoffice at Hope, Arkansas tinder the Act of March 3,1&7. Definition: "The newspaper is an institution developed by modern civil** present the news of the dajr. to foster commerce and industry, widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish that cheek upon which tio constitution has ever been able to provide."—Col R Subscription Bat* (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per **** 15e: Per month 6Sc: one year $6.30. By mail, in Hempstead. Nevada, iKWatd, Miller and LaFayette counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere 56.50. '•£^^wber of The Associated Press: Tlie Associated Press is exclsuively , entitled to th» use for republicatien of all news dispatches credited to it or tfot otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published heroin. National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis, Tefttu Sterick Bldg.; New York City, 369 Lexington; Chicago, 111.. 75 E. Wack; » Drive; Detroit. Mich., 338 Woodward Ave.: St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. on Tributes; Etfci Charges will be made for nil tributes, cards Tf thanks, resolution, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy In the news columns to protect their readers frofti a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibiliety for- UM> sai*-fcecp1«g or return of any unsolicited manuscripts tortiey AWd ISader of the antl-admnv istration arbitration forces and his entire staff retired from the Joint Arbitration Committee after n disagreement over keeping written records 'of complaints in the city, and L. A. Norman chairman of the "Home Rule" Club of Cnlcasieu parish, nt Lake Charles, charged that federal observers were being ousted from the polls "in violation of federal law." Norman made public a letter written to the federal observers by Earle J. Junot. special investisator for thc Elections Investigating Committee of Port Smii Mat! to Head Baptists Dr. B. B. Ferguson Elected President of State Association HOT SPRINGS— (/P)—Dr. B. B. Fergus >n, pnstor of the First. Baptist church. Fort Smith, was elected president of the Arkansas State Baptist convention here Tuesday night, succeeding Dr. O. J. Wnde ( Texnrkniiii. Other officers elected nt the open- iri}! session ot the four-dny convention wero the Rev. W. J. Kinsley. Second Riptist church. Hot Springs, and Dr. J. S. Compere. First Baptist church. Coming, vice presidents; the Rev. J. B. .Luck, Magnolia, secretary: nncl E. j. A. McKinney, Little Rock statistical secretary. Mr. Kinsley, welcoming approximately ."00 delegates to the meeting, discussed the "Evile of Liquor." "A fight must be waged," he said, "until (he last liquor stores are wiped out, of Arkansas." He praised the Baptists as the («' thc election machinery under con "keepers of orthodox Christianity," L. ! trol ° f thc statc administration. D. Summers responded to the wel- Highway Dept. Is Winner in Court Collections Over Span Halted by Order of Martineau LITTLE ROCK.- highway department -The state won its fight Tuesday to halt collection of 25'cent • * • (• »-* t • f ' «.'Wi-'un J I -w 11" It- \~\ft IW H V» II \H CnJ m \^Vll \ the House of Representatives inform- j tolls ovcr thc whclen Springs Little ing the watchers that they had been j Missouri river bridge between Clark assigned by the committee to watch nn( i Nevada counties for any irregularities in the election Federal Judge John E. Mnrtinenu conduct and to keep a check on the j modoficd nn order last December in number of persons voting at polls j declaring that the receiver of the where equal representation for both j Whelcn Springs bridge district should Kirlnfc vuuc /Imilitfiil ' ,-.« IA«.**.*.. n ^.ll__« *u_" i_n_ tome. ! Rooney comes ashore from another j liner, he has little trouble in persuntl- ins Mrs. Bush to do a bit of stepping. The story, then, resolves itsalf into an account of the conflict between these two men for the person of Jim Bush's wife. A Landslide For (Continued from page one) possible attempt to carry on Long's activity in the national political scene I by declaring the vole was "positive By OR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor. Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygeia, the Health Magazine He has taken a theme which modern novelists have worn absolutely threadbare—tho good old triangle, on which authors have been ringing thc changes for a whole literary genera,, it Buyfeg food properly is not. just a . <ion— and made it sound new and * matter of choosing anything that tick- ' f res n. j fes the fancy, and laying down the t You see the figures in this triangle. f money. The person who does the fam- | not as thoughtless folk who have wil- A fly marketing must keep in mind a i fully got themselves into a mess, but number offsets. . las earnest and intense human beings For instance, she must consider the who are the victims of emotions which in^ appetites of dad mother, and they cannot control and which com- others. If your father is a labor- pel them against their will to hurt he'll need rnore food energy than themselves and one another. In telling it. Mr. Hanley has done a i disapproval of the Rcosevelt New Deal rather remarkable thing." anf ' its alphabetical slush fund." He said the "share our wealth" movement started by Long had "proved its power" and "promises to sweep America in future elections " Long-Faction Poll Worker Shot A general fight at the first precinct ot the Fifth ward in the old French Quarter in New Orleans resulted in the shooting of n man whoso name was given as Gene Gill, 35. Police said he wns a poll worker for the Gov. O. K. Allen-Long administration machine. Gill was shot twice and wounded in the hips as he emerged irom the Decatur street voting booth if he were a clerical work-) Perhaps this is because his people j aftcr the f 'S ht —.. . f ti — ------c~ —-».« -w u*-i.ub*u^ 1*4,9 l^;t_>M*^. •Br&thers and sisters at work wiU do not come from Mayfair or Long —^ more- calories than those at .Island, but from a dank Liverpool ~ . ' _ ' _.,.. ••' -''Slum. Perhaps it is simply because Pferhaps Brother Bills an athlete; if Mr. Hanley is an uncommonly skillful • l hecsnotud have more food "energy writer - - the quiet, studious broth- j whatever the reason, "Stoker Bush" Another man booked as "Whitney" Schultz, 34, surrendered to officers and was detained in the 1 shooting. Police of thc Third pi'ecincl police station attributed the shooting to an elcc- '"tion row which followed the slugging , er us , u . ,. ., «*• {is a movine and' traeic storv whirh ' of Frank Gomez, who police said was - A qu?rt of milk for each child and a £ wel? wortv readSs » "fc° me ™ le " or »"«-Long captain. .«»•**.]£»_ «^ H u _,x,.Tt ...jit :j- i: * wcl1 wurm rvacung. . .-. •_ u , --pint'*fer each adult will provide one-•fourth 'of the total calories your fam-! f * ^'^' JjUy iKeda each day. Bread and cereals I •stfrirnish another fourth. Fruits and ^vegetables supply one-fifth to ono Jjrfxth of the calories. | If the purse runs:low, more dried ""fruits and • canned vegetables may be j.«sed. Remember, however, that can- tomatoes, fresh cabbage, and po- provide vitamin C in large Macmillan. it sells Ejection of Federal Observers Charged Eugene Stanley, former district at- no longer collect the tolls. Mr. Norman said that 30 of 74 fed- Ihc court hold that charging tolls tral observers ussiencd to Calcnsieu on thc highway M span was in effect parish had been ejected, but that they ' placing a barrier across a state-owned left their stations pcacebly mid plnn- i and maintained highway. «. ned to contest thc action of the clec- j Judge Marllneau n1.«6 declared' the Lion commissioners. He assorted thc j highway depntment thc proper auth- i'cderal workers had been ejected by j ority to intervene in the suit of Pattl "machined election officials" appoint- • Spoor, trustee for bridge bondhold- cd under election laws passed by thc | ers. iigninst the Whelcn Springs bridge Long-Allen administration which pine-: district. The 25-cent toll was ptnced on thc bridge several weeks ago by federal court order after the district became delinquent on its bond principal and interest payments. The highway deportment intervened on thc claim that under n 1921 net. thc bridge should be free since lands were assessed to pay the bonded indebtedness. Jackson May Be Giants' Manager Waldo Player Rumored Likely to Succeed Memphis Bill Terry Travis Jackson, who broke into baseball with semi-pro teams around Hope, may be thc next manager of the New York Giants. Basketball fans probably thought of this Tuesday night as they watched the famed Giant shortstop shaking hands with friends at the Hope-Waldo game here, Jackson having some up with his home-town team. There is nothing authentic about the Jackson rumor, but it is reported that Manager Bill Terry will resign from the Giants as soon as he has found u good first baseman, a position he now plays himself—in which event thc manager's job would probably go to Jackson, favorite of both the lute John J. McGraw and Terry. Low Rates To Continue WASHINGTON-(/P)-The Interstate Commerce commission Wednesday authorized an indefinite extension of low experimental passenger fnrcs on railroads in Arkansas. Texas and Louisiana. Arkansan Denies Kidnaping Plot William Weaver Indicted as Actual Kidnaper in Bremer Case ST. PAUL-(yp)—William Weaver of Salem. Ark., second defendant to take the stand in the trial of three men charged with conspiracy in the Edward G. Bremer kidnaping, denied Tuesday he was in St. Paul on January 17, 1934, when the abduction occurred. He was indicated as an actual kidnaper. H;irry Sawyer, alleged "fingerman," earlier denied any connection with thc crime. The third defendant is Cnssium McDonald, Detroit engineer, charged as a ransom money changer. I 1'empcraturcs can be guaged accurately by observing thc gait of ante. Their speed increases as the mercury rises. By Olive Roberts Barton . and that spinach, string beans or green peas, carrots. and : or- aaies also afford important vitamins and mineral salts. * fats are frequently^exptensive, but good Wilk provides butter fat. If your family gets the amount that it ought to have, Mother need not worry so much about the vitamin A that comes from butter: . In general, we use too much sugar. Syrups and sugars should constitute about 10 per cent of our total calories. Dietary authorities believe that chil- ' dren particularly need not overemphasize meat. A half ounce of meat for a child 8 to 10 years old. an ounce for one 11 to 14, and two ounces for an older child or grown-up, should do by Nard Jones CopyiigU NEA I93b Today's Health Question Q.—When I was 5 years old. my light eye was hit by a missile. A cataract which formed was removing leaving the eye completely blind. At the age of 16, the color of this eye turned from blue to brown. Can anything be done about it? A.—Nothing can be done to restore the natural color of the iris in such case, but the change in color suggests a degeneration of the eye that may menace the other eye or even the general health. Consultation with an ophthalmologist la desirable. Men are strange that way. That is, some men are. They take it as a personal affront.•when the new baby is not what they have particularly ordered. Mr. Brown ^ias a boy of three and now he demanded a girl. He had six brothers of his own and the whole Brown line runs to males. This was to be n special order, a pink and white doll, this last one. He was going to show up his brothers and have at least one little dimpled darling to , wrap his heart around. ' Instead, as he looks grimly through the glass of the nursery door in the hospital, he sees in the tiny bed, wheeled close for inspection, another specimen of his kind; an unbeautiful' one at that, who makes him think more of a baby sparrow than a human being. "Ugly little devil, isn't he?" remarks Mr. Brown turning away. Blighting Young Lives Of course, as the child grows older and becomes a fine manly little fellow, his father' learns to love him almost as well as his brother. But underneath, he associates his disappointment with Bobby. Then in three years Betty is born. A round little dumpling who more than compensates for her daddy's former frustration. From the very first he makes no bones about his preference. The boys instinctively step back to 'make place for the new queen. It is her ruination and theirs. Particularly Bobby's, because he has never beeh quite forgiven for being what he was . And there is Mr. Smith, too. whoso first-boil] just has to be a boy. In his case it goes deeper than the usual fJKGIIV HERE TODAY JULIA CHAIR, iirfttr T»uns soorclart ta OROItnR WOOD- KOHD of thc Invr flrni of Woodford nnA rtrnokfc. 1 nhilill lon« '" crlif pluli «ii»j(rAi,. .Tnltn nmirlrnrnf wldl very well. Remember, however, that liver and the glandular organs, as well as kidney and heart, are richer ih- iron and vitamins than muscle meats. Even if the grown-ups don't get them so often, children should have eggs three or four times a week. Cheese, incidentally, is a concentrated food having the qualities of milk and being especially rich in calcium. In buying food, too, there are other j Mothers Suffer Tortures «,"*? ?h^ con S ,dered. There is of Liko Mr B he f course, the budget question: division i iute as the girl grows older, and -" h*rnmo n «linr»« nn JjU.t vnwn.S, pr'TRTl KRHP. nlso employ*,] hy Wnoilforrt nvcf Urook«*. Tn In Corp with Jnlln. tint -.he <il«- fr\'rnKf" lila ntr<*iifinn*. He clvo« .li'lln n Sptfor of fnlrnrtiiollnn to IIKXTU T,A*IB. hnnO len'ler. lint. In (lip Icfltr. n«Ica T.nillh not to p'lvir her n fob. Jtilfn »lK-rovor« yhls zitid tolls TVfor i;vor?rHilnc !« over ttotWfpn thlMn. HOYAr, VRSBITT. friend of Amy's, nrftmN^w tr> liplp -Ttilln nnd :t Job n« n Kfnrrcr. but <Inyn nnso xvi'li no word from lilm. Woodford Prlvn n j-nolif nnrtT r>n<f ??MkM .rnlin <o rom<* Jtloric: to «lne for Ills clients. Wlien «lie Imirds tlip yncht Vhp lenrnx tlif other* have lieen detnlneil. .fnltn c-oe« to her *<nfrromii. f«lljt nMleej) niul When «Iie nwakew (he boat I" In motion, .VOW-CO ON WTTT1 TTfR STOHY CHAPTER VII IT seemed odd to Julia that In *• these alien surroundings she should have slept so soundly ns not to he?r Wootlford nnd his guests come aboard. But nerhaps, she told herself, the brisk sea air had got in Us magic. She switched on the little lamp above her herlh Mid looked nt her strap-watch. It was past three, and tills reassured her. Womlford and his guests, she decided. had come aboard and gone to sleep. Plunging the stateroom arcain Into darkness, .Tulfn allowed hnr head to sink hack on the pillow. When she nwaVfined. the sun was streaming in through the port holes, lirfelitetiing the little stateroom. Julia dressed with an ener- desire of first fathers, because Mr. Ke tfc swiftness she hat] never expe- Smith was a bachelor for years, of | r]encecl ]n toWT1 _ A moment later the misogynist type, afraid of women and most of their kind. He scarcely looks at his new daughter when her sex is announced, and plainly shows his wife his hurt. of expense for food needed for actual nourishment, luxuries required for satisfaction of special appetites, and victuals to have on hand for en- she was glad for this swiftness, for there was a knock at the stateroom door and she heard Woodford's voice wishing her a pleasant good morning. "Ready for breakfast?" he asked. "Yes ..." Julia called out, then appears to be forgiven. Mr. Smith opened the door to find Woodford, has convinced even himself that he I entirely different. But when looking fit anrl attractive In hia white ducks and blue coat. "We cnme aborird rather late last t : A Book a Day By Bruce Catton Teddy's slave. All of which is unfortunate, yet Not endures torture ami it i S ba f irtho ,„ . „„„ ... -„., • ;• - ; j double force toward this savior of his \y m our Iiv«. When you entertain | hopes. From the first his father ' friends at dinner, you like to provido - - - - Eomething "extra special," a custom that flourishes even in Arctice climes. Among the Eskimos, it is a great occasion when fresh meat is available; and the Eskimo possessing it is. temporarily at least, a "big mogu!' 'in his community. It is also necessary that the person handling the food have cookin<? ability. Remember: you must like the food or you won't cat it. It better not to disturb you. Of course you'll meet the others this morning." He hesitated a moment. "I'm afraid, though, that none of children. There follows, usually, a which ,. ' COOl£ tO 66TVe bveakfast tar JfU'cled Julia to the spacious certain unbalance of justice, children are quick to feel. li affects j after cabin where there waa a small their attitude to family, and is the I table set for two. A Japanese boy cause of much (otherwise unaccount- j '" white cont hovered over H SO- ed for) protective behavior. If riot 1 Mcitousiy. openly belligerent, the unfavored ones I "Goou morning, Obo," Eald Wood- A source ford pleasantly. "How about some may be inwardly rebellious. of later trouble indeed. j of your delic | m)s toast and j And so, although men are not to bo | bacon?" i loo severely blamed for their reac- 11 ions to disappointment (such things j arc too deep, oftentimes, to be- tlior- . „ ,. . , . I outfhly understood), they would b* James Hanley discuses the tangled iwise to vow to Kwiin ^ Pod(U , s j ._ .*...-.. .. - UtUe ^^ from | compassioni to keop thc . . scc ,. ot ^ tf , themselves. And to he as impartial as possible to all. crisp "Yissah . covered the heart affairs of a the Liverpool slums in his new novel. "Stoker Bush"; and he tells his s'.ory with the same vivid and passionate earnestness that made "The Furys" such a deservedly popular book last year. This book is concerned chiefly with one Jim Bush, stoker on a trans-At- lantic liner. Jim gets one weeic a month at home and his domestic affairs are consecjuc-ntiy rather shaky; (ship service which saw 15 membership so when good-looking Bes'n's Mate I additions in the evening. . ." Oho smiled, un- halves of Iced grapefruit, and disappeared Into the galley. Woodford looked thoughtfully at Church Opens Auspiciously CHARLESTON, S. C. - (#•) - The new Asbury Memorial Episcopal church was opened with a marriage cerc-mony in the morning, u baptismal service- in the afternoon and a Julia across the table. "I'll tell you something about who's ftboard. There's Royal Nesbitt— " loyoJnntarily Julia looked up and repeated tUe name, "Jloyal Neabitt!" "You know him?" "Only slightly." Julia said. "He's a friend ut the &irl who rooms with YTfOODFORD laughed. ''I'm Qot astonished. Wnodfnrrl must he a friend of every .young woman in town! 1 *' ""Well." snld .Tulia. ioininp his laughter rather weakly, "(.hat's quite a reputation to uphold." "Ttoyal" rloo.s a trond 1oV> of It. though . . . Tlion—lot's EBP— there's FTiiKo Nash. He's nn architect, and n. mislity prnort ono." .Tulln sniilprl. "Sound" lilcf> n Rtnp c-ruiRO. so far. expo.pt for me." "Oh. no. You'll lll-p the two-Indies we have nbnnrrl. ^Trs. .Tosoph —she's a nliarmlnR widow—nnfl Clntra Lee." "Clntra Lee? Tlifit name sound? familiar, somohnw." j Woodford noddnd. "You've nroh- j ably heard of her. nil rio-tit. She's j a dancer, mainly. T think slip's done somethlnc in Hollywood, too. With your ambitions, you ought to meet her." "You've forgottp.n Smith Onr- land." Julia reminded him. th.it- The fact that there was a Mrs. George Woodford who was noi aboard the Wood Nymph didn't add to Julia's peace of mind. But it wag Neabitt rather than the host who first suggested that Julia dad a voice. Woodford's eyes widened. "Then you've already benrd Julia sing?" "Indeed, yes. Let's go In to the piano and make her prors ehe'8 good." "No Woodford paused. then needlessly smoothed down his tie. "I meant to tell you. Oarlnnfl waa detained at th» last moment and couldn't corno nlonR. T hope you won't he too disappointed." Julia was disappointed, and bitterly so—but she hid her feellns as best she could. "Perhaps," eald Wood ford, "we can arrange n, mo.o.tinp; with him at another time. Meanwhile it will W/HTCN they had gathered In tho I ** main cabin ft was Clntra Lee j who sought tho piano—a little du: hiously, Julia noticed. Out halfway through the flrst song the | slender dancer capitulated and did jhcr host with the accompaniment. Julia took an encore, and when she had finished, the dancer swung around on tho piano bench and said. "You're all riglu . . . Let'a go out on deck and havo a cigarette and some fresh air. We're not paid t.o entertain, after all." They left the others gathered around a tray of cocktails which Oho has just deposited in the cabin. Outside, Julia laughed, "Yon Bald wo weren't paid to entertain. But you seo. I am. Or at least I expect to be." "neally?" Clntra Lee gazed at her oddly, and Julia went on, "Yes—I came along to sing for the guests. I—1 feel a little hit liUo an interloper." "Forget it." Then tho girl add- do no harm to have Nesbitt hnnr i c d: "Are you on the level? I mean He has a good deal of inflti- with the people who could give you a nuance. I think probably he can do something for you." you. cnce is that what Woodford told you?" Somehow a swift' panic took Julia's heart. "Why. yea. You see, I want to be a night club singer, Julia smiled wrlly as slio rnnallod (but I've never seemed able to get Nesbitt's promise the night he had j a cn anco. When I accepted this called on Amy Sanders. "I'm sure trlp i thought Smith Garland he can," she said. A FTER breakfast she Woodford in cigarettes under i the canvas canopy on Die after ! deck. Julfa and her employer had finished their cigarettes when the rest of the party began to Join them, drifting to the after deck one by one. Cintra Lee came flrst. She waa a dark girl, unbelievably slender, and somehow attractive despite her brilliant, make-up. Mrs. Joseph, who joined them a moment later, seemed much less approachable. Royal Nesbitt waa hia debonair self, except tor a minute or two of embarrassment when he confronted Julia, But whether his embarrassment was due to the fact that he hadn't kept his promise. or whether It was from some obscure sense of loyalty to Amy, Ju- waa itrlp I thought I to be aboard." Cintra Lne did not answer at onm She (lipped her cigarette In a wide arc out ovor tho rail. "It you've a good job, stick to it, Julia. The night club raclcet is no fun unless you're tops." Slio turned to Julia and smiled. "But ot course you plan to be tops." "I'd like to be," Julia admitted. "But you can't start there." The other nodded. "I think you've got the nerve, all right. And there's nothing wrong with your voice. Maybe when we get back I can steer you around." "That's nice of you," Julia said slowly. But there had been something odd about the tone with which the Lee girl bad said "when we get back." She bad sounded as if the return of the Wood Nymph was to be beyond the termination of the week-end. Suddenly Julia Ha could not determine. Obviously rerae nibered a remark which Nash he was with Cintra Lee, and Julia ] la( j cas(1 ally dropped at dinner— guessed that It was Nash who accompanied Mrs. Joseph. There was some indefinable quality In the air which told Julia they were all assuming that she waa Woodford's particular companion on the trip. Certainly Woodford's manner did nothing to dispel this assumption. Of course, Julia supposed, be wanted her to £cel one of the little crowd. But she almost wished he .would do or say some- a remark she hadn't caught fully at the time. "A hundred dollars," Nash had said to Woodford, "I bag more game than you do In the first two days on the Island." Julia had supposed that this referred to some future hunting trip. But it might mean that Woodford bad decided to extend the trip. Or that he bad known all along— Julia took a grip on her whirling thoughts. With sudden fright tiling which would make U clear j she wondered Into what maze her that she was aboard as an enter- j ambition was leading ber. Winer—auci MI amateur one. at j , (To Be Continued) Mae West's Manager Facet Court Charge LOS AN66LES— (/¥>)— The "Ladles by Request" trial jury box filled up rapidly Tuesday after James A. Tiro- on.v 1 !: lawyer said he expected to present the entire play In court as a defense move. Timothy—who is Mae West's business manager—produced thc show. He nnd H members of the cast are charged by city police with staging nn improper performance. Dry leaders Plan Get Bigl936 Vote Blake, National Chairman, Predicts'Largest Ballot in History CHICAGO—(/p)-Leaders of the prohibition party Wednesday planned a big 1Q36 political push for dry votes which the national chairman, Edward B,. Blake, said that he believed would be the largest in the organization's history. Elnke said that he expects thc party's candidates for president and vice-president would be placed on presidential elector ballots in at least 35 ef the 48 states. Old Roman Tower Foundjm London Walls Believed to Date Back to Roman Invasion of 200 A D. ' LONDON— (ff) —The foundations and sections of the walls of a Roman tower, dating from 200 A. D.. have been uncovered in excavations on Tower Hill. The discovery, described as "very notable and quite unexpected" is expected to throw further light on Roman London's defenses and the famous London Wall. The walls of the old tower, three feet thick, are of entish ragstone and hard mortar, and have a triple course of Roman bricks at ground level. TOL--E--TEX OIL COMPANY Special—5 Gal. HI-Grmlc «l en Lnl>e Oil &1.DU Phone 370 Da y and ™«™ NfUON-HUCKINS LAUNDRY COMPANY Bobcats Win 3rd Victory of Season Smother Waldo High School Here Tuesday Night, 40 to 10 , The Hope Hip.h School Bobcats won their third straight victory of the season over Waldo High School Tuesday night by a lopsided score of 40 to 10. The Waldo team was held scoreless in the first quarter, made six points the second quarter_and four points thc last half. The Bobcats made 16 points the first half nnd 24 points the- last half. Hugh Recce was high point man with 12. Cargilc and Turner tied for second place honors with 8 points each. T. Wfltkins was high point for Waldo with seven points, Tho Bobcats showed a distinct improvement over last week's performances and . from all appearances will be ready for the Arkadolphia High WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wildoul Cilotnet-Anii YouII Jump Out of Bed in the Mornini Rarln' to Go The llw>r should pour out two pounds of liquid bileinUi your bowels dully. If thhi Mlo In not flowlntr freely, your fowl doesn't iliVcuL It Just dorays in the bowels, tins bltmu nn your ntomnch. Yoii KTI i-onstlnnted. Your whole system is poisoned and you feel Hour, sunk and (lie world lookd punk. IdxativcH are only makeshift.*. A merit bowel movement doesn't irct nt tha cnu.m-. It takes tlioie good, old Carter's Mule Liver Pills to net Ituaa Cw-ti pound!) of bile flowing freely nnd irmlie you fwl "up mid up". IlRrm- leas, irenlle, yet nnmzmi? in mnkini; hile How freely. A»k for Carter's l.ittlo Liver Tills by name. Stubbornly refuse iinythlnK eUe. Me. '2 PRICE SALE ON ALL DRESSES THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland School Budget's, who will play At high school gymnaiium Friday ftfl The lineupi \ | HOPE Ffi ft ft. Recce 6 0 OalloWriy 2 0 Ramsey : 2 , " Turner 4 " Stone 2 0 Briphl ' 0 , 0 Cnrgllc 4 0 Holly .::...;.: o o W. Parsons 0 0 Total 20 0 WALDO fg. Ft. Foulk 0 0 Works .-. 1 0 T. Wntldns 3 1 Miller 0 0 L. Waikin* 0 0 D. Davis , 0 0 H. Wafkins 0. 1 Total.. HEMPSTEAD COlWtV a OWNERSHIP MAtt Correc( ns of January 1,193$! Paper $10 . Linen Byers Abstract Coil |L. C. nYERS Washington,.' Black-Draught Good Laxati Black-Draught has been ).kc hand for all thc family in-the of Mr. W. A. Lemons, of/Inde donee. Va., since twenty yc'ars ' Mr. Lemons writes that he tifk.es> a laxative in cases of "hijnd dull, tired feeling, biliousness*.',' "And I take it if I ieel' unto able after o honvy meal." he'ad especially use it for sick 'head It certainly Ls good." V When a man says "Black^I is good," it is probably bech remembers the prompt, refreShim lief it brought in constipstibti(-t bles. Its benefits are felt bjecali, is a simple, herb laxative.'.so na| in composition and action 'that ttj .sands and thousands of • rrien ,| women prefer it when a Uxatiy needed. WE CAN WEIGH YOUR SIGNATURE 1 t. ,1 Don't lie amazed ... It's nothing really. The" thinnest paper and most watery Ink weigh more than some of the ingredients your doctor prescribes, and because we never know more than his prescription tells us, we nrast be able (<• weigh any amount, exactly, for your health's s;ike and for (he sake of our reputation. WARD & SON Thc Lending Druggist PHONE 62 "WE'VE COfj.| Picture this newly styled gas range in your kitchen 3 It's * DETROIT-JEWEL! fTT<HE newest model of a famous make — specially •*• styled for modern women and priced within the reach of all. Finished inside and out in enduring porcelain enamel, fully insulated and complete with oven heat control and automatic top lighter. Why not trade in your old stove on one of these sparkling new Detroit Jewels and begin really to enjoy cooking? It's specially low priced and On display at our office. terms are easy. Liberal allowance for Phone us — or come in. your old stove if you buy now. LOU1SIAN& CAS CO,

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