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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, January 22, 1936
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* !iiiS!SluM "'JWM A THOtlCJht Men M most dUfet M IIPAVCII And enHli; hut women, wont And belt, M heaven and lied. tr/"M TTAlt? Or» XTTTTV/rtJU'T) 07 VOLUME 87 — NU JVlBbK o7 Star A.-WM.-luteil HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 1936 Consolidate*) January Jtiir of Horn- 1MH; BONUS BILL TO ROOSEVEL1 U *» r * a n rl T k o r o I ("Licensed Evils" "Home Fire" Burns On Plans Considered Seeks to Divorce House Conclude^ Her© anu Inere „, , , n ,,_ nome nre purns wn u m u»^« Potter Palmer r „„«,.„«,> A Mi •Editorial By AL*X. H. WASHBUBN- H H. HUSKEY'S appeal for a larpc attendance at the state ' . meeting in Little Hock High School at 10:30 o'clock Friday morning, to discuss a substitute program for the AAA, should be taken seriously by Ilempstead county's producers!. The national administration has adopted the policy of «o- ing direct to the land for advice on land policies—and every county owes it to itself to be represented. : - <v> Most of the economic problems now i before the nation defy our best efforts to find n quick mid accurate solution. Lenders know nctunlly New British King ^ Quit Playboy Role, Settled to Work Wales, Edward the 8th, Took Up Serious Task Some Years Ago WIDELY™TRAVELED Head of Largest Empire Ably Trained for His . Tremendous Job In days of strain and stress for all the, world, but especially for the rn:<t empire he ix called to rule Edward A I b e r t, Ion;/ kttaii'H • the Prince, of , iconics (t purn- jiijurc. This is the of a an riot of si.r c« by Milton Bronner, NEA Service Lon- dbn correspondent, i Innrj residence there him nnusmil to present, this np- 7-WH'w'rt/_e ('^fd^inii- '• ffictitfe" of the man • who will be known to the i, future as Edward VIII. **'• By 3HLTON BRONNER NBA Service Staff Correspondent LONDON—When death came for King George V, and Edward VIII au- tomHticiiIly became Kin;,' of England, dcnlh came iilso to another world figure. That was the slim, boyish-looking sportsman and globtrottcr known to a generation of newspaper readers as the Prince of Wales. In due time the man who has held title for almost 25 years, will be little more than the common citizen—but in our slow writing of the economic history nl America we are nccumulntinfi evidence of certain results nnd certain mistakes that should be valuable when we come to formulate future policies. The Stnr believes, for instance, that :i square deal for agriculture will be found eventually in the same machinery that put o high Uiriff on the manufactured things that farmers buy. Yesterday we quoted the agriculture commissioner of the State of Georgia as saying: "The place to find anything is where you lost it." But renders of The Star recollect we have always contended that in an economic crisis the first thing to do is to correct man-made mistakes before attempting a new program. Both of these viewpoints Uikc the position that agriculture oupht to be helped, if possible, by reducing the industrial tariff; and, failing in that, the customs revenue produced by the tariff ought to be given to agriculture ns compensation for having to pay high industrial prices. The difference between tariff nnd crop control programs is that the control program calls for ;m army of supervisors, while the tariff is merely a taxation scheme whose direction and effect can be altered at will by vote of the congress. But all down through American history the tariff has exerted a known and powerful effect, first upon industry, and then upon agriculture—and it is our one proven factor In loddy'8 debute. -f- -<• -I | Dr. J. L. Cannon, former Hope j Methodist pastor, now of DcQueen | made this statement at the prohibition rally at the city hall Tuesday afternoon: "Tho liquor traffic cnn buy the i newspapers. But if we get space in them we have to pay hard cash." Not in The Star. It won't cost (lit prohibitionists one cent to presen their complete cu.se in this newspaper We won't accept money from tin "dry" side, any more than we will ac cept money from the "wet" side. What Dr. Cannon said about "buy ing" newspaper influence is probabl; "Licensed Evils" Flayed at Rally of Prohibitionists Rev. Brewster and Cannon Hit Liquor Traffic in Hope Addresses CANNON lirrs PRESS Liquor "Can Buy the Papers—But We Have to Pay for Space" certain number of men in every profession. But when he made that assertion in Hope, speaking on a referendum to be held in this county, he duly procloimcd "Our only lawful and rightful Liege Lord Edward Vltl by | - -- j)S , s , ruc (lf the Grace of God King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British territories beyond the sens, Defender of the Faith, nnd Emperor of India ..." Then the Prince of Wales will indeed be dead. In beginning his resin, he steps into another character, begins another life. There are many evidences that this IKW life had well begun even before the death of his father, George V. Of lute years, Edward had became mark- idly more serious, more mature. He i.- nearly 42, though Ihe rigid care with which he has preserved his youthful figure nnd appearance deceived many. As kins, the free-and-easy manner, the informal appearances in public, the globe-trotting, 'he night-clubbing. Ihe I'ornparntively simple manner of life, will all become impossible. Deep Affection Between Edwnrd anil Mis Valher Despite past rumors that Edwnrd ii:iAlberl did not intend lo ascend the Pfihrone, it is now clear that he faces '' his task resolutely though perhaps reluctantly. That reluctance has been somewhat misunderstood as an unwillingness to assume the staggering By LEONARD ELLIS I Approximately 150 persons heard the I [ev. Thomas Brewster and Dr. J. L. j -annon denounce "licensed evils" of. lie stale government at a prohi rallj I aiesday afternoon at Hope city hall, j The meeting, scheduled to start at | p. m.. was delayed nearly an hout I nd n proposal that the county be i tumped by'dry forces preceding the, ocnl option liquor election set for j ''cbruary 18, did not come before the i jroup. ' Attorney John P. Vesey, executive | head of the prohi forces, explained , hat because of the delay that plans , lor a stump tour would be discussed j it a later date. j The rally opened with five musical, lumbers by the Hope Boys band, led | jy L. E. Grumpier, band master. Brcwstcr's Speech Attorney Vcscy introduced the Rev Thomas Breswster, pastor of First Presbyterian church of Hope, who spoke briefly on morals and character- building. He said the state government had iccnsed three evils which he named as follows: 'First, is the divorce evil," which he said "strikes at the very heart of the social system and our home." Second, is the race track evil and wido-'sprcad gambling." . . .Third, is the licensed liquor evil which we arc here today to disuss in an effort to abolish it," the pastor said. "The only argument for those who defend these three evils is the revenue argument," and that, the pastor said, "is the poorest argument in the world." "The liquor interests of the state are organized. We must get organized ourclves to combat them. "There is not an argument in the world in favor of whisky. The liquor traffic destroys the body, the mind and will destroy the soul if allowed to do so," he shouted. The Rev. Mr. Brewster wanted the dry forces of over-confidence in the approaching local option liquor election and then introduced the featured speaker, Dr. J. L. Cannon, former Hope minister and now pastor of First Plans Considered for Oil Embargo Against Italians League Orders Committee to Study Effectiveness of Such a Measure COAL, IRON IS PASSED Mutual Pact Between Brit-' ain, France, Turkey, Greece Announced responsibility of bending the empire mi which the sun never nets, and un- obviously pointed his re-marks ,-it The Star simply because this newspaper dares to disagree with him—simply because we believe that the churches, like the newspapers and all the other professions nnd activities of a eivil- i/.ed land, must bend before the truth that a law is only what the overwhelming majority of the people arc willing to obey. -t- . ( . 4 Our contribution to the temperance cause seems to bo (lie only one that has cost anybody any real money in recent years. The Star rejected whisky advertising in 193S totaling $1,465.32. Tluit was the gross amount. There were the following deductions: Our arbitrary action cost the advertising agencies 15 per cent, or $219.80, plus 2 per cctnt discount, which was $24.91 additional. C'ur action co.st The Slur's ndvoHis- I ing brokers 13 per cent, or S183.09. ', And the newspaper itself, in the ten I months that whisky was lc°nli/ed in . . .Eire still smoldered in the .chimney, of E. Freeman's house at Fj-ffe, Ain., nftcr n tornndo had moved the dwelling 15 feet and left it sagging, but still'upright, ns shown hero. The midwinter twister, accompanied by hitler cold, killed four in Alabama and-13 In the vicinity of the Gcorgia- Alabama-Florida stale lines, and caused -heavy property damage. HOW ABOUT IT ? The Star has information that on Bruner- lypry Handle company's last payday, Friday, January 17, Eddie Williams, agent for the Williams package liquor store, appeared at the plant, collecting or soliciting, or both. How about it, Mr. Willams? You were warned last fall that the package-store law restricts transactions to your place of business. The Star is filing a complaint with Earl R. Wiseman, State Commissioner of Revenues. _ Liquor Prosecution | Hudspeth..Ordered at Nashville Fails! to Prison Farm GENEVA— (#>)—Tho League of Na-1 tions sanctions committee decided | Wednesday to appoint a special committee of governmental experts to examine from a technical standpoint the I effectiveness of applying an oil cm- I bargo against Italy. j No action was taken on proposed i coal, iron and steel sanctions. I The council encountered o sensational incident when Baron Ompeo j I Aloisis of Italy, protested against a j plan to transfer 75,000 Swiss Francs to ! the sanctions committee to meet ex- I ptnses. ' 1 Aloisis cast the only dissenting vote | j Deny Italian Victories ADDIS ABABA— (ff>)—Ras Desta Demtu, son-in-law of Emperor Haile j Selassie "and the Ethiopian command- ler-in-chief of the southern front, assured the government Wednesday that his armies were still undefeated, contrary to Italian reports to that effect. Capture of City Reported ROME— (JP)—Marshal Pietro Badoglio reported to Mussolini from East Africa Wednesday that the stragetical- ly important city, Neghelli, had been .captured by the Italian cavalry. Mus- isolini cabled his congratulations. House Congress' Act by Vote 3461 Will Become Law .. .. rr er President Signs Ifcpf Not, Prediction *-' NEED 6tiLY~10 If President Delays! ing That Long, BillJ Becomes a Law Freedom from a scion of on'e.ot Chicago's firel families Is asked in a divorce suit Bled tiy Mrs. Maria Martinez de Hoz Palmer, suown here In a ne\v picture. The Argentine beauty charges cruelty to Potter DOreay Palmer. ; Assistance Pact Made 'GENEVA— (/?)— The League of Nations announced Wednesday the conclusion of a mutual assistance pact between Great Britain. France, Turkey, Greece, Ygoslavia to operate if Italy attacks any one of them. i Federal Grant Is i Sought for Prison 1 Survey to Be Made to Dei termine If State Is Eligible Senator -N orris Attack . Constitutionality of AAA Substitute WASHINGTON — UP) —"!„..„ payment of the soldiers bonus voted Wednesday by leting congressional -action onvl neasure> The measure now goes ' louse and a possible vHS , ipeaker Byrns and,' Garner sign it, 'i >. Administration leaders have ,-_^ dieted that the bill wilt become a, law whether or not Mr. Roosevelt signs it' The house vote was 346 to 58. i t f Appeal td President, , $\ .WASHINGTON — (IP)— An tial group in congress Tuesday •< templated a joint appeal to Presii Roosevelt to let the new bonus J... ( become a law without either "Signiiig or vetoing the measure—as PeHnWt *" by the constitution. *' *i The constitution says that' if gress remains in session for 10 after passing a measure and ident takes no action the measure comes law. • Those favoring such a course the president expressed the that it would do the Roosevi no 'harm, while the^ publicity atte; upon the over-riding at a Veto mil •impair his -popular standing?' -^ ^ .Another angle w&s- ^ that;such course would jrelieve many j erans' vote, of the voting against the president c clear-cut-an issue. . ,* <">) jfc WASHINGTON.—{#•)—The constitutionality of the administration's two- year'half billion dollar substitute for the AAA was challenged by Senator Nbrris Wednesday coincident with its formal introduction in congress. ' rhc Ncw DeaVs substitute for the d ef uncl AAA would broaden considerably the powers conferred on the Secretary of Agriculture under the 1935 soil conservation act. I After 2 Mistrials George Kimberly's Whisky Is Returned Methodist church of DcQueen. .Dr. J. L. Cannon Speaks Dr. Cannon reviewed his experience with the liquor traffic and pointed out its evils to mankind. Before launching into his speech he asked the question: "Why don't you stick lo preaching'.'" Tliey ask me that and I'll answer y .^^ (Qwn Wctlni?f>day _. imt uobotlv them," be shouted. „,„ Icould do anything about it. A religion Hint doe* not stand out ; • f , * „, of „, against evil is no religion at all. Liquor is an evil. The Bible says so." He then referred to several passages in Ihe Bible. "At •present," he said, "we have the New Action Possible Over Obtaining Federal .Court Order , Nashvi!lc coun t y . sca i.. of I whR . )l •< cut | i , wc( p ]j c , uor j ^.^ h . K , ^ Mgcs of j.^ LITTLE ROCK.— (ff>) —The prison i industries reorganization ndministra tion will start a survey March 1 of the Arkansas prison system to determine if the state is eligible for a federal loan or grant for improvements. The money would be used for land purchases, construction of brick or stone buildings and the installation of prison industries'. The federal agency was created Inst ! September and the survey will be di . i(Unj , j ;| Farmers' Day Is Planned Saturday Movies at South Arkansas Implement Company's Store Announcement was made Tuesday (Continued on page three) Ti Mvirn 'PAXIKIV r LAP! -R rANNY HtG. 0. b. I*«T. OFF. most gigantic liquor and gambling interests in the history of the (sate. . . (crisis j ^ Ark I Attorney Jack Owens, defended by 193. 1 ). Miircli through December, lost the remainder, or 51.0H7.52—an avei'f age of $103.75 net per month. The Star's position is simply this— that a community that cnn own antj operate n complex public utility like nn electric lii'hl and water plant, can ,. . ,'—MT"i'"|TnU i—T-I—[~9 control the liquor problem ns much 711 I j 1 I iiuLl-J'J—L(; a* '<• will ever be controlled. It is a /.!_....» ;_• ^_J1_J i | 10! ;jjj on endorsed by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., former banker of the Anti- Snloon League, nnd many others. The Slate of Iowa, more "dry" politically than Arkansas ever was, adopted a slate dispensary plan when the Eighteenth Amendment was repealed. Iowa put one publicly-owned store in each city the si/e of Hope. Iowa forbid whisky advertising. Iowa forbid the store from displaying whisky in its .window. A similar plan was recommended to the Arkansas legislature last spring by Governor Futrell—and Ihe prohibitionists rejected it. Dr. Revis to Speak Here Wednesday Night Di. J. O. Revis. field secretary of the Foreign Missionary committee of the Southern Presbyterian church, will deliver a public address Wednesday night at First Presbyterian church. The address is scheduled l.j stnrt a' ii lot of books around } 7:;iC o'clock. Dr. Revis will be ae- •yoluuies for your back- cx-mpaniecl on his visit here by Mrs. Revis. arrest I ot George Kimberly, Nashville ninn. ; who was caught driving into his ga- j rage with two cases of whisky. Authorities arrested him on .suspicion; of having whisky for sale. Ho was ! prosecuted by Deputy Prosecuting Thr v are selling the people of Ark- i ansas the vile.sl stuff .hat was ever I Attorney J,m Jackson, nnd the noddled ..lit to a swine. ! *™ ** ar d »' 1 « w ° ^ «»« Is - . ' 'Tho liquor traffic hqs no more in- , sided over by Mayor Chester Hill (crest, for a woman's lours than they j ex-officio justice of the peace, do for a pii? squeal. Tliey can buy j tho newspapers. But if we cot space I in them we have to pay hard cash. , "The distillers nnd brewers .set up a ; fund of $10.000,000 to advertise when . prohibition was voted out. but they ' will have lo spend a grunt deal more Howard i- LITTLE ROCK—(A 1 )—Commitment . ,!PS Hst papers were issued at.Harrison Wed- made without cost to the state James ' ncsday for the removal of A. T. Hud- P. Dnvis, of Washington, the director. speth to prison to start a year's sent- | explained the new program Tuesday ; by Ladd Millet of the South cncc for accepting deposits in an in- | to members of the state planning and solvent bank. ! nc " al bo " rds - ..... , „ <?.ii« ttornv n!it-iinc>d -\ fed- ; H C said main objectives of the . b.un Korcx OOUI.KCI a lut , ^^ ^ ^ ^^ .^ improving i uary 25. Because the event is always forcing cnse pro- the than that lo offset prohibition. "Tho Arkansas legislature made laws to protect the liquor interests. You know that. Tho legislature, Mayor Hill told The Star over telephone Wednesday .that the first ' jury, composed of four w.imen and eight men deadlocked at !l to '.} for acquittal. , At the second trial the jury stood 11 to 1 for conviction, causing a mis- j Irial »s in Ihe first hearing. i Mayor Hill, explaining that it was customary in justice of the pence in [hearings, to dismiss.;! case after twn making those laws, also made provisions in them whereby it would be a hard matter for the people of the slate ns a whole to vote on the liquor question." Dr. Cannon brought his speech to n close by warning the dry forces that Hi-mpsteud county would be flooded with literature about three to five days before the election. He referred to an editorial, written by Walter Sorrels. Jr.. editor of the Pine Bluff Commercial. Ho suiil that every person in Nevada county got one of these editorials a few days before the liquor election there. He referred to the editorial a "one lie heaped upon another." He predicted that Hcmpslqad would go dry. Sfvier county wouW be next, und then Little Rive)- county would join Ihe other prohiibtion counties of southwest Arkansas. He concluded by uix'ing his listeners to keep up the fight "unlil the stars fall out of heaven—und you will win." Community Singiiur A community sinuing will be held •t B'ly's Chupel, two miles north of Kmmet. at. 2 p. in. Sunday. mistrials, said the action had been dropped ami Kimberly's, whisky wn.' returned to him. Under Ihe slate law it is legal for Hudspeth here ns soon ns tlv; farm. A hearing then is expected to be ret on new action claiming that Hudspeth's constitutional rights had been i violated when he was sentenced on | n statute law previously repealed. ' Smoker Thursday at Hope SCS Office Craig Rosborough Sends; Out Invitations to Representative Group Implement company that the firm's annual Farmers' Day entertainment has been set for next Saturday. Jan- j John Sandlin. ....,- uary 25. Because the event is always eonditTonrand'^V'deve'lopging I hcld al lhis timc of thc year, H has • industries, nnd to minimize compeli- ! become almost an institution with the ' farmers of the Hope trade territory. Thc entire program will be held in A Landslide for Old Long Machine Leche Lead Over Dear Louisiana Governorship^ NEW ORLEANS, La.—(#)—Unofficial returns from 489 of the 1,57! precincts in the latest count Wednej.' day of Tuesday's primary r?iised- H th< majority of Richard Lechc, Demo,; cratic nominee of the Long politics organization for governor tO f 83>?4| over the anti-Long candidate,' Clewl land Dear. . • . '. ' •' ( | The vote was' 140,758 for Leche, • 57,517 for Dear.' , ' As the votes dribble in it appearei that all Long candidates for state ! wide office would share in the land I slide. j Governor Allen will finish./Long' term in the senate. Allen Ellender was elected to tb< full six-year term over Congressmai oral court dent Cogbill of the state the Boono county sheriff to return j . . . . he reaches tlon Wlln Private industry in the man! ufacturc of penitentiary-made oods. Program Arranged T W Qovrvmir nf Pnn\vnv effort to sell merchandise. Instead, J. W. baigeilt OI U0m\ay wc cxtend an invitation to the farmers to come in and be our gxiests at nn all-day entertainment. In this way, we hope lo express our appreciation for the goodwill and patronage ox- tended our firm by the farmers of the Hope trade territory." The program, as outlined, calls for a Candidates Lead NEW ORLEANS-(JP)-Judge Rich ard Leche, the late Huey Long's can didate for governor, held a huge ma; the implement dealer's store, Mr. Mil- j jority in Tuesday's Democratic Icr said. j mary with practically no votes report In explaining the purpose of the day ec j excc pl from New Orleans. to a Star reporter, Mr. Miller stated) R cpO rts from 281 of thc state's 1,57 that the idea was expressed aptly in j precincts, of which 243 were from Nev the title given to the occasion. j Orleans, gave Leche 100,081 votes t "Once each year," lie said, "wc set | sg^gg for Congressman Clevelnni aside n day on' which we make no j D e a r , anti-Long candidate. to Speak in Hope Thurs- day'Night •ittend a smoker at the Soil Conser- i >-a'irn Service office in Hope at 7:30 a person to keep whisky on his person | (Vc ., ()ck Thursday night, according to ! invitations sent out by Craig : bcrouch. project manager. in "dry" territory, providir not attempt to sell it. Ill' • J. W. Sargent, the State Coordinator , of the Soil Conservation Service from ' Conway. will arrive in Hope Thurs• day afternoon nnd will talk at a spc>c- , ial meeting to be held at the local of- An invited number of local inen will I f ice ,,{ ,i le g 0 ji Conservation Service at 7 p. m. Thursday. The recent district agricultural extension service conference held in Hope- included an outstanding dis- The Long candidates were leadin elsewhere in the state with only scat tered returns from country precinct) Many parishes announced the vote would not be announced until Wed nosday. In the nice for the unexpired Sen ate term of Long, Gov. O. K. Allc (Long) had 2.139 votes and Fran number of sound motion pictures tO| Looney (anti-Long) 1,188 votes - in re be exhibited at the MeCormick-Deer- . Hos- Ask Support for Ouachita College C. Hamilton Moses Makes Plea Before Baptists at Spa Meeting HOT SPRINGS -I/Pi- A plea I> K-iplisl>' f»r financial support "I : Ouachita ciillece was made before the 13npli.st convention Wcdn:sdav by C. Hamilton MOM'S, college hoard chair- mun. I He hind that unlos> greater suppoJ'l I was given within the next few years he couldn't, .'-e:.- lio\v the college coiil'l cpaiate. The Christian uducatiun c:im- mitteo ui't-ed finnneiiil support both i for OunchiUi nnd Central eollcyes. In the course of his letter of invitation Mr. Rosboroush wrote: "The.se staff members are living in your town. Have you met nil of them and il<> you understand the honefU-ial • cficct.s that your conummity should ' enjiy from the co-operative soil cun- , servutioit program? | "The farmers have profited in the [last from the nnlural resources which do not exist today: and it has been .said. 'The soil problem of this country ••<i»l e.ther coimtii'-s arises from Hie ne- les'sity of growing concrete highways, modern lioines and motor cars mil nf 1 the »ame soil that produced in its virgin stale only the cabin, the road ' through the clearing, and the old ; spring wagon. "On si.-il deputed by (JU years of continuous, erosion and cropping the farmer of today mu.sl pay 10 limes as i mueh tux as his grandfather paid, and he must spend 10 times a.s much t'ov comfi'.rt and education." I . cussion by Mr. Sargent on "Longtime Objectives of Die Soil Conservation Program." Former Slave Dies in H°pe at Age 80 Delia Anu Hervey Smith. 80-year- old c.x-slavo. died at. the home of her cousin. Hnttie Brewer. 211 South Laurel street, Tuesday. The neg.ro woman's exact age was not known, but she wax ;ippi-o.\imatc)y 80. I'ulirus 1'luy Friday The Patmos Piirent-Tcachi'i- association will stay*.' a play at Patmos Hi.uh School auditorium at 1:'M o'clock Friday night. January 2-1. The play, a comedy, is tilled. "The Old Maids' Club."' i A fifteen hundred ton "push" or •'pull" can be exerted by a testing machine at the UniviTMly of Illinois. ing dealer' store. All the pictures have been so recently released that they will have been exhibited only twice before they are brought to Hope. Mr. Miller called particular at- turns from 27 country precincts. It ving Wnrdstcinman (Independent) hu eight votes. For the full six-year Senate tern Allen Ellcnder (Long) had l,85i vote • Congressman John Sandlin (ant -Steinnia. precincts. Long, brother of Senator Lon led Clement Moss (anti-Long) 1,3 votes tj 748 in the race for lieutenai governor with 22 country precincts r porting. l^ong- Adherent Leads In the Supreme Court race, wht may swing tht- balance of power in tl state's highctt tribunal from tl Long to the anti-Long side. Ami Ponder (Longi wis leading W. Ca ruth Jones I'anti-Longi 158 to 1 , votes in reports from four of the 2 TUCKKR FARM.—U'j-Discovery of | precincts in the Fifth district. Colui) ;! case of spinul inenini-'iiis .'it Ihe | JUS Heid. a third c.-indidate. had Tucker State prison farm \\Vdncsdayjvoles. ; .lii.lsje l-cclio f-'iii.l the returns ind ; eated a "landslide" for thc Long caj diduls and "comidete vitKlicatioji" the lale Senator Luaig- 1 Governor Allen served notice of] . ... t'li 1 t '• ^-U**te* vioi-niw** uviii** M-...U*.! tent.on to a film which the value of | L , Ii206 vo(os . md Ward ., terracing I arm land I" prevent wash-; ^^ {fQm ^ coun(ry , )rcci: ing and soil erosion While most of ; brother of Sena the pictures are of a fanning nature, he said that one film would ; show work being done on and Ihe j completion of the new Boulder dam in : Colorado. ! Every farmer in the trade territory ' i.s invited. Mr. Mill:.'!- said, to attend i the event. Meningitis Outbreak ' at Tucker Reported i" 1 \* resulted in a quarantine of a hospital ••n the grounds of an isolated ward where the patient was taken. In warm weather, mustard cling to an area for days: '. ;'iih?i-. it may *tay f/r -ret-l will cold on pui:c

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