Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 21, 1936 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1936
Page 4
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, *¥" *•! "• »fc':j!v v *< - (V» Modem Explorer »» tot warm standard, nine.- IPI9T Kins PIETRO BA006UO Si Sloth. Hffte. 56 of love. 57 To set agnln. XSifo fob. 59 Thought. ftiTti'tttain.. fit B«rt< Mfigo. end. 48 Jfalural power. 63 Organs ot • 4fl Precept, hearing. 4<f Sun. 65 Sasfo. 43 Humor. 66 He used a I la'Shin. for jlf Cedar tree. exploring. ^88 Sketched. 67 He attempted §4 Epochs. to span the — Continent. VKRTN'.VI, 1 Equable. 2 Pound. .'! To harden. ^ To sob. 5 Pope's xca rf. ti.MushQl note. 7 Mortal 1 tray. 8 Possessing flavor. !> Cuxtom. 10 To ftiftka luce, (ltd hasten. 14 Beverage. 17 To encounter. 19 Vlslbl« slpi. 22 T« decajr. 24 Pedal dlgii". 27 Market. 2U Observes. 30 Flower. 31 Thread fold. 33 To trudge. :I3 Elm. 37 Blood-sticklntr Inject. :J9 Fearful. 41 Pertaining in air. 11 Seed covering. 16 Loaded. 15 Unit. •Hi I'leic of turf. SiJ Kxouse. 51 Small memorial. a'A To alienate. $5 Chair. 58 Cravat. 60 Constellation, 64 Senior. tit tr 186 30 38 43 52 57 t>t> 39 4-4 18 40 53 31 58 ^ ^ 19 ^? ^ 41 59 67 13 p 36 S3 46 63 ^ •43 P 55 25 33 60 57 5fc ss 48 ^ 91 Bells Ring Again BRUSSELS —(/P)— The task of re- stpring famous chimes, destroyed in Belgium and northern France in the World war, is still under way. .Fijst to be restored were the chimes of, St. Quentin in France. Next came those of the city of Ypres, where battles xaged for 52 months. ^Totir Dixmude, famous for its chimes may-again listen to its carillon of 28 -bills, destroyed at the start of the fighting. ' Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It!, in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the , quicker you selL 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c For consecutive insertions, minim' , mum of 3 lines in one ad 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min, 90c • "26 times, ZVx line, min. J2.70 (Average 5% words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the faUl'i^ payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 TDEMP* j \^f $%• > $•." - Bv I. S. Klein '. i. X^ ^ * ,_it FOR SALE We buy and sell Produce at Holly's Curb" Market. FOR SALE— Good, welt-cured Johnson's grass hay. Cheup. See E. S. 14-lOt-c. ROE'S HATCHERY Baby chicks for sale. Custom hatching a specialty, Call or write Mrs- Fred I*. Gordon, Prescott, Ark. ll-12tc FOR SAL&-Two male small Bulldogs, reasonable. Phone 411-W. 18-3tp FOR SALE— Bois d'Arc posts at eight cents per post. F. O. B. at the fanjn.' Hay at 25 cents per bale, and com. See A. N. Sti-oud 21 -6U- ts^ 1 ^ ^ < M ANY CENTURIES ago a happy and free people, called Letts, Inhabited the shores of the Baltic In Europe. One day foreign- In-j trader^ came and enslaved the j Letts, and hundreds of years of bondage passed-. During those try- Ing times a legend arose, and on It the enslaved people based their topes for deliverance. It was. that Lacplesls. Killer of the Bear, would tome and deliver them. Lacplesis did come out of the forest, at last, slew the Black Knlghti symbol of the Invader, and freed Laimdota, spirit of Latvia, whom the Black Knight had held prisoner. Latvia now is free, the spirit of the Bear Killer keepn guard over the Letts, and never again, they say. will the Black Knight harass the land. This legend Is told in pictures In ft series ot five stamps issued in ;1?32. The stamp shown here Illustrates the slaying of the Black Knight by Lacplesis and the deliverance of Laimdota. FOR SALE— Good values in men's reblocked hats. When you buy a hat use -your head. Stack's Hot Shop. 21-5lp WANTED WANTED—Man over 30 to service local vending machine route. Span; time work about 10 hours weekly. Not Selling. No experience required, for interview write "Artec Co.", Upper Darby, Pa. LOST plants at Holly's Curb Mar- LOST—Male and female liver and white, pointer pups, 10 months old. Answer to "Joe" and "June." Reward fyt return to P. A. Dulin, Jr. 18-3tp CERVICES OFFERED Vff clean, block, shrink, stretch band or bind huts, put in new swt-jt bands and cut brims. Stack's Hat shop, 21 - 5 'p FOR Fruits at Holly't. Curb Market (CopyrlBht, 1»38. NBA SerVlce, Inc.) FOR RENT— Seven room hou»<:. Wewly remodeled. Phone 783. lii-:Hc FOH RENT— Two room furniihed ajwrtment. Also bedroom. Both adjoining bath. Phone 163J. Mrs. Lex ifclms. ___ '. J 8 ' — "~FOR~~RENT— Four room furnished ap&rtmuU with private bath and garage. J. A. Sullivan, Phone 147. 23-otc Hickory Shade Parker Rogers has returned home afttr spending several days with his Brother, Jack, at El Dorado. Mr. and Mrs. Grady Btcce and. Mr. and Mrs. Merrcl Huckjel»e were bedtime callers at Mrs. Charles Refers Tuesday night. Taylor Philips left last Friday for Rodc'ssu, La., where he has gone to work. Mrs. Edwju Britt spent last Monday with Mrs. Royctt Laseter. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Jackson of near Hope spent Saturday night with their daughter, Mrs. Merrell Mucklebee imd Mr. Hucklebee. Mrs. Charles Rogers called on Mrs. j Bryan Ruggles Monday evening. j Mrs. Blanch Day spent several daysj last week with Mr. and Mrs. Lelmau, Ruaglea. Mrs. J. S. Reed was a business visitor in Hope last Wednesday, Mrs. J. W. Mc\Villiain.s called on Mrs. Charles Rogers Wednesday even- OUR BOARDING HOUS£ AHERN OUT WAY AND A -PEEU AND Ot^LEN/VON V. CRUMBS WITH M\NE| H WILL "BE ; ,y\v -ofeAP GR^NVlLLfeyYOU OVERLOOK THE T-4.CT THAT 1 HAVE THE yyf HISTORICAL. PECOWDS TO PRCWE THAT ALL, M\Nt5 YOU, t ©AID ALL.THE ILLUSTRIOUS /COME AND TJrtSTlN<aU\SHEt> HOOPUe 3 Wx«5OR-THW^ ANCESTORS. WERE ON NAff :K A -BRO8D OF THE FAMILY /-u,. "\ STATEMENT/ -SOME MORE TEA ANTDTARTS, f/CPET ONE WVTtt SIR •PODNEV WtTTEN ST6LT-ORTH HOOPLE/ ra & rixi* '#- 1^ \\ f I ^"=•3^=;, -SS^-^sea ^"" 0 19W BY NCA SCRVK£. INC. T. M. K[0. U. t. f AT. Off. T, MARTHA, 'THE HOOPLES KEQU^ TE\AS> *;«. >f <) -I _... __ BUT-WELL, 'MEMBER, HSS \ UH -\wr CsOT FAME AN' KICHE9 | WQM'T SftMCE; WE PUKICHED COWS VWlTH HIM — TH6T CHAWOES HAWOSHAKl AM 1 I'M GONf H6 COULOfsSl OfT SO AWFLf BIG.. HE BATMED iw, BUCKiT '"- LOK1G.J V SOME 6 U > T'!1 •^^ . CAY OFT THE 'WEW'OLC? FRIEMD. 1-21 i^M", jl BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Mr. X Is Doing Swell By MARTIN HSA.YJO OOOOO i .* .-"" •" NX VitfXVW XOOf I'rA SXt e>O^t, AKSVMORt'. TO VOO, i TV\OOGA\\ OOX TO OO '. \T voo rwK* mm VOO VOO VOO W DO \ \ . 3. PAT. Ofr.'.. ALLEY OOP Too Much Dino By HAMLIN ALLEY, ( MO, THAMK5 -HOWEST; DO HAVEN I'M SO FULL I AMOTHER) COULDN'T EAT HUMKA _... BtTE- THI5 ' •< WHITE MEAT...; •J I'M SORRY T'SAV, I GOTTA , DECLIWE, BUT /. ^~~^-^_ ( I WOMDEC. •a/-,n-ri MAWOMASJ, /ILL HAVE '\IFIDAGE BOUT S. pj- g UR g /^ LITTLE BIT ) EAT THIS r^SS'v ? 1 WAS Fl WE / (MORE, IF IT'S / LAS' BITE? m*L^^ .-\ALLTH'SAME A ^^rft^V" ^ wrrn YOU - ' b -Ai?pL /^S~ :fe^^ _^ ^v. ^ ,<££*,-••:> •'^._ - -•-.-«•: •>(, ^-.'-jl^M.^ 1 ^\.t?.T 80V,' OH BOV- WAS THAT A FEED/ OOP, I'VE HAD SOME MEALS IW MY DAY- /OOPHP/ BUT THAT WAS (I HOPE I TOPS, I'M HERE I CAM MAKE T'SAV— /*—<s rr UP/ > H / ..,/ N HEY, GRAWD \WHER - ) ARE YGOWMA StT S f THERE ALL DAY? L'MOM -^ UP/ CAMT GIT WASH TUBBS" Lulu Belle Uses Force By CRANE . LOOKS \ITfe THEM V BUT 1 TOLD BAP RjA EASY. 6AMBLERS. \THEM FEUERS THEY'RE GV5RV, HOODLUM THEV'RE /TO MAKE A I WOULPMTyAIMIM' RUM PER rf TO ELECr RJH , ~«™ r -^ p ----. ' IT UP Sooxe OP IMS X SHCRIFP. J 0r .,*°g' MA'M.) "T" AM'THECE AJM'T MUTHINJM THE HECki " DO t<3 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS if] I WHO'S PER LULU eeue ?. . MIMDS,'CAUSE I'M £ 1 WHO yores PER IfeWi Double Check fir SAYS A I COLT'S DIET ' MUST BE GOVERNED BY HIS AGE... GEE, we DOWT KMCW HOW OLD "THE COLT IS .' AWD IF WE WAIT FOR THAT ANSWER F*OM UWCLE HARRY, DYNAMITE MIGHT STARVE! IT SAYS THAT WHEKI A COLT IS VERY YOUNG IT MUST BE FED FROM A BOTTLE.' GEE:, /• DOWT TELL ME DYNAMITE GOT THAT TOUGH ON MILK.'/ f OWE WAY WE CAW TELL MIS AGE IS BY LOOKING IN HIS MOUTH..... TAG, OPEN DYNAMITE'S . MOUTH SEE HOW MANY TEETH HE HAS .'• THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) GOSH, I OPENED HIS Pr MOUTH TO SEE HOW -' MAW TEETH HE- HAP, ASJD HE ^ CLOSED IT TO .SEE '/" -' \ HOW MANY FINGERS r5v.---i.-V -, I HAD // Sight-Seeing at Home By COWAN "• ] Necil Butler of near Bodcaw six;nt' ( 1 Monday night with his grandmother,, i Mrs. J. W. MeWilliams and Mr. Me- i i Williains. ! Jnhn Recce made a business trip to ! Nashville last Munday. , ~*f*9*~. , Arsenic can be used advantageously jn wood preservation processes. J BUT, VAV DEAR LITTLE YTHE BELL IS THE GIRL,CANT WE SETTLED ONLY TWM& TWW TMJS PEACEABLV? ^/SW/ED VOOANO THAT ONLY A BREATHING SPELL? v*< .^" YOU'D NEVER GUESS ! DAN AND t APE &OIN& SOUTH — • WE HAD T'COCAE (?IGWT OVER AND TELL YOU rA TEMPTED T'OJOSE UP TUIS PLACE AND &O,tV\YSELF COME ON-WE COULD UAVE A LOT OF FUN TOGETHER .' YEAU, WHY DON'T CUA, WINDY?WE COULD VISIT SOME OLD BATTLEFIELDS AND EYE-M fAEET SOtAE OP THE OLD VETERANS ' \VHr GO' SOUTH PER THAT? YOU 1 RE LOOKING AT AN OL 1 BATTUE- ' SCARRED YET, RiGl4T MOW, AND YOU'RE STANDIN' ON TWE MOST FREQUENTLY BATTLEFIELD IN ANY IVAN'S HISTORY, 6 >Y NE* SERVICE, INC. T/ REG. U. S. PAT. Off. J

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