Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 20, 1939 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 20, 1939
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If You Expect to Vote in the 1940 Elections Pay Your Poll Tax Now - the Deadline on Poll Taxes Is Saturday, September 30. World-Wide New« Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Press Hope Star The Weather ....ARKANSAS - Fair Wednesday night and Thursday; slightly cooler Wednesday night. VOLUME 40—NUMBER 298 HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20- 1939 PRICE 5c COPY RUSSIANS MOVING TO WEST County _FairioJ1avePet Show, Cycle Circus and Horse Show Cash Awards Will Be Given Winners In Three Events Fair Opens Next Tuesday, 'Five Big Days Are Planned ENTRY BLANKS HERE Pet Show Wednesday-i Competition Open to All Persons .... Of special interest to the people of Hope during the county fair, September 26-30, will be the Horse show. Cycle Circus and the Pet show, and ig order that those who are interested may have time to 'make their entries in any or all of those events, the full program of these events are given below: The I'ct Show On Wednesday night at the main exhibit building, the Pet show, under the direction of Miss Hattie Ann Field, will give the children of Hope and Hempstead county a chance to exhibit an; 1 kind of pet that they think will win » prize. Pels will be limited to small animals All-Day Singing to Be Held at Hinton Sunday An all-day singing has been announced for Hinlon community, three miles east of Patmos, Sunday, September 24. All singers are urged to bring song books and basket unchefi. Quartets to appear on the program are; Blackwood Brothers, Mays, a quartet from Stamps. Others have been invited and arc expected to be present. $30,000 In Subsidy Payments Arrive First Checks of $343,000 County Farm Program Are Here County Agent Oliver Adams announced Wednesday that ?30,000 in cotton subsidy checks had bee received for distribution to Hempstead county farmers and landowners. This is the first payment of ap- pnxp'matcly ?3<i:i,000 to be distrbuted to county farmers under this year's farm program. Mr. Adams said checks have arrived farmers whose are being notified by mail. Other payments will be and prizes will be awarded on the basis I ''^cived from time to time and as of beauty, disposition and intelligence, i Quickly as the checks arrive, farm- Three prizes will be offered: 53, $2 j C1 1 wl11 bc »° l ' ficd ' Mr. Adams said. ' To avoid confusion and unnecessary Submarine Can Be Controlled, Says Naval Authority Undersea R aiders Are Too Slow for Use in Major Battles CONVOYS BEAT 'EM But Organization of Convoy System Takes Time and Patience Sinking of aircraft currier Cour- i'.Ki'CMis l).v submarine, following tor|,ed<iinjr iincl sinking of a score <.f oilier ships, centers attention on submarine warfare. How big a part will tbese craft play in the war? Here's an analysis of submarine war by an experienced navy man. Landon Urges Congress Meet Throughout War WASHington —</P>— Alf M. Landon, Republican leader, arrived here for President Roosevelt's neu- Iralily conference Wednesday, and promptly urged a continuous session of congress during the European war because; "here is more confidence in the united judgement of the representatives than in any one man's opin- , m( t ' ' rips to lhc coun ° f£icC ' Everyone who has a pet is ur«cd , n **™f ° cC ' ... , . ., „ , . , . ; farmers are urged to wait for nou- o enter it urn' invite all friends to ,= .,. , ...... ° ; , -., .... ... ... ...... lo cu>.,-. v>uv tu lhc*.iho%s, n.-, wii,,iciji will be determined by vote. The lfor.sc Show On Thursday, September 28, Livestock Day tit the Hempsluad County Fair, Hope will have its fir.st Horse Show. It will be held in the ball park beginning al 4 p. m. The program.' will consist of six events: .Event No. 1—Cow Pony. To be shown walking, running, turning, weaving and stopping. First prize $3, second prize: ribbon, third prize: ribbon. Event No. 2—Children's class (under 19 years). First prize: 51.50. second prize. ?1. third prize 50 cents. Event No. 3—Ladies' Pleasure Horse. First prize ?3, second prize: ribbon, (hire! prize: ribbon. Event No. -1—pleasure Horse (Any Rider). First prize: ribbon, .second prize: ribbon, third priz.e: ribbon. Eve.nl No. 5—Three Gailed Horse 'Any Rider). Fir.st prize ribbon, .second prize: ribbon, third prize: ribbon. Event No. 6—Five Gaitcd Horse (Any Rider). Fir.st prize: $«, second prize: K third prize ?2. The Horse Show will be under the direction of Miss Haltio Ann Field, assisted by Terrell Cornelius, W. E. White, Aubrey Collier, and Dr. P. B. Carrigan. They urge everyone who has H riding horse to enter it in the Hor.se Show and make a good beginning for this new type of entertainment. Cycle Circus The main attraction of the Hempstead county fair for school children will be the Cycle Circus on the last day, Saturday. September ISOtli. Every fication by are here. mail 'thai their checks Garbage "Pick-Up" Will ^Regular Mayor Atkins Announces Schedule for All Four Wards By LIKUTENA.NT - COMMANDEK HAItLEY F. COI'E OF U. S. S. IDAHO \Vrilen for NEA Service SAN PEDRO, Calif., — In 1914, the war value of the submarine was little known. One day, early in the World War, a small German submarine, the U-9 under the command of Otto Wcddingen, strallcd the world by sinking in quick succession three British cruisers—the Adoukir, Crcssy,-probably means the loss of her lefi 4 Injured In Crash On Highway No. 67 Frances Harper, Catherine Campbell In Texarkana Hospital TEXARKANA — Four young persons were injured, two seriously, Tuesday night when their car rammed into a machine, driven by a negro, that suddenly pulled out into its path about five miles northeast of Texarkana on highway 67, Most seriously injured were Frances Harper, about 20, and Catherine Campbell, 18, both of Hope. Miss Harper was cut abut .the eyes anc nose, and received an injury that and Hogue. The destruction, was accomplished with much the same ease as shooting tame ducks on a pond. The victims had been steaming along unmindful of danger. After the first -ship had been .vunk, tho other two bud stopped and obligingly wnitetl to Mayor W. S. Atkins appealed to Hope residents Wednesday to cooperate with the city's garbadc "pickup schedule" in which the city's truck will operate four days each month. The schedule follows: The garbage truck will remove refuse from Wards One and Four on the first and Fourth Tuesday of each months—and from Wards Two and Three on the first and fourth Wednesday of each month. "You arc expected to collect all garbage on your premises and put same in sacks or other containers and leave such containers at a place easily accessible to the city truck on dates above mentioned," the mayor said. If the truck should miss your premises, call Street Commissioner T. H. Butler. His telephone number is • 921. A formal notice of the schedule appears in an advertisement on another page in this issue. City Health Physician Dr. Don Smith warned Wednesday that all persons handling or selling food to the public arc required to pass a physical examination—which must be made or approved be torpedoed. At that time, ships of defense against submarines much lew however, taught the allies a valuable lesson which they were quick to profit by. Thereafter, (lie ships did not steer straight courses, but changed at odd times, commencing what was later termed /.iK/.ugRing. When a ship was sunk, the destroyers slopped and recovered the survivors while the large ships fled in different directions. Defensive Weapons Developed Dul no offensive weapon had been Britain Says "No" to Hitler's Offer to Declare Peace In View of Broken Promises "Only Choice- It to Fight" PLIGHT OF POLAND eye, Miss Campbell received bad scalp wounds. Marvin Moser, 24, of Fulton, was cut on the mouth and complained of pain in his chest. He will be trl' en an X-ray examination Wednesclay&rtl Michael Meager hospital, where all Fate of Czechoslovakia Warned Poles, the British Declare LONDON, Eng. —(/P)— Prime Minister Chamberlain declared Wednesday no threats could deter Britain and her allies from achieving their war aims, but added: "What we will not do is to rush into adventures that offer little prospect ol success." With the obvious purpose of allaying public anxiety over whether the Western Allies were striking vigor ously against Germany, Chamberlain told the House of Commons. "There is no sacrifice from whicl' we will shrink." Replying to Adolf Hitler's Danzif speech, Chamberlain said the Allies war purpose was to: "(Redeem Europe from pcrpctua fear of German aggression and enabl the peoples of Europe to preserve their independence and liberties." the injured were brought by Truman knew nothing | Evans, North State Line. The fourth person was Earnest Bagley, IS), of Hope. He was cut on the chin and on the leg. Baglcy left the developed for against the submarine. The first /.igzug tactics adopted were too simple. The U-boat com- skilled able lu more were Ixiy and girl who owns a bicycle will be interested in the best decorated bicycle, the 100 yard, 220 yard, 'MO yard. H80 yard, and the mile races, also the best trick riders. Cash priy.es will be offered for all events. The circus will begin at !!:;«! a. m. and continue until all races arc run and Ibe entire circus is over. Preceding the circus, the decorated bicycles will be ridden around the ball park three limes to give the judges a chance to select the v. inner. First, second and third prizes will be given in each event and no one will be permitted to win more than two pri/cs, so a very large number of those who enter will win prizes. Kvery boy and girl in Hope should enter. The circus will be divided 111(0 the following events: Event One—Boys and girls of all ages—Parade of clccocralcd bicycles— First prize is $1.50, .second prize' is $1 and third pri/.c wll be 50 cents. Kvcnt Two—Girls of all ase.s—10B- yard race. 220-yard race and ride and coast. First pri/e is $L5U. .second prize is ?J.OO and third prize wil be 50c. Event Three—For junior boys under 16 years of age—220-yard race, •MO-.vard race, and 880-yard' race. The He also warned (hat all ice boxes must be connected with storm sewers immediately to comply with a recent ordinance passed by the city council. Ho also urged that all refuse bc placed in containers with tight-filling ids to keep down odors, flies and mosquitoes. John Apperson, 79, Is Believed Dying Death Appears Only Few Hours Away, Says Hospital Report BULLETIN John Appcrsr.n, 7!). died in Josephine hospital at :i:10 p. in. Wednesday of injuries sustained in an ant(.mol)ile iifident here Monday night. hospital after treatment. Moscr, drive of the ear, said his party was en route to Texarkana to celebrated miss Campbell's cigrteenth birthday when a car, driven by a negro, that had been pulled out into the path of his machine. Moscr's car was overturned and Miss Harper was pinned underneath. Bag- Icy was the only one who remain prizes $1.50, second ¥1.00 (Continued On Page KighO Cotton NKW YOIiK -(/P>- October opened Wednesday ut 8.98 and clis.ed l.:'i--a. ..;.•." riiitkUajv U.17. A report from Josephine hospital ;it 2.30 P- m. Wednesday suid John Apperson, 7'J-year-old Hope num. was believed to be dying of injuries sus- | lainccl in an .automobile acc"!dcnl. in downtown Hope curly Monday night. The report said Mr. Apperson hud been unconscious since- 2 a. in. Tuesday and that death appeared 'only a lew hours away." Mr. Apperson bus u fractured skull, .shouldei, chest and hip injuries and is severely briused about the body. mandcrs, becoming through experience. yet in many successful attacks. More and more tonnage was lost by the allies. Then the curve of U-boat success took a very decided drop. This was brought through several means. First a bomb -known later us the depth charge—that exploded under water and excited u crushing blow to the .submarine's haull was invented. Secondly, the convoy system was adopted. Groups of ships, carefully guurd'.xi by escorting destroyers and cruisers, were taken by /ig/.agying coursers over irregular uiutes. Ihirdly, evi-ry lime u U-boat, was lost( about 175 won.' destroyed during the war) a valuable, experienced .skipper was lost wilh .il. The result was Ihiil Ihe new U-boat coin- mamlrr.s could never keop Ihcir experience ubrcul or ahead uf tho allied an I i-.submarine ladies. During the lasl .stages uf the war, very few successful submarine at- generally by the experienced submarine captains who si ill survived. Convoy utter convoy .sailed tin.- seas without Ibe liw-s of u single boa I. Kub's KiuiKc Is Small It should be noted thai there i:-, no record of y submarine taking part in u major sea buttle. The reason is fairly obvious. The modern but- tle covers ti.o large un area for a submarine loo keep in contact. On Ihe surface, where it can run al god speeds on ils engines, u .sub very vulnerable, can be sunk with ease by other men-uf-war. Submerijed, it is slow and can never keep up with u fa.st moving field of battle. After the last war. it wu.s quite plain (liar, unless nieuiis were foumi (o prevent the .submarine from dealing its attacks, il w;i> the must deadly weapon in the world. The allies had louuil the antidote fur Mihmarinc poison in use of the convoys and depth changes. Now tho quc.-lion wit.-; mie of overcoming siune of Ihe .-ub'.s mliereni weakness so it could a^ain become tin men,ice it \\:,.; in ll'll-lii. All nuv- ies iinduiibledU made Valiant efforts in that (iiieelion. The first slop Would be to Iruin the .submarine commanders lo make ut- ' tucks on high speed, /.ig/.agging tar-1 uet.s. \\'ell i ai ilected b.v .screening dcstroyei s ami cruisci.-i. Over u period of years it is onlv natural to as- conscious after the misliap and he managed to drag the others out of the wrecked car. The negro who was driving the other ear apparently was not seriously injured, as he left his machine and had not been found late Tuesday night. Miller comity and Arkansas officers were investigating the mishap. New Warning on Poll TaxDeadline Sept. 30th Deadline Called to Attention State Employes LITTLE ROCK —(/P>— Governor Bailey said Wednesday he had suggested to department heads recently that, they warn stale employes September 30 (a week from Saturday i was the poll tax paying deadline. He said this information also was given several more members of honorary state boards and commissions. French Equally Sure ,. r>AiJS., France — (/P)— The French government adopted measures Wednesday to pursue the war "to a definite victory." The war ministry at the same time reaffirmed its union with Britain and pledged that Poland would eventually be reconstructed. The press publishes dispatches from Brussolls that the Germans arc concentrating around Aachen, which is not on any direct routes leading to the fronts further south where the French and Germans are fighting. Italy Quits Frontier HOME, Italy —t^Y- Italy announced withdrawal of her troops from the Albanian—Greek frontier Wednesday as evidence of "complete re- cciprocal trust" between Italy and Gre'ccc. The gesture came as Italy appeared to be solidifying her position as leader of the neutral states. Britain Spurns Hitler LONDON —I/I')— Authoritative quarters Tuesday reiterated Britain's determination to say "no" to any Nazi peace offer tonight as an official communi- que charged Adolf Hitler's Danzig speech was "full of crass missuilc- ments." The statement gave a lengthy review of "the laic of Hcrr Hitler's broken promises' and said "he can scarcely expect Great Britain to believe that German aspirations are limited and that Germany has no further aspirations in the West." Broken Promises Commenting on Hitler's statement llial be could not. understand why the Polish nveinmcnt rejected his prn.vposals Ihe 3,000-word statement (Continued On Page Eight) Cuts elaw ut trees to get rid of loose yuine that this has been accompi.shL'd by the warring nations, and thai a large number of i-ep!iM-"m 'P.i' rfficcrs I iCviiiiiiuecl On Saturday, September 3O, to Be Deadline for Paying Poll Tax The following .statement on payment of poll taxes released jointly by Attorney General Jack Holt and Auditor J. Oscar Humphrey is, so far as the law is concerned, an uffjicial opinion by the attorney general's office. The new law fixes the deadline for payment of poll taxes October 1, but since tin's falls on Sunday this year the actual deadline will be Saturday night, September 30. The official statement follows. Act 82 of the Acts of Arkansas, 1930, changes the old law and provides that a person may now pay his poll tux up to midnight of the first day of October of this year (1939). Please bear in mind that it is absolutely ncce.ssai-y for everyone who wisres to vote in the primary next year (19-10) to have a poll tax issued prior (o midnight of the first day of October, 1939. All persons who failed to assess last year and who wish to pay*their poll tax between now and midnight October 1, 'may assess delinquent with the assessor and pay their poll tux without a penalty, under tho provisions of Section 4 of the Acts of Arkansas, 1939. which reads us follows: "That the collectors of the various counties of the stale are hereby authorised and directed not to collect the penalties provided by law for delinquent poll tax assessments for the year 1938. upon which assessment tuxes are to be paid in 1939." Du not forget you must have n poll tax issued and dated prior to midnight October 1, 1939, in order to vote in the primary of 1940. On account of the importance of this change in the law, which mjghl bar thousands of good citizens from voting in the primary next year b'.'cauc.x- they have not been mucte aware of the change, will you, who read this article, please inform as many people as possible in your county of the, change; in the law. Poles Attacked on Both Sides 'New Reserves Are Reported Headed To Europe's War With an advance fro mthc East by Russia comparable to the German advance from the West, Poland is being overrun by invading armies. Tho shaded ureas indicate the areas won by Germans and Russians on Polish soil, from which they are driving toward each, other. The heavy dotted lines show the old boundrics between Russia, Austria-Hungary and Germany, indicating the areas taken from these three countries to create Poland after the last World War. Now the Russians have Indicated they want the areas inhabited by the White Russians and the Ukarainans established as spcaratc Soviet states. > Italy Urges France and Britain to Make Peace With Hitler ' POLAND!^ DIVIDED •Conquest Completed, Germany and Russia Divide Spoils MOSCOW, Russia — (&)— Russia was reported authoritatively Wednesday to have called up more army reservists, the number being undisclosed. Unofficial sources intimated they were being sent to tb« WMtern frontier. Italian Peace Pico ROME, Italy —(/P) —Primlar Mussolini's newspaper n Popolo d'ltalia Wednesday published an.implied appeal to Britain and Franca to. come to terms with Germany. It called the war in the wast "useless." "Italian sensibility, tempered by thousands of years, again points out the right road," the paper said. Daniels May Not Play Here Friday Hope Quarterback to Aid Brasher In Scouting El Dorado Team" Unless there is marked improvement in tho condition of Jimmy Daniels' injured ankc, Coach Foy Hamons will take no chances with his ace quarterback by sending him into the Hope-Smackover tussle here Friday night. In that event, Dailies' wi accompany Asistant Coach Bill Brasher to Huyncsville, La., to scout the Hay- nesvillc-ElDorado grid clash. The Bobcats will meet EDorado a weok from Friday,in the first conference combat ad Hummons want to have his full strength on the field for thai battle. Daniels has been working out daily, but is still hampered by flic weak ankle. Another week's rest would put him in shape, and b.v viewing the El Doniclo-Hayncsvillo game he would gain information thai would aid 1) /. in directing the Bobacts against El Dorado in the conference game. The signals-ailing job is likely to be left up lo Iloy Taylor who directed the team against Huynesvillo here last Friday. The tciim spent considerable lime Tuesday in blocking and timing of plays. Wednesday's drill will consist of forward passing, timing, and pass defense formation. Coach Hammons figures the Smackovcr team will fill the uir with tosses here Friday night. A special train will bring about 500 Smackover funs to Hope! The game will begin at 8 o'clock. Polish Governor FleeMtills Self Refugee From Lwow, Capital of Polish Ukraine, Dies in Hungary MUNKACS, Hunary — (/P)— Alfred Bitja, 50, governor of Lwow, capital of tho Polish Ukranie, was found dead in an hotel room here Wednesday. He arrived Tuesday from Poland. Hotel employes said they heard a pistol shot after he entered the room. Bitja's wife was reported missing after troops ocupied a health resort where she was under treatment. Several of their sons are officers in the Polish army. A letter found beside the governor's body contained, instructions for distribution of ?1,500 cash which Bitja carried with him, and directed that his automobile be given to his chauffeur. (Moscow dispatches announced Soviet occupation of Lwow Wednesday.) Ex-Pole Premier Suiced BUDAPEST, Hungary —(/P)— A dispatch from Wilno reported Wednesday the suicide of Alexander Prystor, former premier of Poland, and close associate of the late Marshal Joseph Filsudski. A Thought enemy, Good has but one Phil; but the evil two enemies, good and itself.-J. Von Mulltr. the the CRANIUM CRACKERS Farm Meeting to Be HeldThiirsday Changes In 1939 Program Will be Discussed By Huskey Recommendations for changes n the 1039 farm program be dUcuss- ed Thursday night at a meeting of Hempstrad county farmers owners. nd land- Train Catching Marian, Dorolh, Cyrus and Lloyd have all planed lo catch the 7:30 train for the beach, but their timepieces are not dependable. Marian's watch is 10 minutes slow but she (hinks it is 3 minutes fast. She is. however, a cautious girl and always plans Ui arrive at the station u quarterhiur ahead of time. Dorothy always likes to arrive al he last possible moment, but her wrist watch is 10 minutes slow. Cyrus, lilie Dorothy, likes to arrive us late us be can. Hit, family cluck is 5 minutes slow, but he understands it is that much fast Lliyd ullow.s 5 minutes extra lo make a Irani, but. he goes by the bank building cluck, which he thinks is ai-curutc. but which is 3 minutes I.,si. IJ'Ji'jLi'-':! on i'.'i,'. 1 Ty, j The discussion will be led by H. H. I Huskey. president of the Hcmpstead county farm bureau and a member of the Arkansas AAA committee. Mn Huskey goes to Alabama next wee:, for a southern regional meeting of the AAA. At the Alabama meeting, Mr. Huskey will present recommendations for changes in the farm program. Tho meeting in Hope Thursday night is open to all farmers and landowners and other persons interested in the farm program. Partition of Poland BERLIN, Germany —W)— The supreme high command disclosed Wednesday 4hat. Germany and Russia had reached an agreement" on the parti- • tion of Poland, at'least" so far as toe armies of occupation are concerned. •That the demarcation line has been set was disclosed by a contamnique, which, however, did hot say where the line runs. ' The, Polish war IB' considered here at an end except for mopping-up activities. French Beat Off German* PARIS—(£>)—Undw cover of a heaby PARIS—(fl 1 )—Under cov»r of * heavy reported Tuesday night to have struck in the heart of the northern flank of the Western front and been turned back by French forces. The German armies, with victory over Poland on the Eastern front virtually complete, took the initiative against the French in the West. U was the first major attack by Germany on the Western front since Soviet Russia invaded Poland Sunday, helping German frontal assaults to crush France's Eastern ally. Tho French general staffs evening statement described the place where a German attack had been turned back as "east of the Blies" river. The Blies is about 11 miles east of Saarbrucken and flows northeastward, from near the French town of Sar- raguemines toward the German town of Blieskastel. Paralleling it about •four miles distance is the Bickenai'oe river, running northeastward from near the French town of Volmunster toward the German town of Zwei- bruecken, The corrtrrtunique also said German aviation was active in the sama region. French Advance Dispatches from Basel, Switzerland, said French troops, basing their action from Sarrguemines on the south and the Blies on the east, moved northeast Tuesday morning and captured the German village of Bebelsheim, three miles from Sarrguemines, where French artillery had reduced German defenses to rubble. In the afternoon the French were reported to have surrounded the vil- 'Jage of Wittersheftrt, a mile and a half deeper in German territory. Both villages stand on the main Sarrcgueinines-Zweibruekeii highway and on the bank of Mandel creek, which parallels tile Blies. Between them on the %vesl is a hill which commands the comparatively unprotected left flank of the German trenches and s. forts defending Saarb ueck k! the French alreadv h art «„V' Barn Owned By Negro Burns On Hope Rt. 4 A barn on the farm home of J. S. was destroyed by fire early Wednesday morning. The barn contained 250 bales of hay. 30 bushels of cotton seed, several bushels of corn and 300 pounds of seed cotton. Origin of the blaze is unknown. There Whs no insurance. trench already had captured this hill and were shelling German positions from it reached Basel but could not be confirmed. French control of the road to \Vit- crsheim apparently meant the Ger- 'man forces on the east banks of ths Saar and south of Saabruecken were in an untenable pocket. German troops were reported moving out of a dozen i villages in the area. Holds Out BUDAPEST — (IP) — Warsaw's defiance of the German army's demand for surrender was broadcast again by the Polish capital's radio Tuesday night after a day-long shelling and' bombardment. The announcer in a tired voice recited in English a story of (Continued

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