Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1941 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1941
Page 4
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il^^lllllill§^il^^^^^s^ : ^' BS^K^- Ai h -*^^' ^W'^^V^'-- %Ji •SlS5^£'^.T ! ^?:-L i Sl^!?:'Av.'^ i Ja.'..si J L:'- Sffl^rSt/C'-'b',?«>'• •-;'-' " : ~<"\ "if " :; "-'--'^ i: .- :: .- v-'.".' : "-' f - PWW' ,. W»W, -«FWBI«W ;*w!w IflWwfW iptefiy thfowi ight Agoinst Un- farronted Increoses w* in « fett. wtti *V*h* 1^ fO^ «fe«e4*<*. «* .*»**. Wt to Red Cross . •** sji. it Of the Gveat Arttwtte a«if \;,Tea Company, Tuwttitiy tJVrew . Wight of the na turn's at unwarranted tiaes in ^o 1 l|ii* «S» point pledge "to out? "the United States." pabli»ht».t in nw» than throughout thw 1 Ifoxtfotfit GtitlfcttCfi ... faiw ^* ; woperalton in the twUooal, In the facet Industry gftetl tMMMw sum***,. t». $**«< *•».•,.*»? - •. . • Red Cross Aiks Help of County Made a Law Frt*i4cnt Sign till 0ii S C S. * tt* (>.»»* On. *»*<*4I «* «* 8ft. i «** Hiflti* NASAL IRRITATION Alt **» Tliol't Reolly Loting • *»>«*««*». 4». ' will rttll u -.ifti«:.i»(iMH M *.*. HENTHOLATUM ' -ft* -wholesale pncif of food," said. •'Otaly the Jfiaf <tiw» United State* haa 18ft 1 this* and (or the th» pow*r in ttt* »>v- M* a n««ssaiy ppwwr, r* with the nation at war. we 'thai lux private interest h«ts» to conflict with the gen- iatettst." pledge by which the _ witt b* guktrd in fuKUlintt Be responsibility decWed-; thafc Cooperate unh«,<iiUtiMgt? . effort &t authorized g»v«rn~ "agencies to prevent Uftwarrant- '• "".U 'C., ^<-'Y ' «s *)• *.- ••&"&j* ">»s --'i^-.x' .^~ -*-*'l?>>^& ' * i-.^is ^l ^f. f> ..*•*•.; -^. i'ifir.'t^.. ''J',..* . '•. f.lV.V^,.. *'^'^>.. .1' ('I.'.- tT KJf'•'-« 1. H**VV '4>* .'^tt.iji. i.*..^ •;.-. uyj -i.,;(*,-H*:-:i '(•". tt*. FtrrUUlV IFKrt* **£' .W ^>U*'- feft*f.*U(«J -v*»^af" . * A fc M n« 4n4 H*flMj ttottinii *« ft»«* *.tt. |Jjyf|ji|. U^f« 4A L> w« £Lr« -wXCwix 1 ' nvjuj PI^WI W »ry," 1' WatchSe'rvices MewHWP^ at Tabernacle *•-,«:, ,, f i«.«,«, ,* *.?,.,,«»*,*.f : „, u . v .**»»^./.t '> }'..y*a<H< *u **<'.,. 't^.f.! Lt.*C«i Locat CK«?ch ,i,.?^,... -JV^l ^--* -.'i,vyv' ' : "'" ,,i,,^>». .(•...» i % ••'* f'tn-il .;.'.*,*• i<,.-* M ' t ;,.^ ,',^-w / ^A^ 1 V ^ji •;,.j,, ,«.v.,i| ( i.^(,,.. I i. ,^v« , ;,„., „ S!,. .-.)-,}M'.-.v -»il,./., ,,,4 ,1. H^»-HV,'-y »*...' .i^tTi.i.f. f>i.* .tw-cy?. if>ti^vi>i.t „•„ , l(,ii)H .... ^,,,f.|I ll •X*i?* »'Hi«-'^ l>t ,li) •-!( -M! •» .it •--»••« .-t.lt v.»*. •,i«»» WOWloHold Joint Meeting Mt*. !'r'4 XfcHrt* .AMENTBOYETT Tfeacfeee of ^Music-Voice, P'rano. ^Art-Drawing, Painting.. "tu(fi& 60S South Mal» Street a 1 .^" 1 'Phone MS W '.f.s^.4 ^> t^« ..i>.'tJ.^vi^» '»» -.ii. f.r. r-, ..ii-.i -'v..,.«..tt >, ! -Itwfo-i '*•> ..'.•-'.•'•'• •/ t*.^~." t'i /\%> -'•;-'.•'( > ;'* \.»-«wt:'^( . CH AS. A. & ETTA E. CHAMPUN OstcopatUc PhysicUn* ;..HOPE. ARKANSAS Telephone 4S& Soiitb Elm St. * ALLIED BATTERIES low Ax $U9 Eat : IWCBatterfes Rctharged SQc) ?<.%-.. ^ id Tire & Supply Co. Associate Store • Etoore, Owner — Rope irin, u, your S»ck WATCH °°~Sp«dy recovery guaranteed. servic* very reasonable. 2J fERKISON'S ?| VjIWILRY STORE a» South Walnut niaht, s tgtu,. .Vfr, arttt JfcF»"». S" t. . iifc woo. Stps, Si. A- MSaa D»>ro*h? (te'tt, Mt-Ji. ,(. «, i Macy CatherUsw Svunw*. <w«i sirwi viwiMnsj wrn» A nvunbw *itt Wotxi ?«»• tfi® S. A Mod* Comma fNJ« We tour thrwwgH th« Aiuth^BKt. Curt Gammet, Mt>ntie»t!t*. W, M, Vw% ffcmi-. d«r» Hovtstiit, T»X4M>» aittt J 8. HoiwtJJ, fh* mswtTO* i» open fit nti tkiate tttf- siring to attettd, lh«> R»V; H<«niH "wut H^ ftspress*j*4 tho h»p« t^iitt 1 tv^y | p«rst>« in Hope wotlid gn Munw pt<«w» j to ehureh to weicomw in tt>« !«BW f Year, which he s«id, " M«»y few iho crucial in our hiatouy, »of| cause ua to restfcws out »B*«i »f tho church ami its Christ," Hempstead Nunchcon The Aflitlo-Stfxon woxtls "Vwwh" and "n«nche*:in" siavo us our v»«rti "luncheon." Nunchturt was the ruwn- tiroe beverage; Junch it pi«ee al brsad, Un<! County. YOUR LAST CHANCE [Be here to get your share of Bargains — Hurry — Limited Amounts of Merchandise that must move. lien's DRESS SHIRTS to Save. ! h«r<tby nn hf «»'»>« in ?.h» and filrthwr, that U riylen's PANTS . . . iQn|y a Few Pairs, But they are Values Boy's SWEATERS . . 5fl c Onlv a few left —• All Bargains «w w II Only a few left — All Bargains Men's SLACK SUITS 1 flfl fjpply 2 left — So Hurry. I • W |4en's FELT HATS .. Cflc 2 Qnly w w I ODDS & ENDS — One large table Merchandise — ALL BARGAINS Lace Table Cloths. . 4 Only —' Reduced to $ell. Ladies HATS ^tOSf OUT —AH ore Bargains. ££- ^I's SHOES oocpr, Few TIIS Y9H'II Want. 9cea. out ••>( th»> ii>!5 r«vv-nni»ii .«vi funds of «iud uounty, ^ *uffK-ii'<u amount from <?ith«*r lhv> R.-u»|. ami i Bridst? Fiin«t of !f«?rr»{i8N«a«i C'.»m«y i Ai'kar«««». anti. or thw Ct»mty G<»n • I eral fund at ifwiiv'tewi County. Ar- j fcsmsas, sort or any <i>h«r fund n( ( Kempstead County Arhar.sws. Iwbt<i i for the fwy-metit of thp pUiritiifi' i «U»m, to [i«y the pUint<{fa' cUim *f,rt [ interest «rwf costj, js birrrin invniv j cd, il the -wld cUtm u< (inAUy ^!- j lowed by the prapere court, jn>i thf [ jsaid impounded funds be. and tiw j same are hereby ordered heid until i (inal disposition' of the plaintiff,)' i claim, | Thia temporary rRStrainmg ordrr order and impounding order art? subject to modification by the Court' or the Judge thereof at any time on motion of the defendants, or any of them, and upon due notice to plaintiffs. As a condition for th« issuance of the temporary restraining ordt-r and impounding order, the Chimccllor requires the plaintiffs to post bond in the sum of seven hundred dollars. conditioned as required by law; and the said plaintiffs have tendered the- said bond, which has bt>en by the Chancellor duly examined and found satisfactory and is in all things ap- provved and ordered to be filed a.s a part of the papers in this cause; and the Clerk of this Court is ordered to deliver to the plaintiffs or their attorney, upon payment of the costs therefor, as many certified copies of this order as is requested, which order shall be evidence of its contents', and shall be notice to any person on whom it is served. A. P. Steel Chancellor of the Sixth Chancery District. Certfiicate STATE OF ARKANSAS) COUNTY OF HEMPSTEAD) I, J. P. Byers, Clerk of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, do hereby certify that the above is a full, true, complete, correct and compared copy of the order granting temporary restraining order made in the above styled and pending cause, and that this is a certified copy of the order which shall be evidence of its contents and shall be notice on any person on whom it is served, WITNESS My hand and seal of said Court this 29th day of December 1941. J. P. Byers Clerk of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas Level Down LOUISVILLE, Ky. - i,'!V- A li:tk- to-lhf-cdilur made ihi:-, I.UIUMKI! i queit: "Will yuu ji!o.'i.,e ij.sk in .-.ci iomconu out to luvc-1 the I'nyli -i" between tin; huli-i on Wlntix'.v A. uuc'.' Tlie ri.'j.iun I .'-'ji;Mf.'M \'-:\ • )vet;*us«' llu-rt- ;(]•(.• .':" IJMM;. i*»\< ' it will bo much C-HMI.T I" !•••. ••! ' street down than try to bu.M .: >. ; ^W V ^Mi, ( i^ VUMV* ^¥^ P-*i*> '*» iSiiff ;'i*v:-.-,...;.t*(...it!-' 'Vrt* WX»- iH*.'t- .*» ...i>. »fc|;Mc«f,i.-.i ,,K^H«' NOTICE Herapstead Coimty Limber Co. wilt e< WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON and THURSDAY Taking Inventory ^.^"f^f' i^'V^i^^i^ $&&i*i^-+^^*j*it^^ I We pledge ourselves to this cause by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company We make tHi* pledge publidy to our n*tkmal fftrv«rrnn«nni »nd to th* people of the United Sint«»: TH«t we will e<aof>e**tc onlvetitatififty MS «rv«rry effort of autKom«rd ftrrerrv- Irani Agmdne* to prevent unwarranted ri*«* in prk«* of food*. TKat we will continue our cfforU to reduce tHc »pre«d between price* paid to the grower and price* charged to th« comumer*. Th*t to thi* end wo will continue to do everything in our power to lUMtut the farmer* and growers of America in the orderly marketing of their product* «t the fairest po*»ible price* to them. That we will make every effort to hold our inventorie* at the lowett point con*i*tent with good service to our cu*tomert because hoarding, whether by wholesalers, retailers, or consumers, will cause higher prices. That we will endeavor to continue to pay our employees the highest wages and to give them the best working conditions in the grocery business generally. That we will make every effort to continue to sell food at retail at the lowest gross margin of profit in the history of the retail grocery business. Today we are providing food for our customers at the lowest gross profit rate in the history of the retail grocery business. This means that we have achieved efficiencies in the distribution of food never before attained. More of your food dollar goes for food and less for overhead expenses than ever before. No other great retail business in the United States in any field is operated with such a IQW cost of distribution. No one in the food business can control the wholesale price of food. Only the government of the United States has power to do this, and for the protection of our people this power in the government is now a necessary power. Today, with the nation at war, we believe that no private interest has any rights in conflict with the general public interestt The armed forces of the United States are today receiving more and better food than ever before in our national history. It is equally important that all of our people working and living behind the lines, men, women and children, shall be better fed and better nourished than ever before in our national history. if

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