Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 19, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE/ARKANSAS Bruce Catton Says: Simmer Welles, U. S. Delegation to Panama Peace Conference, Is Personality Puzzle By RKUCE CATTON NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON—Sunnier Welles, the tall and dignified under-secretary of state who is going to represent the United States at the peace-and-neutrality conference in Pana'nfii. is one of the leading enigmas of official Washington. Perhaps one reason is the fact that - '"'" '"" ""' he looks and act,-.- more like u big >' the department. Born to money and league diplomat than any ordinary . social position, he went through Gro- human would think possible. He is ton ami Harvard, entering the depart- imposing to look at: handsome, well j inent in 1915 about a year after getting set-up pny,sica!ly. impeccably dress- i His university diplo'iiifi. He served in ed, always studiously correct in his ! Tokio and Buenos Aires, came back to manner, with ;m JUKI yrip on his t-ino- i Washington, and wound up in the lions. He is the foreign office j.crson- ' early twenties as chief of the division Uied. j of Latin-American affairs. More important, is the fac! that Kc j He quit that job in 1932 to handle a is not a static person. He acquire.* new j variety of special assignments in Cen- itteas with experience, and as he ac- j '''al America and the Caribbean, qrires them he drops old ones. This, j spending about three years as si>ccia plus glacial reserve, may account for I envoy to the Dominican Republic, the fact that diametrically opposite; In 1025 he loft the service. A per- sunal friend of Franklin Roosebelt. ideas about him are widespread. _ On one hand, it is asserted that he | he offered him his aid in the 1932 cam- is an anttleophile who lent strong 1 paign and after Roosevelt's inaugura- morat support to the late-lamented ap-j tion returned to Washington as assist- Attacker Baffled by Fortified Line British, French May Lose Million Men Storming !<!> ing Siefriecl Line Nurse Held in Sister's "Mercy" Death By MORGAN BEATTY AP Feature Service Writer WASHINGTON — Anybody who has seen a working model of the fortifications on the western front in Europe can understand why the generals on both sides—and the soldiers in the lino ils well—aren't any loo anxious to get down to blood and thunder. Any man worth his military salt tells you that htc attacker on either site is going to lose at least four men to the defender's one. More likely, if the attempt is extremely determined, the losses will be ten to [ one. Tho Germans are supposed to have- lost 600.000 men trying to take Verdun in the World War. Consider the shick of anguish at home when the and wounded started Some military psycho! pri- rrnati wing of the State Department. •Again, he is blamed by some for retaining a strong singe of the old-time "dollar diplomat" attitude toward Latin-American nations; by others, he is praised for whole-fouled devotion to the New Deal's good neighbor policy. He started out a career man in l; ~ ; was a hot potato—he was made ambas- n \ fador to Cuba just when the Machado j regime was tottering to its fall. Welles : went to Cuba with the idea that he '. could bring together representatives ; of opposing factions and obtain agree- ; ment on some conipro'mise candidate: open revolt against Machado develop; ed, however, and the Grau San Martin . regime was set up. Welles opposed recognition of this 'SHOP AND COMPARE" NOT WAR NEWS—BUT News Penney's Seasonial Bargains for the Entire Family! 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Psychological If the attacking force should be the French army aided by the British, the victors would still find themselves on the west bank of the Rhine, barred from the heart of Germany by the secondary defenses behind the Rhine between Manheim and Eessen, and probably too exhausted to exploit their initial victory. As a matter of fact, military men who have seen one side or the other of the western front recently, speculate that the primary vajue of breaking through the w a ll on cither side would be more psychological than real. It would prove to the victorious army and the people back home— and to the vanquished too—that a A'uiginot or a Siegrfied line is not impregnable. That should instill greater will to win. But consdier the assult that fail Military men can conceive of no mere tragic figure than the general who had ost 500,000 men—and failed to win his battl. The effect on the morale of the people on the home front would be almost disastrous. These are the>reasons why you hear so much specula'ion ths-t the Franco- British alliance n-ay seek another way around before they teally get going. That's why military men arc wondering about little Belgium and the Netherlands again, and Switzerland. Outflanking the enemy is an old regime—a policy for which he has been severely criticized—and was generally credited with having brought Col. Fulgcncio Batista to power. Welles Escapes Latin a . Resentment Yet if his course in Cuba might have been expected to arouse resentment against him among Latin-American statesmen, his subsequent career has gone just the other way. He has had a leading part in the campaign to restore Latin-AYncrican confidence in the United States. As delegate to the Buenos Aires conference of 1036, and since then as un- der-secrctary of stale, he has been a foremost exponent of the good neighbor policy. It probably is no exaggeration to sa Quoted as saying "1 feel happier now than 1 have all my life," Margaret Cowan, 77-year-old retired nurse, is pictured after her arrest, in Allentown, Pa. Police say she admitted killing her sister, Mrs. Louella Saege-r, to "put her out of her misery". • The slain woman vwis a patient in the Allentown State Hospital, where the shooting occurred. • HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD Producers Blue-Pcncil Film Budgets as War Cuts Off Large Movie Market HGLLYWOG-D — The first bomb loosed by a European war plane jarred the moie producer's feet from his desk and knocked the long ash from his cigar. He leaned forward and jabbed a buzzer button. A thin, prematurely gray young man popped in from a side door. "George." snapped the producer, "I i cation from whatevei got a big war on my hands. "Get me the sheets on the production budget for this season, and a blue pencil. Make it two blue pencils. your writers to get those radios out of their offices and to start writing. Or else.' "Take a memo to my Brother Moe and Cousin Joe; 'Dear Fellows: O» account of the big war in Europe, Epic- Pictures will have to cut expenses to the bone. So you had better take a va- you are supposed to be doing and look around quick for some other business to get .into'." Tuesday, September 19, 1939 What l» a Lobster? Here Are Two Answers MIAMI, Fln.~(rtV-The question: "Whnt is n lobster'.'" has caused a furore in the Florida fish shipping industry. The federal trade commission has ruled the term "lobster" may be used only in connection with the genus Homnrus, found along the Atlantic coast north of North Carolina. A Mia'm'i fish shipper, M. Swart/., wns ordered to cease distributing "sea crayfish" in interstate commerce as "real lobster meat of the genus Homarus, when such is not the fact." Swjirlz said enforcement of the commission's order would inflict irreparable damage on the Florida industry, which, he estimated, employs 1,000 |>er- sons and docs a $750.000 business annually. n answer to the commission's warning, Swarl/.'s .company said: "We do not and cannot concede that (he A'merican people merely associate lobster wilh that found along the North American coast, but in truth and fact a large number of American people also associate the word 'lobster' with the prociuct found in Southern Waters." and a jamming together of star nnmcs. The salaries of stars—and I mean the vapid. doll-liRe cutics and pretty boy.i —will go down with a bang. "More and more directors will be given producer authority—a combination that already is proving to he the only sensible way. And from all the high places there will be an exodvis of highly-paid nit-wit.s and do-nothings who have been parasites on this industry all during its'prosperity. Pensioned relatives will be weeded out quietly. Producers and directors with poor records will follow Vm'. A lot of high- salaried writers—whose names are supposed to mean something, but who can't write for the screen—will find themselves having to earn a living from now on. • "So in the long ,run, this war may bo a good thing for Hollywood. Pictures must boo cheai*r, but most of us be licve they'll be better." Mrs. Wood Nlckli-s SOUTH BOSTON, Va.-(/l'(a 1 tobacco festival headquarters received a request for one of the festival's souvenir wooden nicklcs from a Bristol. Tenn.. woman who signed Her letter "Mrs. Wood Nickles." The first fireworks display in England wus shown in 1G90. GOOD FOR MALARIA! —And Malaria Chills and Fever! Here's what you want for Malaria, folks I Hero's what you want lor the awful chills and fever. It's Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonlcl A real Malaria medicine.' Made especially for the purpose. Contains tasteless qulnidine nnd Iron. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic actually combats the Malaria infection In the blood. It relieves tha freezing chills, tho burning fever. It helps you feel better fast. Thousands take Grove's Tastelesi Chill Tonic for Malaria and swear Nation- by it. Pleasant to take, too. Even children take it without n whimper. Don't sufferl At first sign of Malaria, take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. At all drugstores. Buy tho large size as it gives you much more for your money. During the European crisis last year, brass hats will be able markets began to close down anyway. Hitlerland and Italy ousted American films and most other countries imposed new quota restrictions on Hollywood, fcven 'nrorc frightening was a further slump in box office receipts in this . country. Bewildered executives began to talk about closing down studios. For a few weeks almost no new top-budget pictures were started. But .suddenly, American patrons began raising Cain about having to sit through two class B pictures on one program. Such protests proved that the fans still were interested, so producers regained some of their confidence and went to work ajgain. War May Prompt Ucr.-cr Movies Now that war really has come, the entertainment situation for this continent may actually improve—at least, after a period of readjustment, f'vc been listening to the predictions of a prominent director, who for obvious reasons doesn't want to be identified. He believes the overhauling whcih econo'mic necessity will dictate for Hollywood will result in movies of far better quality from every critical standpoint. Only thing is. they won't be quite so large and lavish. There'll be less competition in extravagance," he said. "None of the to brag that the phone. We | Hollywood poised its blue pencils for! this or that scene or set is"trTe'biggest' "Get New York on . . .. , _.. .„ „.„„ ,_..^,, .„, gotta stop 'em from borrowing that j a slash of almost 50 per cent'it was an-i and most cxi/onsivc ever filmed 'million bucks to make 'Bustle Along.'i ticipatcd that nearly all the theaters! They'll learn, we hope, that good stories and good acting can be very i acceptable substitutes for mere size Tell Horowitz to figure on leaving out j over there would be closed. all the big .dance numbers because 'Bustle -Along' will bo an intimate musical and musn't cost a dime over three hundred grand. "Call casting and tell Bloomie we won't be needing Hclga Haasam for 'Pomp and Ceremony' on account of we won't be making 'Pomp and Ceremony.' Say that if Hclga hollers about having a contract to show her Clause 18, which is about acts of God and Hitler. "Take a memo to Henry in the story department: 'Dear Henry: Tell all The war scare passed, but foreign Amazing New 7040 PHILCO Farm Radio Creates! farm radio value of all time! !\<> wet batteries In buy and redinrRt* . . . no wine/ chargers! Self-contained 1'liilro Itat- lery Block gives nlmoM double I he rnpac- ity nt one-third llu- cost. INrw tubes r\it current drain to one-third. Still you enjoy the finr.sl tone ami performance over rtffcrwl :il lh« prim. Scr this handsome n«w I'hilco 95T .Mid the other big values. Easy terms. AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY CO. So. Main St. Hope, Ark. military custom, as old as war itself. To assume that the Friinco-»British displomatic and military commands arc not also trying to figure a way to outflank the Gorman West Wall, is to assume they are nut attending to their business. . Tough? Look , D0 „ „„., Why are these lines on the Frailco- that ho has the full confidence of the German frontier so formidable'.' Here Latin dinlomahs ho will hn mnnti.-,™ iri arc five good military Latin diplomats he will be meeting in the Panama conference. For all his appearance of austere •.iloofness, Welles is a prodigious worker. Before the European war began his normal day at the State Department ran from about 9:15 in the morning to 6:30 at night. Since the war' bc- ^an, quitting time has been pushed on back by an hour or more. Welles' country home in Maryland is something of a show-place. He 'mingles in capital-S Society here only to the extent required by his position. Off duty, his favorite diversions are horseback riding and caring for his flowers. Legal Notice COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court of He'mpstead County, made and entered on the 4th day of September, A. D. 1939 in a certain cause 'No. 52UI then pending therein between E. A! Long, Assignee, complainant, and Laura Brown, Ad- j rninistratrix of the Estate of H. C. | Brown, Deceased, et al., defendants, I the undersigned, as Commissioner of j .said Court, will offer for sale at public : venduc to the highest bidder, at the , front door or entrance of the Arkansas j I Bank & Trust Company, Building, in , the City of Hope, Hempstead County, .' : Arkansas, within the hours prescribed I Ih'' uVT JUd f i n al l ! ' leS i 0 r\^« rtl f y . the I4th day of October A. D. 1939. the llowing described real estate, to-wit: - ., reasons. 1. Both (he Siegfried and Maginot lines vary in depth from five to 40 miles, depending on the type of terrain they are defending. In the iiioimtahi.s of the Black Forest and thc^ Vosges range on either side of the Rhine they are minimum in depth, for attacking forces must not only flight but also climb. 2. The. fronts of the opposing lines arc composed of pillboxes, 'barbed wire, and protruding tank traps. The pillboxes arc about four to .six feet square—or ruund—accommodating two to four men armed with machine guns and autmatic rifles. They upon enfilade fire on the enemy, which nu.'Jins : t criss-cross of bullets each pillbox protecting its neighbor against assault, and shom'ng straight ahead as well. A half dozen lines of pillboxes each line a mile apart, and al connected by trenches and lecphone, provides a withering pattern of fire six miles deep. .'!. Back of the pillboxes arc the so- called Block-forts, some 10 to \2 feet square—or round, or ablong—four to six to the mile, and camauflagged as villas and farm houses. Like the pillboxes, they are made of concrete and .steel. ;<nd connected by tunnels or trendies .thick with machine guns. J-repared to nict-t the enemy wilh en- filado fire, the block-forts also contain a fjiie-pouiider ,lhc gun capable ot stopping tanks, and (,ne or mure i'lch. rapi'lfire gun... wilh a Kmge e miles or more. Often there- h The Southeast Quarter of the South- 1 20 we.st Quarter of Section 9, the North- cast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter 'i. Section Sixteen, the East Half of the Southwest Quarter of the North- v/e.st quarter of Section 19, all in Town | ship 10 South, Range 25 West, containing 100 acres, more or less, in Hernp- slead County, Arkansas. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of i "' three months, the purchaser being re- i quired to execute it bond as required! by law and the order and decree of : said Court in said cause, with ap- ! proved .security, bearing interest at the rate of 8 per cent per annum from • 'late of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to j secure the payment of the pureha.se i money. Given under my hand thi.s llth day 'of September, A. D. 1931) RALPH BAILEY i Commissioner : n Chancerv 12, 19. are 10 miles of block furls. A Ltitlc Way Hack .... <i. Still further back, and carefully .screened on convenient hillsides are the secondary heavy defuses spaced well apart, less than one to everv more .containing verti- aLle arsenals and complete electric power pkmis. They are linked by tunncl.-i and protected by anto :ih- craft guns, anti-gas apparatus. Within arc three to a do/en batlerii-s (-1 tuns' (.f Hi. 12. or IG-inch c'umon. These modern-day guns have a range of 21. U. 2~i miles, and their accuracy up 1~> miles is uncanny. . Slill further back arc ihe major ivy fen tifications, Mich gn-M forts Verdun. Met/, and Bclfort, on the- and Aaacht.n. Hunsriich, and K.-.i.' Aroiiml them, the liin- .it Ihe batteit- 1 , ;in<\ fit-Id.--. Th;.tV is made U'-'l I-. agree on tin. 1 German :,jde. tilcisp.i-i-f.sf.-fl all alonn rear are anti-aircraft Jiidfrfi-uniifl aviation he ff tlu- v.-e.stcui f t( .,i jf--anil it's tough. 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