Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 21, 1936 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1936
Page 3
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Telephone 821 • Winter Dlsclpllnr There is something in the snow 11ml warns against indulgoixo 6f Idle ease, unlike UIP flow Of summer's soft rcfttlRcnc.- 1 . iews 1 rrtHfen, and tin- will Is roused to bnttle whr.i Ilie north wjnd rlsw with 11 shrill tjlscord fo thhllcngo men. A scfrt of mockery it seems. Derisive with intent to shatter nil the frailer dreams Of finer filament. But ttifti'k you now, the barren tree Preservo!* the Hvlrifl root, And ifroin its stubborn energy Sliftll sptinfl the promised fruit. Let us rhflko the most of this, Thereby deserving, after A winter's discipline, the kiss 6f spring and sximmer's laughter. ^-Selected. Mrs. J 1 . A. Dnvis has returned frorr n month's visit with her parents und other feintivefl in Phoenix, An*. While ift Arlroria, Mrs. Davis had the privilege of attending the golden weddinf anniversary ot her parents. Mr. urn Mrs. George Hinton. 'Circle No. 5 of the W. M. U. of tin First Baptist church held its Junuar; meeting nt 2:30 Monday afternoon « the home of the leader, Mrs. Joh- .ftwnofm, the first vice president ,pre- Itlpcl in the absence of tho president. During the business meeting, it was •otod to postpone the cake walk un- il the weather moderated. It was nn- wuncod that Uie Hope High School Jnncl wnufd he week ond guests of the Imnden Band. . I Circle No. 4 of the W, M. U. of the First Baptist church held its first mooting of the new year on Monday fifternoon at the home of Mrs. Arc)) Moore, West' Avenue B. During the justness meeting the circle organization was completed as follows: Lender, Mrs. Hugh Smith; assistant lender, Mes. Webb Lasctcr Sr.; program chair- train, Mrs. W. B. Mnaon; telephone and ear committee, Mrs. Alton lloneycutt, Mrs. T. A. Wotnble, Mrs. Joe Coleman, Mrs. 3. L. Green ond Mrs. Arch Moore; personal service Chairman, Mrs. T. A. Wotnble; enlistment committee, Mrs. Frotl Russell and Mrs. »fA\ "£. *„ ' ^^^^^gjsn^HiBHBBSiiSWHSBSiiW**""*"^"""*" 1 *^^ 1 "^ 1 ^^^^ "So Red the Rose" atSaenger Sunday Margaret Sullavan Coming in Famous Story of the Old South Movie enthusiasts will bo interested to hcnr thot "So Red the Rose," will llv* ngaln In the romantic old town ot Natchez, Miss., scene of Slnrk Young's famous novel and Paramount .screen success showing Sunday nnd Monday nt the Sacnger nhd with n benefit Monday night for the local ohflpter of tho U. D. C., nnd that the Nntchofc Garden club holds Its fifth Annual Pilgrimage this sprint?, March Z?!))" April 5. inclusive. . During this period 27 stately, old world mansion* of the Antebellum South, so vividly pictured in Paramount's stirring screen-ploy, will be open to the public, and ladles in the hoopskirt-i nnd jewels of their ancestors will receive the thousands of enthusiastic Pilgrimage visitors, with old-fashioned Southern coutesy into tho country of "So Red the Rose.' ^STRANGE CASE TOD At BEGIN JtJMA leeime n Steht"Huh S "ff"/"^'"" •hurt-* •**> MKirimmt -with ASl» nrm III 1 VlCt:, ITllTi. i i «-"« *vw.*rfc-»« «...« .T.. .j. vny WM*".« ^ . . . Plillip Foster; secretary and Ireasur- tlicse famous, tall-columned houses or, Mrs. Earl Wowden; decoration, Mrs. A. D. Brannan; mission study leader. Mrs. J. L. Green; reporter, Mrs. F. S. Huntley. Nine members responded to the roll call. During the social hour, the hostess served a delicious dessert with cake. by Woo.llot.1 n*.l !•«* tVHti Julio. *''* , .fnlln n frtter ot lntr niWlU I.AMU. linnrt luidftt. tm», Ji ih« Miff, li.k* &»""'' trim k*» » J«l>. Jitlhi " . KOYAI. NF,*I«ITT, frtenrt »« Amy'*, *romtfe« to ticlti •»"«« «"»' ti Job tin o iilnieU 1 . l>«>« "»>* «""" Mm. *io ^ pi"-<T ntifl. h«fc* I""*" <o in* for Mn *«i-»t». »«1TU J.ANt). ntKh< rlnh o*vnt-r. In <» M tn <*« i«ir*jr. rrow «o CM WITH TUB sTont VI Mr. nnd Mrs. Hugh Smith had as _-. week ond guest. L. L. Hilton of the 0wen West Third street, with 13 j Extension Department of the Univer- members Including one new member j s jty <>f Arkansas, Fayetteville. responding to tho roll call. Following < _.}— the jeizulnr routine of business and i At tho January meeting of Circle the Bible loKSon. the hostess served ' No. 1 of the W. M. V..otfo*.T>r*l delicious refreshments to the members I Baptist church held at 2:30 Monday and one visitor. > afternoon nt the home of Mrs. Cocl _ j ! Weaver, with Mrs. Rob Jones as joint Mrs D M. Finley nnd Mrs. John | j, os u-ss. the following officers were • guests of the I elected: secretary and treasurer, Miss Basket Tourney at Willisvflte Feb. Skyes were Monday Shults in Fulton. Miss Chnrlecn Crainc spent the- Week end with home folks in Ozan. .The- Hope Choral club will meet Wednesday morning nt 9:30 " l tllc j Maud Hamilton; mission study leader Mr-; Nathan Harbour; social service chairman. Mrs. S. L. Murphy; person- nl service chairman. Mrs. C. R. Hamilton; benevolent chairman, Mrs. J. H. Walker; enlistment chairman. Mrs. Cecil Weaver; telephone chairman WeuIlCKClav liitnHU'H «>v "•"" - - ' Vyffii TT\--«VV« . •- --i . . home of Mrs. Fred R. Harrison. South | M ,. s . Rob Jones. During the social i hour the hostess served a most tempt- iin« -salad course. The next meeting 1 IIIK Attlilll *.u*i» J*-' - " _, Monday l w p.i ) )0 hold at the homo of Mrs. i. Pine street. .. I The Band Auxiliary met Social for this Week S-tube RADIO by G-E $Q.98 (lias Airplane Dial. ^j Complete With Tubes BRIANT'S Drug Store V 2 PRICE SALE ON ALL DRESSES THE GIFT SHOP C. P. Holland Hundreds of requests for "So Rod the and here it is. It comes, . . . nexl 'Sundny and Monday to the— E N D S S H I R L E Y TEMPLE John Boles ami Jack Holl "The Littlest Rebel" S. Franklin with Mrs. W. W. Compton BS joint hostess. ., .*•»-• ^VM. — Urges Farmers to Attend], R. Meet H. H. Huskey Appeals for Hempstead Attendance at AAA Rlly An appeal to Hempstead county fanners ot attend the state-wide mass meeting nt Little Rock High School •mditorium at 10:30 o'clock Friday morning, January 24. when a substitute for the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) will be discussed, was made Tuesday by H. H. Huskey, well known Hempstead agricultural Icadre. "In insist that every farmer in Hempstead county make nn effort to attend this meeting to help discuss a new program." Mr. Huskey said. "If four or five would go in each car the cost would not he very much." Shover Springs Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilson spent with Mr. and Mrs. Cues. of historic Natchez, used by Mr. Young as the background of his thrilling nnd beautiful romance, are still in a wonderful state of preservation. Guests of the Natchez Pilgrimage may visit the very scenes where was enacted the drama of the Bedford family, and may wander through the halls of the stately Southern mansion where. Vnlcttc and Duncan Bedford were finally married. (Above is a photograph of one o the famous Natchez, mansions, shown of the Pilgrimage tours, in the "Country of So Red the Rose," where the Old South still lives.) A T the mention of .Smith the befit known night club owner in the state, Julia's hcnri literally snipped a bent, wootlforfl smiled as her mouth opened slightly and she etnred nt him un"eHev- nely. He *new perfectly well that to anyone with Julia's ambitions the name, ot Smith Garlana was magic Indeed. "Ot course." Woortforrt went on, "I don't Itnow thht Gnrlantl can tlo any tli lo» But it won't hurt to hate him benr you. Like to come nfc?" > "I'fl like very much to," said Julia ciulckly. "Cooil! We expect to pull out gome time late tonight. But 1 sug. gest you go along to the yacht club about 9 o'clock nml get aboard. Thfi name ot the boat is I he Wood Nymph. I'll 'phone the sldppcr to expect you. Sunday Prince. WED-NITE ONLY Mrs Lee Ross called on Mrs. Herman Bruce nnd baby awhile Tuesday vcning. , .. , ._.. Misses Uma Stophs and Grady Wilon called on Misses Mittie Rec and Gene Rogers Sunday afternoon. There- was a large crowd attended he quilting given by Mrs. Fred Wil- <0 Mrs. U Jack Allen called on Mrs. John Allen Saturday. Mr nnd Mrs. Eugene Jones and little 'iter were Thursday night supper i of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Wilson and Mittie Ree Rogers Miss Helen Griffin will give a demonstration on canning meats at the home of Mrs. Earl Ross next Wednesday, January 22. AH club members are invited to come and bring lunch. Visitors are also invited. Hcmpstead County Coimcll The Hempstead County Council of Home Demonstration clubs met Jan. 11, 193G at 2 o'clock ot the city hall in Hope for n business meeting. The President Mrs. Eugene Goodlett of Ozan being absent, the vice president, Mrs. O. A. McKnight of Bright Stur club called the house to order, The secretary, Mrs. Lee Garland called the roll after which the minutes of the December county council were read. At this time the meeting was turned over to Miss Helen Griffin, the county home demonstration agent. She discussed the year book for 1936 which contains programs and demonstrations for each monthly club meeting. Miss Griffin urged each club to select their goal for the year at their February meeting. Establishing a home demonstration curb market in Hope was discussed next, resulting in the appointing of a committee as follows: Mrs. England of Shover Springs chairman; Mrs. Lewellen of Hope and "Thank you, Mr. Woortforcl. I can't tell you how nuicli 1 really appreciate—" "Forget it, Miss Craig." Ho smiled up at her. "I need a singer aboard, and you're a good one. Julia hoped so. She hurried baclt Into her office, her thoughts in a whirl. For the rest of the alter- noou she went through her work like an automaton, and got precious little done. She could scarcely wait to get to tho apartment and tell the good news to Amy Sanders. 3ut Amy wasn't at all surprised that Julia was to get her chance. "I knew you'd finally bump into a break, Julia, When a girl •wants a thing as bad as you want this, she finally gets there. But it does bowl me over that you'd find the rainbow right in your own office. Right in tho place you've been trying to get away from." vas dark except for a dim light at the tlosk In .the lobby. The sleepy' nlsiht-raretakcr directed her to the Hlip at which the Wood Nymph was moored. "She's nil lighted tip.'* he aalfl. "You can't miss her. Bis white ship." • .. i The Wood Nymph was ft big white shin, Indeed, far larger thaft any of tire other boats which JuHft passed aa she hurried along the boardwalk ot the mooring dock. Her bag in hand, Julia hesitated by the small gangplank 'Which led to the deck. But juat then a white uniformed fimire appeared trdto the cabin and touched his cap. "I'm Captain Bakely. Looking for the Wood Nymph?" Julia told him that ebe wa«. "I'm MIM Craig, and I believe Mr. Woo* rord said I should be here about 9." ••Ot course, Miss Craig. Come right aboard and I'll show you to your stateroom. Mr. Woodford and the other guests aren't aboard yet. When Bakely bad taken Julia to her stateroom and deposited her bag on the berth, he paused a moment at the door. "Pleaae make yourself nt home. Miss Craig. There are deck chf.!rs aft." "Thank you. 1 think I'll ius stay here n while." He nodded. "I'll tell Mr. Wood ford wjien he comes that your aboard." ' .... When Bakely bad eone, Ju» looked about her. The staterown was small but very pleasant, an furnished In quiet taste. She won dereil whether she should accep the captain's Invitation to sit o Die after deck, but at length d elded not. Bakely might not kno that the owner bad invited her au entertainer rather than a guest Pairings Announced for Invitation Meet in Nevada County School W. H. Patterson, athletic director at Willisville High School, announced uesday that, nn invitntlon basketball nirnament would be hold at Willis- lie Saturday, February 8. Pairings for the first rounds: Boys— Willisville vs. Emmet. Boys— Reader vs. Mt. Vernon. Boys— Laneburg vs. Buckner. Boys— Village vs. Gale. Girts— Willisville vs. Laneburg. Girls— Buckner vs. Reader. Girls— Emmet vs. Gale, Girls— Mt. Vernon vs. Village. Coach Patterson also announced that 10 senior boys and girls teams of would meet Okolona dur- ng the night session. Gold Boom Chinese Rills in But Engineers Say It Is Small Deposit and Can't Last Long ULING, Ttie discovery , of gold in the hills a few miles from here has transformed this tfuiet Hunan province village into a booming mining camp. Hundreds of Chinese art swnrmlng over the hillside where, the deposits have been found, washing the gold from the gravel. Mnny have been made , wealthy overnight. Others are nttWng a comfortable living re-washing the gravels which have already been worked. sRWR?^,^ y SBAP^ '^1 SLICING^l KNIFI^'^ HOPE COMPANY How Calotabs Help Nature To Throw Off a Bad CoW ! Rising at Prison! Millions have found in Calotatos a most valuable aid in the treatment of colds. They take one or two tab- . the first night and the ! r i b b i n s 'on Sing Gridiron throw off a cold? First, .Oalotabs IB one of the most thorough and dependable of all intestinal el^tttaants^ cleansing the intesttoftl tract o the germ . laden mucus ari d toxines. Second,, Catetatos ate dint ette td> kidneys, tlng the of cold-polsofis from the system. Calptabs serve the dotibte a purgative and dlurett. which are needed In the of colds. Calotabs are quite &. only twenty-five centsaor the i package, ten cents t6t the • (Adv.) nn a magazine from a little table in l.be corner ot the room, she sat down to read. She read through one story, and began another. Then. Impatient, she looked at her wntch. It was after 10 but she had heard no one com* nb'nard. yet. the gangplank was (1! ,ite close to the Proles of ter OSSINING, N, Y. —(/P)— "Watch j Cribbins!" That's the word from Gerald Cur- 1 tin. athltic director of Sing Sing pris- ] on. Nini Cribbins is the 23-year-old halfback -who is expected to become another "Alabama Pitts" when the football wars return to Ossining next ] fall. Until last season he had never held ] a football in his hand, but great natural ability and exceptional speed ' gave him the call over more experienced players. The 170-pound flash celebrated his ' rise to the Varsity by taking a kickoff and racing 06 yards for a touch- own against the powerful New Ro- j nelle professionals. He alao shares the kicking assignments with Arthur Nelson, who alter- j ales between end and quarterback. Not only a football does Cribbins | hope to emulate Pitts. He is a base- >aller, playing center field, the posi- ion Pitts himself held down before 1936—ANOTHER PENNEY YEAR!* SAFE SAVINGS IN Penney's I ALL WINTER COOPS MUST Odds and Ends, Broken Lots, Close Outs of 4] Some Lines Make These Prices Possible. , STARTS 8:30 THURSDAY! said they 'Julia her Mrs. Melson Frazier of Washington to investigate plans for such a market. Time for each local club meeting was set. Miss Faye Samuels of De- Ann club was awarded first prize for the best club scrap book. Washington was the place designated for the next county council meeting in April, with the Washington club ut hostess. Washington The Washington Home Demonstration club met January 10 in the home Houston of Hope. Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers spent Saturday n-gl.t with Mr. iind Mrs. E. Jessie McCorkle called on Miss Gene Rogers Saturday night.- of Mrs Mclson Frazier with U members present. Miss Alforcl met with us The new president, Mrs. W. i.. Elmore opened the meeting by reading the First Psalm, followed with repented in concert. J ULIA laughed. "I've found the rainbow. But not the pot ot gold yet Nobody knows whether Smith Garland will like my singing." "Nobody but Smith Garland," admitted Amy. "But think what a break it is for him to hear you aboard Woodford's yacht. He'll know you work for Wooclford. and that you're a guest on board, and-" "Not a guest," amended Julia. "I'm just going along as au entertainer." Amy gave Julia a long look. "Do you really believe that?" "Why, of course. Mr. Woodford aaid he needed a singer, and Ue Ihappened to hear me spoiling all; that lovely radio music—" i "Listen, Julia," her roommate Interrupted. "I'm about five years older than you. So that makes five more years I've watched tlie male ot tho species in action. Woodford could have got all the singers he wanted. Ho wants you to go along." "IE I thought you were right I wouldn't go." "Oil, I don't mean he doesn't want you to sing, darling. And I stateroom. ''But he wouldn't, leave until late, told herself, and resumed rending. When another Hour passed, however, with no word from Woodford she began to wonder. All she had heard were vague sounds from below her. possibly in the engine com par»n?pnt-anfl the occasional eof font falls of someone on deck above She wns almut to put on her coa and RO above when there waw a • light knock at her door. It «ta Captain Hakely. "I've Just had word from th clubhouse tlfat Mr. Woodford telephoned and said there'd be some 'graduating." Cribbins' other distinctions include his record in the dashes. He is Sing | Sing's "fastest human." DeAnn 200 WINTER DRESSES Featured in Our Special Closc-Out S-A-L-E LADIES'S Specialty Shop delay pnriy in getting the rest of his ,,„,,, aboard. He suggested you needn't wait up unless you wanted °Julla thanked him, relieved—and decided that she wouldn't wait up. After all, the day In the office and the ensuing excitement of Woodford's interview hadn't prepared her tn be at her best. "I'll get a good night's rest," she told herself, "and see what the world holds in the morning." A moment later tween she was be- the sheets ot the berth and darkness. Lord's prayer repeated in concert. Minutes of last meeting were road by Secretary Mrs. Mclscm Frapier. Roll call responded to with some svork accomplished in vhe home. The president appointed the various leaders for the coming year as follows: Clothing leader, Mrs. R. L. Patterson • food preparation, Mrs. B. L, lEuban'ks; food preservation, Mrs. Lee Holf poultry, Mrs. Melson Frazier home grounds, Mrs. Lannie Beck; gardening, Mrs. R. L. Moses; wl craft leader, Mrs. Evelyn Hubbard; dairying, Mrs. Anna Turner; devotional, Mrs. Lee Holt. The following committees were also appointe: Program committee, Mrs. Claude Agee, Mrs. Evelyn Hubbard Membership committee, Mrs. Paul Dudncy, Mrs. R. L. Moses, Mrs. Mel- .don't mean he asked you for any other reasou except that he liked the way you sang. Ho probably doesn't realize it himself as yet— !but he thinks you're a pretty neat dish." "You're talking a lot ot nonsense, Amy. Mr. Wood ford doesn't know I exist except as a secretary." "He will, after this yacht trip. It's funny how an evening dress can change a female employe Into a woman." Julia smiled. "You've been seeing too many movies, Amy'" the stateroom was in With the water lapping rhythmically against the bull ot the boat, Julia was soon asleep. She awakened with a start, conscious of a new, yet still rhythmic, sound. Onmlstakably, it was the sound of the yacht's engines. Julia tossed back the covers of the berth and looked from a porthole. Dock and gangplank were gone! All she could see was an expanse of water which dissolved Into the pitcli blackness of the eky. But beyond the soft throb of the engines and the swish of the hull driving through the water, there seemed to be not another eounfl aboard. (To Be Continued) Elston Samuel is visiting friends and relatives in Louisiana. Bryan Clark and Briant Roberts j went to Emmet Friday to hear the Lone Star Cowboys. Olice McCorkle was a business visitor in Texarkana Thursday. Glad to report that Mrs. J. W. Samuel is improved at this writing. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Clark spent Tuesday with their son Mr. and Mrs. Ardell Clark and baby. Olice, Hallar and Johnnie McCorkle and David McKee and Misses Anna, Nina and Vesta Boyett and Miss Mary Jo McCorkle called on O. F. Steve and Miss Lucie B. Lloyd, Friday night. We are sorry to hear that Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sherley are moving from our community. Miss Edna Vickers called on Mrs. J. W. Samuel one evening last week. Bryan Clark called on Miss Maude James of Guernsey Saturday night. Mrs. Jim Arnold called on her daughter, Miss Billie Arnold Thursday. Mrs. George McCorkle is attending the bedside of her sister-in-law of near Fulton, who is seriously ill We wish for her a speedy recovery. 666 Liquid-Tablets Salve-Nose Drops checks COLDS and FEVER first day Headaches in 30 minutes al- WINTER BEAUTY AIDS for Proper Skin Care coJuelics"wiMtarty »'"! will give yourself » beauty Ueahneut .very night. Choose your cwwwU<*from among those listed below-thcy aiv the choice of the majority of women In Hope. Barbara Gould, Max Factor, Carlton, Elizabeth Arden, Harriett Hubbard Ayers John P. Cox Drug Co. phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps l/ 2 Price Sale on All Gift Goods _ Prescott News in Brief By DALE M'KINNEY We regret very much to hear of the death of J. W. Gardner, aged 70, one ot Prescott's pioneer citizens who died — - • , . . . i oi Fort Lauderdale, Fla., last Friday. La » e ", !. E I™. ™1 *LV' L± i He had gone there to spend the winter son Frazier. No demonstration was given though Miss Alford discussed plans or the coming year. Mrs. O. T. Beck was appointed to conduct the devotional for next meeting in home of Mrs. W. E. Elmore, February 14 at i o'clock. Spring Hill The Missionary Society of the Methodist and Baptist churches of Swing Hill met January 13 at tho I Methodist parsonage. The devotional was led by Mrs. Mamie Smith with "Faith" as her subject. There were 22 members present, 12 Baptist and 9 methodist. During ^ e business meeting, Mrs. Everett Momen was elected treasurer of the Baptist division of the societj. Different means of raising money tor the society were discussed and plans were made to make a quilt, which will be for sale later. The nevt meeting will be January 29. Mrs. Alvin Robinson will have charge of the devotional In 1929, the total number of deaths from cancer was 111,569. gray head," Amy misquoted cheer fully. "But you'll see." In her rush to be at the yacht club, which was a considerable distance from the apartment building, Julia quite forgot Amy's well- meant warnings. From the depths The Prescott Post of the American Legion is trying to carry out a campaign which will reduce the death toll from automobile accidents. We hope they get the co-operation of everyone and make this a great success Wo are very glad to hearjhat Mrs. T O L--E--T E X OIL COMPANY Special-5 Gal. Hi-Grade $1.50 Lube Oil Phone 370 Day and Night CAR GLASS CUT AND GHOUND TO MT ANY CAR BRYAN'S Used Parts 411 South Laurel Street . of the dressing room Bhe called | sid Gentry is resting well after a hin secial you should ; mao Donnell hospital. en out, "Anything special you should ; ma j or operation Saturday morning at take on a yacht trip, Amy? I've | C ora Don't from the other room. told h<* "Woodford's yacht is probably the size ot a hotel. I'd suggest that white evening gown—a sports outfit, with some soft-soled shoes In case he's fussy about the deck paint—and a package of seasick remedy." There was a long silence, and then Amy added: "I saw some collapsible rowboats tlie other day. They were made of canvas, and you could probably fold cue up and gel U in to your week-end bag—" A shoe came burning out of tbe dressing room, successfully terminating Amy's advice, • • » W HEN Julia reached the boat moorings the clubhouse itself „„„ term tests began at Prescott High School Monday and will continue through the week. The new Prescott grammar school building is nearing completion. Vicare very proud of this building as \\e have needed it for a long tune. QUALITY SEEDS - PLANTS Everything for Field and Garden including supples, insecticides, spray materials, etc. For Heavy Yields Use SEMESAN Wonts' Seed Store. 110 E. 2nd St. LAUNDRY COMPANY SPECIAL! Note Book Filler Paper 45 Sheets - 3c E-Z-I Filler Paper 45 Sheets, lOc quality 5c RULED E Z I 100 Sheets, 20c quality 10 cents JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The RBXALL Store" Hope, Ark. Phone 63 Established 1885 LADIES SILK PAJAMAS RAYON ROBES Assorted Types Clearance Price si.oo Each ONE TABLE LADIES SHOES Repriced to Clear $1.49 r, MEN'S 17x17 Handkerchiefs 12 Fo, n LADIES COATS All Fur Trimmed Coats Must Go! .} Size fl 14 to 20 No Lay Aways! •••••• ODDS AND ENDS On Table No. 2 IQc i MEN'S BOOT " SOCKS 25c Ladies Winter HATS Say "Good buy" MEN'S SHIRTS and SHORTS Each 15c Choice To Clear 1 C BOYS' WAIST , PANTS Not all sizes, but worth a lot more, than this to you. LADIES SUEDE 1 JACKETS Leather Suede Sizes 12 to 20 25c Pair MEN'S WORK PANTS 69 4 Pair left ea MEN'S DRESS PANTS Repriced RQ C 9 Pair left Uv ea 1 36-Inch Woolen Dress Goods For Clearance 49 Hurry Only yd MEN'S DRESS SHIRTS Fast Color Full Cut Priced to Clear 49c MEN'S DRESS OXFORDS, Close Out S1.98 Pair 14 to 17 Each Not All Sizes ANKLETS, Must Go 5c Choice Pair PENNEY'S 1C PENNEY COMPANY, I»co«p« ' (WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVESJ

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