Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1941 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1941
Page 1
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' ' '' '''" '' " ' '""' ' W<Srid.Wfd« Maws Covaroge *' — Imporllolly by Press Hope Star • ,• Rain Tuesday night changing t» S snow in higher elevations of the north*' •',£ west portion; warmer in the east afld ^ colder m the west with temperatures,"" below freezing in the northwest por* tion late Tuesday night. HOPE, AUKAH^S, TUESDAY, IB -., ^^cmpcK jo, ,941 r-i -i , , , - • ^* ^- iNEA^Mecru Newsppp^r E ^ erP r,s. Au'n PRICE 5 C COH^ Japs Move Nearer Manila *~~~ —- — —.-___ _ : - . _____ ^^^™ • • • • ^^^H; Our Daily Bread CtMMt*e«*t*t«f -WU.US M*il '••a"r.' * '.:!-0 C "f'-* "•• ' U. S. Asked to Retaliate for Manila Bombing Gen. MocArthur Gives True Picture of Recent Jap Bombings 1,4*1 Hempjfead Road 'Funds Bed Up I Jby Court Order i * t! Axis Counter in Libya Smashed by the British Russian Parachutists Threatening Nazi Line of Retreat -— - - • Where Jap Thrusts Peril Allies A»*«M-|H)«-«I rf*y unk ),.,„!,, , lj(Vll ttf!.".i,pt i u, make new stands -Miay Htiti iVM! lh )i fanguardK were «'t,nl j»u.-,)i,tiE ut) ttiwanl Tripoli- i»» Officioti From Paying Cfaimi or Usuing WoritmH $>!•[. ',"!,!. I • JTJT-.il . (lit , : uquaiv U»* Mii<4 42 Aku lank* w«- P knock•••1 "in of i,cU<,,i, ,„ - tmr Otl js'« WHVJ.J.,. '•t *>»,! Q K.Jijr.J. '-Hi>i!>-,R lh<< Gulf of mil,'-, l«-y M ni) l.:,) Jiighw»>' . <T. 71)." A* n vri-wun <,( the AdKtvj c bi« Iwitk Uttlr toi.i 7< B,iii,;}, ^u^s f , n *ii!) ( ,ir.,i cats, vv-crr cit*U(..v ( -(i hi) tK-i(h<-i (hp Grnn»n «oi ttati»m claim <«! u, Kftvr JialUtl 0 )r BnUs.li swe« ' lil«stme tin- war fxont Stwic R<-<! ;,n,, v WJ laj er i-nniuis iiom im Oka river up. *1 <t • .in M*nil* rw*.. * « , "•"W! „, anri ir}»i;vrs nj Warns Against Theft of Tires Hoynie Advises Autoists to Lock Cars in Garage <huti« nthtr > ^ « H>»« un,ir _ S«vift lirj,vv if MI.«CI>W" ami Russian para- ttooji:, wen- rfjKjrtrd to j, Ixhim! U*? German linei Soviet ti-cojvs scared broak- * in four other fxipula' th<* pomfnnjihjiw Mid. Star, Army newspaper. sai< fiai.irhuti.vu were dealing )Uiws, hohii-i.! the German lines wMh m<-»ialiy t mined troops blow- in* up 29 l»rid«o» cm routes of the OrnTi^n retrofit. Ixvnrinn military quarters said Adolf Im!rr',>, Cnmran arn\ic\ were con tinning attack* cm Sevastopol but Mid thr M.-KC bound Russian carn-von there showed no signs of weakening. Booncville Band Director Is Killed at, ii*tn.n, t! himu-lt That ttvr arfrt«Ui,U. ami i-» r h /r«m »!!(,-«ing an , r!aim«. tailing j warrants. ,„ pa> i n « of »„> /„, J|«n-, th«« H<,a.l and Bridge Kami ,,f Cmmty . fund ,.( Hrrnn- , m i ,, r .,, 1V (lf i, ,,„,'. „ »'v V ,i "'* y "' r - ' Wrf c>( twlirr. Tup;,. ,t'» \Mitr ,}„»•„ ih r „,,;„! ,„„„!;,,.,., "f KOHT SMITH —<;»>,._ Barton D llir >' <<!<"» «N „ ^fpgu,,,.,} nguj , m hav _ Dci-riiiK. 20-year-old Booncville Ark ri f u*" _, i h ' Kh wh<X)I band di r«*"r was killed «, niri MHj-nir ^iti )lp mi ,j t . ir ,. ltc( j ( instantly and a young woman com- »>rftr V "futiRP 'wl'l' '"' C ° f " h<>fls !" thr i p11 "'"" hurt seriously about 2 o'clock >rains t<> Uikc automobiles off the was drivinc crashed into a parked nutiimobitc here. other oft OKU i s 0 Strad Comity, Ark which -Ann!,! I,,, to fail lo'lrnvp'fciif'l |V:i>-nt inotiry ;,t «11 timi-A t,, (W(V ()„, Iclaims ..f the p l.,i,,t,ff, f, )r ,!„,' ,., k . ! rtii'l iliiinaKc to their I«nd.s »h fU- , in llw Hcni|.M,-..d County, Court |tnd as invnlvwl in this case', and ns ' l»y ho fin;,ll.v Jilluwixl on hcmiiiK thc pr.ip.-r C'ourt; i.nd that there flould l>o iin|M)undcd in the hands 1 Uu- Trrusurcr •>! llrjniwtw.d Cnunty, kimsas, sufficient funds from citlicr Uoiid mid Bridge Fund of Hcmp- tl County, or tt-c County Gfn- Fnnd nf Hcinpstcad County, or fund of Heinp.slcad County liable (lie payment of the plaintiff's to pay thc pl.-iintlffs' claim and .....it and costs, if the same i.s final- allowed; and the said impounded 'ids should be held until final is- •ilion of thc plaintiffs' claim; and J temporary restraining order and 'Pounding order arc subject to mod- ication by this Court or the Judge "rcof, ut any time on motion of ' dffoiidynts, or any t«f them, and T notice to the palntiffs. is, therefore, by the Court con'"•1, ordered, ,-idjudged and de- lliat the dcfenunts, and each Oicm, be and they are hereby on- led and restrained until further 'crs herein from either allowing ' claims, or issuing any warrants, Paying any funds from the Road J Bridge Fund of Hcmpstcad Coun- Arkansas, and. or the County Gen- Fund of Hempstcad County, Ar- as , and or uny other funds or '"'its of Hempstead County, Ar- l^flfj jMyn |f, (-ncl'».S<- IMl^lj)!?*' »l\(t \v-ljl I" . "'KV i*IMI «!](•> ink ir.nln isl loi ui\ HIVIXVCI whi-n \ oil wiiti> t,, tJi.it t>.,y in Uir M>rvirf, I* J^tirnt »)„.„( uil«V,,td.lhlc delays «•>'! .l..n't let thorn ,,M-,V on you '«,'• Ciiuw unitpc-rsMiry wony. Hunter's Quarry Turns Into Souvenir KINOLAV. O. - ( ,r, When W . n •>'"««•>• wcnl huntine u |>lu-».sjiiu !<-(( him holdinij the t.-,i| ffiiihfi.s. After .'. ifiiy's (r.-unp in tin- fi c l,|. s and ii'i luck, Stoker shot n bin] u, m f u. w nvorlu-ml Ho Ki(V i. it a quick jd k I" hri-a kits ntvk, and t.issci) it in the trunk of hLs automohile. Hack in town, he opened the trunk mill n-uchcd for (hi< bird. "Swish!" the bird hurst out of the Irunk past the astounded Sinker. He mmniKcd to grab thc tail feathers- and that's all. HP ,-,11 owning nu- The to fur- Nearly 5,000 daily bus trips curry people in and out of Manhattan. • • (Continue^ on page four) Thought 1 lying tongue Iwteth those , I are afflicted by it; and a jittering mouth worketh ruin, p-overbs Cranium Crackers Conflict at Sea Some of IS'H's biggest war news, involving both belligerents and neutrals, was made at sea. If your memory's good, you can steer a straight course to the answers to these questions. 1. Name the first four U. S. warships attacked, torpedoed or sunk in the Atlanti during World War II. How many lives were lost in these attacks? 2. Germany lost its brand new biggest battleship in 1941, but in return had sunk a British battle cruiser and aircraft carrier before the year was out. What were these vessels' names? 3. What three American flag freighters were sunk in 1941 and where? 4. Leaders of two world powers made history with a meeting on the high seas. Who were they and 011 what vessels did they confer? 5. Under what flag were several U. S.-owned ships sailing when .sunk in the Atlantic (other (him the three in question 3)? «u Comic ~ Closeup of Jap Two-Man Sub PHIUPPIN ISLANDS LUZONE THAILAND TlANSfOtTS 'NDAMAO— MALAY STATES BORNEO (DUTCH) fiiTTCH EAST INDIES ""••^^^•^•••W^HI^HMHM^^^^^^^^k^ Only 45 Miles From Capital on Southern Prom However, No Important New Engagements ! Been Reported >C ^ *ti Hay .MANILA - </P) _ i Japanese • fora which landed last week southeast" Manila have fought their way^' Luisiana and Dolores each about' airline miles fro mthis city and a parently are attempting to effect ] S nCt $-? tor , a further advance, from the w Wants Workers in Honolulu Employment Office Ask to Recruit Men for Work The keynote "Remcmbe'r Pearl Harbor" has just been sounded in one of thc greatest nation-wide recruit- ng campaigns in the history of this country—a cooperative effort of the -ivil Service Commission and the Jnitcd States Employment Service or skilled workers to go to Pearl iarbor Naval Base in Honolulu according to Barney D. Harris Manager n the Hope Office of the Arkansas State Employment Service. Pay rates are from 94c to 51.28 per lour for experienced workers and 4c and 76c per hour for helpers, for orty hour weeks and plenty of over- ime— transportation is furnished from he worker's home to the point of ssignment. Pay j s based naxiimim rate established the the — . .- ,^, *-«j«*»uiioinji4 y e schedule of wages for each occupa- ion at Pearl Harbor. Thc skills needed include: Boilermakers, Coppersmiths, Electricians, Instrument Makers, Gas Cutters and Burners, Machinists, Ordnance Men Pipe Fitters, Sheet Metal Workers and many other types of skilled workers, both journeyman and helpers. U is felt that there arc many em- ployes in private industry who will bi> glad to help our country by assisting in recruiting those among their own employees who are qualified for thus vitally ini|iort<int duty. Secretaries of local Civil Service Boards are located in Fayettcville Fort Smith, Harrison, Hot Springs Jonesboro, Little Rock and Texar kana. "All qualified mechanics and trad helpers who want to do their par m the defense of our country an urged to get full information abou these jobs at Pearl Harbor from thci nearest Civil Service Board Secretary or from this office," said Mr Harris. "Because time is such an important factor in completing the ful quota of workers called for, it is im- Jortant that those qualified call to :ill m necessary application forms mmediately," Numbcr 4 AAA Office Ready to Take Applications The local Triplc-A office announced that it is now ready to tafc» applications for the Agrteuttufta- tonseVva- tion Payments on the 1941 Program Farmers who expect to receive this check should call at the Triple-A office some time in the near future and sign their application for payment. SPG Workers Buy U.S. Bonds $2,500 Worth Sold at Government Project Here In the past few days more than 52,500 has been poured into the coffers of the fund for Defense by employees of the Southwestern Prov- ng Ground in purchases of Defense Bonds and Stamps, a tabulation of sales at the project disclosed Tues- nn\' day. Ut Thii Be Your , § . No, 1 Resolution for (942 Help Defeat the Aggressors by putting your savings— rejulqrly—i n U. S. Defense Bpnds qnd Stamps,. GetYour Share o/~ U-S.Defenie BONDS-STAMPS Mr. Harry Scott, in charge of sales on the project, said that the response had far exceeded expectations, especially during the season when most of thc employees on the project were busy with shopping and plans for Christmas. Several sales have been made to entire groups of workers and one operator of a concession in the area combined patriotism with the spirit of Christmas and presented each of his seventy employees with a dollar Defense Stamp. Response has been as gratifyin among field workmen as among th office workers with every person 01 thc project apparently determined t do his bit. One foreman of a field cicw walked into sales headquar tors with a list of his entire cre\ of 15 workmen who had pledged to purchase a Twenty five dollar Bond each week. No sales campaign is being conducted in the area other than thc announcement that Bonds and Stamps were available on the project, but the deman dhas been so much greatei than anticipated that several times the supply has been exhausted anc prospective buyers forced to wait until more could be obtained. Germans Bomb English Coast British Attacked on Anniversary of Big Raid i=,TJu~7Tu ~^~ German Dombers launched the heaviest assault in many weeks on Britain Monday night on the first anniversary of the Great London fire bomb raid but the government said Tuesday that the attacks were aimed mostly at the northeast coast and caused only a few casualties and no serious dam- Three of the raiders were shot down the air ministry said. The air ministry said that British bombers attacked shipping at the German-occupied French port of La Fallice during the night and that all raiders returned safely to their bases In the north the new American '' was shortened ariti consolidated b- General Douglas MacArthur and was! said to run east and west through! Zaragoza, some 65 miles above Manila/- 1 ' The exact position of the Japanesi ' this theater was not known but De-v leved to be a few miles north of the ' American, line with patrols active"- mbetween. ' ' f/^ apparently had' from the inbetween American forces Aim to Join Columns oJ 1 "! 1 !? tw °-" Ja Panese columns in tne,« P aU ^. eVldently "kwd'to 30^ at Sa£ ^ „ awuui. o5 airline southeast of Manila but the =L i/' ?, lake about K mUes Jong and 15 miles wide, lies between that i position and the - Philippine capital. ^1 Yet if the Japanese reached Sani* Pablo t was probable that one column^ would circle southward and westwardV to Batangas Province on the west • coast and south of Manila. ' ~' Young ni-Trained Troops ,*»* So far all reports from have agreeat that Japanese: troops'here " ' * ^^ the field in central L«-" zon said that up to Monday there Activity thus far had been confined to, artillery and Cotton By Oic Associated Press NEW ORLEANS T Close January ............................................ 169fi 17.49 - ................................................... 17,56 October ........................................ ^ ^ December ............... ............ 1774 NEW YORK ..................... 16.90 17.30 17.45 .................................................. 17.49 October ........... 171:9 »- , •>•••«.., ..................... ... £ | t% j£ December ................................... 17 54 Middling Spot 18,59. Gandhi Quits India Congress Old Leader Opposes Violence of Any Kind BADOLI, India _(«- Mohandas K. Gandhi, long thc leader of Indian independence movement, was relieved Tuesday of leadership of all Indian congress at his own request He decided to retain freedom to oppose all violence and could not g along with a majority of the party- executive committee, in a step to ward cooperation with thc Britis, war effort. After a long wrangle behind closei doors the committee was said to havi voted to relieve Gandhi of the respon sibility of directing the party program and policy. If terms are arranged with the government the powerful Indian factioi would align itself with the British. Hope Postoffice to Close January 1 Robert Wilson, postmaster, announced Tuesday that the local post- office would be closed on Tuesday January 1. There will be no city or rural delivery or window service, it was stated. As usual mail will be placed in boxes and dispatched, ^•h»*fr Nice Doggie — Oh, Yeah? SNOW HILL, Md. -(/P)- Whe n Hai-gis Bradford bagged four quail \e immediately looked up friends who had razzed his hunting skill. But when Bradford got his friends ut to his car to see the proof, he ound his dog had eaten the birds 4ve for some feathers. . Losses so far were said to be small numericaUy but relatively hea^Tto proportion to the number engaged. ^ Told Aid Coming >' BATAVIA-W)-Netherlands Indies^" newspapers assured the public Tu.es.: day that Allied reinforcements are on V the way to the Pacific and that a gen-- eral offensive against Japan could be 1 expected soon. The NEI armed forces acknowledged "' Tuesday the loss of a single fighter * plane in a 19-plane Japanese attack * on a Dutch airdrome and reported- contmung Japanese bombngs and ma- • raids on *• ° uuaying * .* The raid occurred at Tarakan on the northeast coast of Dutch Borneo. At '< tne same time it was leained that the number dead in Sunday's Japanese assault on Medan, Sumatra has risea,. ? j Singapore Bombed * ' SINGAPOREr-yP)—Blazing anti air < craft batteries and searchlights which kept Japanese planes high were cred ited Tuesday with holding the effect of overnight air raids to a minimum, The communique said four raids" damaged some thatched houses whose flames lighted a small gasoline dumn 311 (l PAIlCtoH fr»l tt-. nnr... ^lil as and caused four casualties, Roof-top observers counted sb? sep» arate flights over the moonlight city but said only two sticks of bombs were dropped on Singapore Island site of Britain s stronghold and another on th the mainland. Oil Test on County Line Lofoyeffe- Hempstead Site of Probable New Field ha K ~ aayettC *** P«» bably Hempstead counties weie destined Monday to have one of the reatest oil wells ia the entne state Despite the fact that only meag'er nformation was forthcoming ftom the Barnsdall No. 1, located nine niles north of Lewisville m the Midway community, it was known that 00 feet of oil bearing sand had been cored. Pipe has been set and the well will likely be tested by mid-week. Trading is brisk with royalty be-' ng available in some ranging from 50 to 5300 depending upon the distance from the test. Outright leases are almost wob- ainable. The test is located in U -15-24 near he Lafayette-Hempstead county line uat below Patmos. '

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