The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1940
Page 6
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fAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS feo&TO TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 1940 New Low Cost Collages Being Constructed; Busi• ness Buildings Remodeled 'MANILA, Ark., April 30. — A building boom has reached Western Mississippi County with Manila as the center of a hub of projects extending In every direction which are expected to reach a total of $40,000. ; Not two or three fine structures arc these buildings but rather they are dozens of neat cottages along with a number of business structures adequate to serve this town arid surrounding section where they are being erected. In addition to these, numerous other business buildings, places of worship and residences are being given such improvements as to enhance the attractiveness of this entire section. ;The new Manila high school has recently been completed at a cost of•' $7000 for the principal work In the'education field. •"The business section of Manila li-soon to have many of its build- Ings Improved. G. Mike Jr., has re- Modeled and redecorated an entire business block which houses tivo . recently started businesses, the W. R. : Brown Auto Sales Store and the Dunkln and Mike Parts Store. Improvements have also been made to buildings to house tlircc more business establishments, Steve's Cafe, to be .operated by Steve Crossloy; the Pleenian and Duhkin Automobile Sales Company, owned by E. C. Plecmni: and Rlley Dunkln, and a new Ice Company opened by W. H. Hutlon. The barber shop owned by Alvn Jollff, the building owned by Grover Snyder, and the W. R. Brown Service Station arc being repaired and redecorated. The Manila Methodist, Church is being extensively repaired and redecorated with members of the congregation donating materials. ! In.the residential section of Manila, several new houses are now under construction. Houses In the popular price range are being erected by Dr. G. Atkinson, Elmo Morgan, A. K. Ballard and E. C. Plee- rnan. ; Those owned by Leonard Ballard, K. D. Overlurf, o. O. Snyder and C. W. -Tipton, which he recently purchased from Harry Golden, have been modernized. . A, R.'Moore, president of the Manila Housing Guild, is of the opinion that the work now in progress Is an example of what wilt', be continued throughout the summer months. .-'..In the .surrounding sections, equally as .much work Is In progress, giving builders and their kindred, workmen all the work they can .handle. \C. W. Tipton is erecting a new theater' at Caraway, at a cost of $6000, to replace the structure recently destroyed by fire. '-The Lost Cane community boasts a hew community house erected by the Home Demonstration Club there at a cost of $900. George Bunch, who lives one mile north of Manila, has erected a new store and residence at Beauchamp's Corner, where he plans to erect several other houses which he will rent. Hurley Raj', of the Floodway community, hns, completed a store building costing $3500 and Willarcl Cole is'rebuilding a combination store -and residence to replace a similar building destroyed by fire. Four new tenant houses are being erected near Manila by W. L. C'as- tleberry, of Jonetbbro. A store and residence are being b'lllt by Harley Braden on what Is k.-ion-n as the "Cut-Off Road" between Manila and Monetlc. Excellence In Small Homes Homes of this types arc lieinj; built in Pennsylvania to sell for $2,500 without land, indicating fiow (he building industry is niccthiK the vast low-cost housing market with architecturally attractive homes. Without using expensive materials ami rcilucini; waste space to a minimum, Ihe builders of this home have achieved n cliaVmini; effect ami provided a dwelling which may well he the envy of those ttilli homes far more e.V|irn.sivf. Without u cellar, (his home is valui-il at $2,050 willi land .Addition.of a full cellar wutilil udil ?:)00 to the tolal cost. Krnaiicod with a iimrtuage of $2,500 insured by (he Federal lluiuihig Admfiilslrnliun, Ihe muiilltly payments over a 15-year neriud would iivcrauu less limn J21. Many Blytheville Residences Undergoing Modernization Al This Time Numerous improvements are being made to Ulythcvllle residences vith even more repairing scheduled to be done during May when wea- ilier conditions are expected to Improve. One of the linger jobs slnrtcd this week was partial remodeling of the Edgar Uorum residence nt 1022 Holly street. The exterior work will Include a new black roof, repainting while, iron grill work on Ihe steps of the ^un porch which Is lo be re- screc'ned to the floor, the addition of n door from the sun porch to the living room and double doors from a bedroom lo the sun porch. 'Hie Interior will ue ropapered .md redecorated and double door removed between the living room where u new wall will be built. Jess Cain, G23 Park street, has completed enlargement of his lour room house. A partition was extended to enlarge the kitclicn which was modernized by addltioi of bulll-ln features, and Ihe entire house was repainted and repapcred. The Fred Warrens. 1110 West Walnut street, are building a fur- niwe room lo house ihclr new automatic oil burning heating plant. A residence al 125 Missouri avenue, owned by the Hlytheville Lumber Company. Is being modernized by Installation of hot water facilities, new wiring, elcclric fixtures and redecorating, The Llojd Wise property, 1033 Chlckasawba avenue. Is being Increased with addition to a garage, coal house and laiuuiry room, erected alongside the ue«- similar unit behvj built on the Paul Grecnwell property. The building Questions and Answers Q. What dimensions are considered minimum for fireplace hearths? What materials arc .satisfactory? A. Fireplace hearths should project nt least irj inches, measured from the chimney breast, mid the width should be not less limn the width of the fireplace opening plus 10 Inches. Brick, tile, smooth-finished concrete, stone, and slnle are Ihe materials most often used. Hearths should be supported on n concrete slab. Q. Our new frame house will not have a basement, whiil type of foundation metal shield should we use as a barrier to termites, and how should It be placed? A. A continuous strip of eorro- sioa - resistant metal should be placed between the masonry foundations and the wood resting on the masonry. It should extend entirely across the wall and be flush on the out-side, but it should extend two inches horizontally beyond the in side face of the wall and be bent down two Inches nt an angle of •)!, degree.;. A similar projection on the outside wall Is desirable If this wall is not open lo easy inspection Joints between the metal shccti forming the. shields should be made light.'Wilh well-locked and malleted flat seams or should he contlnu ously soldered. If the shield i., pierced by anchor bolts, the holes should be made light by bedding the metal sheet aroiiml the hole with coal-lav pitch. Cure should be taken that workmen do not damage the shields during construction. Neighborhood With Established Character Architectural Forum Devotes Section To Houses Costing Under $3,000 TJIG long-awaited low-cost house Is here, declares The Architectural Hirimi, which present.'.: In its April l.«sue u si.'ctloj) derated (o the home built lo sell at S3.000 or less. The year 11)40 will see 11 boom in low-cost houses, the i/uixazl«e picdicts,. because PHA has made more flexible Its ilnnnclng iciiuire- inmls, ;.,id the HFC Mortgage Company has agreed to discount moHfRges wlitch conform to these standards. A .survey by (lie editors was cited us showing that those who have met this mnrkct plan 00 per cent more work this year than lust. ^Homes lectured The possibilities lhat lie in the lew-cost Held are pictured in a portfolio of small houses, with floor plans, lhat fall in the $2,500 lo 53.000 price range. These houses, die editors declare, meet the needs ami the pocketbooks of about :(,- GIAOGO potential homo owners. Not all are attractive, and some lack the rudiments of good design, it is admitted, so sketches are Included (o show what can be done to Improve these designs. Most of the suggested Improvements add but lilllc to the cost, and some represent a saving. Low cost houses are not all alike, The Architectural Forum declares, even those which have the same number of rooms arranged in much the sumo way. Some liave basements and basement stairways and some do not. Each scheme" satisfies a specific set. of requirements which the others fail to meet. To Illustrate the variations possible, photographs of houses in different states are shown. Monotony Unnecessary "The biggest mistake most developers of low-cost houses make." the article asserts, "is lo assume that because they have hit upon a successful formula of plan and exterior ivlileh sells that this is the only solution adapted to tlielr locality. Besides producing a monot- This group of homes is an example of a development of well-designed and well-spaced Houses. The street has an established character which adds to the value and stability of the investment. Individual houses in a development should be located with regard to orderly and attractive appearance. Sufficient variety in exterior design should be used lo avoid monotony and yet retain harmonious character. The grouping of houses and the use of varied setbacks often produce a mere pleasing result than (he use of uniform setbacks and spucings, according to the Federal Housing Administration. One Private Room Already- Completed and Another Is Being Finished A new private dining room, to be known as "The Colonial Room" has been finished at Hotel Noble and u second one will be completed few weeks, it was ail- by Jessec atitt. nounced today manager. The room, on the first floor, is of unusually attractive design hav- been remodeled in an Early 1s a modern one of this kind with a concrete floor. W. E. Hagan has added a new roof to his house on East Rose street and ,n redecorating program Is now in progress. MrS. Willie D. Robcils, 112 Cherry, is having her house redecorated. The Max Meyers residence, 1104 West Main street, is yetting n new porch and other Improvements. Howard Hires Buys House On Kentucky Howard Hires hns purchased the residence al 213 West Kentucky avenue, (o which lie lias already moved. The house wax remodeled with redecorating liirlmlrd In the various Improvements. Installs New Fan Hotel Noble hns erected a new shelter room on Ihp roof to house a new exhaust fan. Dr. Grimmett Buys Davis Street House Dr. W. A. Oimmetl hns purchased Ihe residence at IMO East Davis avenue, formerly owned by Uiii Kennon, which hns been remodeled Into two apartments. Each unit has four rooms and a bath with numerous built-in features. The entire building was remodeled and redecorated. Varying the shutters and adding a false gnnlc here and there, this has the effect cf limiting the market. "A much better scheme is to vary the size and type of the house, relying for economy on standard elements, plumbing, etc,, rather than a stereotyped plan, and thus incidentally to meet the needs of a much larger group of customers." , Space For Development [Aristocrat of the low-cost field, the article continues, is the type of house which provides for fu- b >' American style of architecture. The _ room, while large enough to acco- moilate nine card tables, is so arranged that a small group may bo advantageously placed, it is said. There is an adjoining powder room. The 16 by 25 foot room now has pccky cypress walls with a tile board ceiling in white and random width floors. Hum! hewn walnut pegs in the floor, a scalloped design around the top of the walls am\ a cypress molding add lo the eo- tiire-nnlshed bedrooms in the space I lonitl1 atmosphere of the room, beneath the roof. Planting must| ThR other' new private (lining room, also lo be used for parties, will be larger than "The Colonial Room" and will also be on the first floor to permit n convenient cn- trar.ce. Mr. Stitt pointed out. types and thus Improve the ap- New Fan Added Among recent Improvements at the Golf Hotel is erection of a new shelter room on the roof for a new exhaust fan. be properly planned for sive houses to look Its best. Spiky, pointed plants should te avoided. A few larger, more spreading bushes are much more effective than numerous smnll plants. Stoops cnn mako or break the low-cost design; they should be broad, ofjpcarancc of the groupings, whlle shnplc materials, and not too,at the same time providing facili- "blocky." ties tailored to the needs of child- Single bedroom plans are capa- less couples and old people, thus ble of considerable variation, the broadening the potential market, article declares, pointing to photo- The article is illustrated with graphs of Indiana and Iowa homes J examples of existing practice in the us evidence to this. Inclusion of a ' low-cost field, furnished by the few such units in every low-cost I Federal Housing Administration. development, the article continues,]——— would add to the variety of house ••••••••••BBMBHHBHI Your Home CONSTRUCTION-EQUIPMENT REMODELING EIrdric Fuses Blown-out fuses may be replaced by the home owner without much trouble. The current should be cut off at the main switch, with care taken not to tou:h any of the metal parts. Fuses of the same rating as the ones to be replaced should any substitutes such as coins or fuses of higher capacity. The capacity of fuses is plainly marked on the metal rim around the face or on the contact end. Varnished Floors To. prepare a good floor oil for rubbing varnished floors, mix one part boiled Unseed oil with three parts turpentine. In using the oil on the floors use only enough lo moisten the cloth or mop. If any oil remain. 1 : on the floor it will ciitcli dust and darken the wood. dampened with clear water, and rub dry with cheesecloth. Half Moon Methodist Church Is Improved The Half Moon Methodist Church is undergoing an improvement pro- I gram which includes installation (of an insulation \vall board on the interior and redecorating. llcnainlimr of Tin Itonf Before repainting n tin roof, dean the surface of loose, peeling paint with steel wool or fine sandpaper. Then wipe with benzine or turpentine. Red-lead paint is usually used and should be applied on a clean surface in thin coats and allowed to dry at least a week between coats. Three coats are recommended. This work may be financed under Ihe Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Auto Wheel Crashes 2d Story CHICOPEE, Mass. iUR>.-, r A second 1 floor room of a Chicopee house was damaged badly in an automobile accident. An automobile wheel became detached from the machine, catapulted across the street, struck a curbing and then bounced through the second story window of a house ov.npd by Delia Read Courier Ntrws \vntil nds Cleaning Furniture To clean dust and dirt from bird's-eye maple dresser, wash with thick surts of any pure soap, follow I immediately with a clean cloth |(f) Springtime Good Time To Check Heating Plant FHA officials recommend inspection of the home heating plant in the spring when it Is put out of service for the season. I .The smoke pipe may be taken down and cleaned and then stored in a dry place until It is needed again In the fall. Wa'rped or broken grates and cracked firebox walls must not be neglected, and If such parts cannot be repaired they should be replaced. Failure to make necessary repairs to chimneys may result In possible roof fires or in damage to walls and ceilings In any room through the chimney runs. PETE IS THE 'LUMBEI irs to make your dream become a reality! We can help you al lain your goal. , . ;\ home—all yours! Do as hundreds of other happy families have tlonc . . . build wilh a KHA loan. Let Huffman Help You Obtain A Loan a n <l Kuild Your House. HUFFMAN BROS. LUMBER CO. Only Home-Owned Yard Sen-Ing the Blyllicvlllc Territory Remodeling? Repairing? Painting? TRY OUR SERVICE! Take a home inventory t io«-. Sec what repairs are needed. JImv alwni ;t new paint j»l> to pro- fed against .summer heat and rttins? Or a built- in kilt-hen eabinel . , . :l breakfast nook, . . . another closet. Whatever your needs, we can help you. AsU I's Aliout niA Finanrimr liasy ra.vmrnis —Low IntcrrM ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 Quality Service Certain feed ROOFS aw They (iglil fire, water, Kim, \\ind and time. They're "Millcri/cd" fov I,rmjj 1-ife. They arc available in .solid colors or (leatili- ftil blends. An FIIA loan will cu- a b I v yon to re-ronf now without even ;i down iiaynienl. Your won i lily payment slarls one nionllt after Hit job is done. I'hiuie IflO for an estimate. E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. (A ?\ REGULARLY OOc PINT NOW ONLY PT. WITH COUPON BELOW IZ o: 14 LET US SHOW YOU HO TO COLOft-STVtE YOtt HOME. IT'S SOMETHING .£~NeW We AINT & COLOR!, KOHCY-51YVINQ COUPON TK'i <^FH-JI rnti'tlrl kt):tt la er« pi' SHOUSE-HENRY HDW. CO, "The Progressive Store' 1 ,1. IV. Shonsc Wilson Henry Tlione 33

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