Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 21, 1936 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 21, 1936
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tM tuW > W '' fT ; c i / ! ?'s/v^;,< ?»4 i * > - iy * , i ,S '5V TO «*5'V' r i If^f * *" ••ft* If* U rW«*« who WHh th* tBMt, to* e*"W*M H ^^^.^^^^ ^j^^^^^^t * Hope Star HOPE. ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, JANUARY 21,193£ VOLUME :'87^KUMBtm 86jte| PRICE Sc 001 •Editorial By ALKX. H. WASHWRH' Kr • •• ^^ • yT ^v ^ # # * # # # "F "ililf-^J Wales Mounts Throne of Late Father TOM UNDER, who la Governor Bugono Talmadsc'H com- T mlMloner of aBricnlturc for,OcDrg,»,otfer,wh»t "-•»»'» Prohi Campaign Is Outlined Tuesday atHope_CityHall Dr. J. L. Cannon, Former Hope Pastor, Scheduled for Main Address BOYS BAN!) CALLED Meeting Expected to Plan Stump Tour for Feb. 18th Referendum Plans for a prohibition campaign preceding the locnl option liquor election scheduled for February 18 were to be laid at a meeting of county dry forces at Hope city hall Tuesday afternoon. , , , , The meeting was to bc addressed by Dr J. L. Cannon, pastor of First Methodist church at DcQuecn, former Hope minister. He was to bc introduced by the Rev. Thomas Brew.sler pastor of First . Presbyterian church of Hope. Attorney John P. Voscy. heading an execuUvc'commiltee of the dry forces. said that he had requested L. K Grumpier and the Hope Boys band tn furnish music for the prohl tally. Mr. Grumpier .was in Hope Tucs- but it could not bc learned up to what the decision would bc. , „„„. ~.,,.... suggests is this, in i pamphlet just received by The Star. .«•. *.._ *- ti*<A ,..\t,lmiMr IK where you lost it. "The only real trouble with the American farmer today, the same as in the pnst, is that under our system he buys in a protected market and sells in competition with the world. "We have here n ship unloading cargo of manufactured articles into the United States. "Tlic import duties on these manufactured articles arc high. "Thc purpose of these import duties is to raise the price of American manufactured articles. "This means the consuming public in America, including the farmer, must pay more for these commodities. ... ' . "The import duties arc what hurts the farmer. Why not give these import- duties back to the farmer and equalize him with industry and then let him alone? "These import duties are already t>cing collected. There would not be any new or additional burden on anyone. ..... , "The amount of money collected bv Uncle Sam from import duties amounts to approximately as much as the farmers have ever received under the AAA." -I- + -r Thc Star has supported the AAA policies in a uniform manner, bu.al- ways with the understanding that they represented only a temporary answer for an emergency condition. . Only in that way could you ever W ^ is °" <<? n *!i ir 0v n«, George 5th Dies and New Ruler Is Ring Edward 8th i Prince Flies From Path- I er's Bier to Capital of j Largest Empire JSTORY ~oF GEORGE He's New King of the British | Late King Will Be Buried January 28—a Pemo- cratic Ruler LONDON, Bug.-W>)-The funeral of King George the Fifth Will be held Tuesday, January 28 in St. Georges Chapel of Windsor Castle. Thc body will lie in state in Westminister Hall from Thursday until funeral time. :orniiui»«'j ,.«....-- -- . V aa property was comrouep financial Crisis ^ Near for France Devaluation of Franc Likely When Laval Cabinet Falls PARIS, France— (^-French banking circles Monday, night reflected fear of a financial crisis in the wukc of the expected collapse of Prunuer Picrrc Laval's cabinet. M Laval's frien'ds said the mdo- nondent premier would hand his rcs- itfiation and that of his cabinet to President Albert Lcbrun Wednesday, and Laval made known at Geneva he would neither try to patch up his under the Bankhftad law. v A»J!i''»e-never^wrote an holding the AAA policies thai we didn't call attention to the fact that the United States waS losing • America Pays Kcspects WASHINGTON.—W)—The House of Representatives adopted fi resolution Tuesday expressing "profound sorrow" nt the death of King. George of England and adjourned iinrnediatcly out of respect to the late Jnonarch. The senate was not in session. Wales Flies to London ; LONDON. Eng.-<Copyright Afsoci- utcd Press)-The new king, Edward the Eighth, took up his rule of the British Empire, of nearly 500 million person-s Tuesday. ; The man whom the world has known as the Prince of Wales discarded royal precedent to fly from the bjcr of his late father. King George thc.Fifth, in Sandringbam House, to the capital. He made the 100-mile trip jrLp« P.": '••' ; ( • •• « ' " _:-.* 'i.-ii..' ' *t.« fiff-^ Hr-il (CM New Legislation Necessary to Pay Cotton's Subsidy Congress Will Probably Obtain Money From Gross Customs Receipts A DEFICIENCY BILL New Measure Introduced to Inaugurate Social Security Law „ ASHINGTOW—(/P)—A high administration official said Tuesday that new legislation would be necessary before the government can pay the Southern farmers a subsidy on cotton produced in 1935 under the Bankhead allotments. This official said the house appropriations committee is now considering a special measure to provide a specific appropriation from gross customs receipts to pay the subsidy. « »4,^JI 'fti a Possible (Me Insurance Resignation Is | Q n e of ^ uthel ^ Capital Rumor Passengers Sought Ll —^ Minute Insurance ATTACKED!* i L off? -;| Crash on Would Have , Insurance • i • >ii • • DALLAS, Texas-^iP)—The -,-,•«-.. News says Tuesday that airltate 1 !«f>'u; ficials are investigating the tijHe^rjri 1 ^ that"a passenger—temporarily deraflg- >"? ed, or seeking to commit cUihde wiW,-*, ' *' out.invalidating his insurance wffl&e* Grand Jury Will Meet Wednesday Civil and Criminal Actions to Be Held Thursday and Friday 'vale" plane ami was tho firsT British monarch to travel by air. the United States was wsnu; ".«•- i Laic King Wounded and more of her foreign cotton market SANDRINGHAM, Eng. - (Copyright each year Associated Prosst-Great Britain's roy- Many Car Owners to Pay Penalties Social Security Funds WASHINGTON -(/?}- The appropriation bill of 58 million 204 thousand dollars to take tlic place of the measure calling for 103 million 272 thousand 705 dollars which failed to pass at the last session. Approximately two-thirds of the I total would go to finance the social , • 2 Weeks to Go Associated Prosst—Great Britain's roy- The theory in some quarters, there- 0 , f am j)y mourned the death of 70- fore that things like the Bankhead I veat .. 0 i cl King George the Fifth at a ' .-j — :,.«,,„ tVint rment private service in Sandringhanis little church Tuesday while the new monarch, Edward the Eighth, flew to Lon- law eve aiv issue that might to be written into the luauj- !«•••- "> "*• V.UI"-' . -al constitution, was, and always. will bc, ridiculous. Compulsory control, like other AAA , don for his accession ceremony. The beolvod old sovereign died, as cabinet rior take hus fight with the Were emergency measures— i ]lo B i wa y S wished, in the quiet mid oMUl'l'S. »Vviv; vi**i-» t>«*»--^ . and emergency measures obviously arc the last thing on earth to be incorporated hastily into the fundamental law of the land. But by a process of trial and crroi we arc gradually finding our way. Tho Linder pl.m of giving import duties to the farmer as a subsidy will appeal to every man who realizes that America has to maintain a certain par of her cotton export market. "'«"» peace of his Norfolk country estate just before midnight Monday night with the family he loved at his side The official announcement said the bereaved queen - mother, Mary, is "bearing up with magnificent cour &e." George V ascended the British throne as "the sailor king"; he left it as "the democratic king." Unassuming to the point of shyness, be a one-day session. The criminal docket of will begi expected to be court ..oUnty .automobile Goffers to'. state license tags now in order to avoid ; last-minute rush to escape the pen- vill bc added after mid- days. rtjo. Members of the grand jury, as announced Tuesday by Deputy Sheriff chased before the deadline expires. Mr, Van Sickle announced the re- i Various new governmental activ- I ities arc provided for in the bill. CaKtofliusts of Star GeUl21,710 | Ahem and Williams Top List, $34,817 and $32,219, Respectively The Star, which spends more than Tlint Justice Wllfrs Van -Ite- vanter. above, dean of U. S. Supremo' Court conservatives, way resign his post is the rumor again heard In Washington The justice, who Is 77. bought a farm near City. Mil. In view of his none too robust health, this led to renewal of rumors of his retirement Van Devantcr was appointed to the court in 1910 by President Taft. oui.invauaaiiHs ««= ""»"•""••• t^j~y- -^-caused the crash of the AifierttSn ,.. Airlines plane in Arkansas'a wew! , ago. - „ tl,A T 'nt-J The newspaper said it was Atoned , that one of the passengers maoe^wo attempts to take out an addition*! $25,000 of life insuranct after boarding the plane hi New York » , ."The belief is held by high-up airline officials," the story says, "tlwt a^r| passenger, temporarily deranged of , merely bent upon killing himself ana<j, willing to take a host of otherS-to, death with him, entered the control '^ room, slugged the pilot and co-pijot,',' and sent the ship crashing.int^tM'; Arkansas swamplands at terrific speed." - "^ t Northern States ceipt of a letter from Earl R. Wiseman uTvcly be Department and sing. 11U6 vv,... Mysterious BuUct-IMe ^ ?7. ...has MEMPHIS, Tenn. — (flVvDiscoyeifc,' J Ellicdtt I O f an automatic pistol and' pieces-i-Owl twisted metal through which an pWjJi 1 " ject about the size of a bulletjhaJL been driven resulted in fresh ^cuja-^'l tion-Monday night •wnof" 1 ** -™*4 cause for the crash of the alWated,] "Southerner" near Goodwin, Ark., T Tuesday. ' ',> Department of Commence gators disclosed they found tt apparently, picked i>P at the he wreckage, in ,a Men?ph ic A memorandum book and --™,- tlcles turned up at the laundry, * said, where clothing of the 17 •ions "killed m the crash ifras seirfnp Rocky Dan Hunt, Hope RFD. Mound; A. H. Urinsiian, w/.au, '•»-•"•""-• ;...„» ., Harknesk Fulton; and Ralph | will be -sold without a . st . ]r .,. in export iii.«n^.». unassuming 10 me poim o vaulw - - . , nc uinder or the export debenture i(lcvout and f a jthful in religion .hard- dominant Radical-Socialist party to i w - n probab j y be the adnumstra- | workingi d ovol ed to his children and the Chamber of Deputies. -lion's next move. Today's wire stones | home lifo and with „ dignity relieved The Treasury's need to borrow H.- Washington, in fact, mention the by )he twillk!c j n j,i s cyt , s , be typified 000,000,000 francs ($558.000,000> before j iWc lusc o f customs receipts in I ( ^ c Antics w hich his subjects held May was cited by tho sources which : sub!fidizing t he farmer, i highest. warned deviiluation of the franc mignt | + ( . .\ >. H(i soughl „ position close to the be forced by a financial crisis. ,; p ric( . ls not evcr ytliinp in fiiwluifc , lwil) . ls of his p, ;O plc In a kindly and M. Uaval constantly has opposwl de-. hc niiswcr , 0 ,i, c ( nrm problem. _ \ ^ wfly . un i ike most kings, lie valuation.- ~ ' "' "'" """"' """'•'• - • • ' ! --*-' * — inform tho public the best I way you can. Ask your county paper j to publish notices that there will bc 'draw a tot,, of W. A. Haynes, ex-Mayor of Nashville, Dead ,v.- „•..,"-. .,.---- - . .i,un.-i »">, unlike most kings, he Price, at the cost of too drastic a found ' 0 { O f bis achievement in his reduction program, penoliww ' ie ! OW n whole purchasing power of the com- ( * NASHVILLE, Ark.-W. A. G8, died Monday fit his home in ville Funeral services were hold »t the First Baptist .rhurch at. 10 a, m. Tuesday conducted by the Rev. Frank W Patterson mid the Rev. U. &. Holmes. Burial will be in O/.an cem- Mr. Haynes was mayer for foiu- j-ear», .'"ifi !"«1 sej-vcd in other offieiiil capacities.- He is survived by bis wife, two brothers, George, and Walter Hayncf, ami a sisti-r, Mrs. Alice Yate.-, allot near Nashville. whole purchasing power ot me coin- | ^^ cnmc Mrongcst nl the deep munity. For there is a certain labor u , thal was world-wide dur- demand in the full utihration of the • j^.^ ^.^ mmfs of 192g and i 929 land (hat under any reduction pro- ^^ c crowdg ..., ooc j n i g ht.]y out- gram is curtailed. Many of these crop- ; ^.^ Bllckingham p a | ncc and mes •K-rs have been liirust upon the go\ - , • nriw ors came from reniot lAJIt* IMIV." wv-v. -i eminent, supported b.v the taxpayers. This is tho fault of even the best ol emergency programs. But its appear- ' and prayers came from remote of the globe, an encouragement boyom • > .. . .. „ i "|i \vti& cm v iit-i***. "t,^ ...N...V .,.,..-.... emergency programs. But Us .ippur- h , (l uf(cr hjs fi ,. s , H nce clearly tells «s that wo have not d^ui, , ^^ ^ voiobtninerf an agricultural „.Inn isuf- ' "^ flcs ire has been gmnlcd-lh. k -ieiitly satisfactory and safe to lw|«/"" ... , , called permanent. , i ejtrni si uu.^u*- un.^ ."-.... to . desire to gain the confidence and af- I f^^W ^* r*r •"• "•• — ' Watclrthe Polls "Steal!" Already Being Shouted as Louisiana Goes to Vote i County Seat Had 'Theater Opening' be cleaned. •v!" U.S. Obesrversto :aMz?aa««|«^« N E A. Service's artists. They have been getting high salaries for years —and earning them, when you con- isider that they furnish laughs every .' I day for the readers of nearly 900 American newspapers. Ahcrn. who draws "Our Boardng House," gets $34,817 a year. n us, creator of "Out Our V> ay. 175 Dead, Many of Them in Traffic Accidents— . Relief Is Promised CHICAGO—(#>)—Inestimable tons of snow were piled on the larger half of the nation Tuesday after the worst blizzard of the year. Deaths attributed to the weather reached at least 175, the majority due to traffic accidents on icy streets and obscured vision of drivers. Virtually all sections of the nation uiauj uui were promised relief from cold and j fir(Kl {rom tn e inside. And snow Tuesday, even in the sub-zero wag . my Booting, it wasn't anybody| regions of the great north central j on the grou nd." • * plains states. j ——:— -•.• T- ~~ * B cleanea. , ,«,•. Sheriff J M. Campbell of Forogl City, Ark., announced the finding jo* j the piece of metal among Wie wec^-2 age. He said the hole obviously^wa^l made by some small object^propelled from inside the ship. ' . s "I don't know what part .of the shipl the metal is from," the sheriff sa^ "but the hole looks like it -was roaf by a bullet. If it was, it is cerfaJ from the way the metal is pushed in relation to the screw hole that o r inally bolted it to the ship ^t, 1 *;"? 8 NEW ORLEANS—(A 1 }—With federal representatives looking on, Louisiana miirle ready Monday night for a Democratic primary Tuesday after ;i weird political campaign in which opposing hides in the Long and anti-Long fight each accused the other of "slander," "carpet-buggery" and "corrup- Fiddler Contest atRosstonFeb.l5 Says G-Men State Ordered to Pay Bridge Firm Garland City Dynamiting ;•• Costs State of Arkan- 805 .OUU fcction of my people." Trained First As Sailor ; Unlike many British kings, George V did not begin training in childhood .for occupancy of the throne. He was I the second MW of Eiiwurd VII and wa.s 1 26 years "Id when he became heir to ! the' rrown nn the (loath of his elder brother, Albert Victor, Duke of Clar- . The question of a "fair count of ballots" was raised by the anti-Longs in view of the act of the legislature. which the late Senator Huey P. Long ontrolled, laying Ihc election ma- hiuery in the lap of his would-be |nwh|te> cmbnrkw hinery in the lap of his would-be »«";,*•-,;. ,^ nc , of 4 50 after the H-ir. Gov. O. K. Allen, the principal ;~; inr |' xvl . lconw d the company on iclitical ally of Long. j ,. r j v!ll wil h ;l brass band. Regular £^<^^W±^^.--Chase National Is Largest U. S, Bank > llllon u n:4VH i ca re.T which kept him ;fJ lmosl ,-onstanl.ly which from the tim< carriud LITTtE HOCK-E. ini-nt between the .,n ' from cadet-ship to the rank of eom : by tho time of his brother *•** * *•*+•' ..— —-- | iti'inCHT I»V llH VII Hi. ui HIP iJiwvif-" agreement between the State Ul ;luml- , ' T) ,,, 1 . ou f(,. r his duties as hei in« Board and the Kansas City Dridg.. ; ^ -^ prec i, lc |cd exclusive clevo Comply for payni.MH ot .1 lout . j ^ ^ nnvy (hcugh wilhin tw court judgment for ?12U,8t»S.JJ wdi "i i ve;ll> uftcl . j, is father became Kink reeled by Federal Judge Martincuu [• ' " . v] , successive promotion brought him rank of vice admiral. : bl ^ H aflcr ,, is j uthcr - s us^siou o G ul) , J.inurfi} Special Trains, Big Crowd Went to Washington 50 Years Ago Tlie current issue of Variety, internationally known theatrical magazine, •trikcs liornti to Hempstead county. Arkansas. ,. Variety's column "50 Years Ago S '"Washington. Ark., opened a new •100 seat theatre. Railroads ran excur- • ions at one-fourth the regular rates, also ran the chief the llil 1, lint t'j v-.iv. •*-•«•••• • - •-• listriet congressional representative and candidate for governor, thai the Allen administration planned to ".steal llv- election." the special house committee named to investigate electi'Mi j practices sent. representatives t» ahead of the election am agreed'' 'its "^ents would watch llv.- j ^ Q0 J >a ,. gost R an ks GlUl! C '''" noll.s for fraud. Representative Ganfield, nemocrul, Massachusetts, i-hairmail of the oom- miltce, said he had reeeived ref|Ucslt that the federal government police llu ill I 1035 15 Out of Every 100 PerJ sons Arrested Are 19 ' or Younger polls on election day. reeled b> after a hearing Mommy. ; Charles Parker, slate auditor, orden-d to issue warrants for , 40i'.76 and Earl Page, treasurer, ; required to puy them. The remaining ;""'^y, unl lo Australia, South Afrit ;50 per cent of the judgment will be , toJ hun^o ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^_ ^JVS-nt^SeU Tor re-, ceeding years * t*™** «< "' i ^- bilii U- Garland City bridge ; ,nrf,u mg «« «^lnd». ^ ^ . aerosa Red river, which was <lc«t«o>«« VkIn n ^ ^ by an explosion nflerit was eonipeted MHJ 6. » . » un - . fol . his , but before it hud been accepted b> ^'^{^^ aeciuailllmicc with the! world and the dominions hi^ was called | to state Highway Commission. •Dciiri-sisiou Chiss' tle(s Jolis Widow of Schall Will "Carry on Campaigning for Husband's Senate Seat in Minnesota My S'(iKH) AKNK .\^.»i-iated Press Correspoiuleiil WASHINGTON-(/')')-Mrs. Man;iir<-t And Roy Crane, author of "Wash Tubbs." gets 516,417. That's considered pretty good for Crane, young Texan, for he introduced "Wash Tubbs" only a few years igo. ,. And because he has been m syndicate work only the last Xwo years V. T. Hamlin, crcantor of "Alley Oop," doesn't show at all in the list of those .Darning $15.000 a year or better. Nor does Cowan, creaator of the older strip "Tlic Ncwfanglcs." Still, the artists of five of The Stars ,,cven daily strips and panels "place- in the big-income record. And President Fred S. Ferguson, 'MI-- of the whole NEA Serviee syndi- •ate ii'iike.s only. ?18.200 -less than any ,f liis top-noleii artists except young Hoy Crane. U. S., Canada Have 54% of Telephones 15 Prize Events Listed in Annual Nevada County Contest 1 I WASHINGTON — (ff)— "»• An old fiddler's contest will be held j Dcpa rtment Monday estimated iturday. February 15, at Rosston, it I tho " Cr ime age" is 19. was announced in Hope Tuesday by j_ Edgar Hoover, director of . J. W. Hollowav, member of the com- I Bureau of Investigation, said one o U\Vf) <}•«>— it-iv. Next is Merrill C. Blosscr. who gets $19,151 a year for telling the picture [Ol'V Ol i 1 t'CCKlCS JI 111 il *a T-» ' /\]ioillll'-* t ' lv -"* i)V ' v ""' v ""'"*""" — ' LJU^IOI must* v ••»%*••——.• Edgar Martin, creator of "Boots SaUirc ] ay February 15, at Rosston, it I tho " Cr i nle age" is 19. ncl Her Buddies," is worth $19,106 a I was annou nced in Hope Tuesday by' - «—..„- mittee in charge. ura , of every 21 persons arrested in t mittee in cnarge. ot every a pw »«••=• <"• "«•- -•• All contestants are required to reg- y n i tc d States in 1935 was 19, and IS isler with Mr. Hollowav. Fifteen sep- I every iflfl were 19 or younger, a'rale musical events are listed in, More tnan 37 per cent of those J which participants are expected to j reste d during the year were less' compete for cash awards. ! , 3 ycavs o \d, Hoover said. Youth; The following program will be ren- \ ~ • „. -ommjited 53 per cent o They Have 18,775,000 of Emmd vs. wiiiisviiic 'Oirb^ World's Total of 34,640,000 Instruments NEW YORK-(.3'l-The AnH-ru-ai, Banker Monday made public its l-lo.- H.sl of 100 largest banks in the United States which revealed two adclilioli.s to the I5l.000.ll00.000 deposit elu.^.s anil 1* only minor changes in the pitoitions of 1 the' 20 lop-ranking institutions. Deposits in the 100 biggest banks a<4- j ,reg ( ,ted $25.101.8ST,I66. an "^^ ^ I ^^ }mGTO ^~^'~ The Coin- Lai.; *ss-s ,K£ ,s^« |«» wruistsjri 11 ? ™;S;" ; ;^' ; iK£ i ^A^aar- s-i -H^JT ( . ^isns :„» ^,«t Guarunty Trust Company of NYwV'iV , and Bank <.f America N. 1. *t h. -V , O f San Franeir-oi. The following program dered and prizes awardetl: Best quartet, ladies or gents. SI. Best quartet, ladies or gents $2. Best comical reading. ?1. i Best vocal duet, ladies or ent.s $1. Younest fiddler, ?1. j Best yodlcr, SI. Best song, with guitar. $1. ; Best comical song. SI. j Best tap dancer, SI. Oldest fiddler, SI. Fanciest fiddler, %\. Best all round fiddler. SI. Best .-string band, 510. ', Second best siring band. ?">. , Third best tiring band, ?2-50- i In the afternoon the following basket ball games will l>e played, sturtina promptly at 1 o'clock: i Central vs. Cale (Boys \ i> clock. Emmet vs. Rosston (Boy.s) 2 o'clock. )'cloek. Bodeaw vs. Okolona i Boys' 4 o clock. Boughton vs. Redland (Boysi a 'clock. Cale vs. Central (Girls" 6 o clock. (•.criran Farm Bu>!» Study Crops More than.37 per cent of those at re less th"' Youths' aer 25 commuted 53 per cent of robberies; 59 per cent of the burglaj ies, and 68 per cent of the auto *-'» he estimated. Waldo Plays Here i on Tuesday Ni|" Columbia Countians ported to Havo Strong Veteran Team Tne Hope High School Bobcats u attempt to run their string of victoi to three straight here Txiesday night a basketball game to be played agajj Waldo High School. In the last two games the bou have scored a total of 116 i»J against their opponents 28. Their lories were over Preseolt and kanu (Ark.> High Schools. Thc game starts at 7:30. U wil| played "in the high school gynuias Cixich Hummons said that ho v vtart Stone and Turner at guard • '100 in.-truiuents ._(^>,— Vetcninary science S ^u-h is.n,ooo: ™^K^™^' K^S'^P-'^.H lioir-miuded „.. romantic »la.".°- 1 Flinl-tippv.-d arrowheads more thai; ; 30.UOO years old have been uneovorec i by are ,vere in North America. j ,'d study, among o'Ji T h,",r l ^l~;,sed by U^-l^n^inOerinan.iniversUu,. Only Uo, \.- tho U-as-l ficci- iui \NC-I ii - »-••«•* ------- - M ut hereditary or Bright at the other forward 'Waldo is reported to have proffii ,,„„ 0 ,,„„,,.„.i.-s.jTJM».,..- -, »-,^ £=^s : --»«j lS±,r^ „,.,«»«iS^^^,x ; ;;U'« '•>y pl\one I i

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