Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 19, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Hope i| Star Star of Hope, 1S99; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1121 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! Published every week-day afternoon t>y Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. 5. Palmer & Alex. H. Washburn, at The Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E, PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. CNEA)—Means Newspaper Eneternrlse Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; per month 65c; one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaF*y«tte counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere J6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated rress is exclusively en?d to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not erwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. fharcts on Tributes. Etc.: Charge will be made tor an tributes, cards ot thank*.-, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a ielns:» of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the or return of any Unselicited manuscripts. Musicians Meet It is good to see that the meeting of the first international congress of Hie American Musicological Society opened in New York, war or no war. Delegates were present from'many countries, only those from France and Germany boing conspicuous by absence. It isn't just clear to us what musicology is. But we take it that it has. something, to do with the advancement of music. As one of the few inter- nat'cnal links remaining, music is entitled to all the encouragement it can be given. It the congress did nothing but to elicit and hear a letter from Remain Holland. French novelist and musician, it would have been worth holding. This is a part of what Holland said: ''in the field of art, there is not—there should not be—and rivalry among nations. The only combat worthy of us is that which is waged, in every country and at every hour, between culture and ignorance, between light and chaos. Let us sabe all of the light that can be saved! There is none Wore refulgent .than music. It is the sun of the inner universe!" Today's Great Problem ... Did They Ride Bicycles Tuesday, September 19, 1939 OKLAHOMA CITY — (iP) — John Sti'uart Curry's muni! in the interior department building at Washington, showing a bicycle irt the Oklahoma land run, has set uft debate unions Oklahoma old- timers. "Bicycles wouldn't have beon any good in the land rush." said T. M. | Hichardson, jr., wlio sad lie witnessed j the '89 and '93 runs. "There wore no roads. The runs ! WCMV across iviMcmtws — across crooks | and rough country." | George Burford said ho .saw a man ! in a straw hat astrido n bicycle eight 1, miles inside the line during the '!»:! 1 < run. And E. G. Palmer said he was ! I tit Cameron, Kas.. tho day before' the I '" run ad saw two mi-n with bicycles. | Palmer said they wore "new type" ba-yeles, however, and not the high- wheelers that Curry was reported to have dupictt'd in his mural. "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell' m 0 You Can Talk to Only One Man Want Ads Talk to Thousand." SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone O«e tinui—fc word, minimum 30c Three times—SV^c word, minimum Me Six times—6c word, minimum 90o One month—18c word, minimum J2.70 Hatos a.-e tor continuous insertions only. Service* Offered SERVICES OFFEUEO—See Hemp• BARBS I stead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, I for now and re-built. Phone Paul j Cobb 058-J. August 20-lni Now that Hitler has appointed 12 defense "commissars." we wail ID hoar of Stalin naming his aides "fue- hrers." Complex/.? uf names oC Polish towns is U'uclim; networks to put it, sports announcers on news broacasts. SERVICES OFFF.RKD—Expert Radio Repair Service and replacement parts. All work guaranteed. Radio Service. Plume 806. Ray Allen. 28-tf Fnv Rent FOR RENT — Five-room house in Magnolia addition. Mrs. ,1. F,. Schonley phone 38-F-ll. FOR RENT--Two room unfurnished apartment. Newly decorated. Private entrance, to ovitside and bath. 507 South Pine slret-U l~i-3l|; | BKAUTV CULTURE —The Ko.san j offers tliis special price for limited ! time. A tu.'W location with new equip! mont. Complete course with private line to (heir experience with that j lessons S.'tf.Ul) cash. Positions secured. -. ort ofjlfnij; during the football sea- | Free literaturp. Terms. Kosau School THE FAMILY DOCTOR, T. M. RES. O. PAT. OPf By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical AsrcdatioM. u4 H Hygeia, the Health Magazine Steak and Potato'Diet Is All Right But Gridders Must Get Their Vitamins Second of four articles on training of football players. Football players expect to brusies, but they may also the have have strains of the ligamsnts, farctures of the bones, and dislocations of the joints. 'If a player is injured or. the football field, he should have immediate attention by someone competent to judge the extent diid character of the injury. A man \vhosa legs are injured should never be permitted '.c %valk of; the field. A stretcher s-hruld always be available to carry the in- jured players to modical attention. Use of a stretcher may excite the audience, but it mav make the difference between success in treatment of the injury and a long delay- in healing. Fcotball ^players generally eat at a training table and are provided with special diets. Steak and potatoes are not the best diet for a player because he needs vitamins and mineral salts just as much as anyone else. If the player eats a variety of foods and gets plenty of calaroies to replace those used up during ex- son. It lias bleu discovered that the Flo- mi'jns ate santwiehes. This is not hart to believe, for how conlt a gladiator contest have a success without hot dogs'.' The U. S. is having its troubles outling adequate defenses around the Panama Canal. Too bad we can't arrange for a corridor down through Central America. of Cosmololoijy, tilfi Main, Fine Bluff. AUK. 29-.Si.-pl. !i-12 SKK picture Ibis w. ICK.S O'1'Th'.KKD A beauti in nil i-nlurs S by 10 for SI "•h on!;.. Shipley .Studio. FOR KENT — 2 room imfimii.shed iipnrtinent 1318 South M;tin. Ki-Iitp Ndtice < Washington Gin Company is ginning i and wrapping up to 523 pound bales : S3.SO All bales ovrr , r >25 pounds, ucl- i clitional Ic a pound. Also store your I Seed. A. N. Stroiicl will haul b;ili«s into i Hope Compress for 2iic each. A. N. : Stroud, Wiisliiiifjton. Ark. Sept 5-lin ercise his diet will be satisfactory. Football makes tremendous demands on the muscles of the body. For this reason the wieght of the football plav- er should be watched carefully, [f he loses weight, his diet should be supplemented with extra milk, malted milk anil other foods that mx- rich in calories. Players lose a great deal of water from, the body both at practice and during tho game. Salt is lost from the body by perspiration. Football players should be instructed to take extra salt in thier drinking water. This will prevent cramping of the let's and other muscles caused by a lack of salt in the body. For football Mayers may suffer from tho same kind f beat exhaustion and heat cramps that effect workers in industry. Most conches forbid drinking and "miking during the training period. Chief reason for the forbidding of al- chol is that it interferes with the timing that is necessary for good ci ordination. SKUVU'KS OKFF.HF.D Furniture i 'el' mb-he. J. lepaired and rc-upholster- eil. Uon'i throw away your old fur- nilure--wc make old furniture new. l-hon._< L'IC-J. 10-l!tp NOTICE -Strayed from m.v Guernsey farm one (lark Jersey sleer. crop and split in rinht ear. deep crop ' ' ear, black tail, small B and bar Feed Your Hens, They'll Feed You COLUMBIA, Mu.- l,1V~The egg-lay- ini» efficiency of a hen finally has bei'-n measured by Professor H, 1.,. Kempster ofJVlissouri College of AfO'i- ctilture. "A hen eats food for two purposes," says Professor Kempr-ter. "About (i() per cent of her ration is required for maintenance of body needs and -II) per cent for rnanufaclurim,' rises, "Consequently, if ih,- hen iweives (inly lill per tvnt of the feed she Would eat if niven the chance, she will produce only a 1'ew ei;ys." Professor Kempsler farmer who feeds liberally tile largest profits. "A .study of records opeialiiii; will) tin' Missouri Collet;.,, of Ai',1 icnltme shows that they produced 'more than (v.o dollars' worth of poultry products for every dollar's worth of feed." he says. "Tho more lihcrallN fed flocks relurni-il flu- i;rcalcsi jj,, conn ." & ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER CM I'iiije Our (if Ihr live Itu.S I.us Ani'Jes. VNII have tun c ili ffei nit lint'-s i in !' r.HH l.-rii. Sit Vij:I c. lime.'- fur, <:> '.'.<> wiivs of f armers co- SMOKER'S PLANT " I HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured smoker's plant 7 Sir Walter popularized it as a smoke. 12 Unit of. electromotive force. 13 Throe. 15 Northeast wind. JOWnstc silk, 17 Slab ot stone. 19 Song for one voice. 21 Sick. 22 It lias pink, or '. white . 24 Neither. 25 Company. 2S F.i fry. 27 Ozone. 293.1410. 30 Rowing tool. 31 To beseech. ;i.1 Small horse. 35 Demonstrative pronoun. 3G Mineral ledges. Answdr to Previous Puzzle 9 Goddess of . dawn. 10 Pressing tool. 11 Lively, dance, 14 To repay. 16 It belongs to tho family 38 Wise men. 39 Electrical unit. 41 Cowardly. 43 Form of "a." 45 To lick up. 47 Behold. 48 Name. 50 Sea robbers. 53 To sanction. 55 Citric fruit. 50 Pertaining to inion. G8 Company. 17 Sneaky. 18 Epoch. 20 Inception. 22 Remote. 23 Iniquity. 26 Deadly. 28 Branches. 30 Simpleton. CO This plant is 31 Fish. or firown 32 Nevertheless. in many parts 34 To wander. of tho world. < " ijav[ * ia "~ merits'. VERTICAL "Muteness. _ - , . 40 Knock. 2 Rounded 4 o Volumes, molding. ,,.(conventional 3 To bo agitated 4fi Sorceress. 4 Every. 40 Bill of fare. 5 Court. S1 Musical note. .... IJ2 Toward, GAUar - 54 Nothing. 7 To vex. r,7 Preposition. 8 Pound. 59 Alleged forco left Wanted V/ANTED—Truck to haul pulp limber, have several cars to put' out. Will contract cutting and loading. Sec Floyd Poi'terfit'lil. !8-.'!tc WANTED - Capable, ciepcndabie unencumbered \vhite wo'm'an for house work, laundry for small family. Good country home. Write Bux 7. Prrscott. Ark. l!)-ltp on right side, coming throe Hi'iisonable rowarll. H. M. NEXT. Physical examination- SERIAL STORY WORKING WIVES BY LOUISE HOLMES COPYRIGHT. 1939. NEA SERVICE, INC. Yesterday: A clash with Dan mars the happiness ot Marian's party. After the sue«t* leave, Handy Means phones Dolly. Marfan is* puzzled, she cannot fathom Dolly's attraction for the wealthy : bachelor. CHAPTER XIII TVTARIAN slept until noon on * Sunday. It was a troubled, restless sleep. She kept rousing to wonder what had been wrong with her anniversary dinner. On the surface it had been a success. It had proved a contested point, that a simp*; party could still be enjoyed even by sophisticated guests. Doubtless Randy Means was quite accustomed to attending gay parties, but his enjoyment had been evident. Yes, the party had been all right. What was it then? She slept again, only to awaken half i'lupefjfcd. She moved listlessly. Perhaps a cup of coffee would set her up. "Dan!" she called. There was no answer, no sound in the apartment. Marian frowned. Very likely he was wiping Dolly's dishes. There was something innately domestic about Dan. He liked to fuss around the house, he v/iis actually a good cook. If Dan's talents had lain in another direction he might have accomplished something. There, she had it, the cause of her unrest. In spite of herself, she had compared Dan with Randy ;.-.nrj Bill and he had suffered by tty- c'jmpanson. Randy had made half .1 million in the advertising g:;i:vi. Even Dan admitted that IK. h-.-d started on a shoestring. And Bill had succeeded in the face of terrific odds. Not for a moment did Marian concede that Amy Ellen's fortitude had been a large factor in his achievement. She stuck to her point. H a man had the necessary spark, he made good; if not, he was one of the Dans of the world, kindly, patient, uncomplaining. In her low mood, it irked Marian that Randy had been attracted to Dolly. She had hoped that he might be the answer to Carrnu's .immediate problem. Randy and Dolly and Carrna, however, were among her minor worries. Dan had s o :n •_ h o w e.-caped her, she could not reach him. It was as if his spirit had gone away, leaving his familiar pf'.'-.vjn behind. Never putting it i'.to actual words, she had con- E, : d'.-rcd him as putty in her hands. A; i of : sudden the putty had gone l.'.rd and unmanageable. A sen: : - .a Lit helplessless and futility • r \ to her feeling of abject de- t~ dreadful lethargy weighted :r..!ja, a wish to sink and sink i.- .•-.:• fi-.c again caused weak tears to gather behind her heavy eyelids. "I'm sick," she thought. "I'm really sick. Where is Dan? Why doesn't he come?" Aloud, she called, "Dan—Dan!" Suddenly she threw the covers back and sprang from bed so i quickly that her head swam • and she pressed both hands to her temples, s w a y i n g. Sick? She wasn't sick—she couldn't be sick. The party had been a strain, it had been almost morning before she slept. That was it—she needed rest—she'd rest till day—be fine tomorrow. * * * CHE washed her face in cold 'i water, brushed 'her hair until it lay in a soft swirl of curls on her neck. Touching her pale cheeks with rouge, she smiled into the mirror. "You ought to wear your hair , that way," she said, Addressing her i reflection. "It takes 10 years from your age." Stepping into the velvet robe, she zipped it up the front. A flat little collar suited the curling locks. Slipping her feet into miies, , she went to the living room. A flat, dead smell of cigaret smoke made her close her eyes. She put one hand quickly to her throat. She needed coffee, needed it badly. Opening a window, she leaned out, drawing a long breath. She looked between apartment buildings at a narrow strip of Lake Michigan. That view of the lake made the apartment more expensive than it should have been. The lake was blue green, a stiff wind . whipped the waves to lacey foam. | The wind was chill and she drew I back, shivering. | ''October," she mused. "The j beginning of the end for this year, ; u last snatch at beauty, glorious ; beauty, before the end. A dying : year." A strange sorrow fell across her heart. Lives could be likened to a year. You were born, you looked i ahead to sunshine and flowers and ' I warmth, unafraid. You danced I through youth, the springtime of I your life, you lived the summer | carelessly. And then youth v/as , gone, summer was gone, you tried j to turn back but there was no i turning back. You tried to re-1 ; capture summer, building it up i It was autumn and it lasted for •a little while. But winter came, coid and drab and gray, and you v/ere old. Marian shook herself. Of all the sentimental fools— Starting for the door, sure of finding Dan in Dolly's apartment, she stopped and picked up a slip of paper which had been torn from the telephone pad. It was a hastily zcrlbbled 1 note frorn Dan. "Have gone golfing with Bill. We arranged it last night. Forgot to tell you. Be hpme sometime." A BSENT-MINDEDLY, M a r i a n tore the paper into shreds and dropped them in an ash tray. In 12 years of married lift 1 Dan had never left her on a Sunday. In the first happt days, Sunday had been his only holiday, it had meant something .special. Their own day, they had called it. Marian had been glad that someone had thought of Sundays, she had been glad that only six days intervened between them, .six d-jy.s when she must be separated fiom Dan. Marian had been c^iad ab-.jut so many thin;:*; in tho.se days. Gradually Sundays hud become intervals of rest, times when Marian could catch up with her sleep* when she could dawdle over small tasks connected with her appearances. She had often said that it was a one woman's job to keep another woman's clothes in shin.w. She had often sighed over thu happy state of women whose; clothes were taken c-are of by a maid. On the lazy Sundays Dan hat) always been there, reading, talking when she wished to talk, suggesting a movie or u ride or u walk in the park. Suggesting, but never insisting. Movies bored Marian, she hated to ride in thu Sunday traffic, and e.-peejially in Dan's rattly car; ;i walk ;:el:ioin appealed to her. ''Be back sometime." What /m<.t Dan meant by that 1 .' It was tou casual, too prophetic; that he. had. got away from her. But w:i: ; r.'t he always casual and indifferent these days? Suddenly the apartment was desolately empty, echoing with Dan's voiee, his laugh. A suffocating loneliness drove her across the hall to Dolly's open door. Shi? wont in and dropped into a chair, groaning. Dolly said, "Good morning. What have, we here—a laducl flower or something?" "I feel like the last few days of a misspent life, Dolly. Have you a cup of coffee to spare?" "No, but I can make some in about a minute and a half," Dolly smiled cheerfully. ''Where's Dan?' 1 "Golfing, with Bill Sands. They made arrangements last night." ''That's fine." Dolly's voice came from the tiny kitchen. "It'll be good for him to play around with other men. Contacts, you know. They tell me that more business is transacted on the golf link.s than in the offices." Marian brightened. Dolly always said the right thing. It just might be a turning point for Dan —it just might. (To Ji l-Xilt S.M.I-: IffiT 'model KIiv. r.-fi-i«- lil..' tirw. ! J :i', nicnts ;r- w a.-: S.'i.MO in.,. Aufonintivo Supply i. • KOH SAI.K K,,r ii-.r an un-iil cminl- er in- enl.l >ti,rai:e 1 -l''riL;idaii'e ' n-fni'.t'i atinn iinil 't Automotive Supply C FOR SALE—A Bargain in an apartment si/.e refrigerator. .Automotive Supply Co. l.'i-lUe FOR SALE—11-1 acre.s Sandy land. Watered by well and sprint:^;. A mil,' of City Limits. '1 houses, one barn. Sl-I.OO per acre. Easy Terms. C. B. TYLF.R Vhonn 2SJ5 118 So Alain Si. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN Welcome Home SOO .XWc. V;;.P frJILOlU?: Vsj'£\_V,Wt\_V,Vi't\_\-V. SO <?%OV. F->SO ' Of COCte.Sr: And Richard III Hadn't Been Born Yet ENTER TROV AT ONCE ?• BY THOSE ARE WELL,THE MOW vou'VE SURELV, ULYSSES ' ZtUS, MINERVA, WE'VE BEEN LEARNED THE HESE TROJANS M'J'3T GIVE KINGDOM FOR A. HORSE' R v /iN!G TO DO THAT FOR THE / FOLLV OF FORCE - HAVE SOMEWEAKNE55 e>o FLIT VOUR, VAUNTED WITS TO THE TASK ^ WE CAN TAKE AP VANTAGE OP.' WASH TUBBS Ruby Springs ^a Surprise Ht'-., \ I'VE QFTEU V-OWfiERE 1 KluHT, \ WH,\T THtV'D I'J IV- By ROY CRANE ("SUPPOSE WE FIUO OUT. wf LL TUfeBS AWD EA6V HAVE BEEU ',MrARIW6 AUO TURU THEM OVER TO THE HOLY MO HARD FEELIUfiS SEUTUEMEH,! ASSURE VOU. BUT THE TIME HAS COkAE VOHEU /OU'EE \U MV HAIR. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Jnteresting Number By MERRILL BLOSSER / WHAT DID \ S LIKE MILK AMD ( HBP- VOICE? SOUND MONEY , WITH A V LIKE ? J SLIGHT ' DASH OP S^--^ ^ ROSE PETAL'S / r-;r1 ~ ^iv,T> -y ••<•<• >. ijf I'LL PAY You TA/O BIT NOT A CHANCE / J- JUST Gar rr ACCIDENTALLY / i PHONED KINGSTON 42.35" THAT'S JUNE'S AND GOT "THE OTHER GIRL/ RED RYDER OPERATOR, ^ ARE YOU SURE ; OU'VE l£XMAUSr • ED YOUR COMPLETE SUPPLY OF WROMS NUMBERS ^^ya » r-'tf • j Sboo N)I&HT, KlC- I'LL GO REA-D TH- ! i±rr T^fv' \ c :!; ; fM A&.^ & V^-:^ 1> X V £ft HAD A FfctUN' A.LL TVO' JLIKP. i BEE-O \\wci-ino--- THESE 'fioi* cutri ARE fclYvW O.'J Jeb's Nerves Are Jittery 3CK. AT VOHO'S -THAT A KNOCK. AT -ru 1 -DOOR. ' "^ By FRED HARMAN I *Br" v K& •'>/v,. ./>*•:;: ;.; :.^~^ I "<OU BET, LITTLE^ ^-"—^ \\ BEAVER.— AMD ksaf ->^iiA t\ i'l l f-.f~\ r\\.\i—tn I'LL GO 0\Jt=R D SEE RA.QUEL-' ^ H :# >.^: : '.*"• X<g2jpS23 ;;; ' ''•'''/%?%Rfa. • /Hf^A'dlWgi -.- '/;> { ^rfg& :•:. .i

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