Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 20, 1936 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1936
Page 4
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Italian .Soldier Answer to Pm-vloo* Ptttele out,- rara nraraHmnaian GIE a raBB&i a rancsEi fc 00HHG3 HHld BG1IIUL= HI CJHMH HSBffl GI •J3_*o tab out SS Dating utensil. It Criminal. , H$»To concur. 8f Structural * unit. 41 BaVe rnedi-, t . •, cine lo. 45 By «ay of. 46 Recipient, 51To nod. 52 Skillets 53 To love. 54 Thought. 56 Drowsy. 57 He was > governor of Libya. VKRTKVVL 2 Seed covering 3 Dreadful. 4 smelt. 5 Guided. 6 Silly. T Made at oatmeal. S 0rated. 9 To bellow. 10 An onion. 11 Epochs. 14 Set up a golf ball. . 16 His title (PL). 19 Exhibited in- Ulgnant displeasure. 21 Bicycles for two persons. 23 Instructed. 26 fin. 2t Rowing toot 28 Native metal. 30 Carmine. 31 Wlni 32 8000 : pound*. 38 Grandparents!. 39 Prong, 40 To relieve. 42 Death notice. 43 Carbonated drink. 44 Pitcher. 46 24 hours. 47 Natural power. 48 Name. 49 Silkworm. 50 Snaky fish. 52 Postscript. 55 Affirmative vote. 16. SO 33 36 37 se 543 ^I^ M 26 45 a? S8 at ^ SS 1 13 17 >22 8 ^" ^ ^ cC e3 A 53 47 48 49 50 > 18 34 36 41 31 10 oa 44 55 L?o Doyle Mr, Strawn and family of this community moved to McCaskill last week. Mrs. Gibson has returned here from Hugo, Okla.. to sell her household furniture, she will then return to Hugo to live. ' Mrs. -Berlie Watson is in the sick list. We hope for her a speedy recovery. ", Clide Hutson of Doyle visited his ferpther and wife arid children, Mr. and Mrs. 'B. Hutson, of Tokio, last JSaturday an d Sunday. f .Charlie Norwood was a business vis- ' HOT to Nashville,'-last Thursday. • 4 'itoe party given at George Webb's was enjoyed very much and attended Well: Leroy Chambers of Doyle-has gone Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time, Ific line, min. 30c For consecutive insertions, minim- mum of 3 lines in one ad '3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, auin. Me 26 times,. 3l4c line, min. ?2.70 (Averages 5'-> words to the line) NOTBr-Wont ads will bu accepted with the understanding thut the bill is payable .on presentation of statement, before the first publication. ' Phone 768 to Hot Springs to stay a while with his father. . Clara Hutson was visiting Mrs. Watson last. Tuesday evening.. Mrs. Hurtesis Mosses visited Mrs. Peral Brandon last Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jeffers and son, spent Sunday with Mrs. Jeffers' mother, Mrs. S: J. Balch and family.. . David and Woodrow Balch spent Saturday at Avery's Chapel. Legal Notice NOTICE OF SALE.OF LANDS FOR BENEFIT OF STATE Notice is hereby given that, as executor of the estate of, T. F. Hughes St., Estate, deceased, I will between the hours of tetf o'clock in the forenoon and three o'clock- in- the afternoon on the 8th day of February, 1936, at the Post Office in the city of Emmet, Arkansas, offer for sale at public auction to the highest bidded, upon a credit of three months the fol- j lowing described lands, to-wit: I Fractional part of North East V> of South West '/4 of Section 4 Twp. 12 S. Range 23 W. 16 acres more or less in Hempstead County. Purchaser at such sale will be required to give note with security to be approved by ,mc, and lien-, upon said lands will be retained for the payment of the purchase money. Dated this 13 day of Jan. 1936. F. A. Hughes (Executor i ' E. A. Watson Jan. 13, 20, 27. . ... NOTICE FOR SALE Fresh vegetables at Holly's Curb Market, • FOR SALE—Good, well-cured Johnson's grass hay. Cheap. Set- E. S. Greening. 14-10t-c. HOE'S HATCHERY Baby chicks for sale. Custom hatching a specialty. Call or write Mrs. Fred L. Gordon, Prescott, Ark. ll-12tc FOR SALE—Two male small Bulldogs, reasonable. Phone 411-W. 18-3tp WANTED "" MAN OR WOMAN " Wanted to supply customers with famous Watkins Products in Prescott. No investment. Business established, earnings average 525 weekly, pay starts immediately. Write J. R. Watkins Co.. 70-36 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis. Term. 'WANTED—Man over 30 to service local vending machine route. Spare time work about 10 hours weekly. Not selling. No experience required, for interview write "Artec Co.", Upper Darby, Pa. NO71CE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the undersigned, as executor of the estate of W. S. Duckett, deqeased, will apply to the Probate-Court of Hemp- j stead County,. Arkansas, on the first Monday in March, 1936, for authority to sell nil pf the lands owned by the said W. S. Duckett at the time of his death and now belonging to said estate, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the purpose of paying the debts of said estate, subject, however, to the homestead and dower interest, of Julia A. Duckett, widow of the sairt W. S. Duckett, deceased, said lands being situated in Hempsteari County; Arkansas, and described as follows, to-wit: The northwest 12.10 acres of the NE'4 SE'/4. the southeast 14.60 acres of the NW'4 SE'/i, the southeast 15 acres of the SE'/i SWV,, the SW'/t j SE'/i, and the south 29 acres of the SEVi SE'-4—all in Section 20; the SE'/i, the S'.-, SW/4, the NE'/i SW/4, the SE'/i NW/4, six acres out of the EVz EH SW'/i NW',4, and 3.50 acres out of the NE'/i NWMi—all in Section 21; the NW'/i NE'.'i and the WM. of Section 28; the NE'/i, the EVi NWVi, the north- I west 30 acres of the NEVi SW'/i, the LOST LOgT— Ked hound, male. Slightly bench legged. 6 years old. No collar. Answers to name of "Rock." Call 8-U) or 225, 17-3U Garden plants, at Holly's Curb Market, |JOST—-Male and female liver and white, pointer pupa, 10 months old. Answer to '"Joe" and "June." Reward for return to P. A. DuJin, Jr. 18-3tp Fruits at Holly's Curb Market. FOR RENT- Seven room Newly remodeled. Phone 783. house 18-Slc northwest II) acres of the SE'/», FOR RENT—Two room apartment. Ato bedroom, joining bath. Phone 165J. Helms. and the E'/i SE'/j-all in Section 29; and the N'.-s NE' 4 and the SW'4 NE^ of Section 32— all of said lands being situated in Township 10 South, Range i 21 West, and containing in the aggre- j gate 1190.20 acres, more or less, and for j a more particular description of said j lands reference is herein made to his j title deeds to the same. I All of Block Four (4); Lot Four (4); ! in block Six (6); Lots Three (3), Four | 4i. Five (5), Six (6) and Eight (8), in! Block Sixteen <16); Lots three <3.i. ' Five <5), Seven (7> and eight (8) in j Block Seventeen (17); Lots Four (4),! Five (5) and Six (6), in Block Eigh- j tfccn (18); and all of Block Nineteen' 119)— in the Town of Blevins, Arkan- 1 tas. ' ! If the homestead be set apart to said widow and 'or if her flower interest in w.iid l;mds be set off to her before said [ date or before said order of sale is made, then .said application will be for the .sale of all of said land.s or so : much thereof as may be necessary, 1 except the widow's homestead and j lands .set ;j[;yrt to her as dower. ' Witness my hand on this 18th day of : _ January. 1^'iG. j furnished I »- M. STEPHENS i Both ad- ' Executor of the Estate of j Mrs Lex I W. S. Duckelt, Deceased. | 18-3tc |jun 20, 27. Feb. 3, 10. * * ^ '^ ", </** * '>. J ( <- *- i i j Y '' • ' OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY By NEPHEW HOOPL1,»AY <srr ol=- A «rro\ VT STOUT TO HOUfc VWaW *1Wfe "XOttCH ' OF ~~.n IS H\S> TASK ID CAWRV TVte OF THE WOUSE OP, HOOPLE AND \T •DEFE/ST / f SOME TIME. AN > I'LL BET I CAN KNOCK ^ H\M TOR A WORSE COLLAR/ '<§ > HM BY HF.A »CI»VICE, INC. T. M. REO. U.> PAT. OFF, I LIKE i-lo f F F F F OH* ITS you MAKING ALL ,, SAY, WHAT DO YOU II M6AM, SCARING US TO DEATH LIKE THAT? / TF VWMLJL, &HB WAWT& MS *TO WATCH WHILE. SM6'5 eACKlN* tNTO PLACES, But £H£ WONT TO MS ^., SME A ANY 6LAM6S ME WHGM SHB &UMPS SUMPltt, BUT THIS STOP3 HSR WITHOUT A LOT OF e 1M« BY NCA SERVICE, INC. - MOTWEQS GET GGAY T. M. RIG. U. 9. PAT. OOTS AND HER BUDDIES He Has Boots Guessing By MARTIN 1 t>\VAPLV CAUT OWO'Ea'SVrXKO V^ VAQ.X. \<b 60 OWR WE TO ALLEY OOP Guzz Carves the Dino , BY NEA StRVICE. INC, T. M. REG. U. 6. PA By HAMLIN / AWRIGHT, S ./ YER HIGHNESS, DO YEC. STUFF/ LES DISPEWSE TH 1 UP,GUZ OFF FORMALITV -HUR .CUT HUKIK KEEP WELL, WELL-SCX ME ME ' BI& DOOkS ).TTX> TH' OFF'M TH/" OKAY, PELLERS GIT YERSELVES ALL SET-HERE _ WE GO "C J* , AW THEM, FORSOOTH - ; V 5LICK AW CLEAM AS A" TOOTH/ _- Ssgjljff**'" ' : ^ T .:'©l936'BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M."REOriurs;"pAfr( WASH TUBBS The Opposition Campaign Begins By CRANE f !=:= '"^ BTT!^ "-*? OH, WELL. IT DOESMT MATTef?. START 7HB ™^,x^^ WEIL ELECT HE," A*- 1 ""'*^ • • 2 \, WHOOPEE! ^,« PGOPUr -POR UJLU BOLE? FOR" MOB I SHE'LL K MOTHER! I | 1^1 " &Hs FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Schooling FELLAS, I WEWT ID THE LIBRARY AMD GOT THIS BOOK OKI HORSES AMD COLTS / NCW WE'LL KKIOW WHAT TO FEED DYNAMITE .'.' IT SAYS THAT HORSES AND COLTS ARE FED ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TYPES OF FOOD.,, A HORSE CAN BROWSE IN A MEADOW, FOR INSTANCE, AND EAT WHAT HE LIKES .' -.—-"-f^X /— ""•' - ' BUT A COLT IS LIKE A BABY, AWP MUST BE FED.' THEN THE BOOK GOES ON TO SAY WHAT TREATMENT A COLT MUST GET, IN ORDER TO BE PROPERLY REARED.' By BLOSSER,, -» THERE SEEMS 1O BE SOME MISUNDERSTANDING J AROUND HERE AS It) WHICH ONE OF US IS TO BE PROPERLY _ . REAREDf EBVICE.IHC. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Too Risky for Windy By COWAN THERE'S TUE PHONE- NUSY8E TS THAT FIRE EXTINGUISWEP iAUcStAAN-I PUONED MIN\ TO I GUESS TUAT UlVE US OOP W^ONEY BACK ON 1 YOU COULDN'T TUAT TUlNG-A-f'AAv-JlG YOU / &ET YER fAONEY BOOGUT YESTECPOAY / ^t BACK WITH THE UELP OF TUE SHERIFF / & V li TWAT'LL BE GREAT/ COME. OM RIGHT OVER.LILLV/ WEY,YOO I GET UPSTAIRS X AND TAKE A\ BATH /AND GET \ CLEANED UP/LILLY AND DAN J AAV TAKE US OOT TO DINNEQ // S^^""^~ m^ VEA.W ,' BUT SUPPOSIN' TWEV DONT TAKE UP DUT T ^\~, 1836 Hi- Nf* SERVICE. INC. T. M. DEC. U. 8. PAT OFF..

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