Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 29, 1941 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1941
Page 1
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' tv ' v '' ' 6lv*n fmparf fatly by Associated Press 1 "*- ^^'^'' Hope Star The Weather ARKANSAS — Fair and not gulfe" so cold in the east with tempera^'. tures 28 to 34 degrees in the w&l^ f »r *^ ^ de er ees te the east fl<w-f> /<$ ion Monday night. HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DECEMBER 29, Retreat in Our Doily Bread if NlA G*mm*flt«t«>r '* Bodyof 'Axis Army in Llya Separated At 1*0if Port of U. S. Submarines Sink Two More Enemy Vessels Dutch Keep Record Infocr; Parachutists on Mcdon Believe Halted * I HHtu;.(K' fc .-u, j l*n«t)<»t* Russians Claim Moscow, Tula Free of Danger Assert German Line of Retreat Near Smolensk Endangered ne Area Japanese Bombs Smash City of Manila ^^^^MiMaB«MML!M J ll»jJiijijiiiiijijijii.ui J ..iiiij..— an<! It* * to Pull OH MtMI- a,,- 0,,- bulnjet «t Mt»• >J (he Grrman a»x- which thrws I Army <U w «trJ w * told of the rtwl vt-,. .$,< «**.<* j *- '•(• *»i* t-Tiurp ntvittutfT jlsc-iM.,-ifc »i,S «, r youth* threw down' .." *'*'*' R ' 1 " l> »» (i H«\) bcfoiv the Ho*- T*l v I I If ?*tt\'lf\ J»-f (,. tllSil l.v -r ()ir »..J 147, It^tt ** **:,-"-• ? -Jt tt:>.v fc ,t.ft« ,i ^ 1* tlUS,,,*. -»-,. ?. I T'S'H K.fctM.tl t , (I,, J, ;,,, „,,,, j ,,,,„_ )-wn-««,c Ar.rl.fc. ,v,.. t ,..S»j '* J.K-.'lii>.it - mva ,lrri ****** «»«*,, on Jndic* A1 A* r _ i> •« 1 Two Hr Ipful H.ni* t Australia Plans Air Expansion ^ To Consolidate All Aircraft Production Agencies rftl.in.-l In --4H' } .. C'ANBKHHA. Ai«tr»!i«n «- rt , •» plan f,.r a ti W)S ,,,,, mrvritft (.iiHliirtiiin rffnri whu li n-voliitiniHi',. (dp .-.irrrafi lixluslry Wit* aiinniiiitoit line Monday. ' T1-* pl«n U exiK-ctivl t,, ( .,)( C f|| «WJH- ill a w,,, ral.inct it-.^imi Tiles, ll.<>. 11 rwlU for ironw.lidfltion ,,( „. lations nf ;,|1 i.i.cruft In "I vouM Jx- <N<tir.»r>' fiun. of I'M. Strong Tremor Felt |v'n Portland, Oregon POIITKAND, Oregon </?',_A stroi keinur believed Ui hnvo been in Blthqimke .sln.uk Poitlund lit jihou JOSS n. in. 0:35 p. m. EST) M<m- my but there were no immediate re- Cranium Crackers War in Review Biggest news of l'J4l, as it WHS , In 1910 and 1939, was World War H. How many of the big events of that conflict do you recall and can you give the months in Which they occurred? 1. What nations did Germany, or Germany and Italy, invade in | 3941? What countries did Britain invade? 2. What Nazi leader surprised the world with a parachute leap "'tu Scotland? On what other island did German parachutists I drop j|) a swift invasion? I 3. What letter of the alphabet became the keynote of uprisings in occupied Europe? How did Be| ethovcn's Fiftli Symphony figure I J " this campaign? I 4. Who were the three original [defending generals of Russia? In I what two British commands did lp<-'n. Sir Archibald Wavell serve lin I94iy What nation that was fight- on the allied side of the —' in 1940 became an active bel- eerent on the axis side in 1941? ' m Cwnic " llrfi.ri. buying a f]<w.h1igrit the MIJ>|i!y !:( u-hirh is ii»nr tr«,, girsi, jvcstifb ii>n \>f rrtftflr lo walk wi(h nrw h;>1- TlHiM' MIC just two tinner- to whirh Ilip OI'M hn» IH||I-<| iidcntir.n. Using Ihr hrinl will no doulil bring other rxainplr-. to mind. SPGCagersto Play Monday Fourth Game of Series to Be Played at High School The fourth hnltlo of the Southwestern Proving Ground Bn.sketbiill League is scheduli-cl for 7:.'fO Monday night in the higb .school gym with the usual three games on tin- curd The tussle Monday night will be the fourth of the fifty-four game schedule. The .second game, in which the En- ainecrs-Conlruetors will oppose the losts of the Contractors' Accounting Department, promises to highlight the events as both teams are so far undefeated and after four or five pruc- •iee encounters are about evenh latched. General admission at the gym Monday night is only fifteen cents. Pentecosts to Hold Watch Night Services There will be an old fashioned .vateh night service observed at the ""irst Pentecostal church on Wcd- lesday night. The congregation will unlinuc in service until New Years. Rev. W. P. Graves, pastor of the hurch, stales that in last years ser- ice unusual interest was shown and great service is expected this year. U. of A. Head f o Attend Meet To Learn How Colleges Con Best Serve Nation KAVETTKVIU.K - Mrwu by which rduralinrufl JnMiliitions can I>eM wrvr Ihr national intnwt in Wartime, will \'f <i>M~u«,s,>i by a mewling o( college and univc-(Mty pir»idcnt*. rnllod by the Amniran Council of Education in Hallmioro .r f ,iui«.y 3 t.nd 4, it has N-TII J.nnnutieed hy Dr. A M, Hard•"" pri'Mdont ,)f (ho University of MX. u-hu will attend the j-rision. UniveiMty of Arkansas will be plm-rd r>n y wurtiinc basis us nipidly iii |«i.s!.il>lr. mill to the- extent dir- liilod by the nerds of the Kovern- iiirnt. Or. Minding Miid. G<ivernmenl;i! icpifseiitiitives will nui't with the educators to discuss the problems of "C"llcj.V (ruining »nd Rood physical eimditmn ,, ri . lw ,, f JK . to , s m<lst , leO( ,_ i-<l by tin- Kimrnnu-nt." said Or Hiirdinc, "us evidenced by 11 policy of the U. S. Navy In encouraging yniiiR men In enli.st who will bo assigned to eomplett-d college training lwf<ii «• entering active, service. We lire r-iiHaned in a highly technical Win- in ivspivt to both military maneuvers ;ind industrial production. This f.'irt has mi important bearing on the functions of u university which is offering just this typo of training. "Induction of men below 21 years of age is not likely soon, according to information coming from Washington. There h a large reservoir of men between the ages of 21 and •in ..i i.. .• . i , hc . -a m.J*» aw mile* fnan the t -*,,jul v | m »J 1P4 j tj, raui[h Tikhvin, 3fl M WJ) ), „) K»»Uj« aji.1 50 raflw --J Tula «nd 011 ,,, B ,.l c v, «bout rt c,( Kaluga, H Tbu» ih- K »r (,rrrn;«i !«, m-».Ai Smol«,«k. 220 mile, Short Session Heard Judge W. K. Lcmlcy Presides at City Hail In * &hort M-wJon at the Hope City h«!l Monday morning thc follow- inc wore hoard ,n municipal court by Jud K p W. K. Lrmley: CII.V Docket Norman Enwright, disturbing the' piv.cc, forfeited $10 cash bond. r -,'^ d ei Bla ^' k< doub!e parking, forfeited $1 eojJi bond. K. M Mitchell, doublc parkinc forfeited $1 rash bond. I- W. White, double parking, forfeited $1 c/ish bond. Ed Hnrper. running a 'stop 1 s i Kn , forfeited SI rush bond. G D. Miirtin, blocking an alloy, forfeited $1 cash bond. Every Williams, operating n car with no driver's license, dismissed by A Thought In man's most dark extremity oft succor dawns from heaven — Scott. - - •• -- -. v.iv. ••£!*->•> >'» *•» ilIIU Jb already registered. Younger men, especially college trained men, not needed lit this time, can best serve their country by continuing their education. With this trmning coin- Jeted they will be of greater value o their government in its war effort," President Harding said. "The University of Arkansas ulreadj has placed all the resources of its facilities in Fayetteville and Little Roek and in its various agencies throughout the state at the command of the president of the United States It is offering military training througl the R. O. T. C., pilot training through the CAA and research work for wai purposes are being conducted in its laboratories. Special defense training courses will be conducted through cooperation of the Extension Service nnd the U. S. office of Education, on the campus and in various centers of the state court. Every Williams, operating a car with no tail l,g|,t, dismissed by court. Frank Gray, operating a car with one head Sight, forfeited Jl cash bond. bnniind DeLoney, operating a car with one head light, forfeited SI cash bond. E. N. Galloway, incorrect parking, forfeited J| cash bond. James Collins .ineorreet parking, forfeited $1 cash bond. C. Brown, incorrect parking, forfeited $1 cash bond. Elbcrt Locknid, drunkenness, plea of guilty, fined $10. The following a $10 cash bond on « charge of drunkenness. Li-Roy Howard, W. C. Johnson, Oscar Woodberry, Erbie Miller, J D Parker, Jim Thornton, Martin Gulh- ie, U. E. Vanhorn, Ira Cox, Ed Bennett, Vcster Brown, Isiah Henry r,U... vr....i,i: T^,. ... _ **vui.i, . "In addition the University students will be offered special courses in defense lines and plans are being made lore more intensive training in regular courses to shorten the time required to earn a degree. Under recent egulations, seniors called, into the service, having completed seven of the egiht semesters of college work (Continued on page four) --, .—-.I.... *-*«\jmrti, laiitll 1 John Yealding, Elizabeth Stuart Civil Docket Peerless Finance Co., vs. L. J. Melvin, action on account for $20.50, jud- to default for plaintiff for . ... W. h. Callahan Construction Co., Garmshce. Peerless Finance Co., vs . Jake McLeran, action on account for S26 45 judgment for plaintiff by default V E. Callahan Construction Co., garnishee, garnishment released. • — Churchill Goes to Canada Talks Between Eden, Stalin Are Announced . OTTAWA, Ont. _(/P,_ Primo Mi isler Winston Churchill reached Ottawa by .special train Monday to re- COIVO ;in iii-xi liii..: i!. i y o re- mi enthusiastic welcome from Umadians on his history makmg visit (o North America. e '. V ° "" address -^Vffsszs?fstu&S*Kg* Four Persons Hurt in Wreck Oklahoma Man Severely Injured in Accident Two Oklahoma men were injured one seriously, and two negro^wcre slightly hurt, late Sunday night when hen- automobiles collided <?n High- Wnv 4 :iHit«t A ™:i_ ,, . _ to way 4 about 4 on. S " 0rUl Cotton By the Associated Press NEW ORLEANS ............... July ............... .-,,~. , . ...................................... 11.00 October ............................... ,, 49 December ... ....... « „ NEW YORK ................................ January ....... 1R71 jiir i ............. * ......... ..... AU. f 1 March .......................... May ................................ July .............................. October ............................. ;;;;;;; December .................. Middling spot 18.40. ... ^..^ t ,,j mi|«jrt;tn[ ^( to the Canadian people Tuesday Eden in Russia LONDON -«>)_ Foreign SecreUrj Anthony Eden li« s conferred will Premier Joseph Stalin in Moscow, i was announced at midnight. Eden has been conferring with the Russian leader during the past two weeks, the foreign office announced A tightening of the bonds of Anglo- Russian military and political collaboration was the subject of the talks in the Kremlin while Prime Ministei Churchill was in Washington conferring with President Roosevelt. Lieutenant General N.ve. vice-chief of the British imperial staff, participated in the conversations. The talks covered, it was indicated joint British-Russian action on the world battlefronts, just as Churchill and Roosevelt are planning joint British American action in Washington. An official spokesman declined to comment on whether Eden was returning to Britain, and on a Tokyo report that he was en route to Chung- king to confer with the Chinese generalissimo, Chiang Kai Shek. The automobile industry has defense plants in 67 cities and towns iocated in 17 states. Frank L. McDonald of Clayton, Ok- Uihoma, suffered a broken hip and severe cuts and bruises about the face W •' , How• " Clayt0 "' suf only mmor cuts and bruises. Both are being treated in the Josephine hospital here. Two of the four occupants of the negro auto were injured. Jaspar McCoy suffered a broken leg while the second negro Pecola Taylor, sustained a severe head injury. Both cow were badly damaged, Mate police investigated the accident. RAF Hits at Vaagso Island 8 Ships, Industrial Plant Bombed by British LONDON - W _ Eight cnemy sh totaling 15,650 tons, oil , anka , amun ,_ tion stores and a Quisling-owned industrial plant were destroyed during a Bntish raid on the small island of Vnagso, 100 miles north of Bergen Norway, it was announced official); The raid was carried out Saturday by the mysterious commando forces of the British army, aided by light RAF 5 h ° me fleet and Freighter Picked Up SAN FRANCISCO - W _ Nineteen nore survivors of the torpedoed freighter Manini sunk December 17 vere picked up Monday, the Twelfth Naval District said. This account for a 1 but two of the 33 men on the ship. file navy disclosed no details of the escue but said all were safe. The Aleutian Islands, south and vest of Alaska, puff with volcanoes oast islets that pop out of the sea and vanish again as mysteriously and owl with fog-chilled winds across lie moors. Ut Thif Be Your * i ? N», f Resolution Help Defeat the Aggressors by putting your savings— regularly—in U. S. Defense Bonds <jnd Stamps.. U.S. o Suicide Squads Credited With Hailing Drive However, Invaders Reinforce in South to Provide New Threat MANILA -(/P)- "Suicide „, or young Philippines soldiers credited Monday with h first push of the Japanese aavanceTi northern Luzon and helping to "drivi back the invaders in at least * otte sector but the U. S Army headquar-* ters at the same time warned^of' new threats in the south where It was said the Japanese were lanot- ng reinforcements. j. _\jl Army advices otherwise were meager, simply reporting no material* change in the north or 'south. ' t>: Falling Back , T ,^ An officer returned from the nort&s ront said the Japanese appeared to'? 1 ' je falling back from Tayug, 100 miies^ north of Manila arid 20 miles inland from Lengayen Gulf and a Manual Bulletin reporter back from the same*' •sector told of the work of the "suicide? squads." ^ ¥> The young Philippjnos, he said, have| fought off the Japanese for at least? 48 hours, beginning Christmas morni,' ing, the thrust enabling the army comd mand to reorganize the mam. body.trfl defense forces and redispose them r inl more favorable terrain. '- v - i> Defense Lines Shortened ,«<•> WASHINGTON (#)- General Dou&H las MacArthur has shortened his Phil^B ippine defense lines north of Manila;-, the War Department reported inVa'i communique Monday, which said thatl the Japanese invaders had been heav ^ 'J|y reinforced. . .:'" - ~* .MaeArthur feas/consolww Jotity..o£..Ws.;tcpop5'>in the Province north" W' Manila "and cori'- siderably south of the Lengayen C coast where the original major vasion thrust started. . ^.va Reporting that American and Philip.;? pine troops were in high spirits andl offering stubborn resistance against i heavy odds MacArthur said that "logs-'' es were heavy on both sides." 4 Jap Offense in China CHUNGKING (/P)- The main spear head of the broad central China-Jap-• anese offensive was reported in Chin^- ese front dispatches Monday to have" ° jierced within 40 miles north of> Changsha, capital of Hunan province * and now for the third time the ob-'? ective of a major Japanese drive. '\i Civilians were fleeing the city as">the Japanese, reinforced by thousands lisa of fresh troops, drew near after for<s. ^ u»g a crossing of the Milo river un-"^' de heavy artillery barage, the dis- l patches said, H The Chinese communique issued" fi here indicated the Chinese were hold-' ''1 ing the broad Japanese offensive on" most of the sectors which stretch across parts of four provinces. Sarawak Capital Lost SINGAPORE — (/P)— The British ^ acknowledged Monday that Japanese ^ troops had swept south of Ipoh, Ma-' " layan tin mining center 290 miles norfti of Singapore, and announced the fall 7f of Kuching capital of Sarawak. on'-« the island of Borneo. r4 A headquarters communique said <, the British on the Perak front to! 1 Malaya are "in close contact with the enemy south of Ipoh," but gave no's further details. $4,000 Red Cross Quota Hempstead to Be Canvassed in Emergency Drive Patriotic citizens of Hope are in,, vited to attend a meeting at the city hall Monday night at 8 o'clock to aid in making plans for the Red Cross relief drive for ?50,000,000, R. P. Bowen, chairman of the Hempstead county chapter of the Red Cross announced Monday. * All the funds collected in the drive will go directly to aid war casualties. This is an emergency drive and is separate from the regular drive which was completed here December 1. The quota lor the county is 54,000. •— xmtmr Nephew pf County Man to §et Wings Aviation Cadet Allen L. Sage son of Mr, and Mrs. W. P. Sage of Glenwood, was among the graduates at th,e Tnunderbird Airport of Glendale Arizona 3134 wiU receive e commission as a second lieutewant soon. He is the grandson of J. A. Wade of Blevins an,d was graduated from the Sieving high school in 1936.

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