Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 20, 1936 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1936
Page 3
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Telephone 821 mgjggggjSgsaassnsesaxsa&Bsssam Guernsey to Meet Saratoga Friday Niws Hv t. S.Kleiiv They The winter sky was solid grrty; A wind blew sharp nn;l cold. hey passed each olnci' nn the wny, Tile yourig man and tlw oM. They both walked with htnvy tfpftd Of men who know !ho street, Who, certain of closed doors ahead, Stilt drag their weary feet. They putted, those two. Thnir glnntos Afid tach forfiol the curse "Ah. sUrely that is worse!" —Selected. A meeting of the executive board of the fa* Clobufne chapter, U. D. C., is cnllcd for three o'clock Tuesday afternoon i«t thc> home of the president, Mrs. Edgar Brian t South Elm street. Mrs. ft- L. Broach and Miss Loriiino Whltthurst entertained at a very delightful party on Saturday evening at the Whitehurst homo on West Division street. The occasion was n surprise celebration of the birthday anniversary of their mother, Mrs. A. C Whitehurst. Cut flowers adorned th rooms nnd twelve of the honoree" most intimate friends were prescn with congratulations and beautifu gifts. F6llowing an evening of pleas ant conversation delicious refreshments were served. Mrs. W. Q. Warren nnd Mrs. Knt Embrce have returned from a visi with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ynrhroug in Shrcvcporl, La. _*_. J L. Green has returned from ^Washington. D. C., where he attended the national convention of cleaners und Dyers. Mr. Green also visited other points of interest in the enst. The Prc-School Study Group held its January meeting »l the home of Mrs. Mac Duffie on South Elm street, with Mrs. Gc-orfie Northcult, leader, presiding. Three new members were Children's Colds W_^ Yield quicker to ^^ double action of added to the roll call nnd u splendid program on "The Child that is Afraid" wns discussed by Mrs. Jnck Sullivan, Two very pleasing features of the program were readings by Little Misses Sue ffonry nnd Betty Willis Northcott. The next meeting will ho hold n the home of Mrs. James It. Henry forth Elm street. As a Special compliment to Miss ith Taylor who Is leaving soon to kp up new Work In Henderson, Ky,, tfrs. A. 9. Hnnegan entertuinod at rco tftbles of bridge on SntUi-day onlng nt her hofne on South K!m roet. flic Card rooms were bright id nttrnctivo With vases of cut flows nnd blooming potted plants. The ilRh score favor went, to Mrs. Billy 3uckett and the hotiofoe Wflfl prc- ehted with n dnlrtty Rift. Followlnit he game, the hostess assisted by Miss ynils Hanegan served delicious r<?- •eshmchts. Callers Were Mrs. R. B tanford, Mrs. George Ware, Mrs. Irmn Denne and Miss Beryl Henry. Mrs. Glennlc Graham of Three Riv crs, Mich., will arrive Tuesday morn ng for a visit with her parents. M md Mrs. K. G. McRae and other rcl alives nnd friends. Among the out of town relatives and friends attending the funeral service of Mr. A. L. Belts conducted from the family residence Monday morning were'Albert Lee Belts of San Pedro, Calif. John Spragins nnd two sons of Little Rock, Miss Jennie Belts of, Warren, Ark., and Mrs. J. B. Nunn of Cnmden. FamedVanderbilt (Continued from page one) Three Games Scheduled Friday Night at Armory Building Guernsey rfigh School Yollowjfickets oached by Hugh Brlstow. will rneet he Saratoga High School basketball nm nt the nrmory building in Hope rldny night. Three games will be played between he two schools. The first game, stnrt- ng nt 7 o'clock, is scheduled between irl icnnvi of the two scho6ls. The next contest will bo between senior boys, Coach Bfistow reported hat his players Were' Inexperienced only one meinbcr ever having playcc >osketbnll until this year. Little i. cn'own here of Saratoga's strength. Tlic junior boys clubs will hoop ui followinR the combat between th senior tennis. Tho Guernsey junior Will b« clad in their new gold nn purple suits. Ask Dismissal of Talmadge's Sui Government Files Repl to Attack on Bankhead . Control Law W'\, [1 [• A8?' of the first • flight. China " Clipper foyers to he tfturned to lector* are on flifclr way hack from doom en the navy transport, U. 8. S. Hendensotr. The ship Is dtte nt Snn Froficlsco Jan. 26. It entries covers *ent to Ouam frora Sen Francisco. Hawaii. »ttd Mflnllfts • * * •. . The reason so tew cetera caught the China Clipper at Manila.mr Us return flight **R that SaltiMay, No* 30. when the Clipper arrived, wast Bonlfocib boy, « national holiday, while the mail clMPd on Sttn- clttjr at noon. Since the Clipper left early the next morning, Ow. 2- there was little or no lime to affl* the stamps and crtncel the mflll destined for this return. » * « With Wisconsin Tercentenary: stamps withdrawn from sale at the U. s; Philatelic Agency in Wash-, Ingtoit, the next to go may be the Mother's Day Issue. .„,,.«- .&u».Eg**»~*A •<• *~— ^J*^*&iu>usaaf6sa* gjjjjjgjjJ5Jjg|J55J^B__._.__355;^ES5^ Bonus Bond Billls Passedby Senate Leaders Predict It Will Override Veto—Measure Sent to House WASHINGTON -(/h- The senate late Monday passed th* coalition bill to pny the soldiers bonus in cashable ''biiby bortds." The measure, which administration leaders predicted flatly would become law despite'n presidential Vetd, now MOCS to tho house. The senate vote Was 74 to 16. &*. ,. - _..___,,. Broaca' _ s Last Obstacle 'Cleared WASHlNGTON.-(A v ) i -The last ma-- jor obstncTe to passage of the bond payment bonus bill was cleared away Monday with the senate's rejection of the King -amendment to provide for payment of only the present surrender value of the adjusted service certificates. ' Tlie amcndmeril, Senator King, Democrat, said, would cost the govern- ncnt more than a billion dollars Jess than the coalition bill's estimated ulti<- mate cost of 2 billion 491 million dollars. King was the only senator voting for the substitute. 'he gfrl for wbofn -lohnny Broaca, sensational young pitcher for he Hew York yankeos, has been Winning so man.? games is revealed With the announcement Of their engagement as being Miss Cordelia trances Ireland (abo7e), of Orleans, Cape Cod, Mass. They Wet while he was pitching for / .the Orleans team. Blevins WASHlNGTON.-</n-r>i,smissnl of a suit filed by Governor Eugene Talmadge of Georgia challenging the con- I stitutionality of the Bankhead cotton i control act was asked by the govern' men 4 . Monday in » reply filed with the • supreme court ' The government also asked the su- iprome court Monday for a rehearing Ion its decision giving the processors 1200 million dollars impounded by mi junction suits against AAA taxes. 'APORUB Special tor this Week 5-tube RADIO Made by G-E $Q-98 Has Atrpltuie Olnl. ^ Complete With Tubes BRIANT'S Drug Store 200 WINTER DRESSES Featured i" Our Special Closo-Out S-A-L-E coaches, died suddenly Sunday <if a heart attack. He succumbed at the i home of his !nw partner, John R. : McGiiin had been athletic director i at Vanderbilt for more than two de- I cad<s iirul served as head coach for 31 | yemr. beginning in the fall of 1004 and i continuing through the season of 193-1, 1 when he was succeeded by one of his •cutest grid pupils, Ray Morrison. He came to Vandcrbill from the niversity of Michigan, where he was guard on the famous "point-a-min- to" Wolverine eleven of 1901. He was graduated from the Michi- an Law School, and after taking the /underbill coaching Job, combined his aw career and football for the next 0 years. He brought Southern foot- Dall into the Eastern limelight with ensational successes in tcrsectionul ootball. McGugin attended Drake University jefore going to Michigan, working his way partially through both schools, le was forn on an Iowa farm. July 29. 1879. near the town of Tingley. .—-•» i • State Dispensary (Continued from page one) Offer Memorial (Continued from page one) LADIES'S Specialty Shop ough to bo given a square dcnl after wards. More thnri that no man is en I titled to, and less than that no man | shall have." I The president come through a driving snow nnd sleet storm to attend S the exercises bore after a stop at Newark, N. J., where he addressed a state meeting of the National Emergency Council. Current problems faced by the president wore touched on by Mayor P. H. LnGuardia when the New York city The 25-cent China Clipper stamp may be short-lived, since It i* reported tha't the Postofftce Department is , considering changing the transpacific rates to 24 cents. 48 cents, and S6 cents, and lasting stamps accordingly. Vancouver. B, C.. »s . seeking a series of commemorative stamps to be Issued tby Canada oirtlie Golden JuWlee of. the city. * * • tea historic foreign msu* to obtain l« the new series of six stamps portraying as many military heroes of Austria, Tlxsre are five famous Attstrton generate and one admiral. » « • Beware or stamp takes. The lat€Bt is that of the famous "Weeping Princess" Elizabeth one-cent Jnbllee Btamp <* Canada, showing a sp<* beneath the girl's right eye. in only one stamp of an entire sheet- The fake "tear" Is Jutt » Wttle too nb- the brewer, the saloon-keeper and the bootlegger, thereby saying to the world that they are stronger than our laws, constitution, churches and the prayers of Christian people. JOHN C. TIMBERLAKE January 20, 193C Hope, Ark. executive, accepting the memorial fo the state, quoted Theodore Roosevcl on precedence of public will ove court rulings. Pointing to one of the huge mural: depicting accomplishments of the for mer president, which adorn the me morial hall. LaGuardia said lha when the country needed the Panam canal "he consulted the engineers an not the constitutional lawyers." Sugar is sold in tiny packages Uia contain only a teaspoonful for 35 cent u package in Lhasa, Tibet. Ernest Perry was a business visitoi in Hope Saturday. W. Perry Sage spent last, week in 1 Dorado and Huttig. Miss Flora Cotton was in Blevin Yiday attending to business. Miss Mary Bonds of Little Rock pent Thursday and Friday with rel lives in Blevins. Mrs. Delhi McCaskill of Crossett i he guest of her brother, Tom Sag md Mrs. Sage. Mr. and Mrs. Boyce W. Mayfiekl anc Mrs. Geo. W.[ Mayfieid were week en quests of Mr. and Mrs. John-A'. Wad md family. - . • Misses Ruth Huskey and Pautin Murphy are spending the week end with Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Huskey. Mr and Mrs. Geo. W. 'Hunt, Geo. Hunt Jr., and Miss Gladys Hunt, all of Prescott, were Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Wade. Misses Charline Stewart and Kathlene Brown were shopping in Hope Thursday of last week. Mrs. H. H. Huskey was visiting in the Marlbrook Community Saturday evening. . Rev. M. D. Williams of Gurdon filled his appointment at Marlbrook church Sunday and Sunday night. William Cummings of Magazine, Ark., is the guest of his parents, Mr. md Mrs. Will Cummings. Mrs. Bryan Andres and son, John Thomas of Hope, are visiting relatives near Blevins this week. Miss Ruby Gaines spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Earl Dorman and Mr. Dorman. ... Lester Wade was a business visitor 'in Hope, Thursday of last week. Mr. and Mrs Roy Arnold anc> daugh- Here and There (Continued from page one) volved the government of a city which had more wealth, more industrial and legal brains, and more newspaper circulation, than any other area in the United Stales. To say that such a community needed outside advice of any kind was pure stupidity-: When the voters of Nfew York should be finally told they had to go ,to work on their • o%in problems, they would do so—and n ot; until'then. '' : 'Unfortunately, Governor Roosevelt never-passed on the , New York City question. Mayor Walker, lifted him off the "spot" by resigning. And in subsequent elections the city voters worked out their own salvation—which, after all, is the greatest merit we can claim for our American system of government. It allows u. to make our own' mistakes, and forces US to find our own remedies— a drastic program, but one calculator to make men out of the weakest o us. Civil Suits Open Hempstead Court January Term of Circuit Court Convenes at Washington Monday Other than postponement of sev- leral civil suits until Thursday, little 'was accomplished In th'e ftfst day's i session of circuit court which convened at 9:3n a. m. Monday at Washihg- Sevcral cases were scheduled fbr rial, tal absence of attorneys Caused ostponotricnt until Thursday. No cases were heard and court re- essud shortly before noon until Wed- icsday inorning when the grand jury meets. The criminal docket is scheduled for Thursday and Friday of this Week. Municipal court at Hope was postponed Monday until next week, due o circuit couH at Washington. Four Court Games Plannedm Week Waldo Here Tuesday, Ar kadelphia Friday—at Warren Saturday A series of four games have been ar .ranged this week for the Hope High chool basketball team, Assistant oach Jimmy Jones announced Monay. The first game is scheduled for 'uesday night against Waldo High chool. The game will be played here, tarted at 7:30. . The Bobcats will play Arkadelphia icre Friday night and then will ourney to Warren Saturday for af- ernoon and night games. The Warren team is considered us one of the strongest high school edge earns in the state, holding victories over Pine Bluff and Batesville. UUlfV J*^*.M»*W» »»•»»•••• Bteto* Wrt fr&tt ftrtf TO.-- -. — these qualified for pilot $**»% _ffi CoiwidertrtieM to being given to flte I spectidrt of minw traffic «**«- ' Dallas, Texas, authorities, tJi dition that the offending m< tend a series of el^it 1* proper vehicle operation. 12 PRICE SALE ON ALL DRESSES ^ THEjGiFT^ SHOP '^ v,,. Still Coughing? Wo matter" how mattf you have trted for your r* cold of Wottthiftl irritati get relief now With C Serious trouble may be I you catinot afford to ttt— with anything less thAB slon.. which «rt» right to of thef trouble to aid t-._ soothe and heal the inflattteaj branes fl9 the germ-ladett # is loosened and expelled. Even if other «ffledi«f failed, don't Be dlscotuSged, druggist is authorized to ,gu&. Creomulsion and to refund., money if you are not satlsflei results front the very fttsfc _-,-.Get Creomulsion right noW< CAdr<] ter and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Foster vis ited relatives in McCaskill Sunday. Mr. and -Mrs. Roy Foster and sons were Sunday guests, of Mr. and Mrs Bob Brown of the Sweet Home com munity. The noted Roman gourmand an gourmet, Apicius, delivered lecture on the science of exciting hunger. teach Romans how to produce a sec ond hunger after the first pangs wer appeased, he established a school of gluttony. T 0 L-E-T E X OIL COMPAtfY Si*cclal-5 Gal. HI-GraflC $1 Lufce OH —• Phone 370 KB"* CAR GLASS; CUT AND GROnarto TO Fit ANY CAR BRYAN'S Used Pi& 411 South Laurel Sttget*; H< Aeronautical exports from the United States to foreign countries during the first seven months of the present year were valued at $8,853,5302 or more than half the total for all of 1934. SPECIAL! Note Book Filler Paper 45 Sheets 3c E-Z-I Filler Paper 45 Sheets, lOc quality 5c RULED E Z 1 100 Sheets, 20c quality 10 cents JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phone 63 Hope, Ark. Established 1885 MCLSON-HUCKINI LAUNDfW COMPANY SEEDS -- PLANTS Everything for Field and Garden ;;! including supples, insecticide*,, spray materials, etc. For Heavy "Held* Use SEMESAN Merits' Seed Siore 110 E. 2nd St., NOW and another 2:30 Matinee T U E S D A V (Doors open at 2) SHIRLEY TEMPLE JOHN Boles JACK Holt — "THE LITTLEST Popeyc Cartoon News VHaphono Act whom was nn abstainer, which one would give him most anxiety? Drink creates and feeds the appetite for alcohol till it becomes like a hungry tiger, raging at the .scent of blood. "I can drink or I can let it alone," says the man who does not let it alone. Is it not wise to let it alone while you can? It blunts the sensibilities and weakens the restraints that guard against the hurtful and the ulgar. Tliis is so evident that it is ften a plea for clemency or mercy, 'he vulgarities and indecencies pcr- letratcd in society in its cups arc uch that the same people blush to ecall when sober. Law or Liberty is he false alternative of the drinker and lis ally. A more proper way of put- ing it would be Liberty and Law: foi uw for one means liberty for another. Those who make the plea for personal liberty to do as they will for- jet the rights of others to life, liberty !nd unhindered pursuit of happiness The uncontrolled liberty to drinl means the uncontrolled liberty to make und sell. That means as proven by hitter experience through the centuries that others are thereby robbed of the inalienable right to food, shelter, protection, property and domestic happiness. . j Curse of iJiiiiur I It Is said "Let drink alone and it j will let you alone." Nothing could be | farther from the truth. It is the vast j majority who do not drink that suf- | 1'cr its dire consequences. It does not j let the wife alone through sleepless ] nights and toilsome days nor the hungry ;md united children. U did not let the child alone who was run down by a drunken driver, nor the wife- who was shot by a drink-crazed husband, nor the father who was financially ruined by a drinking son. H is for the protection of this vast majority •tg-iinst the bibulous inconsiderate and 'reckless minority that will marshal public opinion to demand prohibition. Liquor prohibition can be enforced, with the same success that all other prohibition laws are enforced Are we going to turn our government over to H ere's one cigarette that writes its own advertising.. \ It's like this— You see I'm reading a Chesterfield advertisement and I'm smoking a Chesterfield cigarette, and all of you are smoking Chesterfields. WINTER BEAUTY AIDS for Proper Skin Care J^Xv 11UV *llS "Will UC Utl3.y •" J**** «•" -"•- — »-co eti« regularly •»* will give yourself a beauty treatment every night. Chooso your cosmetics Irwft •mums those listed below-they are the choice of the majority of women in Hope. ui.^7 »il Barbara Gould, Max Factor, Carlton, Elizabeth Arden, Harriett Hubbard Ayers John P. Cox Drug Co. phone 8 4 We Give Eagle Stamps 1/2 Price Sale on All Gift Goods Now listen— Chesterfields are mild (not strong, not harsh);.. That's true isn't it? Then you read "and yet they satisfy, please your taste, give you what you want in a cigarette." That says it, doesn't it? Wait a minute — It says now that Chesterfields have plenty of aroma and flavor. One of you go out of the room and come back. That will tell you how pleasing the aroma is. \\ * mffs0& ^11IJ I/ ffl^--&jjj*^ / * -^' / Chesterfield ivrites its own advertising 19J6, Ltccm * NfVMS TOBACCO Co.

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