Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 18, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1939
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR . — ''"• ... . ..... — Drunken Driving BringsjlOO Fine Earl Goldsten Is Found Guilty—Several Others Cases Heard Earl Goldstein was found guilty in Hope municipal court Monday on a charge of driving an automobile while drunk and was fined SHK). He gave notice of appeal to circuit court, bond being set at $200. Carncll Wright appeared before the court on a charge of reckless driving. The case was tried and then dismissed. John L. Jones waived preliminary examination on a charge of assault with intent to kill and was held for circuit court action. He was released under 5300. bond. The cases of D. D. Cheatharn. charged with assualt and battery, were tried and dismissed. Forfeiting S10 cash bonds for drunk- ness were: Brooksie Brantlye. Roy Dyer. Ned Clark. Zan Wrny, V. C. Anderson and John Loudermilk. Charley White. Etta Mae Johnson and King Johnson each pleaded, guilty to distrubing the peace and! fined S2.50 each. Marylin Perkins j pleaded guitly to the same charge, but was fined S5- C. B. Bledsoe was convicted of dis-. turbing the peace and fined S5. He! gave notice of appeal to circuit court, bond being set at $110. Pleading guilty to drunkenness and fined $10 each were: Rex Jones. Jess Atkins, Claude Spates. Magnolia Petroleum Co., was given judgement of S23.65 in a civil suit brought against S. L. Sanford for action on account. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS OUT OUR WAY WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilkiwt Calomel—And You'll Jraip Out of Bed in (he Morning Rarin' lo Go The liver should pour out two pounds of liquid bile into your bowels daily. If this bile is not flowinc freely, your food doesn't dicest. It just decays in the bowel?. Gas bloats up your stomach. You get constipated. Your whole system is poisoned and you feel sour tank and the world looks punk. A mere bowel movement doesn't get at T 1 iL ca ?"' It ^?, ke3 those Eood - old Carter's IM S Llver Pllls to get these two pounds of bile flowinK freely and make you feel "up and up. 'Harmless, centle. yet amazinR in ™.« m f . bllc fl" w freely. Ask for Carter's Little Liver Pills by name. Refuse anything- else. At all drug ctores. 10; and 25'-. NO, NOT THAI ONE --THE ONE RteHT IN FRONT OP YOU — WE'RE NOT FISHING/ THIRTY V£ARS TOO By J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE MoncTay, September 18, WHAT'S THAT - A CARTRIDGE THAT MAKES EXHAUST GAS SWELL I.IKU ROSES 9 HMM / I'M VERY BUSY TODAY. HOOPLA/ NO, NO/ DON'T UNROLL THOSE. •PLANS/ MO/ NO/ WE CAN'T ADVANCE ANY MONEY ON YOUR 'DEVICE/ . . VJE WAVE NO MORE TIWE TODAY/ f ~ BUT -~~ SPUTT-TT /1 LET A/fe —~ -DRAT IT/.? I 1 ASSUAKED YOU CAPITALISTS WERE -~~ HAK HAK / \ SIR, YOU'LL CONFOUND IT/ ... HA/ .__ WELL .GOOD DAY.' LOVELY TALL .^—LrT^jWEATlAERjlSiM'T IT/ MOLD THE T^WONH J ^HJ- s ^ a * s/ MORGAN/ Band Meeting to Be Cr *T• n ^ rl r ied as TT I myr i » T . , 4th Dlst Congressman Held Monday Night Results of Music Tests Announced By Director Cannon Results of a music test given last week to Hope school children from the I sixth through the tenth grades were announced Monday. More than 600 s'tudents were given the tests in rhythm and pitch, and of nils number, 214 made a passing grade. I he test was given by Mr. Cannon, bandtaster. The test was given in an effort to determine the musical ability of each student, with the idea of offering to those who passed, the opportunity of playing in the school bands of the city. It has allowed parents to find out definitely whether their children are musically qualified. A meeting of these children with their parents is to be held Monday night at Oglesby school, at 7:30. All persons interested are urged to I be pesent and confer with the bandmaster. A representative of a Chicago instrument house will be at the meeting lo exhibit diffenert instruments' and explain the rental plan that is be- ms oHered. LITTLE ROCK-OP/—Fadjo Cravens, Fort Smith, was formally certified as the Fourth district congressman Monday, succeeding his father, the late Representative Ben Cravens. The new congressman will for Washington late Monday. Russia's Entry Is (Continued from Page One) John Deere Wagons Complete Stock Our Prices and Terms Will Interest You Hope Hardware Company Rising Prices (Continued from Page On«; Special on FLOOR FURNACES EASY FHA TERMS HARRY W. SHIVER IPLUMBING PHONE 2551 do to us what it did in 1936, wh?n toohsh manufacturers and dealers put up prices and choked off the small recovery that was then under way. The government must protect the whole economic system from these price rises. Likewise business should exercise some self-restraint. Another serious matter is the danger that the war and the war scares- added by the foolish propaganda for the proposition that "we are bound to get in"—will further cripple our building industry. In Uie face of the thrtat of war, men will be charey about investment or long term commitments of any sort. The best service that could be done to business now— and to every man who worte for wages or profits—would i be- a ringing declaration from the gov- i ernment that the United States go: :ng to stay out of this war. ships attempted unsuccessfully to halt the submarine. Russians Take City PARIS, France—(7P)—Reports reached Paris Monday that Soviet Russian troops driving cast in Poland had occupied Wilno. Wilno. historic capital of Lithuania, was taken by the Poles in 1920. Poland Collasping CERNAUTI, Roumania— (/?}- -Large sectons of the Polish army were pouring across the frontier into Roumania early Monday fllwing the flight f President Mosciki and apparent collapse of the Polish republic. Moosciki arrived during the day with Foreign Minister Becg and a government party of 56. Beck arranged to meet with the heads of diplomatic missions to Poland, now established here, and was expected to tell them that their mission was "now ended." Plans of the Polish government, however, were not immendiately clear. There were some reports that it would go on to Bucharest, Roumanla's capital. Poland's 20-year republic thus appeared to have received a knockout blow as German and Russian armies struck from the west and east. The Russian invasion blasted the hopes of Polish officials here that Polish forces could make a stand through the winter in marshes along the Russian border. District Legion Meet at Prescott HAT'S YOUR. HURRY, MAJOR? Weaver, head of the veterans bureau tor Arkansas, Dr. F. E. Bennett of rort Logan, H. Roots, Claude A. Brown of Little Rock, director of the Arkansas ,-ei-vice bureau and Gerald Fisher, of | Little Rock. ; ! Commander Henry Mathis of the Neutrality Acti Tex; ' rkiinii i >osl ••'"•opted the challenge "f the Hope post to a membership drive for their respective quotas before Armistic Day. A mulligan stew will be .served the winner. A berbccue was served at noon by the Prescott post. American Discussed by Several Speakers PRESCOTT, Ark - More than 200 American Legionaires of SVulliorn Arkansas were present Sunday at Sam B. Hooks past No. M hut here. Several of the speakers discussed the neutraility act and opinion was divided on the advisability of repealing or revising the arms embargo. James R. Bush, of Prescott. in his welcoming address.declared against lifting of the embargo on munitions and said that if the special session o fcongress was called for two months later, pubuie sentiment would demand that the law not be changed. j William H. Arnold of Texjirknna. j grand ad vocal of the Arkansas 40 and 8, 'spoke for repeal of the arms embargo and stressed the need of preparation by te United Slates. State Commander Marvin Harris discussed the membership drive now underway and pointed out the need of a large membership to carry on successfully the Legion's program of service to veterans and to the caun- Other speakers on the program included Dr. L. J. Kosminsky of Tcx- arkana; Charles Q. Kelley of Little Rock; Bert Presson, state adjutant of Little Rock; and Cecil E. Weaver, vice commander of the twelfth district, Hope. Represncntative Wade Kitchens of Magnolia, scheduled to be the main speaker, was unable to attend because of his preparations for atli-nd- ng the special session of congress. A service school for department of- 'iccrs was held during the afternoon. Tlio.se taking part included James A. NEXT: The wor ajid currencies. LOGS BOLTS and ROUND BLOCKS We we now in the market for Oak and Gurn logs. White Oak, Overcup, Post Oak, Red Oak. and Ash Heading Bolt.s, Alvi Round SWEET GUM Blocks. For prices and specifications Apply to: Hope Heading Co. Hope, Arkansas Phone 245 ^.w.v.v.v.v.v.w.v.v $ Dr. J. D. Johnson ^Announces the opening of offices First National Bank Building Practice Limited to Eye, Ear Nose and Throat. BE SAFE Your doctor knows better than anyone else what is best for your baby, ife has spent years in the scientific study of chiJd hcallli. He is interested in your baby's health and in your health. Before any change is made in your baby's diet, or when any problem arises concerning his welfare, your physician is the first to be consulted. He wili help you to avoid the confusion and uncertainly resulting from advice offered on all sides. SEE YOUR DOCTOR When prescriptions are needed call" .... WARD & SON The Leading Druggist "We've Got it" PHONE. 62 Motorcycle Delivery Rusia Joins Germany MOSCOW - (/P) — Soviet Russia's great Red army, marching oa orders to "liberate" their "brothers" in Poland, moved into that country Sunday along the entire frontier, from Latvia to Roumania. A general staff com- cunique Monday night reported occupation of a dozen towns along a 500-mile front on the first day's march, penetrating as far as 50 miles inside the Polish border at the fartthcst point. The communique said the Reds dc- leated "weak advance units and reserves of the Polish army." Earlier Doht Soviet and German radio broadcasts disclosed heavy fighting at some points. The general staff said seven fighting planes were brought down and three heavy bombers forced to land. Soviet Russia marched into Poland at 6 p. m. while telling other nations she would maintain neutrality in thre European war. The Russinas' announced intention was lo "take undci their protection" about 11,000,000 Uk- ranias ad White Russias. White Ru.- sia ad the Polish Ukranie comprise abiut 46,723 square miles of Poland's territory. ! #«v.v.v.'.v.v.vv.v Smackover Next (Continued from Page One) Its Planes (Continued from Page One) front. Soviet Russia's march into Poland caught France unaware. Premier Dal- ;u!ie r cut short a week-end inspection t'H.ir of the front lines and returned to paris. Turkey Weakening ANKARA. Turkcy-(.'V)—Diplomatic circles heard persistent reports Sunday of negotiations for a new pact between Turkey and Soviet Russia to reinforce their friendship. It was said that Foreign Minister Snracoglu would leave soon for Moscow at the invitation of Joseph Stalin for discussing to "pi-event the war from spreading into a world .war." Despite Turkey's mutual assistance obligations to Britain and France, she lost no time announcing continued warm friendship with the Soviet, whose troops are massed along her frontiers, The state-inspired Turkish press ha.-; stressed ince the Russian- German non-aggression treaty that Turkey had "no quarrel with the Riech" and friendship with the Soviet is more important than any other consideration. Some diplomats felt there was little doubt Turkey would remain neutral should Russia become an active French Leader Is a Map Authority Maurice Gamelin Master Mind of Allies Forces in This War I5y the AI' Feature Sfrvico When the light strikes his face right. Maurice Gamelin looks like the Cowardly Lion in "The Wizard of O/.." Under the light of the lamps at home he looks like a mild, rather .sstern little business man. Under no kind of light does the tidy Frenchman look like the master mind of the allied armies in the new Work! Will'. So much for appearances. Gamelin has his record to stand on. from the age of 20 months, when his mother painted a picture of him in his dace-trimmed dress, beating a toy drum,, Gamelin has been a soldier. There have bten five French generals in his family. When he was a student in a Catholic academy, the young Gamelin immersed himself in the career of the great Napoleon. At St. Cyr, the West Point of France he was graduated first in a class of more than 400. That was in 18!):!, when he was only 21. Then he went to Algeria fir three years of wild campaigning. There followed the work that has made contemporaries call him "map crazy." Gamelin did surveying and drew maps. He pored over maps; he memorized them. He learned the tcr- participant in the war. closing the Black sea to British-French naval forces as in the World War. With the Black sea closed, Russia could send raw materials up the Danube to Germany. rnln of France by memory—nncl the terrain of parts if the wold he neve hnd visited. When Jotfre bccmne commnnder- Ln-chief in 1911, Gamelin became his military secretary. It was the quiet little map-studying major who formulated the order that, in 1914, started the Mnrnc counter-offensive, n man- ctiver that has been credited with turning the tide of voctory against the Germans . When the war had ended, Gamelin had been elevated to the rank of divisional gcnaral. In 1925 he sub- el vied the bloody Druse revolt in Syria, then became commander of France's Army of the Levant. Next it was chief of the general staff iii(19.')0. And when Premier Onladicr came into power, Gamolin achieved nn honor held by no soldier since his own hero, Napoleon—he was made commander of the army, the navy and of the air force. That is Uie man who now heads lhc allied armies fighting Germany; if ol "the greatest soldier i the world today," ccrtaily oc of the greatest. Tokio A. C. Holt has gone to Beaumont and Port Arthur Texas to visit relatives. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McLaHy and children were trading in Nashville Saturday. Miss Juanita Tommy of Nashville returned home Thursday after spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McLaHy. Miss Wanda Sue McLaughlils visiting relatives in Oklahoma. ; J. R, Smith was a businos(/isilof lo Bififfon Saturday. i Miss Nellie Stueart was dipping in Nashville Saturday. '. Tom McAdams of Nashville vs hero on business Saturday. Gus Osborn and son of Nhvillq were here Saturtlay <>n busiKs. Mack Grower of Murfrecsbo was here Friday hunting hogs to hi. L. S. and R. A. Sanford we""business visitors to Hope Wednoiny. McLaughlin Bros, are mailing a new hammer mill at their jop in Tokio. ^ Lightning dues more good Uu harm Each year it produces tons e fixed nitrogen which greatly aid: vegetation when added to the soil. Again Today We present NON Shur-Tite Bag and . Schaf fer Belts lo match LADIES Specialty Shop ^irSJWff *m punts 18; yards gained on lateral pass from Bill Tom Buncly on intercepted forward pass—15. Total yards gained 89. Bill Tom Bundy—Intercepted one forward pass and lateralcd to Charles Ray Baker. Jimmy Siniins—Intercepted one forward pass for 20 yards and touchdown. Jimmy Daniels—Yards gained from scrimmage 5. Joe Eason—Yards gained returning kickoff 5. Kick after touchdown, one (A(t of two. Norman Green—Yards gained on forward pass—5. 11 you should die tonight will join f^aiily he adequately protected. TAJ.BOT FEELD, Sr. District Manager Reliance Life Insurance Co. Life, Health and Accident Box 44, iiupe, Arkansas. Need Laxative? Take An All-Vegetable One JJiu: ' f.J ] in i j;i t ](•) irr* ]i'-^r] v/"til inlr\i~ lead you relief of Thtio'j i jo u-.e. A little spice, ajl- M-«<.-talilc BLAf.'K-DHACGHT, taken i-/;.' .-;mp!e ilircctidn;;. will gently per- '•'ji.de v.iir bowels. Take jt at night. That -,i-.,,uld ^ivc you p!'_i,!.y of tiru<j Morning usually brings punctual, thorough j-elief from constipation's •symptoms — headaches, biliousness, .Miur stomach, loss of appetite and energy. BLACK-DRAUGHT'S main ingredient, is an "intestinal trjiiie-lax- niive." which holps to tone the intestinal muscles. It's econnmi'.'al. too. 2,j tc. 40 doese: 25c. THE RIGHT COMBINATION OF THE WORLD'S BEST TOBACCOS GIVES REFRESHING MILDNESS BETTER TASTE MORE PLEASING AROMA All the things that go towards the making of smoking pleasure at its best. Ihis is because Chesterfield blends the very finest of American and aromatic Turkish tobaccos in a combination that brings out the best qualities of each. When you try them we believe you will say . . , Champions In Rtjk Drill... The Ncvvlon Legion (Guards arc a sure-fire hil because of (heir righl combination of precision, snap aiu smart appearance . . . and every Chesterfield > OH smoke is a sure-fire hit for More Smoking Pleasure. tojn. Ln.[,rn& Mvr

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