Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 13, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1952
Page 9
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iF^vW/ f^S^i MOM If Al, H£M* AJtKANlAft HI n 'H nil ill I to? Out iaH«y It Ahtad, On« B«Mnd urn* SOCK - r*w*r u. (tov Bttt> Bflflnj' of Rumllvmt wft* iffftdtwl jnMt«rd»r l« "l» «» Cflmlrt to nnsntfrr public offlf*. But hit nun. Mat* Hm. Bob to«H*>Jr, ( »U(j fit n»OPllvlll« wn« lend* Inf In a rttf ttt hu m*n. 0, f»ntt«T»oft »f «*• th* mmilnatlM « »th dlttrlet eomgfftto rdturtt* frota in* final «h»nceJU»r on tn» W*»* nf nofiHy penwrslle prl/rjurr. , . 3Bob, UftWof Jr., Writing nofnl- ' to pnatfiflr term In fj^Mn Voters of .Hope" ead County i><'. •. t V ' -4 t 4| > it^fk»oeh of you for the splendid ' flev» rn* Tuesday, and for your Iff')* ^ M ; Claud H. Sutton 1 ' Adv< CIfltld "' 8uUon Roet ^I"**'W*, County ArfciMtw MM Borm* Br*dl«y CAlhoun W PR 21 at 4T M 117? 2.1 21 I306 27 27 2775 17 19 20 100 ROO Clnrk Clay CIe»Hirn« Cleveland Columbl« Conway II IB \<m 40 .10 27 10 10 tw/ord lttf Cfow 200 127(1 20 1783 IB 1403 !W 2235 24 2IHO 34 34 7284 31 24 1320 20 27 3491 22 1ft HIM 2.1 2.1 D4» 21 21 2D3fi M I3J9 vm imw 202ft 047 1000 051 1448 1523 1M2 Mr 670 733 8700 220fl 774 02.1 010 1170 2030 KrBnklln Pulton OarloM Oreht 31 31 1094 117 3 30 414ft 1772 30 28 040 21 21 41 21 082 738 800 Hot Spg Howard Indop'nce Irord Johnion LafnycUfl Lnwrence U« Lincoln Llttto niv<*r 35 24 50 BO 21 12 Nurse Held for Poisoning Young Niece By REX THOMAft WETUMPKA, Aln. —A grim- fnccd ntirie whn ndmltted pofton- Ing her 2>y«er-old niece nnd calm ly watching on nutop>y on the body win ended lo trial here today on the first of two murder charge* that could mean her own Jtfe. , Oty-halred Mr*. Earle Dennl- 10ft in accused of ffmtflf arsenic tr» Shirtey Ofann Weldon, who died May I, and also to her tiny sister f»olly Ann. Shirley wan only a few day* old when Polly Ann dl«l 2* years ago after n sudden, violent illness Only the death of Shirley Dinnn wos on the court docket for todny. The widowed, 54-yenr-old nurse i'v/ho worked at the hospital where : the child died was nrrcsted n week later after the parent*. Mr. and Mr*. O. O. Weldon of the nearby Claud community, swore out 1 rnuwlsr wftffants Sheriff JUsttr Molley iftid Mr* Dcnnlnort jtHntKted, without a *ho* of cmotfiini, Oiit (the gave Shirley. Dlonn arsenic fh a soft drink, and took her to the hojpitnl when shci went into convulsions. The child' died fIVe hours later, ' Slate Tolcologlst C. J. Itchllng sold the autopsy, performed with History Usually Repeats Itself mlnated — and governor In 1932, later el*cie*| Mrs. Dennison arnonlc. present, showed LWfLE HOCK OH — In a sensil IFl th<v nomination yesterday of Judge FrdttCW Cherry for governor was a CUSP (if history repenting itself — 20 yt'ijrs aftr-rwnrd. Cherry is chnncellor of the 12th district. J. M. Ftitrcll of ParnRould — not far from Cherry's home city of Joni'.sfooio — wfis chancellor of the 12th district when he was no- HOM IfAt;MtM, AtKAfUAl SOCIETY FMM 74481 •ttw.tn • A. M. «nd 4 f. M, ¥..\ ^< 4 'H • > !prtK*^6 the people that chose to return * I0' t lh« Store Senate,* you gaVe me a vUrtni victory, TKls victory was ex,^.,,, when we cbnslder the fact that I w,tended OM* o cord or piece of litera- V,1t ^01 a victory for the average voter- J'ha's no pold lobylst to manipulate for &W fter In the State Capital. Now that ^iive chosen me to be your Senator Irvifr can be truly sold that I accept the ^..^Kflblllty with humility and, God being my helper, I promise to work for all of you Jtllu * all the power and energy I may have. Dr. F. C. Crow Democratic State Senatorial Nominee Nevada, H and Pike Counties. M million Morion Mlllrr Mohror Mont'mry Nevorta 3!J 2063 101ft 21 2204 756 34 27 320 1051 34 34 8540 2000 33 32 aflin 3ft 20 1742 71)0 35 35 3320 1013 744 OOP 3122 2708 33 33 7330 511 24 24 221B 108.1 ftf)0 544 29 2547 1320 20 1100 002 18 1358 1131 20 20 8IW 080 37 35 2402 2210 30 29 2474 14H5 160 1002 303 272 43 43 4300 2505 00 57 500 .1052 1480 800 100ft 22 18 31 10 34 14 Otmfhlto Porrjr Phillip* 29 21 24 24 27 25 2ft 2fl 294 701 13.10 053 31 90 4542 2087 28 20 lino 454 28 28 3084 2283 Polk Pope Prnlrln 19 17 3» Knndqlph Ballhn Scott Srurcy 882 .13 3717 2310 27 27 37 37 10 11 4 4i 3883 2197 30 2fl 183fl 113 3883 2157 1300 2 Ml 782 2.102 Bin q3307 1080 750 210 41 41 30 20 1133 10 0 877 49 44 7272 2810 )M1. Adv, Paid Crow isr«pr v w' -^^jter .^^ $$;$"•• • *6"oT-sachi !<%i,£''!*/•» (^ -3V « j-^P 1 "! j^V*** ' ^S^^nvf " ,/W'*.'^' t ^ ^fi'/S *k^* >.-..\ - l 'i fe'lM*- : ^ •iSw ''S*«S«feW»',Mu S.V viSt,>iftils**-, a 'Xv Wilt v . ci ' 1^ Sharp St. Frnneld Slono Unlpn Vnn Buren Wnf-blnglon White Woodruff Yi?H 29 20 1884 25 10 22 17 778 770 023 24 24 3007 1889 29 28 1053 839 35 30 7483 2300 1137 635 40 35 2200 104 47 36 2251 1795 18 18 1083 1440 31 30 2143 14 TotnU 2,280 2,070 201,325 117,180 Child of Nino Is Kidnapped NORTH LITTLE HOCK, Ark. I* — Chlofof Police Jack PyU Hays a 9-ytjnr-oKl «hlld was reported kidnapped noor her North LltUu Hock hofne yesterday. He tiiil'i n neighbor reported she saw a man abduct the child, Mary Nell Morris, daughter of Mrs, Mary Norrli.bJ Nttrth Little Rock. She told poUce that the child was wolklixg down the alley behind her home when an unidentified inan drove hU ear alongside her, grabbed th« child, throw her In the oar and drove away. JPylo tiald *ho described the man n« tall, uleiuler, about 40 and wcnr- Ing khaki clothes. Tht» chtol Mid :&* Child's mother recently w»8 divorced from her itiubnnd, Burns Norrls ot Detroit, Th« *ottt, VAmerlct" wa» written la a half hour and on a scrap ot paper l>y Dr. Samuel Kruncls Smith, A Bnptt«t minister, und «m* oh July 4,1888, by school chll. ilreh In the Park Street Church, of Boston. Senate, was ahead ot F. F, Aciee ot Perry to the 10th senatorial district. , A Urotherioam wis nominated y«*terday- T buJ without opposj. tlon. Nathan Gordon ot Morriton received tij» iwwr>ln*.tlon tor another tWW* *« Lieutenant Governor. Ed Gordon, also of Morrilton, Wft* nominated for »ro»ecutvr of SALE STARTS THURSDAY, AUGUST 14th HALF-PRICE DRESS SALE! 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The Sm-Sfrewn Gofeway to Gold! &/ Misses Sizes 10 to 20 Junior Sizes 7 to 15 Half Sizes . . . 121 to 241 Regular Sizes ... 38 to 44 ALL AT PRICE Be Here When the Doors Open at 8:30 A. M. Thursday For Best Selection PLEASE No Phone Calls No Exchanges No Refunds All Sales Final "Hope's Finest Deportment Store FRANCISCO Wesleyan Service Guild Ha* Meeting Monday Mrs. J. W. Patterson, Hope Dis trict secretary, and Mrs. Charles Taylor, local Guild president, will attend the Hope District Meeting of Wesleyan Service Guild pres- dents at DeQueen tonight at 7 a.m. This announcement w n s nade at a meting of the \VSG in he home of Mrs. E. P. O'Neal jn August 11 at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Taylor, who presided over ,he meeting, presented a report on the Little Rock 'conference Practically All Continued from P«fe Oni candidate for governor in the first primary. A former Little Rock city attorney, the youthful Gentry was on unsuccessful candidate for prosecuting attorney in the Pulaskl- Perry County district two years ago. Later he was recalled to active duty with the army — he Is a lieutenant colonel — and was still in uniform when he made an expected entry into the attorney general's race shortly before the ticket closed last April 30. The national committeeman's post is strictly a party job. For that reason Chambers actually wat elected yesterday. His 'name will not appear on the general election ballot in November. Other successfully candidates technically al least were only nominated and 3259. 18H DISTRICT; 59 of 65 box**: W. J. fUbert 2MO; H. A. Tucker 4003. STATE SENATORS THIRD DISTRICT: W of 91 boxes: W. W. Bean 48W; J. S. Smith 2860. FOURTH DISTRICT: 44 ot 60 boxes: J. E, Garner 5028; Roy Gcan 4869. FIFTH DISTRICT: of 120 boxes: Sam Ford 5302: Chlsm Reed 4450. SEVENTH DISTRICT: 59 of 80 boxes: Dr. F. C. Crow 4582; T. J. Silvey 3567 TENTH DISTRICT: 52 of 91 boxes: F. F. Acrcc 3037; Bob Bailey, Jr. 3314. 11TH DISTRICT POSITION NO. V 136 of 155 boxes: W E. Armstrong 7157; Q. B. Hurst M75. 12H DSTRICT: 60 of 67 boxes: Floyd Bryan 4165; Dr. E.J.Byrd 6501 13TH DISTRICT: 3flr of 35 boxes: 14TH DISTRICT: 104 of 11 boxes:! O. H, Jones 6677: J. I. Purtlc 4905 17H DISTRCT: 81 ot 109 boxe«: J W. Best 3572; Tom Logan 4890. 1811 DISTRICT: 80 of lai boxes: J O. Cheney 4547; Y. M. Mack 5261. 19TH DISTRICT: 62 of 120 boxes: W. E. Fletcher 3775; J T, Guntcr 3593. 24TH DISTRICT: 27 of at boxes: Doug Bradley 3307; Marvin Melton 4230. 35H DISTRICT: 39 of 74 boxes: C. E. Bell 4107; L. L. Kod R ors 3131. 26TH DISTRICT: «!) of 95 boxes: J P. Baker, Jr 77;«i; G C Carnes 4C67 may face Republican or independ- Wayne Jewell 2335; Marshall cut opposition at the general clcc- lio. Chambers' Arkansas colleague on the national committee will be Mrs. Jack Carnes of Camden, who was unopposed for re-election as com mitt ecwoman. Smith, a onetime newspaperman Shackleford, Jr. 7100. WSG meeting which she and Mrs ] w ho turned to law, first was nom- Roy Stephenson attended at Aid- inated chief justice against former ersgate, a Methodist camp, in Little Rock on July 26-27. Requirements for study courses lo be conducted by the Guild were discussed. "A Preface to the Bible" and "These Rights We Build" are the titles of the suggested courses. Mrs. Ben Edmiaston gave the devotional. The hostess served a dessert plate to nine members. Circles of Presbyterian Church Have Picnic The four circles of the First Presbyterian Church held a joint potluck picnic at Fair Park Monday night. Mrs. Dorsey McRae and Mrs. R. E. Jackson gave the life o£ "Japanese Kagawa" following the picnic. Mrs. Jack Lowe presented the Bible study. Approximated/ forty-five were present for the occasion. Chief Justice C. E. Johnson. Smith entered that race after having been state comptroller. He was nominal ed for a second term without op position. CIRCUIT JUDGE: THIRD DISTRICT, 142 of 148 boxes: Andrew Ponder 10966; W. M. Thompson 5405. CHANCELLORS: FIRST DIVISION: FIRST DIS TRICT: 141 of 185 boxes: Rodney Parham 22,806; Murray Reed 19415. FIRST DIVISION, SIXTH DIS TRICT: 223 of 273 boxes; Wesley Howard 15391; A. P. Steel 10842 EIGHTH DISTRICT: 192 of 2BI boxes: P. S. Cunningham 11930 Genn P. Houston 7793. NINTH DISTRICT: 115 o f 118! boxes: Bob Bailey 7906; George O. Patterson 10754. PROSECUTING ATTORNEY NINTH DISTRCT: 65 of 129 boxes: Winfrcd Lake 3161; R. C. Thomas Coming and Going Vote Seen Continued from Page On* sns for electing me to two torms ns their governor." nnd added: '\1 pledge support to Francis Cherry nnd to his administration, and I will support nil Democratic ticket. "Naturally, I am disappointed but t can't say that 1 am unhappy. I'm looking forward to (jetting acquainted with my family." On the basis of Incomplete returns McMath was ahead In only five of the state's 75 counties; Carroll, his native county ot Columbia, Conway, Madison and Scott. of lh« In whtc,h Cherry Talkathon Continued From Page One — the "truth forum," Cherry introduced the Talkathon to Arkansas politics on July 2, when he started a 241-i-hour pro gram of questions nnd answers In Little Rock. The program was conducted In i> vacant grocery store building and was brondcn.it by five Little Rock radio stations, The Idea caught on In a bin way, and Cherry bognn taking the Talk- athon to all sections of the state, nominees on the state nnd national Sometimes only the radio stntions , was campaigning at the time carried the program. Other Talk- athons were broadcast statewide — on about 40 stations — and on one Mississippi station. , Cherry sftid he wanted to proVe a man eoittd be elected governor of Arkansas "without selling his soul." On one ot his enrly Talkathons, Cherry commented that he wan TIRED PROM BATTERS ?••<TRY WONDER MIXIN6 ,0 AUVEOCTA9L6 oitmpftlgnlntf ort -«• fttrlnn, with tit -t«l his oppononls.hM thul ha had ruthe* frbM each ot ITO.Wtf tM 190,000 from <JhU." Li*tcner»1P "^ and into a pnlgn Cherry's HOPtbl Wl} t. Main A Oe'll' LAftT 6A "4 in d Jeep Vivtca il^i,,! ii. v*u -cm J PLEASE No Phone Calls No Exchanges No Refunds All Sales Final SHORTS: Novelty "Cruise Ship" Sports, Glamour in Tennis World-Wide News. home in Portland, Oregon, after a visit with friends and relatives. , , His niece, Miss Imogene Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Allen and accompanied him home and will •children, Judy and Gary, and Mr. ontcr school thcrc this fal ,_ and Mrs. Edd Dickerson ot Emmet will leave Thursday for a vis-j W eekcnd guests of Mr. and Mrs. it with relatives m Amarillo, Tex-, Hiram Hatficld ot 8pring H ill were as They will be accompanied, their daughtel . St Sue of Arkadcl- home by Mr. and Mrs. Allen's phia and Margaret of Little Rock. daughter, Miss Palsy Allen, who, , has been employed there during I Among thosc attending the fun- the summer with her aunt, Mrs. Boh Parker and Mr. Parker. Mrs. Claude Tillery and son, Weldon, returned home Sunday night after a four weeks visit with their relatives and friends in Dallas, Texas. Obe Cox has returned to his RIALTO * 2 Days Only TODAY and THURSDAY COSTS DOWN, PERFORMANCE UP, WITH A DODGE! ADULTS ONLY! FEATURE TIMES: 2:20-3:50-5:20-6:50-8:20-9:50 Pass List Suspended For This Attraction r r r r Haul al lower cost with a Dodge truck that's "Job-Rated" to fit your |ob— Mi- through 4-ton. Booil gasoline mileage with features like high-compression ratio and special gas-saving carburetor. Reduce upkeep with such wear-saving features as floating oil Intake and positive-pressure lubrication. 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Dr. and Mrs. Emmett Thomp* son returned Saturday from a visit with friends and relatives in San Diego and Los Angeles, Calif They were accompanied home by their daughter, Toni, who has been, visiting there. On their return trip they toured Grand Canyon and other points of interest. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN/ Personal Mention L. L. Sandord, brother ot Mrs. Claude Tillery, is improving at his home in Dallas following his recent illness and operation in a Dallas hospital but will have to remain in bed seven more .weeks, HAMM MOTOR CO» £, •> . " « 4 I j, *, I ^ ^ » *, T. ^..- ^ jr'*lat -*r f". .•£ fa 50c EXTRA! "THIS6 OIRt r ^? /'• f f'\ EXTRA! "*«V JI*M' ''A. hospital Notes Julia Cheater Admitted: Charles Ray Prescott. Hope, J. C. May, Hope, Mrs. Joe Turnage. Hope. Discharged: Craydon Anthony, Hope, Mrs. Doss Bledsoe, Mai- vern, Mrs. H. H. Tippitt, Rt. 4, Hope. Branch Admitted: Mrs. C. E. Powell, Lewisville, Mrs. J. B. CaldweU, Hope. Discharged: Mr. A. A. Andrews Hope, Mies Zenobia Reed, Hppe. Mrs. H. R. May and son, Michael Ray. Rt. 1, Hope. Josephine Admitted: Mr. C. L. Stroud, Rt. 4, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. L. A. AJJwbitf Hofe, Mri f Me Heltoo, Fuitoa Mr. Brya* Camp, Rt. 4, »tep« Mrs. Pr^t tort, Jr, »w} lj*by dp a 4* ^TftMWl^^ They're Here! (and only here!)those fashion-magazine suits by You've seen them on the pages of your favorite fashion magazines — now come see for yourself. The prettiest suits ever •— with all the thoroughbred tailoring and extra attention to details you expect in a Swansdown. And —• praise be — priced sensibly! As Seen in VOGUE! DiHtincllve "button-up" Kuil with fluid lit\i!8, now tlhc'luHo'wid <H>ok. In Miron'.s textured worsted. Uizcs 10 to ' • -. Ai Seen Jn . : • , HARPER'S IAZAAR For smart women on-lhc-ao . , new textured check worsted by Miron. Beautifully fitting beautifully detailed. 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